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There were many things that Aizawa Shouta, or any hero for that matter, were prepared for when on the field. Surprise attacks, surprising quirks, hostage situations, you had to be prepared for things going for the worse at any moment and a hero couldn’t just be a "one trick pony", who could do nothing but rely on their quirk, in Aizawa's opinion.


Those heroes were just asking for trouble.


Then there were stranger things. Things you didn’t even think could happen but when they came you just had to deal with it. At the age of 21, with his experience in the field soon being three years, Aizawa had already seen his share of weird shit. For example, there was that one time when an elderly lady had completely ignored the villain attack going in a store and had just continued shopping like it was completely normal for three heroes to be fighting in the store and throwing shit around, knocking shelves down left and right, the store was in literal chaos and in the midst of it all that granny just carried on. Always an inch away from harm’s way but never getting hurt.


The store had given the granny all the products for free seeing as there wasn’t any employers to charge her, or any working registers for that matter. The granny never told them what her quirk was. Aizawa was convinced that it had something to do with luck or not giving a fuck resulting in that no-one could fuck with her.


That granny remained as an enigma and had for long taken the mantle of Weirdest Shit Ever Seen in His Hero Work™.


There were other weird cases.


But this one tops them all.


They had gotten a lead on a possible villain hideout. It was rumored to harbor many wanted criminals and so they had raided it with multiple heroes. The intel had been correct. In a seemingly normal (but also shady as fuck) bar had been an active villain hideout. Complete with a dozen or so villains, weapons, drugs and what not found only in the bar.


As the fighting had reached its conclusion (a few villains escaping in the chaos but most arrested) they finally had time to search the place more closely. Getting police and detectives with them to gather all the evidence from the villainous activities going on. They had finally found a hidden entrance from under a rug behind the bar (It certainly was a pretty solid hiding place if not for the complete search of the place but Aizawa still found it incredibly cliche.)


In case there was any villains still hiding down there, a couple of heroes were sent down first. Aizawa, the heroine Midnight and the hero Best Jeanist jumped through the opened trap door and past the steep ladder down ready for all surprises. At the bottom of the the trapdoor they found a short dimly lit hallway with only four doors. Midnight keeping watch, Best Jeanist and Aizawa simultaneously checked the opposing first two doors. Aizawa’s had a pretty normal looking storage room safe for the fact that the stored things were weapons . There was no villains inside. Best Jeanist found his room to be some kind of an operating room, down to the operating table, instruments and nauseatingly sterile feeling the room gave off. At least it wasn’t covered in blood or something like that. The heroes gave each other looks after revealing the rooms before moving on to the last two doors.


They took the same positions once again. Midnight keeping watch, Best Jeanist taking the door next to the operating room and Aizawa taking the one next to the storage room.


Now Aizawa expected something standard - in a villainous way, you know. Not that finding a completely normal room was that out of the question. But finding something like this was so very far from anything Aizawa could have ever imagined.


For a moment after opening the door and lighting up the light in the room, Aizawa was convinced he had entered a completely different reality.


Because in what reality could you find a fucking nursery in a villain hideout? Complete with the baby blue walls, toys, a changing table, a crib and most shocking of all, a baby.


“All clear! My room was just empty save for the fact that one wall was a one way glass to the operating room. How’s the last room Eraserhead?” Aizawa heard Best Jeanist’s voice come from the hallway.


“A problem”, Aizawa said with his deadpan voice, in a staring match with the infant sitting innocently in the crib and staring at him with those two big curious green eyes.


“A problem?” Best Jeanist sounded on guard now, “Something dangerous?”


“I doubt it’s dangerous”, Aizawa answered, reaching into the crib to lift the baby in his arms, “but definitely a problem.”


“What are you talking ab-” Midnight abruptly cut off as she saw Aizawa walking out holding a baby in his arms. “Oh…”


“Oh seems about right.”


“You found a baby?!”


Aizawa nodded. “There’s a nursery and everything.”


Best Jeanist and Midnight shared a look before they both rushed to check. Aizawa turned his frown to the baby sitting quietly in his arms. The baby turned to watch him again.


“Problem child”, Aizawa stated.


The green haired child tilted his head a little in question and made a small confused noise. He was surprisingly calm seeing as Aizawa was a complete stranger and not so long ago there had been loud fighting going on upstairs.


“Never thought I would see something like that in a villain hideout…” Midnight stated dazedly as she and Best Jeanist came out of the nursery once again.


“I must admit that was most unexpected”, stated Best Jeanist as well.


“So what do we do with him?”


Aizawa considered the baby in his arms for a moment. “That remains to be decided. We need to inform the others of this development.”


Best Jeanist and Midnight agreed and so they headed for the steep stairs. In order to use his hands to climb them, Aizawa used his capture gear to wrap the baby to his chest in a makeshift baby carrier.


The rest of the heroes and police officers were no less surprised when Aizawa emerged, along with Midnight and Best Jeanist, carrying a baby. He shortly explained the discovered rooms and the fact that the fourth one was a nursery, from where he had found the baby.


“But… Whose is it?” Asked the hero Present Mic with a dumbfounded voice.


“As of now, as far as we are aware, no recent kidnappings have been reported”, stated the young Chief of the Police Force, Kenji Truragamae.


“You don’t mean…” started Present Mic slightly horrified.


“Seeing as the infant has been found in an active villain hideout, it is reasonable to assume…” Truragamae started.


“That he’s a child of a villain”, Aizawa ended. Everybody turned to look at him and, simultaneously, to the baby who was… now deeply asleep on Aizawa’s chest. Tightly secured in his capture gear and sleeping peacefully with his one chubby cheek pressed to Aizawa's chest.


“This poses the problem of what to really do with him now. His real parentage is still unknown, so there is no one to return him to if he has civilian parents out there looking for him. The child can not be handed over to any of the villains arrested, of course. Seeing as the child is a living being… and a child, it is not even fathomable that he could be included as evidence even if he was found here. There’s also the fact that he could be, presumably, a child of a villain, so bringing him to child protective services could pose a huge danger, to the child and whomever is taking care of him. So… Where do we place him?”


“We can take care of him.”


See now, Aizawa has, even in his young years of 21, mastered the art of a resting poker face. One which was not easily cracked. Hearing his current room mate, or more accurately boyfriend, Hizashi Yamada state that they (presuming him and Aizawa both) would take on a baby was one of the rare things that managed to break Aizawa’s poker face.


Aizawa turned abruptly to Yamada and through gritted teeth whispered,"What?!"


“What? Why not?”


Aizawa was actually so dumbfounded that he couldn’t form a coherent verbal response, instead just giving a general hand gesture of “What the hell, are you crazy?”


“We need to get more information and conduct a proper investigation into the matter. In the meanwhile the baby needs a place to stay. He seems alright with you. We can easily take care of him until a more permanent solution is found.”


“I just happened to be the one to find him! That hardly qualifies me to take care of him!” Aizawa exclaimed in as shocked and loud way as Aizawa could, which was not that loud, in fact it was really close to his normal voice but Yamada knew the difference.


“That actually sounds like a solid plan. Until further notice, the baby needs a place to stay. I see no reason why it couldn’t be you two. You are both capable sensible heroes who can take care of him and protect him”, Chief Truragamae confirmed and Aizawa turned his slightly betrayed gaze to him.


“Are you alright with that Eraserhead?”


There was a couple of moments of silence as Aizawa was given time to think about it. He racked his brain quickly through are the pros and cons of the request. In a way there wasn’t anything too bad in the con list, except maybe changing diapers, a screaming unfamiliar child, a potential villain coming to hunt them down for maybe kinda kidnapping their child, no problem whatsoever. Finally Aizawa turned to look at the baby peacefully resting on his chest and sighed.


“Fine. We’ll take care of the bugger.”


“Pawsome. Everything is settled then. For now.”


Aizawa turned his suspicious gaze to the dog headed Chief. Did he just…


“We need to make sure all the evidence is gathered. Eraserhead, Present Mic, it’s probably best that you head on and make any adjustments you need to do for the child. Midnight, Best Jeanist, as of now all the villains are arrested but it could still be best that you stay while officer Toyomitsu gathers the rest of the evidence.”


All the addressed people nodded in agreement. Toyomitsu Taishiro (later know as Pro Hero Fat Gum) gave a thumbs up.


“And I trust that everybody present understand the dire need to keep this under wraps. All mentions of the child must be kept under a strict confidentiality agreement. There can’t be any pup-up’s in the news about this. Boof.”


Wait was that another…


Everybody nodded again.


“Fang-tastic. You’re dismissed.”


This time he definitely heard it! Aizawa was still busy suspiciously squinting at the Chief when Yamada walked over to him.


“So… You ready to take our new baby home?”


Aizawa had been prepared for a lot of things going in to a villain hideout bust. Temporarily adopting a baby was not one of them.