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Making it Right

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After learning where Jack tended to spend his nights, he rethought the Isabelle idea. Deciding to go with the rent boy look from their first real meeting. Finding a back way into Torchwood was easy.

Seeing Jack laying limp on the floor of the morgue, dead from alcohol poisoning, was not...

"Oh, Jack." Ianto sighed sadly. First, he cleaned up, dragging his dead Avatar to the furnace and getting rid of the empty liquor bottles. Then, he decided to clean up his lover. This new Avatar was strong, he was able to, actually, carry Harkness to the room hidden next to the showers. The place, used to be a kind of 'executive ensuite', Jack had told him. Jones had made sure to keep it clean, after he'd discovered it. They'd often sneak away to use the giant tub. He'd had some of his best orgasms in that tub.

He stared down at the Captain, disheveled and pale. "I'm so sorry Jack." Ianto sighed as he undressed Harkness and himself. Wondering, for the first time, if his lover would forgive him? Would all he'd gone through to get back, be enough? Would Jack really understand? Or would he throw him in a cell for the rest of this Avatar's life? He had a way out, but maybe he deserved the punishment… At least for a few years. He remembered the Wolf's warning. Jack may understand, what about the rest of Torchwood? He knew Gwen would jump at the chance to have him out of the way. Owen would probably want to run tests. Toshiko would? He wasn't honestly sure how she would react. Maybe she'd, at the very least, be happy Jones was still alive? That rift in America was starting to sound good. He left his pants on, deciding not to join Jack in the tub.

The Captain groaning as Ianto lowered him into the water. "I distinctly remember telling you to fuck off Harper!" Harkness grumbled, not even opening his eyes. Apparently, dying in peace was too much to ask. Only after Toshiko begged, did he finally shut the body away. Didn't mean he still couldn't sit by the door every now and then. Having a drink to his memory, started to mean the whole bottle. Then, it became two, eventually it began to mean consuming enough alcohol to die from it.

Ianto sighed again and continued the task. After the outburst, Jack never made any more protests. Nor did he open his eyes. Exhaustion and defeat clear in every limb, Jones gently toweled dry. It wasn't until he had gotten Harkness into the bed, in at least boxers, that the Captain started to take an interest. His eyebrows, hitting his hairline when a fully clothed body wrapped around his.

"I never knew you felt this way Owen." Jack mused, enjoying the comfort of someone else's touch. So much so, he was almost mad at himself for saying something, possibly ruining the simple gesture.

"That's because I'm not Owen, sir."

Harkness tensed, the Welsh vowels so familiar. "Am I dead? I must be dead."

"You're not dead Jack." Ianto answered, gasping as Harkness suddenly reached out and grasped his cheek. He held still, arms and fingers aching to reciprocate. "I'm so sorry Jack, for everything." Jones whispered a tear trailing down his cheek.

Before Ianto could react, the Captain's hand was crushing his throat in its vice like grip. "If I'm not dead, you must be an imposter! Who are you?" Jack demanded. Completely missing the fact he was demanding an answer while cutting off Ianto's ability to speak.

Oh the irony…

Jones started to panic. "P-p-please." Even knowing, it wouldn't really kill, more than his Avatar. Jones was sure they'd reassign him, if Harkness succeeded. No matter what he said. "P-please, they won't- Th-they won't let me stay if-if…" Ianto managed to get out, spots beginning to dot his vision.

The Captain's eyes narrowed. Clearly, more was going on, than a simple replacement of his dead lover. 'They', meant more than one person was behind this. He added pressure to his grip. Squeezing, just enough, for the intruder to pass out. Jack, tossed the now limp body to the ground. Throwing off the covers and quickly standing, openly scowling, as he loomed over the crumpled figure.


Ianto woke, Wearing only pants and tied tightly to an uncomfortable chair. He couldn't help, but smirk, as he watched Jack walk in with the Alien made, lie detector. It was so nice of Harkness to bring him reinforcements. He was even waiting patiently while the Captain set up. Despite his want to beg for release, he knew it wouldn't do any good.

"This is going to tell me when you're lying. Now, who you do you work for, why are they doing this to me, what do they want?" Jack demanded.

Jones sighed, this might be his only time to say it. "It's not important. What is important. Is the fact that I'm Ianto Jones and I love you. And I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry Cariad."

Two sets of eyes looked over to the alien device…



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