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Tokusatsu Madness

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                "SUPERHERO TIME!"

                Takumi is busy in the kitchen when he hears someone turn on the TV. Ahhh, he must be awake. But wait. Gii doesn't get up until around 10, he thought and walked to the living room to find Gii sitting in front of the TV. Takumi plopped down beside him on the couch.

                “Good morning, Gii. You’re up earlier than usual. What are you watching this early in the morning?” he asked only to be shushed.

                “Shhhhh. It’s starting, it’s starting!” Gii said, eyes fixed on the TV. Takumi crossed his arms and pouted. Gii never shushed him before, not for anything.

                Takumi doesn’t have any choice but to watch it to know on his own exactly what it is about the show that made Gii act like this.

                The show started with these people walking around after a day of shopping when these two people wearing pink and black jackets see an old man struggling with his own shopping bags. They approached him to help out. The old man is really nice and sweet to the pink-clad girl but is really nasty and mean to the black-dressed fellow. He challenges the guy to a sumo match for the bags and the girl. They battle each other out in the park, with the old man winning and the guy on the losing end. Shocked that he lost to an old man, he can only cast his head downward. The old man takes his shopping bags and drags the girl home. The guy can only shout and follows suit.

                “Agri is so cute!” Gii exclaimed, giggling and all. Takumi could only look on in disbelief as the opening credits of the show played on.

                Agri? Who’s Agri?! Takumi asked himself. He can’t help but glare at the TV screen. The show, it seemed, is called Tensou Sentai Goseiger. And he saw who this Agri person is. It was the guy in the black jacket. But he really looks not cute at all to Takumi. He huffed and got up to find his laptop. He must find out more about this Agri fellow to know how (or why) Gii finds him so… appealing.

                As soon as he typed in ‘Agri’ on the search engine, lots of pictures popped up and he almost instantly wanted to close the laptop. But he has to know the enemy to know how to deal with it. After a few minutes of searching, he summed up the information about him.

  •          This ‘Agri’ is known as GoseiBlack
  •          He is part of the Landick tribe, alongside GoseiYellow
  •          He is the older brother of Moune, GoseiYellow
  •          He uses the Landick Axe as his weapon, which is extremely heavy for a normal person to wield
  •          He regards himself as the strongest fighter among the Goseigers
  •          He is played by Hamao Kyousuke

“I think this is enough information. I think I’ll search more about this actor. He is basically the face of Agri, which Gii finds sooooooooo cute” Takumi expressed sarcastically.

“Hmmmm. So he is still quite young. But who is this Dai-chan everybody seems to pair him up with? This is the 5th website I’ve visited that features them” Takumi said to himself.

Takumi’s curiosity seemed to bear fruit as he clicked more sites and finally formed a plan that he’s sure to work. He knows Gii is extremely jealous. He ponders for a moment and left some pages open before he closes the laptop and heads downstairs.

This is what you get, Gii, for ignoring me earlier and paying more attention to this Agri, he chuckled to himself, a glint of evil in his eyes as sets his plan in place.