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The Fandom Traveller

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15-year-old Eve Rezs lay on her bed rereading the Blood of Olympus for the umpteenth time. Shoving her curly black hair out of her face she flopped back into the pillows and sighed happily. "Never gets old..."

She fingered the Aquamarine necklace she never took off, a habit of hers. "I wish I could go into the book..."

Suddenly, a strange heat filled her whole body, and the aquamarine gem began to glow and burn as a counterpoint. A portal opened beneath her and she fell through.


Eve fell out of the portal and found herself exactly where she had wished to be. She was in the throne room of Olympus. There was the Lord of the Sky and all the other Olympians sitting right in front of her.

Eve looked around in wonder. She had read about this room and its occupants so many times. It was crazy to actually be there.

Remembering she was in the presence of the most powerful and temperamental beings of that universe, she said "Lord Zeus."  and dropped a curtsy. The strangest thing happened when she did; and ethereal blue skirt of energy pooled around her. When she stood, she was standing in a turquoise dress the same color as her necklace. The hem swept the floor and a band of diamonds ran from one side of the V-neck to her waist then wrapped around it like a belt.

"Lady Hera, Lord Poseidon, Lady Demeter, Lady Athena, Lord Apollo, Lady Artemis, Lord Ares, Lady Aphrodite, Lord Hephaestus, Lord Hermes, Lady Hestia, Lord Dionysus." She finished, internally squealing like a fangirl--which she was.

The twelve Olympians stared at her. "Who are you and how did you appear here?" Asked Zeus.

"Umm… I don't know." She admitted.

"Hermes, call Hecate here, now." Zeus commanded.

Hermes pulled out his phone with George and Martha on it and texted. Before she could contain herself, Eve said "Hello, George and Martha."

The two snakes looked at her along with the rest of the Olympians. "Sorry, I wanted to be polite." Eve said quietly.

"That's very nice, but how do you know my snakes?" Hermes asked.

Eve sighed. "It is a very long story and I'm not sure you’ll believe me. I can’t believe it myself!"


Once she had recounted what had happened to the Olympian Council and Hecate the gods all started talking over each other.

Hecate said something to Zeus, then he bellowed "SILENCE!"

Immediate quiet. "Thank you. Hecate?"

Hecate turned to Eve and looked at her with a gleaming eye. "There is an aura of magic around you, young one. I can sense it but I did not bless it to you. That necklace you wear; it is filled with your magic. You made it a talisman. My appraisal shows that you have the ability to infuse magic into something, and the potential for much more. Currently, you can make items serve whatever purpose you choose."

Eve was shocked. "How could I have magic? In my dimension there is no such thing and all of this," she waved her hand around the room, "is fiction. It's all made up! How is it possible? How am I here?"

Hecate sighed. "I do not know for certain, but it is possible that one of your ancestors was a descendant of mine. I can sense some of my blood within you."

"You-you mean I'm a Legacy? I’m not fully human?! " She asked, astonished.

Hecate chuckled. "Yes, child. I believe that you are my Legacy."

"Excuse me..." Apollo timidly interrupted. He was still on thin ice because of the Giant War. "Speak." Zeus growled.

Apollo cleared his throat. "There is a prophecy that I believe is relevant. It never made sense before, but now... anyway here it is:

" A magic born who travels realms,

Who takes the helm,

Of powers blessed,

By the gods for a quest."

"This prophecy says that we should all bless the girl. Shall we vote on that?" Zeus inquired.

"But Father-" Apollo said.

Zeus cut him off with a harsh glare.

"All in favor of blessing the girl?" Zeus said in a monotone.

Everyone but Ares and Dionysus raised their hands, even Hestia, who wasn’t strictly on the Council. "Then we bless." Zeus grumbled. Apollo winked at Eve and she was sorely tempted to roll her eyes.

"I bless you with the ability of flight." Zeus said.

"I gift you with the ability to make a home anywhere." Hera said with a small, unexpected smile.

"I gift you with aquakinesis." Poseidon said.

"I give you the ability to conjure any cereal at will. Oh, and to be able to cultivate plants well." Demeter said, holding a box of Smart Start.

"I bless you with increased strategic powers because you do not require sharper intellect." Athena said with a compliment.

"I bless you with good health and archery. Wicked singing voice by the way." Apollo winked again. Eve smiled at him this time.

"I bless you with my protection. Just give a shout." Artemis said to the young maiden.

"I bless you with the strength you need for war." Ares grumbled.

"I bless you with an interesting-" Eve glared at her. Aphrodite sighed. "Fine, I bless you with a wonderful love life." Eve smiled at her in thanks.

"I bless you with immunity to fire and the ability to create anything you need." Hephaestus said.

"I bless you with the ability to be stealthy." Hermes said.

"I bless you with...the ability to make wine well." Dionysus said, rather lamely.

"I bless you with control of fire and the ability to summon food." Hestia finished.

Unexpectedly, Hecate said "I bless you with the ability to control your magic better."

A turmoil inside Eve she hadn't realized was there dispersed, making her feel light.

Eve curtsied to each Olympian in sincere thanks. Her body was buzzing with her new powers, like a thousand insects crawling on her skin. "The prophecy mentioned a quest. What might that be?"

All the Olympians glared at Apollo. "Well, Python is back. Kill him." Zeus said. "We'll send you to Camp Half-Blood. You can choose your quest mates there."

Eve nodded. Before she went, she was pulled over by Hecate. "Your magic is strange and new. Be careful and experiment a little. Here," she said, handing Eve a charm bracelet with only one charm: a torch, Hecate's symbol. "Any item you enchant can be put on this. It will become a charm. If you require a second one, it will duplicate."

Eve looked up at her. "Thank you so much. I promise that I will do my best to make you proud."

Hecate offered a rare smile. "I know, now, go meet those demigods you have read so much about. You are one of them now." Eve smiled at that.

Zeus clapped his hands and she was standing on Half Blood hill.