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Izuku of Justice

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I - Burning Home, Front Yard - Night


On what appears to be a regular night in a neighbourhood in China, residents of the neighbourhood awoke when one of the neighbours, whose name is to remain anonymous since the guy in question is very secretive, smelled some smoke next door and discovered that his neighbour appeared to have some problems keeping their house on fire, which it currently is. Pretty soon, the burning house got the attention of other residents who left their homes and gathered around the burning house in shock.


And just when things couldn't possibly get worse...A scream was heard, inside the house. However nobody seemed to notice due to the chattering about the burning home.


Scared Young Woman (Voice)



While the crowd was talking about the fire, a young girl in the crowd had managed to somehow hear the voice of the woman and stepped forward from the crowd with a look of worry in her eyes.


Young Girl


Hey...I think I heard someone.

(Points towards the house and looks back at the crowd)

There's someone in there!





Someone's trapped in there!?

Shouldn't they be out by now?


Elderly Woman in the Crowd

Isn't someone going to call the police or firemaen!?




II - Burning House, Kitchen - Night


Inside the house itself was a young woman, who was cornered by the vicious flames of the fire. She was desperately looking for something...No, not something, someone.


Young Woman


Keiichi!? Keiichi!? Where are you!?


Keiichi (Voice)




Young Woman

(Looking through the smoke, but start's to cough)

Keiichi...Where...I can't find you!


The Woman was scared, but the love for finding her lost son was strong, strong enough in fact that she proceeded to walk towards the flames, soon coming face to face with the wild flames that were quickly spreading around the house. Once she did she proceeded to take a deep breath, as her son's crying soon became louder throughout the house.


Young Woman

(Deep breath)

Keiichi-Kun, don't worry, mother's coming to rescue you.


The flames got close, a bit of which briefly touched the woman's toes. She took a step back before closing her eyes, she proceeded to...Use her quirk, which was brief invincibility. The woman took a deep breath as she proceeded to walk through the flames, eventually reaching a small door. She quickly opened her eyes and breathed again, stopping the glow, she realised she was standing by a door where she heard her scared little boy's whimpering. She opened the door to meet with her son, who was huddled in the small room, which turned out to be a closet. The woman smiled, realising that she can't act scared right now for her son, even if he did accidentally cause the fire by using his own quirk, but she didn't want to die, and she doesn't want her son to either. She reached out her hand for her son to grab, he turned, finally seeing the presence of his mother.


Young Woman


Don't cry anymore Keiichi-Kun, I'm here now to protect you.



(Tearfully smiling)



The boy, filled with happiness knowing that his mother is ok and standing in front of him, reached out and grabbed his mother hand, who pulled him close and received a quick but heartwarming hug, so much so that the fire from within the boy burned as brightly as the sun that has already set, of course, he didn't want to show the fire literally to his mother, he didn't want to make the house even worse for wear. As the smoke continued to fill the home and the fire surrounded the mother and son, the two looked around, with Keiichi looking up to his mother.



(Scared again)

Mommy, what are we going to do!? I can't see the front door!

(Start's a coughing fit.)


Young Woman

(Coughs louder)

We'll...Get ou---


Unfortunately for the woman and her child, their short conversation in there burning home was cut short when the piece of roof quickly broke and fell towards them. The roof wasn't affected by the fire, in fact that piece of roof was always broken, they were going to call someone to fix it but you know, it's kind of hard right now when your home is kind of in flames. The two looked up and screamed as they hugged each other, no matter what will happen, they will always be together with whatever happens next, but strange to them, instead of the piece of roof hurting them, nothing happened.



Nobody is getting hurt by a piece of wood on my watch!


The young woman and Keiichi opened there eyes, upon which a large and incredibly ripped man stood in front of them, holding the piece of roof that would have sealed their doom in this burning building had he not come in time. The Woman and Keiichi and you the reader, probably knows who this man is. With his signature smile, the man gently placed the roof on a nearby table, which was amazingly not set on fire yet. The woman and Keiichi, proud of there savior, just couldn't bear to shout out the hero's name.

(Plus Ultra)

Young Woman & Keiichi




Toshinori Yagi, or as he's most well known for, All Might, waved to the Woman and Keiichi. The two did well to survive the fire so far, but now it was his turn to get them to safety.


Toshinori Yagi (All Might)


Good evening kind woman and young hero, uhh, sorry that your house is in flames.


You're also forgetting the large hole in the wall that you created getting into the house.


All Might

(Points to the large hole)

And the hole! But never the less, I will use that wall I created to my advantage and get you two out of here before this house collapses!


Young Woman


Thank you All Might!




We know you can!


Toshinori Yagi (All Might)

Well then, hang onto me and we'll get out of here before you can finish my na---


Young Woman & Keiichi



Toshinori Yagi (All Might)

(Still smiling despite the embarrassment)

Yeah, that.


Wanting to get out of this burning hellhole in zero seconds flat, the woman and her child quickly clung onto All Might's back and in a rush, the three charged through the flames. Although All Might got the blunt of it by having a few burn wounds here and there for risking his life and bits of his clothing burning up here and there, the woman and child were protected due to being behind him, even as the trio barely managed to escape the flames and reached outside the cold but safe front yard of the neighbourhood the fateful events of tonight have taken place.



III - Wreckage of the house, Front Crispy Yard - Night


After there desperate escape, All Might, the woman, her child and the crowd that was standing outside of the house that once stood looked at what was left. Two heroes appeared soon after, there quirks being levitation and shooting water out of...There many orifices (Yes every part and yes the hero in question is embarrassed sometimes, don't judge him) The crowd burst out in applause at realising who the woman and child's rescuer is.








Young Woman

(Turns towards All Might)

Thank you for saving us and our child All Might. If you didn't save us, we probably wouldn't have escaped so easily.


Toshinori Yagi (All Might)

(Shakes the woman's hand)

Just doing my best to make sure the people of Japan are safe for another day, be it from criminals, burning homes, lost pets or even charity events. I want to make sure peace is always kept in Japan as best as I can!


All Might's short but inspiring speech generated an awkward silence from the crowd instead of applause like he thought they would give.


Toshinori Yagi (All Might)

(Rubs the back of his head)

Because you know, it's impossible to keep peace all the time, there will always be trouble.

(Clutch's fist)

But when there is, me or any other hero will be there, protecting people like this woman and child!


Finishing off his speech generated an applause once more from the neighbourhood, even the police and fire brigade that had arrived on the scene were impressed with All Might's appearance, clapping and joining in the applause as well. At the back of the crowd, a news crew was currently filming the events of the night, having received reports of the burning house nearby, however when they caught wind of All Might rescuing those trapped inside said burning house, they just had to get a recording of him! Once the speech ended, the news reporter turns, holding a microphone as she cheerfully finished off the report of that nights events.

News Reporter

And there you have it, everyone, another victory for the Symbol of Peace himself, saving the life's of an innocent woman and her child from a burning home. Although I do hope the woman in question has home insurance, All Might has saved the day again!



IV - Midoriya Residence, Izuku's Bedroom - Morning


So you probably weren't thinking that All Might was going to be the main protagonist? No, you were right, it's as always, Izuku Midoriya and like always he was born quirkless. Having recently gotten up, Izuku had received a notification on his phone from a fan site of All Might about the video of him saving the woman and her child from the fire. The video, dated somewhere back in the 80's was recently shown on a news report about the anniversary of All Might's first appearance to the public and to Izuku, this had already made his starting day great. He watched all 10 minutes of the video, surrounding his room was merchandise that were all related to All Might in some way, shape or form! Be it posters, nendroids, bobbles heads, pencils...*Shrugs* Funko Pop, you bet that Izuku has almost every single merchandise of All Might, he is his biggest fan after all.

(Morning in the Forest)

Izuku Midoriya (Thoughts)

He did it, he rescued that family. I can't believe this was finally found today!

(Tear's up just thinking about the video)

All Might did it again, in the 80's!


??? (Voice)

Umm, Izuku-kun!


Izuku Midoriya

Oh, yes, Mom?


??? (Voice)

Are you up now? School is starting soon and I'm worried that you could be late, I also made your favourite food.


Izuku Midoriya


Oh, Katsudon!


Izuku, his mind changing to his hero worship of All Might from his favourite food, got out of bed and jumped walking towards the door, before realising something quite alarming about what his mother, Inko just said.


Izuku Midoriya

(Confused and stops by the door to his room)

Wait a minute, what time is i---

(Looks upwards)


Izuku screams at the top of his lungs, the reason being? It's 8 AM, he slept through an hour then what he was intending to, wanting to wake up at 7 like always to shower, eat breakfast and then finally head to school. Now, thanks to a faulty All Might alarm clock, Izuku is going to have to skip showering and save it when he get's home. He quickly ran over to his alarm clock.


Izuku Midoriya

(Freaking out and shaking the alarm clock)

Why didn't you tell me to wake me up an hour sooner!


All Might Clock

All Might Clock advises that you change your clock to match daylight savings time!


Izuku Midoriya

(Realises his incompetence)

Oh...Right, they went back recently.




V - Midoriya Residence, Kitchen - Morning

(Boku No Mirai

While Izuku was desperately getting dressed for the day so he wouldn't be late for school, his mother Inko, has taken the liberty of using her quirk, which allows her to cause objects to float, to quickly prepare for breakfast. Once she did, she sat down on a nearby chair and grabbed a tub of strawberry yogurt. Being the kind mother that she is, Inko had already set up Izuku's spot of the table so when he comes in to eat, not realising that he's in a rush.


Inko Midoriya (Thoughts)

(Looks at yogurt)

Yum, greek, my favourite. Thank god I didn't buy Yakult Genki.


Alas before Inko could have the chance of biting down on the piece of yogurt, she was interrupted when her son came rushing into the kitchen and quickly bowed down with his school bag behind him, looking very embarrassed as Inko simply sat back, surprised by her son's sudden appearance instead of him just casually walking into the kitchen, although she also didn't seem to be unaware that his school was going to start in half an hour.


Izuku Midoriya


Sorry, mom, I won't wake up late again!


Inko Midoriya


...Uhh, are you going to have br---


Izuku quickly sat down and began to eat his katsudon. His mother continued to look at him with a slight worry that he might choke on his food during his rush.


Inko Midoriya




Izuku Midoriya

(Does choke on katsudon)



Thankfully despite his bad luck so far today, Izuku managed to get the food into him properly with a simple pat on a back, and of course, his mother quickly coming to his aide and squeezing him until he spit it out. After that short ordeal was over, Izuku was slightly dizzy over that little mishap before looking up at his mother, smiling for her help.


Izuku Midoriya


Thank you for your help mother!


Inko Midoriya


What's wrong? Why are you in such a rush?


Izuku Midoriya

(Twiddles thumbs)

Well, it's just that, I kind of woke up late today and school's about to sta---


Inko Midoriya


WHAAAAAAT! Izuku-kun, you have to hurry and get to school, you don't want to be late!


Izuku Midoriya

After almost choking to death? I don't think I could eat any more breakfast now.


Inko Midoriya

Oh, but I can give you something? I don't want you to faint and be taken to the hospital, I'll be worried for weeks.


Izuku Midoriya

(Shakes hands)

Oh, it's ok Mom, I think I'll be ok heading to school now. Nothing's bound to happen...It never does.


And with that slightly sad...Remark from Izuku, he got up and quickly began to brush his teeth before running over to the front door of his and his mother's home where he quickly put on his shoes. Just as he was ready and prepared for another happy but probably boring day at school, Inko quickly ran over to him, holding a small blue and white blanket that has a small box tied around it.


Inko Midoriya

Oh Izuku-kun, you almost forgot something!


Izuku Midoriya

(Realises he did forget something)

My notebook, it's still in my room!


Inko Midoriya

(Surprised and shows Izuku his lunch)

I meant your lunch.


But yeah that as well.



VI - Midoriya Residence, Front Yard - Morning


Once he got everything that he needed, Izuku rushed out through the door and towards the street where he started making his way to school. Inko briefly stood out from the doorway to wish her son a good day before doing some work. She knew her son will be ok out there, despite the anxiety and weight of having a quirkless child who actually wants to have a quirk and may never achieve his dream because of it, but despite this, she was accepting of Izuku being quirkless, even if it meant he would sadly not fulfil his dream.

But it's for the best...She doesn't want to lose him to LOV.


Inko Midoriya

(Waving at Izuku)

Good luck today at school Izuku-kun and stay safe!


Izuku Midoriya

(Calling from the other side of the street)



Izuku continued running down the street after waving his mother goodbye, now getting excited about his day at school.




VII - Ryuyo Marine Park, Wall Lake - Morning

Elsewhere at a park near the neighbourhood, a young blonde and obviously delinquent looking boy due to the fact that he's dressed like he doesn't give much of a shit of not looking proper for school, such as the fact that his school tie has loosened, as is his collar and coat while his pants are moved down at waist length then what there intended to. Like he gives a crap about how he's dressed at school anyway, he doesn't care, and he doesn't think the school cares about him either, not after that all of his friends have been...Taken and sent to whatever is behind in front of him.

Katsuki Bakugou stood in front of a very large steel wall in the centre of the park, the sight of seeing this wall every day as he passes by this admittedly peaceful park pissed him off every day and it would always start his long angry streak that he's known at school for, which had gotten worse ever since his friends were...Discovered and were sent to the wall, like what happens to anyone else.

He gripped the wooden fence he was standing behind, thinking about how unfair it is that people with quirks get treated this way. His grip tightened just thinking about how he could never see his friends ever again, and his parents constant worry about one day being taken behind this wall. He feels like exploding or wanting to punch someone, but stopped himself and breathed heavily.

Besides, there's still one thing that keeps him happy.

And it was just around that time that Izuku had started to walk past him, as he did he noticed the familiar yellow spiky hair and gulped, loud enough for Katsuki to hear, and once he did, well, he gave off a very sinister, but small grin.


Katsuki Bakugou

(Grin but has his face hidden away from Izuku)


(Izuku turn's blue in fear)

Nice to sense your fear in you at my presence Deku, although this time you brought it to your self by being loud.


Izuku Midoriya


K-Ka-Kacchan...I was being loud!?


Katsuki Bakugou

You are now!


Katsuki turned, allowing Izuku to see his grin, the sight of which made Izuku sweat tons of buckets. Katsuki growled, if anyone's going to sweat when the time was right, it was going to be him and not Izuku. Katsuki loved it when Izuku sweated around him, because he knows when he did, he was scared and he was at his mercy. He walked up to his target, his left hand gripped onto his school bag as he briefly poked Izuku's forehead, which almost caused the poor boy to react by closing his eyes and huddling downward in fear, but instead he just closed his eyes, waiting for Katsuki to punch him, but to his surprise, he didn't...Yet.


Izuku Midoriya

Huh? Wasn't I punched?


Katsuki Bakugou

Ha, punched? Don't be fucking ridiculous! I love seeing your fearful reaction more than seeing you in a body cast. That's my second favourite thing, along with proving to you how much of a bright future i'm going to have!


Izuku Midoriya

(Briefly looks annoyed)

Bright future? What's that supposed to mean?


Katsuki Bakugou

Let's be honest Deku, your not exactly number one student yourself.


Izuku Midoriya


Neither are you, but we all can't be perfect.


Katsuki Bakugou




Bakugou, having already been pissed off already, quickly grabbed Izuku by the collar and aimed his fist directly towards his face threatening to put a hole through it over Izuku's snark comment. Perhaps silence is golden after all, especially around a guy who hasn't taken anger management classes like Bakugou. Izuku, trying desperately to save his face, tried to defend himself.


Izuku Midoriya




Katsuki Bakugou

(Raises eyebrow and lowers his fist)

Know what Deku? You're not even worth it.


Shortly after lowering his fist, he harshly shoved Izuku onto the park's grass in front of the two, which was wet following some rainfall last night. Katsuki smirked upon realising how he made Izuku wet.


Izuku Midoriya

(Rubs back and realises he's wet)

My uniform!


Katsuki Bakugou

Let this be a lesson to you shithead, don't you ever fucking mess with me, well you can't anyway due to being incredibly weak. In a few years time, I won't even be surprised if you find yourself at some shitty gas station in Haibara while I go off and do things that are actually interesting.


Izuku Midoriya

(Cleans uniform and stands up in front of Katsuki)

L-Like wha---

(Get's pushed back down onto the wet grass by Katsuki)


Katsuki Bakugou



In the dirt, like the piece of trash you are.

(Anguish of the Quirkless

After Katsuki's daily round of bullying was done, he turned and walked off towards school in a grouchy way, Izuku meanwhile tearfully began to finish drying his uniform the best he can. While it was unfair for Katsuki to lose his friends, for Izuku, it was unfair for him that Katsuki is taking out his anger on him because of it, ironic given that they used to be friends also, well losing his friends was one of the reasons Katsuki hates him and won't care if he dies one day, in fact he'll probably scold his body about trying to stand up to him as it's loaded onto some coffin at his funeral. There are a few other reasons why Katsuki hates Izuku's guts and there trivial at best but there's one thing both boys agree one and it has something to do with that wall.

Izuku got up and just before he continued his journey towards his school, he looked at the large steel wall from afar. The wall in question is a barrier between one half of Japan and another half, which is dubbed a "Quirk Zone" its basically a place where anyone that has a quirk is forced to go to. The law to implement the zones first came to pass decades ago following the events of...


The one that Izuku is currently looking at was the first of many zones that were created. The day the wall was finished was also the day the golden age for heroes was over and as such, they drastically decreased throughout the years once All Might was the first of many heroes's to mysteriously disappear following the zone's creation. Nobody really knew if he went into the zone or left for a more private life away from the increasing controlling authority's around the world.

There are many theory's as to what's over the wall and in the Quirk Zone, some say it's a hellscape what with all of the residents there having quirks, while some say it's some sort of quirk filled Utopia. No quirkless person has really gotten a photo or video of a Quirk Zone and those who did...


They had...



There phones and cameras took off of them and smashed into pieces!





No word of what the Quirk Zone is will ever get out to the world and this sort of fear of the unknown scared those who had quirks and so they were forced to blend into society as to avoid getting caught. Izuku felt that this was wrong but he knows that he can't do anything about it and judging from the word and the popularity of the political party that introduced the bill (named LOV) nobody's going to complain about it for awhile, and those who do such as the loud mouth Katsuki, will get rebuffed and ignored. Seeing this wall every day made Izuku's dream die a little bit from inside him, knowing full well that he won't have a quirk nor become a hero, and even if he did have a former, he would be separated from his mother and his only friend at Ryuyo.

But is Izuku going to give up because of some stupid wall? No, despite his slowly dying dream he knows that wherever All Might is, he wouldn't want to see someone like him give up because a group of people told him that he can't be what he wants. He's going to become a hero and HE will meet All Might. He'll prove Katsuki wrong, he'll prove himself that he is capable of earning his dream, even if there will be some difficulty in doing so. Izuku gripped the fence, now filled with determination of fulfilling his dream, even more, thanks to him thinking about All Might.


Izuku Midoriya (Thoughts)


All Might, no matter what, I won't give up my dreams, just like you not giving up being a hero. I know you're a hero out there somewhere, no matter what the public thinks of you for supposedly star---

(Suddenly yelps)



Strange? This fence he had his grip on is a bit...Hotter than the cool early spring day. Didn't Katsuki grab onto it when they talked just now? Maybe he did that on purpose to spite Izuku, somehow, it couldn't be for any other reason. This thought about Katsuki reminded Izuku of something...School.


Izuku Midoriya

(After finishing cooling off his hand by rubbing it)

School, i'm going to be late if I don't hurry up!


Izuku turned and proceeded to run down the same path as Katsuki. The school was nearby so hopefully he'll make it on time, unfortunately he might run into Katsuki again by the front gate, but then again, it's Katsuki's hobby to remind Izuku of how much he's inferior to him in every way possible, so even if he doesn't see him by the gate, he'll be waiting in there classroom, waiting for his next rounds of taunting and bullying.

Izuku Midoriya (Thought)

I can't be late, I can't be late!


But right now, his main focus was trying not to get scolded by his homeroom teacher for being late.


(Noisy Battle)