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Can I be a Hero even When I'm Sleeping?

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“Izucchan?”  Four year old Bakugou Katsuki looked down at his hands, still looking at the fireproof fingerless gloves the quirk therapist had given him.  Sure, it was cool to have explosions be his quirk; it was the best thing actually.  Yet, he was worried about it, worried that he’d hurt Izuku or explode one of his favorite action figures.

“Yes, Kacchan?  Do you want to play something else?”  Bright green eyes looked at Bakugou with the same worried concern as before his awesome quirk manifested.  He liked that Izuku still looked at him that way.  

“No, All Might fighting the Dynomorphic villains is such a great idea.  We get to play with our hero toys and our dinosaur toys, but… I don’t know how we’ll grow up to be heroes together, Izucchan.  All the adults keep saying that I’ll have the most powerful quirk in class.  Yet, Izucchan needs a powerful quirk to be my rival and teammate.  So I, uh…, want you to promise me that you’ll be my number two and a way cooler hero than Endeavor!”  Little Katsuki had worked up the courage to say what he was most worried about: leaving Izuku behind in their shared dream.

Izuku nodded enthusiastically; his smile alone could blind while his eyes sparkled.  “I promise, Kacchan.  I’ll be number two, if only because Kacchan’s so much cooler than me.”

“Of course, I am.  Everyone says so.”  Katsuki laughed it off, relieved that his best friend would still be tagging along in their dream.  He played with Izuku for the rest of the day without a care in the world.  


Dream after unusual dream haunted Izuku after his fourth birthday.  He thought they had something to do with his quirk, but he was so confused by it.  Izuku couldn’t figure out the connection.  He was only four, but he kept looking down in the dreams to a middle school uniform.  It wasn’t his hands that moved or his body.  Most of the time, he was Kacchan .  It was Kacchan’s explosions that wrapped around the hands Izuku was using.  Sometimes, the quirk even startled him sometimes, but Izuku couldn’t believe that Kacchan was capable of that.

He was Bakugou in so many different places: in class, at home, on a beach, in the mall, and in a white-walled gymnasium.  Izuku found it strange that he was always asleep throughout them, and his dream would end with the older Izuku opening his eyes.  

One time, Izuku looked in a mirror; he really was Kacchan, except with his green eyes.  Izuku didn’t like it, but Bakugou smiled and laughed at his reflection.

There were only a handful of times when Izuku wasn’t Kacchan in that strange dreamscape.  He wasn’t himself either; instead, he was completely invisible.  No one noticed the four year old Izuku on the sidelines watching and waiting to be seen.  He was just a lonely ghost no one could see.


“Izuku, it’s been a month since your birthday.  Maybe we should go to a doctor and see if everything is alright?  You haven’t developed your quirk yet, and I’m worried.”  Midoriya Inko frowned with worry over her son, spoon forgotten in her cereal.

“But mom!  I’m so close to finding it out myself; the dreams have to be a clue of some kind.  Maybe I have tele- teler… telepathy because I’m always in Kacchan’s head.”  Izuku hopped in his seat, excitedly rocking back and forth as he listed all of the cool quirks he could.  After all, he had to keep his promise to Kacchan!

Unfortunately, Izuku’s world crumbled apart by the seams that night.  He didn’t want to believe it!  He was just a late bloomer, just a little late.  Why did a stupid little toe joint have to decide his life?


Auntie Inko had told him, and Bakugou struggled to hold his tears back  as he glared at the friend that had betrayed him.  “You promised, Izuku.  You promised !”  

Katsuki gripped the front of his own shirt, not caring that his hand was smoking and singeing the cloth he held.  It felt like his heart was breaking into pieces.  He didn’t understand anything.  Why?  Why did this something this heart crushing have to happen to him?  He had an amazing quirk, the best quirk.  That meant nothing bad could ever happen to him, right?  It was what everyone said; it had to be true.   So why…? 

“Kacchan, I’m sorry!  I’m going to get a quirk.  I’m just a late bloomer; I have to be!  I don’t want to believe the doctor either.”  Izuku was shaking, tempted to just hide behind the tree he was leaning against.  He didn’t want Kacchan to cry, yet the same tears were streaming down Izuku’s face.  Was it really wrong that he didn’t want to believe it?  “I…  Kacchan… why are you shaking?  Are you alri-”

Shut up, Izuku!  It’s a lie.  All of it’s a lie because you’re just a traitor!  You’re just a useless, quirkless, and useless Deku that crushed our dream.  Now get away from me!”  Katsuki was scared, furious and crying.  He just didn’t want to look at his friend anymore.  He didn’t want to look at how unfair life was anymore.  All Bakugou could do was stare at his feet in despair because life was just plain shit.

“But… but Kacchan-”  Izuku tried to reach out to Katsuki again, but the blond lashed out instead.

“I said get away from me!”  Overwhelmed, Kacchan swung his arm without thinking.  He just wanted Izuku to go away.  He noticed too late when his quirk activated.  He was sweating way too much and fist exploded a little, scorched the tree bark next to Izuku’s head.  Bakugou was terrified; there was no way he could be friends with Izuku anymore.  He could’ve killed his-former-best friend.  He was so terrified of himself, and Izuku needed to be to.

“Ka-Kacchan… I-”  The little boy with green hair shook in fear as looked to his with wide and frightened eyes.

“I told you to get away, didn’t I?  Now scram, Deku!”  He shouted it, not wanting to accidentally hurt Izuku even more.  Bakugou, the evil monster of a hero, watched as his closest friend ran away from him in fear.  It broke his heart.  He didn’t like having a strong and destructive quirk.  Bakugou Katsuki wouldn’t be able to save people as a hero anymore; he could only hope to be a bigger and meaner villain, under the disguise of an amazing hero, to beat down the other villains.  He was going to grow up to be an Endeavor, not an All Might that could save people with a smile.