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The traffic hadn't moved in almost hours now and he was beginning to get frustrated.

The radio kept giving out the same repeated broadcast "Civilians should make their way to the safe zone at Andrew's Air Force Base, there is safety and shelter and no infection... Civilians shou-".

He flicked the radio off and checked his cellphone again, despite knowing there would be no reception - the last he talked to his dad was two nights ago. He'd locked himself in his crappy little apartment after witnessing sweet little Joesphine from the neighboring apartment devour her elderly grandmother; he'd beat the poor girls head in with a fire extinguisher until he was covered in her blood. He rang his dad straight away, heaving and crying, and after a long discussion, they agreed that Stiles should head out of the inner city and make his way to the Air Base, and it seemed like half of Washington had the same idea.

His fingers drummed against the wheel, as the sky darkened slightly - he thought of the Pack. Beacon Hills was seemingly non-touched yet by this 'epidemic'; Deaton and Lydia hypothesized that the Nematon was working as some sort of repellent, or barrier of sorts. He hoped that was the case - it certainly wouldn't be the weirdest thing to ever happen - as the thought of being so far away whilst everything was continuing to happen was making him uneasy.

His leg bounced - he watched as people were congregating outside before making their way between the cars to the front and side of his Jeep, the still of traffic was beginning to affect everyone it seemed.

He had began to wonder if this was such a good idea, sitting here, with so many people around.

Surely the Air Base should have been taking in people quicker than this? The traffic should have moved somewhat in the last couple of hours? Didn't they realise how dangerous it would be, leaving this many people in one spot for too long?

He checked his map again; with no cell reception and no internet, he was having to go old school. He was still several miles from Andrew's Air Base. If he needed to leave, he could double back over the grassy verge through one of the gaps in the barriers and head south east, towards one of the State Parks, and the less populated areas.

Sighing, he tucked the map away into his jacket pocket.

Opening the window of the drivers side, he let the cool air wash over him; he could hear the chatter of children now and looked out to find a couple of kids throwing a ball back and forth in between the next row of cars.

There were three of them, two boys and a girl, and they were young, probably only nine or ten. One of them, the youngest looking boy with wild red hair and wide green eyes and large round glasses was complaining that he was hungry; and a man, big, and ugly looking, who was puffing his way through a carton of cigarette's - Stiles suspected was the poor boy's father - told him to 'shut your damn mouth, you whining shit' before stalking off between the cars once more.

Well, that just didn't sit well with him.

Reaching over to the foot-well, he rummaged around in one of his bags, grabbed a handful of candy bars he'd thrown in there and his handgun - his dad and made him promise to keep it on him until he got to the Air Base -, tucked it into the waistband of his jeans and climbed out of the Jeep.

He made his way over to the kids. The boy with the glasses turned to look at him.

"Hi" Stiles awkwardly waved, "you guys hungry?"

The boys face lit up with a small smile, and he looked around at the others before nodding.

Stiles thrust his hand out towards the kids, "Well here you go then. You guys take 'em. I've got plenty to go around."

"Thank you mister.."


"Thank you mister Stiles" The boy said, taking a chocolate bar from Stiles' hand; the other two parroted the boy and happily began to eat.

"No problem guys"

He was just about to walk away and head back to the Jeep when a woman walked out between the cars the kids were stood in front of; she spotted the kids, and then Stiles and made her way over to the girl who was still happily eating away.

" Jessie, what's that you've got?" she asked, hand running through the girls light blonde hair.

"Mister Stiles gave us some candy" she spoke through a mouth full of chocolate.

Stiles grinned sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck "Sorry, I heard them saying they were hungry and I thought I'd help out..".

The woman smiled at him, and waved her hand "It's no problem, thank you for sharing with them. We've - that is to say, some of us adults have just been a bit preoccupied planning, so I forgot to get the kids a snack." She extended her hand out and Stiles shook it, "I'm Jane, and this" she gestured to the girl "is my daughter, Jessie" and she pointed towards the tallest child, a sandy haired boy "that's my son, Sam" and then towards the red haired boy "and my nephew, Charlie."

Stiles gestured to himself, "Stiles."

"Well Stiles, thanks again.. you're welcome to come join us if you like. We're just up here." she gestured between the cars.

"Join you?"

Jane smiled, "My husband Robert and his brother are Police Officers.." she hesitated, before looking at the kids, "hey guys, why don't you back to playing huh? Stiles and I are going to have a little private talk." and she gestured for Stiles to follow her, and suddenly, her smile slipped and she began to look every bit the worried parent - it was a look he'd seen his dad wear too many times over the years.

"Look, a group of us are thinking of heading off down the back roads, find somewhere else to hold up. My husband is getting worried you see, the traffic isn't moving, more and more people are turning up and-"

"and it's becoming dangerous right?" Stiles said, "too many of us in one place, for so long.. no movement.." he sighed "you guys think there's no way the Air Base is a safe choice anymore?"

Jane nodded, leading him through the cars "So you've thought it too?"

Stiles gave a jerk of the head, "Yeah, I've thought about it." he replied, and the two walked on in a sort of solemn silence.

Jane had led him to the edge of the road, where a group of people were congregating near a Washington State Police Car; the same people he'd seen outside his Jeep earlier. They were listening to one of the men in uniform - Stiles suspected this was Jane's husband. He was addressing the group in the way that his dad would address the public, "- won't be long until we end up trapped. If we leave now we can head east, find one of the industrial building's and hold up there for a while, or even head to one of the state parks, there'd be less people there. We're sitting ducks out here."

There was a quiet round of agreements and disagreements between the group; one of the group, a young Latino man with a head of messy black hair was agreeing very enthusiastically, whilst another man, old enough to be Stiles' father tried to argue back, "but we'd be safer with the military!".

"Safe my ass" a gruff voice spoke; it was the boy, Charlie's father, cigarette hanging from his lips, and a small, meek looking woman with the same face as Jane attached to his arm. This seemed to prompt another round of voices, and just as Robert was about to start arguing back, a voice came from the Police Car "Shut up! Listen!"

Jane pulled him forward quickly, eager to reach her husbands side, and as they approached, Stiles felt a cold sense of dread settle in his gut "- I repeat, Andrew's Air Base is NOT SAFE. All Civilians are to make their way towards Fort Belvoir. I repeat-"

Everyone was silent, and Stiles watched as Robert turned to face his wife, "We're leaving."