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Hatred, Obsession & Respect

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You walk past by the crowd of high schooler, most of them chatting and some doing other things. But you couldn't care less. Unlike them, you're not in groups or pairs. You're alone.

You make your way back home, walking in the streets of Ikebukuro, a strange city that you live in. The city is known for its unbelievable rumours, such as the existence of active colour gangs, human possessing supernatural strengths, and even the sightings of a mythical being that is deemed headless, riding through the roads of the infamous Ikebukuro. As unbelievable as it is, some people here believe that those rumours are true.

However, in all the eccentricity of the city, there lies normality. One of them being Raira Academy. You're a second year student of Raira Academy. But even though being associated with 'normal', you are far from being one. Despite attending the school for more than a year, you were never able to make any connections with anyone. That may be your own fault. You are not exactly a person anyone would find friendly. In fact, you are very quiet and you tend to push people away the moment they try to get close to you. But you aren't just a typical loner. It was far more than that.

You arrived in front of the doorsteps of your house. Letting yourself in, you take off your shoes and head straight ahead to your room. After starting up your laptop, you change into more casual clothes. Sitting in front of your desk, you start doing what you routinely do every time you get back home, hacking.

For somewhat reason, that is the only thing that had ever piqued your interest. The only thing to bring a glint into your eyes when nothing else would. You dedicate a lot of your time into hacking. You learned this ability a while back when some male students were trying to hack the school camera system to spy on the girls. You were watching in them in secret, with your presence usually unnoticed, it was that easy, and your observation led you to try it out for yourself and it worked.

You hacked into the school security system and took over many things and before you knew it, you could control just about anyone in the school. Once you got bored, you jumped to even more risky grounds. You hacked into the apartment building you live in. You hacked into restricted parts of a website that was eminently protected. You were even able to hack into banking accounts. All in which you were never caught. As cheesy as it may sound, hacking somehow makes you feel, alive.

Sitting alone in your dark room, focusing on the screen in which such action could impair your sight much further than it already is but you proceed anyways. Today, you decide to mess around with the street cameras of the town. Nothing much is going on, not out of the ordinary at least. Normal people walking about, attending to their business, high schoolers indulging in their sweet youth, a tall foreign man attracting, or should you call it, scaring his potential customers, trying to get them to come and dine in a nearby sushi restaurant. All very familiar scenes.

Just as you are about to end your hack, an image on the screen stops you dead in your tracks. It is not something as bewildering as a bear appearing in the streets and rampaging through the mass of people, but it's not too contrary either. Seeming the man caught on camera possess the strength and destruction equal to a bear. And that man is the rumoured Heiwajima Shizuo.

It is not too difficult to spot him on any occasions, substantially because of his blond hair and his signature bartender uniform he is rarely seen without. But it is definitely a rare sight when he's on a rampage like today. You notice how he is only in this state when he is confronted by the man he's currently chasing. Orihara Izaya, a much less famous name from around here and but equally dangerous. Both of which you definitely don't want to mess with.

You watch for a while, public properties being thrown off countless times, damaging buildings and almost every road they set foot upon. They chase each other relentlessly and the man on the run, even with close calls, manages to slip pass the blond man's grasp, pestering the latter even more each time.

You fail to notice the time slip by and look out the window to find that the day had already turned dawn. Coincidentally, the cat and mouse chase of the two men you're stalking comes to an end, and so does our hacking. You spend the rest of your time onscreen playing some games to past the time. You would rather be hacking but there isn't really anymore for you to tamper with for today. The rest of your day goes uneventful. As nighttime kicks in, you feel your body tires and you let out a yawn. That signals that it is time to go to bed.

Just as you are about to shut down your laptop, a notification sound stops you. You received an e-mail. You stare at the blinking pop up bar on the bottom right corner of your screen. Clearly, a new mail just went into your inbox.

Now, that's strange. You don't get e-mails. Not even from people from school. You don't have friends to e-mail meaningless conversations with and any business regarding school or homework, you settle it at school grounds, never wanting anyone to bother you with discussions while you're at home, especially when you're hacking. Surely it isn't your parents either. If they want to tell you anything or inform you that they will be late home from work, they would have called you instead.

You click on the bar and you e-mail opens up. You click on the newest mail and start reading its contents.

(Hello there,
You are ____-san, I believe. It's nice to finally be able to reach you :)
If you're wondering, I got your e-mail from one of your classmates.

You seem to know a lot about computers. I'm thrilled to find another person who cherishes information gathering and intellectual exchanges just as much as I do. I have things I wanna discuss with you that I'm pretty sure you will be interested in. It's regarding that 'hobby' of yours. Anyways, I'll go straight to the point. I don't want to bore you with anymore words you find pointless.

____-san, you're a hacker, aren't you?)