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Balance, or the Lack Thereof

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Obi-wan tried to steady himself on his feet but he knew he was listing dangerously to the side. He was quite greatful to Anikin for his supportive hands. Still it was embarrassing to be so weak and shaky that he needed the nine year old to stand properly.

"Anakin you need to get out of here, go to Panaka, tell him that the Sith has the queen," Obi-wan paused to steady himself and give Anakin his most serious and earnest look. "You have done well Anakin, you will be a great jedi," Obi-wan wished Anakin wouldn't look so worried. "But you must go now, there is no time."

After seeing Anakin climb out of a fighter towards him (a fighter that was most definitely not where Obi-wan had left him), Obi-wan hadn't quite known whether to feel elation or dread. He had started to regain some semblance of awareness as the Sith had set him down against the wall just outside his small ship before entering with the queen, but the padawan still had barely any control of his limbs. Now the Sith could return any moment, he had to get Anakin to leave.

Because as much as Obi-wan wished to be defiant, to run to the zabrack and cut him down, he would never win at his current level of skill, not without an insane amount of luck and with his lightsaber lost to him... No, he could barely stand, he could not recklessly endanger both Anakin and the queen.

"I can't leave you with-!" Anakin cut off abruptly, his eyes going wide. Obi-wan could sense the Sith exiting his ship sequestered in a small alcove of the hanger, and could barely keep himself from panicking. He hadn't been in the ship even been two minutes!

With a snap-hiss the Sith had his lightsaber brought to bear, and Obi-wan snatched up the terrified child before him, desperately trying to remove him from any danger and toppling to the side in his haste.

He expected his fall to be fast and painful but instead found himself braced against hard muscle, as a now deactivated saber clattered to the tile below.

Obi-wan felt a surge of content safety mix with panic confused dread, successfully inducing him to actual panic.

Obi-wan clung to Anakin, who his master had so wished to see trained, and protected. His master had been dead only a few hours, he could not stand to fail him now. So he clung to Anakin tighter still, curling around him as much as him protesting limbs would allow.