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The House In A Ghost Town

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The teacher immediately pull out the whole class in the gym. Afterwards, Satoshi instantly transform into an angel. And the fight between the two entities were on. The soldier blast his enemy using his gun while Krad dodge it.
Minutes later , Krad felt bored and reveal his golden sword. The gym was filled with loud noises and flash of lights. Due to the exchange of
hitting each others weapon.


" This is the end! You're going to die!"

The soldier bawl and blast his final bullet.
Krad dash towards it and smirk.

" Idiot. "

He mumbled and sprint towards his opponent.
He slash the bullet and stab the soldier straight
to its heart.

" Take that!"

He exclaim. He buried the sword in its chest.


The soldier scream then explode.

Krad's attire were stain with blood and the whole place was totally a mess.
After defeating the enemy , Krad transform back to Satoshi.
Extreme use of mortal's body makes Satoshi puke with fresh blood and feel dizzy then collapse on the floor. The next scenario was the hospital scene.

[ TBC]