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Hospital Conversations

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The Eight Precepts of Death's ambush had been successful, with the mission lasting roughly 45 minutes. It was a short mission…but it came at a great cost. Kaya was making her rounds about the battlefield assisting paramedics is healing those in the area with minor injuries. She wasn’t feeling any ounce of exhaustion yet thanks to her long hours of working out her quirk. As the others started bringing the injured heroes out to the awaiting ambulances, she faltered in her steps, she saw Kirishima, her close friend and longtime crush, on a stretcher. His body covered in lacerations and major bruising. She couldn’t even begin to imagine the amount of internal damage he had. She quickly rushed to him, trying to hold back tears at the condition he was in. She never admitted it to anyone but Ochaco and Tsuyu how much she liked, no, how much she loved him. Legitimately loved him to the point it hurt her to see any injuries on his body, this put her in a state of semi-panic. She was mentally trying to encourage herself that he wasn’t dying but that reasoning voice inside her head started to fade away the closer she got to him. She could see that he seemed to be breathing fine on his own as she got closer. She was standing by his stretcher next to Tsuyu when she got the courage to reach down and gently touch his shoulder to see if he would react. Kirishima opened his eyes slowly, the morning light sensitive to his pupils, as he looked around for the source of the touch. He looked down to his shoulder to see a tan hand with an illuminating green light surrounding it. Kirishima followed the hand up to its owner, her eyes glistening from holding back tears. Kirishima looked up and smiled at Kaya and Tsuyu, “Hey guys I’m okay, a little banged up and sore but I’m okay. Kaya….hey Kaya did you hear me?” Kirishima asked but she wasn’t hearing him properly, the voices around her felt muffled, her mind had a million thoughts going through her head. All she was seeing was the lacerations, the bruises, thinking about how bad it must hurt and just how bad she needed to help him… how bad she needed to stop him from dying. Of course he wasn’t dying but Kaya wasn’t thinking straight at this point. It wasn’t until Kirishima gently grabbed her hand did she snap out of her trance and look at her hand, she hadn’t realized she activated her quirk until he held her hand in his. She looked at him in surprise and embarrassment, “Ah I’m sorry Kirishima…I didn’t realize I activated my quirk. I should have asked you permission first” Kaya fumbled along trying to control her emotions in front of him. She felt ashamed that her emotions got the better of her, she scolded herself on how a hero should be calm in these situations, not let feelings dictate what happens. As she kept belittling herself Tsuyu had gently bumped into her shoulder to get her attention. Kaya looked at her to see what she had wanted, “It seems you two need alone time together I’ll be over here if you need me” Tsuyu stated, blunt as ever, before walking away to assist in clean up. Kaya looked to her before looking back to Kirishima who was still staring at her with a smile on his face, “Hey didn’t I tell you we were on first name basis now? Or did you change your mind” Kirishima chucked as he spoke. Kaya blushed slightly but turned her face to the side in hopes that Kirishima didn’t notice, “I-I didn’t change my mind Kiri- Eijirou, I’m still getting used to it is all. Besides seeing as how injured you are the least of my worries is saying your first name” Kaya says in a soft tone, so soft Kirishima almost didn’t hear it. “Aw like I said I’m fine! I wouldn’t be manly if I didn’t give my all in the fight I was in.” he says in a light tone to try and clear the air but he could see that Kaya was still worried about him, “Hey Kaya I’ll be ok. I’m not dying or anything ha ha” He says lightheartedly. Kaya freezes at the statement, if he only knew how much she thought those very same words in the span of time she was with him. Kirishima notice her expression and started questioning her, “Kaya wha-” he was cut off but commotion in the distance. Kirishima and Kaya both looked over to see a grim sight. Sir Nighteye being carted away to an ambulance. Kaya zoned in on the piece of rock piercing through his skin, her breath started to quicken slightly as she saw the condition he was in. “I have to save him” she said to herself before walking away from Kirishima, who looked to her in alarm at the tone of her voice, “Hey wait Kaya come back” he tried calling out to her but it was no use. He was carted away as Kaya stepped into Nighteye’s ambulance to be taken to the nearest hospital. That expression on her face worried Kirishima, he never really seen her face contort that way before and he hoped he could change it when he saw her in the hospital.

As Sir Nighteye was wheeled in Kaya was already using her quirk on him, trying to repair the damage done to his body. She avoided injuries too close to his the giant rock in his midsection since she wasn’t confident enough to taking the rock out of his body alone. As they were wheeled in further into the hospital Recovery Girl appeared at their side. “Let me see the damage dear” Recovery Girl asked in a gently tone, noticing the frantic look in Kaya’s eyes. Kaya slowly stepped away to let Recovery Girl do her own assessment. Now that Kaya took a step back she realized how tired she felt, her legs felt weak almost feeling numb to her, her eyes slightly heavy. Kaya realized these were warning signs that she was overexerting herself, she knew that if she kept going she was going to pass out or worse end up in a coma. She looked over to Recovery Girl using her quirk in Sir Nighteye. Kaya knew that Recovery Girl’s quirk healed the person but also used their energy in order to accommodate, she didn’t want to put more stress on Sir Nighteye’s body than there already was. With Kaya’s quirk she was able to heal people with drawbacks only happening to her, not them. She didn’t think any more on the risk of exerting herself and set to work on assisting Recovery Girl in the healing process. A couple hours went by and while Recovery Girl had to stop her healing quirk, Kaya was still going, though her condition was getting worse. Her legs felt so numb that she had a chair brought for her in order for her to sit down while she kept healing Nighteye. Aizawa walked in a moment later after he was cleared of any injuries. He looked around quickly, assessing the situation. His eyes zoned in on Kaya. While she wasn’t his student he still cared about her well-being, and from the looks of it she wasn’t looking too good. It almost looked like she was going to….that’s when Aizawa realized what was going to happen. He quickly went to her side to pull her away from Sir Nighteye. He witnessed this happen before when he viewed her during the entrance exam through the screen monitors, she exhausted herself so much that she had passed out and slipped into a coma for 3 days because of it. While she had earned a little respect from that whole ordeal he knew it was still a reckless thing to do to one’s body. As he moved closer to her she looked over to him with drowsy but frantic eyes. “Don’t…please….I…can him” Kaya said in a voice that was slurred. She was on the verge of fainting but she was trying to still save him…she didn’t want anyone to die in her care…it was her greatest fear after all. Aizawa’s heart felt heavy by her comment but from what he can see of Sir Nighteye’s condition, he wasn’t going to make it…no amount of healing could save him at this point, “I’m sorry Moralez” Aizawa says before he used his quirk on Kaya to stop herself from doing more damage to herself. Kaya’s quirk instantly shut off, causing her to panic, her eyes widens and she started hyperventilating slightly and trying to reactivate her quirk. “No...No please….he can’t die….please I can…help” she says before her body gave out on her as she passed out from exhaustion. Aizawa sighs as he picks her up and asks a nearby nurse for a room for Kaya to rest in. He could only hope he stopped her in time.

Eijirou came to Kaya’s hospital room for a visit afterschool. As soon as he released and was back in school he went in search for Kaya to see how she was feeling from the whole incident. He never really mentioned it to anyone before but he started developing feelings for Kaya. Her personality and willingness to go into battle to rescue someone, heal them, and then go back into the fray was astounding. Though he knew her quirk was more for someone who would have to be on the sidelines, she was willing to do that or run into the chaos, whatever orders she was given she would do them with no hesitation, going above and beyond what was required of her. He thought that was manly, hell it was courageous. When he found out from one of her classmates that she was still in the hospital he paled. Thinking she was hiding an injury he didn’t notice earlier. He later found out it was because she overexerted herself that she was put in the hospitals care. He had heard from Aizawa and from his classmates that Sir Nighteye had passed away from his injuries even though Recovery Girl and Kaya did their best to save him. He figured Kaya stayed by his side to the last second to try and save him. As he entered Kaya’s room, he noticed movement coming from her bed. He stopped in his steps when he realized Kaya looking back at him in surprise. Both seem to scan the others person’s body, looking for any lingering injuries and might be hidden to the naked eye. Kaya sighed in relief before responding, “Hey” she said in a slight raspy voice, “you look better…I’m glad you are healed” she finished. Kirishima cleared his throat slightly, “Ah yeah Recovery Girl helped me out and I was back to my manly self in a day” he smiles his signature grin at her. She blushed slightly before looking away, her eyes downcast, “I’m sorry” she says in a soft tone. “Huh? What for?” Kirishima inquired, not understanding why she needed to apologize. “I left you alone to help Sir Nighteye….I guess he didn’t make it from what I’ve seen on the news” she says in a tone that breaks Kirishima’s heart, “I couldn’t save him…and I call myself a hero…I’m useless….I let him die…” Kaya said her voice getting shakier the longer she kept talking. Kirishima was looking at her with wide eyes, he had never seen her this close to crying except…except when she saw him at the incident. He realized she put a very high standard on herself. He wondered if she actually expected to save every person she came by? Though as great as that would be he knew that it would be impossible, though he understood anyone dying on you would be hard on anyone he felt there was a deeper meaning to it. However, he could get to the bottom of it later, right now he needed to make her get out of this slump. “Kaya look at me” He asked grabbing her chin gently so they could stare at each other eye to eye. Kaya tear stained faced looked to Kirishima, wondering what he was going to say. Kirishima gave her a serious expression before speaking again. “None of this is your fault okay? You did your absolute best, Hell look where you are. You put your all into saving Sir Nighteye. I think he would be proud of what you did…I know I am” He finishes waiting for her to respond. Kaya’s eyes widen slightly, never seeing him so serious before. “B-But I didn’t save him! A hero can’t let anyone die on their watch.” Kaya raised her voice at him. “You can’t save them all Kaya. As much as I wish it wasn’t true…we just can’t, but the ones we do save is always worth it right?” Kirishima calmly tells her, not wanting her to make her throat sorer than it already was. “It scares me so much Eijirou, I’m scared I won’t save people close to me from dying. It’s what happen to my mom you know. She died before anyone could get to her. All my friends who are heroes could die and I wouldn’t be able to save them….I’m scared I wouldn’t be able to save you in time. That day at the hideout…it scared me…I thought I was going to lose you. I care about you Eijirou” Kaya says looking to him for a comeback. Kirishima looked to her in shock…had she just confessed to him? Surely he was hearing things. “Ah Kaya did you just somewhat confess to me ahaha. I was not expecting that when I walked into the hospital today” he says with a nervous chuckle. Kaya freezes before looking away in shame and to cover her blush, “Well- I mean- its ok if you don’t- we can be friends- forget I said anything” Kaya rambled on thinking that Kirishima didn’t returned her feelings. Kirishima heard her words and quickly pulled her face towards his again, “Hey I didn’t say I don’t like now did I? I’m just surprised is all? I was planning to confess to you soon but I guess you beat me to it. Talk about being manlier than me haha” He says before gently pulling her face closer to his and kissing her softly. She doesn’t know what to do, she just stays still until her brain catches up to her and she closes her eyes, kissing him back, smiling slightly in the process. The kiss doesn’t last more than a few seconds before they part. Both of the blush at each other before laughing slightly that the situation they put themselves in. “You should probably get the nurse in here Eijirou. I had just woken up when you came in…aha” Kaya says to Kirishima. Kirishima blinks at her before realizing the request, “Of course Kaya I’ll let them know my amazing girlfriend has awoken from her slumber” he says quickly before leaving Kaya alone in the room. Kaya looks at the door before groaning to herself. While this wasn’t the ideal way to ask someone out, she wasn’t going to complain, she had someone who cared about her just as much as she cared about them. She would make sure to stand by Kirishima’s for as long as she was able to.