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Lucas the Spider

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Oh... hi! Please, don't mind me!

I am just... uh... taking this little pebble here!

You know... teacher wants me to bring something to 'show and tell' and I lost my fly.

I like flies!

I got one in my spider-web, but she escaped.

Uh... ok, I released her.

Why? She asked me so nice!

Please, don't tell my mum!

Now I need this... pebble... here...




I think I'll bring this... leaf here. 

Ugh, I know what they will say: 'You're not an ant!'

But... if I got this pebble... they'll call me an ant too!

Nah...! Don't care.

I'll be Lucas, the eight-legs-ant now!

Weeeeee! *gliding using the leaf*