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To beat the system

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Rosecook recovery Asylum, 3018 King, Sadie. Age: 25 Height: 5’8. Weight: 120 Date of admission: January 15, 3018 Cause of admission: deemed a threat due to lack of sanity, all workers should approach with care

Day 1



“I had a rough childhood, my mom dying soon after my early birth and my father going insane soon after. Though almost every child learns to thrive by the age of 6, I was practically raised by my sister, Ashley.”

Miss king, you do know you never had a sister, correct?

”No! Ashley was absolutely real, I remember her going off to war instead of my brother! It’s this damn government and there damn pills, there fooling us all!”

The government has nothing to do with your insanity, Dear. Those pills were to provide relief to the veterans returning home.

”Then why didn’t my sister come home, I got the letter proving her return and when I went to the director asking why she still hadn’t come home after 6 months, I was told she never existed.”

It was simply a mix up between a different family and your family, that is why this may seem as if your being lied too.

”What Family?? You took my father away, killed my brother, and masked the death of my own mother just to keep your damn city’s perfect reputation. It was me, myself, an I since I was 8. I god damn child, Diane. Do you know what It’s like?” 

You know I can’t give you that kind of information, know if you could please continue telling my about your childhood..

”Burn in hell”

I see we are going to get nowhere today.. excuse me, Carter? Can you please go get the medicine? She is not wanting to work with me today, we’ll have to pick this up tomorrow

”Oh yeah, go get Carter, see if Carter knock me out AGAIN”

Maybe if you would work with we wouldn’t have to do this to you, yes?

”Be carful when you sleep tonight, I’ll kill you”

I’ve heard that one before..