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Tumbled FF7

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Hojo headed Shinra’s Research Division, he wasn’t lacking in ways to draw conclusions from reasonable evidence. But sometimes the conclusion was too illogical to be sound, so he was resigned to investigating.


SOLDIER Zack Fair, as the dog tags read, smiled up at him from the operating table. “I thought you could use the company.”


Hojo had no scheduled operations today, no means to cram an operation into his already busy day, and had no time to deal with an errant SOLDIER with dreams of sleeping his way to the top. “That’s a poor reason.” Hojo turned his back on the SOLDIER to go through his research notes.


Fair made a noise, “Well, maybe I just wanted to see what you would do.”


A bet, then. He still didn’t have time to deal with that. “And now you have. I will think up a suitable punishment for contaminating my workspace at a later date.”


“That’s it?” Fair sounded oddly put out. “I thought... “


Hojo was curious by nature of being a scientist, and he was always curious what other people thought of him. Oh the horror stories they concocted. So, he turned and assessed Fair. Fair was still sprawled out lewdly on the table, doing his best impression of a kicked puppy in a strip club. “Oh? Thought what?”


Fair gestured at the labs around them. “I dunno. It sounds dumb, but like… tentacles? I guess, wow that sounded dumber than I expected. Uh, permission to leave, sir?”


The SOLDIER must have forgotten that he had already been granted permission to leave. It was a shame for him, because Hojo was far too curious to let him leave now. “Tentacles? I do believe I can arrange that.”


If Hojo wasn’t certain that SOLDIER necks could withstand minor whiplash, he would have cast a cure when Fair’s head practically spun off. “Really?! I mean…. Uh…. aren’t you busy, sir? With, uh, sciencing?”


“SOLDIER Fair,” said man jumped like he hadn’t realized he was wearing dog tags to easily identify him, “I have an experiment I believe you would be the perfect subject for.”


Fair’s smile was slow and broad and eager.