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Yeah, I Love You

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If the Katsuki of before could see the Katsuki of now he would call him a Fucking Loser. This Katsuki is sure of. There is no other explanation for why Katsuki is wearing a pair of faux-wolf ears, some tatty looking furred jacket (artfully destroyed apparently), and a matching tail. None whatsoever.

“Kacchan, you forgot the other part of your costume,” Deku says holding up a fucking dog collar.

A tick forms just underneath Katsuki’s eyes as the (not so) little nerd comes up to him in a glorified bed sheet.

He’s some patchwork ghost or something of that nature, his arms peeking out from underneath it, and the fabric reworked to be reminiscent of a hood. It barely doesn’t anything to hide that mop of messy green hair. Deku’s big green eyes look up at him from beneath it, freckles connected together with some eyeliner by one of the girls to make little constellations. Katsuki even spots a little All Might patch sewed in to the fabric of his costume. Deku looks despicably cute which pisses Katsuki off more.

“No fucking way,” Katsuki growls. “I’m not wearing that thing.”

“But it’s part of your costume!” Deku whines in that nasally way Katsuki definitely hasn’t come to like - not at all. “You promised, Kacchan, that you’d dress up with me.”

Promise is a bit of a stretch considering it’s more like Katsuki utterly lost a bet. Deku had always been so shitty at Super Pro Hero Smash growing up that Katsuki was sure he was going to wreck Deku. Two out of three games later and Deku had been victorious.

So yeah, Katsuki kind of is a fucking loser right now.

“No. Way,” Katsuki reiterates.

Katsuki makes the fatal mistake of not looking away right after.

They’re third years now, and even Deku had finally hit a bit of a growth spurt in the middle of second year. He’s still nowhere near Katsuki’s height, but he’s still just under his chin as he always has been. Deku’s baby fat had long since gone, but to Katsuki’s chagrin, Deku’s baby face remained. Same big eyes, same goofy smile. No matter how much times passes, there are parts of Deku that Katsuki is kind of thankful doesn’t change.

Deku doesn’t reply, but he does jut his lower lip out, plump and pink, and so horribly despicable a tactic that Katsuki is sure Deku is secretly a villain. How else does he use such cheap, underhanded strategies?

Throwing his head back with a groan-snarl, Katsuki slaps a hand to his face and rakes it down. He counts to three as he breathes deeply. Extending his empty hand, he makes grabby hands at Deku, unwilling to look at him before he agrees to something else he doesn’t want to do. He feels the collar drop into his palm but when Katsuki tugs, he tugs Deku along with it.

“The fuck are you doing -” Katsuki begins.

Deku beams, a little mischievous under his hood, both hands holding onto the other end of the collar.

“Let me put it on you, Kacchan,” Deku says.

Katsuki rolls his eyes - done - and leans down for Deku to unclasp and gingerly put on the collar. A UA silver tag rests at his clavicle when Deku pulls away, looking triumphant and bright. It makes Katsuki feel like he wants to blow something up, and not even out of frustration.

Deku holds a big All Might shaped bucket of candy. The student dorms at UA had (mostly) unanimously decided to hold a mini Halloween fair for the neighborhood kids to come by and Trick or Treat and meet their favorite Pro and Junior Heroes. It’s more work than it’s worth in Katsuki’s opinion, but he’s not about to ruin shit for a bunch of brats either. He’s mean but not as shitty as he used to be.

Deku holds up his other hand, grinning with all his teeth. “Ready, Kacchan?”

Katsuki makes a big show of taking Deku’s hand, complete with heaving sigh, but squeezes Deku’s hand when he feels his boyfriend’s fingers lace around his. He allows himself to be dragged out of the dorms, the sound of their classmates’ excitement already making him wish he’d just turn tail back home.

“Have I mentioned I fucking hate Halloween,” Katsuki grumbled under his breath.

“I know,” Deku replied. “But you love me, right?”

Katsuki screws his face up, thankful that Deku has known him so well that he doesn’t turn to look back at Katsuki after saying such a damn embarrassing thing. His cheeks are burning, which of fucking course they are, thanks a lot Deku. Katsuki’s no stranger to Deku’s blunt, sincere feelings, but damn if he isn’t always caught off guard each time. Katsuki clicks his tongue, voice pitched low and quiet.

“Yeah. I love you,” Katsuki murmurs.

He doesn’t have to see Deku’s face to know he’s smiling.