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Resignation Has Two Meanings

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“Dessert was exquisite. The presentation was a tad sloppy, but I liked it well enough to recommend it to others. Now, get off my desk, Glasses. You're dismissed.”

The words were a cold slap of reality to Yoongi’s otherwise beet red face, watching in disbelief as his boss wiped his lips of any remaining fluid with Yoongi’s own fucking shirt before handing it back to him. Clad only in slacks that were currently hanging around his knock off designer shoes for dear life, he got off of the man's desk to stand on shaky legs, slipping his pants back on and zipping them up quickly. His shirt was damp as he slid it over his head, but thankfully the vest he put on after it hid any mess his boss may or may not have placed there with his mouth. That stupid, sexy, talented mouth.

“My ass doesn’t need a fucking Yelp review,” Yoongi growled as he gathered his things. “And would it kill you to use my actual name?”


His boss hummed noncommittally but otherwise didn’t acknowledge him again, already pulling out some files from a desk drawer to look over. Fucking alphas. Or in his case, not fucking alphas.

Ever since Hoseok had taken over the corporation two weeks ago, a seemingly unknown billionaire with apparent cash to burn, he'd been driving Yoongi nuts. Sexually and otherwise. Enough to the point that when he'd stormed into his boss’ personal office during lunch hours not twenty minutes ago, he'd planned on giving the overbearing alpha a piece of his mind, but apparently all he'd done was give him a piece of his clothing and, to his shame, ass.


Blushing angrily as he went back to his desk in front of Mr. Jung’s office, he clenched his thighs together, feeling how hard he still was between his legs. The sensation of his pants rubbing against his erection with no underwear to act as a barrier made him squirm uncomfortably. The bastard. Yoongi might not have been so furious about the best rim job he'd ever received in his entire life, had Hoseok's scathing words not followed promptly after his almost orgasm.


They’d been flirting since Yoongi had first made eye contact with the man, and he’d be lying if he said he hadn’t expected their relationship to get sexual eventually, but this was-- this alpha was just like all the others, wanting to take advantage of an omega just because they could. Well, this omega wasn't one to be trifled with.

Staring heatedly at his computer screen, Yoongi fixed his dark hair slightly and checked that his glasses weren’t askew before directing his boss' one o' clock appointment through his office doors, glaring at the infuriating man who didn't even so much as look disturbed in the slightest before shutting the doors behind them all, albeit a tad loudly. Ipad in hand, he practically stomped around the desk to stand beside Mr. Jung, leaning as far away from him as was physically possible as he prepared to take notes. Why the man had him doing this in the first place when he was a certified genius and no doubt had an eidetic memory, Yoongi could only guess, but he probably just loved tormenting him and distracting him from doing his actual job . He was getting sick of having to stay late to finish all the paperwork every single night, his social life all but nonexistent ever since this man had come waltzing into his life like a natural disaster.

Mentally cursing the asshole that was his boss one final time, he looked down pointedly at his tablet, determined not to let the man piss him off even further that day, though by the gleam in Hoseok’s eyes, he had a sneaking suspicion that wasn't going to be an easy feat.


Yoongi tried his best not to look bored as the meeting began, his notes clearly half assed and scatterbrained, but if Hoseok had anything to say on the matter, he’d chalk it up to his hormones and, oh, he didn’t know, not getting to actually cum! What kind of alpha left an omega to be riled up and ready in the middle of a work day, anyone around hardly needing to sniff in his direction to know he was keyed up. Oh right, this one.


The alpha in question was currently ignoring him, though upon closer inspection, his legs were crossed rather tightly. Hiding an erection, perhaps? Served the asshole right. He hoped he had blue balls.


“Secretary Min,” his boss’ voice chided, snapping him out of his angry musings.


“Yes, sir?”


“Would you mind grabbing Mr. Kim’s files? I believe I left them in the top drawer.”


“Of course, sir,” he said, voice tight, barely holding back the growl that wanted so badly to come out to play.


Walking over to the filing cabinet, he hadn’t even thought to be mentally prepared as he opened it, angry gasp leaving his lips before he could help it. The first thing staring at him wasn’t Mr. Kim’s files at all, but instead… his briefs that Hoseok had all but ripped to shreds with his teeth not a half hour before.


“Oh nevermind, I have them right here,” that smug voice called from behind him. Was this fucker seriously messing with him right now?!


“It’s quite alright, sir, everyone makes mistakes. I sadly just did at lunchtime, if you’ll excuse me?” he inquired, hand on his stomach in excuse for Mr. Kim, though Yoongi and Hoseok both knew what mistake he was referring to. Looking back briefly to see the slight frown mar his boss’ face, he subtly flipped the man off before leaving the private office entirely.



- - - - - - - - - - - -



Hoseok frowned, watching his omega storm out of the room. He’d thought the panty thing had been pretty funny.


Seokjin watched the other leave as well before turning back to his longtime friend, brows raised. “What on earth did you do to him this time?”


“I think it’s what I didn’t do that’s the actual problem,” he sighed, hand coming up to pinch the bridge of his nose in annoyance. Fuck, this hard on was giving him a headache. Or maybe it was just Yoongi’s aroused scent that still lingered in the air.


But he’d had to stop earlier, couldn’t believe he’d let it get that out of hand. The first time a fated alpha gave his mate an orgasm, all bets were off. Yoongi would have gone into heat and triggered his rut in the very office. Not exactly the most romantic place to claim your mate for the first time. He blamed the omega’s ass-- sass. His sass.


“It’s been weeks, why not just tell him already?” the other alpha asked, head tilted slightly.


“Patience is a virtue, and besides, the chase is part of the fun, don’t you think?” he said with a shrug, hand waving dismissively. And the fact that he was a socially awkward mess definitely didn't have anything to do with it.


“You bought the entire company as soon as you found out your mate even worked here, I don’t think patience is quite the word you’re looking for, Hobi."


“Shut up.”