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But too young, you know, not to be living…

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Seokjin loved to wake up early. Loved to greet the new day along with the sunrise. Loved that he got to sit in peace, though it was always short lived. Not that he really minded. He loved his pack and wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. Even if they could be protective at times, he understood why. He was the only heir to their pack. His parents had never felt the need to have another pup besides him. They were more than willing to accept him no matter how he presented. Though, admittedly, it would have been easier on everyone if he had presented as an alpha. Largely considering their pack is nearing closer to fifty strong. Evidently life doesn't always go the way you necessarily want it to. So, to add the cherry on top, he presented as an omega.

While in many other packs omegas were often treated poorly, his sire had made it his goal in life so that everyone in their pack was treated equally. Given that his sire had started their pack on his own, he could say he was more than proud to be a part of it. They were strong and kind. They didn't trespass on other packs' territories, nor did they try to start fights. They lived in peace. So it was a surprise when one day two alphas showed up on their territory worn out and hurt.

Now, this didn't happen often, stray alphas appearing from what seemed like nowhere. This, not surprisingly, had set off the pack. The alphas were on guard, the betas cautious, and the omegas apprehensive. Though, even with all of this, he couldn't say that his sire taking them in without second thought had made him shocked. He was more intrigued if anything. So, as he stands among his pack with his closest friends and dam next to him, they wait in the pack den looking towards the med bay.






"Do you think we need to worry? Alpha's been in there for a while," Jimin, a small blonde omega asks.

"Don't worry too much Chim Chim, he's strong, and those guys looked really messed up. So if anything happens, he could take them," Taehyung, an energetic gray haired omega says to his bestfriend.

"And if there is any trouble, Hoseok-hyung and I could take them, right?" A newly present alpha says. His hair black as night.

"Yeah, what else are we good for if we can't protect our pack. So you don't need to worry one bit Jimin-ah," An alpha with ruby red hair says confidently, slinging an arm around the young alpha. The two laughing loudly and pushing each other jokingly, causing the two omegas to giggle and play around as well.

"Now now, let's calm down. I'm sure he'll be fine. It's not like this hasn't happened before," The pack omega says. Her long white hair flowing as she spoke calmly.

Jin can't help but smile at his packmates, especially his dam. He loves her to death and looks up to her immensely. Many have said he's a spitting image of her. Soft yet beautiful. Strong and caring. The only things that could even make you consider he's his sire's son is his height, his shoulders and his hair. His hair being one of the most prominent thing besides his beauty. Red hair so light that it's almost pink. He likes to think it's from his father's ginger hair mixing with his mother's white. It's stunning, and he knows this. Especially when he's in his wolf form. He looks surreal. He's not the only alluring omega in his pack though. Taehyung and Jimin compare just as well. So much so that they're considered the desired trio of the pack. The one any alpha could want.

Before he could continue with his train of thought, his sire walks into the den followed by to limping wolves. Both scream 'alpha', though their scents are muted with an over all smell that can only be described as pain. They all stand with bated breathes and look at the wolves. The bigger of the two's fur is dark gray, almost lavender if you catch it in the right light, while the smaller is a shade of muddy yellow. While both wolves look striking, he can't help but let his eyes linger on the larger. He's hurt more than the other which could mean one of two things; he either fought to protect the other, or he sucks at fighting. Jin can't help but chuckle to himself at the thought. He highly doubts it's the second though. An alpha as large as him willingly taking a beating is nearly unheard of.

Looking up at his sire once more, he notices the small crinkle in his eye as a smile forms. The alpha looks around the pack till they land on Jin and his small group of friends.

"I hope you take them in and care for them," is all he says as he turns on his heel to walk away, leaving the pack doubfounded. With a slight laugh from his dam, he knows this means someone has to say something. With a sigh he takes a step forward and bows.

"Hello, and welcome to the pack."