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Monster of the Week - Monster 001 - Der Aufhocker

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01 Der Aufhocker – the ‚Ride on’

„It’s hard to tell which category this thing is off.” “We knew them as kind of Ghost’s, there’ve been reports of corpse, which might include Ghost kind of investigations. They can even show Ghoul like behaviouristics. And sometimes these things are reported as Animals. There for, take your pick.”

Dean frowned at the phone. He was missing the good old days. As the worst and most complex thing they could have to hunt for was a vampire or a simple Werewolf pack.
These Day’s there didn’t seem to be any kind of regulation anymore. They’ve hunted Vetalas from India, an Ōkami from Japan and goddesses from the old greek mythology.
The dark blond growled in frustration. And he had thought Angels and Demons would be the most annoying things they would have to handle.
Appears, it wasn’t, much to the older Winchesters distress.

In contrast to his Brother, Dean preferred Rules to be stable and constant. Not something to change at any minute learning be damned, expanding your world be damned.

“Ok then what do we need to get rid of it and please don’t tell me there is something specific for each and every example…”
There was a laugh from the other side of the phone.
“HEllll no…..” The giggling went on.
“It is quite simple actually. You need the light of the waking day, and the first sound of the Bell.” The voice told.
“Whats that supposed to mean?” Dean slowly but surely was loosing his patience.

“Calm down, I was about to tell. The light of the Day is of course the symbol of the next morning a strong flashlight can chase it away for some time but morning light is important. And the first sound of the bell is obviously some church bell, maybe any kind of modern alarm clock could work.”

Dean was already going through everything they had in storage that might could fit to the needed items.
“Most important though, there are three stages of possession.”
“You already have described the Symptoms of fatigue, Exhaustion, Sadness, anxiety and restlessness, basically everything that is diagnosed within a clinical Depression, right?!”

Dean nod before remembering that he wouldn’t be seen.
“…ah yeah!” He hurried to add.

“…I would say that this is already stage three. Oddly enough to cure from an ‘Aufhocker’ you basically do the same you do or did in ancient times to help with clinical depression…” The voice on the other side of the line seemed to think about something for a sec before getting back at the task at hand.
“Ok to separate from real illness and possession, asked the victims if they lately had any kind of strange encounter.”

“What kind off?!” Dean couldn’t avoid the sarcasm in his voice since of course every thing in the Supernatural world was exactly that, a strange encounter, even meeting someone telling that he or she is a hunter, going after Monsters. It wasn’t even easy to ask a vic. for strange smells and chills…, Dean thought.

There was a short pause on the other side and for a sec. the Winchester was expecting some counter but it didn’t happen as the voice went on explaining the issues of these creature the Winchesters were after at the moment.

“Well…, first stage mostly happened at night or late evenings, when the sun goes down, you know spooky hour. Your victims might have been on their way home from work or shopping or some sports events or what ever you Americans do to kill some time…” There was an insult somewhere but Dean couldn’t make it out just yet so he stayed and listened, still he was frowning at the wording.

“It almost ever starts with a strange feeling, some anxiety of being followed or watched somehow.” The voice went on, analytically and awkwardly neutral as if the person was reading from some random text.
“Ask them if they remember someone bumping into them on their way or if someone had walked with them, even if only into the same direction for some time.
If there had been someone who had waited with them at the bus stop etc…”

“Are there any specifics we should ask for?!” Now the dark blond Hunter didn’t even hide his annoyance at that explanation.
That had been vague, if not completely empty, Dean thought as he looked up at Sam entering the Library carrying two beers, a Snack pack with his teeth and a book beneath his arm.
Dean put the phone on speaker for his brother to listen as well.

“Really! You can’t get anything out of that explanation?” The voice on the other end sounded annoyed as well.
“So you asking to be a bit more specific?! What do you want a painting, a street sign or what?! How long are you hunting now?!”
Dean started gnawing his teeth and grimacing in anger as Sam precautionally took over.
“Hey Kev…”
“…hy Sam. What’s with your brother? PMS?”
Now Dean was growling audible, he hated that arrogant asshole and even though he had promised Sam to stay calm he really, really wanted to tell this douchback his opinion.
But Sam took the phone and walked off with it while Dean frowned after him and grabbed the Snacks.

“So what do you get?” Sam smiled asking on.
“As I was about to explain to Dumber, you should ask your victim about strangers that had walked with, by or at them. These things mostly pose as human, mainly something harmless, someone possible in need of help, old woman, children or old man, something like that. But don’t become set on it, they also can appear as any kind of a so called Hallucination.
Let’s say, Elementals, wisps, water creatures, ghostly figures and or animals of any kind.”
Sam was nodding thoughtful, saving the information for later.
“And it isn’t always a mere Illusion, ‘Aufhocker’ can talk to their picked prey.”
The voice went on.
“As I had explained earlier that is all part of phase one. While these things make contact.”
“I also would advice to relocate your victims ways. ‘Aufhocker’ belong to our wide rage of scary figures and they appear at exactly that kind of places. So have an eye on the typical places. Graveyards, cemeteries, murder- or execution sites of the old times, bridges, forest, graves, lakes or small streams and swamps. I guess you get the picture.”
This time there was a gentle smile from the other side of the line and Sam did answer it.
The Winchester indeed got the picture.

“You’ve figured how they’d come over here?” Sam was really cautious since lately there seemed to be a lot of invasive, unknown monsters entering the mainland.
“Hm… Actually we’ve got no idea. It is still a mystery how and when these things wander or, in this case travel. They are believed to be some nature Spirits but since their origin is pointing towards the revenants and the whole walking corpse mythology, I would rather bet on that if I had to.”
The men answered a slight shoulder shrug in his words.

“Oh and before I forget it, I told your brother you would need a church bell or some of that kind… and I maybe gave him the idea that modern alarm clock would work too, it was a joke, he should not try that.” There was serious worry and still some amusement Sam could only shake his head about.
He could vividly imagine how the talk had been gone before he had returned from the kitchen.
Dean and that guy were just too similar to even sit in the same room without going against each other. It was good that they were separated by land, air aaaaaand a huge ocean.
“I will tell him that.” Sam mused.
“Yeah do that and give aloud when its done... I send you some of the Details in a few hours.” The voice added before the men hang up and Sam finally turned back to Dean who was angrily taking the burritos Sam had bought today.

“AND what more did that dick have to say.” The dark blond questioned between bites.
“I guess we need a church bell.”