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Boom (x4)

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Kirishima knew it was a good idea.

Ok no.


Kirishima knew it was a Bad Idea™.

Bad as in, if you asked people what they thought about it, 100% of them would review it on amazon with a 100% would never buy again. But did Kirishima Eijirou ever listen to amazon reviews?

Actually he did but that’s not the point.

In his defense he thought they’d be totally alone and that in case things went wrong he’d go pretending it was just a joke -or not because he’s manly enough to own up to his own bullshit, especially to his friends. Didn’t mean he wasn’t scared-.

Didn’t think it would go that wrong though.

Kirishima can fight a lot of things with his bare hands but bad timing will always have the upper hand.

So, he did it.


Bakugou was on his way to his study session with Kirishima when he was ambushed by the whole fucking class 1-A. They tried to force him to ditch everything to have a relaxing night slash party in the common room because, apparently, they all needed a small break before the exams. He hadn’t said yes to their bullshit but since Kirishima was the only one missing and he was going to meet him anyway, they all decided to come along.

The parasites.

Bakugou had tried to walk faster but they had still followed him, and now he’s in front of the classroom door and they’re all kinda pushing at his back, being loud and annoying. He reaches for the door before he murders someone.

Bakugou has only opened it by an inch that his trained reflexes tell him immediately something’s weird.

He slides the door all the way in a sharp move and freezes…as all the people behind him do.

There’s music in the classroom.

The tables have been pushed to make some clear space in the middle and, clad in a black crop top, army pants and combat boots, Kirishima stands there, frozen to the spot, eyes open wide.

Bakugou feels his eyes do the same.

Ashido wipes her phone out in no time to record everything, trying to muffle her snorts behind her other hand. Sero and Kaminari are laughing too and that’s only when they start howling like hyenas that Bakugou finally tunes in on the song…

♪♫ If you’re alone and you need a friend
Someone to make you forget your problems
Just come along baby take my hand
I’ll be your lover tonight ♫♪

He’s gonna fucking decimate Kirishima.







♪♫ Whoaa whoaa
This is what I wanna do ♫♪

OKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOK!! He just has to stop the song and everything will be ok. Ok? OK!!!!

♪♫ Whoaa whoaa
Let's have some fun ♫♪

Oh god! They were supposed to be alone like they always were when they studied together!!! Why??? Why so many people??? Is everybody from class really here???? Oh god yes!! They. Are. All. HERE!!!! FUCK!!


♪♫ Whoaa whoaa
One on one just me and you
Whoaa whoaa ♫♪

Kirishima fumbles with his phone trying to cut the music but nerves and karma make his hands extra-slippery and he takes so much time he can see Bakugou go from surprised look to deep frown of recognition to very brief silent horror and finish on The Angry Face™, down to the eye twitch.

Everything is not ok.

Bakugou’s face is red from anger, Kirishima’s face is red from shame, his friends’ faces are red from laughing, Iida’s face is red from yelling about school property and damaging furniture, Midoriya’s face is red from second-hand embarrassment, and he can’t see the others but that’s already too many witnesses of his utter humiliation.

♪♫ Boom Boom Boom Boom
I want you in my roo- ♫♪

Kirishima finally stops the music and all the sounds die at the same time.

Eighteen pairs of eyes and a phone turn to look at Bakugou in a weird synch move, not a breath to be heard.

Kirishima tries an awkward smile.

Bakugou says nothing, turns and pushes the others to walk away in an angry stride, without any spare look in his direction.

Kirishima closes his eyes and feels everybody’s stare on him, so he does the only thing he can do.

He releases his breath in a deep sigh and lets the disappointment wash over him.


It was such a bad idea.


He’s mopping on his bed a couple hours later when there’s a knock on his door. A very short but forceful knock. Kirishima swallows. It’s not like Bakugou is right behind the door, right?


Yeah, no. It’s him.

Kirishima opens the door. Bakugou pushes past him into the room then stops right in the middle, looking around to inspect the place. He’s angry –no surprise here- but he also seems…wary? Kirishima is distracted from his thoughts by Bakugou’s next words.

“What are you waiting for, Shit-Hair? Close that fucking door and come here!”

Bakugou huffs at him while Kirishima takes his time to do as he said.

“So?” Bakugou barks once Kirishima is close enough. “Was it worth it? Did you win?”

“W…win? Win what?” Kirishima frowns, confused.

Bakugou glares at him.

“Don’t fuck with me,” he continues. “The bet!”

“The bet? What bet?” Kirishima is reaaaally confused. “What is going on?”

You tell me what is going on!” Bakugou snaps. “You try to tell me you dressing like that, with that song and everybody here, was not to make fun of me? That it wasn’t for a bet?”

What the hell is he talking about?

“I- No???? Why would you think I’d do something like that???”

“I don’t know, you tell me,” Bakugou grunts, digging his hands in his pockets.

“Man, you really think I’m that kind of person?” Kirishima asks, not really believing it.

Bakugou just shrugs and looks away.

And, ok. Kirishima has to stop for a moment here because, really, he should start to get offended at this point and he would really be if it was anyone but Bakugou. But. He’s been friends with the guy for months now, attracted to him for almost as long, so he knows him. At least enough to know that that Bakugou here, that is defense mode Bakugou.

Ugh, think Eijirou. Think! Why is he like this?

Bakugou thinks it was a bet. He got angry and now he’s…hurt? But he still came to talk to Kirishima? Does this mean…? No, no, no. Stop. No more false assumptions! They’re gonna fucking talk about this because there clearly is a misunderstanding here and what Kirishima hates more than unmanliness is unnecessary misunderstandings!

Also, if Bakugou could stop being such a cute grump it would be easier for Kirishima to stay focused on the matter. Like that quick glance he just threw at him, could he stop? Kirishima is trying to be calm and rational here!

“You planning on saying something at some point?”

Poor boy is getting impatient. Kirishima’s going to gently squish those cheeks between his hands. No! Bad Kirishima! Talk first, squish later! He’s going to do this! He has to! He’s already humiliated himself once today, what’s a second time, right?

You got this Eijirou. You got this! You’re Red Riot!

He takes a deep breath and…

“Planning to put on real clothes too?”

What? Oh! Kirishima is still wearing his crop top. Well…

“My abs are blinding you or something?” he snorts. And…is it him or did Bakugou’s cheeks just turn a little bit red? Or something then. Kirishima so got this! Potentially. He’s not freaking out. Nope. He’s calm and rational!

“Ok, look,” he carries on, not waiting for an answer and trying to keep his heartbeat steady. “I’m not gonna lie, it stings a little bit that you’d think I could play asshole tricks like that on a friend, but it looks like we’re not on the same page here, so I’m gonna explain everything and you’ll do whatever you want with it? I just hope we’ll still be friends after that, ok? Ok.”

“Wha-” starts Bakugou but Kirishima cuts him before he loses his nerve.

Here goes nothing.

“So. That thing. With the song? That was me, actually trying to…seduce you? Ask you out? So we could…date?”

God I'm so bad at this.

Bakugou freezes and his face gets so expressionless that it makes Kirishima stop talking. It would be really impressive how inert Bakugou is if Kirishima wasn’t shitting his pants right now.

“Hum…Bakugou? Please say something?”

Bakugou blinks.

“Date…” he whispers, like he’s afraid of the word, then jerks and attacks. “ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME?? WHY YOU SOUND LIKE THAT?!! ARE YOU NOT SURE???? YOU WANNA DATE ME?? WHAT THE HELL?? IS IT ANOTHER JOKE??”








The sound of their labored breathing is the only one breaking the sudden silence. Hands on their knees they look like they’ve just ran a marathon.

Kirishima kinda wants to laugh and cry at the same time.

God, this is such a mess.

“Ok,” finally says Bakugou once he’s regained control of his lungs. “Just to be clear…You didn’t ask everybody to be here?”

“Ugh no!” says Kirishima in a groan. “This is so embarrassing omg! I thought it would be just you and me like every other study session we’ve ever had ever! I swear!”

He feels his cheeks burn but Bakugou’s face is no better so he stops caring about it. They’re equals on the red cheeks department –except Bakugou has the advantage of being really, really, really cute when he blushes-, and Kirishima has stuff more important to focus on than his own red face -matches his hair at least- like not dying from feels and not dying from imminent death by explosion.

Bakugou catches his eye, biting his upper lip for a second like he’s steeling himself for his next question. Kirishima steels himself too.

“And so…in that brain of yours, you thought it would be a good idea to blast that fucking shitty song to get in my pants?”

His ears turn red too. Kirishima gets a little bit weak in the knees.

“Well…not just your pants,” he says.

Bakugou ducks his head.

“Ugh,” he grunts. “Why?”

His ears get redder but his head stays down. Kirishima clears his throat.

“I guess I didn’t really think this through? I’m a pretty impulsive guy you know?”

Bakugou snorts and raises his head a little bit. So Kirishima tells him everything.


Bakugou Mitsuki is going to get a big bouquet of flowers from her son as a thank-you for the permanent resting bitch face she bestowed him; because said son certainly didn’t think he’d end up the day facing Kirishima asking him out in a crop top but here he is, and he’s a mess.

So he really has to thank his mother and her genetics for not letting his inner chaos show on his face as he’s listening to Kirishima explaining how exactly he wanted to ask him out.

Looking him scratch his head and laugh a little as he tells how he was doing a work-out playlist when he had come across the song, and how it reminded him of Bakugou at first because of the ‘Booms’ and then of them because “you know…it’s fun and not complicated, like our friendship”.

And that he knows the lyrics are…what they are, but that’s kinda why he could see himself singing them because “you know”.

And, no…Bakugou doesn’t know since Kirishima isn’t really saying anything. And Bakugou should laugh at him because seriously, ‘Boom boom boom boom’ by Vengaboys? A romantic song? In what world?

His, apparently.

And Kirishima keeps going, saying stuff like: “I didn’t want to pressure you so I thought it would be perfect with a silly song”, “Could’ve been a private joke between us, I don’t know” and “I wanted to make you smile too and maybe laugh?” and…Ugh! Bakugou can’t handle this! He can’t handle these feelings! Those stupid feelings!

But they’ve been growing since the Cavalry Battle at the Sports Festival when Kirishima came to him to team up against Deku, and he should be used to them by now but it always takes him by surprise how strong they really are, how strong they’ve become.

And Bakugou doesn’t like being ambushed. And it’s worse when it’s his own body who’s betraying him, the jerk!

Well, it looks like Kirishima is in this mess with him, except he hasn’t said anything about liking him or not.

Don’t get him wrong, Bakugou has no doubt that Kirishima likes him –though he doesn’t know why- but he hasn’t actually said the words and Bakugou likes it better when things are laid out loud; it makes them real and clear. And since he can’t rage-quit his own brain he’s probably gonna have to ask…And. Just. Ugh. Feelings.

Kirishima is still talking, saying he had remembered a conversation between the girls about fashion trends, Ashido being really enthusiastic about boys in crop tops and how good they looked and that the world needed more, and now Bakugou’s gonna have to bake a cake for Ashido. Tch!

“I had a whole choreography prepared and everything,” Kirishima says, at last. “It was so stupid you’d have pissed your pants.”

“Ha! You wish!” huffs Bakugou, half-heartedly.

There’s a beat of silence where they look at each other, weirdly intense for a moment, before they duck their heads at the same time, blushing like two fucking idiots. Bakugou wants to die.

But he’s also definitely done with this whole mess so he starts the conversation again and goes straight to the point.

“You’re saying you like me, right?”

Kirishima jerks, startled.

“I…yes? I didn’t tell you?“ he says, frowning.

“No,” sighs Bakugou. “You told me pretty much everything except…that.”


Kirishima is such an idiot.

“Ugh, sorry. I should’ve started with that maybe?”


And now Bakugou is back to his wall-face and it’s gonna sound so lame if he says it just like that. Whatever.

Kirishima straightens up and looks Bakugou in the eye.

“I like you.”

There, he said it. He just hopes Bakugou-


Oh. My. God. Bakugou’s really lucky he likes him.

Like, ok, Bakugou didn’t say no or that he didn’t like him back, and he has stayed for the whole conversation, and he’s been asking stuff, and with all the blushing there’s a –big?- chance Kirishima’s feelings are not one-sided but, ugh. Ok. Bakugou is insecure. Ok. Kirishima’s going to do that. Again. After everything he’s been through already. Yep. He’s gonna secure the shit out of Bakugou. Gonna bulldoze through his insecurities! Watch him!

“Seriously man? I hope you’re ready because I have a list.”

Kirishima cracks his mental knuckles.

“First, you’re super smart, strong and loyal –don’t roll your eyes-. You never make fun of me when I don’t know something and you even help me understand –don’t sigh-. When you have a goal in mind you put everything you’ve got to succeed –what did I say about the eye-rolling?-. You’re passionate about the things you like –yeah, I’ve noticed-. You’re awesome at cooking –don’t shrug-. You respect your opponents and learn from your mistakes –very manly-. Your quirk is amazing and you’ve got some seriously sweet moves…”

Oooh…Bakugou is reaching new levels of red!

Kirishima is going to destroy him! With feelings! If he has to go down, he’ll bring Bakugou down with him!

“Also, you’re beautiful.”


“Like. Really. You’ve obviously never seen yourself sleep because damn! I’ve seen you sleep just once but it’s still one of the best moments of my life…”

“Ugh! Stop this!”

“Nah dude, you asked and I lost all my street cred for you, you gonna suffer! So, yeah, you’re handsome. And your eyes man! Stunning! And your smile dude! So pretty!”

“Shut up…”

Bakugou is squirming. Kirishima is living!

“And your arms! Don’t get me started on your arms!”


Bakugou starts turning away.

“And your butt-“

“OK OK! SHUT UP!! I GET IT!!” Bakugou shouts hands raised, before running them across his face.

Kirishima chuckles.

“Just so you know,” he adds, “I take back the ‘not complicated’ comment about this relationship, you’re making this way too hard.”

“I like hard,” Bakugou says back.


OMG???? He!!!

“You did not just say that.”

“I did. What are you gonna do?” Bakugou taunts as he turns back to Kirishima, battle-face on.

Kirishima swallows and takes a step back.

Bakugou takes a step forward.


Bakugou puts a hand on his chest –uh, hot- and pushes, pushes, pushes, until Kirishima’s back hits the wall.

His heart lurches when Bakugou traps his head between his hands on the wall and invades his personal space.

Is this it? Is this how he dies? Because, let’s be honest, Kirishima is 100% ok with dying this way. Can he just touch Bakugou’s hair for a second before his life ends? He’s always wanted to know if it’s as thick as it looks. And, god, he’s so pretty and he smells so good! Can Kirishima faint for a second? No? Too bad.

So Kirishima starts stress-talking, –Midoriya rubbed on him apparently- and he too, squirms -he’s manly enough to admit it-.

“Hum…Sooo…are you? I mean I…you said…and I’m…freaking out here you know...I’m just a boy, standing in front of-“

“Shut…” Bakugou closes the distance between them and Kirishima can almost feel his next word on his lips.


Kirishima’s breath shudders, heart hammering against his ribs.

Bakugou doesn’t move or say anything else, letting his eyes roam Kirishima’s face, taking his time.

Should I kiss him?

Just as Kirishima starts moving, Bakugou retreats a little, a fire lighting up his eyes.

He sends Kirishima a quick, devastating smirk, and then one, two, three…four small explosions blast under Bakugou’s hands on the wall making Kirishima twitch.

Bakugou backs away without a word still looking him in the eye, nods at him once he’s at the door, and gets out of the room.

Kirishima lets a shaky breath out and lets his head fall against the wall. That was…intense.

Aaaaand…he’s alone. Alive…but alone.

That went well.

What should he do now-

Wait a minute…






“THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!!!”


Kirishima runs.


They kiss.

It’s a little rough and a little too fast at first so they kiss a second time, and Bakugou melts against him, and woah…

They kiss a third time, and then a very red Bakugou looks him straight in the eye and tells him he likes him too.

Kirishima squishes his cheeks…And almost loses his hair for that –totally worth it-.

They kiss again.


Later, once Bakugou has stopped brushing his cheek -so, so carefully- with the tip of his fingers, once Kirishima has finally put his hand in Bakugou’s hair –so, so thick-, Kirishima tries to do the choreography.

It lasts 20 whole seconds before Bakugou falls from his bed, howling with laughter, so infectious they end up both on the floor laughing ‘til it hurts.


A little bit later, Bakugou takes his hand to go join the others. Kirishima’s cheeks hurt from smiling.


A concert of whistles and cheers and Vengaboys at full volume welcomes them in the common room.

Bakugou gives everybody the finger, drags Kirishima to go sit on a couch and then starts instantly arguing with Kaminari and Jirou about music tastes.

Kirishima puts his head on Bakugou’s shoulder and makes himself more comfortable. Bakugou’s thumb slowly brushes the back of his hand.


Kirishima knew it was a good idea.