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When Tony DiNozzo went into work that morning he didn't know that his life was going to change forever. He didn't know that his co-workers which he considered his family would be coming together to help him, and he sure didn't expect his average day to be turned upside down. In typical DiNozzo fashion, he had been out bonging beers the night before. To his realization he wasn't as young as he was in college and the hangovers hurt worse now that he was older. He had his sunglasses on and his feet propped up on his desk. McGee walked in and seen a hungover Tony. He had seen Tony hungover before but he would normally be trying some weird way to get rid of it by now. He knew not to talk to Tony or he might get his ass chewed. Kate walked in taken back by the senior field agent. In the time she had been there she had not seen him in this kind of shape. She looked over at McGee with a questioning look.
"What is wrong with him?" Kate asked.
McGee put a finger up to her lips and hushed her. Before she could ask anymore question, Gibbs came walking in with his cup of coffee in hand. Gibbs stopped at Tony's desk.
"Out drinking too late again?" Gibbs asked his senior field agent.
Tony raised his head slightly "At least I wasn't building a boat while I was drinking."
With that Gibbs knocked Tony's feet off his desk and smirked. "Grab your gear we got a dead petty officer."
'I really should have called in this morning' Tony thought as he sluggishly got his gear.
"Today DiNozzo!" Gibbs yelled.
So much for being sensitive to his head.
Once the team got out to the crime scene they found a woman still in her car.
"DiNozzo, McGee bag and tag, Kate take pictures." Gibbs ordered.
As the team worked McGee was able to find the woman's military card.
"So we have a Petty Officer Velina Waters. Says she's 25." McGee stated.
"Good work McGee." Gibbs said giving Tim a pat on the back.
"Looks like she was stabbed multiple boss. A bit of an overkill if you ask me." Kate stated.
Tony’s head was pounding. He rubbed his temples wishing the migraine would go away.
Tony wasn't paying attention and didn't see a log. His foot caught it and he tripped almost going underneath the car. He slapped the ground after getting mud in his face. When he looked up he seen a bomb strapped to the underneath side of the car. It was already counting down and only had 45 seconds left before it would explode.
"There's a bomb!" Tony yelled.
"What!" McGee yelled back.
"I need you guys to run as far as you can away from here." Tony commanded.
"No we aren't leaving you!" Kate demanded.
"This is not up for debate. I am a lot faster than you two. Now go!" Tony yelled as he watched his team mates run for the road.
"Anthony you should have called in today." Tony told himself before attempting to get up and get away from the car.
As McGee and Kate reached Gibbs and the medical examiner truck they yelled.
"It's the car!" McGee yelled.
"It's going to…" Kate yelled. Before she could finish her sentence a loud explosion cut her off which sent everyone to the ground for safety.
"Tony!" She yelled.
Her partner never made it up to where they were. There was no sign of the agent which sent a gut wrenching sensation through Gibbs. He couldn't lose Tony, even if he did want to go out with a bang.
"Ducky go ahead and call 911 I'm almost positive we will need it." Gibbs said.
The agents made their way down to where the burning car was. On the hill side they found their team mate. Even as fast as he was, he could not out run the effects of the explosion.
Tony's ears were ringing as if he was at a loud rock concert half the night. He seen the team come up next to him but he couldn't hear anything they were saying. Everything was a blur. What were they saying? Why was McGee running away? Why did Kate look like she was on the verge of tears? And Gibbs, why was his face showing a sign of concern, a sign of worry? His body ached and he felt cold. It was a hot September day when they got out to the crime scene earlier. Why was he freezing now?
"Boss, I'm cold!" Tony yelled.
Why can't I hear MY voice? Tony started to panic.
He seen Gibbs nod and seen his lips move but he couldn't understand anything that the older agent was saying. He closed his eyes hoping that this was all a bad dream. Before he could slip off to sleep he felt Gibbs hand slap the top of his head. His eyes popped open to see Gibbs was saying something, but again he couldn't hear what it was. Tony always had something to say. The fact he was silent was almost painful to Gibbs. At this moment silence was not golden. The searing pain all over Tony's body over took him and he fell into a deep darkness. He could only hope when he awoke he could hear his team's voices again.
When the ambulance arrived they found that Agent DiNozzo was in worse shape than they originally perceived. It was a matter of life and death now. His breathing was shallow and his heart rate had dropped. A paramedic called in med-flight to take Tony to the hospital.
"Which hospital would you rather take him to?" The paramedic asked Gibbs.
"Bethesda, they have all his medical history on file there. He’s had the plague before." Gibbs answered.
"Very well." The paramedic said turning to call in the orders.
Kate didn't want to leave Tony's side. He had burns all over his body from the explosion. 'Why didn't he just run with us?' She thought. She tried to hold his hand but he let out a painful moan. Tears started to run down her cheek and she quickly swiped them away with the back of her hand. The wind started to pick up and Gibbs knew that that meant help was here. The flight crew came running down the hill to where the agent laid. They quickly tried to get him onto a gurney. His body quivered in pain as they tried to move him. As they got up to the hill toward the helicopter, Ducky got his first look at Tony.
"Oh dear Anthony." Ducky said.
"Is he alright Dr. Mallard?" Palmer asked before turning around. When he turned he seen flesh hanging off of Tony's lifeless body. Palmer who had went to medical school, knew it would take some major plastic and reconstructive surgery to make Tony look like the loveable DiNozzo they all knew. None of the team members were allowed on to the helicopter to ride with Tony, to comfort him on the way to the hospital. As the helicopter lifted off, Kate felt completely helpless and felt like she wasn't in control. Unafraid of what her boss may think of her, she sat down on the side of the road and began to cry.
"It's ok Kate, he's going to pull through this." Gibbs tried to comfort her.
"But what if he doesn't?" Kate looked up into his steel blue eyes, before wiping the tears from her face.
"It's a bridge we will have to cross if we get there."
On the flight to the hospital Tony had stopped breathing completely and had flatlined. Being very careful the inflight paramedics tried to bring Tony back.
What would have taken 30 minutes to get to Bethesda only took 15 with Gibbs driving his team. When they were arriving at the emergency room, the flight team was unloading Tony from the helicopter. Gibbs had to stay strong for his team as he seen the flight crew doing chest compression on his agent. He knew it wasn't good out in the field, but this just confirmed his gut feeling his agent was in grave danger. He couldn't lose Tony, not like this.