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A Retuned Killing Harmony

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After splitting up from the duo of Miu and Keebo, both me and Maki continued roaming down the corridor. Before long, We came across a peculiar door. The design was a mishmash of brightly clashing colours, placed onto the surface without rhyme or reason. 

A rattle of a door-handle startled me out of my musing. Maki turned to me and shook her head in order to convey that the door is obviously locked. What is the purpose of this room, some sort of art storeroom? Why even decorate the door like this? I acknowledge that this place is unlike any other school that I have seen, but getting rid of any door signs is just obtuse. 

Opposite to this door was a stairway that would lead to a lower floor. Is this door heading to a basement area, or did we start on a level above ground? This question will hopefully be abruptly answered as we both head towards it. 

"After you," I indicate to Maki as she takes the lead going down this stairway. We end up on another floor similar to the one above, but this one feels a little more light, more pleasant. The actual area still looks disastrous with overgrowth of plant life and the walls lacking the structural integrity you would expect of a wall. 

Another door soon greets out visage. This one looks a little more familiar and it seems that it also will be as this one bears a sign indicating it is a dining hall. Inside is the standard fare of tables, chairs and a kitchen. Although it is much more clean then the corridors, it still has a air of neglect and abandonment that surrounds the rest of the premises we have seen so far. 

Of course, i have forgotten to mention that there are some people on the chairs and leaning on the tables. One approaches me and Maki who are still halfway in the doorway. 

"Oh hey, new guys! Glad to meet another guy around here- not that there's anything wrong with girls, it's just a bit awkward and all with the whole catching her falling from a locker thing and all.. Wait, I'm rambling and I forgot introductions," the very purple man catches himself monologuing before taking a pause. 

"I'm Kaito Momota and I am the one known as the great Ultimate- uh? C-uggg? Wait, I don't remember my talent?" His face goes from almost grand pride in himself to almost appearing to be in pain with the intensity of his shock. It would be very amusing if we weren't in this peculiar situation. 

"Are you serious? What kind of idiot would forget the whole reason he got admitted to Hope's Peak?" Maki voices, almost incredulous in reaction to what Kaito had just said. 

"I know, I can hardly believe it too? Please tell me you two remember your own talents. You do, right?" 

"Maki Harukawa, Ultimate Cosplayer" 

"I am Korekiyo Shinguji, and the Ultimate Supreme Leader. Now let's calm down a bit, there's no need to be screaming," I proceed to try and calm Kaito down a bit before he deafens the whole room with his almost hysterical shouting. 

"I understand that, but it's a little hard doing it right now, man." Kaito pauses to take a deep breath before continuing, "Alright. I'm feeling a bit more stable. Anyways, you two know anything about how the hell we got into this mess? One moment I was outside Hope's Peak, the next - BAM - trapped in a locker in this weird place."

"It seems that everybody so far has experienced something similar. Snatched from the entrance of Hope's Peak and then being stuffed into a locker here. How peculiar..." 

"Anyway I'll let you two meet with the others here. Still gotta pull myself together..." Kaito move out of our way and sits over to the side, presumably psyching himself up. 

"What a weirdo," Maki made sure to wait until she was out of earshot before saying that remark. 

"Now, now, that is a bit of a harsh conclusion to make of somebody who you just met." 

"He can't remember his own talent, he started to freak out in such a dumb way and then he suddenly moves out of our way to encourage himself. Sounds like a weirdo to me." 

"I don't know, I think Kaito is kind of sweet- in his own way," A new voice has came to chime in. 

"Oh, sorry! Don't mind my rambling over here." The girl waves her hands as if dismissing herself whilst closing the distance between us. 

"My name is Tsumugi Shirogane and you probably wouldn't guess that I'm the Ultimate Astronaut. It's nice to meet the two of you." 

"Likewise, and I am Korekiyo Shinguji and I have been given the ominous title of Ultimate Supreme Leader." 

"Do I really have to do this again? Maki Harukawa, Ultimate Cosplayer" 

"Wow, you two really have some interesting talents. Not that being an astronaut isn't interesting, it just doesn't suit somebody as unimpressive as me," Tsumugi says, looking a bit dejected. 

"I completely disagree. Even if a appearance doesn't fit normal presumptions about a talent, it does not mean they aren't compatible." I try to encourage her. 

"I guess so but it's plain to see that my whole personality and my talent don't mesh at all." 

"Stop talking about how boring you are, its getting annoying." Maki interjects. She's been a bit more antsy ever since we met Kaito. I suppose he really got onto her nerves. 

"Now, where was the third person..." I ponder as I look around the room. 

It seems that on my first glance into the dining hall I noticed somebody leaning against a table. Upon closer inspection, it turns out that there was a redheaded girl sprawled out on the table. 

"It would be a little unpolite to wake up a young woman myself. Maki, could you do the honours?" 

"Don't order me around like one of your minions." Nevertheless, she moves towards the other girl. 

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Tsumugi speaks up. 

"I doubt anything will happen if I wake her up." Maki then proceeds to shake the girl but as soon as her fingers touch the others shoulders, she suddenly sits upright. 

"Who dares to wake me? Somebody must have a death wish of the highest calibre if so." The now awoken girl booms out to the room. 

"I did, what's it to you?" 

"I doubt you will keep that tone once you realise that you are speaking to Himiko Yumeno, the one called the Ultimate Assassin." Hope's Peak admitted somebody of that kind of talent? I didn't expect to be fraternising with a murderer, let alone being in the same class as one. 

"Really? What a stupid talent. I highly doubt that's your real talent." Maki seems quite unperturbed by Himiko's talent. 

"Beware, my MP is now fully charged. In a blink of an eye you could find yourself up against a wall if you aren't careful." Himiko's dopey expression gains a slight edge whilst she says this threat. 

"Whatever. Maki Harukawa, Ultimate Cosplayer." 

"I am Korekiyo Shinguji and I am the Ultimate Supreme Leader." 

"Another one with a talent as dark as mine?" 

"Not quite so malicious, I am afraid." 

"Now if we're done, I could I go back to restoring my MP?" 

"Yeah, sure, whatever." Maki dismissively responds. 

As Himiko gets cozy for sleep back on the table, I realise that has been the introductions in this room done. 

"I hope this gets done quicker for the next lot, introducing myself over and over is getting repetitive." 

"Whilst you could say it more politely, I do agree with your sentiment."