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Perilous Love |Cricky|

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"You people just never learn do you? Sin after sin after sin. You're not so innocent, you fool no one. Now you'll suffer like you've made them suffer." "Please don't do this, I'll do anything, anything you want just p-please, let me go" She said trembling in fear on the cold concrete floor, hands chained to the wall as she struggled to get out. "Filthy pathetic whore, you can't run, you can't scream, you can't hide. So let's have a little fun shall we" He took out a sharp knife twirling the piece of metal between his fingers, he wore black gloves matching his clothing and a black hanker-chief that sat right below his eyes, blue brighter than the light that could be seen, but the only thing to be revealed other than his dark charcoal hair. "sh sh sh" He said slowly crouching in front of his victim, "we haven't even gotten started" he said letting out a maniacal laugh. "Not yet"