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On The Air

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“Do we have class this morning?” A tired voice muttered from under a mound of pillows.

 “Jimin, it’s the first day of classes,” came an equally tired reply.


 It was a hot and humid August morning. Jungkook’s dark locks were pressed flush against his sweaty forehead as the small window fan hummed, holding the place of the AC that was being installed later that week. You’d think that everything would be easier since this was his second year attending university but the only thing that increased was his comfortability and tolerance of hard liquor. He and Jimin had gone out the night before with a group of friends symbolizing the fatal blow to the summer.  With such a low acceptance rate and such strict rules the boys knew that they best be chipper in their classes today in order to avoid ridicule but that didn’t prevent the group from indulging in a long night of partying.

 As much as it killed him Jungkook got out of bed and cleaned himself up. He knew the day would be long considering he’d just be staring at his sleep deprived professors and they droned on and on about syllabi.  The sun was already beating down on his skin as he got behind the wheel of his car and Jimin hissed when his legs hit the molten leather seats.

 “Jesus christ Jeon you couldn’t have parked your car in the shade?” He said in an irritated tone. Jungkook rolled his eyes as he turned down a busy street heading towards the student parking lot.

 “You gonna pay to park in a garage? There’s no shady spots near the apartment that are free.”

 “Hell no, why don’t you just get one of those little windshield covers then?”

 “Again are you gonna pay for it?”


 “Good then shut up and stop complaining. We’re here anyway.” Jungkook shut the car off. Jimin laughed and stepped out onto the sidewalk.

 “Well aren’t you just a ray of hungover sunshine today,” he  teased with a big smile on his face. Jungkook smiled back and elbowed him softly as they walked onto campus, this signifying the beginning of their descent into boredom.

 “Welcome to second level international relations,” said the man at the front of the room. He had an excited grin on his face as he played with his short graying hair.

“I am your professor Sang-Chul but feel free to call me whatever makes you comfortable. I know you all are just dying to get your hands on the syllabus for the class but first I want us to listen to a bit of the school news on the radio as we will be discussing western relations, specfically the United States, this semester and how we interact with other countries is often shaped by events that occur during that time.” Hurriedly he made his way over to the small stereo in the corner of the room, fiddling with the tune and volume dials until it sprung to life.

 “Good morning you’re listening to BFS’ go to station for sports, news, music, and much more-” The room was in an awe stricken silence as a velvety baritone voice slithered through the speakers. Jungkook turned to Jimin with eyes wide, mouthing a quick “he sounds hot” across the room. Jimin nodded eagerly. In no time the whole room broke out into a dull chatter about the soothing sound produced by the radio host. No one recognized the voice.

 “Listen to the way he enunciates every consonant so clearly, this kid is definitely new but he’s got to be extremely intelligent, probably a business major or something,” One girl swoons. If he remembers correctly Jungkook recalls seeing her walking around with a linguistics book. The smooth voice continued discussing the news and upcoming events at the university, everyone subconsciously sliding forwards in their seats, towards every word. Jungkook tried to imagine the nameless face, long, slim, and angular with a sharp nose and ebony eyes. He could see dark locks slicked out of his face in a modern style and a crisp button up over an amazing build. This guy must be a dream boat, has to be with a voice like that.

 “That’s all for now make sure to tune in tonight at five for more updates this is Kim Taehyung signing off,” and then the room went silent.


 Who the hell is that?

 “Oh he must not be from around here, that’s why he was enunciating so much,” The linguistics major murmured to her friend in disappointment. Professor Sang caught her comment and gave a small warning glance.

 “Seems you all have been captivated by this morning’s radio show, hear anything interesting?” The room went silent.

 “Nothing really worth remembering huh?” Some students nodded their heads in agreement.

 “Yeah, hearing that story about the little boy drowning a few days ago put me right to sleep,” he said in a deeply sarcastic tone. Jungkook felt his chest clench in guilty embarrassment even though he wasn’t one of the students to respond to Professor Sang’s rhetorical question.

“We will be listening to the radio quite frequently, next time pay careful attention because we usually have discussions, tests, and debates based on what’s broadcasted that week.” The professor bit, his voice dripping with annoyance. After clearing his throat Professor Sang handed out a syllabus to everyone, apologizing for the waste of paper before discussing its contents and assigning pages 23-50 in the Relations : The New Age textbook. Jungkook hardly heard a word the man said, not because he had a headache from the previous night’s drinking, or that he was bored out of his mind, but simply because all he could hear was the boy’s silky words drifting around in his head.

 Kim Taehyung signing off.



 “I bet he’s short,” Jimin whined as he sunk down into their old green couch. Jungkook threw a full can of soda at him from the kitchenette and laughed as he heard Jimin yell out a defensive “ow!”

 “I mean there’s gotta be something off about him, he can’t have a speech pattern like that and be attractive.”

 “Says who?”

 “Says logic,” Jimin set up a small bluetooth speaker on the living room table and connected his phone. He and Jungkook planned on listening in to the 5 o’clock  radio broadcast to try and hear another snippet of the mystery student’s amazing voice.

 “Well you're short so shut up. I bet he’s tall and handsome.” Jungkook smiled fondly as he took a seat next to Jimin.

 “Look Kookie I’m just as gay as you are and as much as I would love this guy to be some sort of real life Ken doll there’s just no way. For one he’s not even from here but even if he were the hot ones are always straight.”

 “Jimin that’s so rude what the hell? Yoongi hyung isn't from here. Does that mean he's ugly now too?” The other quickly shook his head and apologized when he realized how disgusting he sounded. Statements like that were programmed responses after living with such an intolerable family as a child.

 “It's okay I know you’re trying to change, did you get everything set up?” Jungkook said brushing off Jimin’s comment. The dirty blonde nodded and smiled behind a giant bag of chips. Jungkook pushed his dark fringe out of his face and plopped down on the couch as music quietly chimed from the speaker.

 “Good evening everyone thank you for tuning in. Tonight we will be discussing parental supervision and where there is equilibrium between too much and not enough after the tragic death of a five year old boy in New York, feel free to call in and state your opinion!” There it was. That sound, that heavenly tone. Jungkook got goosebumps and Jimin cracked a coy smile. Inching closer they eagerly listened to the free flowing voice playfully discuss that night’s topic with all the eager callers.

 “We should call in huh?” Jimin laughed. Jungkook looked at him and covered his face as if they were watching a horror film.

 “Oh god no, never!”

 “Why not I bet it would be fun, and imagine getting to talk to him.”

 “It would be so embarrassing! You hear all these other dumb college students calling in and swooning through the phone don’t you?!”

 “Yeah you’re right, I still wonder if anyone has ever seen this guy in person before. “

 “Somebody must have by now.” Jungkook smirked and turned away from the radio to face Jimin.

 “You should call in.”

 “Me? And say what?”

 “Ask him what classes he’s in or something,” Jungkook knew Jimin was too much of a baby to agree to such a thing, or at least he thought he was.

 “Okay, gimme the number.”

 “Wait really?”

 “Yeah pull it up on your phone.” Jungkook didn’t know why but all of a sudden he got extremely nervous. Not wanting to seem cowardly he went to the school’s website and pulled up the number for the radio station.

 “I uh- don’t be a jerk over the phone okay?” Jimin chuckled at the way the younger stammered over his words and gave him a firm pat on the back.

 “I won’t I’m just going to ask some questions,” Jungkook nodded and handed his phone to Jimin so he could dial the number. The blonde handed the phone back and smiled as he put the line on speaker phone, eagerly waiting to be selected. Jungkook fidgeted in his seat, nervously staring at the illuminated phone screen as it stopped ringing.

 “Hello, thanks for calling in this is Kim Taehyung and you’re on the air!” Never has Jungkook wanted to smash a phone so much in his life. Both he and Jimin were trapped in a dumbfounded silence as they finally realized who they were talking to. It was the faceless voice, the mysterious talk show host that had captivated the entire university, what were they supposed to say?

 “Hello? Anyone there?”

 “Yes! Sorry I’m just a bit nervous,” Jimin croaked. Jungkook buried his face into the couch cushions.

 “No sweat, you calling to weigh in on tonight’s topic or-”



 “I actually had some questions for you,” The quiet background music was shut off leaving a long uncomfortable pause.


 “Who are you?”

 “What do you mean I introduced myself as soon as I answered your call?”

 “No but who are you? What classes do you take and stuff?”

 “Uh...why do you need to know?”

 “I don’t. You can’t tell me you’re absolutely oblivious to the dozens of callers that have been on here drooling over your voice. Everyone is wondering the same thing.”

 “Which is?”

 “Who you are, what kind of personality you have, what you look like, other stuff,” Jungkook and Jimin could hear the young man swallow over the line.

 “I don’t think- I don’t think that I… There’s another caller.” The line went dead.

 “Park Jimin!” Jungkook shouted as he threw an embarrassed punch at his shoulder, “You just scared the kid half to death Jesus Christ!”

 “I was just being blunt!”

 “Dude he’s probably new here, scared out of his mind, and just trying to have one good thing while everyone's out here ruining it for him!”

 “I mean,” Jimin paused, “You were the one that suggested that I call in.”

 “Yeah but I didn’t know you were going to do that! I didn’t even think you would be brave enough to call in!”

 “If I recall correctly you told me to ask about his classes.” The younger of the two sighed in annoyance.

 “Yeah I did but what I didn’t ask you to do is go completely psycho stalker until he hung up.”

 “He’ll be fine. Pass the chips.” For some reason Jungkook felt guilty and for some reason he was mad that Jimin did not.