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A Retuned Killing Harmony

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As soon as me and Maki had left the classroom, we ended up in a corridor. Another dark and dreary looking location. We turned around to see if there was anything interesting to go to around, but nothing but walls with overgrown weeds in them.

"This way." Maki spoke as she strode past me to move along. I was a little taken back by her sudden movement but soon scurried along to keep pace with her.

"So, how did you get into cosplaying? It isn't exactly a hobby most take part in." I try to make conversation as we walk along.

"What's it to you?"

"Oh, nothing in particular. Just satisfying my curiosity on the one thing I enquire about at this moment"

"Hmph. It's not like I really care about it. I only tried it once to entertain some people but then I just sort of blew up, " Maki turns completely away for a second before suddenly speeding up and turning back to me with a scowl. "We aren't here to make idle chat. Hurry up." We walk in silence.

However, some unfamiliar voices breaks our isolation.

"Why the hell have I got to wake up in this shitty place?"

"I have no idea myself, but we should concentrate on finding out more information"

"I don't give a fuck about what this shithole is, I just want to get the hell out of it! They could at least kidnap us into someplace clean..." The vulgar female speaks again.

"Hey, maybe we will run into other people also trapped in here. Don't get disheartened this quickly, "The calmer male responds.

"Yeah, right. Like we are just gonna run our asses into some fucking cumps in this kind of s- Looks like I was right! There are others around in this crapsack of a place!" The brash girl seems to be dressed in some sort of European maid outfit. Not what I honestly expected from her manner of speech.

"But I was the one who said that! Anyways, hello there. My name is Keebo Idabashi and I was given the title of Ultimate Adventurer. It's nice to meet somebody other then... her..."

"It's not polite to fling shit at somebody right next to you, asshole! Whatever, the supreme, servicing, seductress you just laid your eyes upon is Miu Iruma, the Ultimate Maid!"

Those two gave us no time to react as they quickly spoke their introductions. Me and Maki share a quick glance before I speak up.

"It's a pleasure to meet you both. I am Korekiyo Shinguji, otherwise known as the Ultimate Supreme Leader."

"Maki Harukawa. Ultimate Cosplayer. I guess you two are also supposed to be attending Hope's Peak?"

"Yes, that was my intention. I didn't expect to wake up in such a place like this," Keebo pauses to glance around the area, perhaps to make his point even more clear. "Have you two found any concrete information about this place? I haven't wrote two lines in my notebook about this place, so any details would be very much appreciated."

"No, nothing concrete. We woke up in lockers in a classroom then found our way here" Maki replied, shaking her head slightly as she spoke.

"Same shit here for us. One minute i'm in the dark, next my ass is on the floor! Doesn't help that this place hasn't seen the business end of a mop for a goddamn era. I'm glad I'm not going to be the one to spruce this pile of crap up..." Miu sighs.

"It looks like none of us are any of the wiser of where we are and why we were taken. It would be prudent to take the time to explore the area and most likely confer with the other displaced members of Hope's Peak. May I suggest we split up from here and meet up in a hour or so?" I take the opportunity to set up a plan to move ahead with.

"Sounds good to me. C'mon, lets ditch the gloomy duo," With an apologetic Keebo waving bye, Miu takes his arm and starts to walk off in the opposite direction.

"They do realise that is where they just came from?"

"I suppose they'll figure it out eventually."