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A Retuned Killing Harmony

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Hope's Peak Academy.

Located in the heart of Tokyo, this school is one of the most influential places in the country- nay, the world.

It has a very exclusive entry requirements. One does not apply to this school but be selected by its talent scouts.

There are two criteria for being selected to go to Hopes Peak:

1. You must currently be attending high school,

2. And you must be the very best in what you do.

The purpose of this Academy is to collect all of the talent in Japan's youth and send them to one place in order to nurture and develop their talents. It is said that once you graduate from there, success will meet you, no matter what you end up doing afterwards.

I didn't intend to be standing at the gates of this place when I first started, but with my efforts spreading all across Japan, I suppose it was but a forgone conclusion.

Oh, I suppose I'm getting ahead of myself again. I should be more used to introducing myself politely with how often I say it. My name is Korekiyo Shinguji, and I have been admitted to Hopes Peak Academy under the title of Ultimate Supreme Leader. Quite a frightful sounding title they have given me, isn't it? I assure you that my 'talent' is nothing to be feared.

I am known for being the founder of a organisation that started to promote one illness my sister was taken by. We started small, with only a couple of acquaintances but over the past 3 years have grown exponentially. We now hold massive fundraisers and gain publicity for many unknown illnesses. The fame may sometimes startle me, but I know that my sister would be proud of my legacy.

Today is the first day of admission. I have been outside the academy admiring the archtecture for a while. Such a grand symbol of Japan's pride in its youth warms my heart. However, all of my posturing must end, lest I be late for induction.

I step towards the vast metal gates and turn around to see the grand front gardens of Hope's Peak. Both exotic and recognisable flowers line the flower beds. I catch a glimpse of purple as I spot a certain purple flower.

"She always did enjoy lavender the most..." I pause to remember her, then start to move towards the main entrance.

However, as soon as I take my first step, a surge of dizziness takes my head. Everything in vision starts to contort, like water swirling through a drain as the throbbing headache intensifies.

"Wh-what is happening ... to m-," is all I remember as i descend into the dark of unconsciousness.



I rise. As my eyes open, a completely different scene then the one that I last saw greets my vision. It is not that different from the view when my eyes were closed. It must be dark.

It is very peculiar that I find myself almost standing up after I get knocked out. I experimentally stretch out an arm in front of me. It meets a barrier with a metallic groan. However, this barrier slowly slides away from me, as if it was on a hinge. I step out the opening that has been created and find myself in a classroom.

I soon find myself investigating the floor as my legs refuse to stand after my first step. I take a few seconds to get feeling running throughout my body before attempting to move upright. It is a bit of a struggle to do so, but I soon find myself victoriously standing upright.

"To find myself feeling such pride at standing up..." I mutter, dusting myself off as I took a proper look around were I am.

It turns out my split second glance had been right in figuring out I was in some sort of classroom. However, it certainly did not look like any I have been in before. Or any regular looking classroom for that matter. It had a dark, almost gloomy atmosphere around it. The most confusing thing about it is that it had what looked like barbed wire covering the windows. Not just that, but the windows also had vertical bars set on top of it.

As soon as I turn to face these somewhat over-secured windows, a yelp rings out throughout the room. Taking note as the third time I have tried moving before being interrupted, I turn to the source of the noise.

It seemed to be a locker right behind me. I can see I apparently was inside one half which had its door open. I assume that somebody else must be in the other half. Suddenly, without warning the door jolted open and a red blur came crashing to the floor.

I peer down at the sight of a girl sprawled across the ground. My first instinct was to help the person up but before I could act, they had already gotten upright.

"Did they seriously put me inside a locker again? Those brats seriously need to understand how..." The girl seemed to mumble to herself before noticing that I was standing next to her before stopping suddenly.looking in my direction.

"Who are you-no wait, where are we?" She corrects herself as she realised her unfamiliar surroundings.

"I have no idea myself. I had just woken up myself, quite like you did just there," I respond. She seemed to get more agitated as I spoke. 

"Just my luck for this kind of thing to happen on my first day going to Hope's Peak."

"Did you just say Hope's Peak? It was also meant to be my orientation day as well. My name is Korekiyo Shinguji. I am known as the Ultimate Supreme Leader. May I ask your name as well?" I rattle off my somewhat automated introduction.

"I'm Maki Harukawa. They gave me the stupid title of Ultimate Cosplayer." A peculiar title to say the least, but I won't judge her just by that. Especially with the kind of title they gave me.

"Now that we are acquainted, let's say we figure out what is going on."

"Let's get out of this room, it's starting to annoy me"