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Winter had finally arrived in New York City and Rey wasn't enjoying it at all. Despite living most of her life here, she much preferred summertime where the air was heavy, the slight breeze didn't cause her to shiver but she accepted it as it cooled her down so she could soak in as much heat as possible.

Despite all this, she didn't mind watching the snow fall from her living room window. In fact, she loved it. There was something extremely satisfying watching it; the way each snowflake had its own dance as it swayed and spun in the wind.

Suddenly her phone rang. It was Finn. "Hello?" She said as she placed the phone to her ear.

"You are coming right?" He ignored her welcome.

Rey sighed. She had a good mind to hang up and ignore him for the rest of the day. "I told you I don't want to."

"Yeah, and why don't you?" Finn asks her, she doesn't reply. He carries on, "Poe and I were hoping you'd come."

"I...I just want to be alone tonight, Finn, I'm sorry." Rey responds.

There was silence. She heard the phone muffle before a calm Poe began to speak, "what's the matter, hun?"

Rey didn't know where to begin. She could tell them the reason why she wanted to spend today alone but that would look like she was trying to bring all the attention to her instead of going to Poe and Finn's engagement party.

"I'm sorry, I'm being a nuisance. Of course, I'll come tonight." She answered, trying to sway the question Poe had asked her.

"Good, because we can't wait for you to come. I had a feeling if you hadn't shown up, Finn would've marched straight to your doorstep and dragged you from your flat," Poe joked. Rey forced a small giggle.

"Yeah...he would've."

"Well, I better go, see you tonight, hun!"

"See you," Rey smiled, hanging up the phone.

Placing her phone down beside her leg, she turned back to her window and watched the snow.

As each snowflake danced, Rey suddenly felt all the air from her lungs sucked out of her. The flat she lived in was always cosy and welcoming but now, it felt dark and isolated. Glancing behind her, she shot up from her window pane when a dark figure appeared before her.

He was tall and intimidating just by his posture. He was standing with his gloved hands behind his back, watching something or someone. His presence seemed blurred somehow? She could see he was standing opposite her but looking the other way. Hadn't he noticed her...or couldn't?

He had black shaggy long hair, his posture seemed God-like but somewhat careful. He stood like a soldier, his feet firmly set on the ground as if he had a purpose in each step he took.

Rey didn't know whether to speak or let whatever nightmare she was in eventually end.

Speak, speak, speak. "Hello?"

The man flinched, spinning on his feet in mere shock over to whom this woman was in front of him.

Rey sucked in her breath, trying not to gasp at the very sight of him.

"Who are you?" He asked, his voice wavered a tiny bit but overall he had a low monotone way of speaking, like everything he said was true.

Rey gulped, attempting to clear her tight throat before speaking. "I'm Rey," she answered nervously.

She couldn't help but notice he was strikingly handsome. His eyes seemed calm, despite his eyebrows saying otherwise and his lips were plump and pink.

"Rey," he whispered. She felt a shiver run down her spine as he spoke her name. " name is Ben."

Rey blinked. Ben. For someone who seemed so threatening, the name seemed alien. "What are you doing in my flat?"

"What are you doing my office?"

They both realised they had spoken at the same time. Rey mentally cursed herself for doing so.

If he wasn't in her room, although he evidently was because he was right in front of her, then where was she from his perspective? "So, from my point of view you're in my room but to you, I'm in your office..." Rey spoke as she was thinking. "How is this possible?"

"I don't know," he turned around, looking at his surroundings. "Where do you live?"

"New York, you?" Rey answered.

"New York. I'm in my office are you," Ben told her. "If you don't mind me asking, but where are you now?" He asked, politely.

"I'm in my flat, my living room to be exact," Rey replied, truthfully. If this stranger had come here to attack her, he would've done so immediately so she had no problem telling her where she was - obviously she wasn't foolish enough to tell him exactly where her flat was.

Ben looked around, nodding to himself. As he looked around, Rey noticed he was wearing a full black suit whereas she was wearing her him she probably looked like a fool.

As Ben turned around, facing away from her she watched as he disappeared. The room felt warm again as the stranger faded away, the air she had somewhat been holding in erupted out of her like she had been under water for hours.

"Ben?" She called out.

No one answered.

She was alone again.



It'd been two hours since the unusual meeting with Ben when Rey realised it was time to head off to Finn and Poe's engagement party.

Grabbing her phone and car keys, Rey races down the stairs of her apartment to her front door. As she locks her door, she puts her phone into her handbag and makes her way to her car.

Rey had always been good at driving. She never knew why, but it was something of a gift, she guessed. Something she was good at and she didn't really need to know how she just was.

Driving through New York during rush hour was difficult, especially when she was already late to the party.

As Rey stopped at a red light, she pondered over the first, and possible last, meeting with Ben. She wondered if he had forgotten the whole situation, that he had maybe ignored what had happened and carried on with his life.

Rey thought he had no reason not to do that, hell, she knew she should just forget what had happened.

The green light appeared and Rey drove forward, only stopping shortly after to park her car, lock it and walk to the club Poe and Finn had reserved for the party.

The theme of the party was 50's/60's, thankfully she had already known the theme of the party for months so had dressed up according to the theme correctly. Especially when she knew Finn and Poe would be hosting a competition on who dressed the best. It was something she had never really cared about, mainly because she didn't really want to win. It'd mean having to pick someone to share your victory dance with. Rey wasn't a dance and hated big crowds, especially ones where everyone would stare at you.

"She's here!" Poe cheered, tapping his fiancee, Finn on the shoulder. Rey watched as Finn and Poe waltzed over towards her, both grinning from ear to ear.

"You look gorgeous," Finn said, hugging her.

"Thank you," Rey smiled, sweetly. After hugging Poe, they showed her towards the bar where everyone was.

The room was filled with people. The majority of them she had already met before, but there were a few she didn't know.

Gradually the party went on and new people came and some people left. Rey sat at the bar, drinking a glass of white wine watching Poe show off his dance moves while everyone danced manically around him.

As she finished her wine, two strangers sat to her right both looking irritated by something or someone. "Well is he coming?" The ginger one dressed in a suit asked the tall blonde woman dressed as Marilyn Monroe.

"Apparently he is, I just don't know when" she replied.

"We all know he needs to get out of the house more, Phasma."

Phasma chuckled, swirling her drink around. "Yes, I know, Hux."

Before she could hear as to whom they were talking about, Finn's voice caused her to turn away and look at the stage where the DJ was. There stood Finn holding the microphone, "Alright, so, it's time to see who won best dressed!" Everyone cheered, except Hux, Phasma, and Rey. "So...after much consideration, Poe and I have come to the conclusion that the winner is...drum roll please," Finn pointed to the DJ. Almost instantaneously, the DJ pressed a button and a loud drum roll echoed through the room.

Rey glanced around the room from her seat. Honestly, everyone here was dressed very well. She even had to second glance at one particular woman who was dressed as Marilyn Monroe, Rey thought for a millisecond she actually was the iconic actress herself.

Eventually, it stopped and the room filled with a deadly silence.


No...Rey thought.

Shit, shit, shit.

She watched as everyone turned to see as to where Rey was, it wasn't until Poe pointed at Rey that people finally noticed her. "Come on up, Rey!" Finn said, beckoning her towards the stage.


Just walk out. You don't need to do this.

"Hey, you okay?" A warm hand touched her shoulder. She cocked her head to the side to see it was Hux who had asked.

Rey just nodded, unable to speak. Reluctantly, she got up from her stool by the bar and made her way, slowly, towards the stage.

Taking one step at a time on the stairs leading up to the actual stage, she breathed heavily.

She knew dressing up as Audrey Hepburn was going to be cool, but she didn't expect to win. In fact, she assumed other women would dress up as her.

"So," Finn said, "as you are the winner, you're gifted with the chance to dance with anyone in this room. Who are you going to choose?"

"Erm..." it didn't help when Finn shoved the microphone in her face so everyone could hear her frantically having a mental breakdown.

Rey scanned the room to see if she actually was comfortable dancing with anyone. She could always ask to dance with Finn or Poe, but there was always a chance that wasn't apart of the rules since they are the ones hosting the party.

Fuck sake, she thought. There has to be somebody.

As luck would have it, instantaneously a tall dark figure entered the room. He had just arrived at the party late as always though he never intended to.

Rey noticed him immediately. He looked around 6ft or over, so he wasn't exactly hard not to spot in a crowd. He was wearing the same suit when she first met him. Her eyes widened at the very sight of him.

It wasn't until his eyes settled on hers did she accidentally breathe out his name, "Ben."