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Sneaking Byakuren into the mausoleum wasn't problematic per se, Seiga actually enjoyed that part of the challenge. With the rest of the Taoist's busy with their own devices, the hermit had plans of her own with the enemy, so to speak. 

Under the cover of nightfall and a watchful Yoshika, anything was possible. 

Well, maybe not keeping the priestess withering beneath her quiet. 

The hermit glanced down at the sweating woman who was breathing heavily and she couldn't help but to smirk because all she had been doing for the past 10 minutes was touch her. 

It was always fun to learn new details about Miko's rival, Seiga thought to herself whilst dragging her fingertips up Byakuren's stomach. 

Like how the sensitive parts of her body were far and few which made seeking them out much more enjoyable. 

Like how much control Byakuren had over her voice which Seiga took as a challenge to make her break. 

Like how impatient the usually patient priestess could become. 

"Why the rush?" Seiga chuckled when Byakuren gripped her wrist & tried to push it down but to no avail, "Somewhere else you need to be?". 

The arrogant tone in Seiga's voice grated on the priestesses nerves but she felt helpless to try and resist. Seiga knew what she was doing and did it so well that she couldn't help but to slowly succumb and let her senses be consumed by the hermit. 

"Dutifully so" she replied and let go of her wrist as Seiga continued the trek her fingers were running over her skin. 

"Thinking of your duties at a time like this? Your words wound me, Byakuren". 

Seiga giggled at the pointed look of annoyance being thrown her way, mainly due to it looking far too enticing given Byakuren's current state of euphoria. Her eyes were darkening beyond what Seiga had seen before whilst retaining that spark of desperate desire. They conveyed everything her body was yearning to drown in, what the hermit was withholding from her and yet, she still managed to keep her composure but only barely. 

"I would like to assume you are used to that considering your stance & whom you side with" Byakuren said whilst closing her eyes when the hermit scraped her nails beneath her ribcage, her feet stretching out over Seiga's bed. 

Seiga merely smiled at the implication of her siding with the Taoists and placed her lips near Byakuren's ear but not quite connecting with it. She felt the priestess’s hands drag up her exposed back, her own dress barely clinging onto her waist as Byakuren's thighs worked on pulling it down. Their skin pressed against each other in a way that it had its own thought process, one that only wanted to meld fully with the other's body. 

The hermit would be lying if she said she had never thought of defecting to the Buddhist's side if it meant she could engage in doing this to its leader on a frequent basis. 

She spoke up in a low octave into Byakuren's ear whilst her hand snaked down to her naval and ran across it several times, "Are you trying to convert me?". 

Byakuren laughed with an airy breath at that, "Maybe I am". 

"I might need more of an incentive". 

"Such as?". 

Seiga smiled and kissed Byakuren's ear before starting a trial down her neck, feeling the woman's grip on her upper back increase. Her fingers danced around the warm skin above Byakuren's hips and dipped whenever she reached her naval again, teasing mercilessly to make the woman beneath her whimper in dire frustration. Drawing it out was another way Seiga indulged in keeping the priestess under control though she knew that if Byakuren wanted to turn it around, she so well easily could. 

Her kisses landed at the centre of the Buddhist's throat where Seiga could feel each gulp between her lips. The breathing pace was quick spurts and that in turn became erratic when she used her tongue for a fraction of a second before pulling back, earning more confused groans from Byakuren. 


Byakuren's impatience was doing wonders for the hermit as she chuckled into her neck before pulling her head back and placing her hands on either side of the woman's body. The move made Seiga's torso land firmly on the priestess’s, her blue eyes taking in the clearly unamused features. 

"How much more of an incentive would you need?" Byakuren challenged with a small smirk of her own as Seiga took her in. She had the upper hand when it came to using her physical attributes to reel the hermit in and she certainly used it accordingly. 

This was everything Byakuren knew she wasn't supposed to be doing but being on the receiving end of Seiga's wicked tendencies was addictive. 

In the unlikely circumstances that Seiga did actually depart to the Myouren Temple, well, that would be an added bonus for her. 

"I guess it is true what is said about me" Seiga replied with a shake of her head and dragging her gaze  from the priestess’s almost nude body before she really succumbed to her, "I am a bad influence if you are talking to me like that" and smirked. 

"It's a small price to pay for what we do, no?". 

Seiga rested on her forearms and brought her face close to Byakuren's, her lips lingering over the woman's whilst she got comfortable between her legs. 

"I suppose it is" she murmured before Byakuren kissed her. 

While the Buddhist might be paying the price of becoming reckless, Seiga was paying her dues by becoming attached. 

She wasn't sure which one of them was worse as she melted into kissing the woman beneath her with an urgency that rivalled her need to continue living. 

Byakuren too was trying to reason with whatever sensibility she had left in the parts of her mind that hadn't yielded to the hermit's thrilling sensuality. 

The only way they could justify what they did with and to each other was taking one for the team. 

That was how they played off their rendezvous’; a moment of one upping each other whilst making a mockery of both sides. 

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Junko looked at the colour pallet that Hecatia held out as she contemplated the options before deciding. 

"I believe the colour that symbolises the pure and unrestricted hatred of a divine spirit like me would be the most appropriate choice for my lair. Black as my heart and as white as my rage!" she announced with an outstretched arm at the room they were in. 

Hecatia sighed, "Sweetie, no, that is not how you choose what colour to paint a room". 

"It isn't?". 

The hell goddess held back a giggle at how vulnerable Junko looked when she glanced at her whilst putting her hand down, her red eyes open in confusion and mouth shaped in thought. 

"Nuh uh, matching a room to your interests is all good and well but there's more to it you know? I don't think sticking up posters of Chang'e on every wall is a good idea". 

Junko raised an eyebrow, " hold such imagery of my nemesis?". 

"Nah, I only have pics of you" the redhead winked from the chair she was sat on. 

Blushing slightly at Hecatia's flirting, Junko cleared her throat & brought the initial subject of discussion back to hand.

"So how does one propose in renovating this vast space you have been so kind in providing for me?". 

"Well, you gotta consider things that will make the room more comfortable for you". 

"Hm, such as?". 

Hecatia got up and slung her arm around the taller woman's shoulder, proceeding to take a few steps within the room to help Junko envision what she could do with the space.

"Since you're gonna be working on your plans for vengeance and all that, I think you need to have a work space that makes you feel, I don't know, pumped" Hecatia suggested and Junko gave her lover a confused look. 

Admittedly, Junko's thirst for revenge wasn't as prominent after the events of Reisen's intervention. Hecatia knew this as being the one stood by her side through it all since they met. 

"Your reference to 'pumped' means..motivated I believe?" Junko questioned when they walked to the window and glanced out to admire the view. 

Hecatia laughed and patted the woman's back in approval, "You're getting with the lingo here I see". 

"But of course. Though I may have much to learn about your environment, I shall pay heed and take in as much knowledge as I can". 

"Aww you're such a cutie!" Hecatia gushed and lightly bumped into the woman, "Now that, that is a side of you that could make this space enjoyable for you to be in". 

Junko pondered that thought for a second as Hecatia released her grip and opened up the window. 

"So my personal preference in what I enjoy should be the centrepiece for this room?" she said and tucked her fingers beneath her chin, not taking her eyes off of the goddess. 

"Yeah, that's it" Hecatia nodded and noticed how intently Junko was peering down at her, "Something wrong babe?". 

"I believe you will have to remain in this room because as far as things go in terms of what I enjoy other than my grudge against Chang'e, being in your presence takes priority to even that". 

The hell goddess felt all three of her versions swoon at Junko's words that were spoken with such conviction. It took a lot to get the eccentric woman to blush in the way that she was but Hecatia always became as uncoordinated as her outfit choice when it came to Junko. 

"Understandably, I cannot keep you here at all times as you have several dimensions to run.." Junko continued without noticing the mess Hecatia was becoming till the redhead lunged forward and wrapped her arms behind her neck. 

"Hecatia!" she divine spirit exclaimed, worried that she might have said something wrong till she felt the heat on the redhead's cheek against her own, "What is it?". 

The goddess mumbled in an incoherent way and stretched up so that she could hold Junko tighter. 

"Forgive me for I did not quite understand that". 

She heard Hecatia chuckle and was relieved at the sound, her worries of having had upset her calming down. Her arms rested on the woman's waist as she held her till the goddess could get her bearings together. Her reaction was unexpected and Junko was curious to know what she had said to elicit such an endearing action from her. 

"Junko.." Hecatia said softly and moved her head back to stare up into Junko's eyes, "Do you know what the most important part about redecorating is when moving in with the one you love?". 

She had no idea as her one experience of moving homes was out of convenience though the addition of her son made up for that. 

"I cannot say that I do" she replied, fixing Hecatia's hat that was slightly askew given the spontaneous hug. 

The hell goddesses hand climbed up and rested on Junko's face, a warm smile on her lips, "It's the process in building your home together with them. Finding the best decor and paint is fun but it is being able to choose together that makes it all worth while. You can have whatever you want in this room and house no matter how silly or outrageous it seems and it wouldn't really matter to me cause I'd love it either way. You wanna know why?".

It was Junko's turn to feel the effects of Hecatia's heartfelt words and gaze as she gulped before replying, "Why?". 

"Because I love you. Every single part of you, which is sayin something since there's like three of me to love" she laughed as Junko smiled at her.

"The sentiments are mutual, Hecatia & that does extend to all versions of yourself" she replied gently and closed her eyes momentarily under the goddesses' soft touch before opening them again, "I love you too". 

Junko had realised long ago, when meeting Hecatia, that the home she so desperately sought after the death of her son wasn't impossible to rebuild again. 

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Tojiko and Futo were sat across from each other as a pile of blocks, neatly constructed vertically rested on the table. Their eyes had a challenging glint in them, waiting for the other to make the first move, to see who would roll the ball & become the victorious participant in this challenge. 

It was not a format of fighting or bickering that they were used to but the method wasn't the issue, only who won was what mattered. 

"So, are you going to go first? You are the impulsive one after all". 

Futo scoffed and tapped her fingers on the table, "Do not mock me with your petty squabbles, Tojiko, you purchased so therefore it is your procession that will lead it".

Tojiko stifled a roll of her eyes at Futo's indignant tone and reasoning. The game in question was actually given to Miko by Mamizou as a 'peace offering' to bring them all 'closer' though she highly doubted that once the tanuki explained the rules of the Outside World game. 

Jenga was clearly created with the intended purpose of causing chaos and rifts amongst even the closest. 

Which wasn't a problem per se between Tojiko & Futo. 

But the spirit figured watching structures crash & theoretically burn down should keep the woman opposite her occupied for a while. 

"Very well" she sighed and removed the centre piece from the top of the stack. 

Futo followed suit and took a block out of the side on the lower half of the tower, "Only a coward plays it safe" she justified whilst shaking the piece at the ghost before placing it down. 

"And only a fool acts without thinking" she retorted with a small grin. 

Tojiko then went for another block at the centre of the stack, pushing the middle piece out towards Futo to collect it. She knew that whatever move she carried out, Futo would definitely try to unnecessarily one up her and do something more daring. 

As much as she wouldn't admit it, Futo's unpredictable nature kept things lively around the mausoleum, especially when it came to accidently messing up whenever Miko asked something of her because of her adoration. 

Even now, watching the way her steely eyes furrowed at the next action she is was contemplating humoured Tojiko to no extent. She on other hand was lot more lax about their rivalry and subtly got a kick out of winding Futo up. 

The removal of another piece snapped Tojiko out of her thoughts to see one missing from the lower half again. 

"Are you trying to end this with you losing?". 

Futo laughed in a patronising manner, "Oh? Could it be that you have recognised that it is I whom will succeed in this game?". 

The ghost could only tut in exaggerated annoyance at the futile taunting but decided to amp up the pressure on the tower in order to get Futo to topple it. 

That would help take down the ego a tad she hoped. 

"You wish you will win". 

And so started the speedy dismantling of the Jenga blocks, both women on their knees, or hovering in terms of the spirit and leaning over the table to pick apart the remaining rows. The tower started to sway more freely with each removal of the pieces as their eyes remained glued onto it. 

It was going to be a nail biting end as only two pieces would determine who would be the one to topple it over. 

Tentatively reaching out, the spirit ever so slowly pushed out a block that was precariously balancing on the right hand row that was barely supported as it was. It was a dangerous move that required her entire attention and watching Futo's grey eyes boring into the piece was rather distracting. 

Nevertheless, she managed to obtain the piece and placed it gently next to her, "That was rather nerve racking". 

"At least you managed it" Futo replied and eyed the tower wearily whilst figuring out which piece to go for. 

There seemed to be no safe option and Tojiko took some delight into seeing the woman fret. 

"Maybe if I..".

"Or perhaps if I take that block..".

"No no that won't work..".

"This is absurd!" Futo exhaled as her hand hovered over a block that was sticking out of the side, "They are all doomed to collapse!". 

"Such is life, Futo, such is life" Tojiko unhelpfully added just to get the other woman to squirm and glare at her. 

She really did have an endearing quality about her abrasive & impulsive tendencies the spirit thought. 

"Okay, here it goes" she whispered as her shaky hand edged towards the piece. 

This was it. If Futo didn't grasp the piece quickly, it was bound to fall which would leave Tojiko as the successful one. 

Not that a victory would be decided as Yoshika ploughed into the room, footsteps heavy whilst chasing a speck of fluff that had found its way into her vision. 


Before Tojiko or Futo could stop it, the tower plummeted onto the hard surface with a resounding clatter as Futo groaned at the mess. 


Tojiko concealed a laugh at Yoshika's oblivious behaviour whilst Futo cursed the jiang shi's negligent master. 

"That did not just happen!". 

"I guess it's a tie" the spirit declared and picked the piece from Yoshika's hand that she was just about to consume. 

"Ah but it was so close!" Futo replied, shaking her head though noticed that the woman opposite wasn't exactly annoyed as she was, "Such timing forsakes us from the result, how frustrating!". 

"Futo, calm down". 

"I am calm!". 

"Calm" Yoshika repeated and went about her way again, "Calm". 

Futo sighed and leaned forward on her elbows on the table as she started to clear up the pieces, "Well, I imagine a rematch must ensue another time, it is morally objective to leave such contests of skill and wit undecided. Maybe in a jiang shi free zone". 

"You take things way too seriously you know that?". 

"But of course, Tojiko! We cannot slip into the standards of those Buddhists & their way of living!". 

The ghost merely laughed and helped Futo compile the Jenga blocks and put them in the box 

Mamizou's attempt at thwarting the mausoleum's residents may not have been as disastrous as anticipated since the worst Tojiko would have to deal with was a pouting Futo, which she quite enjoyed seeing so it was a win for her. 


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They were down to the usage of two spell cards. 

Yukari had evaded both of Eirin's first two, as had the lunarian with the youkai's and now they were floating in the air whilst contemplating their next moves. The clearing near Eientei had seen many bouts from the residents as well as others, not just Mokou and Kaguya's usual sparring. 

"All those years of no combat have left you a little dusty, Eirin". 

The woman smiled mockingly at Yukari, "What can I say, you seemed to have enjoyed the theatrics of the recent incident with those goddesses so naturally, as someone who does not need to meddle as much like you, I do not feel the need to fight as often". 

"I did offer for you to pair up with me" Yukari replied and folded her arms across her chest and feigned disappointment, "That celestial was a pain to work with". 

Every now and then, the two sages would engage in a practice danmaku fight for the fun of it and when these moment occurred, all of Gensokyo knew about it. 

It was hard to discreetly have these battles considering the sheer amount of energy and power both women exuded and nobody wanted to miss the chance of seeing the couple fight. 

Which explained why Aya and Hatate were zipping around faster than anyone had ever seen them. 

"I could be mistaken but I thought dealing with Tenshi was your favourite past time?". 

"Oh please" Yukari muttered and tried to conceal her humour when said celestial, who was perched on a keystone shook her fist towards her. 

The entertaining trash talking was something that completed the package, bringing back nostalgic feelings of when the insults were well intended unlike now. 

Eirin readied her stance and flew further back which caught the blonde off guard, "Enough small talk. If you demand a more interesting match, I would be happy to deliver that to you".

Yukari glanced up and noticed Eirin's third spell card forming, the lunarian's hand going above as she smirked. She would've been worried that maybe this one would be excessive but if there was someone who could escape it relatively unscathed, it was her gap dweller. 

'Awakened God: 'Memories Of The Age Of Gods'.

The stream of lasers and bullets hammered down in the youkai's direction as she raced backwards & quickly opened up a gap. Where she revealed herself from the gap would be the test as Eirin's attack covered the entire vicinity of where Yukari could exit from. Solid beams of striking blue and vivid red blended with an intense white light lit up the night sky whilst everyone watching from the side-line gazed on. 

Reimu almost felt bad for Yukari, shaking her head at the monstrosity that Eirin could summon with her spells. It was a reminder at what Yorihime was capable of too and the loss she suffered at her hands. 

As the light show continued, Yukari appeared higher up from where Eirin was hovering. She seemed unscathed and as smug as ever. 

"Not bad!" she raised her voice over the dwindling sounds of the attack coming to an end, "But not good enough!". 

The lunarian sage sped up to intercept whatever move Yukari was planning and she knew she'd have to move fast when she saw the tell tale signs of a much feared spell card. 

'Border Sign: Quadruple Barrier'.

Yukari grinned when she saw the familiarity of Eirin recognising the spell card as one used during the Imperishable Night incident,  watching as the lunarian was quick to try and avoid the blinding firepower behind the attack. 

The stream of eclectic colours and bullets spiralled out which Eirin moved through and around in a bid to get some leverage to shield herself from the more intricate parts of the bomb. 

She breathed sharply under her breath whilst grazing Yukari's spell, sometimes cutting it close enough for the bullets to zip past and collide with her skin which resulted in leaving numerous cuts. Knowing that she had to act fast, Eirin flew around to find a blind spot in order to ready her next move. 

A gap tunnel had opened behind the youkai and to not give Yukari a chance to escape into it, Eirin set off her final attack. 

'Esoterica: Astronomical Entombing'.

However, with bad luck and misplaced timing, Yukari reappeared out of her gap without realising that Eirin had only just initiated the spell card. The onslaught was instantaneous as the full barrage of the attack hit her directly. Her eyes went wide for a fraction of a second as she heard Eirin yell out and the gasps of everyone else around them. 

The usage of the spells may be non lethal but that did not mean it wouldn't hurt and as she plummeted from the sky, she felt the glowing bullets impact her one by one.

Just as quickly the speed of the attack hit her, Yukari felt the bullets come to a halt whilst a body tackled her away from the hit zone. 

Yukari felt arms tightened around her waist while she was held up fully by whoever had intercepted and she opened her eyes to see a silver braid fluttering behind them as they floated in the air. 

It was Eirin that had dashed in front of her own attack as quickly as possible to catch the falling youkai and move her to safety. The second she realised that Yukari was going to reappear at the centre of the spell card, the lunarian had acted right off the bat to get to her. It was for that reason that Yukari had managed to escape the severity of the impact and so was Eirin relieved considering how fast the woman's heart was pounding against her own chest. 

"Yukari, are you alright?" Eirin questioned into her ear and sighed in relief when she felt Yukari reciprocate her hold on her, clinging onto her shoulders. 

"Other than a wounded ego, I'll live" she responded and managed a laugh though her skin was stinging from where she was hit.

"Good because I would get a little lonely if I didn't have you to pester me" Eirin said with a chuckle and held the blonde tighter. 

They remained there for a moment, the rest of the spectators watching on in content, excitement and curiosity at the two sages locked in a hug in mid air with the haunting glow of the moon in the background. 

Kaguya & Reisen exchanged a pleasant glance at each other as they recalled the terror flashing in Eirin's mind and at how quickly she had reacted. 

It seemed that their mentor had truly acquired another reason to be thankful of their conflicted voyage to the tainted land that was earth. 

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Sanae and Rika were having a stroll through Gensokyo on one of their 'dates'.

It was hard to distinguish which one of their outings could be classed as that as both women were somewhat, oblivious, to the underlying connection that flittered between them. 

At least, that was until the discussion of mechanics, robotics and anime came up. 

Then the two became more overt; Sanae extra daring & Rika to be, well, Rika. 

"I wish I could've seen the schematics of this Hisoutensoku you speak of, it sounds like a dream every engineer in Gensokyo has!". 

"But probably not what any other person here wanted" Sanae chuckled weakly as she thought back to the towering but useless blockhead as Suwako called it, "I guess we're not as ready to bring robots to life yet". 

"Well with that kind of thinking it won't happen" Rika replied and looked at Sanae, "The first person to figure out how to use electricity to make things move didn't work it out by saying that did they?" she smiled. 

Rika's enthusiasm for her craft was positively infectious and Sanae couldn't help but to agree. 

"I guess and seeing Hisoutensoku was pretty neat even if it couldn't do much" Sanae said and waved at some fairies that passed them, "It was like every mecha anime I watched come to life!". 

"Exactly!" the brunette exclaimed with stars in her eyes and waved a hand in front of them, "Think about what we could create with my skills & your link to the goddess that created Hisoutensoku, we could make something even more functioning! Anime wouldn't have to be a fantasy anymore". 

The idea was so alluring to Sanae and she could see Rika's vision panning out in her own mind. Maybe they could retrieve some advice from Eirin who they were going to see as the brunette wanted to meet 'another' genius like herself. She knew Nitori and the other kappa would be on board so maybe creating a fully functioning robot wasn't out of the question any more. 

"I do have a question though" Rika mumbled and watched her step on the crumbling path heading to the Bamboo Forest of The Lost, "What is anime?". 

"Don't worry, once we get back to the shrine, I, Sanae Kochiya, on behalf of the Outside World will teach you everything you need to know about it" she said with gusto. 

"I am thoroughly looking forward to doing that and spending time with you". 

The words slipped out of Rika's mouth before she could even comprehend what she was saying,  Sanae seemingly slightly startled to begin with but then broke out into a wide smile.

"That is the best way to enjoy watching it you know, with good company". 

Rika stuttered, trying to force her blush down, "I-is that so?". 

"Totally!" Sanae reassured. 

Rika appreciated the living goddesses’ upbeat and larger than life nature which helped calm her nerves around her. 

"By the way, I'm getting a real negative presence from your friend that is tailing us" Sanae whispered and glanced back at said friend. 

Rika laughed and patted Sanae's back to reassure her that the evil eye wouldn't harm her. 

"It is but a precaution, Sanae, do not worry for it will not attack you". 

"So uhm, who is it meant to attack? ". 

"That pesky shrine maiden" Rika replied with a sour tone but decided to let it go when the half goddess gave her a confused but cute stare, "Anyway, so you say I'll get a chance to see Hisoutensoku sometime soon? It would help to start the plan to create our own after all". 

Sanae perked up and nodded her head, "You sure will if you stick around. There should be another bazaar being held soon and I'm sure I can get Lady Suwako to create another one but for the time being.."  she trailed off and rummaged through the small bag she carried with her, "This should do for now". 

She stopped and faced the curious engineer who watched the woman as she stuck her hand out, a small item in her palm. 

"For you, I hope you like it" Sanae grinned as Rika went wide eyed for a moment and took the gift in her hand. 

"For me?". 

She held the miniature figure of what she knew was Hisoutensoku given Sanae's description of it. The model was finely created, the artwork precise enough to give it a realistic look and the stand it was on perfectly accommodating it. Rika was at a loss for words when Sanae nodded and placed her hands behind her back. 

"I love it, Sanae. You really didn't need to but thank you so much!" she replied and flung her arms around the goddesses' shoulders to pull her into a hug, "It is perfect!". 

"Aw you're so welcome!" Sanae replied, ecstatic that the engineer was delighted with it and hugged her back. 

The duo pulled away without letting each other go, both wearing smiles and still stood close enough. 

Playing with the figure in her hand to elevate her shyness at the sudden scenario, Rika realised how thrilled she was that she'd met Sanae at one of the Moriya Shrine's parties and how they hit it off right away. It felt good to be able to have someone understand her and what she does and that connection led to meeting many others like herself.  

She was about to say something as marvelling at the goddesses’ eyes was making her feel flushed with a fresh set of butterflies rampaging through her stomach; but the woman turned her face away. 

Sanae had glimpsed a shadow appear in her peripheral vision, the part that wasn't occupied in taking in Rika's gorgeous eyes. She turned her head slightly, Rika following her gaze and both of their jaws went slack at what they assumed they were seeing. 

On the horizon leading to the forest, a mist had settled that gave a clear outline of a shadow. 

An extremely large shadow. 

A humanoid shaped shadow. 

"You don't think?" Rika said in a low voice. 

Sanae took the woman's hand and grinned, "Only one way to find out!". 

And off they went on a journey to resolve the mystery of the second looming shadow reigning over Gensokyo. 

Unfortunately, it was only the remnants of one of Eirin's shady drugs on Alice's dolls; but they don't have to know that do they?

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Outside of the shrine, the rain hammered down on the roof top to create a somewhat soothing yet hypnotic tone. Reimu thought it was quite the soundtrack to enjoy from being in the warmth of both the building & Meira on top of her. 

Her mouth felt ablaze with the way the woman's tongue was working its way over her own; lazily stroking along as the samurai's fingers moved within her at a similar pace. 

She sunk her nails into Meira's firm but soft back, the skin gently moulding to the shape whilst they dug in. It was to cope with not wanting the woman anywhere that she couldn't grasp onto her, being afraid to let go just in case she disappeared again. 

Meira understood, shivering at the way Reimu's legs were wrapped tightly around her lower back which trapped her hand between their bodies. She released the brunette's tongue as Reimu's head landed onto the pillow with a satisfied murmur of her name.

Hearing the breathless whisper of her voice and her lips part, revealing the redness made Meira herself groan out, "Reimu..". It was a sight she wanted to see often whenever time would allow it, she wanted to shower the younger woman with so much well deserved reprieve & it was something Meira swore by. 

A gasp came out in response from Reimu whilst her body tensed up at the smooth motion of Meira's fingers stroking her where she needed it. 

"I love you". 

The low tone from Meira saying that sent further jolts up Reimu's drenched body, a hand twirling itself in the purple tresses and her other hand still marking her lover up out of pure pleasure. She felt the samurai pant out before kissing her way down her throat and then up to the side of her neck, lingering on the skin beneath her earlobe and repeating herself. 

"I love you, do you know that?".

Reimu wanted to say yes, no, she wanted to scream it over and over just like she had been doing since they turned in for the night; passion simmering between whilst trying to lull each other into sleep. She couldn't get enough of Meira being with her and she knew even if nothing came about in terms of a relationship, Reimu would have been content with just being able to see her first love. 

But their emotions were more than simply mutual & thinking about this incredible woman working her over, making her drip like a faucet was overwhelming. She'd happily adhere to whatever Meira asked of her because she had given her something that Reimu didn't believe she would find between defending Gensokyo & trying to live a relatively normal life. 

A chance at a real relationship rather than watching the ones she'd secretly envy of all those around her because it always seemed so out of reach for herself. 

She knew Meira was in love with her

An honest and tangible kind of love that made Reimu's heart turn whenever she heard it.

She knew & she felt the same. 

Reimu's head went back as she managed a choked reply of, "Yes!", her body shaking with each speedy thrust of Meira's slick thumb twirling fervently on her sensitive spot. Reimu couldn't help raising her body to hit Meira's taut stomach, pushing herself harder onto her lover as the samurai licked every inch of Reimu's throat. 

Meira felt Reimu tightening around her fingers as the muscle above continued to harden under her thumb. She knew the brunette had definitely exhausted herself during their love making and the intensity of Reimu's desire didn't seem to be slowing. Lifting her head up, the older woman watched Reimu struggle to breath, waves of pleasure so beautifully painted onto her features and she felt mesmerised for a moment, dropping her speed before Reimu whimpered lightly. 

Though her own body was sore from the gripping and scratching, Meira found more pride in being able to get Reimu in that state than the wounds she'd acquire whenever she fought against enemies. There was something entirely different about loving the one you'd sheath your sword for and being able to satisfy her to a point where the burden of her duties as the defender of an entire land can be forgotten about briefly. 

She sought to be the one to remove the strain from the brunette's shoulders; be it with simple actions like holding her through the night, waking her up with a kiss to loving her from the inside out like now. 

And as Meira met Reimu's outstretched hand above her head and held it down gently with her own hand that wasn't making her lover wither, she watched on lovingly when she felt the brunette become rigid and let go. 

To be caught in the moment, being the one to admire the way the younger woman's face contorted sensually to accommodate the rush of adrenalin pumping through her body was enough to stir Meira. It was the way Reimu's teeth clenched shut, the rosy tint on her cheeks, her forehead glistening with sweat, her hair strewn all over the pillow; Meira felt honoured to be able to witness it. 

Honoured to feel the very essence of Reimu seeping down her fingers and onto the futon, to withstand the shaky tugs to her hair along with the vice like hold the brunette had around her body. 

All of it was stimulation for the samurai and it still amazed her how seeing the one you were helplessly in love with revel in the joy you were providing her. 

As Reimu came back down to earth with her eyes slowly opening, a half smile that could be seen whilst she inhaled heavily and her body still keeping Meira inside her, the older woman felt herself falling further in love. 

Something she didn't think was possible but with someone like Reimu who was responsible for unearthing Meira's own feelings and so unintentionally, she realised it wasn't that hard to comprehend. 

Her heart felt full yet content at knowing that she will be able to live out the rest of her life living & fighting alongside Reimu when need be, loving her through both the tremulous of times & the joyous. 

That, for Meira, was more than anything she could have asked for since her return to Gensokyo. 

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"You know, I think I should've picked somewhere to go instead". 

"Oh c'mon Reimu, don't you wanna explore this place a little? You said you wanted to kill time so here we are" Marisa stated over dramatically though Reimu's frown was not shifting. 


"Yes, kill time. Not almost get killed again!" the brunette yelled back. 

"Don't worry, we can handle it" Marisa said as she tried to calm Reimu down and stepped ahead of her to look in each direction, "If those stage bosses come back, they know they stand no chance". 

Reimu sighed and started to follow the blonde when she walked on. Having had been aware of Marisa's impulsiveness by now, she should have known better than to led her lead. 

"We're not heading back to that mansion are we? I know I said I wanted to fight Yuuka again but I didn't mean this quickly". 

"Nah we're not heading there, I'm not that crazy" Marisa grinned back at Reimu who caught up to her, "Yuuka was fun though, I'll give her that". 

"For a youkai that was half asleep when we fought her". 

"Think we'll ever see her again?". 

"Who knows" Reimu replied with nowhere near as much interest in Yuuka as Marisa was showing, "It is Gensokyo and she likes flowers, it could happen. Like some sort of incident where flowers are blooming out of season perhaps? What's your sudden obsession with her anyway?" she questioned. 

"Ah you know me, I like strong opponents! And she reminds me of Miss Mima". 

"Both being slightly crazy?" Reimu snickered under her breath though Marisa just stuck her tongue out at her. 

"It's part of bein powerful ya know". 

"What, being crazy?". 

The magician nodded and took in a deep breath then exhaling out contently, "Yeah, like that expression of being two peas in a pod or something".

Reimu thought for a moment and kept an eye on the blonde as subtly as she could. It was certainly a Marisa like way of thinking and their battle in the mansion proved that the magician thrived off of high octane energy and power. 

She was the same in some sense. 

"Are we like two peas in a pod too?".

They slowed their pace whilst walking past the mansion, no Elly in sight as Marisa contemplated the shrine maiden's question. 

"Do you think we are?". 

"I don't know, that's why I asked you obviously" Reimu replied with exaggerated annoyance though it was merely a tactic to evade the other girl's explorative look. 

"Let's see, we both like exterminating youkai" Maria marked off with one finger. 

Reimu scoffed, "Which you should not be doing. It is dangerous".

"Hey, I like to think I can hold my ground. You saw how much stronger I've become since the last time we fought, ya gotta admit that".

Thinking back to the encounter in the mansion and the ferocity of Marisa's attacks, Reimu did have to commend her on her improvement to be able to wield such energy. That being said, the firepower didn't replace the obvious weaknesses in her moves which Reimu would point out later when they trained. 

"Alright, what else?". 

"We both love food but don't get enough of it". 

"That's true enough" Reimu laughed quietly, "Anything else?". 

The blonde gauged Reimu's features that were focusing on her and it clicked in her mind what was so similar about them. What would make them a good team. Why, despite their differences, they understood each other more than anyone else had ever done. 

"I guess we kinda know how it feels to grow up the way we did you know? No real family, friends, always bein alone" she spoke up and stared ahead, "We work on getting stronger for different reasons obviously but I think it helps us stay in reality. At least it used to before we met cause we didn't know each other to do stuff like this, hanging out". 

Reimu felt the mutuality of what Marisa had said and it hit the nail on the head in terms of why she liked having the magician around even if she was annoying. She'd never experienced such ties of friendship before but with Marisa, it appeared so naturally. 

Well, as naturally as it could occur when said magician's mentor was trying to take over Gensokyo. 

"So we're not just two peas in some pod, we're pretty badass peas" Marisa said enthusiastically and hopped on her broom as emphasis. 

"There could be worse things than being stuck in a pod with you I guess" Reimu tried playing off even though Marisa saw through the act. 

She couldn't agree more with the sentiments either. 

Reimu stopped when she realised something, "Marisa, is this place changing or is it just me?". 

It was not the brunette's imagination. 

Marisa gulped, "Uh oh, I think we're gonna have to continue this heart to heart for some other time".


*Girls are fighting weird and random enemies*


"Wait, where the hell are we now?!".

The blood red landscape had warped into a purple setting, stray stars dotting the sky, if it could be called that and black flooring. 

A bout of disorientation was felt within the two girls as the full change of the scenery went into effect. 

Reimu glared at Marisa in a way which the magician knew that that, was the wrong thing to say. 

"I don't know, Marisa, where are we? Is this your idea of a date?". 

"What?! A-a date?! Now hold on a second.. ". 

The magician tried to formulate something to appease Reimu after their troublesome excursion that didn't seem to end but what the two didn't know was that it had only just begun. 

"Give a girl some credit, if I knew this was a date I'd take you somewhere else but maybe we can talk about this later?" she tried to reason whilst keeping an eye on her surrounding, "Listen, Reimu, those were some tough enemies. And there's someone here?!". 

The peaceful moment was over and Marisa was slightly dejected by that but she didn't have time to think of it as there indeed was somebody else there with them. 

Somebody who was not at all pleased with the duo's intrusion. 

Their eyes locked on ahead as a woman in a blue maids outfit with blonde hair and yellow eyes appeared before them. 

"Who might you be?". 

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The silver glare of Luna illuminated Eirin and Kaguya's room, the Princess resting her head on Eirin's bare thigh where her robe had rode up. 

Sat up and nursing a drink as her other hand brushed aside Kaguya's lustrous dark hair in order to run her warm palm around her upper back, Eirin kept her eyes on her lover and admired these much needed moments. 

A moment where Kaguya seemed the most at ease. 

More herself. 

More content. 

More alive. 

Especially when nights like these burned hard within their memories of a time where they were separated. 

"How long ago was it that I had to come here without you?". 

Eirin smiled whilst dragging the back of her knuckles down Kaguya's shoulder that wasn't hidden beneath the blanket, "Are you forgetting, Princess?".

She felt Kaguya reciprocate the smile, her lips pressing against her thigh and her arms increasing their hold around her waist. 

"Maybe I am testing your memory, Eirin".

"Of course" the sage humoured and concealed the tingle hammering up her spine at the gentle kiss, "It has been long enough to numb the sensation of that time but not quite as long to ever forget it". 


"I have a feeling that it is something I won't forget regardless of our lifespans. There are certain expressions I have never seen on your face that you made that night make a reappearance". 

Eirin thought about Kaguya's wording, how the memories still pained her at being sent away. 

She knew it wasn't the imprisonment that bothered the Princess, it was more of being away from herself where the feeling of guilt and hurt remained. 

Trailing the tip of her finger down Kaguya's upper back where her spine started, Eirin replied, "There has not been a need for me to make such an expression after being reunited with you. I hope that is something that will not escape your mind but on the chance that it does, I shall be here to remind you. Please, allow any feelings of guilt to disappear because you know I wouldn't change a thing". 

Kaguya still seemed hesitant, her thumbs caressing the curve of Eirin's lower back beneath her robe, "I hardly gave you much of a choice in making the elixir".

Eirin bent forwarded as much as she could to place a kiss on Kaguya's shoulder blade before sitting back up, "You did, quite clearly you gave me a choice which I took". 

"Because you felt like it was a part of your duty to do so".

"Kaguya, my expectations and commitment to your family and lunarian society have nothing to do with what I was willing to do for you" Eirin said a bit more firmly as Kaguya lifted her body up and crawled into her lap, "Please understand that".

"You are lying to me, Eirin". 

A hard gaze settled in the Princess's eyes, her hands on Eirin's face with slight pressure. 

"You're saying what you think I want to hear". 

Eirin gripped Kaguya bare hips, holding the woman's defiant gaze. She was expecting this, expecting the guilt to pour out in aggression and denial. It had calmed down over the years but the need to be told that it wasn't her fault was something Kaguya couldn't voice properly. 

"I am telling you what I know is the truth. I love you, there isn't much I wouldn't have done for you. No, there is nothing I would not have done for you". 

She saw Kaguya's lip tremble but the furrow between her brows was still there so she slid down the fingers of one of her hands over the Princess's stomach, her other holding her tight. 

"Why can't you be angry at me!?". 

Kaguya's raised voice matched the grip of her hands on the sage's face. She wanted to continue but felt Eirin's warm digits scrape down her naval, down the curve of her mound and then slide inside of her. The softness in Eirin's blue eyes never faltered, Kaguya noticed, as her palm kneaded her clit simultaneous with her two fingers inside. 

Eirin leaned forward and kissed her before Kaguya's conscious drove her insane. She needed to convey in every way possible that the decisions she made were her own, that Kaguya in no way coerced her. Eirin needed for her conflicted lover to know that there would never be a time she would turn her back on her as she twirled her fingers between the wetness harder, feeling the Princess squeeze against them. 

Kaguya pulled her mouth away and latched onto Eirin's neck with her arms whilst working her hips at the same time. 

"I corrupted you". 

Eirin's fingers curled up hard to hit the area that was the bottom of Kaguya's clit. 


Kaguya's speech didn't stop. 


"I made you create the elixir". 

The gushing liquid streamed over Eirin's palm as Kaguya gripped her shoulders with both hands and shivered violently. 


She kept talking, more of a stutter now. 


"I made you turn your back on a society you created with your mind and hands".

Shaking her head and not breaking eye contact, Eirin bit down on Kaguya's lips, her fingers exiting the warm walls that strove to keep her inside. 


Kaguya pulled back harshly, her lip now bleeding after the tug. 


"I made you kill those emissaries". 

Eirin replied adamantly and simply again, her thumb taking over the circular movements her palm was doing to get Kaguya to the full peaks of coming undone. She had to make her understand. 


The Princess was breathing erratically, struggling to stay upright as her body felt weakened & stiff at the same time. 


"I made you leave everyone you knew. My cousins who adored you, Sagume, everyone". 

That couldn't be further from the truth for Eirin and she denied it again but this time a smile came through after she gasped. In reality, Eirin hadn't left anyone and the one she couldn't live without was there with her which was why she smiled into the lunarian's lips again. 


She increased the speed of her thumb till she felt the hard nub tightened to the fullest and allowed Kaguya to come mercilessly. The woman was barely able to keep from thrashing as she stood on her knees and clutched Eirin's head against her chest and felt the warm liquid trickle down her thighs and onto the sage's stomach. 

The thudding of Kaguya's heartbeat echoed into Eirin's ear as she held onto her securely whilst the sensation passed and the woman went limp in her arms. Her thumb remained in place, gently soothing the spot down whilst kissing the Princess's heated neck and spoke up. 

One clear sentence that she said every year because she knew it would hit the lunarian where she needed to break the chains holding her conscious. 

"No, Kaguya, I did it all because I love you and I would do it again for you. Nothing will change that, no matter how much time passes".

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Narumi was heading to Alice's house and appeared to be as calm as one can be. 

At least to the eyes of those on the outside this would appear to be the case however, she was an absolute nervous wreck on the inside. 

A blend of excitement, anticipation & apprehension whirled around within her mind at the idea of spending more time with the reclusive yet friendly magician. Time that got her through her days or weeks, just waiting till the moment she would be back in the company of someone she now needed to see as often as possible. 

Narumi had no idea why she still felt this way considering that this wasn't really the first time they were meeting. 

"It's just Alice I am seeing. We're going to talk and have tea and be in each other's company as we normally do. There is no need to feel like this, Narumi, stop making yourself panic!". 

The internal pep talk she had started since leaving her home was working slightly. 

"See, nothing at all to stress about!". 

Sometimes she felt it was much more easier being a statue and missed those moments. But that thought would only last a glimpse of a second when she realised that if she remained as a jizo, the opportunity to be around and talk to Alice would be non-existent. 

After the incident caused by Okina, Narumi had met so many wonderful people that she had seen and heard in her previous form but now, now she got to communicate with them. She got to enjoy their company as an actual being and she knew she'd never want to give that up. 

Alice's presence, along with Marisa's, was one she picked up on often which was expected considering that they were the only living beings to reside in the forest. So finally being able to engage in meeting them, especially Alice was a sensational experience. 

She neared the blonde's house with those reassuring thoughts calming the storm in her mind and took a deep breath. 

"It's only Alice". 

Tightening the grip on the basket filled with goods in her hand, she lifted the other one up and knocked gently but firmly on the door. 

Narumi didn't have to wait long as the door opened and there stood the puppeteer with Shanghai hovering near her. 

"Just, beautiful, kind, sweet and welcoming Alice" she groaned internally. 

No matter how many times she saw her, Narumi was floored by how Alice was the pinnacle of perfection; as if she was the one carved out of stone in such a delicate and precise way to ensure that everything was as it should be. She was left speechless and dazed every time those deep blue eyes met her own red ones. 

"Good afternoon, Narumi". 

The tinge of amusement in the magician's voice shook Narumi out of her daze, shifting her foot slightly and glancing down to gather her melting mind & tried to formulate a coherent response. 

"Hello, Alice, thank you for having me over" she replied with a smile, pleased with herself for managing that, "Nailed it!". 

"It's my pleasure, please, come in". 

"Thank you". 

Shanghai fluttered over to Narumi as she closed the door and gave a cute little bow to her. 

The dolls that Alice had was one of the aspects that fascinated Narumi and she loved interacting with them all. In a sense, they were miniature versions of the magician which made them much more enjoyable to have everywhere. 

"How are you?" Alice asked as Narumi passed her hat and scarf which she hung up on a door before leading her to the living room, "I hope your walk here wasn't a problem". 

"Oh it was all fine thank you. I think I've become used to navigating my way around now'. 

"That's good, though, I was worried a certain pest would have bothered you on your way" the blonde replied as she stood in front of Narumi. 

She couldn't help but to giggle at said pest that was always curious to know why she was going to Alice's house. Marisa was nothing if not curios at times. 

"Marisa seemed occupied today so luckily she won't be disrupting us" Narumi said and handed Alice the basket, "I made these for you. I hope you like them".

Alice took the basket, her fingers brushing against Narumi's as she peeked inside to see the assortment of cakes and pastries that looked delicious. 

"Thank you, I can't wait to try them. Let's go through shall we?". 

Following Alice, Narumi went into the warmly lit living room to see the table all prepared with freshly brewed tea and a whole host of other delicacies that were created beautifully. 

Stacks of cakes, sandwiches and tarts were layered on dishes with a variety of flavours. The table set out was flawless and accentuated the tea set that was comprised up of gorgeous pearly white cups and saucers. Sugar, tea, milk; these basic items were placed in finely constructed bowls that made it look regal which boasted Alice's attention to detail. 

The creativity of such a simple occasion was enhanced by Alice's eyes to the most miniscule and finite attributes that helped to seal together the aesthetics of the table. 

Though she was quite proficient in cooking considering being a jizo statue for so long, Narumi continuously marvelled at how skilled Alice was in every creation. 

But that wasn't a surprise when she considered how much time and effort the blonde put into making her dolls so it seemed normal for Alice to put that much effort into everything she did. 

It was always like this and yet, Narumi was always in awe every time. 

"Alice, all of this is..".

"Is it too much? I, I just wanted to make sure that you could relax and enjoy yourself and that there was plenty of-". 

Narumi smiled at how Alice was bumbling on and put a hand on the magician's shoulder to ease her stressing. It was comforting to know she wasn't the only one who was nervous. 

"It's wonderful, Alice and I appreciate it so much. You really didn't have to go through so much trouble for me, as you always do". 

"I don't mind. I really enjoy having you here's the least I can do". 

Narumi stepped forward and lowered her hand with Alice taking the initiative and linking her fingers with the other woman's. 

"It makes me happy to hear that as the feeling is mutual. Spending time with you like this is one of things I look most forward to".

In truth, the magician was much more apprehensive when it came to her people skills so knowing that Narumi said & meant that was a burden off of Alice's shoulders. Granted she wasn't as isolated as she was when she first arrived in Gensokyo, the blonde did have doubts when meeting people still so when Narumi took the first steps in getting acquainted, she was more than relieved to follow. 

Narumi's aura was so tender, delicate even and Alice felt it regardless of if she was just talking or lightly holding her hand. There was something undeniably soothing about that. 

She gently squeezed the hand in her own and offered a warm smile that made Narumi falter internally. 

"Here's hoping to plenty more of these occasions then" Alice answered and led them to the table, pulling Narumi's chair out for her, "Please, have a seat". 

Happy to oblige, Narumi removed her hand from Alice's for now as the woman prepared a cup for her with light conversation setting the pace for the day. It felt natural, well paced and warm for her to be with Alice during moments like this. 

They could go on forever about the most simple things and yet they'd speak to each other with such attention and passion it sometimes seemed surreal for both. Gaining a bond like that with another person wasn't always easy to obtain but with them, it happened as easily as the sun would rise and set. 

With the tea flowing just as freely as their conversation and smiles were, Alice and Narumi would continue their routine in finding comfort in each other; a kind of comfort that two gentle souls could only seek out in each other. 

They talked, laughed, confided; without doubt and fear to restrict them from allowing their blossoming relationship to bloom.

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Gensokyo was bound to fall one day. 

Nothing remained the same. 

Certainly not for beings that had the extended lifespan like Eirin & Yukari. 

Sadly for Yukari, even hers was going to end one day and that time was now. 

The world had drastically changed around them. Most of humanity had  been wiped out given the impending nuclear war that had been ramped up by sociopathic leaders who thrived off of being megalomaniacs. 

They were the ones responsible for placing a noose around humankind's neck. 

Word had it that some survivors had salvaged and fought the aftermath of it and they were scattered around the world. It was up to them to rebuild humanity, making sure that the same mistakes would never be made again. 

Eirin would see to them and aid that herself. 

But that was the last thing on her mind as her watery eyes refused to blink until it became necessary. 

She was sat against the wall of the last home that was on the grave of where Gensokyo once stood, clutching onto Yukari against her chest. 

She was fading away and there was nothing she could do about it. 

Yukari's eyes fluttered open and the spark in them was dimming with every laboured breath she took. Her ear was pressed against Eirin's heart and for her, there was no other way she would have wanted to leave the world; right there in the arms of her beloved. 

Eirin's fingers were running through the blonde locks gently as she took everything in. 

This would be the last time she would ever get to touch her. 


It would be the last time she would hear her voice, saying her name with so much love in each word. 

"Yes? Is there something you need, Yukari?" Eirin eagerly responded after biting down the urge to cry. 

Yukari smiled and lifted a shaky hand up to her lover's grief stricken face. She gently stroked Eirin's cheek, wiping away the tears that were dripping silently. 

"You know what to do now, don't you?". 

"I do not want to think about that, I don't want to think about anything other than you right now" she said in a strained voice and sunk her cheek against Yukari's cool palm, "Everything else can wait. I just, I need you to hold on for me, please". 

"Well, to be fair, I have postponed my death for you for as long as possible you know" the blonde managed to tease, her heart-breaking at the sight of the crumbling lunarian, "I would do so for much longer but even I have my limits. Listen...". 

Eirin shook her head and increased some pressure on her palm that was within Yukari's hair. She didn't want to hear it, she didn't want to hear of Yukari talking about herself in the past tense. Not when she was still alive and in her arms.

Not when they had a few more minutes left. 

"I love you" Yukari went on and brought her face up, her breath kissing Eirin's face, "I won't be able to go until I know that you will be alright and you'll do what you need to do in order to create a new world. One where youkai and humans can be born again. I, I need to know that you will be happy". 

Eirin scoffed and kissed the palm on her face after a throaty laugh escaped, "I can only promise one half of what you ask". 


"After everything we have lived through" Eirin whispered, "I am not entirely sure how one moves on from that. Humans aren't the only ones that know what sentimentality is. We have lost everyone that we have loved and now, you, you are going to leave me too. I can't assure happiness will flow as blissfully as it did without you around. A world will be reborn and I promise that things will be different, human thought process especially. But please do not ask of me to tuck you to the back of mind, I cannot and will not do so". 

"You are still so stubborn thousands of years later" Yukari chuckled whilst trailing her hand down Eirin's face and to her neck, "One of the many things I love about you of course". 

She lifted herself up with Eirin's help till she was sat on her lap, gently leaning in to kiss her. Both her arms wrapped behind the other woman's head and pulled her in closer, just wanting to feel every inch of her as the final moment approached. The kiss was gentle though passionate enough to set ablaze the world again due to their soft, tear stained lips cementing everything they've ever felt for each other. 

Everything they'd never get to convey again. 

The youkai pulled away slowly and kept her face near her lover's, "I know you can't promise me that, Eirin, but please don't turn away any opportunity that happiness does come around. You won't be alone, that is reprieve enough for me but I know you and how engulfed you can become in your silent struggles.  If there is one thing we have both learnt throughout our lifetime together, it is knowing when to move past the consequences of a long lived life. Do you understand, sweetheart?". 

Eirin clamped her eyes shut and nodded whilst swallowing down the lump in her throat. 

It took a good few hundred years for them all to come to terms with the downfall of Gensokyo and everything in it prior to the nuclear war. 

She knew this would be different but she understood where her lover was coming from. 

Living in grief accomplished nothing. 

Feeling Yukari's lips lingering against hers again, Eirin said, "I love you" between each kiss, over and over again. 

The words were strained with fear and pain as she continued her flurry of kisses, holding onto Yukari's waist a little tighter. She couldn't let go, she did not know how and she didn't want to learn how. 

Yukari would always be with her in some form or another but she will no longer be able to keep her in her arms like this. 

The thought made the lunarian feel nauseous, that feeling being washed away by each swipe of the youkai's mouth against hers along with her digits caressing her face and neck. 

Eirin could only lose herself in Yukari's living presence for however much longer they had together, savouring her like she was the last drop of water on earth. 

But the drought had finally reached her when Yukari whimpered. 

An otherworldly glow could be sensed by the lunarian but she refused to open her eyes, knowing what was about to happen. 

"No, not now" Eirin breathed out before taking her lover's lips between hers again. 

A hand rested on Yukari's face, the other wrapped possessively around the blonde's waist. 

She groaned again with each break of their kiss, "". 

Yukari's hands gripped the back of the lunarian's neck, a shudder encompassing her as a feeling of airiness enveloped her body. 

She smiled through her tears after placing her fading fingertips on Eirin's face, "I have to go, Eirin". 

"Just a moment longer, please, stay with me".

Finally opening her eyes, the striking violet hue covering Yukari might as well have been a curtain of black swallowing her. The youkai's face paled as transparency took over her beautiful features, her eyes close to shutting forever. Her simple purple dress, the outfit she would pass in, Eirin clutched onto with her other hand in a bid to try anything to keep Yukari from disappearing. 

"Please, Yukari!". 

"Hey, look at me" the blonde stated softly and naturally, as if she wasn't about to die, "I love you so much. Now I, I had no intention of being this soft.." she laughed and brushed her nose against the lunarian's, "But I could never help that with you. You made my life much more fascinating, you made me understand the joys of life's simple pleasures but most importantly, you made me realise that living each day, with you, was what defined happiness for me. You did that, Eirin, and I hope I did the same for you". 

"Of course you did but it isn't enough for me!" Eirin replied with exasperation, "I still need you here!". 

"I will be, believe it or not. You'll know I'm around when you feel that slightly irritating breath on your ear. Or when you find something from your lab misplaced. Or when you sleep and see me in your dreams" Yukari reassured, "As long as you don't consume yourself in grief, I won't be far away".

Willing herself to calm down for a minute as more of Yukari faded away, Eirin captured her eyes and lips after saying, "Don't you dare go back on your word to me if that is the case. I love you, Yukari" and smiled against her cold lips once more in an earth shattering kiss that joined her lover within her heart forever. 

"I love you too, Eirin". 

Before Yukari could add anything else, she felt her mind being pulled away from Eirin and wished her love all the best with a final kiss. 

Something else was waiting for her on the other side. 


The lunarian's lap suddenly felt empty and her arms felt light. She pulled back to see that dashing smile pass Yukari's lips before a swirl of air whipped around the room, accompanied by various shades of purple lights that fizzled around. 


The touch on her face was gone before she could utter another word, her mouth parted as the last remnants of her lover disappeared before her very eyes. 

All of Eirin's tears flowed freely as her body shook and she slumped back onto the wall. 

No matter how many times she had thought this moment over, she could not have anticipated the crippling emptiness she felt now. 

Yukari disappearing seemed to have dragged her own soul away & she wasn't quite sure what to do but to stare at her arms that once held her lover as she cried.


Stood outside, Kaguya wept for her dear mentor as Mokou placed a comforting hand on her shoulder before going in to be by Eirin's side. 

There was nothing left for them here anymore. 

The last link to Gensokyo was gone

"Then there were three".

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In the Garden Of The Sun, the clash of a sword and parasol ricocheted around the space between the flowers with waves of air and the sounds of grunts merging with the landscape.

Any beings or fairies had scattered to a safer watching distance & they were probably wise to do so. 

Unless you were Cirno & preferred being in the hit zone then, that couldn't be helped much to Daiyousei's ever-growing frustration. 

It was Yuuka & Tenshi's weekly sparring session; something that was meant to be fun, relaxed and not lethal. 

However, both preferred the fun and relaxation to be of a slightly more lethal capacity hence the ferocious sparks filtering along the sky with each swing of their weapons. 

"Not bad, Tenshi. I see.." Yuuka strained for a second when the celestial hammered her sword down over her head just as she managed to bring her parasol horizontally to block it, " You have been practicing!". 

The celestial grinned and dashed down which led to her ramming into the woman & pushing her away before flying back. 

"Gotta keep up with you obviously!". 

She spun her sword around and quickly activated her spell card as Yuuka was still winded from the looks of it.

'Keystone: Kaname Funnel'. 

As expected, a cluster of keystones rained down from the sky and headed right towards the youkai who had managed to regain her balance to see the storm coming to entomb her. She was glad that Tenshi wasn't holding back on her despite it being a practice session as they preferred these high octane matches to get their blood pumping. 

She quickly flew over and around the keystones, hovering backwards when an abnormally large one almost landed on her. Managing to get a glimpse of Tenshi in her element with her sword stretched out above her, Yuuka tried to calculate where she could attack her lover from whilst dashing and jumping over the keystones as they surrounded her with a vicious wind. 

The grey storm appeared to be easing and with a quick jump from a keystone, Yuuka counteracted the attack with a burst of danmaku aiming right at Tenshi. 

Tenshi saw the blinding lights of the woman's danmaku heading right towards her and skimmed to the side to miss the barrage. 

"Hey, that's cheating!". 

"Nonsense, you let your guard down and I found an opening. I thought I taught you better".

Rather than evading Yuuka's next attack, Tenshi thrust right at her with a smirk on her lips & her sword in striking position. 

"Yeah well, the best form of defence is offence so take this!". 

Yuuka matched the celestial's momentum and charged at her, unleashing her flurry of well time strikes to deflect Tenshi's swordswoman skills. 

Electrical shades of sapphire and emerald dotted the sky once more as their near combat attack raged on, giving Gensokyo its very own light show. 

They clashed again, now face to face whilst pushing their sword & parasol hard against each other to see who could out match the other. With teeth gritting & their hands shoving their weapons back and forth, it become even more dangerous due to how close they came to slicing their necks. 

To further the worry, the glint in the youkai's red eyes was a cause for concern. 

If there was one thing that everyone knew about Yuuka, it was that she revelled in playing dirty. Tenshi knew that better than anyone else so when the woman executed her plan of action, she internally had to scold of herself for falling for it. 

"Hey, Tenshi?". 

"W-what?!" she tightly replied whilst feeling the grip on her sword fail. 

It marvelled her at how easily and calmly Yuuka was able to speak in such a moment. 

The youkai scooted her face in which led to her parasol overpowering Tenshi's sword. She was a breadth a part, their rapid exhales and inhales being felt on their lips when Yuuka spoke again. 

"You are rather beautiful". 

"Wait, wha-". 

In an impetuous move that followed her declaration, Yuuka closed the diminishing space between their lips with a lingering kiss. 

Tenshi's eyes were wide open and her body went limp, the feeling of her lover's spontaneous kiss melting her brain into whatever Cirno had in her head. 

She should've known Yuuka would pull a stunt like that & now she was helpless to only receive the ultimate beat down by the youkai.

Two hands pressed against her chest and propelled her down to the ground before she knew what was happening. Tenshi was more irked about the kiss ending than being shoved out of the sky, at least until she realised that that landing was going to hurt. 


The flower master giggled innocently and swooped down to follow the falling celestial. She wasn't quite done with her attack. 

Tenshi continued flying backwards till she tumbled onto the ground with a reverberating thud, "Dammit that hurt!" the celestial yelled but didn't get a chance to gather her bearings with the looming presence of Yuuka hovering over her. 

"Oh shit..".

Smiling a devious yet delectable smile, Yuuka took several slow steps whilst preparing her parasol and pointing it at the woman. 

"You look even more radiant when you're panicked like that" she chuckled warmly. 

"That was a low blow and you know it!" Tenshi replied whilst shuffling backwards.

"Perhaps, but in my defence, I was not lying about that statement, or this one". 

The white light protruding from the tip of the parasol blinded the celestial, her eyes shut as she readied herself for whatever pain Yuuka's attack was going to brand her in. 

And it came in a wave of soft, scent filled danmaku. 

"Huh?" Tenshi exhaled and dared to open her eyes to see that she was covered with beautiful lilies. 

Crisp, white and pure; Tenshi was surrounded with the flowers and confused as to what was going on and more importantly, where Yuuka was. 

She glanced up to find that she wasn't there and in a split second, a form pressed against her back with a breath coating her ear. 


Tenshi jumped up a few feet which was an impressive feat considering she was sat down on the ground still, "What’s with all of this!? How come you didn't danmaku the hell out of me?". 

"& hurt you? Now now Tenshi, you know I'd never do such a thing" she smiled, "Outside of the bedroom"  she added teasingly 

The celestial scoffed while looking around, "You are unbelievable" and sat back against the youkai's chest. 

"So I've been told. Well, do you like them?". 

"They're pretty but, lilies, really, Yuuka?" Tenshi remarked with a raised brow and a lily in her hand. 

There was only one connotation to the flower & Yuuka knew the celestial would get it. 

Yuuka wrapped her arms around Tenshi's waist and nuzzled into the crook of the woman's neck before adding a few more of the flowers over Tenshi's outstretched hand. 

"But of course. What better than beautiful yuri for my favourite celestial so that we can end up yuri'ing". 

Tenshi groaned in embarrassment and buried her heated face against Yuuka's cheek & could feel the woman grinning in pride at her pun, "We seriously need to work on your innuendos". 

"You loved it". 

"Just a bit" she drawled out and poked the youkai with her elbow, "Only cause you won this round, you get to make the bad puns". 

Yuuka laughed gently & hugged her tighter and continued blooming lilies by the dozen, enjoying the way Tenshi marveled at them with such intrigue. 

They both knew that regardless of who won & lost, both of them would always have something to gain with each other.  



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Being with Tenshi proved that there was no such thing as a dull day. It was one of the things Toyohime was delighted in finding out about her peach loving, hat wearing counterpart. 

One of those said exciting moments consisted of sneaking the celestial into their palace on the moon without notifying the guards and more specifically, her sister. 

But Toyohime knew the woman was in Eientei at that moment to see Eirin & the others so privacy wasn't much of a concern once the blonde had snuck Tenshi in. 

"Are you sure Yorihime isn't here?!" Tenshi panted out whilst working her fingers frantically to unbutton Toyohime's dress, "I, I could do without her walking in this time".

She gripped the blonde's hat, knocking it off of her head whilst diving in to kiss her again while pressed against the wall of the princesses' bedroom. 

Toyohime murmured a yes between dragging her tongue around the celestial's warm mouth as her hands pulled up the hem of her dress to take it off. Her own garments were finally yanked off of her body, restless hands clinging onto her as Tenshi ground up against her bare body. 

Even if Yorihime was home, the older woman knew it wouldn't deter Tenshi whatsoever. 

"She'll be gone for the evening" Toyohime gasped and trailed her hands down Tenshi waist and hips, "We're all alone here". 

"Hm, perfect" was Tenshi's airy reply after licking her lips and enjoying the lunarian's taste on it. 

The blonde's hands gripped the underside of the celestial's thighs and with a swift move, hoisted her up in her arms so that her legs would circle her waist. 

Tenshi moaned and tilted her head back at the contact of the blonde's hips and pelvis pressing against and over her centre. Backed up against the wall with nowhere to run & only able to move against her lover, she was in a heated frenzy of needing to feel herself coming undone. The extra perk was that she didn't have to be quiet tonight at least and could engrain Toyohime's name into the walls of her own room. 

Toyohime peppered her neck with firm kisses and light bites all the while grinding into Tenshi in a precise and immersed manner. Feeling the woman slide over her stomach when she gave a firmer push made her bite down harder, knowing that she could get the celestial this drenched. 

The thrill of the moment, the race against time to fuck like they only had a few hours to spare, to feel the entirety of their celestial and lunarian desires blend into one; it was so intoxicating. 


Toyohime's voice was right in her ear and caused numerous ripples of sparks to travel down the celestial's spine. Hearing her voice filled with so much lust and yearning was doing wonders for her libido, especially since Toyohime was usually so laid back and cheery. 

The wetness in the blonde's voice now however, matched that of what she was feeling between her legs as she continued to gyrate her hardening nub over her lover's. 

Thighs crashed around Toyohime's hips harder with nails scraping up her back, each an outlet of how fulfilled Tenshi was feeling. Her stomach convulsed as the incoming orgasm built inside and all around her to a point she could feel each string of her nerves react achingly. Even if she wanted to, she couldn't restrain her desperate cries of wanting more, urging the blonde to go faster till the slick sounds of their bodies and undoing were all that could be heard. 

The lunarian kept her balance by drilling into Tenshi harder as the almost painful sensation of needing to come ate at her mind. Sweat fused skin entered her mouth whilst lathering her tongue all over the celestial's burning skin as her hands basked in gripping the soft skin of her lover's upper thighs. She could feel how close her lover was and whispered words of longing into her ear, relishing in the whimpers she was met with.

It only fuelled the celestial to buck her hips in a hypnotic cadence with Toyohime's, stretching out the pleasurable convulsions when the blonde kissed her way up her throat and pulled at her lips. With her breathing strained after allowing the lunarian's tongue to coil around her own, Tenshi's eyes slammed shut when her legs quivered and she released all over her lover's centre. 

The wall behind them was sticky with a clammy texture due to their perspired bodies rocking sensually against the other. It wasn't something they really dwelled on as minutes later, Toyohime clenched her grip on Tenshi's bruised thighs and came when she felt the woman's respite soak down her own skin. 

As her head felt dizzy, Toyohime's hand slid up to rest on the celestial's back and rubbed it soothingly. Keeping her octave down was proving to be troublesome and more so when her knees finally gave in. She slowly slid down and kept Tenshi wrapped around her body and against the wall while in the process of regaining her breathing pattern.  

"Hey, you okay?" she managed to murmur into Tenshi's neck when she tilted it back again and couldn't help but to start kissing the column of her throat whilst whispering, "Babe?". 

Tenshi stroked the blonde hair and smiled at the endearment though her body felt drained to a drought. Toyohime did have such a knack about knowing just when and how to hit the exact place to get her body to succumb like this. She could compare the aftermath of making love to the lunarian with a climatic danmaku duel against the likes of Yuuka it felt that invigorating. 

"Other than wondering how to sneak you into Heaven permanently so that we can do this often, I think I'm peachy at the moment" she quipped after sighing out contently, "Pun probably intended". 

A light lick made its way up Tenshi's jawline, followed by a flurry of kisses across her cheek till the blonde's lips landed over her own. They stayed like that for a while, enjoying the coming down sensation whilst still being locked in such an amorous embrace. 

Hands lazily touched skin, hair become more tousled as their bodies connected with each other's on an even more intimate level and soft strokes of lips signified how deeply they felt for each other. 

Toyohime wouldn't mind Tenshi's proposition, nor would she have any qualms against keeping the celestial in her room to ravage over and over again. 

"Well, till then, I guess we'll have to make the most of the time we have, Tenshi" Toyohime smiled once pulling away, "It'll have to be enough to tide each other over till we see each other again".

Tenshi grinned and readjusted her grip on the blonde's body when she lowered her onto the floor slowly, appraising her form all the while. 

"That I can do" Tenshi replied with a sensual tinge in her tone & wrapped her arms behind Toyohime's neck. 

"Good girl, come here". 

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Rin continued her idle chatter of the events that unfurled around her work day whilst preparing something to drink.

Normally, Utsuho would've been entranced by whatever the redhead had to say, clinging onto every word like it was an announcement of something invaluable the world had just discovered. 

Even such casual actions and words from Rin skewered Utsuho's heart in ways she couldn't have imagined. 

Which made the situation that much more complicated. 

"I don't know where I stand with you..". 

How long had they played this game of switching between budding friendship to fully fledged flirting shamelessly? 

"I'm tired of not knowing..". 

How long had they teetered from solidifying their bond as friends to professing their love to each other? 

"I can't read you..". 

How long had it been since comforting words & touches transpired into gripping each other's bodies as pleasure ripped through them in the dead of the night?

"Tell me..".


Utsuho didn't realise that a glass had been slid across the kitchen table which she was sat at until Rin's voice pulled her out of her reverie. 


"I asked are you okay?" Rin reiterated and sat on the opposite chair, "You've been really distant since you came by. Wait, did you have a worse day than me?". 

"What happened today?" she questioned in an effort to conceal her thoughts. 

Rin shook her head disapprovingly, "The head of the company, Yasaka, came down today. Which means that Satori was a bit more stricter than usual. I swear they're sleeping together" she added. 

Utsuho agreed with a non-committal sigh before replying, "Well, at least they know what's going on between them". 

She hadn't meant to say anything at all, it was like her mind was on autopilot and she quickly downed her drink as Rin raised an eyebrow. 

"What is that supposed to mean?". 

Utsuho laughed it away forcefully, "We might work for different companies but they're part of the same group right? So we hear stuff about Satori and your boss hooking up all the time. It's no big deal". 

Rin was unconvinced by Utsuho's reason. It was the way she said that line, the serious tone that was shrouded in envy which made it noticeable. 

The other woman had been behaving strangely for the last few weeks, avoiding her when possible and in another world when they were together. 

"Look, Rin, it's nothing so stop looking at me like that" Utsuho said sharply, anything to avoid the topic burrowing into her mind. 

"What's wrong with you?" Rin snapped back and glared at her, "You're always in a mood with me!". 

"Maybe I've got a good enough reason for it!" Utsuho responded and clenched her fists on the table before scraping the chair back whilst standing up, "It doesn't matter" she said when calming down, "I should go". 

"Why do you do that? If there's something bothering you, why not just tell me?".

The redhead had got out of her chair too when Utsuho made her way to the door & then turned to face her. 

"You're always running away, Utsuho". 

The gaze she gave the shorter woman was one of incredulous disbelief. 

"That's rich coming from you" she quietly said, "Even if I was to tell you what was bothering me, you'd run a mile and avoid it just like you always do".

Rin faltered slightly at the accusation but stood her ground and folded her arms across her chest. 

"I have no idea what you're talking about". 

"Yeah, obviously. If you did you'd know how I was feeling". 

"Utsuho, I'm tired and can't be bothered arguing so why don't you tell me simply why you're mad at me". 

"You really can't see it can you?". 

It was taking everything for Utsuho to not break down at her lover's oblivious nature. 

Could she even call her that?


"You're keeping me on a leash, Rin". 

Rin shook her head and Utsuho could see her eyes sharpen in a flurry of emotions ranging from hurt to anger. 

"How could you say such a thing?" she questioned, "You know how I feel about you!". 

It was Utsuho's turn to sigh out in exhaustion; could Rin really not be aware of how she had been for the entirety of their relationship. Most of the time she felt like she was the one keeping them a float, compromising, putting in the effort, like she was the only one who wanted to make it work. 

"I don't doubt that you feel something but I don't believe it's the same as I do" Utsuho answered after relaxing her stance, "I'm just a convenience for you, something to keep the bed warm & your body satisfied. As bad as it is, I would've been okay with that cause I love you if you'd just tell me that that was all we are" she continued, noticing that Rin was actually in a state of shock & crying. "I don't want to make you sad anymore so I'm going to go and let you think about what I am to you, Rin. I'm sorry". 

Biting back her own emotions that were at a boiling point now, Utsuho turned away and left the room without a second glance. She walked down the hallway, wanting to escape as quickly as possible before she yielded to every fibre in her body telling her to run back to Rin & make it better. 

Telling the redhead that she didn't mean it, that she knew what their relationship was, kissing her to compensate for making her cry, fucking her senseless to make up for the suffocating tension that had been in the air for so long.

But Utsuho knew she couldn't surrender, she had to know what the other woman wanted. 

What she truly desired. 

She didn't get a chance to open the door to leave when she felt a palm grip her wrist, turning her around to look down into perplexed & furious red eyes. 


Her words were trapped between Rin's lips & her own when the shorter woman wrapped her arms around her shoulders and neck. Their height difference had the redhead up on her toes so that their mouths were pressed hard against each other's. 

As much as she wanted to shove the woman away, Utsuho succumbed to the soft tongue sliding its way into her own mouth and twirling around her tongue. Her hands gripped at Rin's hips, colliding them up against her own as they continued their uncontrolled kiss till breathing being a necessity. 

Grasping at Utsuho's shirt and slamming her against the door, Rin's momentum didn't calm despite how hard she was breathing, the remnant of their kiss glistening on her lips. 


"You are such an idiot but I'm a bigger one" she managed to speak, her features softening, "You're not something that's just there to keep the bed warm and I hate you for even thinking that. But I know it's my fault". 

A hand slid up to the taller woman's cheek as the other balled the shirt harder in her fist. 

"I know why you're angry and I'm sorry, Utsuho. I just, have a hard time in saying how I feel about us. It doesn't come as easily for me to show but that doesn't mean I don't love you, do you understand that? Please tell me you do because I can't stand it to know that you believe you mean so little to me".

Utsuho gulped down and held the woman tighter against her body, the words she'd been yearning to hear finally covering her like a delicate blanket despite the primal passion they were spoken in. 

"Do you believe me, Utsuho? That I do love you?". 

She wiped away several tears with her thumb whilst nodding, a genuine smile on her lips, "I do. I didn't mean to..". 

Rin kissed her again, softly this time to stop the sentence that would be covered in guilt before pulling back and leaning into the woman's palm on her cheek. 

"No, I deserved it and you had every right to be mad. I needed that wake up call before I end up losing you for good". 

"That wouldn't ever happen you know".

"I hope not because I need you". 

Utsuho had buried her face into the crook of the redhead's shoulder after kissing her way down her face, tasting the saltiness of the tears and cleaning them up. The slight shiver from Rin's body didn't go amiss, her arms relaxing and clinging onto Utsuho's upper arms. 

The urgency and honesty in Rin's words conveyed everything clearly and it made Utsuho's knees buckle when moving them away from the door and to the stairs. Rin's fingers had been buried into her dark hair as Utsuho's mouth continued its decent down the redhead's throat and neck, moving her hands up to tug apart her shirt for more access. With the back of the redhead's legs hitting the stairs, Utsuho pushed her down onto them with Rin pawing at her clothes, not caring what ripped as long as she could feel her skin the next time the taller woman was on top of her. 

Their overwhelming hunger to finally cement their session of heated honesty came into fruition. 

No longer with the lingering dark cloud of Rin's uncertainty on their relationship, Utsuho could offer her the full extent of herself once again. She knew it would take a bit more time to steady what they had and give the redhead the time to adjust to being in love, but she was more than willing to if Rin was happy to do the same. 

It was true that communication being the key was always an underestimated phrase. 

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Reimu grumbled whilst opening the lid to the donation box, preparing herself to be amazingly disappointed at the day's offerings. 

Of course, there were good days where people felt generous and indebted to the priestess who risked life & limb to keep them alive; donating with abundance. 

Then there were the bad days in which people couldn't give a damn about the priestess who risked life & limb to keep them alive; leaving the bare minimum in the box. 

Today was the latter of the two by the looks of it when Reimu peered down into the vast emptiness that was interrupted with a few shiny coins, some scrunched up notes and a, "What the hell is this?". 

The object in her hand resembled one of things she had seen at Sanae's place, a robot was it?

Probably Suwako being a pain, leaving it there to rub it in her face about how the Moriya shrine was better than hers. 

She shook her head in annoyance, placing the strange thing to the side and then collected the offerings up only to be interrupted by a weight on her back & the scent of alcohol surrounding her. 

"Suika.. ". 


The brunette rolled her eyes as Suika's cheek was pressed against hers and hands slung down her chest, the gourd in one of them. 

"Don't 'sup' me, what are you doing here?". 

"Checkin' up on my favourite shrine maiden obviously" she replied and looked down into the box, "So, how did we do today so far?". 

"We.." Reimu scowled, "Did terrible today, There's probably enough here to last a few days". 

"Don't worry about it! I'll pull some strings & get you somethin good to feast on". 

Reimu let out a tut, "I remember how well that turned out last time" and grabbed the gourd, taking a big swig before giving it back to the oni.

"Hey, if the market didn't want a brawl, they shoulda accepted the price" Suika justified. 

"That only works in the Underworld".

"Hmm ya have a point". 

Double checking to make sure she hadn't missed anything, Reimu slid her hand around the wooden surface till her fingers brushed against something else. 

Her brief moment of joy was shattered, thinking it was a higher currency note and it turning out to be a piece of paper. 

"What's that?" Suika asked as she tried to snatch the item away. 

"All that's left of my hopes & dreams" she lamented under her breath. 

"I thought I was your hopes & dreams, Reimu" the oni snickered and tightened her grip around the brunette's neck a little too tight for her comfort. 

Reimu pulled at her arms to loosen the grip, "Stop trying to kill me and be quiet. I'll know what it is once I open it". 

Gently, she unravelled the paper that was no large than her hand to see that it contained some text which read:


- Rocks & riches are hard to find, the path that you seek is closer than meets the eye - 


"What does that mean?" she said out loud with her eyes still on the item, "Is this someone else's idea of a joke because two in one day is really cutting it close". 

"I dunno, maybe someone got confused between money and their shopping list?". 

Reimu turned her head slightly and gave a frustrated look to the oni who was a few inches away from her face. 

"Please explain to me how this would even count as a shopping list". 

"It could be the hermit's, the wicked one's. I heard her jiang shi loves to eat rocks". 

Reimu couldn't exactly refute that statement as it was true. 

Suika grinned and ruffled the brunette's hair in victory as she was still on her back. 

"Okay, fine but it's still weird for it to be here. I swear someone is mocking me about riches knowing damn well that I don't have it".

"But you have rocks". 

"That isn't the point" Reimu replied and was about to scrunch the paper up to throw it away when she recalled something she had read that morning. 

"Rocks..and riches. Where have I heard that" she mused internally and glanced from the item in her hand to the kotatsu. 

Scanning the surface, she noticed that Aya's newspaper was scattered on it near her tea cup & the cogs in her head started to grind together. 

"That's it!". 

"Woah Reimu!" Suika yelled as the priestess jumped up, making her hang on to her shoulders as she ran to the table and crashed down on her knees, "What are ya doing?!". 

"Did you read Aya's paper today?". 

"Phft, like I have time for that. I thought ya didn't like it either" Suika said whilst watching the woman flip through the pages of lurid gossip at a speed she hadn't seen before. 

"No but I have to kill time somehow" she replied and then flattened down the paper when she found the right page, "Look, this article. I bet this has something to do with what is written" . 

Leaning forward, Suika did a quick read on what it said. 

"I have received top secret details to a..rumour of a cave..god of has found it to date..big scoop..everyone other news..Hatate is..".

"That's what it is referring to right?!" Reimu excitedly said and waved the piece of paper around, "This is the riddle to finding the lost treasure of Ebisu!". 

"Hm that name rings a bell. Nice guy, can't handle his booze though". 

"Suika, focus!". 

She finally moved off of Reimu's back and stretched out, "Right right, so we're gonna find this treasure huh?". 

Reimu nodded enthusiastically, "She said nobody had found it yet so we have a chance. Finally, I'm gonna be rich!". 


"Oni don't really have a need for currency but yeah okay, we will be rich!". 

Reimu was zooming around her shrine, collecting her clothes and shoes; determination fuelling her spirits at the thought of not needing to rely on donations & Yukari just to live. 

Suika realised that she would have to be the priestesses' voice of reason. 

"But Reimu, we don't even know where to start". 

They were at the door to the shrine now as Reimu pulled Suika out and next to her whilst smiling far too widely than the oni had ever seen. 

"If this god wrote the riddle, he isn't the smartest" she explained whilst locking the shrine, "Rocks. Aya said the treasure was in a cave and what are caves usually made out of?" 

The oni was mildly impressed, apparently money was motivation. 

"Gensokyo is full of caves and rocky terrain so all we have to do is check them out" she finished and turned around & looked over the landscape from below the shrine, "We'll be back in no time because we have the riddle". 

"Alright!" Suika grinned and hit a fist into her other hand, "Let's do this!". 


And so, the dynamic duo went on their way to find the treasure from a source that was as unreliable as Marisa's mushroom concoctions when she cooked for them. 

Their first point took them to the most obvious location of Youkai Mountain. Getting past the tengu patrol was a troublesome feat but Reimu's reputation proceeded her and they didn't give her too much trouble. But as luck would have it, there was too much ground to cover and only two of them so the search ended up fruitless. 

Suika suggested checking where Kasen lived, higher up the mountain though that idea was struck down by Reimu in an instant, citing, "I don't need a lecture". 

Instead, their next destination on the mountain was where Sakata Nemuno resided. She was relatively welcoming to the duo, offering to teach them a few lessons of enlightenment and to live with as minimum possessions as possible. Reimu was laughing for a solid 10 minutes before explaining to the woman she knew all about that life. But she did take up the offer for tea whilst Suika snooped around the area to see if she could find anything. 

Next up was the land surrounding the Forest of Magic. It was said that some youkai had inhabited the outskirts of it where some rock formations had developed over time. This place wasn't risk free given the sheer number of youkai present, each one needing to be subdued with a danmaku session. All in all, it was a wasted effort as none of the caves held the treasure. That and Marisa arrived, demanding to know what they were up to & wanting in on it.  

When that failed and with nightfall arriving soon, they scanned a few places near the Bamboo Forest of the Lost to see if they'd have better luck. Though rather than risk getting lost and having to acquire Mokou's service's, they didn't delve into the forest too much. 

They were running out of time and energy fast. 

"What about Misty Lake?". 

"More lake, less cave". 

"The reactor?". 

"More steam, too hot, hellbird". 

"The mausoleum?".

Reimu scoffed at that one and wiped her forehead with her sleeve, "I wouldn't exactly call them caves". 

Suika passed her the gourd, surprised that Reimu wasn't as drunk yet as she chugged it down.

"We've got to be missing somewhere.." she said & looked around the path which headed back to the direction of her shrine. 

"What about Senkai?". 

"Okay, what is it with you and those Tao-". 

"Uh Reimu?". 

The sudden stop in her sentence worried the oni who waved her hand in front of the brunette's eyes. 

"Reimu? Anyone in there?". 


"I thought you said that was a no go?". 

"Rocks & riches are hard to find, the path that you seek is closer than meets the eye" she repeated the riddle, "Closer than meets the eye..".

What could be closer to her, that was made of rocks, that was a cave with the possibility of containing the treasure. 

That rhymed with Senkai. 


"Wait, we're gonna go there?" Suika asked with a trace of concern. 

Even she wasn't particular fond of that location and she resided in the Underworld. 

Reimu grabbed Suika's hand with renewed vigour and pointed to the direction of the shrine. 

"We won't have to actually go into Makai. I think I know where it is, follow me!". 


Reimu's impromptu speed flying made even the unflappable oni feel nauseous as she rested against the cold slab of the caves. 

"That's the last time I'm following you" she groaned. 

"You won't be saying that once I make you rich" Reimu replied as a matter of factly, "Come on". 

"Why would the loot be in this cave, Reimu. It's the most obvious place to check".

"Exactly" the brunette said, "Think about what the riddle was hinting at. Rocks & riches are hard to find, the path that you seek is closer than meets the eye. This place is right next to the shrine that it's so obvious" she spoke whilst glancing next to Suika, "Right in front of my eyes. It has to be here". 

Suika yawned, "I guess it'd be a good place since nobody wants to end up in Makai so they wouldn't check this hell hole". 

The shrine maiden contained a chuckle at the oni's choice of words until a sudden burst of light hit her vision. She only looked at the oni for a moment that she wasn't expecting to bump into such a sight. 

Her jaw went slack, one arm slowly rising to point at what she was seeing. 

At least, she hoped she wasn't seeing things. 

"Suika.." she whispered, "Am I seeing things?".

"If you are, then so am I!".

Illuminating the dark cave from floor to ceiling was the biggest pile of golden coins. Pure enough to give off a shine that was hurting their eyes almost. The path was blocked off due to the amount of coins that they wouldn't be able to go around it. 

The duo were temporarily speechless. 

"We found it..we actually found it". 

That was all Reimu could say before breaking out into a smile so big that her cheeks hurt. She turned to Suika and picked up the oni, planting a victory kiss on her lips before spinning her around on the spot. 

"We're rich!". 

Suika's mind broke through the ceiling of cloud 9 after Reimu's little display and simply let herself be spun around like a doll. 

"Thank you wealth god!" she beamed and put the oni down before taking a running jump and landing into the pile of coins with nothing but glee, "Your donation is well received". 

She threw a bunch of coins up into the air and somehow, gravity slowed down the way they fell back onto her. 

Must be Suika's doing. 

"Man I can't believe we found it" the oni said, picking up one of the coins that rolled across to her whilst Reimu was listing off things she was going to do with the money while making gold angels in the pile. 

She rolled her fingers over the smooth currency, marvelling at its intricate details. The side of the coin was rugged and she felt a thin line in the middle of it. 

"Huh, that's weird". 

Bringing it closer to eye level, Suika examined it and picked at the line with her nail. 

"Uh, Reimu..".

The priestess was in her own world with enough happiness exuding that Seija wouldn't want to touch her with a 10 ft pole in case it killed her. 

"Reimu, we have a problem!". 

Problem didn't quite cut it. Suika was able to peel back the gold coating on the coin to reveal a brown centre. She sniffed it several times before taking a chomp out of one side. 


"You've gotta be kidding me" she grimaced at the thought of ruining Reimu's joy. 

"Hey, Suika, what is that in your hand?" Reimu questioned after popping her head out from the pile. 


"Where'd you get that from?" she asked as Suika finished the coin off,  "Can I have some?". 

"Oh you can have plenty" she replied sadly whilst picking another coin up and unwrapping it in front of the brunette's eyes. 

All over Gensokyo, the noise of a shrine maiden's heart exploding could be heard. 


After the reveal, Reimu spent some time counting her losses (since she wasn't going to be counting anything else) till Suika had to princess carry her out of the cave and back to the shrine. She'd scooped up a sack of coins for the time being knowing that if Reimu could eat the chocolate, she'd be less likely to annihilate Gensokyo. 

Reimu's cheeks were drooping when she unlocked the shrine with Suika trying to comfort her. 

"I mean it isn't money but at least it's something you can eat, amiright?". 

The brunette just made a sound that resembled a cross between a whine and a choked cry. 

She slid open the door with minimal effort, dejection still coursing through her mind & thinking that this day couldn't end any worse. 

Naturally, the brunette was proven wrong when she saw none other than Yukari sat at the kotatsu with her teapot and three cups already out.

"Hey, Yukari. What brings you here?" Suika waved until she noticed Reimu go rigid next to her. 

"Oh no..".

"You" the priestess said and pointed at her. 

It was that infuriating smirk on her full lips that finally wedged the pieces of the puzzle together. 

Of course it was her, it was always her. 

"Every. Goddamn.Time". 

"Ah, Reimu. You wouldn't by any chance have any chocolate would you? I believe it'll go beautifully with this blend of tea". 

The shrine maiden grabbed the sack from Suika's hand & proceeded to throw it at the youkai who was grinning ear to ear. 

"I hate you". 

"Run, Yukari! Reimu's gonna exterminate you for real this time!".



Chapter Text






Yorihime's initial induction to her visit to the Scarlet Devil Mansion wasn't what she had in mind. 

As soon as she'd been let into the mansion and lead to the main living room by Sakuya, a flurry of blonde was all she saw before the impact. 

Now she lay on the floor, winded and coughing as the blonde hovering over looked down on her with excited red eyes. 

From Remilia's anecdotes, Yorihime concluded one thing, "Flandre Scarlet". 

"Sis! Your girlfriend is here!". 

"Definitely the sister". 

"Hey, you wanna go for a round of danmaku? I heard you're really strong!". 

Yorihime struggled to get up with the weight of Flandre's hands bunching up her shirt and pushing her down. 

"Perhaps another time yes?". 

Sakuya plucked the vampire up and apologised on her behalf before ushering her out of the room. 


"My Mistress won't be a moment, please take a seat" Sakuya said as she pulled out a chair for the lunarian. 

"Thank you". 

She brushed herself off and went to sit down, her eyes taking in the interior of the room. Even when walking up to the mansion and chatting with Meiling, the lunarian wasn't sure if the Scarlets home quite fit the bill of the typical Gensokyo home until the redhead explained a few things. 

She was aware from Eirin's stories that the faction were outsiders just like the Eientei bunch but they really stuck out like a sore thumb. At least Eientei held some of the decor of the other homes in the land. But she didn't know much about vampires or the west so she just assumed it was a thing. 

"True to Remilia's nature" she mused. 

This was the first time since the altercation on the moon that Yorihime was meeting Remilia. Having had visited Eirin & the others, Toyohime had ran off somewhere, most likely to find Tenshi so she opted to finally take the vampire up on her offer. 

"I mean it isn't like I had any choice, if I did not do this now, she would continue to pester me of course" the woman tried to reason with herself knowing full well that she wanted to see her too. 

In her inner ramblings, she hadn't noticed Sakuya leave her side and walk across to where Remilia now stood, all grins & frills.

What was it with Gensokyo's obsession with frills, mob caps & parasols? 

Though in their defence, they knew how to own their style, Yorihime had to give them props for that. 

"Fashionably late". 

"Welcome to the Scarlet Devil Mansion" she stated grandiosely as Yorihime stood up to greet her, "As you can see, my home has be anticipating your arrival for some time. I'm so glad you can make it".

"Thank you for having me over" Yorihime replied as Remilia stepped closer and looked her up & down unabashedly, "Is something wrong?". 

"You look good". 

Sakuya sputtered a cough in the background at her Mistresses’ bold move that clearly had the lunarian a bit flustered. 

"Uh, thanks?" Yorihime could only answer, "Smooth"

"You're welcome. Now, come, let's have some tea shall we" Remilia signalled with her hand to move to the table and took a seat, "We have so much to catch up on and I want to give you a tour soon" she smiled as Sakuya went about prepping said beverage. 

Yorihime was thinking that the vampire had far too much charisma.

Way more than usual. 

She accepted the tea from Sakuya, "That would be nice, you have a beautiful home". 

"Well, my head maid here does a splendid job in maintaining such high standards" she boasted, "Besides, since you're going to be spending your time here often, you should get use to it. You know I only want the best for you". 

"Excuse me?" the lunarian asked with a raised lavender brow though Remilia appeared unfazed by what she said at all. 

In fact, the words to woo the lunarian were coming out much more easily than she had expected. Little would anyone have known how nervous she was prior to the woman arriving given how relaxed she seemed.

Remilia simply grinned and sipped her tea before replying, "Are you saying this is the only time you're going to visit me?".

"I hadn't considered that to be discussed so soon, Remilia, this is but a mere visit between two friends is it not?" she tried to downplay. 

"Oh don't worry, we can work on moving away from being 'friends' later".

Sakuya's eyes widened just as much as Yorihime's at the volume of seductive undertones the vampire had uttered that line with. 

What made Yorihime match the colour of the red of her dress was the way she lingered her lips on the teacup and then dragged them away slowly without breaking eye contact. 

"What is happening?! Who does this 5 ft creature of the dark think she is..reading my mind like that?!". 

"I can't tell what is steaming up more, the tea or you" Remilia laughed as Yorihime tried to compose herself. 

"Well, my host is rather eccentric so one can hardly blame me" she replied, "You do recall that that was the very attribute of your personality that lead to your defeat don't you?". 

"I could've sworn it was due to a certain, dashing lunarian summoning a certain sun goddess" Remilia hit back, "Not that she needed to since I was blinded by her beauty as it was" she finished with a wink. 


Yorihime saw Sakuya lose it just a tiny bit, wondering if she was going to leave the mansion without at least one fight. 

Then again, she'd already been knocked down by Flandre. 

"Are you feeling alright, Remilia?" Yorihime questioned as calmly as she could, "She is messing with me. Tenshi does this to Toyohime all the ti-oh..".

The lunarian had heard that the denizens of the earth showed their mate-to-be interest by using wordplay. 

Apparently Remilia had honed in on the skill. 

"I couldn't be any better with you in my company" she answered and then leaned forward to clasp one of Yorihime's hands with her own, "Well, maybe if we removed several 'unnecessary' items of clothing, it could perhaps be a tad better wouldn't you say?". 

The only noise in the room was the ticking of a pocket watch and a thud on the floor. 

Sakuya had officially lost consciousness as Yorihime was left with her mouth ajar, a cool hand that was doing nothing to subdue the heat bubbling within her body & a smirking Remilia with her fangs out in all their glory. 

"Yes, I mean no, I mean, wait, what?!". 

Whether she made it out of the Scarlet Devil Mansion tonight definitely remained to be seen. 


Meanwhile, in the library, Patchouli, Koakuma & Flandre were having a field day at watching Remilia mortify the stoic lunarian with her blatant come on and stars circulating Sakuya's head who was still on the ground. 

"I can't believe you cursed my sister" Flandre snickered at first which led to her rolling off of the table in full laughter at the look on Yorihime's face.

"I have no idea what you are insinuating". 

Patchouli held her neutral expression though Koa could see the small turn of her lips going up and shook her head with a laugh. 

If Remilia ever did find out what her friend had done, well, hell hath no fury like a vampire making an ass out of herself in front of a date. 

Chapter Text







Sanae had experienced quite a few in her lifetime and more so once she moved to Gensokyo. 

They tended to sneak up at the most unexpected of times, just when your mind was free, life was great & everything was perfect. 

Which is exactly why they cropped up during those moments. 

Sneaky? Absolutely. 

The most recent one for the wind goddess couldn't have appeared at a stranger time. 

Some could say it was..miraculous

Only because said realisation hadn't dawned upon Sanae for months after establishing her relationship with Kogasa. 

So as they neared to the foothills of Youkai Mountain with the heavy raindrops strumming rhythmically against Kogasa's umbrella, Sanae would hear a phrase that almost caused her to trip over. 

Not that Sanae actually needed something trip over on. 

"It's lucky you're dating an umbrella!".


Kogasa pointed at herself with an adorable grin, "Me!". 

"O-oh of course" she quickly recovered from the mild shock to her system, "That storm came out of nowhere didn't it?". 

The woman had a sneaking suspicion that a certain weather controlling goddess had something to do with that. 

"It was weird but I, I didn't mind cause we still had fun today, right?". 

"Definitely" Sanae smiled as she stood in front of her whilst handing her umbrella back & noting the sudden drop in confidence "Thank you for coming out with me. I'll see you soon?". 

The obake nodded, letting go of Sanae's hand in hers to clutch the umbrella with both before stepping back.

She was concerned about the rain still lingering and Sanae being exposed to it but the woman assured her she would be fine walking back to the shrine. 

"I'll see you soon then!" she waved as Sanae watched her go, the large umbrella back with its original owner bobbing along. 

The drizzle of the rain reminded her to get going but watching Kogasa disappear out of sight acted as a weight that held her to the ground. 

Her words came back in the cheery voice, "Dating an umbrella!".

Sanae had no idea why it suddenly seemed like the latest of news as she turned back and started her trek up the mountain. 

She knew the origins of Kogasa's formation as the bumbling youkai who was easily thrown off balance and confidence so she thought nothing of it. 

But perhaps hearing it so casually like that caused something to clink in the woman's mind, repeating the phrase as she stalked up the mountain. 

"Dating an umbrella" she mumbled whilst waving back at Nitori and some of the other kappa. 

Aya and Hatate zipped past in greeting too but Sanae's reply was barely heard, not that it would've been one they were expecting, "Dating an umbrella". 

Kogasa was an umbrella, she could at least be certain of that as she waved at Momiji who gave her a curt nod, "Dating an umbrella". 

In her musings, she reached the shrine without barely noticing as Kogasa's voice kept spinning around in her head; like she was trailing her and echoing the statement to her as part of a cheesy comedy sketch. 

Luckily she'd managed to dry off as she approached the entrance, taking her shoes off and placing them next to where a few stray umbrellas remained from forgetful visitors. 

They were a lot more plain compared to Kogasa's 'eggplant' umbrella that she had eventually acquired a liking for despite the comments she made when they'd met. 

The wind goddess found it to be quite the weapon to irritate Reimu & Marisa, with Kogasa's permission of course. 

Those were just umbrellas weren't they?

It wasn't like Kogasa was literally an umbrella, right?

She strolled into the living area when her subconscious answered the million yen question for her, "But she is an umbrella, Sanae, she is literally the same as those near the entrance". 

A crashing noise resounded in the woman's brain, the glass finally breaking and the reality of the situation hitting her in the face harder than Tewi had done to Reisen that one time at Eientei during pounding mochi. 

She swears to this day that it was an 'accident'. 

But the pressing matter returned to Sanae, "Oh my god I'm dating an umbrella!" she yelled out unexpectedly. 

"Did you call?" Kanako said as she stepped into the room with Suwako, "What about Kogasa?". 

"D-did you both know?! Why did nobody tell me? Kogasa is an umbrella!". 

She didn't give the goddesses a chance to reply as she bolted for her room, sliding all over the place till she got there, leaving the two women confused. 

"It's your turn" they both pointed at each other to decide who was going to figure out the mess behind this one. 


They'd both ended up talking to Sanae about her predicament and left the woman to her devices. She insisted she just need a moment to think and that all would be okay. That thinking period however had turned into several days in which she avoided poor Kogasa. 

It wasn't like the umbrella thing would change anything she felt for the timid girl. 

She was currently sprawled across her futon and staring up at the ceiling like it had the answers etched onto the surface. 

Kogasa had visited again in the morning, only to be left dejected at hearing Sanae wasn't feeling well.

"I don't even know why I'm reacting like this" she chided after sighing out and turning over, "This isn't the Outside World. The dating pool is a lot more varied here. Wait, that isn't the point!". 

So what was the point of her sudden philosophical thoughts regarding youkai and human relationships?

Was it that strange how Kogasa came to be? 

"Maybe it's the whole wanting to lift her up into the air instead of the actual umbrella that's bothering me?". 

It wouldn't exactly be difficult she thought and grinned at the mental image. 

She was cute and compact and cheery, all the things said item actually was when you considered its properties and functions for use. 

However, unconsciously distinguishing Kogasa from she and it irked Sanae. 

Her girlfriend was just that, a girl, a she, an actual being even if her existence did stem from an object. 

Sanae knew this and wouldn't dare to be told otherwise by someone else, she could at least say it wasn't that that was bugging her. 

"I'm making mountains out of, that sounds oddly familiar". 

A light knock to the door turned her attention towards it, "Come in". 

It was Kanako. 

"Sanae, she's here again". 

That mountain suddenly became an entire planet. 

"No! I can't see her yet" she panicked and leapt out of the futon. 

Her vibrant green hair was sticking out in all directions, some of it tucked beneath her white t-shirt. It was odd seeing her without the frog or snake ornament Kanako noted internally and realised that this must've been taking its toll on her. That being said, she wasn’t the only one who was bearing the brunt of it. 

Kanako gave a soft but stern stare, "I understand you need a moment to work through this..crises of umbrellas".

Sanae whined at the teasing jab, "Lady Kanako!". 

"Hear me out. You can't keep avoiding this, it isn't fair on Kogasa" she continued. 

"You never know, she might come after the shrine this time if she gets that depressed again" Suwako added whilst hovering into the conversation and mid air. 

"I know I know!" Sanae exclaimed and paced the room before facing the goddesses, "I'll work this out by today, I have to and I will. Cover for me one more time, please?". 

Kanako relented and accepted her reply, "Should we tell her you're feeling under the weather?"

"Or maybe rained down on?".

"Perhaps you can't open up today?".

"Kanako, I've got a good one, we can tell her that Sanae is feeling a bit stuck!". 

The goddesses were laughing openly by the end of their terrible round of puns much to Sanae's dismay. 

"What's with all these puns?!". 

"We're sorry, no more" Kanako said after catching her breathing and being ushered out of her room. 

"I need to get changed so scoot please". 

"Are you going now?". 

She nodded and looked around her room, "I have to, Kogasa has most likely left so this is my chance". 

Her tone was remorseful but it didn't linger around for long as she knew what she had to do in order to get her mind around this. 

"Hm, do you want us to come along?" Suwako questioned & glanced at the priestess. 

"No, I think this is something I'll have to figure out myself. It feels like a prompt that focuses on two characters and as main character number 1, I will work this out!". 

Kanako & Suwako just gave each other a wry look as Sanae held her pose, one hand pointing ahead and the other on her hip. 

In her current state of dress, the action just appeared endearing but the two stifled their teasing as they were pleased that she was finally going to do something about this. 

Hopefully, the situation could be resolved without it being too late for Sanae & Kogasa. 


In the Garden of the Sun, a not so secretive P.U.L.L meeting was underway. 

Seriously, you can't miss it. 

The acronym stood for: Parasol*Umbrella*Ladies*Legion. 


One of its members was having a full blown crises and support & companionship were imminent. 

Kogasa didn't want to wait around for whatever the goddesses had to say about Sanae not wanting to see her. She wasn't dense enough to not know that she was clearly being avoided. The obake had picked up on the ways people spoke, what they meant by it and Sanae helped her with that a lot. 

So she knew the priestess didn't want to talk to her for some reason. 

"I just don't know if she's that into me anymore" Kogasa sighed with a pout, "I mean, is it me?" she pointed to herself and then her umbrella, "Or is it me?". 

"Yukari, what do you think? Is Sanae experiencing a sudden aversion to Kogasa because of who she is?". 

The youkai tapped her fingers against the table, apparently in deep contemplation, "Tell me, what was Sanae's mood like when you last saw her?".

"She was happy!" Kogasa burst out, "We were in the Human Village, on a date and she was laughing and smiling and I thought I was gonna die cause she was so happy and she was holding my hand and staring at me and-". 

"Kogasa, breath" Yuuka interrupted by placing a firm hand on her shoulder, "The only one of us who can formulate that long of a sentence without passing out would be Remilia". 

The vampire shrugged, "But we get the point. She wasn't being weird or anything?". 

"No. She did seem a bit far away when I dropped her off to the mountain". 

Yukari motioned for her to continue though Kogasa's heterochromatic eyes remained locked on her teacup. 

"Well, it was raining so we had my umbrella that she was holding and I said it's lucky that she was dating an umbrella" Kogasa divulged, "D-did I say something wrong?!". 

"Now don't panic" Yukari soothed as she saw the fear mount on the girl's face, "You didn't say anything wrong". 

Remilia added, "Maybe pointing out the obvious but I'm guessing the priestess already knows what you are. She's a klutz but she does have eyes". 

"I certainly do not believe that that would have scared her away" Yuuka said though with a hint of reservation, "Humans are such fickle creatures, Kogasa. She is no exception so we cannot be sure what her sudden issue with you is". 

"I don't believe the issue is with you at all". 

"What do you mean?". 

Yukari elaborated with a smile, "You'll find that a lot of insecurities come from small changes of the mind or words. I'm sure you know this. So for Sanae, maybe it was something similar, something that she can only tell you". 

Kogasa mulled over the thought and slumped back on her chair. It was a valid point. How easily did she become uncertain of something when her thoughts took things literally or someone was mean to her. 

Maybe Sanae was keeping something hidden from her and didn't know how to bring it up. 

"If that is the problem, what can I do?".

"Give her time". 

All eyes turned to the vampire under the parasol, muttering about the sun every now and then since they'd all met up. 

"Look, Sanae has grown up and doesn't have a mind that will throw things away so easily. Trust me, some of these traits I can tell from a mile away, the whole fate thing. Humans that are dedicated to whatever they're affectionate about won't be quick to end things". 

"Speaking from experience are we?" Yuuka grinned. 

"Obviously" the vampire retorted with a sly smile. 

"She is right. When Sanae has figured whatever is going on in her mind out, I believe you'll be the first to know" Yukari answered and saw Kogasa's eyes grow hopeful. 

"Really? You think so?". 

"You can count on it" Yuuka reassured, "So for now, just stay calm and enjoy the tea & scenery". 

"Splendid work on your flowers as usual I must say" Yukari commented as the emergency meeting at P.U.L.L was adjourned and more lighter topics were discussed. 

Kogasa trusted the wise words of the women around her but more importantly, she trusted Sanae. 

So, with that, she would wait for her. 


Luckily for the obake, she probably wouldn't have to wait that long and make a series out of a prompt to find out if Sanae would get her crap together. 

Said wind goddess was lurking around The Bamboo Forest of the Lost. 

She had concluded that research was necessary in order to subdue whatever was bothering her about Kogasa's umbrella status. 

Gensokyo provided plenty of that for her. 

The conversation between Raiko and some human girl from the village was, interesting at best. The tsukumogami was showing off her drumming skills, the girl swooning over her which covered the scope of that. 

Sanae was curious about how other relationships that were similar to her own with Kogasa faired. If they could be having the same thoughts as she did but the girl had no hesitation in fawning over the redhead, gushing about how brilliant she was and so on. 

"Okay I probably should get out of here" she mused and slowly backed away from the sounds of giggles, "It's not even 4 yet and they're in that mood now?" she chided before zipping into the air when she was further away. "Wait, does that mean that girl is literally banging a- no, no, nope, don't go there brain!". 

Her next location was the Myouren Temple where she spotted Chen & Nazrin hanging out together. "At least their relationship is a lot more innocent" she thought whilst watching the two discuss something about the former's band. The whole mouse/cat dynamic didn't seem to drive an issue between them whatsoever she noted. "Alright, this was a dumb one to even doubt, cartoons are bad for you and mice and cats can get along".

Sanae soon found herself at Reimu's place, taking a moment to drink tea with the brunette and Suika to observe their relationship. Again, no signs of apparent doubt despite the human/oni difference at all. "I guess the only problem for Reimu would be Suika's over amorous behaviour. Huh, Lady Kanako wasn't kidding about their, 'urges'". She knew she was blushing once their eyes met with hers, Reimu slightly worried as Suika winked at her knowing full well what she was thinking. "And that's my cue to leave!"

The pair that caught her eye specifically was Flandre & Kokoro and she stumbled upon them by accident whilst flying between Reimu's shrine and Misty Lake. They were the polar opposite of each other, more so than she and Kogasa were and Kokoro was literally created from masks. Flandre was outgoing and friendly, going out of way to make the youkai feel comfortable as they sat at the lake's edge under her parasol. "I wonder how Flandre can tell what Kokoro is feeling. It must be difficult to communicate since Kokoro's kind of shy too. Wait a second, is she teaching her to use emotions?!". 

Flandre was indeed helping Kokoro to relax her features, switching between smiles and frowns, discouraging her from relying on her masks. 

"Okay that's cute!". 

The vampire was going out of her way to accommodate to Kokoro's unfortunate situation because she obviously cared about her. 

"Just like I care about Kogasa and want her to be more confident in herself, as her whole self. Umbrella or not". 


She was balancing on the hill that surrounded the lake, adjacent to the vampire's home when her second life changing epiphany hit her in the face. 

"I'm dating an umbrella and I'm fine with that!".

"You are?". 

Sanae jumped up with a small scream and Kogasa felt her spiritual energy being replenished instantly. 

Kogasa would have acquired enough surprise from the woman to last her a good few months. 

She dropped her umbrella and grabbed the priestesses’ shoulders to calm her down, "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to sneak up on you! I mean, not this time anyway" she laughed weakly. 



Sanae could feel the apprehension from the obake and felt terrible about what she had put her through the last few days. She felt silly almost, that hearing Kogasa referring to herself as an umbrella was apparently some conduit for doubting her own mind and how she felt about her. 

"I'm sorry, I saw you rushing here and was worried that something was wrong and I wanted to make sure you were okay even if you didn't want to-". 

The wind goddess ended her nervous rambling by getting up and pulling the girl into a tight hug. An overdue hug that conveyed how much she had missed her and Kogasa sunk into it. 

"You have nothing to be sorry for. I do though, so I'm sorry for how I have been lately".

"Was it something I did?". 

"No" Sanae quickly replied and felt hands grip onto her shoulders, "You did nothing wrong". She moved her face back so that she could look at the obake, her own eyes wide with apology, "It was my brain that twisted the situation in a really bad way. You are yourself and I want you to know that I adore everything about you". 

Kogasa blinked away the tears in her eyes, "I thought that you didn't want to be with me anymore cause of who I.." she trailed off. 

"Please don't think that. I know I haven't helped you think otherwise in the slightest but I'll make it up to you, Kogasa. You don't need to change for me or anybody else".

They were right, Kogasa realised. Yukari, Yuuka & Remilia were right about human attachment being unbreakable if strong enough. Maybe the human that had abandoned her prior to becoming a youkai didn't care about her but Sanae was not that human. 

"I really am sorry for taking the cowards way out and not talking to you about it". 

She could feel it in the trembling hands that were resting on her shoulders, almost fearful of letting go in case she disappeared. The blue eyes were staring intently, pleading for the obake to say something. 

To say that she forgives her.

And Kogasa did forgive her as she knew better than anyone else how destructive doubts could be. 

"It's okay, Sanae! I'm just happy that you feel that way too!". 

Relief washed over the woman's features & she inched their bodies closer, "I missed you by the way". 

Kogasa went red at the declaration and Sanae laughed softly at the sudden change again; she truly was a unique being. 

"I uh, I missed you too. Was that obvious? People kept telling me it was obvious and I don't know how it could be that obvious but obviously-". 

Sanae had gently placed her hands on the obake's face and put her out of her over anxious misery with a tender kiss. 

With their eyes closed, they allowed the soft sensation of their kiss to finally erode the edges of any dubiety between them. Days worth of worries and second guessing each other could be put at bay in a truly tender moment. 

A drop of water landed on Sanae's face, making her cease the kiss in fear that Kogasa was crying but as she pulled back, she saw her looking just as surprised too. 

Droplets of rain were gathering its momentum as they fell from the darkened clouds above them. The rain felt warm as it started falling faster yet without aggression and they both couldn't help but to chuckle at the change of events. 

Kogasa felt around for the other part of her and brought it above their heads as Sanae ducked down to even the height. 

"It's lucky you're dating an umbrella huh?" Kogasa spoke up with a smile on her lips as Sanae moved her face closer again, replying just as softly before resuming their kiss. 

"I couldn't agree more". 


Back at the Moriya Shrine...

"Who would have assumed that such dramatized romances were your thing? The rainstorm is certainly a nice touch". 

Kanako was perched on top of the shrine with an all too smug grin on her face at Byakuren's voice coming from behind her. The goddess only deemed it fair to make the situation end in a just as mundane yet climatic way as it started; if there was ever such an oxymoron to describe it. 

Besides, she was a hopeless romantic at heart, just like Sanae.

Chapter Text






"Thanks for your help!". 

"No worries, get well". 

Mokou waved her response before heading back into the forest, leaving a slightly winded and nervous Yumemi stood in front of the doors of Eientei. 

She was finally here. 

She was finally going to a meet living genius, "No, the living genius of Gensokyo" she corrected herself. 

After meeting Reisen at the Human Village a while ago, the professor began chatting with her about her work and the medicines involved as she was curious about the product. The medications of the Outside World tended to be laced with side effects and yet here, customers were fixed of their ailments without any problems after consuming it. 

It was then she had told Yumemi about Eirin and since that day, the redhead had been acquiring as much information about the doctor as possible. Which was difficult as she was apparently a somewhat hard to reach individual. 

But everything she had heard so far enthralled her. 

Eirin Yagokoro was a doctor, a pharmacist, an alchemist and surprisingly, an archer. There weren't many science based individuals that were into their outdoorsy activity unless it was their field so Yumemi found that commendable. 

She supposed the mountain goddess could fit that status though she had yet to meet her. 

"Maybe I can get them both together for a Q&A session some time soon".

Yumemi's priority however was Eirin so she had thought up a fool proof plan to meet her. 

"Okay, after that walk I should be sweaty and tired looking, just need to mess up the hair a bit more". 

The red hair was ruffled quickly as Yumemi took a deep breath & held it in for a while before exhaling. 

"That should get the heart rate up". 

Her plan was simple; she was unwell and needed to see the doctor. 

"Genius" she grinned to herself. 

Delivering a few steady knocks to the door, Yumemi put her best, 'I'm dying but not quite' face on whilst she waited. 

She heard the sounds of it being open not long after and the person who greeted her stood face to face. 

Or more face to chest given how much taller they were than the professor. 

"Good afternoon, may I help you?". 

The smooth tone and eloquent delivery of the greeting made the redhead glance up. She was met with curious blue eyes peering down through the silver fringe, the voice definitely matching the beauty of the face. The white overcoat she had on, as well as her hat was a giveaway as to who she was and it further stalled Yumemi's thought process. 

"I, uhm, I'm Yume..Yume..".

"You're a dream?" Eirin quipped with humour as she leaned against the door. 

Yumemi realised she was heating up enough to bring on the effect of having a fever while she stammered and gulped, forcing her brain to start up again. 

"I-I'm sorry! My name is Yumemi Okazaki" she bowed quickly, "Forgive my intrusion, I'm looking for Dr Eirin Yagokoro".

"Obviously that is her, Yumemi, get it together!" she chided herself. 

"Well Miss Okazaki, you have found her" Eirin replied before something caught her attention, "You don't look very well, are you alright?". 

"About that, you see I-". 

The redhead's sentence was stopped when Eirin placed her palm over her forehead, "Oh dear, you're burning up". 

Yumemi was sure she was going to simmer into the air at such close proximity with the woman she had been heavily anticipating to meet. She was even more gorgeous up close; eyes wide and open in concern, lips furrowed with worry & the soft palm on her forehead moving to her cheek. 

"That's it, this is how I go, Chiyuri. I did not die in vain". 

The redhead wasn't sure if it was her imagination or not but Eirin was definitely getting closer, and blurrier. 

"I mean, I have no complaints" she smiled dreamily as Eirin's panicked voice did not reach her ears, "Wait, does the doctor have a twin, why are there two of her?"

The next thing Yumemi knew, darkness was all she could see as Eirin started shouting out for Reisen before the world promptly ceased to exist. 


When Yumemi gained consciousness, her eyes opened up to stare at the ceiling above. "That.. is a nicely polished ceiling. The combination of brown, black & cream really compliment each other. Wait a second, I analysing a ceiling?"

Yumemi would realise that that was the least of her concerns after she replayed that sentence in her mind again which made her head pound. She brought a hand up and winced, pressing her fingers to sooth the dulling thud reverberating around in her skull. 

"Ah, thank goodness you are awake. How are you feeling?". 

The voice came from next to her as Yumemi slowly turned her head to see someone there with a concerned expression on her face when she leaned over. 

"It feels like Reimu hit me over the head with her orb device but I'm fine" she replied when a thought occurred to her, "Is Reimu here?!". 

"You need to calm down or that headache will increase, Miss Okazaki. Reimu isn't here, though I'm sure she wouldn't attack unless provoked first" Eirin said and gently placed her hand on the redhead's shoulder, "Well, not anymore". 

"Oh, I see. Where am I?". 

"You are at Eientei, you came to see me. Can you recall this?". 

The professor shut her eyes tightly to squeeze the headache away whilst remembering how she ended up there. Once the situation played in her mind, the colour in the woman's face drained. 

"Did I just make an idiot out of myself in front of the Eirin Yagokoro?" Yumemi groaned mentally as she took Eirin's hand and sat up, "Never mind, Chiyuri, this is how I die. Of embarrassment". 

"Thank you. I'm sorry for causing such an inconvenience" she said with dejection. 

Eirin passed her a glass of water and some pills, "No apology necessary. I imagine the reason you are here may have something to do with you asking around about me. Take these first however, they'll subdue the headache". 

Yumemi chuckled weakly and thanked her, "So, you knew?". 

The doctor smiled, "Reisen has mentioned you several times along with some of my patients. That an eager professor from the Outside World is curious about my involvement in the scientific side of a magic fuelled existence". 

"I thought I was being subtle". 

"Gensokyo is relatively small when you think about it, especially the Human Village. Word does get around". 

"Hm that's true" Yumemi agreed while contemplating this turn of events and wanting to ask something else but Eirin beat her to it, her speech all doctor like now. 

"You are sleep deprived, Miss Okazaki. That naturally weakens your brain activity as well as your body which led to you collapsing" she explained, "I understand that those in this profession have a drive to learn and experience relentlessly but you must look after your health". 

Yumemi sighed with an understanding nod as this was something Chiyuri constantly reminded her of. 

"I know, it's just.." she quietly spoke and stared at the futon rather than Eirin, "Gensokyo is an extraordinary world with just as extraordinary people and there is so much to take in. That and I really wanted to meet you!". 

Eirin poured the redhead some tea and chuckled when passing it to her, "I'm flattered, truly. But try not to run yourself out. You could have mentioned to Reisen that you wanted to meet me and something would have been arranged. I'm always intrigued to meet individuals that have the same appreciation for the sciences". 

"I could have done that?" Yumemi spluttered slightly and glanced at the woman who sipped her tea. 

She could swear there was a smirk on her lips that were against the rim of the cup, like she knew of her original plan. 

Yumemi wouldn't be surprised if that was the case. 

"Of course. Contrary to popular belief, I'm much more hospitable than some would assume".

"Doing things simply isn't really my forte" Yumemi replied, a hint of red covering her cheeks. 

Eirin grinned and placed her cup down, "That I can see. I am curious to something, however. I'd have presumed that Kanako would be your first pick in terms of meeting? Her field of interest dabbles more into the technological innovative side with the kappa I believe. She is on a mission to find an energy source that outdoes those in current use, including her own reactor". 

"Other than needing to find a way up the mountain, it was you I actually wanted to speak with. From what I've seen, Kanako is heavily involved with the technology from our world as she is from there. I'm definitely intrigued by her thoughts on the balance of science and magic here, considering she is a goddess. However, your..practices appear much more different" Yumemi continued and looked on at Eirin with appraisal, "Medicine is a lot more trickier to deal with. Technology & the human anatomy; the combination of both is fascinating. The possibilities seem endless and you appear to have reached milestones that we have barely broken through yet".

Eirin could appreciate the enthusiasm from the woman and agreed with her sentiments. 

"The countless of theories, both dispelled & proven are quite remarkable I must say. In regards to my own endeavours, I work with what I have & what I can attain in aiding life, for both humans & youkai" she mused and rested her elbow on the table next to them, "I suppose it isn't so different to Kanako's own goals. "Though I haven't created as many mishaps as she has" she internally stated with a sly grin before composing herself.

Yumemi had turned to face the doctor as the signs of her medication working were obvious. She was back to her fidgety and curious self as endless streams of questions zoomed within her mind, things she wanted to know about the doctor and her life. 

"You see, Dr, it's the coexistence between all those that are influential within the scientific community of Gensokyo that really piques my fascination. Do you and Kanako work towards creating a sustainable environment if the Hakurei barrier ever did cease to exist? What about the magicians, do you work with them? How does this Yukari Yakumo individual tie things together? My visits to Gensokyo have not been as frequent after my..".

Whatever Yumemi was thinking managed to put a stopper into the barrage of question that Eirin found endearing as they held a lot of wonder and mystery; as was expected for someone from the Outside World. 

Though the light frown on the redhead's features bellied something more behind the thought & it was Eirin's turn to press the professor. 

"After your?". 

"I'm not sure if you know of my first visit to Gensokyo but to put it in annotated terms, it was a disaster. At least, when it came to presenting my findings to disprove the Unified Theory, that magic is entirely a concept that can be attributed to supporting & changing life as we speak".

"They didn't believe you" Eirin said with sympathy. 

"They most certainly did not". 

It was a statement that still stung Yumemi to this day. 

"I'm a disgraced professor in the Outside World, my version anyway and thus, me and Chuyuri, who is my assistant have been travelling between several universes though we always end up back in Gensokyo". 

While Eirin was well versed on all corners of the scientific platform, she knew those on the Outside World still had ways to go. 

She'd always thought that the humans disinterest in anything that could not be clarified by the research, models or theories was unusual but so very human like. 

That was what the theory Yumemi was speaking of in a nutshell, the need to combine two fields into one, neatly wrapped package. 

Throwing magic into the mix would certainly cause a magnitude of a stir. 

"Can I address your 'disgraced professor' rhetoric firstly by saying you cannot brand yourself with such a title" Eirin stated gently to get Yumemi to look at her, "It's quite apparent that you've succeeded with your original goal, regardless of its cold refusal by those that, let's say, cannot see past their own nose. Yumemi, you mustn't let that be a deterrence to your future endeavours, be they in Gensokyo or some other world. I know a success when I see one" she smiled as all those she taught came to mind. 

Yumemi was almost as red as her hair now, stuttering slightly to find words of gratitude at how honest and certain the doctor sounded. She was never one that needed reaffirmation from others, other than from Chiyuri perhaps so hearing those words were much welcomed. 

Especially from the likes of Eirin. 

"It is something that I have dedicated my entire life to and their short-sighted dismissal left quite the scar. I'm just not sure how to get back to the place I was"

"It is so much easier said than done, I understand that, believe me".

The redhead raised an eyebrow, "Wait, even you have your moments of feeling discouraged?". 

"Of course" Eirin laughed softly at the professor's incredulous expression, "Failure & dismissal occur everywhere, Yumemi. I am not safe from them anymore than you are".

That was the second time Eirin had said her name and it took a lot for the redhead to keep her composure & not pass out, "Once was enough thank you very much". 

"What is different is that I will find another path to attain the results that I seek. Giving up isn't an option" she added and hoped Yumemi would be reminded of that. 

"I think we both definitely know it's something we can't walk away from" Yumemi smiled, mulling over the doctor's words. 

Reisen had delved into what the professor had accomplished so far as even reaching Gensokyo was a challenge in itself. So Eirin hoped Yumemi would continue to expand & work on whatever her new goals were because she could see the change and input Yumemi could offer for her world. 

The lunarian had an idea on how she could help Yumemi replenish that urge to discover more of her potential. 

"That is indeed so. In fact, I could do with an apprentice on the technological side of things around here" she said as casually as possible, "I'd be willing to bet that Kanako wouldn't mind having your insight either. Three brains are better than one, don't you think?". 

"Are, are you being serious?" Yumemi answered though wondered if she was hearing things & had truly lost her mind, "You would want that?".

"It would be a pleasure to have someone with your knowledge & thirst to learn by my side. So, what do you think of my proposition? Although if you need some time to thi-".

"No! No, I definitely do not need time to think" Yumemi replied swiftly and placed her hands up, "I, I would be honoured to work alongside you!". 

Eirin was failing to keep her professional composure at how ecstatic but nervous the redhead appeared. It was always warming to see such a reaction whenever she had the chance to give someone an opportunity like that. She smiled at the redhead and shook the hand that had slipped its way into hers; looking forward to having the woman's dedication open up new paths for them all. 

"Welcome to Eientei, Yumemi". 


In a way, Yumemi reminded her of Reisen. 

And Eirin saw the benefits of that given how much Reisen had provided back to her over the years, like an investment gone right. 

If you nurture something properly, the rewards are plentiful.

Chapter Text







Utsuho continued watching over the expansive control board in the main room situated near the Nuclear Furnace. 

It was a spacious area; the length spanning around filled with all sorts of technological mechanisms that Utsuho was used to dealing with now. 

The room was dimly lit, the main lights over the equipment as opposed to illuminating the whole room. Kanako said something about it helping with fast reaction in case something went wrong & with their superior vision, the darkness wasn't bothersome. 

Kanako was with her today as she checked over everything to make sure the furnace was running smoothly. The goddess wasn't down there often so it always felt strange for Utsuho whenever someone was in the room with her. 

Especially if that someone was the one that 'gave' her the powers of Yatagarasu in the first place. 

Utsuho turned in her chair to see the woman fiddling with some of the dials at the other end of the room. Her usual red top was without its white under shirt, leaving her arms bare and she had opted to wear the navy coloured loose pants rather than her skirt. It made sense given their environment and it meant that Kanako was going to be there for some time. 

The hell raven scowled at her, her red eyes staring holes into the back of Kanako's head. 

It wasn't the best of days for Kanako to have picked to do her maintenance, not when Utsuho's surge of irritability was high. 

Even though many years had passed since the Underground Incident, Utsuho had moments where she'd be flooded with a range of sickening emotions regarding what was inside of her and who put it there. 

It changed her world before she knew it. 

Power she was bestowed with but the consequences were long lived. 

Her relationship with Rin & Satori had changed drastically and had taken time for it to return to what it once was. 

She was surprised that Rin even forgave her and Utsuho dreaded to think how she'd be if the kasha hadn't had done so. 

"You'll have to open the skylight tomorrow, the core temperature seems to be fluctuating".

Kanako awaited a response from the woman but was met with silence. 

"Utsuho, did you hear me?". 

She sighed and turned around to see what the issue was, not expecting to see such a vehemently unpleasant glare in Utsuho's eyes. 


The hell raven snapped out of her internal fury that was bubbling up and threatening to escape. 

"Uh, the skylight? Yeah sure, I'll do that tomorrow" she quickly replied and faced the front to alter some of the controls. 

She had been feeling the furnace overheat and was going to tell Rin to hold off on the corpses to burn until it cooled down. 

The machinery beeped as she took in a deep breath and willed herself to calm down; that as much as she wanted to blame Kanako for the entirety of her situation, she herself was partially responsible. 

"There is an expression used in the Outside World that goes along the lines of, 'If looks could kill, I'd be dead'" Kanako spoke up, "That was quite the look. Something on your mind?". 

The goddess sounded as calm & composed as ever, a hint of teasing coming through her tone and it grated on the hell raven's last nerve. Still, she kept her eyes ahead and relaxed, not wanting to give the woman the satisfaction of seeing her angry. 

"Not really, I was gonna do the thing you asked anyway".

"I see. Well, pardon me for dictating something you do incredibly accurately now. Minus that one incident of course" she chuckled and walked forward to check another section of the control board, "Turning Gensokyo into Chernobyl wouldn't have been wise". 

Utsuho tapped her fingers lightly as her wings flexed behind her. 

"A good thing Yukari & Reimu saw to that". 

If Kanako was intentionally trying to stir her up, Utsuho wasn't sure she would be able to keep her inundated remarks contained.

She was skimming dangerously close considering the mood the hell raven was stewing in. 

"Yeah, definitely a good thing". 

"I'm glad you can agree on that. Yukari isn't a forgiving woman". 

"If she wasn't, she would not have let you stay in Gensokyo, Lady Kanako" Utsuho answered back harshly, "I wish that was the case". 

Kanako openly laughed at that, "Hm, you do have a point. So, given your response, there is something tugging on your wings isn't there?". 

Utsuho glanced towards the goddess who had her arms folded across her chest with a knowing smirk on her lips. Her hair was tied up which brought out the sharp qualities in her red eyes that reflected the smug look and all Utsuho wanted to do was slap the expression off of her face. Her hands clenched hard at the visual image in her head and how much reprieve just the thought alone brought her. 

But the hell raven inhaled slowly through her nose to steady herself, knowing full well how Kanako worked and she wouldn't let her get under her skin. 

Though, with the red eye of the Yatagarasu pulsing within Utsuho's chest, she already had her claws into her. 

"I can finish up if you would like? The major checks are done so I can handle the rest" the hell raven said as she got up, a forced smile on her lips whilst walking to the other side of the controls section.

Kanako's words stopped her in her tracks however. 

"It isn't healthy suppressing rage you know". 

"I..don't know what you mean". 

The goddess scoffed within a chuckle, "Come now, Utsuho. Have you forgotten what resides within you and who put it there? The functioning of the furnace has more to do with you now than you think. As do I".

"No, I have nothing to do with you" she replied and shook her head. 

"We both know that that is far from the truth & I'm also aware of when you're reaching your limit of hatred for me. As I said, it isn't healthy".

"Yeah well, neither is tricking people into doing your dirty work but that never stops you does it?". 

Kanako smiled as she took a step closer to Utsuho. She could see how on edge the woman was, her wings jutting, her limbs contorted as her muscles worked on overdrive to appear more calm. 

"You are not wrong. Is that what is making you mad, that you think I tricked you?". 

"There is no thinking about it, you know it is what you did and I..I was stupid enough to let you". 

Utsuho was caving into the climatic release of wanting to tell Kanako of how much she had paid the price but she knew it wouldn't end well. 

She doubted the goddess even cared. Her goals were her objective and whatever stood in her way was merely an inconvenience. 

All she was to Kanako was a conduit to the Yatagarasu's powers to reignite the Hell Of Blazing Fires; nothing more & nothing less. 

"I suppose knowing & accepting that you agreed to it is reassuring" Kanako answered, "You only have yourself to blame for favouring power over your Mistress & friend".


"It is true isn't it? You wanted to be powerful and take over Gensokyo, making it a new Underworld. That is something you wanted, not Satori nor Rin". 

Kanako could see the final seals of the hell raven's patience coming undone. She of course knew what she was saying and doing. Pushing Utsuho to finally let out whatever she was feeling would bring the furnace back to normality. Kanako didn't necessarily like this method of getting the woman to lash out but she had no choice, for Utsuho's own safety. 

This was an occurrence every now and then; a stretch of time where Utsuho would lose control of the overwhelming abilities that she was home to now and it'd take her back to the time where she accepted Kanako's proposal. 

A part of the goddess held some guilt over her actions but she had bettered the lives of everyone in the land because of the new energy resource. 

Even the hell raven was reaping its benefits though Kanako was more than aware that these moments would happen and she would simply have to deal with it. 

Such as now and having to dish out her goading in order for Utsuho to let loose. 

"Think about it, Utsuho. All you had to do was say you weren't interested and I would have left. No bird, no power, no messing things up".

The words covered around Utsuho's body, strangling her in place as Kanako continued. 

"You can hate me and glare at me all you want but it doesn't change the truth; that you wanted this".


Kanako scoffed, "Was that a protest? Pathetic".

Utsuho's face was looking towards the ground as her fists were balled ferociously. She churned her teeth together, struggling to remain in control but Kanako seemed hell bent on twisting & breaking her with her speech. 

She couldn't understand how the goddess could be that vindictive and all she wanted was for her to shut up. So before Kanako could finish off her current sentence, Utsuho leapt at her. 

Kanako didn't bother stopping the incoming fist to her face that made her stumble backwards. It was a good thing the control rod was nowhere in sigh or else that would've been problematic. 

"The truth hurts, another saying in the Outside World". 

Utsuho swung her fist again and connected with the goddesses’ jaw as she breathed heavily. 

The blow knocked Kanako back again though she pressed forward, squaring up to Utsuho and grinning, "Is that all you can do? I thought you were supposed to be the most powerful hell raven that lurked within the depths of the Underworld. Again, pathetic". 

Utsuho, in her rage, hadn't noticed Kanako not fighting back as she grabbed her by the collar and lifted her into the air to throw her against the wall nearest to the door. 

The goddess could've easily stopped her but she didn't want to in order for Utsuho to exude the bitter venom she felt for her during these occasions. 

Kanako groaned as she rolled onto her back, blood spluttering out of her mouth whilst she gripped her sides. Starting a fight in the control room probably wasn't the best of ideas but she had to make do. 

"Not bad" she laughed, "Though I'd get a better fight from Yakumo's pet cat".

She was met with a knee landing on her stomach, red eyes gleaming & sharpened teeth visible from Utsuho's open mouth. Her hands were flat against the ground on either side of the goddesses’ head & the harder the hell raven squeezed down on her stomach, the more Kanako could feel her energy peaking, getting closer to dropping. 

She coughed up and locked eyes with Utsuho, "You might regret obtaining the Yatagarasu's power but not as much as I regret giving them to you. I fucked up on that choice". 

Kanako didn't mean that, she didn't in the slightest but it was enough as it flipped the switched and Utsuho delivered punch after punch between yells and frustrated cries. 

She let her have each hit, her face sore and cut up from the sheer ferocity of Utsuho's attack until the hell raven was sobbing & her punches became feeble enough for Kanako to easily grab her wrists to hold them away. 

"Why, why would you say that?!" she managed to speak and tried freeing her arms but Kanako held on, "I didn't want this!". 

"I know".

"It wasn't meant to be this way! I wanted Lady Satori & Orin to be happy, to get to go above ground and see everything instead of always being at home! I, I wanted to make it better for them!". 

"I know". 

Perhaps she had pushed it too far this time as Utsuho never actually cried the other times this happened. It only fuelled the goddess to make it right as she pulled herself up till she was face to face with Utsuho on her lap and let her wrists go. 

"I know, Utsuho" Kanako replied softly, "Forgive me, I hadn't intended for my words to scathe you like this". 

It was only then the hell raven had clicked onto the fact that Kanako hadn't hit her or like the other fights, blocked any of her punches. She was floored with confusion whilst assessing the damage she had done to the goddess; her lip that was split, knuckle scrapes near her eyes, her jaw bruised just to name a few. 

To follow that insight, she noticed that the build up of fury within her had diminished with each breath she took as her hands lowered. 

"You, you didn't want to..".

"No, I had no intention of hurting you though I did so with what I said. I'm sorry" Kanako offered and leaned back on her hands, "I've been told that I get carried away with my plans sometimes. Even those to make others feel at ease" she chuckled. 

"Uhm, I didn't mean to get so mad, Lady Kanako" Utsuho timidly said as she realised she technically beat the shit out of a goddess, even if she did let her. 

"I needed you to get that mad" Kanako said quickly as the guilt was strewn on Utsuho's face and she moved back up to her, "As for the injuries, I heal fast so it's fine. The question is, how do you feel?". 

"Other than the bruised fists and the dent in the wall that I made by throwing you against it, I feel much better" she replied and then slapped her hands together and brought her face down, "I'm really sorry for throwing you! Ah I messed up, I'm sorry!". 

Kanako smirked and lowered Utsuho's clasped hands, moving closer so that she could whisper, "It's fine" before sealing the distance with a firm kiss. 


For Utsuho, that was definitely a good sign as this meant Kanako was more than sure it was okay. She could taste and feel the woman's injured lips as she swiped her tongue over it repeatedly, moving her arms behind Kanako's neck and pulling her in. 

The final way to cement that Utsuho's mental state was seen to was to give her some physical reprieve and after that punch up, Kanako knew that she herself could do with something to pull her adrenaline level lower than it had been. 

Utsuho's legs tightened around Kanako's waist as the goddess snaked her hands up the woman's shirt and unbuttoned it. Her lips released its hold on the hell raven's soft tongue that it was twirling around in order to lick her way down the side of her neck. 

The injuries did little to halt the things Kanako could do and Utsuho reveled in it as she dragged her fingers up the back of the woman's head to push her against her throat. 

She obliged to Utsuho's whims and kissed across the heated skin and suckled on the column of her throat when she tilted her head back; giving Kanako more room to do so. 

While her mouth was busy with that, Kanako stroked her fingers across Utsuho's chest in order to slide down her shirt till her wings blocked it off anything further. That was fine as the goddess could definitely make do with the expanse of skin revealed. 

She alternated between light tugging and firm kisses as she moved the attention of her mouth lower to where the eye was. 

It was an interesting experience for both Kanako and Utsuho when they did this though this situation was a lot more impulsive. 

Normally, the goddess would've taken Utsuho back to the shrine or found a more discreet location in the mass of tunnels within the Underworld. She never bothered with the risk of going back to the palace what with Satori around. 

As amusing as it would be to let Satori hear both her own & Utsuho's thoughts while they fucked each other, Kanako preferred to keep this private. 

The needy moan made those musings vanish as she trailed a hand down the hell raven's body, carefully stroking the outline of the eye, down her stomach and then beneath the waistband of her skirt & underwear till she got to where Utsuho yearned for her to be. 

The warmth engulfed Kanako's hand as Utsuho gasped out and groaned her name, grinding her hips to get Kanako to touch her. Her hand had a firm hold on the goddesses’ shoulder, the other on her neck whilst the tongue swiping around the eye was making her melt. 

Kanako was careful with her movements at first, sliding into Utsuho with ease as her mouth eagerly accepted the hell raven's breast, swirling her tongue over it whilst pulling at the same time. It evoked a sharp thrust of Utsuho's body, her fingers inching in further as her clit slammed against Kanako's palm. 

She steadied Utsuho by wrapping her other arm behind her waist and gripping her shirt, not slowing the speed of her palm rolling the hardening muscle along with the rhythm of the long fingers scraping within her. The wet walls provided the right texture for Kanako to switch between curling her fingers and pressing the tips against the reactive nerves. 

It made Utsuho cry out and dig her nails into the back of her neck as she toppled forward the more Kanako toyed with her. 

Hopefully, neither Suwako or Rin would feel the need to check up on them as that was a line of questioning they could do without, Kanako mused to herself. Her mouth stopped its indulge on her chest and moved over the eye to give the other breast the same attention, this time less aggressively to help sooth the hell raven. 

Utsuho's thighs quivered, her breathing heavier than it was when she was attacking her lover and her skin felt alight with Kanako's godlike touch. 

Out of the entirety of what had just occurred, Utsuho was mainly relieved that Kanako hadn't meant to be spiteful, despite how cutting her words were. Sometime she didn't realise herself how close she was to tipping over the edge and yielding to the power hungry side until the goddess intervened. 

Just like she was doing now with every precise prod against her clit, her palm sliding over it without missing a beat. 

Anything to contain the animalistic desires of the god she had consumed. 

Though the irony of how the goddess that blessed her with the gift, or curse, depending on how she was feeling, was the only one who could control it despite it being in her didn't go amiss. 

Utsuho was grateful of having Kanako's support, especially during situations like this that made her feel the same motions that a geyser most likely felt. 

Her mouth lodged into Kanako's shoulder as the pressure between her legs became unstable, shuddering as Kanako sped up her movement and pushed down harder till the hell raven felt the tension her body was rolled up in snap. 

They both gasped out whilst the goddess breathed against Utsuho's neck while rolling her clit and prolonging her orgasm till she couldn't arch her back any further. Every drop gushed out and doused her palm and fingers to a point where Kanako could feel it melding with her own clothes. 

Utsuho's form was convulsing above her as the climatic rush eased and the knots in her spine came undone. She slowly slid up and down on Kanako's fingers that were still buried inside her and shivered at being able to feel the goddess lazily sweep her soaked and warm digits. 

Kanako tried to stall a moan at that sensation but failed whilst dropping her body back and letting Utsuho rest on her. Her free hand instinctively went to stroke the hell raven's dark wings knowing that it brought her additional comfort after a release like that. 

Whether Utsuho actually wanted to relax now was a different thing considering she was still writhing against her fingers. 

Not that Kanako minded either way as she sighed out contentedly and was met with just as fulfilled red eyes when Utsuho lifted her head up. She was pensive whilst clearly aroused given what the goddess was doing to her. Her voice when she finally spoke was drenched with heavy lust that made Kanako's own body react, especially considering what the hell raven wanted. 

"You don't have to leave now do you?". 

"No, I still have the rest of the night with you". 

"To calm me down?". 

Kanako smirked seductively enough to make the hell raven on top of her falter with desire as she nodded & kissed her. 

"To calm you down". 

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Shion pulled at the clothes she was wearing whilst standing in front of the mirror in Tenshi's bedroom. 

She was surprised the celestial even owned casual clothing like the black hoodie & blue skirt that wasn't so different from her usual outfit which was neatly folded away. 

"I guess beings like her also like to dress down. It is a choice, unlike for me".

The goddess frowned and shook the thought out of her head, she knew Tenshi was much more different than the celestials she had encountered before. That much was made obvious when she insisted she joins her even after the celestial defeated her. 

Tenshi had been nothing but hospitable since they arrived at her home in the heavens. She helped clean up her wounds, readied a bath for her and was running around doing who knows what right now from the rapid footstep Shion could hear from the main living room. 

After years of being more or less catatonic in regards to contact with others aside from her sister, it was strange for Shion to be around people. 

Or people to want to be around her. 

The goddess of poverty led a life of near isolation & that was all Shion had known. 

Evidently, Gensokyo differentiated from the other locations she brought misfortune on and Tenshi continued to prove that. 

Speaking of the celestial, Shion sniffed the air and glanced down at her clothes where the fragrance appeared to ooze out from. 


It was a comforting scent that made her feel twice as hungry; both for food & company. 

She made her way out of the bedroom and was instantly hit with the delicious aroma of various dishes, her eyes wide and stomach now growling. 

It explained the running around from Tenshi so Shion followed the trail that was luring her out of hiding and was led to the living room, where she saw the woman analysing something that she was looking at. 

Her hand was on her hip, the other tucked beneath her chin as her eyes scanned whatever was on the receiving end of her vision. Shion noticed that the celestial changed out of her usual attire and wore similar clothes to her, the blue hair tied up and no hat in sight. 


Shion hadn't realised that she had zoned out in her silent appraisal of the woman till a hand waved in her face and she was met with an adorable grin. 

"Earth to Shion, or should I say heaven to Shion". 

"Oh! I uh, sorry. Did you say something?". 

Tenshi stepped back to give the woman some space, "I asked how you're feeling and did you enjoy the bath?".

It almost seemed alien for the goddess to be asked that that it took a moment for her to reply, "I'm much better now, thanks. The bath helped". 

Tenshi beamed at hearing she was fine and Shion was unsure of how to box up the feeling that was currently making her knees weak at seeing the celestial seem genuinely pleased. 

"Ah that's good! I was worried I was a bit too rough on you" Tenshi said whilst reaching out and gently poking the red bump near Shion's forehead, "Reimu says I get overexcited during a danmaku match" and laughed. 

"I suppose that is what we get for what we did huh" Shion replied and urged herself to relax as the woman's soft fingertip continued to sooth the bruise. 

Tenshi lowered her hand and grabbed the goddesses' "It's fine now though and there was no lasting damage" she said to elevate Shion's possible guilt, "I think. Anyway, let's go sit down. You're probably hungry right?". 

"I'm always hungry" Shion mused in her mind and allowed Tenshi to lead the way. 

It was towards what the celestial was eyeing up before and Shion wasn't sure what to think of the sight that beheld her.

The earlier delectable aroma came back, not that it ever left as Shion was far too captivated by her host but viewing the spread on the table made her hunger come back twice as hard. 

On the low table, a wide range of mouth watering dishes lay in wait to be consumed. From rice to curries to desserts to fish, the neatly displayed concoctions were both eye catching and hunger churning. 

Shion's intake of replenishment may be acquired on a spiritual level by receiving faith & prayer as expected of being a goddess, however, the worldly foods were just as satisfactory. 

Especially with the amount and types she was giving the once over now. 

Tenshi's hand was still in hers and she turned her head slightly in awe at her, "Did you do all of this?". 

"I may have gone a little overboard but it's a special occasion so why not" she grinned, "Besides, it's nice to play the host for a change". 

The appreciation in Shion's blue eyes were the cutest thing Tenshi had ever seen. 

"I, I don't know what to-".

Tenshi gave the goddess a side hug as she started to stammer her gratitude and they almost tipped over. The celestial had forgotten how light she was, even from their battle and stood up to seat them down. 

"There's no better thanks than eating and enjoying what I made" the celestial said and as an afterthought, added, "That and I really need to get you fed. I almost snapped you just by hugging you and since I want to hug you a lot, we can't have that"

Shion smiled, a small but clearly honest smile that made Tenshi conceal the urge to jump up and state it. 

She couldn't blame the goddess for always appearing depressed and monotonous given her status but Tenshi wanted to change that, even slightly where Shion could feel a reason to learn to be happy. 

While Joon had a similar personality to herself, Tenshi's intrigue for Shion was more prominent based on how unusual and interesting she was. 

She wanted to know more about her, befriend her and make her feel welcomed, maybe more if they hit it off and Tenshi figured Shion could definitely do with the companionship. 

So as they both tucked into their meal, the celestial continued to make the goddess feel at home with her. 

She was attentive, considerate & accommodating, things she wasn't prior to meeting Reimu & the others. 

Tenshi knew how much of a change meeting the shrine maiden tended to create and she was sure that both the Yorigami sisters would get a taste of it. 

She may belong to the heavens but the place Tenshi truly felt at ease was below the clouds. 

Perhaps Shion too would consider Gensokyo more of a home than wherever it was she resided. 

They talked about their lives whilst enjoying the splendid meal, Tenshi sharing the many anecdotes of the escapades that occurred throughout the land. Shion was amused and fascinated by what she was hearing as she sipped the sweet sake to wash down the various desserts she had indulged in. 

As Tenshi sighed out with content, Shion asked her something that was on her mind, "I thought celestials only ate peaches?". 

"Hmm they do but that's more the older generations view. You know, 'we're too proud to try anything else and enjoy it unless it's from heaven'" Tenshi mimicked as Shion chuckled, "Most of this is stuff I tried below ground, especially at Reimu's. I like the variety they have". 

"That makes sense" Shion replied and faced Tenshi as she slid around the cushion, "You never really mentioned how you came to meet Reimu and the others come to think of it". 

Recounting the incident made Tenshi smile fondly, despite the scale of the catastrophes she caused. 

"Well long story short, I kind of made everyone mad by causing earthquakes and messing with the weather. Oh and putting a keystone in Reimu's shrine but Yukari knocked that down and rebuilt it. There was a lot of fighting but it was so much fun!". 

Shion gave a look that could resemble surprise at Tenshi's description of her incident. 

"I'm not sure if what we did was worse or what Tenshi did"

"But all is well that ends well" Tenshi grinned and pat Shion's back, "Things are always patchy for a while but then everyone gets drunk at Reimu's shrine which should happen in a few hours. Sounds good huh?". 

"Is making friends with the enemy a thing over here?" the goddess questioned as she thought of the nonchalant relationships between all those involved with her incident. 

The master/slave format almost seemed fitting and she wondered if that made the possessions much more easier to take hold. 

"I don't think it was like this with the last shrine maiden. Reimu did a lot in terms of changing that to avoid pointless death on all sides". 

"Reimu can see more of a neutral ground than most humans, that is interesting". 

Tenshi nodded, "Right? So don't worry about her being mad or anything" and then winked at her, "If I like you, she will too! And if not, I'll just threaten to unleash another earthquake". 

"I'd rather she didn't come after you as much as that is kind of you to say" the goddess chuckled. 

"Hm that's true" Tenshi snickered before becoming slightly serious, "I'd think of something but trust me, Gensokyo isn't like other places. In its weird way, everyone is welcome here". 

Shion couldn't help but to believe Tenshi's words and positivity that were like an anchor almost, keeping her grounded to the opportunity of having more than she had before. 

At least in terms of friends and not having to be detested due to what she stood for. 

Even Tenshi extending her invitation to join her was so unexpected that Shion was convinced it was a plan as a form of punishment for what she and Joon had done. But that couldn't have been further than the truth when she went above and beyond  to make sure she was alright. 

If the celestial was going out of her way to include her in her life, Shion knew not to look a gift horse in the mouth, especially since Tenshi wouldn't have anything to gain by tricking her. 

Instead, she held the hand that always seemed to find its way back into her warm palm like a magnetic link and pulled it close. 



"Thank you". 

The Perfect Possession scheme may have been foiled but Shion wasn't exactly dissuaded by that as she had acquired something far more valuable in the form of Tenshi; something that could not be bought by all the money in the world. 

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It felt like so long ago & still the memories of when Yuyuko met Yukari relayed in her mind like on a loop. 

The almost accidental yet comical encounter of the two crossing paths during a flower viewing and meeting each other was simply priceless. 

Yuyuko lost sight of everything and everyone around her as her light eyes kept drifting to the mysterious woman who was making not so subtle glances at her too. 

One too many dishes of sake could attribute to her standing up and moving away from her friends to approach the enticing woman. 

Unfortunately, her wavering movements and uncoordinated steps were not in cooperation with her train of thought and Yuyuko almost went flying to the ground thanks to a cat that ran in front of her. 

Fortunately, a pair of strong arms had encircled her waist and a body steadied her. 

Yuyuko's situation became even more fortuitous when she lifted her bleary eyes to see the piercing violet orbs matching the sensual smirk. 

One would've assumed that the goddess of romantic comedies actually existed and Yuyuko thanked her gratuitously before promptly passing out in the stranger's arms. 

Yukari never let her live it down. 


Smiling, Yuyuko turned in the bed to face the woman's sleeping form, admiring the skin that glistened under the dimmed light of the full moon. Her blonde hair was tucked beneath her shoulder which exposed her back fully & she peered at the light scratches she created; smiling at her handiwork thanks to Yukari's own skills. 

With things close to being absurdly hectic due to their work lives, she hadn't had much time to spend with the older woman. The incidents that would occur when they tried to have a moment alone were meticulously interrupted by someone or something; like they were constantly being watched. 

Yukari was under a lot of pressure, not that anyone looking in from the outside would be able to tell but Yuyuko knew her well enough. 

Over the many years that had passed since their meeting, she had become acclimatised to most of the woman's quirks and personality & what Yukari refused to show anyone else, she happily showed to Yuyuko. 

Which led to moments of pent up energy & desire being carried out of their bodies during these late nights.

Lifting her fingertip up, Yuyuko gently connected it to the woman's spine, tracing it down the shape as if she was replacing the area with her own brand. She smiled at how the blonde's skin reacted to every touch, a small shudder running down her back with each delicate linger around it. The temptation to replace her finger with her tongue & taste her lover's body was tipping Yuyuko over the edge. 

Yuyuko was fascinated to this day with anything regarding Yukari, finding it riveting when she learnt something new. 


The woman's fingertip was resting in-between her shoulder blades when Yukari said her name with a slight croak in her tone that made Yuyuko's body light up. 

"I'm sorry, I didn't realise you were awake". 

A just as sensual chuckle escaped the blonde's mouth as she turned to face her lover by making sure to swing her legs over her body, ensuring that she was on top of her. Yuyuko spread her thighs so that she could get comfortable between them while her own arms curled over the blonde's shoulders. 

Yukari looked far too alert to have just woken up, her bright eyes shimmering in the exotic way that they did. Her arms were on either side of Yuyuko's head with one of her hands stroking the light pink hair in a relaxed manner. 

"You haven't slept at all since we finished by the looks of it. Could it be that I am losing my touch or worse, you no longer desire me?". 

It was said in jest of course but Yuyuko didn't like the sound of that at all. She pulled Yukari's head down and kissed her with fervour; her eyes furrowed even when closed, fingers entangling in her blonde hair as the older woman's tongue slid into her mouth and reciprocated the kiss with just as much ferocity. 

Low breathing and sharp gasps painted the silence around them as their bodies pressed up against each other's. Yuyuko ground her hips up which knocked Yukari off of her focus, leading her to groaning into the younger woman's mouth and ending the kiss. 

She pulled back from Yuyuko slightly to let her breath more easily and pushed her upper body up & off of her, glancing down with hazy eyes and capturing the tainted perfection the woman was. 

Yukari figured she must have hit a nerve as her lover wasn't as erratic in her behaviour in the bedroom unless she initiated it which is partially why the blonde said that in the first place. 

"Shall I take that as a no?". 

Yuyuko rolled her eyes and dropped her hands down to Yukari's lower back where her own thighs were locked around. 

"Obviously" she sighed in a more pleasant way, "I was..thinking". 

"Considering that you've never been much of a speaker when in your own world, that does not surprise me". 

Yuyuko scraped her nails over the curve of the blonde's waist in retort, "Funny". 

"Duly noted" she grinned with no intention of holding back her own body and using it to make Yuyuko squirm as she rolled her hips against hers, "What were you thinking about, darling?". 

Yuyuko glanced towards the window for a moment which made Yukari cautious. She didn't want her to clam up if there was something loitering around in her head. If she was unhappy and hiding things that bothered her, then the seams of any relationship could go wrong, even one as strong as theirs. 


Pink eyes landed back on Yukari's curious violets, "That afternoon you caught me".

"Feeling nostalgic?". 

"I guess so" she replied whilst trailing her hands up Yukari's back, making sure to spend some extra time between her shoulder blades again, "With everything falling into place, it reminded me of how long ago it was".

Yukari dropped a kiss onto Yuyuko's lips gently before asking, "Regrets?".

"Far too many to list" Yuyuko retorted with a smirk. 

"I'm wounded". 

"Takes much more than that from what I've seen". 

Yukari laughed softly, "Well played. Back to reminiscing..". 

"Well, we've come a long way from then and I was thinking that I am glad it happened".

"The feeling is mutual, sweetheart. Other than having a purpose and opportunity to finally change from how I used to be with my loneliness, these moments with you are an extra bonus".

Yuyuko snickered, "Wow that was such a Yukari-like way of being sweet". 

"For your information, it is much more than anyone else would get" the woman replied and dropped her body fully back on Yuyuko and dragged her hands down, snaking them around the woman's waist. 

"I am honoured" she replied with just as much sass. 

"You know, I think I preferred it when you don't speak much" she teased into the younger woman's neck, "I shall have to see to that". 

"I'd like to see you try..darling".


Yuyuko clung on tighter when Yukari kissed her way beneath her ear and the slope of her shoulder where it joined with her neck. She visibly shivered at the feeling of teeth grazing the already reddened skin from their previous activity, a tinge of pain searing through the bite marks as she craved more. Well aware that her lover knew exactly how to silence her, she basked in the woman's skilfully placed kisses and strokes of her pelvis gently hitting her own. 

If there was one thing that Yuyuko had picked up on over the years about the way Yukari worked, it was that she found it easy to douse an individual with empty words & praises with ease as they meant nothing to her. 

The feigned flirtatious behaviour, the well timed coy remarks & the carefully constructed directives she gave; it was all an act that even the most proficient illusionists couldn't replicate. 

To get to the core of Yukari's actual thoughts & emotions as well as knowing when she isn't being patronising was something Yuyuko was exposed to. She saw right through the woman's visage of trying to play it reserved when stating she felt the same way Yuyuko did and her voice did nothing to shield that away. 

This was what Yuyuko was rewarded with after years of being by her woman's side. She got to strip Yukari bare, bother mentally & physically to get to the vulnerable safe that contained the remaining spark of actual humane emotions that she kept away from everyone else. 

Much like how the blonde had managed to do with her own & for that, Yuyuko would blindly follow her to where she wanted. 

Right now however, Yukari didn't want Yuyuko to go anywhere. It was she who was kissing her way down her lover's neck, chest and stomach slowly, moving to where Yuyuko had started to grind against her. 

She wanted to cover the younger woman with her own thoughts of how ecstatic she was in having Yuyuko in her life. Yukari knew that after their initial meeting, she wasn't the easiest person to love and yet, Yuyuko stood by her through it all. 

Through the reserved behaviour, the aloof mind frame and constant games; Yukari unintentionally tested Yuyuko's patience and the end result left her believing that someone was watching over her when Yuyuko stayed by her side. 

She bit down harder near Yuyuko's naval, the need to taste her skin in her mouth taking over as the blonde was determined to make sure Yuyuko truly didn't regret anything. 

"Yukari.. ". 

Hands tightened around her blonde hair as Yuyuko's soft moans erupted into the air with each long lick Yukari trailed down and over her mound. The hot breath was enough to drive her arousal through the roof whilst she locked her thighs over Yukari's upper back. 

Hearing her lover want it from her in between saying that she loves her led Yukari to probing her tongue into the glistening lips that were warm. Her hands snuck up, one resting on Yuyuko's stomach and the other grabbing at her breast with each push of her tongue. 

Yukari was overwhelmed and pleased by the level of wetness her younger lover was drizzling out as her mouth worked on kissing the folds and gliding her tongue around inside her. 

A violet eye peeked open through a heavy eyelid, watching the way Yuyuko was squirming in her bed and grasping at the sheets with one hand as she tugged on Yukari's hair with the other. It always added a stimulation to the blonde's actions, to see her doing her lover in a way that made her back jut off of the bed and gyrate into her mouth harder. 

Yuyuko was oblivious to this whilst her chest heaved at the motions of Yukari's tongue coiling in and around the pulsing muscles within her vulva, aching to keep her inside as her clit burned at needing attention. She tried to tug her lover's head up but the action made Yukari's drenched tongue scrape in deeper which doubled her need to come and fast. 

However, it wasn't just Yuyuko who knew the entirety of how Yukari worked as the blonde could sense how she wanted to be loved along with everything else. 

Such as whether Yuyuko wanted the sex to be paced & slow. 

Or if she wanted to stay at home or go out for dinner. 

As well as knowing when Yuyuko was, 'I don't like you at the moment but stay with me & kiss me' upset at her or the 'I'm so furious that pinning you down and fucking you will suffice as I don't want to kill you' upset. 

This included knowing when she wanted to be held or left alone, when she was under stress, when she felt at ease; Yukari was onto all of her lover's needs. 

Yukari knew Yuyuko inside out and she would demonstrate that for the rest of her life. 

Continuing that promise by dragging her tongue out of Yuyuko & planting it on her twitching clit whilst wrapping her arms around her upper thighs. 

The sultry moan that escaped the woman's mouth made stalling worth it as it riled Yukari up further.

Her mouth clamped around it as her lips pulled first before her tongue carried on the onslaught by lathering all over the muscle, ensuring she coated every inch of it. 

Yuyuko screamed carelessly as the spark that ran up her spine threatened to shut her lungs down. 

The roughness on the older woman's tongue grazing over her clit, the softness of the tip of it poking the surface, the way she curled her lips over the nub to kiss it; all of these sensations pushed Yuyuko off the deep end where Yukari was ready to catch her. 

Just like she always did. 

Yuyuko knew that she'd always be there to hold her tight so she let go, thrashing as her body finally broke down and her orgasm became uncontrollable. 

Yukari held her hips down as sporadic pushes of her lover's pelvis hit her mouth whilst she soaked up each piquant wave of her release. 

The experience of Yuyuko emptying into her mouth culminated in the blonde's own breathlessness as she pulled away to lick up the excess, not daring to let a drop of the sweetness that her beloved offered her escape. 

She felt Yuyuko's body trembling and the grip of her thighs on her back loosen so Yukari gently brought them down as she kissed her way up. Her exerted mouth had a chance to relax and gain the additional taste of the light coat of sweat that coated itself over Yuyuko, giving her a beautiful glow. 

The afterglow of being satisfied.


Hands snaked down Yukari's own back the further she trailed up till she could lick the soft skin of Yuyuko's chest, suckling when she whimpered out. 

She noticed how exhausted Yuyuko's voice sounded as her reddened lips kissed her lover gently, allowing her to taste the multitude of flavours when her tongue snuck in. 

Their heated bodies were entangled together in a way that fit perfectly, each curve being accommodating & limbs landing over the other in synch. 

Even without the need to speak, they knew, they just knew how to bring the other to a level of contentment that no other in their life could even touch upon. 

Their eyes dictated that when they pulled away and hazy softness covered the space of their irises. 

Yuyuko's fingers slid across Yukari's shoulders in order to place them on the blonde's face, tracing the outline of her lips before leaning in for another kiss. She couldn't resist anything when it came to the other woman, nor did she want to as Yukari was everything she could want in a lover. 

The sentiments ran the same for the weakening blonde as Yuyuko continued to cement her comforting presence in her life with every action, word & emotion. 

"I love you, Yuyuko". 

She smiled warmly after dropping her head back onto the pillow at Yukari's declaration; the sentiment tinted with the rawest of Yukari's commitment to her. 

Something that she herself could guarantee for the woman she fell for, almost literally. 

"I love you too".


Chapter Text






Renko's eyes tentatively opened when the feeling of her stomach dropping to the ground crashed against her. 

Any normal person would've woken up in a panic due to the sensation of their chest being squeezed till not a single gasp of air could escape. 

Any normal person would've feared for their sanity at waking up in a bed they didn't fall asleep on. 

Any normal person would've been sweating buckets till they shrivelled up into nothing. 

Any normal person would've scrambled away to safety when unknown violet eyes were the first thing they saw hovering over them. 

But Renko wasn't normal. 

Not since the day Maribel disappeared. 

She was anything but. 


The figure hovering above her chuckled, the sound crooning & sensual. 

Renko knew it wasn't her love, but she didn't care. 

She still referred to her as Merry. 

The figure didn't seem to mind. 

It became a routine for them. 

"Did you miss me?". 

"I still miss you". 

"I'm right here" the voice whispers. 

Renko gulps lightly as she feels the weight of her 'lover's' body rest on hers, arms against the side of her brunette locks & face a width apart. 

"Are you really Merry?".

Her fingers twitched, grabbing the sheets as the woman on her smiled. 

It was Maribel's smile. 

If Renko ever got to see Maribel aging with her, this was the woman she would be. 

Terrifyingly beautiful. Eyes that could kill with a blink. Hair that could make angels envious. Sensuality which oozed like lava. A body that resisted against time's degradation. Sexuality so potent it could cause an undoing just by being exposed to it. Powerfully unwavering. 

The woman captured every essence of Maribel & multiplied it to unreachable heights. 

"I can be anything that you want" she replied with a husky tone, moving a hand and cupping the brunette's cheek, "I can be everything that you need" she continued. 

The material of the woman's nightgown was thin enough for Renko to feel every curve and hollow press against her own. 


"Renko, I wouldn't lie to you. I never have". 

Feeling a desperate desire to touch her, Renko extracted a hand and placed it on the blonde's back. She slid it up as her hand shivered with each graze against the silk material. 

"Don't leave me again, please". 

"I always come back to you" the woman answered whilst tilting Renko's chin up, "As long as you never doubt me. Do you doubt me?". 

The logical side within Renko's mind was screaming at damaging decibels. It was warning her to break away and snap out if it, that something wasn't right, that this woman was not Maribel. 

But the broken & destroyed side of her that craved to see her lover again; the one that threw away all of her research, plans & ambitious to search for Maribel only had to whisper. 

"She is Merry, Renko. Don't let her go again, please". 

The violet eyes never left Renko's own brown ones as the full lips quirked into a smirk because the brunette had moved her arms & encircled them around her waist. Renko's legs opened with ease which allowed the woman on top to reposition herself between them whilst her hands rested back against the side of Renko's head.  

"I, I don't doubt you, Merry. I need you" she pleaded and exhaled. 

"What do you need?". 

"I need to feel you". 

Smiling, the blonde stroked a nail down the side of Renko's flushed cheek and down her neck. She relished in the way the younger woman's blood pulsed beneath her skin, almost like it was trying to force its way through & coat her fingertips. Renko's lips parted deliciously as her hazy eyes surrendered to the agonisingly stimulating touch. 

She needed the woman to end her tempestuous pain of loss. 

All Renko craved was this version of Maribel to crawl inside her mind & body to undo the longing loneliness that  floated around her like a malignant curse. 


"Yes, my love?". 

The brunette shuddered within a warm laugh as her fingers dipped into the blonde's waist. 

She was her love, she would always be Maribel's love. 

Lowering her lips closer to the brunette's, the woman waited for a reply while using her breath to kiss Renko's lips. 

"Take me away from here". 

The delivery of her words ensured that Renko's sentence would end with their starved lips finally locked together. 

They crumbled to the feather light cadence for a while as the blonde gave the distraught Renko what she yearned for. 

To kiss Maribel again. 

To feel her pressed hard on top of her. 

To grip the blonde's body to never let her leave.

To taste the essence of her till that was the only flavour she could recall. 

Renko needed to be brought down the slippery road of insanity, even if for one night. 

So as her lips pulled away and latched onto Renko's jaw in order to lick down her neck, the woman would give her just that. 

The brunette knew what was coming and wound her legs up the blonde's back till her bare thighs hugged up her shoulder blades. 

Even the anticipation of feeling her lover getting ready to severe the tie between a dream & nightmare was excruciatingly palpable. 

Each kiss down her heated skin led Renko's saviour to where the curve of her shoulder collided with her neck. She lapped her tongue over it and felt the brunette's heart pound like it was trying to escape and meld with her own. 

Renko's brown eyes slammed shut the second she felt the sharpened teeth trudge down her skin. Her fists entangled themselves within the illuminating blonde locks, just like they used to when she was wrapped up in Maribel's arms. 

Being able to do it again and again made it seem like nothing had ever changed, that Maribel was still with her. 


It became a twisted source of comfort. 

This woman gave her that reprieve and Renko would gratefully accept it like water to a starving survivor that was trapped in the desert for so long. 

She would gladly feel the teeth slide into her neck like melting ice as often as it was offered. 

Renko choked a gasp out and rammed her thighs harder around the blonde's waist, her eyes shooting open now as the hardness of the canines dug into her skin. 


The invigorating sensation of the woman's lips settling over where she was biting her sent jolts of adrenaline into Renko's brain. 


With each suckle, the younger woman felt her blood flowing into the other woman's mouth like an untamed river. The suckling sounds were tantalising as it aided the pressure of the suction she was applying to the bite. 


It was a beautiful substitute for the pain she would normally feel. Having this ethereal woman consume her to douse the loss she felt on a daily basis couldn't be matched. 

Renko came to long for the woman that would erase it all away like a drug addiction. 

She could compare her to a hallucination that was both beautiful & deadly and maybe one day, it would lead to her death. 

She didn't care. 

She was Maribel as far as Renko was concerned.  

Nothing and nobody could tell her otherwise. 

For now, this perfect illusion was what she needed. 

"I love you!" she breathed between tugging her bottom lip to hide how climatic having the older woman draining her felt, "Merry". 

Paying no heed to the blood spilling out of the corners of her mouth, the blonde wedged her teeth down further into Renko's neck. She could feel the muscles grip her wet canines, the soft texture of it keeping a firm grip whilst she continued to pull the delectable nectar out and held Renko tight. 

She couldn't promise Renko that she'd ever heal from Maribel's disappearance, nor could she tell her the truth because it would kill her. 

All she could do was yield to the brunette's dwindling desperation if only for a while. 

All she could do was make her feel one with her, to leave a mark in order to let Renko know that it wasn't the end, that it wasn't a dream. 

That she could not succumb to destroying herself. 

The woman knew Maribel wouldn't want that of her lover. 

Wherever she was, Yukari knew. 

Despite this, it would never be enough as Renko cried out and panted due to exhaustion as blood & tears covered Yukari's sheets. 

Yukari could never compensate for Maribel's untimely disappearance. 

Her violet orbs remained open whilst she fed from Renko. 

Tears dripped down her cheeks. 

The blood always tasted bitter. 

It was like she was drinking acid. 

It never became any easier. 

Her throat felt raw. 

Doing this was killing her. 

Her body convulsed. 

The last few drops finally becoming sweeter. 

Because it was done, Renko was satiated, it was over. 

No matter how much it hurt her, the woman would do it for the brunette. 

That was her mantra as she slid her teeth out from the glistening neck and heard the scratchy moan escape the younger woman's mouth. 

She would do it to make Renko drift as far away from the truth as possible. 


One night a week. 

Since Maribel disappeared. 

Yukari would visit Renko. 

Every night that she did. 

Was another nail in Maribel's coffin. 

She would never return to reality. 

Neither would Renko. 

Nor would Yukari. 

Chapter Text






"I swear if they've stolen spring again, I'm gonna make them regret being dead never mind alive" Reimu complained to nobody in particular. 

She wasn't one to dislike silence but the Netherworld tended to bring an air of creepiness to it. 

Spirits, ghosts & phantoms crossed her path up the stairs like it was the bustling markets of the Human Village, a thought that brought a shudder up Reimu's spine. 

"I'm not drunk enough for this". 

The letter in her hand remained within her grip as she reread the contents in her mind. It was unusual for her to be summoned in such a way but considering who had written it, it wasn't a big surprise. 

What was lingering on the priestess's mind was the almost emotive things that were contained within the invitation.

How eager she was to see her. 

How delighted she would be if Reimu could join her. 

How too much time had passed between them since they last saw each other. 

"How much she..admires me? Uh, okay then" Reimu said the last one out loud, trying to read between the lines but there didn't seem to be any hidden context behind it. 

She sighed and decided not to ponder on it as she would be reaching the mansion soon enough to ask her directly. 

The one thing that Reimu knew was a given when visiting the Netherworld was the comfort of a satisfying, well prepared meal by its renowned half ghost. 

That made up for the journey in an instant. 


Meanwhile, a not so pleased Youmu continued to lay out the table in the main living area with a constant stream of grumbles. 

"If she was having guests over, she could have warned me in advance".

Another trip to the kitchen and back with more dishes. 

"Who did Lady Yuyuko invite anyway, the whole of Gensokyo?". 

And back she went to retrieve the final few plates. 

Yuyuko left an extensive list of dishes for Youmu to create with a vague message about feeling the need for a change. 

She wasn't kidding as the food prepared wasn't the usual that Yuyuko preferred. Considering how varied the princess was with her tastes, it shouldn't have come as a shock but Youmu did find the pallets she had concocted to be strange. 

"This is absurd. I've been up since the morning making all of this & she is nowhere to be found". 

One thing Youmu could determine was that Reimu was definitely going to be a guest given that some of the dishes she had made were things she had seen the priestess enjoy. 

"At least she will be able to keep Lady Yukari in some sort of check. The last thing I need is both her & Lady Yuyuko drunk out of their minds" she mused to herself whilst glancing over the table, "It has been a while since Reimu was here so I guess it'll be nice to see her. Wait, what am I thinking!". 

She gave her head a good shake, something that Myon did not appreciate as it whirled around her. The guard knew she had to keep a clear train of thought if she was going to remain cool & collected throughout the meal. 

Drooling over Reimu certainly wasn't going to add to that. 

The mystery of where Yuyuko was helped to override her nervous feelings to one of annoyance again. She had no clue when everyone was meant to arrive, if there was anything else that Yuyuko needed & if she should dress up even.

The lack of presence from her mistress was derailing the communication & Youmu felt at loss. 

It was safe to say that the swordswoman was slightly irritated. 

Just slightly. 

"This day cannot get any worse" she mumbled out & placed her hands on her hips whilst rolling her eyes. 


"Hello?! Is anyone here?! Hey, it's rude to keep your guests waiting!". 

"Oh no..". 

Youmu groaned as Reimu's raised voice reached her ears and grated the insides of them. 

"Reimu is here". 

Saying it out loud the first time didn't get Youmu to realise what that meant. 

"Reimu is here, huh". 

Myon frantically spun around the guard to make her detach herself from the almost hypnotic state she was in. The ghost nudged her living counterpart as Reimu spoke up again, this time even louder than previously. 

"Reimu is here!". 

Youmu, not thinking twice, ran out of the room and headed towards the priestess who was waiting for her outside of the entrance where the door was open since the weather was warm. 

"Jeez it took you long enough, Youmu" Reimu greeted in her Reimu like way, "Didn't you hear me?". 

"My apologies, I wasn't aware of when you were meant to arrive". 

Reimu raised an eyebrow, "You invite guests over without knowing when they're meant to arrive?". 

"I didn't invite you, Lady Yuyuko did, obviously" the half ghost answered with slight annoyance at the brunette's accusatory tone, "You should speak to her about it". 

"Okay, you need to chill out". 

"I'm half dead, that makes me chilled enough already don't you think". 

Opening her mouth to deliver a witty retort, Reimu thought about it & glanced towards Myon and then back at Youmu, "You have a point" before continuing, "But you also don't have a point because it was you that invited me here, not Yuyuko. What's the deal with that?". 

Youmu appeared confused & irate at the same time, "How & why would I invite you here?". 

Her inner musings had answered to both of those questions already but Youmu kept the voice silent lest she blurts out an embarrassing confession. 

"I don't know how but you definitely made the why clear. Look". 

Reimu handed the letter to Youmu who tentatively took it and eyed it up, "What's this?". 

"You tell me". 

The letter detailed the invitation of somebody inviting Reimu to the Netherworld. 

Somebody that was clearly looking forward to being in the priestess’s company. A person who wanted to spend some time with her. A very eager someone who thought how brilliant Reimu was. 

What was written could've been considered a love letter given the intimacy the words boasted yet without it being obvious. It was subtle statements of missing Reimu terribly. Or phrases that conveyed that this person yearned for the priestess to be by her side. Imagery comparing Reimu to being the heart that kept them alive were littered everywhere. 

The more Youmu read it, the more she felt the awkwardness build up as this was way too personal. She wondered why Yuyuko was being so overtly sultry with Reimu in the letter until two things clicked for her.

The first was the signature at the bottom. 

Your humble friend, Konpaku Youmu. 

The second was the handwriting. 

She didn't write the invitation to Reimu. 

Yuyuko did. 

On her behalf. 

"Lady Yuyuko, what have you done?"

Youmu was frozen on the spot as it confirmed something else. 

Yuyuko knew that she was crushing on Reimu, crushing hard

That thought alone was terrifying and the guard didn't know how to react or keep herself from exploding due to being exposed. 

Until she recalled who was stood in front of her. 

"You okay? You look like you've just seen a..ghost" Reimu said as seriously as possible but when Youmu looked up, she could see the glee all over the brunette's face at making the terrible pun. 

"Do I really have a crush on her?" Youmu thought to herself and refrained from scoffing at the funny but childish pun, "I do". 

"So, care to explain what the letter was about? I mean that was some sugary wordplay, Youmu. I didn't know you could write like that" Reimu questioned and grinned, "Are you not gonna let me in, I mean it's so obvious you want my company".

"I, I didn't write this!" Youmu replied and stepped aside to let the woman in, "But I'll explain inside". 

"It is signed by you" the brunette stated as Youmu led the way in till she turned and faced her, "You don't have to be shy. I'm flattered" and added internally to herself, "You could say that I feel the same". 

"I said I'll explain so stop jumping to conclusions please!" Youmu quickly replied as she stuck her hand out, the letter outstretched at Reimu. 

The idea of Reimu knowing wasn't helping her with the whole keep cool & confident facade whatsoever. 

Reimu remained unfazed, "The only one jumping here is you. Why are you getting so worked up, hm? I mean it isn't like-" she stopped when something on the letter caught her eye, "There's something written on the back". 

The curiosity in Reimu's red eyes urged Youmu to flip the letter over and indeed, on the top corner of the left hand side, there were two words.

"Beneath table". 

"Beneath table? Is that like a reminder to yourself?". 

"Reimu, I told you that I didn't write..wait a second. A reminder". 

Considering that it was Yuyuko who had written the letter knowing her secret, Youmu figured that the princess was playing around, humouring herself as usual. 

She wouldn't be surprised if this was a little game and proceeded to make her way to the living room again with Reimu in tow.

"Hey what's going on? Youmu, where are you going?". 


Once inside the room, Reimu's eyes widened at the display of dishes on the table as Youmu got on her knees and started running her fingers underneath the wooden surface. 

While a part of the priestess, namely her stomach, had been lost to the contents calling out to her, Reimu's mind was on Youmu's sporadic behaviour. 

Unknown to the guard, Reimu had her suspicions about the whole thing. Especially considering that the invitation just happened to be on her kotatsu, left without a trace of anyone even coming into the shrine.

And when things occurred without any residual being left, only one individual was responsible for it. 

Reimu had to be quick when Youmu went to the other side and did the same till her face showed surprise, her hand retrieving another letter. Luckily, her speed was something she was renowned for so she dashed to the side and then forward, quickly swiping the letter from Youmu and then jumping backwards away from the table. 

"Hey! That isn't for you!" Youmu balked as fear ran through her, "I demand that you return it this instant!". 

"I think it might be for both of us" Reimu replied with a smile, "If you want it, you gotta fight me for it. I don't think Yuyuko will be pleased if we wreck the place". 

"I'm the one who cleans it so there!".

She circled around and approached Reimu who stepped back before sliding her fingers under the flap of the envelope and opening it. 

"Relax Youmu, it'll be fine. Let's get this 'incident' resolved" the brunette said sweetly, enjoying this far too much as it dawned on her that Youmu knew that she knew. 

Everyone and their pet cat was aware about Youmu's not so hidden interest in Reimu. 


Youmu sounded distressed as she backed away and Myon looked more pale than usual which made the priestess feel bad. 

The brunette had no intention of actually reading it and only wanted to see if the writing from the invitation was the same as this one & it was. 

Just to confirm everything; to know for sure if Youmu truly did see her more than a friend. 

"I'm not really gonna read it you know" she laughed whilst walking forward & handing the letter to Youmu, "I was curious about something".

"About what?". 

"Whether Yukari is the bad example or if it is Yuyuko who has that affect on Yukari" she explained with a feigned melodramatic tone, "Who else could cause this much of a mess while doing something right?".

With her nerves calming, Youmu could actually laugh at that, "I think they both play an active role". 

"Hm maybe. Probably why they go well together don't you think? Yuyuko likes to look out for you in her own way, just like Yukari does for me" Reimu said and motioned with a nod at the letter.

Youmu couldn't disagree with that as she glanced down at what was written. 


Dear Youmu, 

I must apologise for my erratic behaviour as of late but I do hope it makes sense now. You'll have to excuse myself & Yukari from the wonderful meal that you've created, she has plans for me you see. 

I'm sure you could do with some alone time with Reimu so our company won't be missed. You mustn't be afraid to take the first step, my dear Youmu, I hope this setting will allow you to feel more comfortable. 

Also, please keep me updated the next time you take a liking to somebody! I'm hurt that you didn't tell me. My Youmu is all grown up and I, I'm not ready to deal with this..

The font changed. 

Don't mind Yuyuko, you know how emotional she can get. We'll be out of your hair for sometime so relax, have fun and enjoy yourselves. 

Give my regards to Reimu, I know nothing gets past her. 

(Also, there should be a finely aged bottle of sake tucked away beneath the table, for when the mood calls for it. If you know what I mean) 

Yukari & Yuyuko 


Indeed, the whole thing was the duo to the finest detail & Youmu was both grateful and still quite annoyed at them, mostly the former. 

She folded the letter up and tucked it into her pocket as Reimu gauged her reaction, her arms folded with a neutral smile on her lips. 

"Uhm, long have you known?".

Youmu was definitely blushing now and Reimu found it adorable. 

"How long? Let's say long enough" the brunette chuckled with a shrug of her shoulders, "You kind of notice these things when it happens enough. Not that I'm bragging or anything. I mean it is mutual so you really had nothing to stress about" she added warmly, knowing that Youmu wasn't near enough to being as secure as she was in herself. 

Youmu's down to earth nature was a draw to anyone even if the swordswoman didn't realise it herself & Reimu enjoyed her company, as well as their danmaku sessions. Her loyalty to those she deemed close was something else the priestess could appreciate. 

She was both a formidable enemy & a reliable companion. 

In hindsight, Reimu was thankful that Yuyuko & Yukari gave Youmu that slight push to get the ball rolling. 

But the priestess didn't want to give them all of the credit as they'd never live it down. 

"So what do you say, Youmu, think we should show those two interfering pains in the neck that we can do this without their help?". 

Reimu's smile was infectious as it wasn't often she would convey her inner feelings so effortlessly and Youmu took note of Yuyuko's advice. 

With renewed confidence, she carefully stretched her hand out and took a hold of Reimu's hand; guiding them back to the spread and sitting them down.  

"I believe we should do just that, Reimu". 

What was the use in hesitating when so much more could be gained by taking that chance? 

Chapter Text







"If the kappa invented a way to clone Marisa 100 times & each of those Marisa's lived here, this would be the result of it"

This was the only way in which Reimu could describe the state of her shrine. 

"No wonder the goddess of the shrine booked it out of here"

Perhaps it was a slight exaggeration but Reimu was convinced that out of all the parties the place had seen, this one was the worst in terms of mess. 

Another incident was resolved, Gensokyo acquired two new goddesses & everyone then proceeded to get hammered. 

As per usual, she was left to wake up to the bombshell that remained and Reimu would've been used to it by now but, each party proved to be more..destructive than the last. 

She stepped over scattered bottles and dishes before turning on the spot to face the shrine to block out the sweltering morning sun. 

"I'm gonna kill them all". 

"My analysis can confirm that murder would cause a catastrophic string of consequences, Miss Hakurei. May I advise you to think of another plan of action?".

"Yeah but it'll be so relieving" Reimu replied and pinched the bridge of her nose, "If you got a better idea, I'm all-". 

It suddenly hit Reimu that she wasn't communicating with the voice in her head. 

That voice tended to sound like Marisa or Yukari. 

The one that responded to her was not either. 

Building her courage, Reimu gulped and slowly turned her head to the side to where the voice came from. 

"Okay, I'll call my orbs to distract her while I make a break for it and run for my gohei. That's a solid plan, nice one Reimu".

In the corner of her eye, the first thing the priestess noticed was a flash of bright green hair and a just as enthusiastic smile. 

"Good morning, Miss Hakurei!".

Reimu let out a yelp at the sudden greeting which led her to stepping back but landed on a bottle & ended up falling to the ground with a resounding thud. 

"W-who the heck are you?! Where did you come from?!" she questioned whilst still on the floor. 

The stranger's smile never faltered as she placed her arms behind her back & gave a formal bow. 

"My name is Ruukoto. I was created by Miss Okazaki Yumemi and my profession is that of a maid. It is a pleasure to get reacquainted with you, Miss Hakurei". 

Reimu had managed to stand up while her guest introduced herself, "Reacquainted you say, have we met before?". 

"The human memory functions are truly intriguing" Ruukoto replied with amusement. 

"Human? I don't know what you're going on about but-" Reimu stopped and slowly stalked up to Ruukoto as something else struck out to her, "Okazaki Yumemi..I know that name. Hm, it was that competition! Yeah, she's the one who started my third incident!" she exclaimed as the memories came flooding back, "I beat them both and she granted me a wish..".

Ruukoto watched carefully as the cogs turned in the brunette's head, calculating how much longer it'd take for Reimu to piece together who she is. 

"I wished to have the shrine cleaned and she gave me a robot maid that I had no idea how to work & she!". 

Delighted, the maid shuffled forward and engulfed Reimu into a crushing bear hug that picked her up off of the ground. 

"You recalled our meeting, Miss Hakurei!". 


Helpless like a doll & turning blue, Reimu continued to be dangled mid air by the robotic strength until she managed to tap the maid's shoulder with her fist. 

The excited Ruukoto finally got the message and dropped the wheezing priestess instantly, "Ah! My apologies Miss Hakurei. As I was reprogrammed by Miss Yumemi to match your needs and given our time apart, my control system seemed to have gotten worked up". 

"Yeah, no kidding" Reimu spluttered before catching her breath, "I felt it". 

"Is there anything I can do for you, Miss-?". 

"Can we stop with the Miss Hakurei. It sounds like Yukari when she's trying to get under my skin" Reimu interjected, "Just Reimu will be fine".

"Duly noted, Just Reimu" the maid replied with an attentive nod of her head. 

"No, not Just Reimu. Only Reimu". 

"Ah I see, Only Reimu will suffice as per your wish". 

Reimu stared at her with a deadpan expression, "Ruukoto, stop capitalising the word in front of Reimu". 

She thought for a moment, some more analysis going on in her brain at Reimu's request when it dawned on her what the priestess meant. 

"Aren't robots meant to be quicker than humans?" Reimu mused, "Sanae was lying"


"Finally" she muttered and glanced around at the work that needed to be done and the interruption she was met with, "Anyway, from what I remember, were you not in the storehouse since I had no clue how to get you to..clean?". 

"I do recall such a space. However, the nice ghost specimen was kind enough to activate me & set me free". 

"Ghost specimen.." Reimu repeated while thinking who it could be, "Green hair, blue outfit, annoying?". 

Ruukoto nodded, "2/3 of those attributes can be confirmed. I regret to inform that I was not in her presence long enough to assess the final trait you listed". 

Reimu was already frowning whilst glaring at the storehouse, "Oh don't worry, I'm in her company enough to know who you are referring to" before looking back at Ruukoto, "Where have you been for all of these years?". 

The maid shifted her eyes to the overview of the land that could be seen from the shrine as she deliberated Reimu's question. 


- Cue montage of Ruukoto's Adventures Around Gensokyo


"Reimu, I have been near & far and everywhere in between. Gensokyo has proven to be a gold mine of various experiences as well as individuals. The land is rich with a multitude of cultures and beliefs that coexist in a well constructed harmonious structure. But mainly I have resided with the kappa!" she finished cheerily. 

Reimu had become slightly caught up in Ruukoto's almost inspirational speech about Gensokyo when the mention of kappa proceeded to drop a bucket of cold water over her. 

"Seriously, you've been with Nitori all this time in other words?". 

"Precisely! The kappa are a remarkable group of specimens. It was insightful to be in the midst of the group that are striving to create a better future for all of those in this land".

"Riiight" Reimu drawled out as Ruukoto was clearly in a world of her own, "So how did you end up finding your way back here?". 

"Reimu needed me". 

"Uh, what now?". 

Ruukoto smiled brightly and tapped her own head with her index finger, "You required my assistance drastically enough that my system recognised the code. You see, Miss Yumemi ensured that your reward would be the best she can provide, therefore, she made some minor adjustments to my system. One of them being able to decipher the priestess of the Hakurei Shrine's temperament towards cleaning".

Reimu needed a moment to process what the maid had said but she could just about make out what was being implied and even then she was unsure of how to react. 

"Soo you're saying that because I was so annoyed about having to clean this place, you picked up on it & came back? Is that what you are saying, Ruukoto?". 

"That is precisely the justification for my presence here". 

"Woah, okay, that's kind of sweet?" the brunette managed weakly though it was enough to continue the smile on the maid's face, "Huh, I need to thank Yumemi again probably. I mean it's convenient because look at the state of this place". 

"Not to worry, Reimu! We will have your home back to its perfected elegance in no time!" Ruukoto said with vigour as she assessed what would be required, "This is nought but a speck of dust compared to what I have encountered with the kappa". 

"I don't think I want to know but okay" Reimu grinned, relieved to be receiving some help even if she knew Ruukoto's cleaning abilities weren't the best, "Let's do this".


It turns out that the kappa had tweaked some of the components in Ruukoto's system to make her more proficient as a maid and the difference was evident. 

The grounds of the shrine were spotless, far better than Reimu could've done with her broom. Every crook and cranny had been seen to by the maid's superb & inhumane sight which left not a speck of dust to linger around. Reimu tackled the inside of the building whilst Ruukoto dealt with the outside & between their teamwork, it only took a few hours to get everything back to the way it was. 

Every surface glimmered as they were both perched on the steps outside of the shrine with the afternoon sun taking its place in the sky. 

Reimu instinctively felt relief at seeing the place back to its norm and thanked the maid profusely for her help. 

"Are you sure I can't get you something to drink? Fuel, fire, nuclear energy? Or whatever it is that helps you run". 

The maid sensed an override of humour & sarcasm from the brunette which allowed her to chuckle along as she declined her offer. 

"Your attention to my habits is much appreciated, Reimu, though it will not be necessary. However, have I achieved in my requirements to satiate your needs?". 

"Oh you could definitely say that" Reimu replied whilst turning her head to the side to see the maid, "Say, will you be sticking around now or are you gonna go back to the kappa?". 

Reimu's tone was wistful & Ruukoto detected apprehension from her which aided in her response to the priestess. 

"Miss Yumemi provided my services to you after your success in defeating her. My base of operation is where you desire it to be" she answered warmly.

The brunette tried to contain her relief at hearing that, "Y-yeah? Well that's good because I did beat Yumemi fair and square. Besides, things are different now. Like I know more about robots, way more than I did back then so I won't mess up I guess". 

"Reimu, are you attempting to reassure me of your capabilities as my employer?". 

"What, no! No way, I, I'm just saying that I won't leave you in the storehouse and stuff like that as I know better..Ruukoto!". 

"I shall do my utmost best to aid you in any way possible". 

The maid had grabbed her into a side hug which constricted Reimu's breathing once again but she was okay with it, okay with knowing that Ruukoto was back & here to stay. 

She ruffled the green locks and smiled before the need to breath become dire. 

"Well, now that that is resolved, there is something I need to see to" Reimu said as they pulled apart and she glanced back at Marisa's hat that was covered beneath the earlier mess, "I bet somebody is wondering where her hat is. Not that she'd be able to find it anywhere in her place either given the overload of junk that she has. I wonder..".


The brunette had gone into a contemplative stare before standing up in a swift moment. 

"Ruukoto, come with me!" she urged whilst grabbing some of her belongings that were near by as well as her gohei. 

"Where are we going?!". 

"To a place that requires your services desperately". 

"Understood. Ruukoto is ready for further commands, Reimu".

Reimu grinned as she proceeded to retrieve some of her spell cards, "Good because she isn't going to let this happen without a fight". 

So off they went towards the direction of the Forest of Magic where an unsuspecting Marisa had little clue of the cleaning storm heading her way. 


Legend has it that it was to be the second time in which the Hakurei priestess, Reimu Hakurei, was ever defeated. 

Ruukoto would also learn true fear despite being a robot. 

Apparently, not even they could resolve Marisa's hoarding habits. 

The two would have an easier time convincing every individual in Gensokyo to run through Yuuka's garden than achieving that. 

(Bonus legend: this actually ended up happening but luckily, nobody died. I think) 

Chapter Text







The night sky was rife with the glare of the moon that wasn't obstructed by the usual array of clouds. It was the perfect landscape to compliment the chilly autumn season that had been lingering around ever since summer had ran its course. 

For Yuuka & Mima, it was the right mood to have an evening out in each other's company.

Their dinner went splendidly which was chosen by Yuuka who had a knack for knowing the most wondrous locations to enjoy a pleasant meal. This left Mima to spice things up when it came to selecting what movie to watch & naturally, the woman went for the supernatural genre. 

"I'm just saying, they could have put more effort into make the possession realistic. I've never known of a ghost to hug its victim in order to take over their mind". 

"Out of sheer curiosity, how many ghosts do you know, Mima?". 

Mima smirked and swung Yuuka's hand that was in hers as they made their way home, "Are you telling me you've not met the three at ours?". 

The other woman shook her head & humoured her lover, "Of course, they are big fans of yours". 

"Aw don't be jealous babe, you know there's only room in my heart for Yuukarin" Mima cooed and nudged her lover who chuckled at her theatrics, "Ghosts are interesting and whatnot though you, you are what really gets me going". 

They were near the hill that led up to their home when Mima stopped and pulled Yuuka against her.

Considering how chilly the weather had become, Yuuka indulged herself in being pressed up against Mima's body and wrapped her arms around her waist. There was a mischievous glint in Mima's green eyes when Yuuka felt her hands crawl up her chest and grab the edges of her black jacket. 

"Well it'd be quite a blow to my ego if I was to be replaced by something that can't even touch you, Mima" Yuuka teased and gripped the other woman's hips with slight pressure. 

Yuuka's lengthy green hair whipped across her face, the fringe covering a red eye which prompted Mima to slide a hand up & brush it away. 

The accidental teasing stare took over both women's minds as the rush of emotion & contentment of being with each other flooded their senses. 

"Yeah well, living or dead, nothing makes me feel like you" Mima said while their faces closed in, "I wouldn't trade that for anything you know".

"I know" Yuuka softly replied as her eyes became magnetic, unable to stay open as her lover's lips strayed closer. 

It was the crunching of gravel coming from the other side of the street that made the duo part & look in that direction. 

A group of people were walking down; two men & two women. The fact that they were straight couples was something they seemed to want to make clear. 

Their eyes however, never left Yuuka & Mima as they silently continued their pace. 

They didn't need to say anything

Their silence was enough to voice their thoughts. 

The look of disgust and worry painted on their expressions depicted essays worth of what they were thinking. 

The cold atmosphere around them overtook the pleasant chill that was in the air & turned it into something more icy. 

Yuuka and Mima had seen this one too many times during their lifetime; specifically, when they each came out. 

It was the gaze of people that knew better not to voice their bigoted opinions but were too bitter that showing it in their actions appeared to be a must. 

Mima felt her blood bubbling whilst they walked past, her anger compelling her mouth to speak as she kept her arms on her lover. 

"I'd say taking a picture would last longer but knowing how obvious you are, you all probably have enough at home to rub one off with whilst pretending to be fucking hypocrites".

Her words were dipped in venom which urged Yuuka to grip her tighter in case Mima's emotions got the best of her. She didn't disagree at all but the woman knew it'd be better to avoid any conflict. 

The group said nothing as they clung onto each other like they'd catch homosexual feelings just by Mima speaking in their direction. 

"Mima" Yuuka spoke softly and grabbed her face to get the woman to look at her instead of the retreating judgemental backs of the passer-by’s, "Hey, it's alright. Look at me". 

The fury in the green eyes diminished drastically once she did, "I'm sorry, Yuuka. It's just the damn way they look down at us. After all of these years, we still have to be mocked by those fuckers that..".

Yuuka moved forward & kissed her distressed lover to sooth the ambush of negativity that had settled in her mind. 

She knew all too well why the action from those people would cause such a reaction. 

The looks painted a bigger picture of the troubles they faced as lesbians. 

The homophobic rhetoric was as rampant as ever and they'd faced their own situations whilst growing up. 

To be subjected to scrutiny by the heteronormative world for being in each other's arms & in public reinstated that there was much work to be done. Not every individual who was LGBT had the luxury of being accepted & welcomed by all. Some never even had the chance to come out at all because of the fear of being disowned or killed. 

The stares from the group fuelled those sentiments, that the problems weren't being combated & it made Mima livid. She had watched others suffer as well as herself for the crimes of being themselves and as an adult, she vowed to always confront it. 

It wasn't that Yuuka was any less frustrated, she had learned to control herself to keeping the words to a minimum. She used her calmness as a tactic to flip the tables on those that judged them. For her, she had nothing to be ashamed about for loving Mima therefore their looks did nothing. 

But she knew her lover's stance & mind which led to her doing anything she could to be the safety net for Mima. 

"Let's go home" she whispered when they gently pulled their lips away and Mima had calmed down, "To our home, where people like that will never exist".


The tension was palpable all over Mima even when they arrived home as it was difficult for her to return to her usual jovial & teasing nature. 

Yuuka knew it'd take the night for her lover to tuck away the array of moods that had fouled their evening. She wouldn't let the woman go to bed with the last thoughts in her head being the cruel & dehumanising glances of those people. 

Instead, she wanted to show Mima why they fought for a future where being picked on and discriminated against became a thing of the past, a future worth striving for. 

She wanted to show her lover that what they had between them could never be silenced by bigots. 

That no matter what the state of the world would be, she would always remain by her side. 

Mima's arms clung behind Yuuka's neck as she was nestled on her lap, her legs spread and around Yuuka's waist whilst still sat on their bed. She could feel the woman's lips kiss down her neck while her arms remained firmly around her hips.

Seeing the pensive mood that Mima had fallen into led to Yuuka spending a couple of hours talking it out with her. Whatever Mima was stewing inside of her mind, she wanted it emptied be it through talking, yelling, crying or screaming; anything to get her to feel better. 

It did help tremendously & Mima was grateful at how well her lover knew her, how easily she could bring out a side that Mima rarely showed to anyone else.

The memories of the people that made them suffer and the reminders of it from seeing that group were kicked out of both their thoughts as loving each other took priority. 

Mima continued rocking over her lover's centre with each firm push of her hips, her hands grasping onto Yuuka the deeper she held the thrust against her. With Yuuka's legs also separated on the bed, it allowed them to make sure that everything that needed to be stimulated was exposed as they moved along their mutual cadence. 

Their bodies were melded into one entity with the intent of keeping out anything that would drag them into the darkness of those that couldn't understand. 

Understand that love between two women was no different. 

That the range of emotions felt was something that no other orientation could understand. 

Surrendering to Yuuka fully, Mima ground down harder as Yuuka mumbled into her reddened neck, uttering words of comfort and longing as they made love. Her breathing was strained as each sensation nullified her senses till all she could feel was the hardness of her lover's nub colliding with her own. Till the feeling of Yuuka's sweating skin was all that her fingertips knew. Till the woman beneath her could take her over the edge as she guided her movements to bring them to a unified climax. 

Yuuka share those sentiments, her tongue lathering over the soft skin of Mima's shoulder once she kissed her way to it and brushed aside the darker green hair. She could feel the strum of Mima's undoing shudder against her own body as the wetness between their legs became thicker and warmer. 

No matter how many times Mima needed her tonight, Yuuka knew she would give her the reprieve that she required, that they both yearned for. 

Her palms pressed against Mima's shoulder blades, gripping the skin as her lover continued pushing on and around her till their breathing was all they could hear; along with the slick sounds of their bodies meeting. 

Mima was the first to tense her muscles as the incoming undoing made its presence, causing her legs to tightened up Yuuka's back. Her lips parted further at the feeling of Yuuka using her arms to slam their cores together, the momentum building knowing that Yuuka was about to come too. 

The throbbing became unbearable whilst the desire to hold back faltered with every grind against each other till it was impossible to hold back. 

All the pent up love & lust which the women felt had oozed out as the last of their strength dissipated and their arms held their trembling bodies with loving ferocity. 

Nails marked skin, teeth dug into shoulders, fingers wrapped around hair, moans were exuded; they were both on the same level. 

Whether it was making love or making decisions, it was a factor decided by both of them. 

This was something that being with another woman enhanced. 

How in synch they were. 

How they knew what the other was feeling. 

How to make the day right. 

How to resolve an argument. 

How to make sure both were pleasured. 

The glorious thing that tied it all together was that each of these aspects could be attained without it needing to be exploited as a weakness. 

It was never a game of trying to one up each other by doing something right or being entitled to certain behaviour if things went wrong.

And right now, as she came down from her high when Yuuka lowered her spent body back down on the bed, Mima was reminded of those sentiments. 


Looking into the pools of red, feeling the tentative strokes of Yuuka's fingers in her hair, hearing the gentle voice reminding her that she loves her; it all made it worth it. 

No matter what hell the hatred of pathetic people would encompasses them, the two lovers would fight back till they were free to love without hesitation. 

There was something about knowing that they'd live out their lives together, as two women helplessly in love with each other that provided the determination needed to go on. 

Yuuka could see that in Mima's eyes while Mima could see it in Yuuka's smile. 

As women, we understand each other at lengths that nobody else can ever tap into. 

Despite the fact that they were in love in a modern world which still feared things that weren't understood by the majority, Mima & Yuuka knew that what they had was worth holding onto and living for. 

That regardless of what society, religion, culture or tradition tried to dictate about how 'wrong' their relationship was, they knew otherwise. 

No amount of hatred or bigotry could ever taint that. 

It never will. 

Chapter Text







Shinki saw a determination in her eyes that was both admiring yet frightening. 

Never would she have expected a human turned magician to be so.. inspiring.

They were out in the gardens again, Byakuren in the midst of honing in and learning a new attack, Shinki & Yumeko watching from the side. 

"A Buddhist magician is quite unheard of, is it not, Lady Shinki?". 

Yumeko had leaned into the goddess to whisper it in her ear and Shinki smiled. 

"Unheard of but not unusual. Especially not in these realms" she replied, "Byakuren is..different however". 

"How so?". 

Their eyes lingered on the woman in deep concentration, her hands stretched in front as beams of light started to fizzle alive in each palm. The strain on Byakuren's beautiful face was evident, an indication of the power she was trying to control with her eyes squeezed shut and a trail of sweat inching down her forehead. They could see her breathing being evenly distributed whilst she wielded every ounce of energy she had to bring to life the attack that Shinki had taught her. 

"I see such potential in her, let's just say. Granted, as a previous human, not all will see that especially those of her kind but that is what makes her stand out".

Yumeko pondered her goddesses’ words, reflecting on the times that Byakuren has been here. 

She was charming, attentive, insightful & rather powerful. 

Traits that would normally go to ones head but the magician showed no signs of an ego developing soon. 

"Lady Shinki knows best so I cannot doubt that" Yumeko replied, pride evident in her voice, "Is there anything else that I can do for you?". 

"No, thank you, Yumeko. We are all set here so thank you for bringing the tea" Shinki answered the head maid and looked her way, "Oh, can you check up on Alice please?".

"Of course". 

The blonde bowed before taking her leave and went back into the palace, leaving Shinki to return her gaze on Byakuren. 

Knowing that Byakuren was about to lose her momentum, Shinki walked forward just as the woman's body shivered at the burst of energy that had dissipated. 

This attempt exuded most of her strength to a point where her knees were weak, unable to support her body but Shinki was quick to grab the Buddhist before she collapsed. 

Her arms wound around Byakuren's waist, pulling her into a hug as she held her upright. 

"Thank you". 

She managed to lift her arms & placed them on the goddesses’ shoulders.

Shinki sighed, "You need to pace yourself, Byakuren" she chuckled whilst running a hand around her back, "Exerting yourself like this will only reduce the outcome of what you are trying to achieve". 

Byakuren's training robes were damp due to the sweat that accumulated, making her feel warmer than should be and the goddess was concerned about her health.

"I've been told I can get a little carried away at times". 

"Hm, just a little?". 

Byakuren laughed softly and allowed herself to be soothed by the goddess. 

As much as she was doing this to make a change between youkai and humans, a part of the priestess didn't want to disappoint Shinki. She was grateful for the woman to have taken her under her wing, invited her into her home & made her feel welcome. So Byakuren was set on making sure that Shinki's time was not wasted and pushed herself to master whatever the goddess taught her. 

"Your time is invaluable, Shinki. I would hope that spending it with me and helping me isn't going to be wasteful for you if I cannot accomplish what you teach me". 

Shinki's arms tightened ever so softly around Byakuren's waist at that comment. 

"I believe you should know that regardless of what you learn or don't, these moments of having you here will always be cherished. It is your company and happiness that have come to fulfil me, Byakuren" she replied tenderly & pulled back to look into the other woman's eyes, "Do not push yourself to please me for you finding your way to me has already achieved that".

Byakuren's cheeks flushed further pink as they were already rosy from her training but hearing those words and seeing the loving gaze in the blue eyes added to it. 

The warmth behind everything she had uttered melted away any doubts lingering in her head. 

"Considering that Yumeko & Alice have taken a liking to you, well, let's just say that that is proof enough of what you've achieved". 

The teasing tone didn't go amiss as Byakuren moved a hand onto the goddesses’ face, "Now I have no choice but to succeed after that kind of motivation" she chuckled. 

"Well, let me be of a bit more guidance" the goddess smiled back.

She turned Byakuren around so that her back rested against her chest and lifted her arms up to the previous position. 

"Your form is precise, as is your concentration. However..".


"You need to channel in what I provide for you in order to execute this spell. I do not mean in a way that you have done so with the other attacks".

Byakuren took a deep breath in and allowed the goddess to guide her, "How does it differ, if I may ask?". 

"It differs in a way that this attack is coming directly from me, Byakuren. It is personal and intimate and something I want only you to master".

The back of her hands rested over Shinki's palms & Byakuren could feel the spark being lit again. It was like all of her energy had been replenished, just by being close to the goddess who was giving her a piece of her. 

"Do you understand what I mean?". 

Byakuren nodded, the feeling of Shinki's breath against her ear and body securing her reinvigorating her confidence. 

"It is a gift, from you to me. One that I so happily accept". 

"That is correct, just let what I have taught you flow through your veins. Picture the patterns that you have seen when I use the attack and then take my place".

So Byakuren did exactly that. 

She let the colours flow through her mind.

She let Shinki take the reigns and plant the pattern of the bullets in her head & heart. 

She focused only on the goddess behind her. 

She focused on the long term goals she had for acquiring such abilities. 

All of it wafted through her aura as the signs of the attack coming together pricked at her conscious.

Soon enough, an illumination so bright that it cut through the darkness of Byakuren's closed vision made her open her eyes. 

A gasp escaped her lips at the whirlwind of colours surrounding them, the beautiful butterfly formation spanning behind them as the base of the attack. 

The garden was dotted with vivid purples, bright whites and warm oranges. 

Byakuren's palms were glowing with a combination of the colours that were waiting to be used in an attack. 


The goddess ran her fingertips beneath Byakuren's hands, up her arms and then moved them away to wrap around her waist. She wanted the priestess to see that it was she who was controlling the ability, it was she who had acquired the move. 

"Well done, Byakuren". 

After weeks of training for this one spell card alone, the priestess had mastered one of Shinki's most powerful attacks. 

Great Magic: Devil's Recitation

"It is yours now".

Chapter Text







The disruption & destruction of the Human Village and other locations could be seen from the castle. 

Shinmyoumaru gripped the window's ledge, anxiety washing over her face. 

"This isn't what I it?". 

Violence, noise and carnage followed the princess around wherever she went. No matter which part of the castle she stalked into, their work reached her everywhere. 


The amanojaku was rushing from one end of their room to another, not hearing the princess's calling of her name as she was too wrapped up in finalising the preparations for the takeover. 


Again, her call fell on deaf ears until Shinmyoumaru turned around and mustered up the best glare that she could emit. 

Sticking with Seija had taught her many new things as well as expressions.

From happiness to pleasure, to anger to annoyance, her catalogue of emotions had thickened.

Right now, her lavender eyes were furrowed whilst watching Seija grumble to herself until she glanced her way. 

"What, ya say something?". 

"Yes. What are we doing?". 

Seija let out a noise of exasperation, "What do you mean what are we doing?". 

Shinmyoumaru matched her posture and stuck a hand out to point towards the window, "Was all this part of the plan? All of this..this panic?". 

"C’mon princess, I'm sure I told ya how a rebellion works right?" she sneered, "They ain't seen nothing yet".

The inchling felt more daring considering she wasn't technically an inchling per say anymore after using the mallet and walked up to the grinning amanojaku. Her eyes were laced with hurt and disappointment at how lax Seija seemed to be about this. 

All she wanted was to get Gensokyo to take responsibility for the demise of her race and to distribute power equally but her partner appeared to have other plans. 

Seija had changed drastically from when they had met. 

No longer was she kind or patient. 

Shinmyoumaru saw far too much malevolence in her red eyes, even more so now. 

"I do not want people to get hurt, Seija. You said we could do this without causing damage". 

"No, I said we might have to use more forceful methods. That's why the tsukomogami are out there. So that you don't have to dirty your pretty little hands". 

Seija made a show of grabbing Shinmyoumaru's hand and bringing it to her mouth. She smiled broadly, her teeth peeking through her lips before kissing the princess's knuckles. 

"These hands weren't made for destroying things that hurt you were they, Shin?" she said in a lower voice, "But that's what I am here for. Someone of your royal lineage shouldn't be wasting time on the more brutal elements of our planned takeover ya know".

The move stalled Shinmyoumaru's thoughts, making her almost forget why she had stormed up into Seija's face to begin with. It wasn't often since the whole upheaval started that the amanojaku actually showed her any loving emotion. 

To feel her lips still lingering on her knuckles, the clawed hand in hers and the unreadable eyes on her felt refreshing. 

But the princess convinced herself not to be lured in by the smooth actions & words of a potential liar. She pulled her hand back, her frustrated stance returning much to Seija's displeasure. 

"Why does it have to be brutal? We can talk it out with Reimu can't we? I am sure she will understand the struggle the lesser youkai go through!". 

"Oh please, she's the worst, Shin" Seija responded whilst throwing her arms up in frustration, stepping back and circling to her planning wall, "Her and that goddamn gap dweller. Don't ya get it? They are the reason we have to do this. If blood is shed, it is on their hands so don't worry". 

It wasn't enough to sooth Shinmyoumaru's fears about the potentially permanent destruction they could leave on Gensokyo. 

On her relationship with Seija. 

"I am worried" she said without taking her eyes off of the amanojaku's back. 

"Yeah well, it's too late to get cold feet now. Reimu will turn up to the castle soon and we will have to fight her. If she doesn't listen then we'll have to-".

"No!" the Princess yelled knowing full well how that sentence will end, "Seija we are not going to do that. We can't". 

Seija turned around, not amused by the princesses’ vehemence against killing the priestess if need be, "We won't have a choice if she tries to stop us so you better let that sink in". 

"You are going too far". 

"No, you know what is going too far?! Them killing and turning away your entire race, and mine. That is going too far" Seija lied and saw the princess shrink in sadness, "We are outsider's because of them, don't you think they should pay?" she finished gently and walked towards the princess. 

The honesty in her voice was convincing and Seija was proud of herself at how proficient her acting had become. 

Shinmyoumaru appeared to be at crossroads. 

"But I, we can't..".

Seija placed her hands on Shinmyoumaru's shoulders and squeezed them affectionately, "I know. I get why you don't want it to end up that way and it doesn’t mean that it will so let's not jump to what to do if that happens just yet. Y'know, Reimu might even see it from our view". 

"Do you really think so?". 

Shinmyoumaru's honest eyes were making this too easy for the deceiving amanojaku who nodded. 

"I do, Shin" she stated, "After this is all over, everyone will be in a better place and that will be all thanks to you". 

"No, us. I would never have known of my history without your help so I, I want you to feel just as accomplished" she said and clutched Seija's white dress with a now calmer expression on her face, "We did this together". 

Seija grinned, a more sinister one occurring in her mind, "Yeah, we did. You and me".

It would be one for the records and Seija would make sure each and every resident of Gensokyo feared her name. 

As soon as the 'rebellion' was complete and she flipped the barrier to a point of damaging it before it could be saved, Gensokyo would know who Kijin Seija is. 

Whether Shinmyoumaru lived to see that remained to be seen. 

Chapter Text







Futo could feel her eyes on her wherever she went. 

When she was alone and reading, Seiga would be there. 

When she was chatting with Miko & Tojiko, Seiga's attention was on her. 

When they went to the Hakurei Shrine's feast, it was the hermit's hungry eyes that Futo could sense on her. 

The shikaisen chalked it down to her imagination for the first week or so but being on the end of Seiga's sultry gaze could not be mistaken or ignored for long. 

Summoning all her might, Futo decided to confront the woman about these games and messages she was sending without words. 

Of course, a part of her should have known how much of a wordsmith the hermit was, even a silent one. 

The part of her that had known Seiga enough to be aware of how skilfully she could turn things around should have seen this coming. 

Which is the justification she could place on their current..predicament. 

"Futo, you are not nervous are you?". 

"N-not in the slightest sense of the word! I am merely perplexed at your..uh, motives and current state of dress. Or undress should I say". 

Seiga giggled and towered over the flustered shikaisen in one of the rooms of the dojo in Senkai. 

She wasn’t particularly interested in being in this location but Futo's invite was too good to pass up. 

Especially since Miko and Tojiko were back in Gensokyo at the Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum

That meant she and Futo would be alone for a while which is exactly what she desired. 

"Oh, you don't approve of what you see?". 

Futo's grey eyes blinked rapidly, her hands firmly on Seiga's hips as she straddled her waist. The hermit's blue dress had been pulled down to below where Futo was holding her and had revealed some very interesting articles of clothing that the shikaisen had never seen before. It certainly did wonders to accentuate Seiga's supine figure she noted. 

"That is not what I was implying at all.." Futo drawled off when she realised Seiga had asked her that. 

Futo's own garments were barely clinging to her body as her hat was on the other side of the room. 

It didn't exactly take much for the hermit to get them into the position they were in now. In fact, Seiga thought it to be too easy and her reasons were confirmed when Futo was the one to actually lead. 

Well, half lead as Seiga went in for the kill and kissed her the second she said, "I have noticed the messages you are conveying to me-" and cut Futo off right there. 

Seiga's fingers went into the grey hair as she lowered her face to meet the other woman's, "Well, I am delighted that you are pleased. It turns out that my little experiment worked divinely if you are here". 

"E-experiment??" Futo mumbled as Seiga's lips brushed against her own, "To what do you mean by such words?".

"You're so cute when you speak all formal like that" Seiga chuckled and ran a hand down the shikaisen's exposed chest, "I wanted to know how often your pretty eyes would find themselves on me, you see".

"On you?".

"Yes, on me".

"But Seiga, you are currently on me". 

The hermit lowered her body down to sit on Futo's lap, her knees on the futon and her legs separated to ensure she was as close to the other woman as much as possible. 

Futo's innocuous behaviour was so endearing and Seiga couldn't wait to show her the more naughtier side of the things she had planned. 

"The details are irrelevant my darling, besides, something tells me you like it this way" Seiga replied knowingly and kissed her way across Futo's cheek till she could whisper in her ear, "Do you like me on you, Futo?".

The shikaisen felt like her head was about to explode and she was okay with that. What Seiga was doing without even touching her was making Futo rethink everything she had ever been taught about intimacy. 

Her hands crept around the hermit's waist and slid up her stomach, slowly dragging the digits till she felt Seiga shiver. 

She wanted to touch more of her and wanted to be touched by her so this angle, Futo was more than fine with. 

She knew that when the hermit gave you her attention, it wasn't something that she bestowed upon everyone else and so easily. 

Not even Miko had been on the receiving end of this though Futo presumed Tojiko was more than content with that. 

So following into her trap as a willing partner felt almost natural to do. Futo may be reincarnated as a shikaisen but she wasn't blind.

Seiga was inexplicably divine and she would be foolish to turn her down. 

"I, uh yes. This is a more than acceptable formation for us to embark on what our bodily desires seem to be calling out for. Is it applicable for yourself?". 

Seiga would've taken the opportunity to comment on again, how endearing the politeness of Futo's wording was but her companion's fingers were working wonders in caressing her skin. A small moan from her mouth travelled into Futo's ear before she placed her lips on the curve of her neck, both to pleasure Futo and to retain her own gasps. 


The move made the shikaisen stammer out and take the direction of her explorative fingers up Seiga's ribcage, until she was fully grasping the hermit's goddess like form. Feeling the softness cover her palms sent the blush she was currently covered in to a whole new level, her fingers on autopilot now as they delivered some much needed stimulation to Seiga. 

Even with Futo's tentative actions, Seiga could feel her body reacting to every stroke, slide and squeeze of her palms and fingers. Her own nails dug into the shikaisen's scalp as her hips involuntary pushed against her stomach. 

She always knew that the reserved yet curious advisor of Miko's had a lot more than met the surface. Futo simply needed somebody to coax it out of her with a little push and a lot of wanting it on her own terms. 

Seiga was more than happy to be that very person to do so. 

"Yes Futo, it is completely okay if we fuck like this". 

Chapter Text







Absent-mindedly, Kaguya adjusted the top bow on her shirt without much care to it. The reflection of the woman in the mirror might have well been non-existent since she wasn't using it as a guide at all. 

To say that the lunarian's mind was elsewhere would be an understatement at best. 

Her eyes were heavy due to the lack of sleep; sleep that was constantly disrupted because of the ongoing nightmares, or more so, memories. 

Still, Reisen thought she was the most beautiful woman that she'd ever had the privilege of laying her eyes on. 

"You look as radiant as ever, princess". 

She was leaning against the window, admiring her lover and laughing softly whilst watching her fix her bows. 

"You are biased". 

Kaguya glanced at the lunarian in the mirror with a small smile on her face, her heart aching for some reason. 

Reisen hummed in thought before moving off the wall and walking towards the princess, her arms behind her back. 

"Maybe. But I bet I am not the only one to see it" she replied cheerfully, "Even without having to try, princess is beautiful. Both on the outside, and.." Reisen continued and pointed at Kaguya's heart, "The inside". 


Kaguya scoffed playfully and chuckled as she lowered her hands back down to the side, "You are too good to me you know, you always were". 

Reisen winked, "I always will be if you allow me to. Well, until you get bored of me anyway" she teased. 

The princess shook her head and lifted her hand up near to Reisen's ear, contemplating whether to flick it or not but Eirin's voice rung out asking if she's okay. 

The duo looked towards the door before smiling at each other. 

"You go ahead, I'll meet you there?". 

Kaguya nodded though the action was stiff and Reisen could sense the apprehension in her lover, knowing what had caused her to react that way. 

"I promise I'll be there". 

"I, I'm not-". 

"A promise is a promise" Reisen brushed off Kaguya's concern & stepped back, "Especially one to you". 

Relenting at Reisen's reassurance, Kaguya let the lunarian be and made her way to the door, "I'll see you soon, Reisen". 

"You always will, princess" she smiled back and proceeded to see to the task she was busy with. 


Kaguya took her time reaching Eirin as her conversation with Reisen swirled around in her head. 

She felt empty, absent and blank. 

Like she needed to go back and immerse herself into her lover to feel whole again. 

But she knew it wasn't the time for that as she slid the door open to Eirin's room, the doctor turning around to see her walk in. 

Eirin was unsure of what to say and left it to Kaguya to make the decision in terms of what she wanted to do. It had been like this for some time and she wasn't sure how else to approach the subject. 

The subject of Reisen. 

"Are you alright?". 

Kaguya had slumped against the doctor's chest, exhaustion settling over her. Her brown eyes closed when she felt Eirin's hand stroke down the dark locks repeatedly, her pulsing heartbeat further lulling her. 

"I'm fine, thank you". 


"Please, I cannot do this now" Kaguya pleaded into Eirin's neck and gripped her shoulders, "I just need this".

It broke Eirin to see the princess like this but she couldn't make her talk if she didn't feel like it. She instead held the woman tighter and tried to tame the waves of unrest that had been drowning her mind for so long. 

The entirety of their scenario had left a dampening mood over Eientei.

All she could do was let time amend what was damaged and since they had plenty of it, Eirin could wait. 

"Are you going there now?" she softly spoke into Kaguya's hair. 

She hugged her harder in response, "I need to see her". 

Eirin's own heart dropped to her stomach and willed for her composure to remain at hearing that, "Would you like me to come with you?". 

"No, not tonight, Eirin. I need to be with her alone".

Her voice was quiet but the impact of the words were loud enough. 

"Of course, I understand". 

"I love you, Eirin". 

"I love you too, Kaguya". 

Saying that had become a routine between them all. It cemented some sort of fixture that this was how everything was now. 

That despite the changes that would & could occur, what they all felt for each other was a staple in their relationship till their last breaths and after. 


It was late in the evening and the forest around Eientei was stark silent minus the odd rustle of something rushing by. 

Kaguya was in her own world, hoping that Reisen would stay true to her word as she trudged along the now worn path till a familiar face came into her vicinity. 

It was Mokou. 

The other immortal knew their routine well enough and silently offered the princess her comforts, that she is around if she needs her. 

She nodded at Kaguya when the lunarian waved to her before turning away and slowly floating through the stalks of the bamboo. Kaguya watched her disappear till she was alone again and continued her path to where Mokou was stood, a clearing to the side opening up that had been constructed. 

It was the place where Reisen had originally landed after using the Lunar Veil to escape the army. 

It was the place where she and Eirin had found her. 

The memories floored her mind as she gazed at the space that had a new addition in terms of structures. 

Kaguya bit her lip to conceal the tears though it never worked. 

She stepped forward into the opening before collapsing on her knees and letting her sobs break free. 


Here lies 


Beloved friend, love, assistant 

May she rest in peace. 


Her eyes were levelled with her deceased lover's grave, now blurry as she continued weeping for her loss. 

Many years had passed since Reisen's untimely demise yet the wounds felt as raw as ever. 

Kaguya never recovered from her death, nor did Eirin if one looked closer. 

Reisen could never keep the promise she made whenever Kaguya went to visit her grave. 

Reisen was no longer alive

Only in Kaguya's head. 

Yet despite being aware of this, every time, a hopeful part of the princess held onto the hopeless yet wishful thinking. 

That Reisen would be there

No longer a tormenting hallucination. 

No longer a ghost. 

Kaguya would've given anything to bring Reisen back but it didn't work that way. 

Not on earth. 

Not on the land that terrified the lunarians because of that very impurity. 

Reisen was gone and there was nothing that could be done to bring her back. 

All that was left was the remnant of her smiling face that haunted Kaguya be it night or day. 

And as she continued to cry out into the night as Mokou rushed to her side, Kaguya had all of eternity to grieve for Reisen. 

An eternity that would never cease.

Chapter Text






Ichirin padded down the hallways of the Myouren Temple in thought as she kept an eye out for Murasa. 

She'd been told to meet her in one of the rooms but when Ichirin checked, Murasa wasn't there. 

"Strange, she said she would be there" Ichirin mumbled to herself and turned a corner. 

The temple appeared eerily quiet, not even the scuttle of an insect to be heard anywhere which was unnerving. She was used to some form of sound coming from anywhere so this ominous silence pricked at Ichirin's nerves. 

Still, she dismissed whatever was nagging at her conscious to not proceed forward and continued her search for her lover. 

Turning another corner which led to the lower half of the temple, Ichirin heard a voice coming closer and it sounded familiar. 

"Found her" she grinned and hurried her steps to the room where the voice was coming from.

Slowly, she slid the door open and went inside, "Mura-huh, she isn't here" she said when she noted that the room was empty, "I know I heard her". 

She shrugged and turned to leave when she felt hands cover her eyes as a breathy whisper loitered near her ear, "Leaving so soon?". 

"Sneaky" Ichirin giggled and sunk back into what she knew was Murasa's body, "Felt like playing around with me today?". 

"Obviously, you're the only one I wanna play with". 

Ichirin relaxed and smiled pleasingly as the fingers over her eyes remained. 

She loved it when the captain was in a jovial mood and it made it even better that they weren't being distracted. 

"S-same here" she replied. 

Murasa lifted her fingers away from Ichirin's eyes and floated back, prompting the youkai to turn around to face her. 

There was a considerable amount of space between them now when Murasa put her hand out, "Then, come with me". 

Like an anchor heading down to embed itself into the shore, Ichirin nodded and found herself moving towards her lover. 

She stretched out her hand as she continued to walk forward but before Ichirin realised, it was too late. 


A swirl of teal coloured water had erupted from the ground, the floorboards breaking apart as the pressure of the water increased and encompassed Murasa. 

It was drowning her. 

Murasa flailed around in mid air as the torrent of liquid continued to gather and fly into her lungs. She tried to reach out to Ichirin but it was fruitless as she could barely break through. Garbled pleas of help were lost in the sounds of thrashing currents and violent dunks. 

The youkai was helpless as tears streamed down her eyes whilst repeating Murasa's name, watching her die. 




It always ended this way. 

How many more times would she watch her beloved be swallowed by unrelenting waves. 

Ichirin did not know. 



Deep purple eyes shot open. 

"Hey! Wake up! Ichirin..".

The youkai's senses floored her as she lurched up but was caught by the body hovering above her. 


She gripped Murasa's back with aggression, clutching the white t shirt she was wearing till her fingers turned blue. Her own body was warm with a layer of sweat through her kimono but the chill coming from her lover helped to cool her down. 

"It's okay, I got ya" Murasa mumbled into Ichirin's shoulder as her hand was beneath the youkai's back and the other was balancing on the futon. 

Feeling that this wasn't a dream she was going to wake from or a nightmare she would get catapulted into, Ichirin allowed herself to calm down and rest her head against her pillow. Murasa removed her hand off of her back and placed them either side of her lover's head as she assessed her current state. 

"That nightmare again huh".

Ichirin gave a light nod while her palms loosened their hold on Murasa's clothing and slid up her body, then to her face. Her fingertips skimmed against the captain's skin tentatively, making sure that Murasa was really there again. 

"It always ends the same, I can you". 

"It isn't real" Murasa comforted, "I am not gonna be going anywhere". 

"But I-". 

"No buts, Ichirin" Murasa interrupted, "It ain't real".

Ichirin's eyes teared up as she took in the firm conviction behind Murasa's words whilst threading her fingers into the short dark locks. 

"I don't want to lose you. What if it's a sign, a warning" the youkai trembled, "What if something bad is going to happen?!". 

The panic in her lover's voice wedged Murasa's mind apart. It wasn't often Ichirin became like this after the nightmare and she was a lot calmer after a few reassurances. 

But this time must have tipped her over the edge.

She knew she would have to tell Byakuren in the morning. 

For now however, Murasa would convince the woman drowning in fear below her that nothing, nothing would tear them apart. 

"If something tries to take me out and away from ya, then I won't be going down without a fight" she grinned in a way that often melted Ichirin's heart, "You're stuck with me".

Ichirin smiled at her lover's valiant and effective way to sooth her. Even being able to hear her say that was a start to settling her worried mind because the captain was there with her, she was there. 

If hearing the words wasn't enough, Murasa lowered her face down and captured Ichirin's lips between hers to make a more powerful statement of living in the moment.

The woman could only succumb with ease and follow Murasa's every movement as her hands tugged on her hair. Their kiss increased in cadence and pressure as tongues swirled around, teeth collided and lips melded.

Ichirin's body was covered with a chilled warmth while she ground up against Murasa's body, her legs parting to allow Murasa to get comfortable between them. She knew how Murasa could be in her head and satiate anything she felt, be it desire or fear. 

Murasa always knew. 

So she let the captain take the lead in knowing how to quell any further worries when she felt a cool hand part her kimono and slide down her body. 

"Murasa.." Ichirin moaned out when she needed to breath, her octaves dropping as she felt her lover cup her mound with a palm. 

Her legs separated further when Murasa rubbed the tingling skin above Ichirin's nub while her fingers dug into the captain's back. Each massage sent a sharp shudder up her spine, even more so when Murasa suckled on her neck and placed a hand into Ichirin's lavender hair. 

One nerve at a time, Murasa could feel Ichirin lose herself in the present and away from the gruelling nightmare she'd experienced. 

She wanted to sever whatever tie or symbolism was linked to the youkai's dream of her ominous drowning. She knew that Byakuren could get to the core of it but for now, Murasa would do whatever she could to keep Ichirin from being consumed by her thoughts. 

Take her away from the torrid imagery by being inside of her just like she was now. 

Her fingers were curled up between the folds as her thumb kept circling over the hardened spot which was twitching. With every push and twirl, Murasa felt Ichirin's reprieve whenever she kissed her throat whilst biting gently. The fingers digging into her back through her t shirt became fervent as Ichirin continued to rotate her hips while moaning out. 

Even if it was temporary, even if giving Ichirin the physical pleasure would help her sleep through the night, Murasa would keep going. 

The youkai began thrashing under her and Murasa felt Ichirin's legs slam down against the floor so she upped the speed of giving it to her. 

When she lifted her face up, Murasa gazed down to see her lover's features contorted in bliss; her teeth and eyes clenched whilst trying to keep the gasps in. 

The strands of her fringe were slick with sweat, as was her forehead and Murasa thought she couldn't look any more beautiful at that moment. 

Because she wore the look of unrestrained happiness despite the ugly thoughts that had woken her up. 

All it made the captain want to do was see that face over & over again so she pressed down with pressure and felt Ichirin exude all over her palm. She kept going, moving her fingers, kissing Ichirin wherever she could land her lips and ground against her passionately. 

Ichirin shuddered as she emptied out and clutched Murasa throughout the ride. 

Hearing Murasa's breath against her ear and whisper words of sweet nothings, words that nobody would think the captain was capable of was the final straw of subduing Ichirin's plagued mind. 

She herself was exhaling rapidly while Murasa remained within her, stroking her lips gently to both sooth and prepare her for another round. 

A content smile braced Ichirin's lips while she returned the confessions of love back, making sure Murasa could feel just how much she loved her. 

How she couldn't live without her. 

There would be no body of water inhaling Murasa and killing her. 

There would be no watching her suffer and reach out desperately. 

There would be no hallucination of losing the woman she treasured. 

Not tonight. 

Not if Ichirin remained coiled around Murasa, just as she was entangled in the youkai's arms. 

Nothing could part the reality of their present. 


Chapter Text






Reimu was concerned that she'd acquired a stalker. 

At least, she did so to begin with as it was the 8th time that week in which a certain drill haired woman took patronage in the coffee shop she worked at. 

She was used to catching the eyes of her customers, despite wanting to seem standoffish against any personal communication, as all Reimu wanted to do was earn her wage, pay her bills and survive. 

But her latest admirer was nothing if not persistent. 

And rich

Which was something Reimu had learned recently. 

It made sense with the type of coffee the woman ordered and the amount. 

"The usual, if you will". 

"Take out or staying in?" Reimu asked her, though she already knew the answer. 

"Staying in". 

"I'll bring that over to you". 

The woman handed over a 5000 yen note and Reimu stifled a sigh at the excessive amount, "Anything smaller? We're lacking change at the moment". 

"It's fine, you can keep the change" she replied effortlessly before turning around and walking to a table. 

She pranced off like she owned the place, a small strut in her steps as her heels continued clacking against the floor. 

Watching on, Reimu wondered what her deal was as she finished the transaction and prepared the coffee. 

Or rather, she knew exactly why Yorigami Jo'on sought her. 

She smirked whilst creating the drink, pondering on how she was going to do this. 

How she was going to enact her own plan of action against her admirer.

Once the coffee was prepared, Reimu took it over to Jo'on whom had been on the phone. 

"Look, I've gotta go. No, Shion, I don't care, I've got enough problems on my plate without your issues, okay? Bye". 

The brunette had placed the drink down and noticed the look of annoyance on her face. Out of politeness and slight intrigue, she asked Jo’on if she was okay. 

"Oh, I'm fine" Jo'on replied and met Reimu's eyes, "My sister is so irritating. Do you have any siblings?".

"I don't actually" Reimu said and stood up, "Though, I doubt I'd treat them like that" she mused. 

"Lucky. They're always after something, you know?". 

Reimu laughed gently, "Well, they are family for a reason huh". 

"Totally" Jo'on agreed and pulled the coffee closer to her while giving the brunette a once over, "Anyway, enough about her. I don't think we've been introduced properly. I'm-". 

"Yorigami Jo'on, right?" Reimu finished and shook the woman's outstretched hand. 

A pleased grin formed on Jo'on's face, "Of course you've heard of me. You are?".

Reimu did have a tag with her name on it which was blatantly visible but the nonchalant question didn't surprise the barista. 


"Well, pleased to meet you, Reimu" she replied with nothing short of a flirtatious lilt on Reimu's name, "I don't know if you've noticed but I..really appreciate your service". 

"My service?" the brunette chuckled whilst looking at the other tables and collecting the empty cups, just in case her boss glanced her way, "That's an odd way to put it but yeah, I'm glad you do. Customer's happiness and so on". 

Jo'on sipped her coffee before speaking again, "Well this customer is very happy with you. Why don't you sit down for a bit?".

"My boss would go insane" Reimu said and looked back at Yukari talking to Sanae. Or flirting. She couldn't tell when it came to those two. 

Jo'on followed Reimu's gaze to the attractive blonde and rolled her eyes. She then took a look at Sanae and followed up the eye roll with a scoff, wondering why all the workers here appeared unreasonably beautiful. 

Then again, she took in Reimu's visage and it made sense to her. 

"How unfortunate. Perhaps we can get to know each other better afterwards?". 

Reimu raised an eyebrow and clutched the tray in her hands, "Yeah? Why would that be, Jo'on?". 

"I like what I see and I want to see more" Jo'on was quick to reply and smirked at Reimu, "Obviously you want the same". 


Jo'on nodded, unperturbed by the barista's hitch in tone, "Obviously" she winked. 

"Are you always so confident?" Reimu inquired. 

"I have to be. Part of the society I live in. Besides, you seem like the type to be into confident women".

Reimu couldn't deny that as she smiled to herself, "Fair enough. Anyway, I have to get back so enjoy your coffee".

"Wait a second" Jo'on stopped Reimu, "What time do you finish?". 

"Uh in about 15 minutes". 

The socialite smiled brightly at that, "Perfect. Here.." she said whilst taking a napkin and retrieving a pen from her bag, "Call me when you're finished". 

She handed the napkin to Reimu who looked at it like it'd consume her hand, "That sounds like an order rather than a suggestion".

"Oh it is, Reimu" Jo'on said and pushed her barely touched, overpriced coffee back before standing up, "We both know you're going to do so. I mean, it isn't everyday that I take an interest in someone. I am quite hard to please". 

"Yeah, I figured" Reimu replied and kept her face as neutral as possible, "Which is why your relationships barely last 3 months. Not that it matters since you barely remember anyone unless they're useful to you". 

The jab took the socialite by surprise as she flung her bag over her shoulder, "Excuse me?". 

Reimu knew who Yorigami Jo'on was rather well.

She laughed, "Wow, same old Jo'on huh. We've met you know, used to go to the same school, remember? Hakurei Reimu". 

The surname rung several bells and a few memories filtered into Jo'on's mind as she stared at Reimu. 

She recalled the brunette being fairly timid, not worth paying attention to and using her as Jo'on knew Reimu liked her. 

Reimu certainly wasn't that girl anymore. 

"What, lost for words? How unusual" Reimu goaded. 

"You're wrong about me, that was like, a long time ago".

"Your phone call to your sister and attitude towards me proved otherwise" Reimu stated back, a firm tone that matched her now hardened eyes, "People like you..never change". 

Jo'on grit her teeth at the accusations, "How dare-". 

"You're so used to getting everything you want in your life" Reimu calmly interrupted while she brought the napkin with the number up in her free hand, "Now you get a chance to feel what it's like when you don't get what you want" and dipped it into the residue of the finished coffee cups. 

Jo'on wasn't sure how to comprehend the scenario, how to take in this new expression on Reimu's face that she didn't expect to see.

The napkin dampened into a mess, an adequate imagery of what Jo'on was feeling like at that moment.

"A little tip for you.." Reimu said as she leaned in closer, "Think twice about how you treat people. No amount of wealth and fame can stop karma".

Reimu then stepped back and let the woman take in the situation she was experiencing; one she obviously wasn't used to feeling.


A figure entering the coffee shop caught Reimu's eyes which made her usual serene smile reappear on her face, momentarily distracting Jo'on from the crashing of glass around her perfect little world.

"Excuse me" Reimu curtly ended the conversation, "Enjoy your evening" and walked off to the new customer that had arrived.

At least, Jo'on presumed it was a customer up until the woman with navy blue hair tied up in a ponytail and red eyes placed her hand on Reimu's hip and bent forward to give her a kiss.

Adding insult to injury, Jo'on's expression remained shell-shocked at the occurrence. 

Her fist clenched around the strap of her bag as she tried to sift through what to do or say while reality continued to plummet down on her. 

Yorigami Jo'on got everything she wanted. 

There was nothing and nobody out of her reach. 

Or, so she thought. 

Chapter Text






It was unanimously agreed that the Underworld held the best parties. 

Even the events at the shrines above ground combined didn't amount to the outrageous atmosphere in a place where rules were non-existent. 

Raucous laughter could be heard in all directions. 

The sounds of every alcoholic concoction imaginable could be seen being poured into anything and everything. 

Conversation flowed as easily as the drinks did. 

Indeed, the oni knew how to throw a party. 

The streets of Former Hell were lit up with lights and candles of all varieties as the festivities circulated around the area. 

There didn't need to be an occasion for such high octane events to be held, it was the norm for Former Hell to be in a consistent state of good times. 

Since Satori didn't venture beyond her home in terms of the Underworld, she'd never adjusted to the influx of beings and occasions that ran rampant there whenever she visited. 

Luckily for her, she never had to immerse herself in the conversations for long.

Yuugi wouldn't make her do that.

She was stood in the oni's bedroom at the window, watching the crowds still rife with energy.

There was no real sense of time in the Underworld so days and nights blended to create a nonstop loop of activities.

Satori pulled Yuugi's kimono around her shoulders closer together whilst gazing at the on goings such as Suika trying to get Parsee to laugh. Reimu was drinking herself silly with Yukari and Kaguya. Kasen was in the midst of lecturing Utsuho as Rin snickered behind her. Eirin was tending to a passed out Sanae with Reisen and Youmu helping. Murasa, Nazrin and Shou were wolfing down some hearty meat dishes with a disappointed Byakuren shaking her head, before Kanako wrapped her arms around her priestess to cheer her up. Conversing with Mima was Yuyuko, both enamoured in whatever they were discussing. Kokoro was trapped between Flandre and Koishi, the two insisting she spends time with them. Alice was having a drink with Yamame when Mokou and Keine joined them. 

Everyone was there. 

The sight was..beautiful

She was smiling, despite being completely out of her territory, Satori was smiling.

A genuine expression that she usually shared with her pets now frequented often because of those she had met.

Particularly, a certain someone who'd gently coaxed her into opening herself up to the residents of Gensokyo.


She heard Yuugi's voice in her head laced with apprehension because she hadn't woken up to see her face.

The oni was in the bed when she looked up to see her lover stood at the window and quickly got up 

Taking large strider, Yuugi rounded her bed and slowed her pace when she reached behind Satori and placed her hands on the youkai's shoulders softly. Given that her kimono draped on Satori's small stature, the clothing slipped off of her shoulders and Yuugi pulled it up again whilst wrapping her arms around Satori's chest. 

"Did I wake you? I'm sorry" Satori spoke up and leaned back against Yuugi's well sculpted torso.

It was then she realised that the blonde wasn't wearing a stitch of clothing. 

Not that she had any complaints.

"Ya didn't" Yuugi chuckled, "Always gonna be worried if I can't find ya near me".

Satori read up on the additional thought Yuugi had which made her laugh and turn around. 

"Worried you'd squished me you mean?". 

"Same thing" Yuugi grinned before bending at the knees so that she could pick the youkai up in her arms, "Don't want ya gone either way". 

If the oni could've read Satori's mind, she would see that the woman was more or less gone already at the contact of their skin. 

Her arms remained against Yuugi's full chest as her legs wound around her hips, the feeling of Yuugi's hands under her thighs setting Satori ablaze. One of the things she loved most was being held by Yuugi like this, in a way which oozed the sensuality and passion they held for each other. Never would Satori have thought she'd be touched the way Yuugi did by anyone, let alone by a woman who was genuine about her feelings for the youkai.

Even now, after months together, it still felt surreal for her but Satori knew that everything happening now was real. 

It wasn't something that would be cruelly taken away from her. 

"I won't be going anywhere". 

She traced the taut skin on Yuugi's chest absentmindedly whilst keeping her eyes on the red orbs peering at her with nothing but adoration.

There was a gentleness in them that Satori had now known a few oni to posses like Suika and Kasen. 

Despite their rough exterior and immunity to alcohol, certain oni could easily depict their softer sides for the right people. 

Yuugi was lucky to have several beings she could show said side to but more so, she felt even more elated for being able to reveal everything to Satori. 

Never did she fear the youkai's mind reading ability. 

Never was she deterred from Satori's insistence of being left alone. 

Never did Yuugi give up on trying to help her see that she wasn't like the ones who shunned her. 

She could read the youkai without having to tap into her thoughts when Satori wet her own lips with her tongue and gulped softly. 

Yuugi moved in to capture Satori's lips and press hers against them in a comforting kiss, something they both needed desperately as the sounds of their friends enjoying themselves floated into their window. 

With each synchronised movement, the oni pondered how she could spend every second of any day doing this to her lover, kissing her with enough tenderness and love till it erased Satori's mind of the hardships she'd faced. 

Everyone that ended up in the Underworld had their own reasons for being there, usually painful but Satori's pain was something so excruciating that it could hurt anyone to think about. 

Nobody deserved to live like that, nobody deserved to be pushed aside because of something they couldn't control. 

Satori could hear just how adamantly Yuugi felt about all of these points, urging her to deepen the kiss as it was so achingly endearing to know how much Yuugi considered her. 

Yuugi loved her, mind reading ability or not. 

And Satori knew it without having to focus on the stream of thoughts rushing inside the oni's heads. 

Thoughts that normally revolved around her anyway. 

Yuugi walked them away from the window without ending their kiss and moved back to the bed. She wanted to continue lavishing the youkai with undivided attention, the kind that Satori deserved so she lowered her onto the sheets and climbed on top of her. 

Satori's earlier happiness trebled to an unfathomable range as it always did when she was Yuugi. 

She couldn't get enough of running her fingertips over the oni's muscular yet soft arms, stroking each curve and line like she was trying to soak her lover in completely. Her cords and eye were being swept away by the blonde's powerful fingers when she slid open her kimono from Satori's body, the cautionary action so beautiful. 

It further propelled Satori's mind into succumbing to her lover.

Which was something the youkai always tried to do because Yuugi was simply intoxicating. 

The rest of the noise died down as only her breathy exhales painting Yuugi's shoulder could be heard when Yuugi kissed her way to Satori's throat. It was all the youkai could do to contain the much more salacious decibels that were begging to be released, every skilled touch of Yuugi's hands gripping her hips as she dragged her palms down her thighs to separate them. 

Satori couldn't refrain from reacting to the insurmountable level of pleasure that Yuugi provided her without any malice or false intentions. 

That was just how Yuugi was as a lover, her lover. 

A woman who had managed to craft a paradise in a place that was meant to be a depressing mass of space for the tainted, tarnished and troubled. 

But right there, in Yuugi's home, in her bed and in her arm, Satori was convinced that this was the closest thing to heaven. 

Nothing else outside of their little haven in the remnants of a former hell mattered. 


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"Are you sure this is a good idea?".

"Of course not, Yumeko might kill us if she finds out". 

Sara paled and tried to do a U-turn towards the gates of Makai before Louise grabbed her hand to pull her back.

"You're so easy" the blonde snickered, "It will be fine, trust me. They will not even know we've gone by the time we get back".

"Every time the words, 'trust me' escape your mouth, I always end up in a mess" Sara protested, "Also, Lady Shinki knows everything". 

"C’mon, it will be fine. Besides, it's too late to back out now, we're at the exit of the mountain. I'm so excited!". 

Sara could feel said excitement bubbling off of Louise's aura, the wide eyes and grin contagious. 

She was right, they were only going to be gone for a few hours so the gatekeeper doubted anyone would attempt to pass into or from Makai during that time. 

Relenting to her partner in crime's enthusiasm, Sara shrugged and smiled as they approached the mouth of the cave. 

"Maybe it will be fun".

"See, that's the spirit!". 

"But, where are we going to go?" the gatekeeper asked as she glanced out towards the setting sun which shone in their eyes, "We don't know anything about Gensokyo". 

"We don't have to" the demon responded and swung an arm around Sara's shoulders, "I already know where we're heading" and pointed towards the direction of the Hakurei Shrine near them. 

Sara assumed that that was the one place they would be avoiding as her memories of getting thrashed by Reimu resonated in her head. 

"I swear you have a death wish or something". 

"Hmm, sometimes" Louise mused and pulled the demon closer against her, "But no not this time. I heard from a devil that knows about another devil who knows this other devil that knows Koa and she said there's this party going on there".

Devils sure got their information around, Sara couldn't deny that. 

"That sounds way too vague".

Louise chuckled, "Well, what do you expect? Anyway, it's going to be a blast!".

"Yes, especially when Reimu blasts us away" the gatekeeper answered dryly. 

"That won't happen" Louise tried to reassure and squeezed Sara's shoulder when she removed her arm off of them, "I won't let her" she added whilst closer to Sara's face. 

Though Louise had a playful expression on her gorgeous features, Sara noticed there was a strong promise behind the words. 

It was comforting and the closeness between them made the gatekeeper feel lightheaded. 

"I-if you insist" she gulped and stepped away before she became too drawn to the demon's lure, "Let's go".

Louise grinned and floated in the air as Sara followed suit, "That's my girl!" she yelled before zipping forwards towards the Hakurei Shrine. 

"Louise!" she blushed and chased after her. 


Once they reached the entrance to the shrine, they were engulfed by troves of beings flocking to the place.

"So..crowded.." Sara marvelled with a tinge of apprehension.

She wasn't used to this much noise and activity as being a gatekeeper was a lonely job. 

It was Louise who often kept her company, hence the bond they'd formed so to see so many others packed into one place made Sara feel claustrophobic. 

Louise sensed this and held the gatekeeper's hand in hers, "Don't worry, just stick with me" she winked, "But the Hakurei Shrine being this popular, that I didn't expect considering what I've heard about the place". 

"What do you mean?". 

"It's a youkai hangout spot you know". 

Sara gave the area a look around and noticed that that detail was very much a truth. 

The youkai to human ratio was more prominent. 

But then again, it could be more since a lot of youkai didn't have any 'accessories' to hint of their species. 

"They're not wrong". 

As always, Louise found a silver lining, "Even better for us!". 

She tugged Sara along and into the shrine grounds where countless stalls were set up. 

A jaunty soundtrack was spilling into the atmosphere, courtesy of the Primsriver Sisters, Kyouko, Mystia, and the various tsukumogami. 

It was..lively to say the least. 

"Don't you think it's weird how everyone gets along here? Everyone is mingling without killing each other" Sara noted, "I remember how quickly all the demons that came here were kicked out". 

"To be fair, we weren't exactly invited so that's why Reimu got mad. This was so many years ago too, maybe she's changed". 

"Do shrine maidens change?". 

"I dunno" Louise laughed, "We'll find out if we bump into her". 

"I think we should avoid bumping into her".

"Sara! Louise!". 

The two Makai residents heard the familiar voice shouting out from the side. 

"Is that..".

"Koa!" Louise yelled out and waved as the demon quickly walked up to them. 

"Heyy!" she greeted, then threw her arms around the duo to drag them into a crushing hug, "I can't believe you're both here! It's so good to see you!". 

Louise pat the demon's back with glee as Sara took the more tentative approach. 

"It's good to see ya to, Koa!". 

The devil separated from them both and looked between the women, her eyes glistening at seeing her old friends. 

"You both look well" she said while glancing at their joined hands, "Really well, about time you got together".

"Well you know Sara, needs a bit of encouragement" Louise chuckled. 


"I'm glad you're here though, come on, let me shown you around! You can meet my master too!". 

"Nice, we got a guide" Louise beamed and followed the devil as Sara went along, "You'll have a night you can't forget, Sara!". 

And so, the duo were taking along to see the attractions that were littered around the shrine along with the residents of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. 

They were in pure fascination with the customs and the games that were available for all to partake in. 

Everyone was oozing a pleasant atmosphere with drinks being poured endlessly, food plentiful and conversation rife with banter. 

Even Sara started enjoying herself which pleased her demon companion to no extent. 

They visited the Moriya Shrine residents which had a stall up that consisted of shooting a target with one danmaku in order to win a prize. 

Louise had successful won a stuffed doll that resembled Sara, much to the gatekeeper's delight as she hugged it before giving Louise a tight hug. 

Koakuma then took them to various food stalls where they tried delicacies that were not available in Makai. Remilia insisted they try the red candyfloss which had a distinct sweet and bitter flavour to it. 

The two women went back for seconds they enjoyed it that much. 

Their next place of interest took them by surprise as they were roped into a game that involved two teams pulling a giant rope, the objective to pull the opposing team to the ground. 

Sara's team consisted of Shion, Meiling, Reisen, Miko and Raiko whereas Louise had Satono, Flandre, Hatate, Futo and Benben. 

The winning team was Sara's but it took a while and was a well earned victory as Louise's team proved to be strong indeed. 

Within the few hours they were there, they got to know numerous residents of Gensokyo, forming friendships in the short time and both couldn't wait to return. 

But time was something Louise had actually kept an eye on much to Sara's relief as they let Koakuma know that they had to depart. 

"Make sure you come visit soon, even if I've gotta sneak you both out again" Koa grinned whilst giving them a hug. 

"You bet, this was way too much fun to not do again". 

"I agree" Sara mumbled as Louise raised an eyebrow in delightful surprised, "What, I did enjoy myself with you and everyone here so, of course I wouldn't mind coming again". 

"Is it me or does love make one rebellious" a humoured voice came from behind the Makai residents. 

Sara and Louise whipped around to see a face they were not expecting to see. 

"Princess!" they exclaimed unanimously. 

"Just Alice here" the magician smiled. 

"I should start referring to you with your proper title" Reimu teased. 

"Then I'll refer to you as the Hakurei miko" Alice countered. 


"Ah, you know someone's encountered Reimu when they say her name like that" Koa chuckled, revisiting her own fight with the priestess when they met. 

"Well, glad you remember me" Reimu grinned. 

"I don't think anyone could forget" Louise retorted nervously as her eyes went to Alice, "It has been so long since we saw you, Lady Alice" she fondly said before adding, "So long as Lady Shinki breaths, we will always use your correct titles".

"Wow, you can stick to regulation sometimes" Sara quipped, mainly to hide the shock of bumping into Alice, more specifically, Alice holding the Hakurei priestess's hand. 

Louise nudged the demon playfully, "Funny". 

"Sneaking out of Makai to come here, how daring" the magician said, "It's good to see you've had a good time". 

"Ah, about that..".

"We didn't really..".

Alice put her hand up and made sure the duo were aware that she was only pulling their strings, having no intention to make them feel guilty. 

"I don't blame you, I understand too well the lure to Gensokyo so I'm really pleased you had fun" she genuinely conveyed. 

"Thank you" Louise replied and bowed, "I really wanted to bring Sara here to see it for herself!". 

"You did?". 

"Definitely" Louise nodded and turned her head to face the shorter woman, "You've looked so stressed lately and I wanted you to relax". 

Sara was speechless and gripped Louise's hand more firmly, "I, that means a lot. Thank you, Louise". 

"No worries! You're cute already but even more cuter when you're happy you know".

"Don't say things like that so easily!" Sara blushed whilst stammering. 

"But it's the truth!". 

Alice smiled at the obliviousness covering both as they got lost in the moment. 

Reimu took it upon herself to give the two guests one more memory as she subtly nodded at Koa. 

"Not that it isn't adorable watching you both gush over each other but..we have a tradition here. It's pretty new and something done in the Outside World around this time of year". 

"Huh, what do you mean?" the blonde questioned. 

Louise and Sara were waiting for Reimu to reply and noticed Alice trying to contain a conspiratorial smirk. 

The priestess matched her lover's expression and pointed for the two to look up with her free hand. 

Mistletoe, held by Koakuma, dangled in the air as she too was all grins. 

It was a universal gesture that even the folks of Makai had been exposed to because both Louise & Sara glanced at each other and blushed furiously. 

"It's a Hakurei custom now, don't want to displease the silent goddess of the shrine do you?" Reimu said as calmly as possible though she was urging to laugh. 

Sara was about to speak up but Louise beat her to it with a confident grin, "You're right. Besides.." she then said and turned Sara in her arms, "I don't need to be prompted by mistletoe to want to kiss her". 

The bold statement melted Sara, stopping any hesitation from building in her mind as Louise wrapped her arms around her waist and lowered her face to meet her lips. 

Sara happily reciprocated the act of love and rested her hands on Louise's shoulders, her heart strumming fast enough to make her head spin. 

Because she didn't need mistletoe to want to kiss Louise either, it was just different being able to feel her lips in the warm air of Gensokyo despite the season. 

A feeling she could happily adjust to as she heard numerous whistles and cheers circulating around them. 

"That was easier than I thought" Alice said with bemusement, "I could've sworn Sara would've refuse outright". 

Reimu turned Alice in her arms too, "Well, like you said, love makes one rebellious" she repeated and mimicked their Makai guests.

Be it Makai or Gensokyo, Luna or the Outside World, there was just something about festivities that brought people together. 

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The setting sun highlighted the landscape which was Misty Lake in a scenic manner. The imagery was bucolic yet breath-taking as the dipping orb started its decent to make way for nightfall, causing the many species of Gensokyo's night dwellers to resurface.

Kagerou found the scene peaceful whilst sat on the shore of the lake, taking in the lavish appearance of the Scarlet Devil Mansion in the background and watching the odd few fairies frolicking around.

She was waiting.

The werewolf would wait forever if need be for her.

The thought of Wakasagihime bracing her with her presence sent a jolt of butterflies swarming within the woman's stomach, just a brief tangible depiction of how Wakasagihime made her feel.

No scenery compared to the mermaid's glistening eyes that sparkled with such guileless depth, such warmth that the mere thought of her eyes looking her way made Kagerou waver even whilst she was sat down. These moments with Wakasagihime were something she now lived for and it was enough to drag her away from the confines of the Bamboo Forest of the Lost. Kagerou shed her discomfort and reservations of walking around in daylight because her need to see the mermaid took precedence.

A smile braced her lips when she watched the ripples in the water spread across the surface due to some of the aquatic creatures that lurked beneath it. She always thought it strange how the lake lacked any fish, at least the edible variety. Well, perhaps the youkai counted, as did the other species in terms of the food chain. Gensokyo was anomalous that way but it was something Kagerou found endearing about the location. In its own bizarre and intricate way, the hierarchy seemed to work to a certain degree.

"The gap youkai's thinking is strange.." she mulled over to herself.

Her thoughts were gently brought back to a more reasonable thinking when a splatter of water collided with her face.

"Hey!" she yelped whilst wiping the liquid away from her cheeks.

A melodious giggle filtered through the air along with a just as assuasive voice, "Sorry, Kagerou".

Wakasagihime's coy expression told Kagerou that she most certainly was not apologetic.

"Your thinking face is cute but I wanted to see a few others" the mermaid chuckled whilst rising out of the water a tad more till her upper body was in sight, "I do apologise for being late though".

"It's okay, you aren't really" Kagerou replied, her heart practically dropping from her sleeve as she took in the mermaid's appearance.

She appeared angelic in a mesmeric manner given the afterglow of the vibrant sun, the hues of crimson, orange and violet illuminating the sky, "So beautiful".

Wakasagihime merely giggled under her breath at the werewolf's endearing demeanour, the way her ears flicked in excitement without her being aware making her even more loveable. It meant that Kagerou was enjoying whatever had her so entranced so she wasn't too concerned about letting the woman drift off.

That being said, the scrutiny from the deep burgundy eyes made the mermaid squirm a bit as a blush formed ever so gingerly.

"Aren't you going to give me a hug?" Wakasagihime asked, hoping to lure the woman out of her reverie.

Kagerou faltered at the prospect of engulfing her arms around her lover. Just envisioning her body close to hers and where she belonged simmered in the werewolf's mind. 

She'd been thinking about it all day, she'd been thinking about Wakasagihime.

"Sure, you going to come to me, Hime? I think it's best for me to avoid getting into the water".

"I think otherwise. Come here, please" the mermaid serenaded with her dulcet tone and stretched out her arms, a small flush appearing on the back of her neck due to the use of her nickname, "I promise you won't get any water on you".

Quirking her eyebrow up, Kagerou remained pensive as this entire scenario had panned out many times before and each time, it ended up with herself being dragged into the lake. 

Less dragged and more coerced since she'd jump through whatever hoop her lover revealed, her personality becoming quiescent for Wakasagihime. 

"You say you promise but then I end up in there somehow with you".

"You say that like it's a bad thing" Wakasagihime smiled innocuously, her fin peeking out now from beneath the water.

Kagerou weakly laughed at that, "Well.." she drawled out whilst scratching the back of her neck, "That isn't the point. Anyway, I'll meet you halfway, how is that?".

"Compromising as always, I love that about you".

Kagerou glanced away in shyness at the way her lover had uttered the statement, the hidden connotations not missing her at all, "I love you".

It was enough to stir the werewolf into acting and she chided herself at how easily Wakasagihime was able to lead her into doing and saying things she normally would not do. 

But she was okay with that, so long as the other woman was happy.

Kagerou yearned for her happiness.

She stood up and brushed her dress down while walking towards where the mermaid was smiling brightly. Just the appeased look made Kagerou grin, her toes dipping into the surface of the water. She waited for Wakasagihime to swim towards her whilst taking a few more steps till her ankles were submerged.

"There, now you come to me".
Wakasagihime hummed, "No, that won't do. You need to come closer, Kagerou. I won't be able to hug you properly" she reasoned. 

"Okay okay" the werewolf laughed and waded in deeper till her knees were beneath the water now, "Is this better?".

"Hmm, almost. Just a bit more".

Kagerou had reached Wakasagihime's proximity and could glance down at the mermaid. She was so close, close enough to pick her up and never let her go which she intended on seeing to.

The water was somewhat warm given the setting summer sun, a light breeze still prevalent around them.

It was comfortable so Kagerou wasn't too turned away from being in the lake, certainly not with the woman basking in it.

She reached down with her arms as Wakasagihime in turn outstretched hers enough to try and reach behind the werewolf's shoulders. When she did, the mermaid executed her plan with a quick grin that Kagerou caught a glimpse of. 

"Ahh, wait!" Kagerou shrieked before being pulled down with the mermaid as her arms snaked behind her waist.

They were plunged into the lake, both encircled around each other as Wakasagihime laughed openly and tangled her fingers into Kagerou's brunette locks. 

As much as she wanted to chide Wakasagihime, Kagerou was enraptured by the feeling of her pressed against her and the affability she exuded.

She held her breath, her eyes gazing into the mermaid's whom was all smiles at her cheeky antics.

"I'm sorry!" Wakasagihime giggled. 

"No you are not!" Kagerou thought to herself, swinging her legs back and forth to keep afloat.

She was smirking to herself despite falling for her lover's antics.

Everything was worth being endured if it meant she could stay like this with Wakasagihime forever.

Or at least until her lungs started crying out for air.

A stream of bubbles erupted from the werewolf's mouth as her eyes widened.

She gurgled before thrashing her legs in an effort to swim upwards but Wakasagihime stopped her, her arms locking behind Kagerou's shoulders and pulling her closer.

The panic in the red eyes was prevalent but it was going to be okay, she wouldn't let any harm come to the werewolf.

Wakasagihime nodded in understanding before cupping Kagerou's cheeks, holding her close and staring into her eyes.

"I love you, Kagerou " she spoke up with heartfelt honesty.

Though Kagerou couldn't reply, Wakasagihime could tell how overjoyed she was. 

Kagerou forgot she couldn't breath for a moment as the overwhelming joy was far more of a substantial feeling to lose herself to.

To hear it from the mermaid, finally, it was everything she could have imagined and then some. Her face was beaming with giddiness, tears prickling at the corner of her eyes.

The soft hue of the water lit everything up in a haunting manner, making it even more beautiful and Kagerou couldn't have wanted anything more.

Well, other than oxygen in her lungs when she realised she was lacking air again.

But just as quickly, Wakasagihime smiled and pressed her mouth against the werewolf's, kissing her whilst breathing air into her lungs.

Kagerou didn't mind if she was to pass out at that moment.

Wakasagihime kiss was everything to her.

Kagerou's arms clamped behind the woman's waist, holding her flush against her as she succumbed to the warm lips melding over her own. The puffs of hot air cascading down Kagerou's throat elevated the panic she was feeling, her lungs taking in everything her lover was giving her 

Soon after, the duo separated whilst still being tangled around each other and Wakasagihime moved her tail slowly to bring them to a slow ascent. 

The languid journey was the perfect way to end their little tryst, both smiles as they savoured the many moments between them. 

Because being together was everything. 

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Meiling shivered as the frigid air circulated around her while she was stood outside of the mansion gates. She could see Letty and Cirno parading near the vicinity, enjoying the gelid weather and most likely enhancing it much to her dismay.

Their joyous laughter was contagious so she couldn't really be mad at the occasion. Winter may not be for everyone but it was for some.

She sighed whilst rubbing her arms and shivering in an effort to warm up. The redhead had been late to her duties and quickly grabbed her clothing which didn't consist of her winter uniform after spending the night with Koakuma. She knew it was something Sakuya would be irate about if she saw her since it was freezing, the maid being concerned for her wellbeing. Meiling regretted it but there was nothing she could do about it now as leaving her post would elicit a scolding from Sakuya or Remilia.

Instead, Meiling hopped around on the spot while keeping an eye on her surroundings. There was a particular blonde magician that always managed to sneak in and harass Patchouli so Meiling tried to remain on guard.

Still, the biting cold was stabbing at her bare arms, each sensation digging into her nerves and freezing her over. She focused on the mid morning environment consisting of grey skies and droplets of sleet to try and distract herself, a sight she often enjoyed. 

All the bare trees and shrubbery around the mansion were lifeless which added to the decrepit imagery of the land but Meiling found beauty in everything. It was both unsettling yet striking, as was the season of winter in general.

The gatekeeper enjoyed her work and adored the residents of the mansion she had to watch over so there was rarely a time she wasn't smiling, even in the midst of snoozing away regardless of the season. 

So she simply allowed those thoughts to conjure up within her to preserve the warmth till her break when she could go and change after. The day in itself appeared peaceful and she deduced that to the cold weather since not many humans or youkai preferred to waltz around this time. This in turn made her job a lot easier so she could relax slightly, at least enough to not exert herself.

The downside was that the glacial climate had every opportunity to sneak under her skin and continue its voyage in making her time at her post difficult.

She was contemplating sneaking into the mansion to grab a jacket at least and turned to do so when she saw Koakuma flying out of the building. Elated at seeing her, Meiling quickly made work of letting her out to see what was wrong. She didn't appear distressed or frantic so Meiling wasn't too concerned at that detail and relaxed a bit. 

Seeing the woman at all was something she wasn't going to question.

"Koa? Is everything okay?" she asked the devil as she opened the gate to let her through.

"Hey you" she greeted and settle to the ground, "Are you okay? You rushed off this morning".

"Ah" Meiling chuckled, "I was going to be late, sorry. I would have liked to stay with you though! I mean, last night know".

It took a lot to make a devil blush but the shyness in Meiling's aura and tone certainly worked to make Koa swoon. There was something so pure and innocuous about the gatekeeper despite the side of her she saw when they were alone together. Koa adored every attribute that Meiling was construed of and getting to spend the countless of years together in the mansion was a sort of happiness the devil couldn't have imagined.

She cherished each moment and this current one was already making her heart palpate erratically as she stared up into to Meiling's brilliant blue eyes.

"It's okay, I know why you had to leave so don't worry about it" she answered, stepping closer to the taller woman, "It's freezing today and the way you are dressed won't be helping".

Meiling smiled, "I'm sorry to worry you".

Koa brought up the scarf in her hand and looped it behind the gatekeeper's neck, "Hmm so you should be, this should keep you warm for a while before you can take a break" she stated, avoiding the warm expression on the woman's face.

"Aw Koa, you are too sweet" the redhead gushed as she felt the zibeline like material caress her neck at the same time as Koakuma's fingers did, "Is this new? I haven't seen you wear it".

She knew which she preferred having against her skin though. 

"Ah well, I kind of sort of made it for you".

Hearing the confession made Meiling's heart flutter, "Really?".

The sweet action overtook the gatekeeper and she couldn't help but to brush her fingers against Koakuma's cheeks slowly. Koa in turn let out a quiet sigh of comfort, her cheeks warming up whilst surrendering to Meiling's appreciation and adoration.

"Y-yeah. Lady Patchouli helped though so it's-".

"I love it, Koa" Meiling quickly interrupted given the uncertainty on the other redhead's face, "I love it, thank you so much!".

"Oh" Koa beamed and finished wrapping the green garment around her lover's neck before smoothing it down at the middle, "I'm really happy to hear that. It looks good on you".

The colour complimented the gatekeeper's pallet, bringing out her complexion and eyes even more than usual. Kao couldn't take her gaze away whilst fixing the upper part of the scarf so that it was snug against Meiling's neck.

"That's because you made it" Meiling grinned and lowered her arms to Koa's hips, "It makes it 10 times better than anything else"

Koakuma was sure her face matched her hair now at the praise being sent her way, "Meiling..".

The coldness Meiling felt had completely dissipated the moment she laid eyes on her devil, which was something she realised now, but it always was the case and she couldn't help but to be distracted by the alluring woman. Having Koakuma pressed against her aided in keeping out the biting weather, as did the scarf so all in all, the gatekeeper couldn't be more content. 

Meiling's eyes darted from the devil's eyes to her lips, the temptation building to a point where it was cascading out of her. The sweet gesture alone was enough to make Meiling's day but the effort Koa had gone through and the attention she paid was immeasurable.

"Thanks, Koa" she whispered before dipping her head down and pressing her top lip over Koa's lower one where it was waiting patiently.

Koa's breath hitched as she succumbed to the delicate kiss, her hands climbing up Meiling's chest to rest on the firm shoulders. She couldn't help but to lose the strength in her legs and relied on Meiling's strong arms to keep her upright which she did with ease.

Nothing around them registered to their senses, nothing but their bodies and lips in unison.

Meiling could disappear from her duties for a few minutes to indulge herself and she was willing to take the brunt of whatever punishment came her way. If it meant keeping Koakuma to herself for a little longer, she didn't mind. She felt the smaller redhead smile against her lips which prompted her to do the same and that was how Remilia and Sakuya saw the duo together.

The maid glanced at her mistress and awaited an instruction but Remilia merely grinned and led Sakuya away.


"It's fine, everyone needs a little comfort now and then when it's cold".

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Aya's mood was indecipherable which wasn't a common occurrence.

At least, not for Nitori whom had known her for long enough to realise that something was amiss.

The tengu's usually cheerful and excitable demeanour had made itself scare the moment Nitori had entered her home.

They were seated on the ground now, tinkering with a new contraption the kappa had created to aid Aya with her photography but the feedback and conversation could barely be referred to as that. Nitori noticed the slight frown on Aya's face, the furrow between her brows as she passed a tool. But she had no idea what could be on the tengu's mind as she was given half baked answers and non committal hums of agreement.

She tried again, "Aya?".


"What's wrong? You've been glaring at my stuff since I got here" she attempted to lighten the atmosphere up, "I'll thrown em out if they're upsetting you".

She poked the tengu sat next to her, trying to get her to smile but her teasing simply went over Aya's head. Nitori noticed the way Aya's wings were curved inwards, like she was creating a cocoon to shelter herself from whatever was going on, like she was trying to stay away from her. It hurt the kappa to see the blatant discomfort her lover was experiencing and it appeared there wasn't much she could do in trying to get Aya to snap out of it.

Aya in turn brushed Nitori’s hand away, grabbing her wrist instead in the process.

The hold was gentle enough, similar to how Aya would pin her wrists down when they were making love. It was a move to remind Nitori that she had control of the situation and there was nothing to be frightful of if things became too intense. 

Right now however, it was the gaze in the tengu's red orbs that were a cause for concern. 

What Aya said next didn't alleviate Nitori's worries, "Would you throw me out too, Nitori? Am I just a tool for whenever Marisa isn't around?". 

The magician's name caught Nitori off guard but she didn't shake off Aya's hand since she was somewhat relieved that Aya had named the cause of her mood, as absurd as it was.

"Marisa? What does she have to do with this?" she questioned, her voice betraying her shock, "But you've gotta know that I wouldn't throw you out, I don't want anyone but you".

"Are you sure? I've seen her cosying up to you, you know".

"That's Marisa's thing, she cosy’s up to everyone" Nitori tried to reason, "She's harmless, Aya".

"Harmless.." Aya repeated whilst twisting Nitori's hand so that her palm was facing upwards as she scooted closer, "She gets her hands on everything she wants, whether it belongs to her or not. Anyone with eyes can see that she wants something else from you, something that is mine".

Nitori gulped slightly but said nothing as the last bit of Aya's voice had wavered, her vulnerability showing by the troves. The grip around her wrist was still soft but Aya's looming presence over her depicted a more ominous atmosphere.

The kappa knew Aya wouldn't hurt her, that was the last thing she assumed would happen.

But the cogs turning in Aya's mind were oiled with misunderstanding, jealousy and vulnerability.

Nitori was aware of what Marisa's reputation was like, especially in terms of lovers so in Aya's mind, it almost made sense to rationalise the scenario in a way where Marisa would perhaps long for more with Nitori.

That being said, Nitori had no interest in the magician whatsoever. She was loyal to Aya, always had been and she wanted the tengu to never forget that. Slowly, she closed the distance between them and shuffled towards Aya on her knees till she was hovering over the tengu. She then shook off Aya's hold on her wrist in a bid to cup Aya's cheeks with her hands, getting her to look up at her.

"Aya, I am yours" she reiterated, "I swear nothing has happened with Marisa and it never will. Please tell me you me know this".

The tengu blinked several times as her expression softened a tad, Nitori's earnest eyes and tone begging for her to listen and listen intently. Her insecurities had been accumulating for some time and seeing the blonde become too comfy around Nitori the previous night at the Hakurei Shrine tipped the overflowing pot.

The way she had her arms slung down Nitori's chest as she rested her chin on her shoulder. 

The way she was grinning from ear to ear while making Nitori laugh. 

The way her lips were far too close to Nitori's lips when she leaned in further. 

Keeping her emotions in check hadn't been easy that night but somehow, the tengu had managed. 

Aya knew that Nitori wouldn't initiate anything with anyone, that just wasn't in her personality but that wasn't how insecurities worked. It painted a much more detrimental image in her mind, one that consisted of Marisa hovering over the kappa, yellow eyes wild as she buried her fingers inside of Nitori.

Shaking the steamy imagery out of her thoughts, Aya grit her teeth together and pulled Nitori onto her lap with the kappa's legs on either side of her waist. 

"I..I need to hear it again, Nitori. Tell me you only want me, please.." she whispered against her lover's lips, "Tell me you won't let Marisa touch you".

Nitori didn't hesitate as her own eyes became misty with longing, urging Aya to read them, "I love you, Aya, only you" she replied and clutched Aya's shirt in an effort to pull her in closer, "Its always been you".

Allowing the reassurances to cast away the doubts she had been feeling, Aya sighed out and the air brushed Nitori's lips, "Again..".

The kappa adhered to Aya's request, whispering more words loaded with emotion, honesty and desire.

"I love you".

The close proximity of their lips final ceased and Aya could not refrain from kissing Nitori, a firm and passionate kiss that made Nitori moan out. It provided Aya with the access to twirl her tongue within her lover's, both panting as the essence of their pent up passion started to mend the cracks that had been forming in Aya's mind. 

Unable to hold back, Aya kept a hold of Nitori's waist with one arm as her other hand slid beneath the kappa's dress, caressing her thigh with her nails till she could pull Nitori's underwear down. The garment dropped to her thighs where they couldn't go any further since she was still straddled on her lover's lap but it was enough for Aya to get what she wanted.

Despite the urgency, Aya was gentle with her touch as her thumb stroked the slit of Nitori's opening. It was already wet enough so that she could slide over it slowly and the way Nitori whimpered made Aya's own centre throb. Her eyes remained on Nitori throughout touching her, bringing her to a point where she could feel the kappa's thighs shaking.

"Say it again, Nitori" Aya urged while biting down a groan when she felt Nitori's clit harden under the pad of her thumb, "Tell me it's only me that can touch you like this".

Nitori gasped when she felt Aya's two fingers part her vulva and slide in as her thumb nestled against the hardened nub needing to be toyed with. The gruffness in the tengu's voice and her actions provided a stimulant that made Nitori's head spin as she pushed down, engulfing Aya's fingers entirely. Her palms grasped the collar of Aya's shirt and she pulled it apart without a care, the need to feel Aya make her come taking over anything.

Nitori clutched the back of the tengu's shoulders and neck, now exposed, and rested her fingers above where Aya's wings started, her nails digging in with ferocity. Aya was making it impossible to speak when she slammed her fingers all over inside of her walls, the tips pushing through till it hit the most sensitive of spots. If that wasn't enough, her clit was being circled and pressed against sporadically, amplifying her orgasm in a way that could make her heart stop but Nitori didn't care. She wanted Aya to feel how it was only her hands that could love her in such a way. Only Aya would be the one that she wanted to be wrapped around, mentally and physically, just Aya. 

Aya in turn shook at the rigid form of her lover's body and the nails leaving tracks around her upper back. The moans that were coming from the kappa's mouth were melodic despite being clamped over her shoulder now, entrancing Aya and it was her name coming from Nitori's throat.


She repeated it with every curl of Aya's fingers scraping against the warm surface of the muscles.


She gasped when she felt her hips stiffen under the firm grip of Aya's arm keeping her steady.


She moaned in a lower octave, her release spiralling when she couldn't hold back anymore with the way Aya had swirled her thumb around where she needed it.

Nitori slumped over Aya's shoulder as her body came crashing down, waves and waves of unadulterated pleasure sparking a fire so smouldering inside her. 

Her teeth nipped at Aya's neck, her hips involuntarily grinding over her lover still trapped inside her because that was all Nitori could do to convey how Aya was the only one she craved, loved, desired.

Aya herself was gasping at the intensity of Nitori's grip around her body and the way she was shuddering against her. Her red eyes clamped down at hearing the reassuring way Nitori was still mumbling into her neck about loving her and just her.

They remained in that position as they gathered their thoughts whilst the situation settled.

The tengu knew she had to reel in the way her insecurities reared their ugly heads because Nitori was hers to love the way she was doing. 

Her hands that were soothing Nitori's back. 

The lips that were kissing the side of Nitori’s neck.

The fingers covered in the deluge of Nitori’s undoing. 

“Mine..” the tengu murmured. 

Only she had the privilege of doing this to her and it was something Aya had to remember.
She wouldn't let Nitori go and she knew the kappa didn’t have any intention of abandoning her for someone else. 

"Yours. I won’t leave you, Aya" Nitori softly said, " So, stay with me".


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"What are you grinning at?".

Yukari chuckled under her breath as she sipped her sake slowly, just to primarily annoy Reimu before savouring the taste. She stalled the action out for several arduous seconds till she saw the expression she desired on her protégés face. 

Reimu rolled her eyes, not taking the soporific bait and instead followed Yukari's gaze to whatever had caught her attention.

It was Sumireko. 

The Outside World native was deep in the conversation she was having with Kaguya, Alice and Mokou, her arms waving animatedly as she showed them something on her phone.

Most likely a meme, Reimu thought to herself. 

It was kind of adorable, watching the way the excitement of whatever she was showing culminated in her mannerisms. Sumireko was quite expressive in the way she behaved, an open book of some sorts and after the Urban Legend in Limbo incident, Reimu had become rather fond of her visits. 

Which is exactly why she was concerned at the way the incorrigible youkai next to her was openly appraising the brunette.

"Seriously, why are you eyeing her up like that? Should Eirin be worried?".

"Hardly" Yukari smiled ominously whilst looking back at Reimu, "I merely noticed something about your little girlfriend".

The priestess scowled at Yukari with as much ire as she could but it failed considering her stammered objection, "She, I, we..urgh, whatever" she sighed, not bothering to deny the fact that Yukari was indeed correct, "Anyway, what did you observe?".

Yukari hummed in contemplation before glancing back and forth from Sumireko to Reimu, her violet eyes twinkling with something Reimu had come to associate with mischief. Either there was going to be an incident, or, Yukari was simply in a teasing mood. Reimu could definitely do without either as she wanted a night where drinking at the shrine didn't end up with someone being hurled into the sky.

"I regret asking already..".

"Relax, Reimu. It isn't something negative, I assure you. I was just admiring her looks. She's a pretty girl, isn't she?".

Reimu raised a brow, "Well yeah, she is cute. Obviously. I mean the glasses just make her more loveable, right? Plus that hair, it's really soft and-".

Reimu clamped her mouth shut to stop the tangent of appreciation towards her girlfriend as Yukari's smirk was practically glittering with amusement and it didn't take a second for her parlance based teasing to resurface. 

She ruffled the priestess’s hair, much to the latter’s dismay, "My dear Reimu is in love, how remarkable".

"Sh-shut up, damn gap youkai!".

Reimu was relieved that they had stepped near the entrance of the shrine for a breather because if Marisa or Sanae caught wind of this, Reimu knew she would never live it down. Sumireko appeared to be immune to the playful badinage and thrived off of it whereas Reimu wasn't as confident with it yet.

Yukari laughed before retracting her hand and folding her arms over the gap she was half concealed in, "Well, now that we've established that she is attractive, I was simply thinking how alike the both of you look".

"What? I look nothing like her, Yukari" the priestess refuted indignantly, "Your eyes are terrible, and I mean all of them" Reimu motioned with her hand to the gap. 

"Hmm, are you sure?" Yukari repeated and directed her stare back at Sumireko, "Look clearly, Reimu. You'll see what I mean. it's fairly common, would you believe?".

"What is?".

"For couples with similar traits to mirror each other. For example, if I was to date Okina, one could say that there is a striking resemblance between her and I". 

Reimu scoffed and flashed her own grin at the youkai, "If? Pretty sure that that train has left the station years ago. Everyone knows you were involved at one point, isn't that why Eirin wanted to knock her into the next millennia a few weeks ago when she made a pass at you?".

"If only you were so diligently attentive to your job as you are to gossip" Yukari tut in feigned disappointment, "But that is besides the point. Wouldn't you say Okina and I look alike?".

Reimu thought for a moment before searching out the hidden goddess which wasn't that difficult to do since she was doting over Yuyuko egregiously.

Assessing her, Reimu couldn't deny the striking similarities the woman had to Yukari, right down to the hair and some of her facial expressions.

But that didn't necessarily mean she and Sumireko shared such comparisons. 

Did it?

Yukari chuckled under her breath as Reimu's red eyes peered more intently at her girlfriend who was currently being crowded by Cirno and the rest of her friends, enjoying the attention and taking as many pictures as possible.

"Like I said, it is just an observation. Nothing negative about it".


Once the party had cleared out several hours later, Reimu was left with a slightly inebriated Sumireko with her head on her lap and looking up towards her.

She was going to kill Kaguya (as much as one could kill an immortal) for initiating a drinking game with her as Sumireko had just about passed the legal age limit of drinking, well, at least in terms of the Outside World.


"What?" the brunette sighed as she brushed a few strands of Sumireko's hair away from her face, "You need something?".

"Nah, just wonderin' why..why you been checking me out today" she slurred and sank into Reimu's palm when she rested it on her cheek, "You a stalker?".

Reimu bit back a laugh, "Says the one who's literally here every night through her dreams".

"Meh, it's handy. Train fare is a total rip off these d-days" Sumireko reasoned whilst half dozing off.

Now familiar with what said contraption was, Reimu could sympathise with her girlfriend, wondering how humans could get around efficiently in the Outside World and nodded in agreement.

"But ya avoided my question y'know".

Sumireko stretched her own hand out and buried it into Reimu's hair, the soft strands escaping her fingertips like sand falling in a hourglass. Keeping her eyes open was a feat but the priestess was something else to look at so she didn't mind. Even in her drunken stupor she could tell how much of a looker her other half was.

So Reimu's next statement took her by surprise as she tried to process it.

"We look too alike, Sumireko".


Reimu nodded whilst moving her hand over to Sumireko's glasses, stroking her index finger around the red frame, "Yeah, like creepily similar".

She proceeded to take off Sumireko's glasses which enhanced the resemblance of their features as she continued to assess the brunette. 

"Ya hair is a little darker though. Plus ya frown a lot more than I do" the girl mumbled, "But I guess we kinda, sorta, maybe lookalike. Hmm, but you know..".

Reimu waited for her to continue whilst the brunette on her lap soldiered on with her exploration, dragging her hand down to the curve of Reimu's neck. She wondered if Sumireko was even registering their conversation, her stalled movements becoming heavier. Sumireko's alcohol tolerance imitated that of Sanae's, Reimu deduced.
"Hey, you're falling asleep. Maybe you are a lot like me" Reimu laughed, "What were you gonna say?".

Sumireko yawned and pulled Reimu's face down so that she took over her field of vision. They were eye to eye, red meeting brown, darker hair cascading over lighter brunette hair.

There was a resemblance, that much was evident and Reimu could admit that so Yukari was correct. It was somewhat endearing as opposed to being something strange. Sumireko was a breath of fresh air, her extroverted personality adding to the mixture that her shrine was notable for, so to resemble the girl could be considered another quirk.

Just like anyone else Reimu encountered, at first she felt irritation towards Sumireko's existence but eventually, her presence ameliorated the priestess. 

"W-e we're not completely identical, Reimu".

"Huh, why do you think that?". 

A goofy smile appeared on Sumireko's visage as she held Reimu closer to her in their strange angle and with a terribly timed wink, she said, "You are totally the cuter twin!" and proceeded to try and kiss Reimu but missed by a landslide given the priestess's shy squirming.

"Hey, stop that you drunkard!".

"Takes one to know one!" Sumireko giggled whilst smiling against her girlfriend's lips. 

"You are so weird.." Reimu grinned to herself and succumbed to Sumireko's infectious energy, "I don't mind being just like you". 

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Hatate sighed audibly whilst dabbing a cloth at the gash stretching between the span of Saki's wings, "This stupid grudge between you and Yachie is gonna get you killed".

Saki winced but not without laughing softly at the agitated tone in the tengu's voice, "It isn't much of a grudge anymore, think of it as a compromise to lessen the tension between us here in Gensokyo".

"Seriously" Hatate scoffed and pressed with a more festinate pressure on the wounds, "You call this a compromise? You two are insane".

Saki refrained from wincing at the additional pressure Hatate had added to make her point, the wound stinging like it was being pricked by the multitude of spikes protruding out from Yachie's tail. The attack was well timed from Yachie to strike Saki effectively, the weak point in the valley of her wings taking a direct hit.

"We've had worst altercations, Hatate" Saki tried to reassure whilst glancing around Hatate's bedroom, "That being said, I do apologise for inconveniencing you like this".

"W-what, don't be stupid. I don't mind" the tengu hastily replied, her cheeks flushing when her fingers brushed against the velvety texture of the wings, "Her wings are so much more softer than ours" she mused.

The move didn't go unnoticed by the youkai who concealed a shudder.

Hatate withdraw her hand when she felt the woman's body spasm, her muscles becoming taut, "Oh, sorry! Did that hurt?" This time it was an accident".

"No.. no, it's okay. It felt rather nice actually" Saki managed to reply with her voice not breaking, "I appreciate it, Hatate".

"Like I said, it's okay".

Saki was technically topless with her dress pulled down to the waist in Hatate's bedroom which wasn't something new, but the scenario they were in and the tentative strokes being delivered to her skin & wings were proving to be quite the stimulant. It was soothing, the entirety of her muscle system succumbing under the tengu's skilful touch and care.

It was entertaining to see the two side of Hatate's personality at the same time.

There was a side of the brunette that refused to show what she was feeling or thinking and there was the side that was comfortable enough to expose herself to Saki fully.

Saki thrived off of eliciting both sorts of reactions from her lover, enjoying the way Hatate had become a much needed distraction and a lot more since her arrival to Gensokyo. 

"I'll heal quickly enough now" Saki said and turned her head a bit to catch Hatate's eyes on her, the gaze in them somewhat focused, "Thank you".

Before the tengu could stumble out how it was no big deal, Saki stretched her head up a bit, just enough to capture the brunette's lips which made her drop the cloth onto the bed as Hatate's eyes widened. The initial shock dissipated and Hatate leaned down to make it easier for Saki to kiss her as her hand rested on the tengu's reddened cheek.

They remained that way for a while, alternating between their lips meeting and their tongues pirouetting around in each other's mouths. Hatate had to balance herself against the youkai by placing her hands on her shoulders, squeezing them now and then when Saki propped into her mouth deeper which made her groan.

The embarrassment of the noises travelling into Saki's mouth made Hatate pull back which left a trail of silver between them. She was mortified for some reason, even though Saki had done far more to her to make her vocals rise. Perhaps it was the scene unfurling in front of her, the way Saki was smiling lazily, half unclothed and not deterred at all by the injury on her back.

Saki just wanted to repay her gratitude to her lover for being so considerate.

"Was that okay, Hatate?" Saki asked after catching her breath and gulping.

The tengu had yet to structure her thoughts as the vision of the youkai staring up at her with such an intense hue in her red eyes stunned her. Her fingers flexed over Saki's shoulders as she nodded, "I-it's fine..but you should really rest up. Pretty sure that danmaku battle took a lot out of you".

"Well, it did" Saki replied, her tone dipping as she turned around and sat up on her knees, "Those hands of yours seem to have aided in replenishing me". 

Hatate stammered and toppled away onto her bed when Saki proceeded to move slowly over her which led to her backing up against the headboard. The tengu's mouth went dry at the way Saki's arms flexed with each press against her bed till she was fully hovering on top of her. She willed for eyes to stay on Saki's face but the way her sculpted body was just inches away from the taking was doing unimaginable things to Hatate's restraint.

The tengu knew it'd take a lot more than a scuffle with Yachie to wear the other woman down so a part of her wasn't surprised at the turn of events. Every time their fingertips or lips touched each other, it ended with Hatate on her back on a solid surface and waiting for Saki to take her.

Saki continued her sensual prowl till she was face to face with the brunette, "May I?".

"Are you sure you can?" Hatate questioned and wound an arm behind the youkai's head and beneath her ponytail to where the cut remained, "It might make this worse, Saki. You really should be careful, even if it is me".

"Nothing you do can make anything worse for me, only better" Saki smiled, more bordering a grin considering her right hand had slid up Hatate's leg.

Hatate stifled a moan when said fingers raked up her knee before stroking down to the underside of her thigh and gripping the flesh there firmly.

"Smooth" Hatate thought to herself as her hand balled up her bedsheets whilst moving the other onto Saki's neck and into her hair.

She felt her body being ignited with nerves, courtesy of the nails moving up her thigh and Saki's breath ghosting over her lips in anticipation. The tengu couldn't resist the beautiful figure waiting to love her in a way unfathomable and with that thought, she pulled the youkai's head towards her own and kissed her messily.


Saki complied to Hatate's breathless request and proceeded to undress the tengu that was becoming restless under her as their bodies collided.

Not every encounter with Yachie ended up worse for wear, certainly not with having someone like Hatate around and Saki made sure to depict that in whatever means Hatate require it.

Just like now. 

Her lips trailing up Hatate's neck.

Her digits touching the tengu where she was yearning for it. 

Her mouth uttering sweet nothing into Hatate's. 

All of these stimulating sensations making Hatate's toes curl in the same manner her arms had done around Saki's wnhs. 

Whatever the outcome of Saki's clashes with her enemy, it always ended up this way and neither could refute this exhilarating endeavour.

Nor did they have any desire to halt what their hearts and bodies were agreeing on. 

Some things just worked out on their own accord. 

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Momiji was the embodiment of unapproachable.

Despite the many efforts of her classmates to include the girl into their activities, she declined them without thinking twice. 

She came off as cold and distant, barely acknowledging the teacher's presence let alone her peers.

The second the bell rang, she was up and out of her seat whilst ignoring any greetings or meeting eyes so the class was somewhat stumped in how to present themselves around her.

All but one person had given up on her and that said person made Momiji want to claw her brain out.

"Hey, Momo! Heading home? I’ll walk with ya!".

Aya flashed a grin as she interrupted Momiji from leaving her classroom, using her arms as barricades much to the other girl’s dismay. Aya's quiddity ridden persona was a bane to Momiji's existence. 

"It's Inubashiri to you, for starters" Momiji curtly replied and gripped the strap of her bag, "Secondly, get out of my way".

"Hmm, maybe if you ask nicely".

Momiji frowned, "Get out of my way, Shameimaru".

"Call me Aya and maybe.." she drawled out, "I'll let you pass"

Aya didn't flinch whatsoever at the increasingly volatile girl in front of her and Momiji was in no mood to deal with Aya's antics today, just like she hadn't been for the last few months of Aya trying to talk to her.

Like clockwork, whether it be at the end of class or during the lunch breaks, Aya would attempt to sit with her and keep her company but Momiji instantly retreated away with a few choice profanities being uttered the girl’s way. She had no interest in befriending anyone let alone someone as extroverted as Aya.

She stalked up to Aya's face and bared her teeth, "Fuck off" and shoved past the girl with ferocity. 

Stumbling back, Aya simply chuckled under her breath and watched Momiji storm off whilst glaring at a few students parting to let her pass. It wasn't that she was intentionally trying to get under Momiji’s skin, she simply wanted to get to know her as the girl piqued her interest.

She was intelligent, diligent and headstrong, martinet traits that appealed to Aya, not to mention she was as cute as a button even when she wasn’t smiling.

Which was never to begin with but that did not faze Aya whatsoever.

She'd just try again the next day.

"Mornin, Momo!".

"Go away ".

"Wanna have lunch with me?".

"I'd rather glue my eyes shut with wasabi".

"Hey, let's walk together!".

"Go play in traffic".

With every dismissal from Momiji's oleaginous personality, Aya still persisted because she knew that said side was merely a defence mechanism. 

She too, had once been in Momiji's place. 


Christmas had come around, the seasonal festivities irking Momiji more than usual.

The cheers, the generic music, the deceptive lights, the gifts.

It was just another commercialised holiday where people continued to be fake as hell. The exaggerated greetings and the so called family get togethers appeared forced and Momiji found it sickening.

She was walking down the courtyard of the school as snow crunched beneath her shoes whilst laughter rang out in every direction of the vicinity of the school. Once she got home, she wouldn’t have to endure the ridiculous individuals planning activities for the new year and so on.

She would be alone, away from such ostensible, trivialised occasions. 

"Just like always".

Her parents were barely present in her life and she often went to an empty home.

It had always been like that.

"Why would anything be different in this school? They’re all the fucking same. Pretending to get to know me and then abandoning me when they realise I can't be like them" she muttered to herself and rounded the corner of the building to her next class, "They're all the same"..


The voice she recognized, but the usage of her full name, despite it not being her surname, caught her off guard and she turned to see the face she’d come to associate with irritation.

"What do you want?" Momiji snapped, "I have somewhere to be".

Aya caught her breath as she had sprinted to catch the girl before she disappeared for the remainder of the day. It was cold enough being stood out there so she couldn’t blame Momiji for wanting to leave. However, Aya had something on her mind which couldn't wait. She wasn't dissuaded by Momiji’s knockbacks but she was hoping that perhaps this time, the other girl would at least understand the sincerity of her attempts.

"Can we talk?".

"Like that has stopped you before, why bother asking me now?" Momiji scoffed.

"Heh, that's fair" Aya chuckled, "Look, I just wanna know why you don't want to hang out with me".

"Haven't I made that clear?".

Aya shook her head, "Telling me to fuck off isn't really a reason" she smiled and stepped forward, "Did I do something to make you dislike me?".

The softness in the way Aya had questioned that caught Momiji off balance, as did the way Aya's eyes bore into her own. This was the most serious she had seen the other girl so it was somewhat disconcerting and it made her feel uncomfortable. It was true she hadn't specifically stated that she disliked Aya, she just didn’t like anyone in general.

"There doesn't need to be a reason, Shameimaru. I don't want anything to do with anyone here, especially you".

"Ah so it is personal" Aya hummed, a glint in her eyes, "Well, I am sorry for pissing you off so much".

"Apology accepted, now leave me alone".

Aya stopped the girl by resting her hand on Momiji’s shoulder, "I can't do that".

The contact made Momiji freeze before slapping Aya’s hand away "Don't touch me".

"I'm sorry" Aya quickly said and put her hands up and to the side, "Look I, I get it. I get why you prefer to push people away. It's safer, right?".

Momiji scowled as her breathing hitched up, perturbed by Aya's astute observations. Was she that easy to read or did Aya truly understand why she was the way she was? It didn’t matter as she just had to get out of there and away from the pleading eyes of the girl stood in front of her.

"You don’t know anything about me, don't..".

Aya stood her ground but kept her distance in a bid to not scare Momiji any further. She only had one opportunity and if Momiji had no intention of wanting to get to know her, then she'd leave the girl be. 

Even Aya knew when to stop. 

"I do know what it feels like to be left alone, to be looked at like a weirdo because I couldn’t get along with others" Aya declared, albeit lacking her usual confidence, "That was me a few years ago, if you believe. So seeing you the way you are being just hit me, I don't think anyone should feel like that. Let alone someone like you".

"Seriously? All I’ve done is yell at you and you think that that is a good judge of character?" Momiji asked incredulously.

"You’re honest, I like that" Aya grinned and scratched her cheek, "Not fully honest about your feelings but honest enough to make it clear that you don't want people to waste your time" she added.

Momiji balled her fists, urging herself to calm down at how lenient Aya was being considering the way she'd been with her since they met. But she didn't have it in her to lash out, not when Aya was being genuine and upfront. Still, she was apprehensive about revealing anything to the girl.

"I don't know what you are expecting from me, Shameimaru. I'm not easy to..put up with".

Slowly, Aya stepped forward again, "I wouldn’t be putting up with you, Momo. I'd be enjoying my time just hanging out with you" she said softly, "Maybe we can start from there and go at you pace".

Momiji watched Aya intently, the coldness around them cancelled out by the way the girl was waiting for her. She had been waiting for this moment since they’d met and Momiji had brushed her aside at every given encounter. Aya had tried and tried with her whereas anyone else would have left her be. It got to a point where the girl had to reveal something she probably didn't want to about herself and Momiji appreciated that.

It was brave, far braver than she ever had been.

They could be friends, it could be a start.

"What do you say, Momo?". 

She wasn't sure if it was the cold getting to her but Momiji sighed audibly as her cheeks reddened a tad and the hopeful stare in Aya's eyes was not helping. It was endearing, she looked like a puppy just waiting for a treat.

"Fine, one condition".

"Name it!".

"Stop calling me Momo".

Aya's face fell melodramatically and Momiji stifled an amused smirk at the dejected girl mulling over whether she could actually refrain from doing that or not. 

"No can do, you'll always be Momo to me!".

Momiji pretty much expected that and walked back into the building in feigned annoyance, "See you after school. Aya".

Gone was the trenchant tone in Momiji's sentence and that in itself left Aya brimming with hope that something could grow from this opportunity.

A chance for them to form a bond from their similarities and differences.


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The Hakurei shrine was ablaze with lively chatter from all of its inhabitants. Rows of stalls and attractions were lined about over the grounds as enthusiastic owners and onlookers revelled in the early evening warmth still prevalent due to the late summer.

A festival was underway and both humans and youkai were celebrating together, a factor which Byakuren enjoyed seeing to this day. She felt an overflowing amount of peace at knowing that the many species roaming around in Gensokyo could live together without too many altercations despite their malapert quirks. 

Said minor altercation was occurring near the tori where Murasa and Futo were locking horns considering their doughty attributes. 

"Should we intervene?" Shou asked with a hint of concern laced in her voice.

Byakuren read the situation to see Ichirin & Tojiko near the two and knew that they would intervene should anything become dire. The two culprits were most likely slightly inebriated so they should be easier to reign in should something occur.

"It'll be okay" Byakuren replied and motioned for Shou to keep walking with her, "The err of  Reimu's wrath might be enough to settle those two" she chuckled and glanced at Reimu giving the duo daggers.

"That may be true" Shou agreed and focused her attention back on Byakuren and half on the sights around her. She was thrilled to be able to walk around with the priestess on this serene evening where everything appeared content in the land. She couldn't contain the small smile since being by Byakuren's side, both out of her obligations and simply because she wanted to be made her elated.

Strolling around the idyllic grounds of the Hakurei Shrine brought a bout of contentment, knowing that their own place in Gensokyo was as stable as could be.

"Shou, are you alright?".

The youkai felt a hand rest on the small of her back which brought her out of her musings to see concerned hazel eyes staring at her. Shou blinked away her embarrassment rapidly and cleared her throat before responding.

"Ah, yes I am well. My apologies Lady Hijiri. I was just thinking".

"Anything in particular?".

Byakuren followed Shou's gaze at the crowd and noticed the serene expression on the woman's face. It was an expression she was seeing often enough and that in turn pleased Byakuren to no extent. The youkai deserved to feel at ease, to find a place where there was a balance, regardless of how delicate it was. She already had a good idea as to what was plaguing her mind but getting Shou to discuss it was always going to be a must.

Shou herself was trying to find the right words to depict her sentiments of feeling bliss despite the origins of her history, a weapon and advocate of war. 

"I'm glad everything worked out here. I'm just, I guess it is nostalgia. There was a time where I thought we'd never find you and that I would never get to see you again but it happened and, you are here".

She could feel the hand on her back press in slightly to comfort her and Shou was torn between keeping steady and melting on the spot.
With a will she didn't know she was capable of, Shou remained calm as Byakuren spoke up.

"I feel the same and I am forever grateful for your support. I couldn't ask for a better partner" Byakuren smiled, the honesty and earnest aspect of her appreciation shining through, "I'm happy so long as we are all here together".

"Lady Hijiri" Shou said, her voice hitched with adoration for the woman next to her, "I-".

A piercing scream interrupted their conversation and looking to the right, the two women witnessed a terrifying scene unfurling that caused them to horripilate. 

One of the beams from a stall had buckled under the weight of the scaffolding and started to come undone. People scattered in multiple directions as the stall came crashing down with a resounding smash which reverberated around the shrine.

In the midst of the chaos, a strained scream reached Shou's ears. It was coming from within the dismantled stall now and it sounded like a little girl, crying and trying her best to yell for help. Shou's ears flickered and zeroed into where the small cries were coming from and she quickly caught Byakuren's attention as the priestess was helping others clear the area.

"Lady Hijiri! There's a child trapped in there" she pointed and it was all it took to get the two to run into the debris as a few other had followed, including the Taoists.

"Where are they, Shou?!" Byakuren asked, a pinch of fear injected into her voice at the thought of a child harmed.

Shou quickly moved around the pillars of wood and stone till she could pick up on the soft sobs again and quickly pointed to where the sound was coming from, "Here!".

There was a pile of wooden beams overlapping each other but Byakuren made quick work of disassembling the objects as Shou cleared the rubble as swiftly as possible. Others had noticed the two at work and joined in, though with Byakuren's strength, getting the infrastructure out of the way was done smoothly. She passed the beams to Murasa who effectively discarded them with the help of Seiga's portals. 

Given what was at risk, the actions were carried out in a perfunctory manner in a bid to act quickly. 

"Hold on, we are coming to get you soon!" Shou reassured the child that was trapped.

She could see her now as Byakuren continued to shift the remaining beams to create enough space for Shou to slink in between the gaps and stretch her hand out to the young girl.

"Hey hey, it's alright, take my hand".

The girl whimpered and appeared unharmed but completely terrified, her tiny legs shaking as she hobbled to where Shou was and hurriedly grabbed onto her.

Outside, a mother was frantically looking for her child, tears in her eyes as she pleaded for a sign that anyone had seen her daughter. Ichirin had offered to help and calmed the woman down as the rest of the crowd scattered out to help locate the missing child.

Just as they were about to look elsewhere, Byakuren helped Shou out of the gap as the youkai clung onto the child in her arms till her feet touched the ground.

"Thank goodness" Byakuren sighed in relief as the girl huddled against Shou's chest.

Shou mimicked Byakuren's relief and glanced down at the girl in her arms that was weeping softly.

"There there" Byakuren soothed and patted the girl's head gently to comfort her, "Everything is going to be okay now" she said and looked at Shou with an abundance of appreciation, grateful for the woman's innate ability considering her background, "We're going to get you into the shrine now and see the doctor who is vey good at her job".

The girl mumbled okay as she slowly rose in Shou's arms and then her eyes widened when she saw her mother run towards her.

Ichirin and the woman came bounding through the crowd, "Shou, over here! This is her mother!".

The duo turned and saw the relief flood her tortured features at the prospect of losing her daughter, "Thank you, thank you so much!" she professed as the girl was passed to her, "I looked away for a second to buy her a treat and then there was this crash and I, I-".

Byakuren placed a comforting arm around the woman to calm her down, "It's okay now, she is here and luckily unharmed so you have nothing to worry about" she smiled gently and squeezed her shoulder, "Thanks to Shou here".

The tears in the mother's eyes halted enough as to show how grateful she was to the two women whom had rescued her child and words couldn't convey it. Without thinking, she took both woman's hands in her and pressed it before bowing as much as she could with her daughter still in her arms.

"Oh you don't have to-" Shou started.

"We're just relieved she is okay so-" Byakuren ended and smiled at her partner before lifting the woman up to stand fully, "That's the important thing. Murasa will lead you to the shrine where you'll find Eirin so, please don't worry anymore".

With that, the mother and daughter were led into the shrine where the lunarian was awaiting them but not before the mother thanked Shou and Byakuren again.

Shou exhaled audibly as the adrenaline in her system died down and she ended up leaning back against a tree as her hands rested on her knees. The gravitas of what could have happened sunk into Shou's bones. 

"Ahh that could have been disastrous..".

"But it was not, thanks to you, good work, Shou" Byakuren said and put her hand out for the youkai to take.

Shou took it and stood up, "Hardly, I couldn't have moved the debris quite as effectively as you did so it was definitely because of you".

"Perhaps it is simply a testament to our partnership and how in tune we are" the priestess stated and held onto Shou's hand whilst approaching her, "So, I truly am grateful to have you by my side, Shou. I hope it'll remain that way for years to come".

A little flustered with her face matching her outfit, Shou glanced away briefly before meeting Byakuren's expressive eyes and holding her gaze. The soft fingers in hers reinstated that their concomitant connection was one that couldn't be trifled with or torn apart, regardless of how many years passed between them.

"You have my word". 

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The ambiance of the hotel boasted a classical yet contemporary aura, the foundation of the exterior utilising the renaissance era architecture whilst the interior presented the modernised décor which took in the influences of Japan.

It was the Scarlet conglomerate in a nutshell, Yukari thought to herself as a small smirk played on her lips. They had the propensity to showcase their status with flamboyance. 

To be in the opposition territory, and so casually, was a daring move but the woman knew Remilia wouldn't attempt anything, not when they were technically on the same side.

She couldn't say the same for the voice that had filtered into the air in regards to whether she would hesitate to start a fracas right there considering their own history.

"Bold of you to show your face here".

Yukari was nothing if not a curious individual by nature so she hedged her bet and turned her head to the side to see Remilia's right hand woman saunter up to her.

"And miss this grand opening? Remilia would never let me live it down" Yukari chuckled, "It's good to see you, Sakuya".

"It's a shame the sentiments are not shared, Yakumo" Sakuya smiled sweetly, her hidden intents coming through and making it known to Yukari.

"Your words wound me" Yukari replied with feigned hurt, bringing a hand up to her chest.

"I'm sure you are used to it".

Still, despite the animosity she was feeling, Sakuya couldn't deny the alluring magnetism of the head of the Yakumo group.

She'd been watching Yukari for a while as she bat away hopeful suitors whom were drawn into the enigmatic woman sitting at the bar alone.

Donned in a purple kimono that was snug against her shoulders, exposing her chest in a tasteful manner, Yukari appeared radiant. The gold accents and decorations on the material which matched the obi around her hips simply accentuated her curvaceous frame. The lengthy blonde locks that Sakuya once had her fingers around were let loose, cascading down Yukari's back like a golden waterfall of silk and the urge to take a strand between her fingers was proving to be difficult to refrain from.

Sakuya was snapped out of her appraising as Yukari's teasing tone wrapped around her, "Enjoying your stroll down memory lane, Sakuya?".

The woman cleared her throat and walked to Yukari, taking a seat next to her, "Living in the past simply hinders the future".

"We're only human, reliving the past offers some comfort. Which I believe is exactly what you were experiencing just now, no?" Yukari asked and turned on her bar stool to take the younger woman in, "It has been too long since we've sat down together like this. You look splendid".

"And whom may be the reason for that?" Sakuya answered, letting the compliment slide despite the words making her feel somewhat elated.

Yukari smiled, "I hold some responsibility, I admit that but it would be nice if Remilia would stop trying to intervene in scuppring my plans" she said in a tone like she was discussing the weather, "It is becoming tedious and her methods are obstreperous at best".

"Well, perhaps you could do the same and refrain from sending your own to do the same to her, she doesn't appreciate the close calls with mortality".

Sakuya motioned for the bartender to refill Yukari's drink whilst getting an order of her usual. The depth of the impending conversation couldn't be done on a clear head, not when Yukari spoke in enough riddles to make the minds of philosophers and scholars crumble in attempting to decipher them with nugatory conclusions.

The drinks arrived and Sakuya reached for hers but Yukari's hand gently rested on her wrist, pushing her hand back down to the bar. Sakuya retained the flinch begging to escape at feeling the blonde's touch again since there was nothing innocuous behind it. 

Just that contact alone invoked far too many thoughts she was desperately trying to suppress.

Yukari's fingers continued to trail over her knuckles, going around them all till she lifted an index finger up to skim to the surface of Sakuya's wrist, stroking it horizontally before it disappeared under the sleeve of her crimson kimono.

Throughout the journey and their verbiage, Yukari's violet eyes remained on her protégés, taking in the winsome features of the woman that was once on her side before pledging her allegiance to the family which raised her.

It was expected, Sakuya was loyal to a fault, but Yukari had hoped that their relationship would take a tad more precedence, just enough for the woman to join her side.

"You were never meant to be my enemy, Sakuya. You can thank Remilia for that. She bit off far more than she could chew by interfering with my work".

Sakuya gulped as Yukari's hand nestled over her wrist, "Assassinating people in power is a strange line of work".

"Assassinating the corrupt incumbents in power" Yukari corrected easily, "Remilia made herself my target, and by proxy, you. She should have stayed away rather than interfere. The politician she rallied behind has more murkier sides than you can imagine".

"Perhaps, but killing her is not your call to make, which is why my mistress intervened" Sakuya replied and pulled her hand away to grab her drink. 

Yukari let the woman compose herself, knowing that Sakuya would never see eye to eye in her policy of, 'what's the death of one if hundreds more could be saved'.

The world we live in is corrupt in more ways than there is good and Yukari had come to accept that. Therefore, she continued the task of her predecessors in eliminating those that would prove to be a detrimental threat to the wellbeing of humanity.

It was what the Yakumo clan had been doing since its existence and fruition into power.

With each decade that went by, morality and conscious appeared to be taking the backseat where it mattered. The political & societal worlds were a cesspool of deviants that put their own wellbeing first, as opposed to the people they were meant to represent.

Be it politicians, parents or prime ministers, to presidents and generals.

The second they revealed their true intents, the Yakumo clan would intercept them in their ubiquitous ways before anything became dire and irreversible.

This was simply the order of the world. 

Once Sakuya had sipped her drink, the blonde spoke up, "Perhaps we can discuss this somewhere privately?".

"I'm not sure it would be wise to be left alone with you".

Yukari grinned slightly, "In fear of being harmed by me, or..something else happening between us?".

"You truly are one track minded, Yakumo" Sakuya sighed with a small shake of her head.

"Hmm, the lady doth protests much?" Yukari laughed as she earned another eye roll from the woman opposite her.

Still, Sakuya relented and motioned for Yukari to follow her albeit with tendentious caution, "I might be refraining from injuring you but I cannot say the same for the rest of my peers so, come with me".


They found themselves on the top floor of the hotel where the luxury rooms were located. Sakuya had full access to the building and knew the rooms would be vacant till the following week.

"How classy, indeed. Remilia truly spared no expense for the best, did she.." Yukari hummed in appraisal whilst taking in the grandiose suit.

Its floor to ceiling windows led to the enthralling view of the city below them, a thousand lights scattered in all directions under the darkness of the night sky that had befallen. The sight was exquisite and Yukari could appreciate it but to her, there was something that couldn't be rivalled in terms of beauty.

Sakuya had gone to check the perimeter, her blue eyes scanning the balcony but she knew the biggest threat to Remilia was the woman stood behind her.

She turned to see Yukari's piercing eyes trained onto her visage, drinking her in so sensually that Sakuya felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand in attention. The last time Yukari looked at her with eyes like that was when she was trapped beneath her in the blonde's bed, dishevelled and rife with exertion and pleasure.

Yukari was coy and surreptitious, hiding her true personality by nature which is why people rarely saw her with an expression so intense, probing. It was this demeanour which made her opponents underestimate just what she was capable of but Sakuya knew, so did the entirety of the Scarlet conglomerate. It was why Yukari had been so successful in eliminating those that poised a danger to the world on a disastrous scale, executing those that could be a threat to the public and the good that was democracy, or rather, what was left of it. 

So to be on the receiving end of those eyes which held the answers to world's questions was unnerving, making someone as steady as Sakuya uneasy.

"Perhaps the possibility of you starting an altercation with me that doesn't end up in sex or fighting seems to be possible now" Sakuya answered Yukari's earlier question, primarily to break the tension that was simmering.

Yukari laughed and folded her arms across her chest before walking to where Sakuya was, "I think you are aware of this detail but, you know I won't hurt you" she reiterated and brought a hand up to Sakuya's hair, coiling the long silver strands around a finger, "You've become even more beautiful".

The woman she'd met that was 20 had blossomed into something else entirely in her late 20's, the remnants of time and experiences palpable in Sakuya's blue eyes. The red material of her kimono merely enhanced her maturity as the silver thread work and decorations adorned added a dab of luxury to her outfit. Sakuya's silver hair had grown, now falling down her shoulders and the colour replicated that of the moon that was so prevalent in the night sky.

Sakuya didn't flinch away as she watched Yukari's gaze traverse from her eyes to her lips before releasing the strand of hair curled around her finger. It took a monumental amount of restraint to not fall against the woman that could potentially end Remilia's life one day. Sakuya willed for herself not to fall into old patterns with Yukari, but she knew it was losing battle. 

"Nothing remains the same" Sakuya replied, her voice slightly shaky, "I, I am grateful that you taught me what I know now but I cannot adhere to your mantra. The justice system exists for a reason and those that commit crimes, including those with power, will be dealt with in such a way".

The blonde chuckled and tilted her head to the side in a way that was far too endearing, "You don't think the justice system is flawed, sweetheart?".

"It is far from perfect but it exist for a reason. You can't go around killing those that fall on the wrong side of the law".

"You know, it's one of the things I love about you. Your sense of justice and loyalty is unrivalled. You see good in a world that is tainted with greed and power, the selfish desires of the one presiding the safety of millions".

Sakuya was wondering how much of that sentence was meant to be honest and not as patronising as it came out so she waited for the woman to continue.

"Despite your upbringing, despite the way you lived your life under your family’s despicable methods of love, you still see good in this world" Yukari added, "It gave me a fragment of hope to believe that there are more like you out there, that one day, there will be a revolution like no other. One that will topple the scales of injustice without people like me having to resort to the things we do".

"There is and we exist. You don't have to do what you do in an effort to cleanse the world" Sakuya said, a hint of pleading being formed in her tone, "I can see the positive in the word because I am hopeful".

The blonde laughed wryly, "Hope breeds eternal misery. Isn't that the saying?".

"Maybe so, but giving up on the prospect of common sense to reign seems..foolish" Sakuya replied and felt her shoulders slump, the conversation taking its toll on her.

It was such a grey area.

The line between right and wrong was so blurred.

A part of her understood why Yukari did the things she did but the other side resented it, spoke up against it.

The battle had waged in Sakuya's head which eventually led her to disbanding from the Yakumo group and dedicating her time to Remilia's more honest methods of ridding the wisps of degenerate humans that roamed the world, using her financial wealth for the better.

Yukari lost all playfulness at the dejected sight of the woman opposite her, a glimmer of Sakuya's past resurfacing.

She had no intent in wanting to make this visit about their work, and what they believed in. She simply wanted to see Sakuya and this was one of the few opportunities she would get to seeing her. 

Tentatively, she extended her arms around Sakuya and pulled her into an embrace, "I'm sorry" she whispered against the woman's ear whilst tucking her into a tighter hold.

Sakuya stiffened for a moment before reacting under the touch of the hold and brought her arms over Yukari's waist, her grip firm as she felt Yukari's genuine apology flittered into her ear. In a way, it was Yukari's way of saying that they'd always disagree in how they carried out their work, but she would never let it admonish the spark between them.

"I understand where you are coming from, Sakuya, I always did" Yukari softly spoke up and ran a hand down the silver hair to soothe Sakuya further, "Yes, I am still bitter about you leaving me but I respect you and your decision to take a more.. morally acceptable way of putting out the troves of corruption in this world. I don't have any intention of stopping you or Remilia but at the same time, I have no intention of simply handing you over to her".

Sakuya's blue eyes closed as she felt Yukari's hand bury itself into her hair whilst the other rubbed circles around her back. She squeezed Yukari's waist in response, the weight of her body being held up by Yukari mostly now.

It was divine, being held by the blonde again.

Too much time had passed since their last encounter and Sakuya didn't want to waste it any further, not when Yukari was putting aside her own methods and mannerisms to alleviate the tension she was feeling, being there for her.

"How can you be so reasonable with me yet so, brash with the way you behave towards those that do wrong." Sakuya murmured against the crook of Yukari's exposed neck.

Yukari laughed at the rhetorical question and Sakuya felt the rumble of her chest against her, "Apples and oranges, darling, apples and oranges. As I said, if the world behaved in a way you did, I would be far more flexible in my approach of elimination" she answered, "See, I can see good in people. If it is there. Do you understand, Sakuya?". 

"In some twisted way, yes I do" Sakuya replied and sighed, "Things are never as clear as they are depicted".

"Indeed so.." Yukari said whilst Sakuya lifted her head to stare up at the violet orbs watching her with a mix of understanding and longing, "What is clear are my intentions towards you". 

"Hmm, that sentence has far too many connotations for me to even want to decipher" Sakuya smiled, letting down her guards in a way that not even Remilia had seen beyond.

"I care about you, deeply, Sakuya" Yukari easily answered with a fleeting smile as her hand rested on Sakuya's cheek, "Regardless of where our factions head, that will always remain".

Sakuya glanced away for a second, a crimson blush adoring her pale cheeks, "You do not play fair, Yukari".

The use of her first name melted Yukari, it had been too long since Sakuya had referred to her in such a manner.

"I am not playing, not tonight. Not with you".

Sakuya was expecting a coy response but there was nothing but seriousness in Yukari's gorgeous countenance, the hand firm against her cheek to not make Sakuya look away again, "Yukari.." she repeated with a canorous tone. 

It was all Sakuya could utter in breathlessness before Yukari closed the colossal distance between them in the softest kiss that she could muster.

A delicate, yet passion fuelled depiction of her thoughts and the best way to convey to Sakuya that not every part of her mind was dredged in vengeance and power.

There was enough room there for someone like Sakuya to nestle down and make her home within the torrent of other emotions.

Sakuya in turn sunk into the other woman's lips and allowed the remnants of their opposing ideas and partners erode away because it didn't matter anymore, not right now. All she wanted was to be taken by the blonde whom had given her so much in the smallest of ways.

Yukari yielded to Sakuya's desire that were making her enervate as they initiated a sensual dance of undoing the barriers and binds society had wrapped them in. 

In its own way, Yukari was the reason why Sakuya could still see light in the world despite her sorrowful past and Sakuya was the reason why Yukari had an inkling of faith in the warped sphere that the earth had become.

Tonight, they threw aside their differences, their mottos, succumbing to the most humane emotions that many seemed to have lost around the world these days.

Sometimes, it was enough, just to keep holding on for in an effort to remember we're only human and humans are naturally inclined to hope.

No matter how turbulent society becomes, a fragment of hope is enough to break through the darkness, enough to entertain the idea of a better tomorrow regardless of how quixotic it appeared. 

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Reisen was preoccupied tending to the flowerbeds at Eientei, immersed in her task to a point where hearing Eirin's voice made her jump up and quickly turn around.


Eirin couldn't exactly blame her apprentice's jumpy demeanour since it was several days after the incident regarding Junko and Hecatia, so she was even more apologetic when one of said guests was there with her.

"You have someone here to see you".

Reisen's eyes widened when Junko stepped out of the door, looking a lot more at ease than she did when she encountered the woman on the moon. 

Recalling Clownpiece’s lunacy made Reisen shudder. 

The lunarian couldn't muster up any words, the spade in her hand drooping slightly like one of her ears was doing. Despite Junko's parting words and the way she appeared subdued after the battle, Reisen's guards were up. 

Junko smiled wearily with her hands placed in front of her, "Hello, Reisen" she greeted, a little disheartened but understanding Reisen's reaction, "I come bearing gifts".

"Oh. I..thank you" Reisen managed and stepped forward as Eirin gave her an unreadable smile.

"I'll leave you two to be" she stated before walking back into the manor, leaving Reisen in a flustered state, "If you need me, I will be near by, Udonge" she added, more of a warning to Junko. 

The divine spirit picked up on the undertones and nodded at Eirin when she passed her by.

A moment of silence lingered between the two as Reisen shifted on her feet, not entirely sure as to what to say but Junko spoke up. 

"These are for you" Junko said, a slight demure tinge to her tone as she stepped closer to the lunarian, "I was unsure of what your tastes were but I hope these will suffice. Hecatia is far more well-versed with gift giving then I am I regret to say" she laughed. 

Thinking quickly, Reisen placed the tools in her hands down and took off the gloves to accept the box Junko passed to her. She opened it gingerly to find that the gift contained various assortments of dango so Reisen smiled at the woman, "You didn't have to but thank you"

"Oh it's the very least I could do" Junko replied, "I was wondering if we could perhaps talk? If not, I understand".

Reisen didn't feel as threatened as she did anymore, knowing that they were at Eientei and it was unlikely for the blonde opposite her to start a fracas so she nodded, "Sure".

The sun had descended beneath the skyline a few hours ago, the twilight aura settling itself around Eientei as Reisen and Junko strolled along the grounds at a steady pace. The lunarian wasn't exactly sure as to what Junko wanted to discuss so she let her start the conversation, her eyes darting to the side to see Junko's lugubrious visage.

It was quite a different sight.

The divine spirit she battled with to the one she was walking with now.

Rage was an abstruse emotion that was a mystery to her and yet, Reisen understood the helplessness of having to live your existence with it. She could sympathise with Junko since she had been made aware of the woman's maudlin past by those more knowledgeable of the incident. 

"It is beautiful here" Junko said as the light summer breeze wafted between them, the range of animal and insect noises highlighting the way through the path, "Peaceful".

"I agree" Reisen agreed, "Especially at night, there is something comforting about it".

"The night has that effect, so I have been told. It isn't something I have experienced in a long time".


Junko looked to her side, offering Reisen a tender smile, her crimson eyes taking her in, "When one allows fury to consume you, all they see is the dark, endless yet burning. But the darkness on earth is different, it is not as..". 

"Suffocating?" Reisen answered without realising she had spoken up, "Ah, sorry". 

Junko smiled at her and waved off her apology before taking in their surroundings. 

A few earth rabbits crossed their path with one loitering near Reisen's leg so she picked it up, its observing dark eyes nestling on Reisen's face. 

"Suffocating.." Junko repeated in a dreamlike manner whilst watching the animal squirm in Reisen's arms, "That is applicable. So, there is a freedom to the darkness here that I hadn't noticed. Is that the Earth's allure I wonder?".

"Hmm, it has good and bad points but I like to think of it as positive" Reisen answered whilst scratching behind the brown rabbit's ear, "I'm glad you are getting a chance to experience it properly, instead of you know..".

The lunarian tried to backtrack her words as she realised she was just bringing it all up again but Junko put a hand up and was met with a nose brushing against her palm. The rabbit had sniffed Junko's hand, curiosity over taking its mind as if it was expecting Junko to pet it. 

Reisen chuckled and motioned for Junko to do so.

Tentatively, the woman stroked the middle of the animal's head before lightly scratching it lower and the rabbit slumped in Reisen's arms further, "Fascinating" she mused as Reisen brought her hand up to pet it too, "You are not incorrect in your observation. But the reason I came to see you is to apologise for that very thing you didn't want to mention" she said whilst looking at Reisen, "I am sorry, I hope you can forgive me".

The sincerity in Junko's gentle eyes rendered Reisen a tad speechless, the hue of her face matching the woman's eyes as their fingertips brushed when they went to pet the rabbit's head. She went to move her hand but Junko pressed her palm over it to keep her steady.

"It's fine, I mean I guess you had your reasons. I understand, Junko" Reisen replied and felt the warmth of Junko's hand melt over her own, "It was better to realise it later than not at all. Gensokyo, the earth, it's worth keeping no matter how others have wronged you".

"With inhabitants like yourself, I could not agree more" Junko responded, thrilled that Reisen appeared to be calmer under her touch, "So I hope my apology will suffice and I will continue to amend your trust of me. Is that okay, Reisen?".

The lunarian glanced up at her, "It is, and I appreciate it" she said before an idea came to fruition in her mind, "Uhm, Would you like to stay for tea, I received some wonderful dango earlier from a guest" she grinned, thrilled at seeing Junko's ebullient smile. 

The rabbit beneath their conjoined hands jostled around, soaking up the attention greedily as the women stared at each other under the glistening light of the moon that had encompassed Eientei.

It felt like an ephemeral moment of two crescent moons coming together to create an outline of full moon above the thicket of bamboo stalks that overlooked the land.

A picture perfect moment if there ever was such a thing.

Junko felt the heaviness that had followed her slowly but surely disintegrate as she took a hold of Reisen's hand, her small fingers nestled over her own as a nascent relationship began to bloom. 

"I would love to". 

One step at a time. 

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Alice glanced at the time on her phone as she hurriedly collected her things.

She had let the hours slip by as she attempted to catch up on her assignments so by the time she left the university grounds, darkness had fallen above her.

"I'm late" she muttered to herself and slung her bag over her shoulder, blue eyes dancing around to see if anyone was still on campus but it was more or less deserted, providing a somewhat unnerving feeling. 

She hated coming out this late but time was of the essence and she was a University student. 

Procrastination seemed to go hand in hand.

She grabbed her phone again to see if there was a response from Sanae after she had let her know she was running late but there was nothing.

It was unusual for Sanae to not respond to her so Alice grew wary about the oddity of the situation as she power walked through the grounds, her eyes adjusting to the tenebrous setting.

They were meant to go out on a date tonight and Alice had been stressing about it all week, so the fact that she had become entranced into her work only to mess up the timing was what irritated her.

"I hope she doesn't mind" she thought to herself whilst pacing quickly past a block of the campus that led to the exit.

Her heart was palpating due to the speedy nature of her walk as well as the thought of being alone at this time. She was already on edge so nightfall settling in did not help alleviate her worries. 

In her rush, the blonde ploughed through before a pair of hands wrapped around her upper arms, bringing her to a steady halt.

"Hey! What are you-".

"Alice, it's me!" a familiar voice rang out with a slight mischievous tone. 

The blonde collected herself as the woman's face was lit up by the single street lamp. Why there was only one was beyond Alice's understanding, "Someone really ought to add more" she mused.

"Sanae? Oh god.." she relaxed and calmed down "Where on earth did you come from?".

"Hm the dorms" Sanae replied with a chuckle and wound her arms around Alice's hips when the woman shook her head but laughed, "I got worried so I came looking for you, you okay? Did you manage to get your work done?".

"I'm sorry, I just lost track of time but yes, I'm up to date now" Alice replied and hugged the woman, "Not a good excuse but..". 

Sanae mumbled otherwise into the blonde's neck whilst holding her closer, the emptiness of the surroundings giving them some privacy, "I'm just glad you're alright, babe." she said and looked over to see that the blonde locks were a little askew and she went to flattened them down whilst laughing softly, "It's sweet that you were looking forward to going out with me so much".

"I call this style, 'Shaped by the wind'" Alice smiled back and rested her hands on Sanae's chest, looking up at the glimmering blue eyes, "We can still head out if you'd like?". 

Sanae answered with a kiss, a subtle one that made Alice's eyes flutter close as the idea of going anywhere else flew out of her mind, her fingers gripping onto the other woman's jacket to pull her down closer.

"It's fine" Sanae whispered in a loquacious manner, breaking the kiss before seeking out Alice's lips again in between quick breaths, "Anywhere is fine as long as you are there with me".

The blonde felt her knees buckle at the tender sentiments as the lips nibbling over her own moved south, trailing down her jaw to find the spot on her neck that often made her see stars. 

Sanae was amplifying the teasing, barely keeping a check on her desires and Alice could just about muffle a groan on the off chance that somebody was still around at this time. Their urgency to see each other, feel other overtook their thoughts as they tugged and yanked at their clothing and skin. 

"Sanae, s-somebody might see us" she mumbled, pushing up against the woman who had started pulling at the skin between her teeth at the words she was saying, gone to the sensation of her girlfriend close against her, "Wait, come here" she managed.

Sanae stopped her actions with a light push to her shoulders and was led by Alice to a spot between two buildings, the darkness conveniently covering them which provided enough privacy for what Sanae seemed to have in mind. She saw the woman smile when she turned them around and had trapped Alice between the wall and herself.

The blonde grinned, "Are you sure you were just concerned about my wellbeing and nothing else when you came looking for me, Sanae?" Alice teased when wondering hands had popped open the buttons on her skirt, fingers grazing over her lower lips, "Sanae!" she hissed in pleasure.

Her thighs slammed over Sanae's hand, trapping her when she began to feel the soft digits sneaking in, playing her like a bass guitar.

Sanae's breath hitched in her throat at the dampness her fingers were swimming in, eyes watching Alice squirm, "Why can't it be both, Alice?" she asked almost innocuously "I want you and to be safe with me".

Alice twirled her fingers in her lover's long hair as she held Sanae's top lip between her mouth to conceal the breathless moans Sanae was coaxing out of her. She knew her lover wasn't wrong about her rhetorical query because she too sought the same in every way.

So this impromptu depiction of their loving seemed bound to happen, not that the thought of being exposed and outside hadn't slipped Alice's mind.

She was at her limit with the way Sanae's thumb was working her over, the cold wall pressing against her back doing nothing to subside the heat coursing through her body.

Her hands coiled behind Sanae's neck to bring her in closer, their lips ghosting over each other's as the sound of a passing car in the distance stalled their actions for a moment before Sanae continued to bring the blonde over the edge, circling with a ferocity that increased Alice's viscosity between her legs.

Alice's flowing words fuelled Sanae into making her reach her peak, "I want both from you, Sanae, I just want you" she whispered, voice sonorous and filled with longing before kissing Sanae hard as she came.

Sanae smiled against her lips as the evening air embraced them both between the buildings that had enclosed them. She remained within her lover, helping to ease her down whilst dotting her mouth and jaw with gentle pecks, whispering words of longing. 

Alice's confirmation was loud and clear, making Sanae's mind soar and she couldn't wait to get Alice back to their dorm.

As riveting as it was making love in the eerie silence that was engulfing them, it was in the privacy of their abode where she could fulfil Alice's desires. 

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Renko found herself in an unfamiliar environment.

The unnatural ferocity of the gust surrounding her almost toppled her over as she gripped down her hat to keep it on her head. Her eyes closed to avoid getting what appeared to be pollen from the greenery around her as she zipped around in every direction to find an exit.

"Where am I?“she mumbled to herself and took a few steps forward, battling the strength of the wind.

No matter which direction she turned, the gust remained there, like it wasn't coming from the rotation of the earth. It only furthered the portentous aura that was lingering in the air like a putrescent fog. 

That wasn't the only thing that had unsettled the brunette when she realised that there was no noise.

It was deathly silent and yet the way the wind was battering her would have stated otherwise. The knee length grass she was trapped in was whipping violently and yet, it was quiet. She felt a cold sweat run down her spine as her vision took in an endless field of grass, the odd brightness of the day not seemingly normal.

It was ominous and Renko wondered how she had managed to find herself in a place like this.

Her lover was nowhere in sight and that added a jolt of panic through her system as she continued to plough forwards.

No stars, no constellations, no night sky, nothing to pinpoint what time it was.

No sun either, it was just refulgent, "What is this place.." she exhaled through gritted teeth.

She was alone in this unnatural location without an exit in sight and the worry was amplifying.

The voice she heard behind her merely added to that.

"You shouldn't be here".

Renko whipped around, almost losing her balance to see a woman there, perhaps a few years older than her in clothing she had never seen before.

"W-who are you?" she asked tentatively, "What is this place?". 

Red eyes took her in and Renko felt exposed when the woman walked towards her, some sort of stick in her hand that had what appeared to be paper floating on the end it. She said nothing, just kept walking as Renko took a step back into an area of nothingness.

She was now questioning whether it was better to have been alone.

The mysterious brunette seemed to have a sombre expression on her face, somewhat hauntingly beautiful, as if this was completely the norm. 

Renko thought of it as an odd combination.

"This is the Nameless Hill".

"A bit ironic since it clearly has a name" the logical part of the Renko thought, "Nameless?".

The woman nodded, now getting closer to Renko, "Nameless. The place where children are left to die".

A gulp coursed down Renko's throat, noting how dry it was.

She felt the intensity of the gust around her treble as she tried to find her voice, "Left to die, why? Who are you?".

"You ask too many questions" her guest answered with an abstruse response, "I am Hakurei Reimu, priestess of Gensokyo. You should not be here".

"Reimu" Renko repeated, feeling a tinge of familiarity roll off of her tongue as she assessed the other brunette, "I feel like I know her" she mused before answering, "I don't know how I got here, I don't mean any harm either". 

They were close enough now to see each other and Reimu's gaze was pensive before she sighed and shook her head.

The normalcy of the action was something reassuring for Renko who felt like her heart had ejected itself from her ribcage and she wondered if her lover felt like this on her travels. 

The odd surroundings, the woman opposite her, the whole scenario seemed like something out of the blonde's dreams and Renko debated if this was what it was.

A dream.

But that was her lover's ability, not hers.

Her hopes of it being a dream flew out her head when she felt a hand grip around her wrist, "Come with me, it is dangerous here".

The steadiness of the grip told Renko that if she struggled, this wasn't going to end well so she followed Reimu. If she knew of a way out of here then she wasn't going to complain but for all Renko knew, Reimu could be taking her somewhere to finish her off.

That didn't bode well, "Where are we going? H-hey, look. We can talk about this" she tried.

Her pleas fell on deaf ears but the grip around her wrist lessened as Reimu led the way through to repetitive scenery of grass, endless skies and the unnatural wind that appeared to haunt the place.

Given what Reimu had revealed about the place, haunt was a word Renko would use generously.

Reimu glanced back to check on Renko, "How did you get here?".

"Uh, I don't know. One minute I was asleep and the next minute I found myself here. I know I fell asleep".


That was the extent of the priestess's follow up question as they came to a clearing that Renko wouldn’t have found even if she spent eternity wondering the hill. Reimu made quick haste of pulling the brunette through the thicket before they came to an opening of lush hedges with a sense of normality to it. Renko's eyes took in the environment, both in awe and curiosity at where she was.

"Gensokyo" she mulled over "She has been here" she recalled.

The question about whether this was a dream or reality strummed in Renko's mind again.

Reimu stopped in front of what appeared to be another path and let Renko's wrist go, "Leave through here".


Her words were cut off when Reimu was up in her face, hand gripping her shirt even though there wasn't an aggressive look on her face, just concern, "You need to leave, it isn't safe here" she reiterated as her eyes flickered around Renko's face.

The close proximity left Renko unable to communicate what she was attempting to say as her brain tried to reboot, wondering why Reimu had an aura of familiarity around her. Her red eyes seemed to be vibrating, pulsing with something Renko had felt before but again, it was hidden away as she nodded, "Okay, thank you, Reimu". 

Releasing her, Renko looked back at the seemingly normal landscape before turning on her heel to see Reimu watching her as numerous shadows flickered in the corner of her eyes.

Shadows that seemed inhumane.

Reimu moved her head to the side to see a figure loitering near the tree line, sitting on a gap. 

Her short blonde hair shook with the wind when she motioned to Reimu about what to do next. 

Renko opened her mouth to speak but Reimu shook her head, "Its fine, just leave and..try not to return, Renko. It isn't your time yet".

"What do you mean? How do you know my name?" Renko attempted to ask before something pulled her back, a force wrapping over her and dragging her into another unknown. 

Renko woke up with a start, an icy sheen of sweat enveloping her as she glanced into the darkness of her bedroom. 

"What the.." she exhaled. 

She wiped at her face with her hands to wake up, her breath erratic as she adjusted to where she was.

Taking in a gulp of air, Renko then looked to her side to a sleeping figure nestled against her just as she had left her when they went to bed together. 

"Yukari.." she whispered with relief, "A dream? More like a nightmare" Renko added as an afterthought when trying to piece together what she had seen. 

Doing so invited a voice that she didn't know back into her head and the words chilled her.

"It isn't your time yet"

Time? For What?

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Patchouli did not like this one bit.

In fact, the expression on her face would suggest that Remilia had insisted she take one of her precious tomes and set it on fire.

"That request would have been close enough to this, this nonsense idea of hers" the magician complained in her head as Meiling's nervous chuckle came from behind her.

"Aw, being outside isn't that bad!" she attempted to assuage the moody woman, "Look, the gardens are blooming beautifully and it's not too cold. Perfect weather for a stroll, wouldn't you say?".

"Yes, a perfect stroll back to the library" Patchouli replied and turned around but the redhead had blocked her way, "Meiling, can you please remove yourself from out of my way".

"No can do" she grinned, "Sakuya and Lady Remilia assigned me to watch over you and make sure you get some fresh air, so let's get going!"

Patchouli sighed in exasperation, "Remi..". 

She knew her friend had her best interest at heart but this, this was too much.

Her haven was in the library, with her books, her magic and her work.

This wasn't the time to be frolicking around in the mansion, inhaling the unnecessary air and feeling the damming rays of the sun pierce her skin. 

Well, she had now finally become an honorary vampire. 

Patchouli knew she was being a bit dramatic but it was warranted, or so she told herself as she stepped slowly with Meiling who was another beam of ebullient sunshine.

Koakuma had once said that they could harness Meiling's cheery energy to make a new energy source. 

The magician was thinking that there was some merit in that idea.

"What do you think, Lady Patchouli?" Meiling asked whilst pointing at the dazzling array of flowers rising proudly from the grounds.

She couldn't deny that they did indeed look gorgeous, "Hm, I suppose they are interesting to look at".

"Right?" Meiling beamed a little too loudly whilst smiling at her "It was worth tending to them when we get to enjoy it through the summer season like this. Being outside isn't that bad, at least now and then is okay". 

"I am inclined to disagree with that" Patchouli sighed, her moody demeanour returning as she hobbled across, "I would much rather be in my library".

Meiling knew what the biggest issue was in terms of the magician's dislike to the great outdoors.

It was such a great bane.


She snickered at the thought and wanted to suggest they should hover but a better idea came to mind when Patchouli asked what she was laughing at.

The redhead faced her which made her spot the bed of vibrant roses before she dipped slightly to reach the woman's height, "Well, I had an idea that might help you to enjoy our stroll".

Patchouli doubted it, "Go on" she motioned with a hand, looking irate and tired already.

"Here we go!" she warned and then dropped her knees slightly to pick Patchouli up.

Princess carry style.

"M-meiling!" Patchouli exclaimed at the sudden loss of the ground beneath her, inadvertently wrapping her arms behind Meiling's head to steady herself, "What do you think you are doing?!".

The woman grinned that obnoxiously warm grin of hers, her face close to Patchouli's and hands nestled comfortably beneath the magician's back and knees, "I know you don't like walking much so why don't I do the walking for you?". 

"Are you mad?". 

"Eh, possibly" Meiling laughed as Patchouli's cheeks resembled the bed of roses now, her discomfiture endearing, "But it is a good idea, right? That way, your legs won't hurt and you won't have to use any energy to fly which means you can enjoy this more".

The earnest expression in the blue eyes glancing down at her stifled any sarcastic response as it was just in Meiling's nature to look out for everyone in the mansion. She wore her heart on her sleeve and Patchouli feared when a time would come that that weakness would be exposed by someone. 

Instead, she simply rolled her eyes and secured her hold around Meiling's neck, "You are ridiculous" she muttered, "But if you insist on such an absurd idea".

Meiling chuckled and started to walk down the path again, "You're gonna love this, trust me, Lady Patchouli".

The magician let herself get comfortable in Meiling's arms, her head resting against the woman's shoulder whilst she took in the stunning sights around the mansion, sights she really ought to see more often as she mulled over Meiling's last words.

The residents of the mansion had an abundance of trust with each other, even Flandre and Remilia now after they'd worked on improving their relationship. 

This was home now, on a permanent bases without the need to constantly move around in fear at being discovered or disappearing.

That routine was a thing of the past and Patchouli allowed herself to breath in the freshness of the air that the library didn't have, feeling it elevate herself as the sun's golden hues streamed over the crimson mansion. 

As much as she loved her lucubration in the confines of her library, sifting through scriptures, crafting spells, Patchouli couldn't deny the reposeful sentiments of roaming through the immaculate gardens of the mansion. 

It was within these walls where she felt the safest.

It was the arms carrying her where she felt protected.

So Patchouli felt the multitude of her guards crumble as she listened to Meiling excitedly dicate where they were, what they were seeing and so on, letting the soft lull of her voice and gentle heartbeat reinvigorate her mind and body.

"I do trust you" she thought to herself and glanced up to see the redhead smiling at her with an abundance of adoration, "Thank you, Meiling" she said in a susurrus tone, watching the smile on Meiling's face grow.

She had to make a mental note of saying it often, along with going out with Meiling.

Anything to see the gatekeeper smile like that.

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The destruction at Mugenkan was incomprehensible.

Elly sighed as she continued fixing up the garden, now strewn with debris, bullet holes and who knew what else. The residue of the assailing projectiles scattered over the ground for as far as the eyes could see and she was calculating how long it'd take to fix the damage. 

"Humans are too aggressive for their own good" she muttered under her breath after sweeping away the grounds, finally seeing streaks of green.

"That is what makes them fascinating, there is no demarcate to their whims and fancies".

Yuuka's voice rang out and the woman turned around to see the Mistress of the manor smirking at her.

"I'm not quite sure I'd used that term, Lady Yuuka".

"Hm, you did uphold yourself rather well, Elly, so no need to feel too down" Yuuka smiled and walked over to her, taking the broom from her hand, "It has been some time since we had visitors, let alone intrepid human ones and I do hope they visit again".

Elly shook her head and walked with Yuuka when the woman motioned for her to leave it be for now, "I feel inclined to disagree with that".

"That's fair, though I'm sure under different circumstances we can invite them over for tea as opposed to duel".

Elly hummed as she glanced to the side, "You should go back to sleep, Lady Yuuka. It was not ideal for them to barge in like so. They managed to defeat us rather simply due to how little we have visitors".

"That's okay, I found it reinvigorating. Sleep is the most insignificant thing on my mind now".

Yuuka's long verdant hair whipped to the side when the flower master turned to give Elly a look that made her cheeks flush and cough into her fist as a distraction, "Is that so?".

Humming, Yuuka merely chuckled before leading Elly up the stairs till they reached her bedroom.

Luckily, Yuuka's chambers appeared to be unscathed, miraculously, Elly thought to herself.

She was still feeling the aftermath of the battle with Reimu and Marisa but the idea of leaving the manor the way it was didn't sit well with her. However, if Yuuka was insistent on leaving it be, then she had to relent and hope that Kurumi and Orange didn't make matters worse with their sparring.

Apparently the antics of the shrine maiden and magician had conduced them with adrenaline since it had been too long since they had fought with anyone, or rather fought opponents as strong as they were.

Closing the door, Yuuka offered the blonde a warm smile, her crimson eyes hinting towards a mixture between curiosity and amusement.

It was a look Elly was well versed with so she sided up to the affable youkai, allowing her to take her hat off and place it on the nightstand before ushering Elly to lie down.

"You worry too much, Elly" Yuuka chuckled as she settled next to the Gatekeeper so that they were side to side.

"Well, that shouldn't be surprising Lady Yuuka, quite a lot can happen between your travels and slumbers so I have to ensure everything is okay here".

"And you do such a wonderful job" Yuuka replied, exhaling slightly whilst taking in Elly's features, "So it's okay to take some time to unwind".

She lifted her hand up, trailing her fingers over the youkai's cheek, just over the wound left by the aggressive Priestess and Magician.

Elly flinched slightly before relaxing, tucking her arms between their chests as she revelled in the tentative touch from a woman that could handle the most delicate of flowers.

She witnessed the fight between Yuuka and Reimu and Marisa, marvelling at how someone so powerful could be capable of touching so softly. The phosphorescence bullets that Yuuka summoned were awe-inspiring, deadly yet riveting. 

It was a common misconception about Yuuka, one that would unfortunately follow her wherever she went.

Elly's golden eye studied on hazily, "I do that quite often here".

"Wasn't that the point of you coming here to live with me, Elly?" Yuuka asked in a jocular voice "Somewhere to just be, somewhere to feel home?". 

Elly's thoughts spiralled, landing in the midst of her existential despair, "Is there a future for someone like me? Will I exist in a world like this? Is this painful? Is this sad? Not even knowing myself"

Yuuka had given her a purpose, a lifeline out of the depths of a darkness so suffocating. 

She nodded, dropping a hand to place it over Yuuka's waist when she moved closer, feeling her breath against her lips as the hand on her face fluttered upwards, toying with her curls.

Yuuka wasn't wrong, Mugenkan was home.

With Yuuka, Kurumi and Orange.

A quaint little home in a Fantasy World within a lake that was home to the unknown and the unreachable and yet, here Yuuka was, completely making her lose her senses, her guards.

"So, allow yourself a moment to breath" Yuuka continued, voice low with a depth to it that the blonde could feel the vibrations travel down her chest given the close proximity of their bodies. 

Her hands curled into the lengthy green hair that was pooling behind Yuuka's back as she inched her face closer to Yuuka's, silently asking her to aid in that means of breathing, of existing.

And Yuuka happily obliged, a sultry smile covering her lips whilst placing her hand on the back of Elly's head to bring her closer and then she kissed her.

A chaste yet passionate kiss.

One that made Elly's eyes close, grab the back of Yuuka's checkered patterned vest and coil her legs around Yuuka's against the surface of the bed.

Just the subtle hint of something floral, sweet, such were the lips pressed over her own.

They were gone to the moment as the carnage remained untouched outside the manor.

It was a peaceful pause of well deserved sedentary after exerting themselves with their opponents. 

Everything else would fade away, for their time together passed slowly.

A fact that Elly was delighted with so long as she got to spend the rest of her years with the enigmatic flower youkai that had a penchant for being coy yet brutally honest and she could feel it in the way she was being kissed.

Her lips brushed gingerly as they swept over Yuuka's in cadence with her hands sliding up the woman's back and she could feel the same curious fingers trail down the nape of her neck, making her gasp into the kiss.

She was breathless, and it made her feel like she was flying with the clouds, completely forgetting the intruders that had tarnished their home.

If her Mistress was content to simply be with her, together, then she was too.

Something she felt as the tug on her lips made her smile before Yuuka released her, ever so slowly so that the tips of their lips still brushed over each other's when they spoke. 

The hazy red eyes were alight with mischief yet adoration and Elly couldn't help but to exhale lightly, chuckling under her breath at Yuuka's antics, especially the way she could make her forget about anything and everything around her, be it with a flirty grin or a salacious touch; Elly was smitten with her Mistress.

And Yuuka knew it, she too felt it.

Something she excogitated in words only meant for Elly to hear as she pulled her to her chest and wrapped her arms around her, urging her to rest.

Elly contentedly obliged as her golden eyes drifted under the steady pulse of the youkai's heartbeat against her face, a rhythm she was all too familiar with.

Perhaps unexpected interruptions weren't the worst occurrences to befall them. 

So long as Yuuka was happy.

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Momiji walked into her home, face emitting a range of fatigue, lentitude and frustration.

She honestly wondered how Aya and Hatate didn't kill each other on most days. The two could barely communicate without some tirade of taunts and jibes about each other's papers.

She found it ridiculous and shook her head as she removed her hat and sword, carefully perching them on the table before slowly making her way to the bedroom.

It was late and patrolling today had been demanding so all she wanted to do was get changed and rest slightly but her ears flickered at a sound coming from said room.

The culprit of those noises revealed herself, a grinning Nitori with a shogi like piece in her hand that Momiji had no clue as to what it was, "Hey! Welcome home!" she waved.

"Ah, thank you" she replied, chiding herself about forgetting that Nitori did have access to her house.

The sight of the kappa suddenly helped to alleviate all the earlier annoyance she was feeling and she wondered when had Nitori managed to melt away her frigid exterior to a point where simply feasting her eyes on her did things that Momiji couldn't understand.

It was Nitori's charm, this much she knew as she had come to crave it.

"Rough day?".

Momiji quirked a silver brow up, "Was that meant to be a pun".

Nitori stalled for a moment, going over her sentence before she realised the wording and broke out into a grin whilst stepping towards the wolf tengu, "You know what, that didn't even cross my mind but it's kinda funny" she laughed, "You have more puns than you let on".

"Hardly" Momiji sputtered as Nitori rested her hands on her shoulders, "I believe Aya might have said something ridiculous of that nature, probably Hatate too. I wouldn't put it past them".

"Ah, yeah, I suppose they would do stuff like that" Nitori said with a slight pause that Momiji noticed, "Anyway, you're home now so it's okay. Come on, you go and sit down and I'll get some tea on".

She was pulled into her bedroom and was forced to sit down, something that Momiji would have normally opposed. 

Momiji wasn't a woman used to being handled in such a way but this was Nitori, she was far different than anyone she had ever known. The diffident kappa rarely showcased her more dominant side so Momiji quite enjoyed the slight rough handling. 

That being said, she wondered if the sudden change in demeanour had something to do with that she had said, or rather, whom she had mentioned. 

Momiji knew her involvement with Aya & Hatate and the mention of them in a casual tone didn't really sit well with Nitori. 

The kappa concealed her doubts and uncertainties so well, either behind her shyness or ingenuity.

Before Nitori was about to leave, Momiji grabbed her wrist and pulled her down, eliciting a sharp yelp from the kappa who was now laying under an inquisitive Momiji. 

"Uh, what's wrong?" she gulped.

Momiji peered down, crimson eyes boring into Nitori's as the kappa looked up at her.

"Does it bother you when I mention Aya or Hatate?". 

"W-what do you mean?".

"Well, it is just that I noticed you freeze up" Momiji stated, "When I mentioned them".

With her arms on either side of Nitori's face, the kappa couldn't look away and she knew Momiji wanted answers. 

It was true that she was somewhat envious of her relationship with Hatate and Aya, given their expansive history and the way the duo could get away with the way they teased and joked around with the wolf tengu.

Though their own relationship had progressed, Nitori still found it difficult to  discern Momiji's temperament from time to time, tiptoeing around whereas the two tengu navigated around Momiji like they had a map. 

She sighed, "W-well it's no big deal. I mean you're still close to them so  I thought-". 

"That's the past, Nitori".

She noticed the wolf's ear flicker in a way where it meant there was slight irritation and compunction. 

"I get that". 

With her hands relaxing near Momiji's sides, she traced them up her back and then ran them into the silver hair, "I guess I feel like I might not be enough. I..can't really read you as well as they can and I get we've only starting seeing each other and all but I, can't help it".

Momiji sighed, her eyes closing as she nuzzled into the palm that was on her face, "Nitori..".

"Yes I know, like I said it's silly and I know there's no reason to feel that way but I can't help it" she repeated. 

"I only want you".

It came out as a low growl when Momiji lowered her face and took Nitori's lips between her own, the kiss aggressive and possessive, "Just you".

Nitori moaned into the grip of the wolf tengu's lips, tangling Momiji's hair in her hands and pulling her in closer as she parted her mouth to allow Momiji's tongue to meet hers in a fight for dominance and she was losing. 

Not that she minded as she gasped, feeling sharp teeth nip at her lips and hands slide beneath her dress. The tactile sensation of nails scraping up her thighs sent a jolt up the kappa's spine, making her push her body up against Momiji’s. 

Momiji was going to deliver the point home, that regardless of her past with Hatate and Aya, it was just that, the past.

The wolf tengu raked her lips over her tongue, emitting a guttural groan whilst panting hard as her right hand snuck under Nitori's dress to search for the dampness that met her fingers beneath the fabric of Nitori's underwear.

She could already take in the familiar scent of the kappa, reacting too easily to her and she thrived off it.

Momiji's other hand remained steady on Nitori's shoulder, pushing down hard as their passionate kiss merely roused them up further. 

She didn't want to be too gently right now, wanting to get Nitori to understand that there was nobody above her. Her devotion to Nitori was the prominent factor in her life besides her duties and even then, Momiji just desired her. 

And Nitori felt it, felt the material of her underwear being tugged down with nails, descending further when she lifted her legs up to her shoulders slightly. 

It became trapped at her knees but it was enough for Momiji to administer the desires she felt for the kappa. 

The kiss separated, their eyes locking, a second of a pause. 

Then Nitori arched her back when she felt Momiji within her. 


An intrusive index and pointing finger stroked down her lower lips, parting with ease given how wet she was before Momiji entered her.

Nitori's legs instantly clamped around Momiji's upper back, trapping her tail that was going haywire at the sensation of Nitori's walls engulfing her. The soft texture of Momiji's tail brushed up against the kappa's thighs, enhancing Nitori's arousal, more so when Momiji slowly slid in and out of her.

Her palms stimulated Nitori's heighten clit as the firm fingers inside stroked the underside of the intricate collection of nerves. 

All the while, Momiji watched her. 

Red eyes ablaze with love, lust and everything in between. 

A ragged breath erupted as she slid her other hand from her shoulder and into the kappa's hair. 

Nitori's lidded eyes took her in, understanding what the woman was implying as she thrust around the damp and warm interior of Nitori's vulva till she plunged in deeper. 

The kappa in turn ground her hips up, meeting her lover's cadence as she tried to keep her eyes open, staring into the heavy red orbs staring at her with longing, only for her.

Momiji was breathing hard, twirling her fingers inside and around Nitori till she could swivel and slam her digits under the clit and the action made Nitori cry out, tipping her head back. 

Her nails dug into the nape of Momiji's neck which made her shiver in pleasure, both the nails in her skin and the way Nitori's walls were trapping her fingers. 

It was too much but not enough for Nitori and with what strength she had left given her orgasm, she knocked Momiji back till she could flip them over.

Momiji's back hit the ground but she was still inside the kappa whom was straddling her now with a look that Momiji hadn't seen before.

Unveiled lust.

Nitori's mouth parted as her body pulsed with the way her hips were rocking on Momiji, taking charge of the fingers that dug in deeper till they curled. 

Momiji watched with a thirst which made her throat dry, eyes widened when Nitori keeled over, hands on either side of her lover's body and ground down till Momiji's palm slammed over her clit. 

It was possessive, rampant and everything Momiji wanted to see in Nitori, to remind her that it was just her.

The past was the past.

So she gripped the kappa's hip and squeezed whilst bringing her digits up further, pressing beneath her clit enough to make Nitori exhale with a ragged breath and lose the strength in her knees. 

Momiji pulled out of her and quickly caught the kappa in an embrace with her head resting on her chest as the aftershocks ran rife given their spontaneous love making.

They both exhaled heavily as the scent of their bodies and heat of their gasps stained the room around them. 

Nitori's body shuddered over Momiji's steady form beneath her and felt her lover rub her back, bringing her down from the sharp orgasms. 

Her eyes were laced with exhaustion as she listened to Momiji's breathing even out enough so that she could turn them over again, returning to their original position.

Her eyes met with Momiji's, hooded, bloodshot, compendious.

The wolf tengu cupped Nitori's face softly so that she could look at her and only her.

"Nitori, I love you".

It was the final straw that broke Nitori, a relieved smile bracing her features at the admission.

It was everything, abrupt, powerful and reserved, such was Momiji.

And she was the only one who was on the receiving end of it, nobody else. 

She placed her hand over the palm on her face as Momiji lowered her lips to caress her own.

"I love you too, Momiji" she replied, breathlessness punctuating the words. 

The woman on her smiled, a rare variation of the action she kept for Nitori only. 

This much Nitori knew and believed. 

Momiji was just for her, as she was just for Momiji. 

So under the cover of nightfall, behind closed doors, they'd repeat those very sentiments over and over till Momiji could ensure Nitori would hear it in within her soul whenever she wasn't around. 

Expelling any doubt of what used to be. 

Chapter Text





"Sokrates! Wait!".

Ellen ran through the dense forestry, eyes zeroing in on the fast feline that was becoming a blur of tan fur as he continued his quickening pace. 

He paid no heed to the distressed shouts of his owner, such was the absolute ignorance of cats, and yet we still love them. 

She was hot on his trail but not quite close enough to capture the feline that had recently acquired a penchant for going on abrupt journeys whenever the whim settled.

After the debacle regarding the two recondite strangers in the ship, the cat had somewhat taken a liking to the great outdoors, thus leading poor Ellen on countless of nights chasing after him.


On deaf ears her pleas and cajoling fell till Sokrates rounded a worn path and sped off, making the blonde tut in frustration.

Ellen had no choice but to keep going round the bend till she was met with the familiar sight of the ruins she had discovered weeks ago.

Less ruins and more ship, apparently. 

She skidded to a halt, eyes taking in the scintillating object which appeared so out of place within the outskirts of Gensokyo.

The magician could appreciate it a little more since she had defeated the others and its owners so she raked her gaze over the gleaming surface of a craft that was practically alien to her.

With magic as her forte, the technological masterpiece certainly piqued her interest.

But that wasn't what she was here for as she shook out of her stupor and searched for her cat, calling his name in a hushed whisper in an effort to not alert the occupants of the ship.

Her yellow eyes ran around the vicinity, searching for him but to no avail and she grew frantic, wondering where he could have ran off to.

Ellen circled around to the entrance of the ship to peer inside but she couldn't make sense of much which elicited a jolt of dread to slither down her spine.

She could only come to one conclusion. 

"Oh no..don't tell me he went in there!".

She flailed in all directions as quietly as she could, head zipping left to right before she crept along as she tried to get a better look inside but that wouldn't be required anymore when a figure appeared out of the interior of the ship.

"Who's there?". 

She yelped and jumped backwards, "I'm sorry!". 

Her eyes widened in panic as the figure and voice was recalled from the duo she had fought but even more so, in her arms was an outline of something even more familiar.

"Sokrates!" Ellen shouted out, bringing her hand to her face in both reprieve and tiredness, "I am so sorry, he didn't mean to go there..I think".

Chiyuri grinned and stepped out, petting the cat that appeared to be in heaven, "No worries. He has been coming here for a few days now".

The magician missed the mention of that comment, too engrossed in taking in Chiyuri's appearance, her twin tails being bristled by the wind as her eyes remained on Ellen. Her clothing didn't seem so unusual now as she glanced at her, going as far as to appraise it. 

They appeared comfortable, for the summer at least. 

It took a moment to shake her head clear from the pretty girl when she realised what Chiyuri had said, "Wait. What?". 

Ellen met Chiyuri halfway on the ramp as the human handed her cat back, lowering herself slightly so that Ellen had a good grip.

Thankfully, Sokrates was content with the change of bedding, purring like what Chiyuri said meant nothing. 

"Yeah, he has been here a few times" Chiyuri replied, "He seems to like the warmth of the control room".

Ellen wasn't quite sure what she meant by that, brow arching up before looking at Sokrates, "You've been troubling these people again, that's not nice".

"Oh he has been no trouble at all" Chiyuri laughed, "Must be a twist of fate that he brought us together again after we built your store, I had no idea you had a cat..or Gensokyo had cats but apparently I was wrong".

"What kind of place wouldn't have cats?" Ellen enquired with an open and honest look of incredulity that made Chiyuri chuckle, "They're wonderful familiars and pets".

"Hm, that makes sense, well, I'm glad you got him back" she answered as inquisitive eyes turned up at her.

She noticed Ellen glance ahead into the vessel in wonder which prompted the blonde to grin, "Would you like to come in?".

"Is that okay? What about that other professor or whatever she is?".

"Oh, Yumemi. She is around somewhere but don't worry about her. She won't mind" the blonde reassured and motioned for Ellen to follow her, "She's over losing, especially since she has been 'working' with that other Scientist".

Ellen felt guilty for defeating the duo who apparently had some sort of theory to debunk in the Outside World and since they couldn't acquire the required evidence of magic by taking her, they had gone back empty handed with Yumemi facing ridicule for her polemical views. 

So Chiyuri stated with a dismissive wave of her hand. 

The magician didn't understand it but still, the dejected expression of the redhead lingered and she imagined Chiyuri felt the same but concealed it better.

She made a mental reminder to invite the two over for tea and check out her store even though it appeared that they held no grudges and had made friends with Sokrates which was an impressive feat. 

For the time being, she stepped into the interior of the involute ship and was dazzled by a world she had no idea existed beyond the Hakurei Barrier.

One where magic was considered taboo and technology reigned supreme. 

Soon enough, Ellen was enraptured into everything Chiyuri was explaining. 

She was a courteous and attentive host, if not a little carefree.

It was an informative tour as Chiyuri showed her around, explaining the many gizmos and gadgets strewn in many locations. 

She even let Sokrates take a nap on her chair at the control area of the ship.

Ellen followed the blonde's speech with rapt attention, smiling in awe when the Chiyuri said something entertaining and amusing, usually at the expense of Yumemi who merely rolled her eyes and continued on with her work.

The blonde knew she'd be on the brunt of Yumemi's remonstrate at being her target. 

By the time they were done, the sky had become darker than when Ellen had last looked which gave an even more unusual and futuristic feel to the ship. 

There was a surfeit of lights everywhere, especially in the room that controlled everything, decorated with many screens as Chiyuri had stated and they all showed different locations in both Gensokyo and the Outside World.

"It's so pretty" she said in an airy voice, eyes skimming over the grey yet well lit towering buildings, "But it seems empty".

Chiyuri hummed in agreement as they too had deduced that to be the case, more so once they had visited many other worlds. 

The two were seated at the table with tea and snacks that Ellen was munching on, "Yeah, it's certainly lacking something compared to Gensokyo but it's home, you know? Well, was home". 

Ellen nodded, munching on some bizarre crunchy potato, eyes resting on the blonde's relaxed from, "Do you miss your home, you said you have been spending a lot of time traveling?".

The woman replied pensivly, gaze looking up at the window on the ceiling as she pondered Ellen's question, "Sometimes, I guess? There's just so much out there, beyond our world in this vast Universe and I want to see it all, learn more and discover the unknown. Science is incredible".

"Your face lights up when you talk about it" Ellen smiled and sipped her tea, "I get that feeling about magic".

"It's nice to have that passion, isn't it? Science and magic..what a combination. Speaking of which, you're skilled at what you do. Me and Yumemi have just about recovered thank you" Chiyuri lamented in a coltish tone. 

The other blonde chuckled and scratched the back of her neck, "Sorry about that. I was messing around with some new spells and well, let's just say that I hadn't had the chance to refine them".

Chiyuri waved of her concern with a crooked grin, "No hard feelings, it was fun". 

"We should do it again sometime!" Ellen beamed. 

"Definitely" the girl agreed. 

Ellen glanced outside again and frowned when she realised how much time had passed during her felicitous evening with Chiyuri. 

That and Sokrates meows were a prominent indication that it was time for food so she had to leave soon.

She got up as Chiyuri understood and led the magician out of the ship, "Thanks for this, Chiyuri, I had a lot of fun. Even if this one was bothering you" she made sure to give a stern stare at the cat in her arms. 

"He's no problem at all, but certainly cute like his owner" Chiyuri grinned and pet the cat between his ears whilst watching Ellen blush, her cheeks now matching her bow. 

"Thank you" she quickly said as her eyes darted from Chiyuri to Sokrates, "We'd better get going now".

"Of course, Ellen. Hey, I should walk you home. From first hand experience, this forest is not safe be it night or day".

Yumemi, whom waved goodbye to Ellen, stifled a chuckle at her apprentice's gallant behaviour while searching for something on the exterior of the ship as Chiyuri shot her a glare, "Subtle, Chiyuri, walk a magician home".

"Oh it's okay! I mean I live here so I know my way around, even in the dark without getting into too much trouble. But that's so sweet of you to offer" Ellen smiled, brushing her fingers over the other blonde's arm. 

It was Chiyuri's turn to stammer at the contact and subtext, "Are you sure, I don't mind". 

"Yep! Sokrates is with me too so it's okay".

The blonde didn't doubt that for a moment as she smiled, "Alright, I'll.. see you soon?".

Ellen stepped closer to her, bright eyes almost glowing in the dark. 

"Uhm, how about tomorrow?". 

"Yes!" Chiyuri replied far too eagerly and felt compelled to hit her head against the shiny surface of their ship as Ellen giggled. 

Yumemi shook her head, "Smooth" and smirked.

"I mean I'd like that" Chiyuri tried again after clearing her throat, ignoring the butterflies stampeding in her stomach at the prospect of spending more time with the ebullient magician. 

"I can't wait, I'll bring Sokrates too!". 

Ellen's sanguine energy was infectious. 

"Of course " the blonde answered with a smile, "I'll see you soon". 

"You will, bye, Yumemi!" she waved to the redhead as they said their goodbyes and then the duo went on their way home. 

Ellen's company was refreshing, so many questions, so many stories that Chiyuri looked forward to hearing about them in this unusual land.

This world's Chiyuri must have been living the good life. 

Tucking her hands into the pockets of her shorts, the blonde watched the retreating figure, not being aware than she had flown off somewhere too till Yumemi's teasing voice rang through. 

That and the slap to her back shook her out of her reverie.

"You're drooling".

"You'd know all about that" Chiyuri's riposte was doused in a smirk, "Pretty sure Rikako could use it all for her experiments".

"She is rather resourceful like that" the redhead rebuked and walked back to the ship with a knowing smile, "As for Ellen, well, I am relieved you've finally decided to stop brooding to notice her". 

Chiyuri rolled her eyes and bumped Yumemi, "I don't want to hear that coming from you" she then chuckled, "Gensokyo continues to prove to be something else huh". 

"Indeed, perhaps some secrets are better kept in the dark". 

"Oh? What happened to your scientific rigour?" the blonde enquired with amusement. 

Yumemi shrugged, "The Outside World doesn't deserve the gems here, proof that science and magic can function side by side".

Not that they'd take it seriously so Chiyuri could agree to that.

Gensokyo, as a home wouldn't be the most unappealing thing to occur.

Characters like Ellen had been proof of that realisation. 

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"Thanks for dinner, Alice, I wish I could cook as well as you can" Marisa stated with vigour and slumped back on the chair.

The blonde in question merely chuckled, "Well, it isn't that difficult to learn if you would actually let me teach you".

"Hey, you don't have to teach me nothing. I got this".

"Sure, because living off of mushrooms is clearly, 'getting this'".

Alice wasn't met with a direct response as she washed the last plate to put away and was about to turn around when she felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist.

The warm breath pressing over her neck made the action of washing her hands a tad more difficult with the heat clouding her mind, as did the rugged timbre of Marisa's voice, "Hmm, I'd rather get something else, if you know what I mean".

Marisa was making it strikingly clear as to what that was when she stroked her hands up the sides of Alice's body, then up her abdomen, over her ribcage till she could cup her breasts, giving them a hearty squeeze that made the youkai magician bite her lip.

The foreplay was being ushered in a leaden manner which was unlike the perfunctory magician who normally acted without deliberating. 

But it was doing its magic. 

"You're insatiable" she breathed out, tipping her head back against Marisa's shoulder.

The blonde smirked whilst dotting Alice's neck that could be reached with several firm kisses, taking her time to suck the skin like she was reveling in the taste.

"Can't blame me, I guess I'm still kinda hungry" she added between licks, enunciating the last word. 

Her hands were pressing firmly enough to make Alice arch her spine, grinding back against Marisa's hips in a winding manner. Each squeeze became harder and harder as Marisa filled her palms with more flesh, palming them at the same cadence of kissing Alice's neck.

Alice could only react diligently to the other magician's ministrations, moaning softly when she felt Marisa release a breast and trail her hand down to her thighs to hike up her dress. She moved with her as they rocked in cadence against the sink and the magician gripped Marisa's arm as she continued to try and undress her.

She halted the other woman's movements, digging her nails into Marisa's wrist, "Not here, Marisa".

"What's the matter, scared of an audience watching us fuck?" Marisa taunted into her ear before blowing some air into it, catching their reflection in the window.

The darkness of the Forest of Magic encompassed them and the lights from Alice's house aided in making their joined forms stand out against the glass.

Alice gasped, both at the insinuation and the feeling of Marisa's hand digging into the skin of her thigh, raking her nails up it till she got to the valley of Alice's legs, teasing her torturously. She couldn't bite back the ragged breath that escaped her lips, especially when the other blonde bit her earlobe, pulling it between her teeth to suckle it.

She managed a shake of her head, laughing lightly before quickly turning around and pushing Marisa against the other wall, backing her up.

Alice's face was flushed, rife with arousal as she clutched at the collar of Marisa's dress. Her darkened blue eyes bore into Marisa's slightly widened one's, the stare off riveting for both women before Alice spoke up. 

"An audience? No, that's the least of my concerns. Believe me" she said, her voice dropping as she let Marisa go and started walking towards the stairs "Come with me" she commanded.

Marisa simply grinned after catching her breath. 

Alice's authoritative demand sent a chill throughout her body, prompting her to undress herself as she followed the form of Alice's swaying body, picturing the many ways she was going to put her hands on her. 

The lurid imagery of getting into Alice's bed to really to get to the core of things made Marisa speed up, her hunger continuously building with unbridled lust and the blonde's body was what she wanted to sink herself into. 

With their clothes decorating the room, Marisa found her back hitting the mattress and she took in the nude form of Alice on top of her, hovering down so that they were face to face.

"Feel like takin the lead tonight, huh? I like that". 

"Hmm, it'll be worth it" Alice replied slowly as Marisa lifted her head up to try and kiss her.

But the youkai shook her head and placed a finger over her puckered lips, "Remember my rule, Marisa".

"Aw come on, I wanna kiss you".


Marisa grumbled around the finger sliding into her mouth, wrapping her tongue around it when Alice pulled out, "You always say that, what's the matter? You're happy to let me screw you silly but I'm not good enough for ya lips? You know how they can melt you" she smirked. 

The magician rolled her eyes as she slid up Marisa's body so that her thighs were over Marisa's face as her hands braced the wall in front of her. 

Marisa's ostentatious arrogance was something else and she was tired of hearing it.

This clandestine arrangement between them was strictly sex and nothing more.

She had to remind the disobedient witch beneath her with as much equanimity as possible. 

"Well, go ahead then, Marisa, melt me" she stated salaciously and glanced down into the alert golden eyes before lowering her body down onto her face.

Marisa didn't hesitate, swiping her tongue down Alice's slippery slit before gripping her rear, pulling the flesh as Alice proceeded to move on her face. 

She moaned out, feeling the warmth of Marisa's tongue part her lips and slide inside, swirling itself between the tight space. Alice could feel herself dribble already, coating Marisa's chin as she slowly rocked over the tongue inside her.

Her wetness was aiding Marisa in licking her everywhere; every nerve, every corner without missing a beat. 

She had to give the woman that; Marisa certainly was skilled with her mouth.

The firm tongue slipped out to lap at the hood of her clit and circle the rigid bud till she could suck on it with fervour.

Alice's mind stilled, her spine going rigid at the contact which made her thrust her hips down. 

The ruggedness of the witch's tongue scraped over her heightened clit, making it tremble in Marisa's mouth when she engulfed it, eyes looking up at the swaying form of Alice's breasts above her. The erotic sight and flavours attacking her mouth led Marisa to grope the flesh in her hands as Alice continued to ride her face, the bed beneath them squeaking as Alice failed to muffle her pleasure the harder Marisa sucked her off.

Alice's body was alight with perspiration sticking to her skin, her thighs shuddering in delayed pleasure. 

She couldn't hold out any longer, more so when Marisa scraped her teeth ever so steadily over her clit before clamping down and curling the tip of her tongue over it.

Alice broke down, her lower back and abdomen clenching while she came inside Marisa's mouth, the nectar slipping down her chin to her neck as she kept rotating her hips. Hearing the blonde's gratuitous swallowing made Alice flush further as she reached down and gripped a fistful of the other magician's wild hair, tugging it up in a silent way of telling Marisa that she should start cleaning her up.

If she could still breath. 

Marisa as per usual took it as a challenge, swiping her mouth within the stained valley of Alice's thighs.

Despite how hard Marisa worked for it, Alice would never kiss her on her mouth.

But she didn't think too deeply of it, it was just a kiss.

It meant nothing when she could have sex with Alice like this.

Alice knew Marisa's thinking of their relationship didn't expand beyond the physical side and the bond as magicians which was all the more reason she couldn't wait to fuck again till they were out for the count.

Or rather, till Marisa was. 

And when that happened, when Marisa was asleep in her bed, Alice would silently creep out and disappear.

She didn't need to leave her home. 

Because she knew she was waiting for her.

The magician slowly crept through her house after Marisa was out for the night and headed to the front door.

Her body may have been satiated but her mind wasn't, neither was her heart. 

Both remained empty when engaging in sex with Marisa because only one woman could come close to filling that.

She could see her figure waiting at the door.

Anticipation was building within the blonde as she opened the door to meet hazy crimson eyes that did things to her that Marisa couldn't even begin to do.


Her voice was breathless, more so when Reimu gave her that irresistible half smile and entered her home, pressing her body over Alice's.


Neither woman waited another moment as Alice threw her arms around Reimu's shoulders and the brunette clamped her hands on Alice's hips, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss.

Alice whimpered, lips sweeping over her lover's, allowing her in so that their tongues could finally meet again and sway side by side till they were breathless in the blonde's mouth. 

She was Reimu's to kiss, along with everything else, parts of her that Marisa could never obtain.

In the quietness of the living room, Alice let Reimu lead her to the couch, both falling on it when Reimu let her tongue go. 

She stared at the resplendent woman beneath her as her fingers crawled down her jaw, tracing over the bite

"Is she asleep?". 

Alice nodded, hands working frantically to get Reimu's top off to feel her skin, "It's just us".

The priestess smirked, parting Alice's robe whilst she readied herself to truly fulfil Alice. Her hands ran over the woman's hips, gripping them firmly and lifting Alice up against her till her back was off of the couch. 

With a glee that only Alice saw, Reimu smiled in an alluring way before bringing her mouth over Alice's, "Mine". 

And Marisa would be none the wiser to what Reimu was stealing from right under her nose, out of her mouth and away from her hands. 


Chapter Text




Reimu was all too familiar with the sounds around her shrine by now. She had been the priestess for long enough to know the interior and exterior, along with its flaws and comforts. 

Be it the infernal trickling of the loose faucet.

The occasional drop of money landing at the bottom of her donation box. 

Or the buzzing of audacious insects and fairies trying to bypass the window. 

Reimu knew what was where. 

So when her shrine door slid open and a gentle flutter of wings impeded her usual silence, Reimu pretended to sleep like she was dead, trying to salvage the vestiges of her peace. 

Not that it phased one particular tengu as she hovered over the brunette, poking Reimu's cheek, "Hey. Reimu, you awake?".
Reimu remained still, trying to not break out into a grin and lose the frown that was evidently not warning Aya off. Not that it ever did work as she heard another notable sound that was often distinguishable with this tengu.

However, there was something different about the mechanical whirring of Aya's camera that was hampering her illusion of being asleep.

The usual click happened, followed by the gentle whir of the image being taken but what accompanied the sound next was new to Reimu as it sounded like something being released after a delay between the picture being taken. 

She cracked open a crimson eye to see Aya grinning at her, "Knew you were awake, can't fool me".

"Aya solves a mystery, that's news for Gensokyo. Anyway, what is that?" Reimu yawned and remained on the floor as she stretched out to tuck her arms behind her head, "Did you break your camera?".

Aya looked scandalised, "Hey, no harm will ever come to my camera, you should know that. It's the most precious thing to me" to which Reimu narrowed her eyes, "After you, of course" the tengu chuckled before diverting her attention back to the oddly shaped camera in her hand.

"It's an instant camera! Instead of developing the pictures the old way in a dark room, it develops the image right away in the camera so there's no need to wait for too long". 

The excitement was oozing off of the tengu who held a small item in her hand after removing it from the device. Reimu would have assumed it was a piece of paper with the way Aya waved it around but it appeared more stronger. 

It was then that Reimu noticed that a picture of herself pretending to be asleep had appeared over the blank space, fading in.

She couldn't deny that it had caught her interest a tad, "How does that even work?".

"I don't know, Yukari didn't say much, other than 'enjoy' and waved off before going back into her gap".

Aya could feel Reimu's eye roll, "Of course she would. I should have know that there was something shady about it".

"Aw come on, Reimu, she was doing me a favour is all" Aya insisted and moved back so that Reimu could sit up, "Now, come on, we've gotta test this out some more".

"Why me?".

"Because you need some fresh air!".
Reimu grumbled at Yukari's irritating method of getting her out of the shrine on her days off, relenting when the tengu grabbed her shoulder and jostled her.

"Firstly, I get plenty of fresh air. Secondly, Yukari could do with more of that air than me and thirdly..".

Aya waited for whatever the third reason was, eyes open, blithe and expressive which was making it impossible for the cranky priestess to resist the woman's ridiculous charm, especially when her wings were practically fluttering in hope. 

She groaned and moved Aya's hand away before she broke her shoulder with the ferocity of the grip, "Fine, fine. Just for a bit though".

"Reimu!" Aya cheered and nodded enthusiastically, "We're gonna catch some great scoops today, I can feel it!".

"You can feel it cause you're chased away with danmaku usually" Reimu deadpanned.

"Not always!".

It was almost always.

So, much to Reimu's supposed chagrin, the duo set off around Gensokyo with Aya and her trusty new camera.

Aya was enthusiastic on a normal basis and today, it was amplified which was a given.
Anything photography, gossip or Reimu related tended to do that to her. 

The tengu trained her camera at Cirno, Rumia and Daiyousei whom did their best tough priestess pose glare near Misty Lake.

"Hey! I don't look like that!".

"See!" Cirno exclaimed and pointed at the brunette, "That's the face we need to make!" she yelled out and all three mimicked Reimu's signature frown which Aya was having a good chuckle at as she snapped the photo. 

"I think they did a good job" Aya grinned and aired the photo out as the image appeared, "Cute, huh?". 

The woman eyed the image up, a thin line set of her lips at the trio's antics as she shrugged her shoulders, "Sure, let's get going".

And so, the journey continued to the Forest of Magic where the two captured an image of Alice tending to her garden with Shanghai and Hourai floating by, the blonde appearing as striking and poised as ever before Marisa crashed the party. 

Reimu took the opportunity to take a picture of Alice almost having Marisa in a headlock when the magician attempted to take her grimoire.

Spending the day with Aya and getting to watch Alice choke hold Marisa? Reimu's day out wasn't as bad as she thought it was going to be. 

The Bamboo Forest of the Lost was the perfect place for photography, if not a tad dangerous given the sage fight that had occurred a few nights ago. 

Aya wished she was around to capture the spectacle but the forest was named appropriately as she had to be guided out by Mokou. 

The current predicament at Eientei depicted Eirin and Kaguya attempting to restrain a ticked off Reisen from burying Tewi.

Whatever she had done wouldn't be easily abated it seemed.

Aya tilted her head at the perfect angle as Reimu sighed as Tewi begged for forgiveness. 

Sanae and Hatate had dragged an unimpressed Momiji into taking a picture with them at the foot of Youkai Mountain, the priestess making the most out of being familiar with the camera.

"Show-off" Reimu muttered, watching Sanae stick her tongue out and flash what she now knew to be a peace sign, inculcating her knowledge into them. 

Aya pleaded with the brunette to do a similar pose and earned an ofuda to the head. 

Their travels also led them to the Myouren Temple cemetery where Kyouko and Yoshika were playing what could have been a game of hide and seek given Kyouko's ears sticking out from a gravestone as the jiang shi hobbled by.

Seiga watched on with amusement whilst she pestered Reimu by getting far too close for Aya's comfort. 

Reimu had to wrestle the tengu off of her. 

A detour through the forest led them to the Probability Space Hypervessel to find Yumemi, Chiyuri and Rikako working on something, the trio happily stopping to pose with all sorts of liquid and mechanisms that Reimu and Aya couldn't identify.

Chiyuri's clone stumbled out from the ship and chaos ensued. 

Aya was capturing every second of it 

The concluding part of their travels led them to the Genbu Ravine where they found Nitori, Murasa and Hina, chatting to them for while before they moved on, venturing further into the chasm.

Given the late afternoon sun, the ravine was just about lit up near the waterfall where the rays lit up the array of pipes on the wall face.

Reimu sighed and took a seat on a boulder near the river whilst wiping her forehead with the back of her hand, "I can't believe you made me visit most of Gensokyo".

Aya chuckled and snapped some more images of their picturesque scenery, "But you had fun, right?".

"Hm, I would use the term fun loosely," Reimu complained before smiling and dropping her facade, "Yeah I guess it was okay to get out of the shrine for a while, more so with you so it's fine".

"Reimu.." Aya beamed.

"Don't take that the wrong way" the brunette tried to downplay as a light blush appeared on her cheeks. 

Aya merely grinned and aimed the camera at the woman, noticing that the angle of the image was perfect. 

The waterfall in the background, the afternoon sunlight streaming through, the way Reimu was sat.

Aya switched to journalist mode, not wanting to miss this golden opportunity as she aligned the camera with Reimu and took the shot. Her mind didn't process that it had been done as she was too enraptured in the sight of Reimu sat there, body positioned backwards as she rested on her palms. One foot was planted on the boulder, the other leg curved over it as a flash of the priestess's abdomen peeked out due to her top riding up. 

Aya didn't even notice the image slide out of its compartment and into her hand.

"Aya, think you've gotten enough pictures of me today?" the brunette smirked and shook her head.

The tengu snapped out of her reverie at the teasing lilt of Reimu's voice.

"No such thing as too many pictures or articles!" Aya insisted as she waited for the image to form and when it did, it stunned her back into silence. 

It truly was the most perfect picture she had taken all day. 

Despite this, the image paled in comparison to the actual presence of Reimu seated there, watching her with curious red eyes, "Aya"?. 

The tengu's eyes flickered from the image and then to the real Reimu as she gulped, "Reimu's really pretty".

It wasn't as if she was unaware of it but the moment was an eye opener between the picture and the woman who was standing up to walk to her. 

Reimu truly was the embodiment of her name, a beauty. She felt lucky to be able to be with the irascible priestess, to be the one in the closest orbit to the woman and Aya often thought about it.

More so when Reimu was in her face now, "Hey, you're quiet. Something is wrong".

"W-what? Oh, I was just thinking" Aya said and moved her eyes to the side, too caught up in Reimu's expression. 

"I can tell, you go really silent when you are deep in thought" Reimu grinned and swept her fingers over Aya's cheek, "Must be something serious".

"Ah, well, not really".

A flustered Aya was quite the sight and Reimu had found the ideal moment to turn the tides as she stepped closer to the tengu in a way they had done in more secluded areas. 

Aya gulped, awaiting for what she knew was going to happen, the feeling of soft lips pressing over hers. Her eyes slammed shut, breath barely clinging within the interior of her lungs as she sank into the sensation of Reimu's lips melding with her own.

There was no experience quite like it which is why she didn't even realise Reimu taking the camera out of her hand, eyes still closed and lips puckered when Reimu stepped back ever so slightly to take a picture. 

"Reimu!" Aya exclaimed but Reimu jumped back and waited for the picture to develop, keeping the image away from the tengu as Aya frowned, or tried to since she was still so flustered.

"One to be framed" Reimu looked at it and nodded, "I think I'll keep this one" she smirked, "Troublesome Tengu head over her heels for Prickly Priestess. Hmm, Hatate could definitely run that story". 


Having a tangible memento was all good and well but experiencing things in the moment, just as they were now was a memory that could never be tainted. 

Chapter Text





It wasn't supposed to be a recurring thing, it wasn't supposed to be happening at all.

Junko merely sought out Eirin for information as the animus between them wasn't necessary which made it easier to approach the doctor. 

About Gensokyo, about Reisen, about her role on the moon.

Which is all it was, until it wasn't.

Eirin opened the door to the manor preciously given how late it was to see Junko stood there, "You're back".

Junko smiled, "I apologise for imposing at such a late hour again. I was hoping we could pick up from where we left off".

Eirin took in the woman's countenance, appearing peaceful despite what she most likely felt in her heart.

No amount of time could heal Junko's plight, she knew that.

But visiting Gensokyo seemed to keep that rage in check from what Reisen had disclosed.

Eirin motioned for the blonde to come in and moved back to let her in.

She knew of Junko's intents, could feel them whenever she looked at her.

Yukari had warned her. 

But Eirin was curious. 

Once inside, Eirin could sense the woman's eyes on her back as she led them into the manor, the silence of the building amplifying each sound the duo could hear. From the patter of their feet, to the ruffling of their dresses to Junko's breath hitching slightly.

Nothing was shielded.

The lunarian led her to her room and told her to get comfortable as she went to make some tea.

Junko thanked her, polite as always which could be endearing or disarming. 

Red eyes raked over the goddess's quarters, simple yet elegant. A few trinkets were scattered around on shelves and her dresser. She noticed a purple robe resting on the chair, along with what appeared to be a quiver of arrows resting on the wall. The arrows were elaborate yet subtly detailed which gave Junko an insight into the mind of the elusive moon goddess that had fled the lunarian society. 

Fleeing the place where Chang'e was imprisoned.

Junko wasn't sure if it was in her mind but she could feel the princess’s aura on Eirin and if her knowledge was correct, then it was the lunar sage which had created the immorality elixir for her and Kaguya.

While Junko did seek out comfort from Eirin and held a great deal of admiration for her, there was something she wanted from Eirin. 

Answers, a pathway to reach closure. 

She knew that Eirin could do something as the goddess walked in and rested a tray on the low table where Junko was seated.

"How is the princess, and Reisen?".

"As well as can be" Eirin replied and poured the beverages, eyes fluttering to the divine spirit watching her, "Kaguya's whims and fancies are never ending so they provide endless antics. Most of which Reisen seems to be a sense of her damage control thankfully".

Junko smiled, "She has a steady head on her shoulders that apprentice of yours".

"That she does" Eirin mirrored the blonde's expression fondly. 

"And your youkai? How is she?".

Eirin openly chuckled at that as she handed Junko a cup, "That is an interesting word choice, Junko".

"I hear things" Junko smiled and sipped her tea, not affected by the warmth that is oozed, "Wonderful".

Eirin nodded in acknowledgement before sipping her own, keeping her hands around the warm cup when she lowered it, "So, what do you need tonight, Junko?". 


"I can't give you those, as I have said before".

Junko inhaled lightly and closed her eyes, already knowing the answer and the truth behind it. Eirin's reach on the moon wasn't as strong as before considering that she was hiding from them but still, it was a hit to the chest.

"Answers to how I can reach her would have been ideal but no, that is not why I am here".

A silver brow arched at the admission, "Why are you here tonight?".

The brief silence floated between them as Junko placed her cup down. 

"And don't lie to me".

"So you already know.." Junko mused and held Eirin's gaze, "What I want from you".

Junko's voice wavered at the end of that sentence as Eirin sighed at the impossible request. She moved around the table to take a seat next to her. She had a sinking feeling as to where this conversation was going as Junko had been building up to it since they started to see each other. Eirin felt sympathy for the woman, she truly did but this was a request that simply wasn't feasible to do. 

"I can't bring him back, Junko".

"Why not? If you can create something that will extend life, then surely you can create something..that will bring one back".

"It isn't that simple" Eirin stated, "To bring back the dead requires far more than you think. And it isn't my field to begin with. Honestly, Yukari would have been a better choice for that".

"She would never agree and you know, Eirin, you know the lunarians. I know you're aware of why I abhor them the way I do. You know what I lost, why I lost him so you must do something".

Eirin lowered her head and carefully placed a hand over Junko's that were clenched on her knees, "I'm sorry, Junko, I truly am. This isn't the kind of closure that you need".

"And what do you know about needing closure! Your losses were deciduous!" Junko spat out in pithy and shook Eirin's hand off, "What would you know about losing someone dear to you!?".

Eirin's smile was stolid, a brief one that was more morose and Junko saw it from the corner of her tear stained eyes. She was aware that the woman rarely expressed more emotion than she needed to so it was startling to see even that glimpse of it. 

The goddess's lugubrious tone filtered between them, "It may not be the same thing, it may seem incomparable to the grief you feel. But I do know how it felt when I lost Kaguya. I felt empty enough to turn my back on everything for her, to assuage some of my guilt and repentance" she explained, meeting Junko's eyes, "I am making up for my mistakes of being without her, for the punishment she received to this day due to my actions. It is one of the few ways to find some semblance in our lives. And you do have those around to help you navigate your grief, Junko. As fugacious as that reprieve will be, it helps to dull the pain".

Junko's jaw hardened as she took in the woman's words, seeing reason in them but it hurt, it still hurt so much. 

The anger burned through her veins, that pure fury.

She didn't want to feel it, just for a second. 

She needed someone to take it, someone she couldn't hurt, someone that wasn't Hecatia. 

Eirin could feel the conflicted emotions over the divine spirit's face as she waited, watching the way her eyes darted around, the red in them pulsing like lava escaping out of a volatile explosion. 

"Those around me.." Junko muttered, fingers twitching in a need to touch something, to break someone.

And who better than an immortal goddess that couldn't die.

Junko lunged for Eirin's throat with a low cry, toppling their tea over as she towered over the woman whilst on her knees. 

Eirin anticipated such a thing happening and grabbed the woman's wrists to hold her back but Junko overpowered her, slamming her down onto the ground as a struggled ensued.

They tossed and turned around the room, both vying to have the other under her. 

The tears Junko kept at bay had erupted as she murmured something, a plea almost. 

So Eirin obliged. 

"Make me forget".

Her grip on the blonde's wrists increased as she used her height advantage to knock the woman to the side before landing on top of her to press her mouth over Junko's.

A hard kiss that catapulted Junko's tattered mind in another direction, beyond the declivity, chilling her to the bone as her mouth was overtaken by the lunar sage.

Junko's hands were flat against the floor as she kissed Eirin, her back curving off of the ground as they both gasped given the way that their tongues swayed and lips bled when bitten.

If it was enough to assuage Junko's torrid mind for a minute, then Eirin would compile.

She released the woman's wrists and felt her grab at her back, tugging at her clothes to begin the flustered dance of undressing each other whilst their heated emotions took over till they were bare and on the floor with Eirin's fingers inside Junko's.

Eirin threw the last of Junko's garbs with her free hand before balancing on it, feeling herself slide within the blonde's vulva, just an inch inside with a bit of a struggle.

She needed Junko to relax, to let the rage simmer enough to let her in. 

Hurting Junko further wasn't the plan so she lowered her head down, kissing the woman's damp cheek before glancing into her eyes. 

"Junko, you need to calm down for a moment" she whispered, "Just enough to get inside you". 

The blonde groaned out, head tipping back as she did as she was told. 

Her legs opened wider with her thighs in the air and she felt it, felt Eirin's finger insert her. 

One first, then a second. 

Junko cursed up into Eirin's neck as the sage nuzzled and sucked on her shoulder. 

"That's it" Eirin panted. 

Whenever Junko felt Eirin push her fingers up the underside of her clit, she moaned gravely as her hands pawed at Eirin's hips, nails wedging in when Eirin mounted her thigh and moved on her.

She felt distracted, satisfied with each push and pull of Eirin's fingers slamming inside, spreading the walls when she separated her digits to feel the soft yet firm walls contract. The scabrous sounds it produced was vulgar, tainted as the slick audio permeated the room. 

Junko gripped the side of the futon near them that they hadn't quite reached when Eirin bit down on the side of her throat, curling her fingers and careening them within her as the wetness seeped out from her.

"Eirin.." Junko gasped, "Keep going!". 

It was euphoria, to feel Eirin's firm body on her own, her strong fingers thrusting, her nimble thumb circling her clit as her orgasm took over.

Junko thought she was ready to let go of her grief but that couldn't be, it would never happen so all that could respite were these distractions.

Of the kindness of those around her.

Junko's hips buckled when Eirin called out her name which stroked something in the remnants of the erotogenic zone in her mind as her thigh ground down, slotting between the blonde's legs. Eirin was drenched too as she continued to fuck her at the same pace of her long phalanx scraping the muscles of Junko's core as it gripped Eirin tighter.

She wanted the blonde to focus on nothing but her. 

Her thumb rubbing her clit erratically. 

Her lips lathering over the woman's breast. 

Her blue eyes watching Junko and only her. 

"You're almost there, Junko, just focus on me" she whispered. 

All that could be heard and felt was the passionate gasps, the slight creak of the floor underneath them, the wetness of their centres being substituted as words.

Junko focused on it all, focused on the lunarian offering her reprieve as her fingers dug into Eirin's scalp before they slid down her back to leave large red welts.

She hoped Yukari and Kaguya wouldn't mind. 

All of it culminated till they both came, a deluge running between them as their bodies withered against each other's.

The repose may have been temporary but it helped, helped Junko to remember that there was more to rage, more to bloodlust.

Eirin kissed her breasts softly and created a trail of pressing her lips up her chest, along Junko's collarbone, over the slope of her neck, up her jaw and then against her lips as she slid her fingers out, pulling back to look at the woman. 

Her tousled blonde locks and hazy red eyes were rousing.

Junko cupped her face with her hands, wiping the sweat forming on Eirin's cheeks before pulling her down to kiss her.

It wouldn't begin to heal the pain, but for now, it was enough.

They had all of eternity.

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It was common knowledge that Reimu detested the winter season on a grand scale. 

The blanket of snow, as beautiful as it may have looked, resulted in the priestess's dyspeptic nature to showcase fully as she bundled up her capelet and scarf around her.

The grey scenery seemed barren, the trees bare and casting ominous shadows, making the morning seem bleaker than usual.

The tell-tale signs of the winter being colder than usual wasn't exaggerated when Yukari met up with her to say goodbye, telling Reimu to look after herself and not sleep too much.

Reimu chuckled in a sardonic tone, "We can't all sleep through the winter like some overly powerful youkai" she shook her head and took a seat on the veranda, nursing a cup of tea as she kept an eye out for any worshippers. 

It was a fruitless task to do as the shrine rarely had visitors on summer days so to hope for them to visit during winter was clutching at straws. The dregs of autumn had long fluttered by, bringing a bout of needling frigid temperatures which left Reimu with an increase in idle moments that she didn't care for. 

It wasn't like she had anything better to do than to watch the quiet morning pass by and wait for whoever the first nuisance was going to come by and bother her. 

Most likely Marisa or Cirno.

The exuberant ice fairy was even more active during the winter, causing more micro incidents than Reimu would like to deal with. 

Not that she minded as it helped dull the ennui during the parky months Gensokyo had to offer. 

The isolation could be too much at times, despite the woman enjoying her peaceful moments.

It was different during these months as there was something maudlin about being alone during the dismal weather. The caliginous skies halted any light from the sun to stream down, dulling any chance of warmth and company to sweep over the land. 

A puff of air materialised in front of her when she breathed out, watching each particle billow around to signify how cold the air was.

"Wait a second, did it just get colder?" she muttered and looked around, addled by the sudden drop, "Cirno must be close by".

But to her surprise, the figure she saw fluttering and land gracefully in front of her wasn't Cirno. 

It was Letty.


This was another recurring occasion which had been going on for the past few years.

And yet Reimu was always nonplussed by her arrival. 

Letty would visit her, often bearing ifts and today was no different as she held a box of confectionery that Reimu realised was from Alice's home.

Alice and Letty had become familiar with each other too thanks to Reimu. 

"Good morning, Reimu'".

"Yeah you too" the priestess replied and eyed the woman up, "You're here early".

Letty's footsteps couldn't be heard on the powdered snow which was unnerving but the more Reimu thought about it, being a snow youkai would make her more or less one entity with this season.

"Winter needs to commence in order to complete the cycle" she smiled gently, waiting for Reimu to invite her in or turn her away, "May I join you?".

"Sure. Come in" she motioned for the youkai to sit next to her, "At least this one asks instead of barging in".

"Thank you" she smiled and handed her the intricately designed box, "These are for you. Alice said that you'd enjoy them".

"Ah, you went by Alice's?" she asked with indifference, knowing the answer already. 

"Yes, she is working on a project in regards to her magic and needed my assistance". 

"Oh, I see" Reimu hummed, "Well, relax and I won't be a second".

She stood up and went back into the shrine to retrieve another cup and poured Letty some tea, "I've never seen you drink tea when you come by now that I think about it. Is it going to be okay? Like it's not going to melt you insides or anything?".

Letty's gentle blue eyes twinkled in amusement as she accepted the tea, "Not at all, we can gain sustenance by normal food too, so thank you".

Reimu looked relieved and picked up a bun and bit into the fluffy texture, "Considering the fact that Cirno can regenerate, I wasn't sure how it works for you".

"That's understandable. While we may be of the same element, we work in different ways" the yuki onna answered and took in the winter wonderland that was the Hakurei shrine, "Winter is a moment's peace between the cycles, readying the world for the next part. Although, it is an inconvenience for some" she chuckled when she recalled how much Reimu really didn't like it, "I do apologise on its behalf".

"It's not like you can help it" Reimu brushed it off and took in the woman's serene countenance, "Being a seasonal youkai must be hard work. Where do you go for the rest of the year?".

"Wherever the winter takes me".

"That was vague as hell" Reimu grinned.

"Winter is ubiquitous, Reimu. Wherever life exists, winter will be there. Though, sometimes we too hibernate. Admittedly, it's always nice to be back here in Gensokyo. This is a place where I can truly call home".

"That so?".

Letty nodded, "Even with dangerous priestesses patrolling the area when there are mishaps with the seasons". 

Reimu coughed lightly and Letty didn't miss the pink tinge on her cheeks as the brunette chuckled weakly at the way the two had met those many years ago, "Has it been that long? Weird to think we became close" she noted, "Oh, not that it's a bad thing. Like don't get me wrong, compared to other youkai, I do enjoy your company. Uhh, not in that way I mean-".

"Reimu" Letty laughed and patted the brunette's back, "You're rambling".

She cleared her throat, fighting down the heat coursing through her body as Letty's amiable smile was a sight to take in. 

Suddenly, the iciness had been lifted, just like it always did when Letty came around. The confabulation between them alleviated the loneliness Reimu felt, making her forget the dreary bleakness brought on by the youkai's arrival. 

"I do feel the same, hence why Gensokyo will always be important to me, why you are important to me".

"I, I see" Reimu replied and took in the yuki onna's delicate features, just like the snow she realised, "Is that why you're always the first one here every winter?".

"It seems like I wasn't as subtle as I thought regarding that" the woman laughed, noticing the way Reimu's fingers were flat on the veranda, so close to her own, "I'm aware that winter can make humans lonely, it is a side effect of turning the world into stage where it can revive again. So I was hoping that I could at least provide you with a distraction".

"I appreciate that" Reimu said softly, "Letty".

Letty slid her hand further up, resting it over Reimu's before they intertwined their fingers together. She always found it enchanting how Gensokyo's irascible priestess displayed her more cordial side during random moments. 

Her fingers loitered over Reimu's gloved knuckles, feeling the outline of dainty fingers. 

"Is it too cold?".

Reimu chuckled, squeezing Letty's fingertips, "It's strange, but you don't feel cold, even through my gloves" she marvelled, the softness of the woman's hands shielding her own, "You're soothing".

"I'm glad" Letty smiled and held onto Reimu's hand, eyes returning to the tori to see Cirno starting a fight with Marisa, "It is the least I can do for you". 

"It's more than enough" Reimu thought to herself and settled against Letty. 

Colourful rounds of danmaku splashing over the grey sky provided some life back into the vicinity, adding to Letty’s company. 

Everything suddenly fit into place like the snowflakes falling to the ground, locking together on the surface. 

Just like their hands did. 

Such was their seasonal routine. 

Just the two of them together, every morning when Gensokyo was still rousing.

Suddenly, the winter didn't feel as sequestered anymore.

Chapter Text




The silence of the night encompassed Keine's home.

It was as if the wildlife knew, it was as if every species that resided there knew what was about to occur. 

For a land that was imbued in anomalous walks of life and incidents, there was something about this night that simply felt harrowing. 

Within the warmly lit home, two figures were laying together on the futon. 

One was filled with equanimity, the other was dismayed. 

Keine tasted salt.

She felt the wet droplets on Mokou's face when she removed her dried lips from Mokou's cheek. 

"Mokou, you're crying".

She quietly giggled when they pulled back and Mokou quickly wiped her eyes with the back of her hand, "No I'm not".


Her voice was gentle, weak, a former ghost of what it used to be.

Mokou detested it, couldn't bear to hear Keine that way, on the cusp of life.

"Hey, look at me".

Mokou's fiery eyes met Keine's gentle brown orbs as their heads remained on the pillow. Keine gently cupped Mokou's cheek, wiping the stray tears that the other woman couldn't quite conceal as her thumb swept it away. 

Even death had come to soon and Mokou could feel it, feel the weakness in Keine's bones. She could tell that Keine was trying to be valorous despite her impending quietus and she wished she could imitate the woman's resolve. 

But Mokou couldn't as she would still be here. 

"Don't be upset".

Mokou scoffed, no force behind it, "What do you want me to do, you're gonna-".

Keine pressed her index finger over Mokou's lips to stop the dreary reminder from escaping her mouth. 

"But I'm not going just yet. So let's talk, okay?" she smiled, "And touch" she added, running a finger down Mokou's jaw, "And kiss", the words followed by a delicate one against the phoenix's lips.

Each sentiment was what Mokou wanted to yield to in a bid to solidify it into her mind, enough so that she'd recall it no matter where her immortality took her.

Keine wanted Mokou to live, to not give up in experiencing life and be shrouded in quandary after she passes. 

"I don't want it to end tonight, or ever. Keine.." Mokou exhaled, "This isn't fair, fuck".

"Language" Keine playfully chided and tapped her nail against the woman's temple, "This is how it was always going end, wasn't it?".

"Yeah, but it shouldn't be the case. Not this fucking soon. I hate this".

I hate immortality.

I hate that I have to forget you.

I hate the thought of you becoming nothing more than a faded memory.

I hate it all.

Keine could see the bellicose sentiments etched on the woman's face as she softly stroked her palm over Mokou's cheek to assuage her. It was onerous to have to leave Mokou behind like this but such was mortality, it never played by the rules. 

Even for those that cheated it like the immortals. 

Kaguya and Eirin had endured it with Reisen.

And now, Mokou would have to do the same with her.

All three had opted to live a cloistered life but that didn't mean death wouldn't locate them in some way. 

Keine could feel her body going through the process and her breathing became languid, like her lungs were being filled with led, "But I love you. That is something you need to remember, alright? No matter what you hate about this, just know that I love you".

"Keine.." Mokou hissed, increasing her hold around Keine's hip before stopping herself.

Keine was so fragile, so enervated.

Ready for death to devour her. 

It was unfair for Keine to say that again, more so knowing that she could never not say it to her, "I love you too".

Keine smiled, an ebullient version that melted the distraught woman.

Even in death, cloaked by a wane aura, Keine was beautiful.

"You have so much of you to give to this world" Keine stated and brushed their noses together as she inhaled the woman's scent, committing it to memory, hoping to carry it to wherever she ended up, "So, promise me you won't let it fade away or let yourself be consumed in grief".

"I can't promise ya somethin like that" Mokou countered, moving herself closer to the dying woman, "You're leaving me".

"I know".

"I'm never gonna get to see you again, I can't even fucking die to join you, I-".


Keine's voice went stern to calm her lover down as she held her face, "Don't say that. It is not your time to die, it never will be and maybe there is a reason for that". 

"So that I can watch everyone I love die? What kinda fucked up curse is that?!" she gritted out as Keine's fingertips smoothed down the hard feeling of her jaw clenching. 

"Listen to me" she said quietly, concealing a sharp pain running over her body. 

Mokou must have felt it too as her face contorted into consternation. 

"You have once viewed your immortality as a curse and it was for so long" she said, "But you can now view it as a blessing, Mokou. By getting to meet me, and everyone in Gensokyo. By working things out with Kaguya. By having a home because Gensokyo is still here. It always will be and it will always need you. I need you".

"That's some serious guilt trippin" Mokou managed to crack a grin, "Kaguya's been a bad influence on you" she scoffed, resting her palm on Keine's neck, her skin feeling cold.

"You know how convincing she is" the teacher said softly, "But I mean it, you will always have a purpose here. For the kids, for the youkai, for those that become lost. On a metaphorical and literal sense. Do you understand me?".

Mokou nodded and sighed over Keine's lips as she took them between her own to sample salt on the other woman's now.

She wasn't sure if they were her own tears or Keine's anymore, "So live for me, okay? Don't become imbued in grief. It'll destroy you".

Keine thinks back to how Mokou was.

Keine thinks back to Junko. 

She doesn't want that for her lover.

"Promise me".

Mokou said nothing, just pressing numerous kisses against Keine's mouth while running her fingers over whatever part of Keine's form she could touch knowing that Keine was leaving her and soon.

She held her closer, took her in, sank into her. 



Keine pulled back and held her gaze, "Promise me".

How could she not, Mokou could never refuse Keine let alone her dying wish, a selfless one at that.

So she bit the inside of her cheek to stop the onslaught of tears and exhaled hastily whilst bringing her fingers into Keine's hair and took in her eyes.

"I..I promise, Keine".

It was quiet, rigid and pained.

But it was said and Keine smiled, body twitching as the felt the signs of her soul fading.

She held onto Mokou with what strength she had left and took in her expression, took in those crimson eyes which had once looked sharp, so guarded. 

And now, now they were soft for her, for the life she had blessed Mokou with. 

A life Keine hoped would continue after her demise. 

Their foreheads remained pressed together after a parting kiss.

It was shaky. 

Keine couldn't support her pallid system anymore and it faded away gently.

Keine's breath stopped. 

Mokou's followed.

But only one would return to cope with the aftermath. 

Chapter Text




On the outskirts of the Garden of the Sun, a duel was on-going between two unruly troublemakers and one tired flower youkai.

Still, Yuuka couldn't deny that it was exhilarating going up against the duo even if she was at an unfair disadvantage, not that it was hindering her capabilities. 

Tenshi and Marisa flew out of the way when Yuuka's spell card was activated, covering the vicinity in bullets as they did what they could to dodge them.

"I think we're going too easy on her" Marisa yelled out, "Let's take things up a notch!".

The celestial couldn't agree more, grinning slightly manically.

Yuuka felt somewhat responsible for that particular quirk of Tenshi's as she weaved towards them, "Now, now, I wouldn't want either of you to die so don't press me".

"Two against one, Yuuka. You've got no chance!".

"Really, Tenshi. You out of everyone should know better" Yuuka smiled, teeth showing, "Marisa should be aware of it too".

Tenshi and Marisa merely laughed as they zipped around Yuuka, their bullets gliding through the air as numerous keystones tumbled down from the heavens.

"I'm used to your tricks now" Tenshi reminded whilst flying forward, wielding her sword.

Yuuka quickly brought up her parasol to meet the celestial's strikes, their movements swift and agile.

The look in Tenshi's eyes screamed smug amusement as she brought her weapon down after lifting it up, ready to strike it  against Yuuka's head but the youkai had managed to dash backwards. However, the tip of Tenshi's weapon had delivered quite the abrasion to her forehead, a stream up red trickling down the woman's face.

It was enough for Tenshi's confidence to soar, the possibilities of winning this match accumulating as she didn't give Yuuka a moment to stop, going for her again by jabbing her sword repeatedly.

In fairness, that was the first major scratch on Yuuka whereas Tenshi and Marisa appeared like they had definitely been put through the wringer, such was expected when dealing with a formidable youkai like Yuuka.

But the duo were relentless, utilising their partnership and discordant firepower to make the fight as onerous for Yuuka as possible.

Speaking of which, Yuuka had let Marisa out of her sight, a grave error if there was such a thing.

"Marisa, now!".

Tenshi flew upwards as Yuuka turned around to see a familiar burst of light coming from the blonde's Hakkero, a flash of surprise prevalent in Yuuka's crimson eyes.

The magician snickered as her attack neared Yuuka, too rapidly for the youkai to fully avoid.

"To be surprised by my own attack" Yuuka tutted regretfully as she opened her parasol, laughing in a sardonic manner, "Impressive, Marisa".

She was going to have to volley the master spark with her own, at least that was the plan until a burst of a black energy bolt incepted it just as it was about to reach Yuuka. However, it wouldn't be enough to spare Yuuka from the remnants of Marisa's attack so the figure whom had interrupted them flew in front the youkai, forming a shield around them.

"What the..!" Tenshi could only exclaim as she watched the scenario unfurl while the master spark sped by, aiming for the Scarlet Devil Mansion instead, "That vampire is going to be pissed" she shrugged.

Marisa, however, had recognised the move and when the smoke cleared, she gulped down harshly to see a very familiar figure appear, their shield rescinding before she turned to face Yuuka.

"Remilia won't get a chance to kill me" she mused.

The magician would have taken being beaten by Remilia any day.

Meanwhile, Yuuka was in the midst of closing her parasol, the slight shake of her head doing nothing to diminish the glee on her face, "Your timing is as impeccable as always, Mima".

"Well, making a spectacular entrance is what I do best" Mima chuckled, the staff in her hand lowering as her wings beat slowly when she moved to Yuuka, "If you were going to pick a fight with my student and a celestial, you could have told me".

"Oh, this wasn't intentional. If you know anything about your apprentice and Tenshi, you will be aware that provocation isn't always needed".

"I did teach her well" Mima noted, "And your endeavours with Tenshi is self-explanatory. Still.." she mused as she lifted her hand, using her thumb to wipe the trail of blood from the woman's forehead softly before looking at it, "To think that they landed a hit on you is surprising". 

"They are calculating in their own ways" Yuuka said with a smile, "I'd be angry if I wasn't impressed".

Yuuka retrieved a handkerchief and cleaned Mima's finger, the woman chuckling at Yuuka's ever polite mannerisms in such a situation. She did find it alluring how the flower youkai could be so refined and yet absolutely terrifying at the same time. 

"Hey, lovebirds! You can do your yuri manga moment later! We're in the middle of something here!". 

"Tenshi, the fuck are you doing!?" Marisa hissed as the two floated down to the couple before Marisa gripped Tenshi's arm. 

"It's two on two now so we can fight some more". 

"Hell no". 

"Huh? Why are you backing off? It's just Mima and Yuuka". 

Marisa slapped her forehead with her hand as she heard Mima's laugh. 

It was chilling. 

"You don't get it, Tenshi-". 

"Marisa, what did I teach you about fighting fair?". 

The blonde laughed sheepishly, "You didn't. It's not the style of vengeful spirit, ya know. Anyway, nice day for a fly around the village, gotta go!". 

This time it was Tenshi yanking her back, "Where do you think you're going? We're finishing this". 

Marisa strongly disagreed, the disaccord prevalent in her tone, "Listen, the only thing that's gonna be finished is us". 

"It is endearing that she recalls us partnering up during our time in Makai" Yuuka said fondly, hand on her cheek. 

"Those were the days" Mima agreed, "We should go back and visit Shinki some time. Maybe after we wipe your garden clean with these two". 

Tenshi was none the wiser to Yuuka and Mima's joint strength and couldn't understand why the usually unshakable, Kirisame 'Let's blow everything up' Marisa was suddenly apprehensive about executing just that. 

"Come on, how powerful can they be? I mean, fighting Yuuka on her own is hard, I have to admit that but Mima is just a vengeful spirit. I've had duels with fairies that are probably stronger than her" she declared and made a show of twirling her sword in her hand, "This will be over in like 5 seconds". 

"Is that so?" Mima enquired, the question asked in a caustic way, "We will just have to see about that". 

Yuuka and Marisa noticed the twitch of Mima's eyebrow, her smile appearing utterly devilish and when Yuuka mirrored the expression, Marisa had wished she had written her will. 

The air around them turned cacophonous, wisps of wind turning into gale as Mima and Yuuka readied themselves while Tenshi and Marisa did the same. 

Unlike Tenshi, Marisa knew the outcome of the last round as they all flew towards each other. 

"We are so fucking dead".


Half an hour later, Reimu and Alice were interrupted of their tea time when Mima and Yuuka dropped by, depositing two forms in front of them.

"What the.." Reimu could only mutter as she took in Tenshi and Marisa's battered bodies, the celestial resting over Marisa, "Do I want to ask?"

"I think we may be better off not knowing" Alice noted. 

Mima could see the slight smirk on the blonde's face. 

"We do apologise" Yuuka said earnestly, "But we ran into these two and..".

Reimu waved off the explanation knowing full well how the anarchic duo functioned, all power and no brains at times.

"I think we're going to need Reisen" Alice mused as Tenshi mumbled something, "Make that Eirin, actually".

"We'll leave them in your care".

"Where are you going?" Reimu asked Mima who glanced towards Yuuka.

"I've got a date with a pretty flower youkai" she winked, "She was late but that is the fault of those two. Really, I thought I had raised Marisa with some manners". 

The blonde flipping her off from the ground might have added some credence to that. 

"Mima" Yuuka admonished playfully before linking her arm around Mima's, "But she does have a point. As riveting as our battle was, something calming like a stroll does sound wonderful". 

With that, the two women bid them goodbye and went on their way, leaving a slightly perplexed Reimu and Alice. 

"I hope the next pre windows reunion doesn't happen for a while".

"I don't quite understand what that means?" Alice stated as Marisa winced when Tenshi accidentally whacked her in the face.

"Me neither. I heard Yukari say it once".

Chapter Text




Hatate couldn't focus on the program she was watching on the TV in the shared space of her dormitory. 

It wasn't the rain and thunder putting on a joint performance outside which was distracting her. Nor was it her looming deadlines for her assignments or the fact that she had to go into work after her lessons tomorrow. 

She wouldn't mind all of those reasons if it pushed the true cause of her anguish out of her thoughts. 

The brunette's vision became blurry again, her hand gripping her phone hard enough to almost snap. 

Hatate wasn't even sure why she bothered to keep it with her now. 

It wasn't as if Aya was going to text or call her anymore which was the source of her pain but Hatate wasn't in a state where she was thinking coherently. 

She scoffed bitterly whilst thinking back to their final conversation.

Baseless words of how Aya wasn't sure of the direction of their relationship or how her studies couldn't be neglected and how time couldn't be organised efficiently. 

"Funny how you have all of the free time in the world to spend with her now" she muttered. 

The moment Megumu came into the picture, somewhere in Hatate's heart, she knew had already lost Aya. 

Anger pooled in her stomach again, quickly switching to nihility as she switched the TV off and put the remote control down when she heard the door to her other roommate's bedroom open. 

"Oh, Momiji". 

"Hello" the reserved woman replied, pausing a moment before speaking up again, "Are you alright?". 

She knew the question seemed redundant but Momiji didn't know what else to say as she was well aware of what had happened between Hatate and Aya. 

The brunette smiled, the action hollow as she stood up, "I'm fine, thanks for asking. I'm going to head back to my room and see if I can finish my assignment" she chuckled, "See you later". 

Hatate's action were sluggish, like she was walking on autopilot as Momiji nodded, watching her. 

She wished she could help her, but the woman felt like her intentions wouldn't be solely altruistic. 

Not that Hatate was aware of the inner turmoil going on in Momiji's mind as she closed the door and leaned back against it, hands on the surface while she squeezed her eyes shut. 

She was tired of crying over Aya. 

It had been months and yet the emptiness crafted by Aya's departure left a cavern within her mind, an indicant to the detrition she had led Hatate to this state. 

The journalist in training was just about getting by, be it with self care or her studies and job. 

She had invested too much in Aya, unaware of the consequences of loving and trusting someone wholly. The tears spilled from her eyes as she shuffled to her bed, collapsing on it on her side as she clutched the pillow that Aya loved to sleep on. 

The scent had long disappeared but the ghost of the other woman's fragrance was enough to comfort her, to lull her into a fitful nap. 

When she awake 20 minutes later, Hatate felt just as dreadful as she rubbed her eyes and checked the time which read 8:14 pm. 

Her stomach was telling her to go and eat but her mind wanted her to suffer in the solitude of her own room. She felt pathetic as it was, to be hurting over someone who had clearly moved on without a second thought to her. 

It was harrowing and unfair. 

Aya and her own thoughts, trapping her. 

She felt a headache forming against her temple as a light knock came to the door, the person waiting for a response. 

As much as she didn't want to see anyone, knowing that it was most likely Momiji compelled her to answer. 

"Come in". 

Momiji entered, holding a mug of tea, "Excuse the intrusion" she said, voice quiet and calming. 

"Don't worry about it" Hatate brushed off and motioned for the woman to take a seat wherever, so Momiji chose the chair near Hatate's bed after leaving the tea on the low table near it, "Thank you, you didn't have to". 

"It is okay. I..know I cannot do much but I am here to talk if you wish to". 

Hatate sipped the tea before placing it back, taking in Momiji's complaisant and diligent form. Even in casual clothes like a t-shirt and jeans, the woman always appeared prim and proper, something she loved to tease her friend about. 

"I appreciate it, Momiji" she answered, "For everything. I know you must be fed up of me moping around over her". 

"That isn't the case at all, I assure you" Momiji was quick to say, "I can only apologise that you have had to endure this. I expected better of her"

"You and me both" Hatate laughed, more out of spite as Momiji frowned, "But people are full of surprises like that. Or in Aya's case, full of shit". 

Momiji was inclined to agree as Hatate sighed, a hand going through her brunette hair which was let down from its usual ponytail. She appeared enervated, eyes bloodshot and cheeks slightly hollow given that she hadn't been eating well. It only proved to anger the woman more at how Aya's actions continued to affect Hatate, how she was making her suffer. 

She knew that if she had a chance with Hatate, she would never let the woman feel the dread she was having to endure. 

But that was just a fleeting dream which had no business of seeing the light of day. 

"It's my fault, you know. I always fall for women that end up screwing me over". 

"How is that your fault?". 

"Maybe I ignore the signs?" Hatate reasoned, toying with the edge of her skirt, "Maybe I let them in knowing full well that they're going to hurt me. I mean, Aya didn't technically say that she was over Megumu". 

Momiji thought otherwise, "Then she shouldn't have pursued a relationship with you, Hatate. If she was not ready. It was cruel to give you hope, especially when you deserve to be someone's all and not their second choice". 

The honest words took Hatate by surprise, her brown eyes taking Momiji in. 

There was nothing but truth in her countenance and the fact of that made her teary again. 

A worried Momiji was up on her feet, reaching for Hatate as she crouched down in front of her. 

"I apologise for my palaver" she quickly said, "It was not my intention to upset you, Hatate. You deserve better is all I meant".

Hatate swallowed thickly, "Thank you, Momiji. You always know what to say, even if you don't say much". 

"It's the least I can do as your friend and-". 

Her following words were cut off when Hatate embraced her, curling her arms behind Momiji's head, the hold tight. It took a moment for it to register for Momiji but it felt natural to embrace Hatate back while she was still crouching in front of her, hands resting on the brunette's spine. 

Hatate just cried against her shoulder, emptying out all of the turbulent emotions and Momiji just held her till Hatate moved back. 

Her eyes were red, cheeks tear stained and Momiji couldn't help but to wipe the remnants away. 


Hatate's voice was raspy, her hands going into Momiji's white hair, fingers shaking slightly. 

"You should rest" Momiji said softly, sensing where this was going, her own body betraying her, "I'll be here, I ensure you". 

She was about to get up before Hatate pulled her back down, kissing her. 

The action caused Momiji to end up on top of the brunette, the bed beneath them dipping as she ended up kissing her back. 

Every fibre in Momiji's body was telling her to stop, that this wasn't coming from a healthy place, that Hatate was hurting. 

But it all drained away when Hatate moved back, head landing on the mattress. 

She held Momiji's red eyes, exposing everything, "Please don't leave me, Momiji".

Momiji snapped and took Hatate into her arms, swearing to herself that she wouldn't let her go, refusing to adopt Aya's gourmand traits, indulging herself without a care for others. 

The next few seconds resulted in a scramble to remove their clothing whilst kissing each other, hands touching whatever they could. Momiji's fingers worked deftly to unbutton Hatate's shirt as the brunette yanked her t-shirt off. She ended up straddled on Momiji's lap, knees on either side of her hips as the woman peeled her skirt and underwear down. 

Momiji kept a hold of Hatate's hips while she kissed over her stomach, one hand going between her thighs, following the wet trail till she could slide her finger in. Hatate's body trembled, grip on Momiji's bare shoulders bordering aggressive with each stroke of her walls.

The brunette just surrendered to the sensation of Momiji's mouth on her naval, palm on her nub and finger flexing within her. 

She couldn't halt her need for Momiji even after she came. 

The reprieve hit her instantly as Momiji fell back onto the bed, ushering the brunette to move over her face. 

They locked eyes, Hatate panting heavily as her fingers ruffled the white hair, the other bracing the wall behind them.  

She could see it in Momiji's eyes, her emotions, her desperation to want to make her feel better, to return her from a state of feeling discrete from reality. 

So Hatate let her, lowering her hips down till she felt Momiji's tongue bury deep inside her as she rocked on her. 

Any thoughts of anything other than Momiji touching her had faded away under the unbridled pleasure that the woman was bringing her. 

Bouts and bouts of it, the two of them getting acquainted with each other intimately. 

For Momiji, it was like a dream. 

For Hatate, it was an escape. 

She found herself on top of Momiji, thigh slotted against the firm nub, skin slick as she pushed against her while Momiji did the same to her. The bed beneath them bore the brunt of their fevered actions as Momiji gripped onto Hatate's upper arms, legs tightening till the brunette moaned into her mouth as they reached the apex of their carnal yearnings. 

Momiji was quick to catch her against her chest, releasing their legs while they both breathed heavily, their hearts conforming to the mind blowing experience. 

Whether it would be filled with regret or a possibility of something more neither could be sure at this point. 

All Momiji knew was that she would be around Hatate, picking up the pieces till Hatate understood that she wasn't going to leave her. 

Her arms wound around Hatate's back whilst Hatate snuggled up against her neck, tracing her fingers around Momiji's chest and shoulders. 

Whatever the outcome of this tryst was, the journey for the two had changed, brought together by the qualms of betrayal, longing and heartbreak. 

Perhaps that was enough. 

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"Hey, Reimu".

The priestess wasn't expecting to see Shion in the shape she was in at the steps of the shrine.

"What happened to you?".

"Ah, well.." the goddess mumbled, "Fairies".

Reimu's expression shifted to murder, "I'm going to kill them. Slowly".

She motioned for Shion to come in as she brought the woman a towel and began to dry her up.

"Every single time. I tell them not to play pranks" Reimu muttered, dabbing Shion's face lightly before turning her around to dry her hair, "But do they listen. No".

"It's okay, really" Shion insisted quietly, "They are fun to watch".

Reimu's presence was making the slight ordeal worth it as she felt the towel drying her strands, her hoody being wiped off in the process.

The heedless actions of the obstreperous fairies were often harmless which is why Shion didn't think much of it. 

"Not sure if fun is the word I'd use" Reimu said dryly as she ushered Shion to the kotatsu, "Sit under here, it'll warm you up".

"Thank you. I'm sorry about this".

"What are you talking about? I said you could come here when you wanted to" Reimu reassured, "Besides, this was the doing of those damn fairies. So, sit tight and I'll be back with some tea".

Shion was about to protest but Reimu had reached the kitchen where she could hear the woman prepare the ingredients necessary. She still found it strange, to be in Gensokyo and surrounded by people that didn't shun her or treat her like her sister did.

Between the companionship she had received from Tenshi, Shinmyoumaru and Reimu, Shion felt like she belonged here.

She wasn't a stranger to the Hakurei Shrine, knowing of Reimu long before their incident but to finally be able to talk to her directly felt enthralling.

Beneath her brash and prickly exterior, Reimu was welcoming, more so as the years passed by.

The woman walked back in and placed the tray in front of Shion as she sat by her, "Warmed up now?".

"Yes, thank you".

Reimu served the tea, the cup clasped between Shion's hands, "Where were you before heading to the shrine?".

"I was with Tenshi".

"Oh? What is she up to now?" Reimu questioned, "When she is quiet for this long, I worry".

The goddess chuckled, something Reimu saw from the corner of her eye which made her smile.

"Nothing troublesome so please don't worry. Oh.." Shion remembered and retrieved a cloth which had something bundled up, "She sent these too".

Shion undid the cloth to reveal peaches which caused Reimu's eyes to glisten, "I'm not sure who has the better peaches. The celestials or lunarians. Coincidently, both are annoying".

"Both you" the goddess reminded as Reimu bit down into one, savouring the decedent flavour.

"You think?".

Shion nodded, blue eyes averting Reimu's inquisitorial stare, "Yes. Not just them".

"Oh, who else?".

Reimu could see Shion's cheeks become rubicund, smirking as she waited for Shion to elaborate.

Suddenly, Shion found her bracelet strangely fascinating since she could feel Reimu's stare. The woman's indifference knew when to appear and disappear and right now, Reimu's impish side had reared its presence. 

"Shion? You not gonna tell me?".

Shion's lips trembled, head slowly turning to face Reimu as she gave the brunette an honest smile, "Goddesses too".

"All of them or one in particular? I know Jo'on does not like me". 

"Reimu" Shion almost pouted at her riposte. 

The priestess was finding this too amusing to let up with ease, more so since Shion appeared to be at a more tranquil state given the ambush from the fairies. 

Reimu chuckled, "Okay, I'll stop. But you know..".

The goddess waited for Reimu to continue, noticing that she had inched closer, close enough to see the deep red eyes through her fringe. 

Shion's instinct was to shuffle back but Reimu's alluring stare kept her in place, "Y-yes?". 

Lifting a hand up, Reimu tucked some of Shion's hair behind her ear, keeping her palm resting on the side of her neck and the touch made Shion swelter. It wasn't as if this hadn't occurred before but every time Reimu touched her, the feeling felt nascent, making her crave and desire more. 

She blinked slowly, Reimu's face getting closer, the feeling of her breath against her lips tangible. 

Shion moved her hand from the floor, feeling a tad brave and placed it on Reimu's hip, just on the waistband of her red hakama pants. She pressed down, feeling the shape of the priestess's waist meld with her palm. 

When Reimu spoke up again, her voice was indistinct but she heard it, felt it against her lips before Reimu kissed her. 

"I like you too, Shion. A lot". 

Shion couldn't reply, eyes widened before softly closing at the texture of the brunette's top lip over her own. 

The admission and the action was enough for Shion to succumb to Reimu's surprisingly gentle movements when she moved closer, guiding Shion to the ground till she was over her. 

They parted, just for a moment, for Shion to see Reimu's knowing smile. 

It melted her. 

Her hands coiled around Reimu's back to land on her shoulder blades as she returned the gesture, allowing Reimu in. 

Reimu just had an innate way of fixing everything in her own way and now was no different, taking the lead in their confession. 

Perhaps the unpredictable and simple lives of the fairies was something Shion was glad she had picked up on.

Especially if it had led to this with Reimu. 

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Alice's kitchen was a haven of delicious scents as the woman moved around from pot to pan, making sure everything was bubbling away. 

When she saw someone attempt to sneak her way into the kitchen and help, she glanced at the woman with a feigned warning glare. 

"Don't even think about, Sakuya". 

Sakuya smiled, almost innocuous and placed her hands behind her as Shanghai and Hourai intercepted her path. 

"Are you sure I cannot help you? You're going out of your way for me like this, just as you always do". 

"Yes, you cannot help me" Alice said and walked towards the taller woman, giving her a quick kiss before going back to her task at hand, "And it isn't going out of my if I enjoy doing this for you. Besides, it is your day off so please just relax".

"I'm not sure I quite know how to" Sakuya laughed softly as she took a seat at the kitchen table. 

"Considering where you work, why is that not a surprise". 

There was a slight bitterness to that sentence, one Sakuya had become well-versed with when it came to Alice's thoughts on Remilia. She hoped that the blonde could witness the many sides to her eccentric mistress one day but as her lover, Alice's care towards her took precedence and Sakuya did appreciate it. 


"I know" the blonde smiled, "I'm sorry" she said whilst plating the dishes up. 

Sakuya grabbed her hand gently, pulling her closer before turning her hand over to expose Alice's wrist. 

She placed a kiss above the wrist accessory, lingering for a moment. 

The magician felt her knees buckle a tad at the delicate gesture when blue eyes looked up at her which rendered her to a diffident demeanour. 

"Thank you, is what I wanted to say" she said, voice wispy and intimate, "As much as I love working for Lady Remilia, it is moments with you that offer me true fulfilment". 

Alice's cheeks tinged to a reddish hue slightly, squeezing Sakuya's handd before letting her go. 

"The things you say to me" she muttered whilst walking back to the stove, feeling her lover's pleased smirk on her back. 

As rare as Sakuya's days off were, the maid made the most of them. 

At one point, to even be away from the Scarlet Devil Mansion and Remilia made her anxious but with Alice, that worry diminished in ways she couldn't have pictured. 

She felt like she could be selfish enough to enjoy her moments with the woman she loved, immersed in mundane tasks as well as the more loving ones. 

Such as being cooked for, sitting at the table and talking about everything and anything. 

It was the routine which Sakuya craved with Alice and when she had hours to spare, Alice would be on the receiving end of each one. 

They ate their meal, making eyes at each other as dusk took over the Forest of Magic. 

"You must teach me some of your recipes, Alice. This was delicious". 

"Coming from someone as proficient as you, that is quite the compliment" Alice countered easily. 

"It is nothing but the truth" the maid insisted as Alice stood up to clear the table. 

It was second nature to move to help but one tap from Alice's hand to her head made Sakuya rethink her decision. 

"But you cooked". 

"Oh, is that what it is called? I had no idea". 

The sarcasm made Sakuya laugh as she watched Alice, "Seems like I am not the only one with a way of words, hm".

"You left me no choice" Alice said, looking over her shoulder, "Besides, you appear contented and that makes me happy". 

Sakuya's eyes never left her lover as she tried to refute that comment but she couldn't lie. 

Being with Alice just made her feel in such a way. 

Their night continued on till the couple were cuddled up on Alice's couch, the blonde in Sakuya's lap and legs outstretched to the otherside. They'd both changed into something comfortable as the candlelit room set the scene, the serene mood taking over everything. 

Even now, Sakuya couldn't get used to it. 

To doing nothing

Alice leaned up and kissed Sakuya's jaw as the book they were reading together had reached a pause. 

"What are you thinking so deeply about?". 

The hands running through Alice's hair continued their ministrations, more so when Alice faced her. 

"Well, at the back of my mind, I am hoping the mansion and everyone in it are okay" she teased, "But at the forefront, I'm just thinking of this warmth I feel when I am with you and we are like this". 

"Hm, I feel that too" Alice replied, breath skimming Sakuya's lips, "Sakuya?". 

The maid placed the book on the table, hand resting on Alice's hip as she motioned for the magician to continue, "Why..don't you move in with me?" Leave the mansion". 

It was asked in a circumspect manner since this question had been voiced before but it often led to intense discourse between the two. 

Sakuya's eyes expanded as Alice watched her. 

To say she had thought about would be a lie, she felt like owed Remilia everything so to leave would be like throwing it in her face. 

"You can work there, obviously but Ijust think it'd be better for you to live with me" Alice said, hands resting on Sakuya's face, "What do you think?".

"I'm sorry, Alice. It's not that easy".

"Why not? Because of whatever Remilia has on you?".

"Hey, Alice" Sakuya said and grabbed the blonde's hands as she got up to leave, pulling her back down on her lap, "Please don't. My situation with the mistress is complex. I owe her".

"She doesn't own you" Alice snapped, eyebrows furrowed, "The way she has you on leash. I..can't stand it".

Sakuya shook her head and squeezed Alice's hands in her own to attempt to ameliorate her, "It isn't like that. I stay with her because I want to, need to".

"Need to.." the magician repeated, tone low, "Does she even care about your happiness? Working you to the bone. You don't realise it because you are so use to it but it kills me to see you like that".

"Alice" Sakuya sighed and wrapped her arms around the blonde, tucking her against her shoulder and kissing her there, "I love you, please understand this. Regardless of my link to Lady Remilia, that does not impact how I feel for you".

She could feel the irritability radiate from Alice, body shaking as Alice gripped the back of Sakuya's nightshirt, a shaky breath exhaling against the woman's neck.

She already knew the answer in hindsight but if she didn't try, Alice would regret it.

Maybe one day, one day Sakuya would tear the chains Remilia had on her.

"Do you believe me?". 

Sakuya's voice had a tinge of desperation, of fear, things she only showed the princess. 

Things that Remilia probably had no idea about since she only viewed her as a tool. 

That alone would suffice for Alice for now as she relaxed enough to reassure Sakuya that she wasn't going to leave. She placed her arms around the maid's back as she looked at her, one hand cradling her face. 

"I do. I love you too" she replied softly, "When the day comes that you are ready to leave that place, I'll be waiting. This is your home".