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Give Me a Chance

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You were the absolute scum and you knew it.

As the morning sun pierced your eyelids, you rolled over, trying in vain to hide in your pillow. Hoping that your bed will eventually eat you alive and you wouldn’t have to face the day.

And it was all your fault.

No matter what, you couldn’t pin this on Stretch. No matter how many monsters or humans that he had flirted with, no matter how many numbers he got, he had never went home with any of them. He had only wanted you, how many times had he said that to you? Yet, your insecure ass couldn’t take it.

There was too much pressure, in your opinion. Why would he have you when you he could have them? Any of them? They were all better than you. Muffet and Asgore were his exes, knew him better than you did. And there were so many other monsters who would be better suited for him…

So you did the unthinkable.

Red had been making the moves on you since he had come to the surface. He didn’t want a relationship, just a hook up. A quick fuck. Add your name to the notches on his mattress. Boost his own ego. That bad boy attitude, at least you knew that you were being used… a couple nights ago, he had met you at Grillby’s. You were already drunk, a rough night at work, thoughts of Stretch…

Before you knew it, you were underneath him, eyes on his mattress.

And Stretch had found out. Red had made sure to leave a very prominent hickey on your neck.

Stretch was a monster of few words. He had simply looked at you when you walked into Muffet’s, eyed the mark that refused to be covered by make up, and told you that he was done.

And now…. your entire world was crashing down. You couldn’t live like this anymore. You missed him.

Grabbing your phone you sent a desperate text. “Hi Stretch” you sent. You held baited breath as the bubble changes to read, and then the dots appear.

His response was short. “Hi.”

Ok. An opening. “I miss you.” You texted back, wincing at the honesty.

Again, the dots appeared. “Oh.” He said.

You couldn’t stand it. “Give me a chance to make it right.” You said, sending it. You didn’t care that it sounded like you were begging. You needed him.

The bubble changed to read, but nothing else happened. You stared at your phone for hours, but he didn’t respond.

He never responded back to you.