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Dead Love

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"Elijah, you can control it", she said. The woman took a step backward, holding her already bleeding neck. Elijah tried to control his blood lust, but he did not succeed and he took another step to her. She shakes her head and says with tears in her eyes: "Please don't do that" 

"I do not want to do", he says, trying to suppress his vampire's face, "run, I can not hold it any longer" 

The woman began to run into the forest, the branches peed into her face. She kept running into the forest and didn't remember where she was. The woman couldn't keep running. She huddled against a tree in the hope that she had hung Elijah. Tears ran down her face and she held her bleeding neck. The branches cracked behind her and her heart was up to her neck. Elijah was suddenly in front of her, holding her by the arms. She swallows and realizes that she has no chance and would die by the hand of her lover. 

"Please forgive me", he says. He bit her neck and drank every drop of blood from her body until her body lay lifeless in his arms. 

Elijah jumps out of bed and breathes heavily. He rubbed his face and muttered, "Please forgive me"

He could never lock this behind the famous red door, it pursued him night after night for over a thousand years.


A few days later, New Orleans 

Sophie Deveraux walked out of the restaurant through a back door. She walks to a small table with burning candles. Then Sophie starts to cry and whisper to her dead sister: "Please give me the strength to finish it, Jane" 

The door suddenly closes, Sophie turns to the door, startled. Two vampires jump into the alley.

"The doors work, you know?", says Sophie.

"You practice magic?", the first vampires ask.

"I pray to my dead sister, let's go, show her some respect"

"The hybrid was looking for Jane-Anne. Marcel wants to know why", notes the other vampire Sophie.

"I would say, ask her self, but I think you can't because Marcel killed her", one of the vampires accelerates to her and grabs her arm. But suddenly it disappears. The other vampire looks around in confusion. The heart of the other vampire falls from the ground. The vampire looks up and then turns to Sophie. But before the other vampire could get close, he was stabbed against the opposite wall with a dagger. Elijah stands next to Sophie and straightens his jacket.

"I am Elijah, you have hear from me?", he ask. 

" Yes",says Sophie and nod

"Why you don't tell me what your family has do with my brother?", he says.

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Sophie and Elijah went to the cemetery together. Sophie opens the old, rusted gate and enters the cemetery, Elijah also went to enter the cemetery, he had been stopped in front of the entrance due to a protection spell. Sophie turns to Elijah and smiles.

"This is holy ground, which means vampires have to be invited in. But, since I'm desperate...come in." Elijah was now able to enter the cemetery.

"We can talk freely here," says Sophie as she walked forwards.

"Then I suggest you start talking. What did your sister want from Niklaus?"

"Is it not that obvious?" Sophie asked, turning to look at Elijah. "We have a vampire problem and we need help. Marcel has an army to support him, the witches are trying to fight back. We were not lucky until my sister, Jane-Anne, met a girl. A werewolf who came from a small town in Virginia through the town of Mystic Falls, she had a...special connection to your brother."

"What connection?" Elijah asks with interest.

"Apparently, they spent some time together. One thing led to another and now said werewolf girl is pregnant, and the father of the child she bears is your brother, Klaus." Explains Sophie, but Elijah shook his head.

 "That's impossible."

 "Nothing is impossible, especially when it comes to your brother. Think about it, he's called the hybrid." She says before looking over her shoulder, "Bring her out!" Three witches come out and the pregnant werewolf followed. Elijah watches her with interest, while the girl looks a little confused and really irritated.

"Where is the other girl?" Sophie asks the witches.

 "The other girl?" Elijah asks, confused. Two witches dragged a girl out of the mausoleum, trying to fight back. Elijah could not see her face through the hair that hung in her face.

 "I can walk," the girl finally snapped. The witches released her, she went to the wolf as she pushed her hair back from her face. Elijah's heart stopped, and he moved closer to the girl.

"Amanda?" Elijah asked in shock, touching her cheek.

Flashback, Mystic Falls, 996 AD. 

"Amanda, come on please!" her mother shouted. 

"Yes mother, I'm coming!", Amanda shouted and stepped out of the house. She saw her mother talking to a woman and a man. She went to her and stood by her side. 

"I want you to meet the Mikaelson family," my mother said. 

"I'm glad to meet you, my name is Amanda Rosebough." Amanda said.

"The pleasure is all mine," said the woman. "I'm Esther and this is my husband Mikael," then she turned to the people behind her. "This is our daughter Rebekah and my sons Finn, Kol, Niklaus, Henrik and Elijah." While she said that, Amanda shook hands. But when she shook hands with Elijah, he did not shake her, but gave her a kiss on the back of her hand. He looked into her eyes, she had the most beautiful eyes Elijah had ever seen. She blushed a little and smiled sheepishly. 

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Amanda." 

Flashback end

"Who the hell are you?" Amanda asked. He shakes his head and takes a step back, turning back to Sophie. 

"Please give me a moment with these girls." He requested, she hesitated before nodding. The three went to the burial chamber, lit by numerous candles on the walls around them.

"So, have you held on here against your will?" He asked, his back to his love and her companion.

 "They lured us to Bayou and then grabbed both of us, and did all those weird witchy tests, not that I understand how this happened," says Hayley frantically.

"Vampires are dead. They can not have children." Amanda said, her eyes on Elijah.

"If you know my brother's story, it might explain how it's possible. Here, if I may." He says, trying to put his hands on the two girls' temples, but both shrank back.

"What are you doing?" Hayley asked.

 "Relax. If you open your mind to me, I can show you." After a moment, they let Elijah touch their heads and close their eyes.

"In the beginning, our family was human-a thousand years ago," he began the story and told them about his family and Niklaus, but he left out his memories of Amanda because he didn't know how she'd react.

"Your dad was an ass," Amanda says, regarding the memories of his father. Elijah chuckled.

"I'm Hayley, you should know my name when you tell us your whole life story. I mean, I know yours, your family is legendary. Your brother is a notorious psycho-with whom I slept with, typical me." Joked the wolf.

"And what about you?" He asked Amanda, not hinting that she knew.

        "I do not know my name." She stated, nodding towards Hayley. "I woke up a few weeks ago and had no memories of what happened before," says Amanda, Elijah nods and suddenly has a glimmer of hope that it is his Amanda. But it could not be, his Amanda died over a thousand years ago.

"I met Hayley, she was looking for her family and since I had no memory she offered to help." Amanda finished, Elijah looked to the wolf.

"I wonder if this baby might be a way for my brother to find happiness, a way to save him from himself," Elijah tells them, at which point Sophie enters the burial chamber.

 "I'm glad you feel that way because we need your help."

"What exactly do you want, what does it have to do with these young women?"

"We want to get Marcel and his vampires out of town, Klaus is the key. Everything Marcel knows about being a vampire, he learned from Klaus. Marcel trusts him, looks up at him, and he will not see the betrayal coming." Sophie explained, so sure of herself.

"Yes, well, as you surely know, my brother Niklaus is not fond of being told what to do."

 "That's why I brought you here. Marcel drove the werewolves out of town decades ago, do you really think he'll welcome a hybrid baby in the neighborhood?" Sophie asked, Elijah noticed Amanda tense as she place a hand on Hayley's wrist. "Convince Klaus to help us, and no one needs to know about the newest member of the original family."

"That sounds remarkably like blackmail."

"Like I said, I'm desperate." She snapped.

"Well then, I have work to do, right?" Elijah says and leaves the burial chamber.

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After a while Elijah came back to the cemetery with Klaus. Hayley and Amanda were sitting on the bench talking to each other. On this occasion, Klaus had seen Amanda but he don't say something. 

"Brother, this girl is pregnant with your child," Elijah says calmly.

"No, it's impossible," Klaus says, shaking his head.

"I believed that myself, but it's true." Says Elijah, trying to reason with his brother.

"That's a lie, you're all lying. Vampire can not procreate." He snapped.

"But werewolves can. Magic made you a vampire, but you were born a werewolf. You're the original hybrid, the first of your kind. And this pregnancy is one of nature's loopholes," says Sophie.

"You were with someone else, admit it!" Klaus yells to Hayley, Amanda stepping forwards in front of her friend.

"Hey, we were kept captive for days in a damn alligator Bayou, because Hayley is carrying a magical wonder baby. Don't you think she'd say something if it wasn't yours?" Amanda asked Klaus, her eyes narrowing.

"My sister gave her life to fulfill the spell that she needed to confirm this pregnancy, and now I am controlling the girls and their babies because of Jane-Anne's sacrifice. If you do not help drag Marcel down then so help me, Hayley will not live long to see her first maternity dress. Amanda and her baby will not live long enough either." Says Sophie, the last sentence was directed at Elijah because Sophie noticed Elijah's interest towards Amanda. Elijah was shocked and looked at Amanda. He raises his gaze from her abdomen and heard two heartbeats, one of Amanda and one of the unborn child. If that's his Amanda, then it will be his child too. But how could that be? A thousand years later? 

"Wait, what?" Asked Hayley.

"Enough of this, if you want to see Marcel dead, he's dead. I'll do it myself," Elijah says firmly, still staring at Amanda's belly as she placed a hand on it.

"No, we have a clear plan, and there are rules." Says Sophie, Elijah sees Klaus and his reaction.

"How dare you command me, threaten me. with what you wrongfully precise to be my weaknesses, I will not hear these more of these lies"

"Niklaus! Listen," demands Elijah. Klaus did what Elijah ordered  and could hear the baby's heartbeat. He looks to Hayley and then his brother and the witches.

"Kill her and the baby, what do I care?" Snapped Klaus, walking out of the burial chamber.

"Screw it, Amanda and I are leaving!" Hayley says and the two girls went to leave, but the witches blocked the exit.

"No one touches the girls, I'll fix this," says Elijah. Before he left the burial chamber, he looked again at Amanda.


"Marcel and his vampire are out of control, something needs to be done," Sophie said.

"And the solution is to bring more vampires here?" Agnes asked.

"These are not some vampires, Agnes. It's the originals"

"What do you think you can do? Control the hybrid?" Agnes asks. Elijah came back to the grave chamber, though he was without Klaus and Elijah leaned against the wall.

"She can't. And I'm not entirely sure I can, either. But now that your coven has drawn his ire, I have a question: What prevents my brother from murdering you instead of cooperating?" Asks Elijah. Sophie takes a needle and shows it to Elijah before she pricks her hand with the needle.

"Ow!" Said Hayley, looking at her hand. Elijah looks at her. A drop of blood on her hand, right one the tip like the one on Sophie's finger. Elijah looked at Amanda, she did not get hurt.

"What the hell!" Hayley exclaimed in surprise.

"The spell performed by my sister, the one that got her killed? It wasn't just to confirm the pregnancy, it linked me to Hayley. Unfortunately, Amanda was not connected with me. So anything happens to me, happens to her. Which means her life is in my hands. They both are. Klaus might not care for his child and Amanda, but it's very clear what it means to you." says Sophie, Elijah amused at her threats. "So if I have to hurt Hayley or Amanda-or worse-to ensure I have your attention, I will.

"You would dare threaten an original?" Elijah asked the witch, his lips formed into a grin.

"I have nothing to lose," says Sophie and Elijah's grin disappears. "You have until midnight to bring Klaus to change his mind, otherwise the girls will die."

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The witches were still in the mausoleum when the church clock struck midnight.

"His time is up, what will you do now, Sophie?" Agnes asks her.

"I'll do as I said," says Sophie, pacing around in the burial chamber.

"What, are the girls killing and killing you?" Asks Sabine

"Klaus does not care about the child," says Agnes. Elijah entered the burial chamber and said, "But I do," he wore the body of Jane-Anne.

"I bring evidence of my intention to help you: the body of your fallen sister whom I have procured from Marcel himself. "

"Jane-Anne," says Sophie, Elijah laid Jane's body on the floor.

"May peace be granted to her, Klaus will agree to your terms, I just need a little more time," Elijah asks

"You had your time, it's over," says Agnes

"Shut up, Agnes," says Sabine

"Right now, accept the deal, the girls and the children will stay intact, or Klaus would kill you all," Elijah says, turning to leave, but stopped and turned back to the witches.

"And I'll help him," Elijah says threatening and leaves the burial chamber.


A day later...

Hayley, Amand, and Elijah are in the mansion where the Mikaelson's lived during their time in New Orleans. Amanda pulls a sheet from a cradle, coughs because of the dust.

"Are you alright?" Elijah asks Amanda anxiously.

"Just dust, this place is ancient," she says, smiling at Elijah how much he missed that smile.

"Yes, but it should serve our purposes, it's a haven from our neighborhood business, and you've been the two most important person in this family right now, you need a good home, so I'm curious ... has you in all the time someone asked how you feel?",Elijah asks her curiously.

"What do you mean, a prodigy from a psychotic one-night stand?" Asks Hayley.

"Or not knowing who the father is because you lost your memory?", Amanda asked as well and the two girls laughed. How gladly Elijah told Amanda everything.

"Being a mother," says Elijah

"I - I was abandoned when I was born and my adoptive parents threw me out the second I turned into a wolf ... so ... I do not really know how I feel to be a mother because I am ... I've never really had a good one, "says Hayley, then Elijah looked at Amanda.

"How should I know, I do not even know my name," says Amanda sadly.

"I will always protect you. You have my word ", he says to the girls Klaus enters the room and says with a nasty grin: "And the noble Elijah always keeps his word "

"Is it done?" Asks Elijah Klaus.

"Actually, yes, your sneaky deal worked quite well, Marcel was just too happy to accept my blood, and he accepted my heartfelt apologies. His friend, Thierry, is still alive and I'm a welcome guest in the French Quarter My only concern now is this circle of outrageous witches, "explains Klaus.

"I think they are honorable, they gave me Amanda and Hayley, although they did not come out completely, Marcel obviously has something they need, they do not want to see him dead, there has to be a reason why," says Elijah.

"Why do you always call me Amanda?" She asked, leaning on the crib. Elijah was about to answer when Klaus said, "Brother, can we talk to you in private?", Elijah nods and they both go into the study.


"In addition to the secret weapon he uses to control the witches, Marcel has assembled a small army of vampires, and together we can destroy them from the inside," says Elijah, pulling a varnish off the desk

"And what about Rebekka, does she give up her pouting to join in?" Asks Klaus.

"She made her disinterest quite clear" Once too many stuck in a box and stabbed, I suppose? Or maybe she does not share your unwavering belief that I can be saved, "Klaus says with a smile

"Rebekka will surprise us, after all we swore the same vow," says Elijah.

"I hope she stays a long way away, because in my desire to win back this city, stealing what matters most to him, I have realized a massive vulnerability, a weakness that Marcel has been able to exploit."

"And what is that?" Elijah asks curiously

"You", says Klaus and stabbed Elijah with the silver dagger, Elijah groaned, "Forgive me, my brother, there is no power in love, grace makes you weak, the family makes you weak, if I want to win this war, you have to I'll do it alone",Elijah thought of Amanda and slowly turned gray.

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Flashback, 997 AD, New Orleans

It had been a year since Amanda moved to the village. She got on very well with Rebekah and they became friends. She also got along well with the other Mikaelsons. She also made friends with Elijah, but there was an attraction between her and Elijah, that Amanda could not explain. Her heart raced every time, when she saw Elijah. She did not know if he felt the same way or just saw her as a friend, but she could not tell him her feelings, because she did not want to jeopardize her friendship. Amanda sat with Rebekah from a blanket and braided her hair. Elijah stood on the other side, talking to his brother Klaus. Amanda looked at Elijah as she was unobserved and memorized each of his movements. Suddenly Elijah looked at her and smiled. Amanda blushed and looked down and returned his smile.

Flashback end

Rebekah parks in front of the Mikaelson estate and leaves a message on Elijah's cell phone as she disembarks.

"Elijah, if your plan is not to answer, your very clever, your plan to bring me back to this godforsaken city, then done well, I'm here and I'm worried, now take off, before I kick your damn door", Rebekah went up the front steps and opened the door. She came in as Hayley came down the stairs and had a fire-iron in her hand.

"Who the hell are you? Amanda !!", Hayley shouted

"Oh, you have to be the maid, my bags are in the car - get them," she says, ignoring what she said. Hayley smiles and lays down the fire iron.

"Hello, not the maid," says Hayley

"Oh right. You're the werewolf girl my brother Klaus made pregnant I was expecting to see some kind of supernatural wonderbump I suppose it's not that far yet. You're Hayley, are not you?"

"You have the manners of your brother," Hayley notes.

"And his temper too, so watch out, where's Elias?" Rebekah asks curiously.

"He's been away a long time," says Amanda, stepping out of one of the rooms.

"Amanda?", Asks Rebekah, but shakes her head and asks the girls: "How long away?"

"Well, first of all, there's more of an epic promise to protect us in this predicament, quite poetically that we're family - and then Klaus tells us he left, guess, that's what we get when you get one Vampire trust", says Hayley.

"Elijah is not just any vampire, and he does not break promises, which means that Niklaus did something insidious and disgusting Klaus! Comn out and tell me what you did to our brother, you narcissistic, underhanded wanker!" Says Rebekah, at that moment Klaus opens the door and enters the room.

"Little sister, I should have known, I guess the six dead vampires were yours? "Asks Klaus

"They were very rude and tried to harass a poor, innocent girl who's just trying to find her way around the neighborhood, I'm sorry, they were friends of you, Oh, that's right, you have no friends," says Rebekah.

"I have friends, I have Marcel, you remember him, right, yeah, of course you do that, he now thinks he's the 'king of the neighborhood' and he has these rules about killing vampires, it'll be fun to see what kind of punishment he has for you "

"I'm not interested in Marcel or his rules, Elijah does not break a promise, what did you do with him?" Rebekah asks angrily.

"Maybe he's on vacation ... or makes a long sleep upstairs, well, move on, look around, you remember that house, I think" 


Amanda was sitting on her bed. She read a book and gently strokes her stomach. She thought of Elijah and what could have happened to him. She looks up as the door knocks and Rebekah steps in.

"Hey," Rebekah says softly, smiling at her.

"Hi," says Amanda, gesturing to Rebekah that she can sit down on her bed.

"What are you thinking about?" Asks Rebekah Amanda as she sits next to her.

"About Elijah, I wonder what happened to him," replies Amanda.

"Do not worry, we will get him back"

"I know," says Amanda, "But somehow I had the hope that Elijah would help me get my memory back or at least find out my baby's father."

"Your baby?" Rebekah asks in shock.

"Yes," says Amanda and nods.

"Oh God, that means the baby is Elijah's", Rebekah says.

"What?", Amanda says shocked and Rebekah realizes that she just said that aloud.

"I ... I'm sorry, forget it," Rebekah stammered

"What do you mean, that it's Elijah's baby and how is that supposed to work?" Asks Amanda, Rebekah shakes her head and says, "Forget it, you should talk to Elijah when he gets back, good night," she said stood fast from Bed up, disappeared from the room, leaving a confused Amanda behind.

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It had been a couple of months since Elijah was drowned by Klaus and Amanda was beginning to like the idea that Elijah was the father of her unborn baby. But Amanda wondered what was possible. Rebekah, Hayley, and Amanda were sitting in the living room talking to each other after the Bayou made an 'expedition'. Hayley is smiling and Rebekah is already tanking her second glass of bourbon. Their conversation was interrupted when Klaus walked through the front door.

"Nik finally! What-" Rebekah says relieved, but she stops as Elijah walks behind his brother with a big smile through the door. Rebekah runs to Elijah and hugs him tight. Elijah sees Hayley over Rebekah's shoulder. He went to Hayley and asked, "Where is Amanda?", Hayley points over her shoulder to the patio.

"Elijah, you're safe! Now that you're home, is your first plan to kill Niklaus?"

"Excuse me for a moment," says Elijah, walking through the living room into the garden.

"Where is he going?" Asks Rebekah, confused. Elijah goes through the back door where he sees Amanda standing on the terrace.

"You're back," says Amanda, smiling slightly "I'm back," says Elijah and grins. The two looked at each other for a moment, then Amanda gave him a resounding slap.

"What was that for?" He asks, touching his face where she slaps him.

"For hiding," she pauses for a moment, taking a deep breath, "That you're the father of my baby," she finally ends the sentence.

"Who did you hear about it from?" Elijah asked curiously.

"Rebekah, she babbled," Amanda says, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Please understand me, I was scared how you would react and-" Elijah tries to explain, but Amanda interrupted him by hugging him. He wraps his arms around Amanda and enjoys the closeness to Amanda, she also makes no move to break away from him.

"I've missed you, Elijah," she whispers to him after a few minutes and broke away from him. She was about to leave the patio, but then she turned back to Elijah and said, "Do not promise that you can not hold," then left the patio. Elijah smiled and went back in, Klaus came to meet him and asked, "What happened?"

"She just gave a slap in the face," says Elijah and grins now, what Klaus could not understand.


The next morning, Klaus and Elijah sat opposite each other, in the living room, as each of them read his own book. Klaus lets "A Poison Tree" by William Blake and Elijah read one of his grimoires. A dead girl lay on the coffee table, her neck bleeding from stab wounds on her neck, while the brothers hear classical music. After a moment Rebekah leaves the room. 


"So, that you do like the first time we're together again as a family? A vampire book club?" 

"Reading enlightens the mind, sister, is not that correct, Elijah?" Says Klaus, and kept reading.

"Yes, that's just right, Niklaus"

"And what is that?", Rebekah notes and points to the dead girl on the table.

"This is a ...", He pauses, as if searching for a suitable word, "... peace offerings"

"I figured my big brother could be a little bit hungry in a coffin after such a long time," explains Klaus.

"And I explained to my little brother that forgiveness can not be bought, and I would prefer to see a change in behavior that indicates regret and personal growth," says Elijah, annoyed. Klaus rolls his eyes guiltily, and Elijah points to the girl on the table.

"Not this nonsense"

"Well, I could not really waste it, could I?" Klaus said with a grin.

"I suppose I'll get the trash can because it's dirtying a two-hundred-year-old rug," Rebekah says annoyed, pointing to the dead girl. Elijah looks up from his book and sees the girl bleeding on the table and running the blood on the carpet.

"Ah, yes," Elijah realizes. At that moment, Hayley and Amanda walked across the room and into the kitchen, Amanda's hand was soothing on her pregnant stomach, the two girls were talking and smiling. Elijah laid the grimoire on the table and followed both girls into the kitchen. As Elijah walked into the kitchen, Elijah saw Hayley and Amanda rummaging through the refrigerator and breakfast together. Elijah leans into the door and smiles at the girls, Amanda looks behind the refrigerator door. 

"Good morning," says Elijah 

"Hey," says Amanda, smiling. The back door opens and Rebekah came in and dragged a trash can behind her.

"Listen, I know that I and Hayley are the only ones in this house who actually drinks milk, but would it bother one of you to make sure it's on the grocery list?" Amanda asked.

"Speaking of that, add bleach," Rebekah says

pound through the kitchen and into the living room to eliminate the mess the guys left behind. Elijah came to the dig and dug around in a cupboard while Hayley and Amanda pulled ice out of the freezer.

"You know, I hope my siblings were hospitable in my absence," says Elijah.

"In your absence, as you like to call it - which is a very polite way to say that your brother stabbed you with a dagger -" says Hayley, both look up as Elijah pulled out two bowls, two spoons

"I was attacked by vampires from the French Quarter, me and Amanda had to live in a house with a secret dungeon full of coffins, and I was almost murdered by witches who are convinced that my baby is Lucifer"

"And I found out who my baby's father is," Amanda says, looking Elijah up and down. Elijah smiles as he pulls orange juice and milk out of the fridge, pours them a bowl of cereal and then fills them with milk , When they realized it was milk, Amanda said, "Oh ... milk," she pauses and breathes, "The baby is fine, your siblings are strangely protective, and we know we have to thank you for it "

"I'm just happy to see you're in one piece," he smiles at her and hands her the bowl of cereal, "So back to the murderous witches, I have some concerns."

"They evil, and my life is still magically connected to Sophie Deveraux, which is not reassuring," Hayley says worriedly.

"Yeah, I think it's time we took care of this little problem" Rebekah suddenly returns to the kitchen and pulls the body of the girl who killed Klaus.

"I'm in favor, and once they're disconnected, we'll leave this crappy city. Who do we have to kill?" Asks Hayley

"Probably nobody," Elijah says, laying over a moment. The girls give Elijah a clear expression of unbelief. Elijah rolls her eyes and sighs.

"Okay, maybe everyone," says Elijah

Chapter Text

The house was silent and no light when Elijah came home after he had killed Agnes.

"Amanda? Hayley?" He shouted. Elijah looked around, the patio door was open. He stepped out into the garden, Amanda lying on the grass. Elijah rushes to her, her heart beats, she lives. He lifted her gently, he went back into the house and carried her to his bedroom. Elijah laid Amanda on the bed. Elijah sat down next to her, stroking a strand of hair from her face. He leans forward and kisses her lightly on the lips. He got up from bed and got his cell phone out of his jacket and dialed Rebekah number.

"Goodbye is goodbye, Elijah," Rebekah says as she takes off.

"Is she with you?" Elijah asks worriedly and looks at Amanda.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Hayley is gone and Amanda lay unconscious in the garden. So you know where Hayley is? "

"What?" Rebekah asks stunned. Klaus came to Elijah's room.

"Marcel was here," says Klaus. Elijah looks at him puzzled and absentmindedly drops the phone from his ear.

"Then I would suggest that we pay him a visit," says Elijah


Amanda awoke slowly and opened her eyes. Suddenly she remembers what happened and she jumped up. Klaus sat in a chair next to the bed and looked as if he were in thought.

"Is Hayley okay?" She asks, Klaus looked up and nodded, "Where's Elijah, did something happen to him?"

"I have bitten him"

Hayley runs as fast as she can through the forest, Tyler's knife still in her hand, and she stops to hide behind a tree. When she recovers, she hears someone approaching. She straightens, prepares her knife and turns to the attack, she realizes that it was Elijah. He holds her hand to protect herself. 

"Forgive me, I thought you were in danger, it seems I was wrong," says Elijah and smiles.

"Is Amanda and her baby okay?" Hayley asks worriedly

"Yeah, she's unconscious, but she's fine, come on, I'll take you home," Elijah says, turning around to leave, but Hayley stopped him. 

"Elijah, you need to know something about the baby," says Hayley Klaus is waiting in Dwayne's cabin when Elijah and Hayley return.

As they nourished the porch, he pushed Dwayne's body before him.

"I see you have found our wandering strays, maybe you could put some light into the situation ... ", Klaus pulled the body around," ... he seems to be a hybrid "

"His name was Dwayne," Hayley said.

"Well, whoever he was, I did not create him, any idea how that is possible?" Asks Klaus.

"As if you did not know!" Hayley says angrily and stamps on Klaus. But Elijah holds Hayley back and walks in front of her to protect her from Klaus.

"Ahh, well, you two have become kindly quick friends? Oh, go on, what a terrible charge you made against me?" Asks Klaus.

"Tyler Lockwood brought Hayley here to test a theory," Klaus suggeststo continue "that her child's blood could be used to produce hybrids. He claims you knew that use this knowledge to build an army" 

"And of course, you believe it is true, I mean, why else would I show interest in my own flesh and blood, someone points a finger at me, and my own brother falls for it, eager to believe it! you quickly believe the worst, especially if it comes from her, "Klaus says, pointing to Hayley.

"Oh, spare me your indignation, when did you ever have any affection for Hayley or her child except for your own selfish purposes, and what did you once tell me?" He imitates Klaus, "Every king needs one Inherit!"

"Well, I can not say that I'm surprised to be standing next to the noble Elijah, how can I be anything other than the smaller brother, a liar, a manipulator, a bastard? " says Klaus angrily. The two stare at each other as Klaus approaches him. Elijah seems to think about his position.

"That's all I'm for you, is not it? And Rebekah, and considering Hayley and Amanda hanging on to each of your words, it's clear they feel the same way!" Klaus paused, looking even more hurt , "No doubt my child will do that, too"

"Dear, brother, if ..."

"You've said everything that needs to be said, brother." Klaus takes a few steps back and extends his arms contemptuously, "I'll play the part that was given to me," he turns around as if he were leaving, but instead he turns around quickly and runs with vampire speed over to Elijah before he bites him wildly in the half. Hayley screams in horror and runs to Elijah.

"You will have much to do as soon as the hallucinations and dementia strike in. Consider this bite as my farewell gift to you both, oh and no worries, I'll take care of Amanda and your child while you're here", Klaus leaves with a nasty grin and leaves Elijah and Hayley in Bayou.

Amanda jumps out of bed and runs to Klaus furiously.

"You did what? !!", Amanda asks angrily.

Chapter Text

Flashback, 997 AD, Mystic Falls

"Elijah, where are you taking me?" Asks Amanda. Elijah had just pulled her out of her house without telling her where to go or what was going on. They walked among the trees, holding her hand. Elijah had not said a word yet. After another five minutes, he stopped. Amanda looked around, Elijah and they were standing in a meadow full of growing flowers. He turns to her and smiles at Amanda.

"I found this place a few days ago and I wanted you to be the first to see this place," says Elijah, Amanda touched some flowers, then turned back to Elijah and said: "The place is beautiful"

Elijah approaches her until he stands right in front of her.

"Yeah, but not as beautiful as you," Elijah said, Amanda looked at her feet, Elijah raised her chin to look him in the eye, he came closer and wanted to kiss her, she shakes her head.

"Elijah, that's wrong," says Amanda, Elijah looked confused, "you love Tatia"

"Why do you think that?", Elijah ask and smiles at her, "I love you, not Tatia"

"I ... um," stumbles Amanda and did not know what else to say. Elijah runs his thumb over her cheek and moves closer until Amanda's and Elijah's lips meet. The kiss was sweet and gentle, after about a minute,  the two separated, but stopped that Amanda felt Elijah's breath on her face. Amanda smiles at Elijah, he reflects her smile.

"I love you too, Elijah," says Amanda and Elijah kisses her again.

Flashback end

"He will survive it," Klaus reassures Amanda.

"Why did you even bite him?", Amanda still asks angry and upset.

"Elijah and I had some quarrels," he laughs bitterly, "Hayley swore to put him against me, you should know, my brother could never resist a pretty face, so one thing led to the next, I bit him and let them both rot in the swamp, "he said.

"I'm going to go to Elijah now," Amanda says and wanted to leave the room, but Klaus blocked her way, "Klaus let me go"

"No, you will stay here, Elijah deserves to be punished," he tries to manipulate her.

"Are you trying to manipulate me?" Asks Amanda Klaus.

"It looks like I can not manipulate you right now," Klaus notes, pointing to her unborn baby, Rebekah entered the room, "Sister, I thought you were leaving us"

"We both know that this family can hardly work without me, where are Elijah and Hayley?"

"They rot together at the Bayou, but no problem, as soon as Elijah has recovered from his werewolf's bite, both can come back" says Klaus and went to the door, but stopped and says, "Oh and pay attention to Amanda, Rebekah"


The next day...

Elijah enters the living room while Rebekah and Klaus argue, Amanda standing on edge.

"Elijah is home, there's only one dagger, which one of us did you punish today?" Rebekah asks.

"I was thinking about a game by Eenie-Meenie-Miney-Moe, you betrayed me, my own sister!"

"Niklaus, do not you dare!", Elijah warns his brother.

"Maybe you should be, brother, you steal my child, even though you have your own child," says Klaus, pointing to Amanda.

"This has nothing to do with Hayley or Amanda"

"It has to do with both of them! They worshiped you since their arrival, and now my child, my blood, will grow up to call you father!" Says Klaus.

"Is that what it is? You're worried that you're going to be left behind, has not the story taught you, we're not letting you down, Nik, you're driving us out!" Rebekah says.

"What have I done lately except to cooperate? I bow to you, brother for the greater good of our plan to reclaim our house, look away, sister, as you repeat the same cycle with Marcel. Falling again for a man you should not be with while controlling the empire we have built! Taking it! Now I apologize for past sins, but in the one moment you could choose two In order to believe in me, to believe that my intentions for my own child were pure, you chose to stand against me and see me as an enemy, I wanted to have our home back, now I have it I live there and you two ... you can stay together and rot here, "says Klaus, he presses the dagger furiously in Elijah's hands, Klaus leaves the house and took Hayley with him. 

"I'll leave you alone then," Rebekah says and leaves the room. Elijah and Amanda faced each other and did not know what to say. 

"Are you and the baby alright?" Elijah asks.

"Her" Amanda says, smiling and pulling something out of her jacket pocket, it was an ultrasound scan of the baby. Amanda held out to Elijah and he took it.

"I went to the doctor a few days ago," she says as Elijah looks at the picture. He came closer to her and hugged her lovingly.

Chapter Text

Flashback, 997 AD, Mystic Falls

It was half a year since Elijah and Amanda had confessed their love. But they kept their relationship secret. Not even Rebekah knew about Amanda's and Elijah's love affair. Amanda's mother was gone for two weeks and thus the two had more time for themselves. Today was bonfires in her village, Amanda stood on the opposite side to Elijah. Both looked at each other, their eyes the love and affection they could not show in public. Amanda bit her lip and Elijah smiled at her. Tatia went to Elijah and pulled him to dance, Amanda suddenly felt out of place and went to her hut, she could not see Elijah with Tatia. It hurt her to see her lover with another woman. She closed her door and walked to her bedroom, which had been separated from the rest of the cabin with the help of a wall, and sat down on her bed. After about five minutes there was a knock on her door. She got up from her bed and went to the door and open it. Elijah stood there holding a flower for her, Amanda took it.

"Thanks," says Amanda, smiling slightly.

"You disappeared so fast that I wondered what happened," Elijah says, sounding a little worried as well.

"I was tired and did not want to bother you with Tatia," she says some jealously, looking at the flower in her hands. Elijah smile, he went to her and lifted her chin.

"Amanda, I love you, you would never bother me and you certainly do not need be jealous by a Tatia Petrova, because you, Amanda Rosebough, are the most beautiful girl in the village, no," he says, correcting himself, "of the world", Amanda smiles and blushes, through his words.

"I love you too, Elijah Mikaelson," says Amanda. She pulled Elijah to her and kissed him. He pulled Amanda closer to her waist, her hands trailing his hair. The kiss changes from gentle to passionate. His hands moved to her back and lifted her up. Elijah carried her into her bedroom while his mouth moved to her neck. Her hands went to the palm of his shirt, she pulled it over his head and threw it carelessly in any corner of the hut. When they arrived at Amanda's bedroom, he carefully laid her on the bed. Amanda climbs back into the bed as she continues to kiss Elijah. Elijah climbs after her until he was over her. He breaks away from her and looks her in the eye, if she really wanted to, but instead of answere, she just kissed him passionately and gave him the answer.

Flashback end

It had been a few days since the Mikaelson's had quarreled. Finally, the siblings got along again and Amanda, Elijah and Rebekah moved to Klaus and Hayley in the "Abattoir". Amanda and Halysy stood in front of a mirror while Hayley tried to attach the zipper to Amanda's vintage wedding dress that she found. Elijah appears at the door behind the two girls.

"Do you need help?" Asks Elijah smiling.

"You may need to use all of your vampire power," Amanda says, and the two girls laughed.

"Do you allow me?" Elijah asks politely, Amanda nods.

"Um ... I have something to do," says Hayley, leaving the two alone in the room. Elijah walked behind her, brushing her hair over her shoulder and beginning to fasten her zipper and buttons.

"Thank you, there are not so many pregnant casket girls, I think," says Amanda.

"I think you look gorgeous," says Elijah and they both looked at each other in the mirror.

"Thanks," she says blushing, reminding Elijah of that earlier. Amanda turns to Elijah, Elijah's hand went to her cheek and gently stroked it. Amanda did the same and put her hand on his cheek. She moved forward and kissed him. Suddenly she notices what she did, she quickly broke away from him and took a step back.

"I ... I'm sorry ... I-" Elijah interrupted Amanda and kissed her again. Her arms wrapped around his neck and he pulled her closer to him as they kissed.

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