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Crazed Addiction ~Larry Stylinson Au~

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Darkness shadowed over the sleeping city, the only light coming from the dimly lit street lamps. Harsh winds blew between buildings, nipping at the noses belonging to the nightlife of London. Though most of the city was sleeping, there were still people lurking in the back alleys. Most people were afraid to go anywhere near them.



Those people thrived in the night time, knowing that during the day they had shadows, however when it came to nightlife, they themselves were the shadows. Shadowing someone else wasn't hard, Louis knew, he'd been doing it all his life. He himself was a night lurker, fitting in perfectly with the nighttime community.



A cigarette hung between his chapped lips as he walked down an empty alleyway, seeing a stray cat eating out of a bin. Sometimes he felt as though his life was a movie, seeing the cliches that fit with everything he did.



However, he remembered that those movies have a happy ending and honestly, as much as he hated to think about it, the possibility of him being gifted a somewhat satisfying ending was about as likely as pigs flying.



So instead, he let out an exasperated puff of smoke, the grey cloud traveling through the cold, night air before easing its way up a man’s nose. Sensing a new presence, the man snapped his head sideways, a frightened look appearing on his worn out, wrinkled face.



Just looking at him you could tell he was a drug addict, from the bloodshot eyes to the quivering lips, the ragged breathing and overall look of exhaustion. Desperation radiated off him, hitting Louis with a wave of panic and restlessness.



Smirking, Louis cleared his throat before simply saying, “Styles.” The name rolled off his tongue smoothly as if he'd rehearsed everything he'd say to the man to make every cog in his mind turn the completely wrong way.



It was such a simple thing to say but it had the man swallowing the growing lump in his throat anyway, knowing he had to keep his calm as much as he could but it was nearly impossible when he was desperate for the one thing he needed badly.



“Where is it? I-I need it.” Though it was a question, it came out as more of a statement, a demand almost and immediately Louis felt the beginning stages of anger bubbling in his stomach. Des watched as Louis took the smoke out of his mouth, letting it go.



After the cigarette, he was smoking fell to the ground, the younger man stomped on it with his foot, the crushing sound bouncing off the walls on either side of them. With a harsh gaze directed straight at Des, Louis rubbed his fingers together.



“I need my money, Styles. Money first,” He took a step closer, and he half expected Des to take a step back but he didn't, he stood his ground. Admittedly he appreciated the courage he had, but still, Louis had the power. “You know how this works.”



“I-I don't have it. I'm broke but… but I can get it soon I know I can, please just… just give it to me,” Des begged, stuttering and struggling to get his words out.



Calloused hands grabbed Louis’ crisp, white shirt desperately and with a roll of his blue eyes, he signaled his two bodyguards to take Des away from him. Tutting, he brushed his shirt down lightly with his hands, not wanting a trace of the man on his clothes because the shirt alone probably cost more than the addict’s house.



“Wallet,” Louis commanded casually, knowing his men would do whatever he pleased.



A loud groan could be heard from the ground where the guards had thrown Des and once again, he rolled his eyes. The street light near them flickered momentarily before completely going out, leaving them in almost complete darkness. That only made Des more afraid. Even grown men were afraid of the dark. What lurked in the shadows What hid behind buildings and frightened by what lived only to hunt down sad, helpless people like himself.



The smaller guard (Louis always failed to remember their names) pulled the black wallet from Des’ pocket. It was tattered and worn out, just like its owner. A look of disgust appeared on his stone cold features. He caught the wallet with no problem, opening it with ease since the button that once held it shut was no longer there and instead, in its place, was a hole.



What he was looking for wasn't inside the wallet. The man was well and truly broke, at least he wasn't a liar. He was still a desperate loser, but no liar. What he was looking for was money, which unfortunately for him wasn't there, but instead he found something better, possibly priceless.



Probably worth more to Des than money could buy.



Carefully, he took out the picture from the wallet, carelessly dropping the wallet on the floor afterward and Des watched as it landed on the ground with a thud. He wanted to cry when he saw what Louis was holding, and he did. He did cry because he was helpless and desperate and angry at himself because that was the worst and last thing Des wanted Louis to find in his wallet.



On the flimsy piece of paper was a photograph of what looked to be two teenagers. The right side showed a girl, with brown hair and mossy green eyes that emitted happiness and love. Her smile was warm and a deep dimple created a dent in her cheek. Though she was beautiful, it was the boy that captured his attention. He had the same smile and same deep dimples, but his eyes were like emeralds, they were greener and brighter and more enticing. Louis could've stared into them all night.



Curly, brown locks framed his face like it was a piece of art, a masterpiece painted by Van Gogh himself and they fell to his broad shoulders that Louis could imagine himself kissing, creating bruises that would last for days.



Then, Louis’ blue eyes fell to the boy’s lips. Oh, how plump and pink they were, how swollen he could see them getting after they kissed over, and over, and over again because of this boy… This precious boy was irresistible.



Subconsciously, he licked his frostbitten lips.



“Who's the angel?” Louis asked, failing to take his eyes away from the photograph.



“That's my daughter—”



“No,” Louis paused, brushing his fingers over the boy in the picture, “No, I mean the boy.”



“That's… that’s my son,” Des replied with caution, but you could hear it in his voice: the care, the fondness, the love . It was there and it was something that Louis assumed Des was incapable of feeling because his life was a mess, a complete disaster. This boy… his beautiful son, was most likely the only source of happiness he had in his life. To think Des had a family was absurd, but Louis didn't like it. Why should this failure have a family? It wasn't fair.



“What's his name?” Louis questioned though he meant it as a demand, needing the information almost as desperately as Des needed the drugs. He and his children were close or, at least, they used to be before he became a fuck up. It was inevitable that his addiction would cause them to grow apart but he loved them more than anything.



However, Louis just couldn't believe that Des was the father of this boy that didn't look human, he liked handcrafted by the gods and Louis wasn't religious but he thanked the lord for creating such a beautiful, gorgeous boy. Des answered then, interrupting Louis’ wandering thoughts, “Harry.”



“Throw him out,” Louis ordered and watched as the man was lifted from the ground, the grip on him tight and probably painful. Something told him to feel pity for Des but honestly, all he felt was pity for his family because they had that pathetic excuse of a father, “And don't come back, Des, you have nothing left anyway.”



“W-What about my drugs?” He meekly asked.



Louis rolled his eyes, “I have better things to think about.” Like Harry. Then, he walked away back into the darkness, into the shadows where he thrived, where he lurked and where he would think of Harry Styles, someone he so desperately wanted.






“Order two-three-four,” Harry read aloud to the quiet, quaint cafe. He smiled when a woman came to the counter to collect her coffee, her blonde hair tied neatly into a bun and a grin also gracing her lips which were coated with a thin layer of shiny gloss. After she paid for her drink, she left with a small wave and Harry tapped his fingers on the desk to the rhythm of the song playing quietly in the background.



Hearing the bell ring, Harry’s eyes darted towards the door and saw a petite man stroll into the cafe, yet he was clearly older than Harry by a few years. He was greeted with kind, soft-eyed and a kind, soft smile that made Harry want to be extra kind and soft in return.



Crinkles formed around his eyes when his lips curved upwards and suddenly Harry's heartbeat was becoming fast and he didn't know why, “Um, hi,” he sent a shy smile towards the man, “what can I get you?” He asked routinely.



The gorgeous man hums gently as he looks at the menu above Harry's head. Louis couldn't help but notice how much more beautiful the boy was in person. He couldn't help but think about wanting to run his fingers through his unruly, but still perfect loose mahogany brown ringlets and wanting to kiss his pink lips and wanting to push him against the counter and—



“Uh, can I get a Yorkshire tea and a hot chocolate for you?” Harry laughed quietly at Louis’ request, a faint blush appearing on his cheeks, accentuating his cherubic features that Louis adored.



“No, you can have a Yorkshire tea and can I get your name? I know it's not Starbucks but my boss thinks it'll attract more sales,” Harry explained sheepishly.



Louis uncontrollably grinned as he replied.





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The sun beating down on the citizens of London did nothing to prevent the cold air from numbing their fingers. The cold wasn’t a rare occurrence in October, but that didn’t stop people from running into shops and cafes in search for warmth.



These are the days that Harry loved the most. Cold days lead to more customers visiting the quiet cafe which gave him more opportunities to make new friends. He’s a very kind and talkative soul, a beautiful smile always gracing his pink lips while dimples appear on both of his cheeks.



He handed a mother of two little boys her bag and handed the two children little lollipops. The mother gave him a grateful grin, rushing the two boys out while trying to balance their backpacks along with her purse and bag.



“Can you go clean the tables for me while I do the register?” Harry’s boss, Meg, asked as she opens the register. He nodded and grabbed a rag, heading out into the cream-colored room with pictures of the owner’s family along with newspaper clippings of articles writing about the family-owned shop. He walked past the brown couches and chairs that are sat beside a wood fireplace.



He smiled at everyone he passed. The university student typing away on his laptop and the old couple that comes in three times a week for their little lunch date. The group of high school girls that were gossiping by the big glass window and the newly divorced man is eating his feelings away in a booth while staring at a picture of his wife and child.



The person that caught Harry’s eye is the older man that had come every day since his first visit. Every day since his first visit, he’s always sat at the same secluded table in the back. He perked up as soon as he and Harry made eye contact causing a blush to crawl onto Harry’s cheeks.



“Hello, Harry,” the man greeted, his pearly white teeth on display as he gave Harry a grin. Harry smiled back at him softly, cleaning the table in front of the older man.



“Hello, Louis. What are you having today?” Louis grinned, knowing that customers are supposed to order up front. That meant that Harry is giving him special treatment.






“A Yorkshire tea and a hot chocolate for you?” Harry chuckled and made eye contact with the older man. Louis’ crystal blue eyes were filled with mischief and amusement, easily corresponding with the man’s playful personality Harry had come to know.



“So just the tea then? We have a fresh batch of cinnamon rolls if you’d like one.” Harry turned to clean another table, his heart speeding up when Louis laughed at his response. It seemed that Harry has grown a bit of a soft spot in his heart for the man who visits him every day at noon. He always made Harry laugh with his witty jokes and sassy attitude.  



Harry had come to look forward to his little visits.



“I’ll have one if you share it with me.” Louis watched as Harry bent over to clean the very back of the table, licking his slightly chapped lips. What he would do to that beautiful boy if only they were alone.



“If only you would come visit me during my break then I could,” Harry teased as he began to walk back towards the counter. Louis got up and followed his target with his eyes on the way the boy moved. Hips swaying in natural temptation and his muscular back. Louis wanted him so much.  



“I’m sure Megan would give you a break early. You work so hard.” Harry laughed.



“You don’t know Megan—”



“What about me?” Megan asked as Harry wiped down the counter. She was looking down at her notepad as she began doing inventory.



“You would be okay with Harry taking a break to have a chat with me, wouldn’t you?” Louis asked with a sly smile. Harry rolled his eyes at the flirtatious tone Louis had.



The man was undoubtedly charming with his elegant stance and swoon-worthy smile. He crafted his words in such a delicate way to always get the desired reaction out of the person he was conversing with. His eyes were a tool of hypnotism that puts everyone who made eye contact with him under his spell.



It was really no surprise that when Megan looked at him that she immediately gave in.



“Of course, Louis, the lunch rush is over anyway.” Louis sent her a sweet smile and gave Harry a smirk. Louis walked up behind Harry and stood on his toes to reach his ear.



“I’ll be back at my table, love. Hurry back, I’m excited to chat,” Louis whispered in his ear. His raspy high pitched voice sent a shiver down Harry’s spine, trapping the boy’s voice in his throat as he blushed deeply.



“O-Okay.” He watched the boy go behind the counter and his smirk turned sinister as he headed back to his table. Harry was reacting exactly as he hoped. This made his plan a lot easier.



Louis felt his phone vibrate in his pocket which angered him. He wanted to be fully focused on Harry and his phone was a distraction, but he knew that he only gets texts during the day that it’s important. He pulled it out with a huff to see that Zayn texted him.



From Zayn:

Foster didn’t bring back what he was supposed to, what do you want to do?



Louis glared at the screen while the gears in his head turned.



To Zayn:

Lock him up until I get there. I’ll take care of it.



“I can go back to work if you’re busy,” Louis heard Harry say as a cup of tea and a cinnamon roll is placed in front of him. He looked up to see Harry sat in the chair in front of him with a teasing smile on his gorgeous face.



All of the quiet chatter and noises of the cafe seemed to disappear as the two stared at each other intensely. They were the only two people alive in that moment, nothing could bother them.



Exactly how Louis wanted it.



“Nonsense, I’m never too busy for you, darling.” Louis picked up his tea and took a sip, knowing that Harry had how he liked his tea memorized by now. He was able to learn things quickly which pleased the older man.



“So, what exactly did you want to chat about Mr. Tomlinson?” Harry inquired quietly with his eyebrow raised. He sat his cup down gently on the saucer, crossing one of his long legs over the other. Louis smirked at the boy and leaned back in his chair with his eyes connected to the forest green ones staring back at him.



“The answer is obvious, darling. I want to know everything about you.” Louis mutters with his hands clasped together on the table.



Harry blushed a bit but ignored his nervousness. He refused to allow the man to know how much he affects him. Smooth words and a handsome face won’t work on him. He’d be damned if he fell under the spell of this mystical man.



“And why is that, exactly?” Harry watched as the group of girls leaves along with the uni student.



“Because I found something that interests me and when that happens, love, I intend to learn everything about it,” Louis explained, taking a bit of the treat Harry carefully prepared for him.



“I interest you?” Harry asked causing Louis to laugh.



“I thought that was pretty obvious.” Harry flushed in embarrassment, taking his hair out of its bun to hide behind it. Louis frowned. “I wasn’t laughing at you, I was laughing at how cute you look when you’re confused.” Harry’s cheeks reddened further, but he ignored it.



“Well, ask what you want to ask and I may or may not answer.” Harry tried to keep his face neutral, but he immediately smiled after the blue-eyed man grinned at him.



“Alright, how old are you, angel?” Louis asked with a smile on his lips. Harry takes a sip of his hot chocolate before answering.



“19. I’ll be 20 in February,” Harry answered while looking over his cup. 



“How old are you, Louis?” Louis smiled.



“26,” Harry nodded, placing his cup down and begins to braid his hair. 



“Are you at Uni?”



“Yes. I’m a med student. I want to become a surgeon.” Louis noticed how Harry seemed to take his time while speaking.



“That’s very ambitious,” Louis commented, making Harry giggle.



“I suppose it is, but I’ve always been fascinated by anatomy and physiology and I want to help people,” Harry explained with excitement in his deep voice. But then he smirked at the shorter man. “So, you’re always in a suit and shaved clean, are you a businessman?” Louis chuckled lightly.



“You could say that. I’m more of a CEO.” Harry looked at him in awe. If he was a CEO then he had to be successful. So why would he come here every day at noon just for some tea?  



“You must be an extremely busy man, do you really have time to come here every day for tea I’m sure you have at your office.” Louis bit his lip at how inquisitive Harry was.



That might prove to be a problem.



“Tell me about your family,” Louis said quickly. Harry’s smile fell from his face and was replaced by a frown.



“I have a sister named Gemma, she’s 23. My mother’s name is Anne. Now, what’s it like—”



“What about your father?” Louis interrupted rudely. He wanted to know how Harry felt about his loser father. Is he as disgusted as Louis was?



Harry’s features turned stone cold at the mention of his father.



“I have one just like everyone else,” Harry snapped, but then he sighed. “I love him, he’s my dad. He just can’t seem to stop screwing things up lately. We used to be so close and now—” Harry shook his head, replacing his frown with a fake smile. “Nevermind, it isn’t important. I should probably get back to work. I’ll see you around,” Harry said quickly, standing up to run away. Louis grabbed his hand before he could leave, stopping Harry in his tracks.



“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.” Louis moved around the circular table so he was standing in front of the taller lad. Harry let out a breathy sigh, looking into Louis’ eyes.



“It’s okay, but I really do need to go back to work,” Harry said as he removed himself from Louis’ grip. “Have a good day,” Harry said and went to the back room. Louis walked back to the table and grabbed his coat. He waved at Megan as he headed out into the blistering cold. He headed around the rusty red brick building and pulled out his phone.



He dialed Zayn’s number, looking to his left to see homeless people huddled around a fire the made inside of a trash can. Half of them are passed out with rubber tied around their arms while the other half of them were sticking needles in their veins.



And that’s his doing.



“What’s up to Lou?” Zayn answered. Louis continued to walk down the musty, dirty alleyway with his eyes forward.



“I’m on my way back, make sure he’s unconscious.” Louis heard the creepy smile on Zayn’s face as the lad responded.



“Of course, King.”






Harry walked through the door of his family’s house. He closed the door and sighed as warmth engulfed his body as a welcome home.



“Harry! There’s dinner in the microwave for you!” Anne yelled from upstairs. He smiled at the thought of his mother saving him food. That must have meant that they have extra money.



If one of the family members isn’t there for dinner, Anne won’t make them food. Just because they needed to save money.



Harry walked into the kitchen and saw Gemma typing away on her laptop, still in her work uniform.



“How was work, Gem?” Harry asked as he pulled the food out of the microwave to take off the plastic wrap that Anne had stuck on top.



“It was fine, I picked up a third shift along with my original first shift so hopefully we’ll have a bit of extra money,” She replied busily. Harry frowned, his mother worked as a nurse during the third and first shift and now Gemma was doing the same.



“Is dad home?” Harry asked, beginning to eat his food. She shook her head.



“He went out to try and find a job. Who knows if he’ll stay sober long enough this time to actually keep one,” Gemma snickered, but there was no jest in her voice. Harry sat down in front of his older sister with a sigh.



“Are you going to put the extra money in the secret fund?” Gemma nodded, looking up from her laptop to smile at her brother.



“Obviously, we can’t let him take any extra money that could help. I just hope he stays sober this time,” Gemma answered, but she was clearly tired. Emotionally and physically.



They both knew that what she said was just wishful thinking.



“I’m going in for an interview at the bar downtown,” Gemma glared at him. “I’ll only work a few hours on the weekends, it won’t interfere with Uni, I promise,” Harry said quickly, Gemma lets out a sigh as she turned back to her laptop.



Suddenly, they heard their mother’s footsteps coming down the stairs as she ran. Harry grabbed her purse and held it up for her as he did every time she was running late. She entered the kitchen with her scrubs on and a frantic look on her beautiful, tired face, letting out a sigh when she sees Harry holding her bag.



“Thank you, love. I’ll see you two tomorrow,” she placed a kiss on her son’s cheek and waved to her daughter before scurrying out of the house.



“When was the last time she slept?” Gemma shrugged.



“Yesterday morning I think? She’s going to run herself into the ground if she keeps this up.” Harry nodded in agreement, picking up his plate to wash when suddenly the door slams open.



Harry sighed, the smell of alcohol reaching his nose already.



“Welcome home, Des.”






Louis walked through the metal door, the smell of blood immediately hitting his nose. Shadows dance all around the single light. He walked up to the unconscious body and examined the young boy.



“For some reason, he assumed that we wouldn’t notice that a thousand dollars were missing,” Zayn said from beside Louis. Louis looked up at his best friend with a blank expression.



Louis and Zayn had been friends since primary school and haven’t separated since. Both families were horrible and their childhoods were nothing short of a nightmare. Beatings for crying and fear of their parents. Tortured by older children and dark shadows of the night entering their houses to harm them. Forced to work for their parents in the night.



Is it any wonder that they ended up in business in the underworld of London?



“When did this happen?” Louis questioned in an acerbic tone, moving towards another dimly lit part of the room. He walked over to the table, picking up a saw.



“We found out this morning.” Louis hummed, placing the saw down and grabbed and grabbed a metal pipe with nails coming out of the top.



“Did he confess that it was him?” He placed the pipe down, looking at the raven-haired man.







Louis’s sinister grin crawled its way onto his face as he grabbed a hammer.




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Perhaps it was the complete control and power that Louis had that caused him to wickedly grin as he stood a few feet away from the iron bed. Or maybe it was because he could hear the muffled pleas and desperate struggles a few feet away from him.



The room was brightly lit, he didn't want to ruin a perfect moment with dim lights, no. It was cold and that could be a problem but not for Louis. He wasn't the one lying almost entirely naked on the iron bed. He shot a quick glance at the sound of small grunts and sharp squeaks of leather straps rubbing against human skin. He felt his neck twitch and his fingers were restlessly grabbing onto the hammer's handle.



"Move again and I'll rip your guts out," Louis menacingly ordered. And just like that, it was silent. The room held a deafening silence that Louis suddenly grew to hate because he needed to hear desperation. It's not satisfying enough when they don't scream or when they don't cry.



Just to be sure, Louis looked over his shoulder at the restricted man and was pleased to see he was crying. Much better, Louis thought as he turned around fully. 



He would have made it.



If he stayed in university and didn't drop out to work for Louis, he would have made it far in life. But he was greedy and only cared about money and materialism, see. A few thousand pounds is a lot of money to steal and Louis still doesn't understand why he thought they'd never find out.



Of course, Louis would find out.



This is his life, he had to have control over every little thing that affected him and if that means putting thieves into place, then so be it.



"Do you know what we do to thieves?" Louis walked at a steady pace to the bed, his smart shoes clicking against the smooth concrete floor. Louis felt euphoric in that moment, much like the first time he hit a blunt. 



It was a feeling of complete excitement laced with nervous awe in the deep pits of his guts to the top of his head, clouding his mind; it was subliminal.



"Let me show you," Louis looked down at the man. Dirty. Sickening. Unloyal. 



The man on the iron bed shuffled nervously, but Louis didn't mind. By the end of this, he wouldn't be shuffling at all. Louis guessed the bed must be awfully uncomfortable, too—it's made out of metal, of course, it would be.



So, there he was, almost naked on the bed (Louis was kind enough to let him wear his boxers), shaking relentlessly as he was bound to the bed with leather straps buckled on tightly. His wrists, ankles, and head were held down by the straps, which made it difficult for him to move around much. Louis always hated it when they struggled and made it difficult for him to continue peacefully.



"Mr. Foster, look what you did to yourself," Louis taps his knee with the hammer, a cuboid shape, the size of half of Louis' palm. Fairly small but it did the damage it needed too.



Leaning forward, Louis ripped off his gag, causing the man to take a deep breath and cough hard for a few seconds. He sobered up and focused his fearful eyes on Louis who glared at him. Louis was getting bored.



"I didn't- I didn't know!" He cried, panicking.



"That stealing from me is wrong? Well, now you know."



And without a warning, Louis slammed the hammer down on his knee, the joint cracking and shifting under the sudden impact. Foster let out a pained cry and uncontrollably struggled under the straps. His grunts and groans echoed in the room as Louis gave him a small smile.



"Do you believe in God?" Louis peered over at him.



Foster gulped nervously, the swallow was loud enough for Louis to hear, and slowly opened his mouth to answer, not daring to look at Louis.



"I- I'm Hin- Hindu," he finally said.



"Then, you'll need them all," Louis snorted.



Like before, Louis suddenly brought the hammer down on the same knee again with such force and determination, the joint popped and his shin laid limply on the bed as his thighs quivered. There was something satisfying about the loud crackling of bones. Foster was sobbing. He had ugly tears falling endlessly down his face as he incoherently begged to be forgiven.



"But I'm the reaper, this is my job," Louis laughed, mocking his voice and hit him again.



This time, it was on his mouth.



Foster's lips flattened due to the impact and ripped around the edges, making his mouth wider than it actually was. His teeth immediately shattered and chipped, blood spurting directly onto Louis' black shirt.



Louis looked down at his shirt, unbothered as he dipped his finger in the blood as Foster was choking and coughing. He then smeared the blood on Foster's cheek with a grin.



"Choking on your teeth, huh?" Louis snickered. "That's why you should chew slowly, it could go down the wrong pipe."



Louis laughed louder than Foster wailed. His uncontrollable fingers gripped the hammer tightly and his hands worked on their own accord as the hammer thudded dully against his skin.



Foster's skin was tearing and soft flesh, drowned in blood, was beginning to show. And when Louis hit the raw flesh twice, pink chunks of meat would fly out, like confetti, contaminating Louis' shirt and face. He simply flicked it away and watched it smack cold on the floor.



Blood pooled around Foster who was blinking in and out of consciousness but Louis wasn't letting him off so easily.



He quickly snatched a knife from the table behind him and used the back of it to press down on the open cut on his abdomen. To most, the sound of guttural groans and shrieks would be too loud and displeasing but Louis was enjoying his time like a child at a funfair. Suddenly, Louis' face brightened as he thought of something.



Hastily, he leaped to a set of metal cabinets and took out a bottle that you had to press down before you screw open, much like medicine bottles. He read the label and grinned before walking back to Foster who was now breathing heavily.



Hydrofluoric Acid.



Louis flashed a grin at Foster who squinted his eyes shut when Louis opened the bottle and placed it directly above the open flesh.



Without much thought, Louis poured the acid onto his hammered cut, watching the skin sizzle and burn and pop. Fat-bubbled around the edges as blood dried in clumps and clots, rolling limply off the edge of his abdomen onto the blood splattered bed.



Foster's cries were of no use. At most, he was losing his voice, not convincing Louis to stop.



The smell of burnt skin, sharp acids, a heavily sweating body and raw flesh suffocated Louis but he loved it.



He dipped his finger deep into a cut that he hadn't bothered with before, he watched Foster whimper lowly due to lack of energy and took his finger off. He inspected the blood on his finger and menacingly wiped a cross above Foster's heart.



"X marks the spot," Louis whispered.



He delved the knife deep into his chest, twisting and turning. He took out the knife only to plunge it right back in and drag it down. It was difficult and needed a lot of energy as his bones were in the way but it managed to work. Foster died from intense stress when the acid was poured on him but Louis didn't notice. He continued to stab and poke at everything with his free hand. He bothered the pink flesh, like a curious child, and picked the skin off his shirt with a small grunt.



Louis wiped the blood off his face using a towel from the countertop and sighed pleasantly, despite feeling the stickiness of the blood. He rested his hands flat on the table behind him and leaned back, legs stretched out in front of him.



He looked around the mess in the room, the dead body, the blood, the flesh, the hammer, the knives, the acid, and for once, he was disappointed with himself because this torture should have lasted much longer.



Maybe next time, he thought with a smile.


Chapter Text

"You can go now Harry, your sister’s car is out front.” Harry let out a sigh of relief, going to the back to hang up his apron.



Today was warmer than it had been which meant that more people were out to do errands or getting a breath of fresh air. It also meant that the cafe was insanely busy and crowded. He did get a decent amount of tips so it was worth it in the end.



Harry waved goodbye to Meg as he walks out the door. He gets into Gemma’s car, letting out a sigh of relief.



“You sound like you had fun today.” Gemma chuckled, waiting for Harry to buckle his seat belt before she pulled out into traffic.



“It was busier than usual, I didn’t even have time for a break today,” Harry explained with his head thrown back on the headrest and his eyes closed.



“Did you see your little stalker today?” Gemma laughed while Harry mentally rolled his eyes. He told Gemma about Louis after the first visit the man made, as well as every other time he visited.



Gemma’s his best friend so it wasn’t a surprise that he told her about the man who visited him every day with a smirk on his lips and a flirty comment.



“Don’t call him that,” Harry snapped but there was no bite behind it so Gemma knew he found it funny. “But, yes, he came in at the exact same time as usual.” Harry watched as cars and building fly by as they made their way to the closest shopping center. People walked blissfully unaware of everything going on around them as they laughed with their loved ones. Half of them not understanding the troubles that less fortunate people face every day.



Harry hoped that one day he would be one of those people.



“What did he say to you today?” Gemma asked as she turned into the parking lot, her eyes sharply looking for an empty spot in the crowded lot.



“I didn’t have time to say anything to him today because it was so hectic. I got his order and hurried him along. He left earlier than usual, though.” Gemma hummed as she hurried to a spot before another car could, earning a honk from the white Lamborghini with tinted. Harry laughed at Gemma’s proud smile.



She loved to mess with rich people.



“He left because you didn’t let him flirt with you, obviously. Now, let’s go find me something hot to wear.” Harry chuckled at how excited Gemma was. She had been crushing on a regular customer who always sat in her section. He was there one time when Harry was and Harry saw from a mile away that the boy fancied his sister.



He finally asked her out yesterday which led to Gemma having a freak out over having nothing date-worthy to wear. Considering she hadn’t gone shopping for over two years and she never went out other than work, she wasn’t wrong. All she owned was t-shirts, jeans, and leggings.



“Where are you guys going?” Harry asked as they left the car, walking through the entrance doors.



“Just a dinner and a movie, but he told me to dress up a bit because the restaurant is fancy,” Gemma explained, heading to the escalators.



“Well, let’s find something that makes you looks so good he won’t be able to look away from you.”






“I would have slapped her, honestly,” Harry snipped as he sipped his drink. Gemma laughed before taking a bite of her food. After finding a black, long sleeve dress that Gemma looked absolutely stunning in, they decided to head to the food court considering they actually had extra money for once that didn't need to go to bills.



“I was close, if her boyfriend hadn’t apologized for her, I totally would have. He was completely embarrassed, it was hilarious.” Gemma snickered. Harry smiled at her until he saw her attention focusing on something behind him.



“Are you okay?” Gemma hesitated, her eyes still trained on him.



“Do you know him?” Harry’s eyebrow furrowed in confusion and suddenly he felt a presence behind him and a shadow looming over him.



“Hello, love, glad you found some free time after how busy you were today.” Hands rested on his shoulders as the familiar voice talked in his ear. Harry turned with a small smile, his eyes meeting blue ones.



“What are you doing here?” Harry asked. The shopping center they were at wasn’t a very expensive one which is why Gemma and he went there. Louis, however, was incredibly rich (Harry could tell by the tips the man leaves) so the question of why he was here instead of the more expensive one down the street with stores like Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent was a very good one.



“I was visiting my friend here, he works over at the vintage clothing store.” Gemma’s eyes shoot up in surprise.



“You’re friends with Zayn?” Gemma asked in shock. Louis sent her one of his charming smiles and nodded.



“Been best friends since we were children. Do you know him?” Gemma nodded.



“He comes into the restaurant that I waitress at and we chat whenever we see each other. He’s a nice lad.” Louis hummed, tightening his hands on Harry’s shoulders a tiny bit.



“He usually doesn’t talk much. He must like you if he actually chats with you.” Gemma laughed.



“I can’t say that were more of acquaintances, but he seems like he’d be a good lad to be friends with.” Louis smiled.



“He is, why don’t you say hi to him before you leave?” Louis suggested, rubbing his thumbs on Harry’s shoulders lightly. Harry shivered as Louis’ thumbs go under his shirt.



“I will, thanks. Who are you, if you don’t mind me asking.” Harry laughed.



“Sorry, this is Louis, Louis, this is my sister.”



“Ah, so you’re Gemma, I’ve heard a lot about you,” Louis said, removing a hand from Harry’s shoulder to shake her hand. Gemma smirked at Harry as she shook Louis’ hand. Harry blushed, already knowing that Gemma would make this embarrassing for him.



“I’ve heard quite a bit about you as well, Louis. I assume you came over to talk to Harry since he was too busy to talk?” Louis nodded. Harry looked up to see him smiling smugly at his smirking sister.



“Oh, god, you two are so alike it’s irritating. You both are so sassy and sarcastic and try to expose me any chance you get.” Harry grumbled causing both to cackle. Gemma took a sip of her drink and stood up, grabbing her purse.



“Well, I’ll go say hi to Zayn and you can have my seat and flirt with my baby brother. I’ll be back in a minute,” Gemma teased, walking away with her trash before either man could reply. Louis squeezed Harry’s shoulder before taking Gemma’s seat.



“You told her that I flirt with you?” Louis questioned, sitting in his usual position with his hands laced together on the table. He sat with such an aura of confidence and dominance that Harry felt like the man could get him to do whatever he pleased with one command and Harry would have no choice but to obey. It made him nervous, but a good type of nervous.



“I didn’t, she came up with that conclusion on her own. I don’t know why, but she did,” Harry muttered sheepishly, sipping his drink with his curls covering his face. Louis smirked when he saw the blush appear on the younger lad’s cheeks.



“Beautiful,” Louis muttered under his breath so Harry wouldn’t hear. “Well, she’s not oblivious like you are.” Harry’s head snapped up, his mouth slightly parted in shock.



“What do you mean?” Harry asked in confusion with his eyebrows furrowed adorably. Louis reached over the table and took Harry’s hand, holding it softly.



“I have been flirting with you and I wasn’t trying to be subtle. You didn’t notice, did you?” Harry’s blush deepens as he shook his head, his curls flying in different directions.



“No, I thought you were being polite.” He admits, holding Louis’ hand back lightly. Louis smiled brightly at that.



“I don’t stay an hour at a cafe just to talk to someone when I’m being nice love. Usually, I would get everything to go, but I wanted to talk to such a beautiful and kind creature such as yourself.” Harry giggles softly, sending a smile to the older man.



“I’m sorry I was so busy that I couldn’t talk today.” Harry changed the subject, but Louis didn’t mind. Harry was obviously flustered and it made Louis extremely pleased to see him like that.



“I understand love, that’s why I’m talking to you now.” Harry nodded, taking the last fry out of the container and pulled his hand away from Louis to clean his trash up.



“I’m glad you are, I missed talking to you today, as much as I hate to admit it,” Harry teased, smiling at Louis who smirked at him.



“Looking who decided to be a jokester,” Louis teased back, his smile fading once he sees Gemma walking towards them.



She was barely gone five minutes, Zayn should have been able to keep her for longer than that.



“Sorry to cut this little date short, but mum needs us to come home. She needs the car.” Harry frowned but nodded, turning back to Louis with a sad smile.



“I’ll see you tomorrow?” He asked as he stood up. Louis stood up as well, pulling an unexpecting Harry into a hug.



“12 o’clock sharp,” he whispered in his ear, pulling back with a smile. “It was nice to meet you, Gemma.” Gemma smiled and nodded.



“You too, Louis, let’s go Hazza.” Harry flushed at the childhood nickname, hoping Louis would forget about it by tomorrow and not make fun of him for it.



But Harry knew that he would.



“Bye darling,” Louis said, waving before turning the other way and walked away. Harry throws his trash away and followed his sister outside in a hurry. They get in the car and pull out of the parking space quickly.



“He seemed nice. How old is he?” Gemma asked, pulling out of the parking lot and onto the road.



“26.” Gemma hummed in distaste.



“That’s a bit old for you, isn’t it?” Harry rolled his eyes.



“You just said he was nice.”



“No, I said he seemed nice. He was a bit touchy wasn’t he?” Harry looked over to see his sister staring at the road with a cross look on her face.



“What’s with you? You were the one who left us alone so he could ‘flirt’ with me.” He pointed out, watching as her expression softened.



“I know, I just…” She sighed. “He’s a lot older than you and you tend to be oblivious to people’s intentions. Zayn told me how old he was and that the guy is a bit of a player. I just don’t want him to hurt you.” Harry sighed, leaning his head against the headrest.  



“I’ll be fine, but if you knew his age, why did you ask me?” He questioned. She shrugged.



“I wanted to make sure you knew without seeming like an overprotective big sister.”



“Too late,” Harry muttered under his breath, but Gemma still heard him.



“Oh shut up. I’m allowed to be protective.” She looked into her rearview mirror and let out a groan. “What the fuck, it’s that stupid lambo again. Are they following us or something?” Harry looked out the side view mirror to see the same white Lamborghini with the same tinted windows behind them. He rolled his eyes, pulling out his phone that he was finally able to buy after a year of saving money.



“Just ignore it, I’m sure they’ll turn soon.”






“Mum! We’re home!” Gemma yelled as she and Harry entered the house. Harry turned to shut the door, his eyes widening as he sees the white Lamborghini pull up on the other side of the street. 



As Harry turned to shut the door, his eyes widened when he saw that same white Lamborghini pull up on the other side of the road. With his heart picking up speed and his mouth hanging slightly open, Harry blinked harshly and shook his head.



He tried to see inside the car, but the tinted windows made it hard to see inside. As soon as he made his way back outside, the car sped off. A chilling shiver traveled down his spine and his eyebrows were deeply furrowed when he caught a glimpse of the driver from the side view mirror.



A glimpse of Louis.


Chapter Text


Harry was never good at confrontation, hence why he was a bit of a pushover. It was worse when he was younger though, and he knew it wasn't good because it put him in some pretty awkward situations.



However, he didn't think he'd ever been in a situation like this one.



Was Louis stalking him? Was he overreacting? Was his mind playing tricks on him? It was pretty dark out and he had to admit that the glimpse he got of the driver was small. Then again, he seemed to be seeing the man everywhere and the chances of it being a coincidence were slowly decreasing in size and suddenly becoming more of a possibility, which scared him half to death.



On the other hand, he didn't want to assume. What if Louis wasn't stalking him and he asked him about it out of the blue? It was possible that it could come off as rude—in fact, it was inevitable.



It was early in the morning as he was doing the first shift like he did every Friday. Unlike other days, it wasn't that busy despite it being Friday with people still at work. He just assumed it was because nobody wanted to be awake at six am and if they were they didn't want to get coffee because they were completely done with everything.


Harry knew how that felt.


The shop didn't have a bell to signal whether a customer entered or not, but immediately when the door opened, Harry looked up because the atmosphere in the cafe changed.


Louis looked different today. Normally his hair was neatly styled in a way that when you looked at it, the hair screamed ‘swoosh’ and businessman. However, today he looked… soft. Gentle. Sweet.


The blue of his eyes stood out when he wore a cosy, navy jumper. His hair was light and feathery, in a fringe across his forehead which emphasised the natural caramel highlights that were left astray to do as they pleased.


Then, Harry was snapped out of his dreamy daze when the signature smirk appeared on the older man’s lips, and the smugness of it made Harry flustered. With red cheeks he cleared his throat and routinely asked, “What can I get you?”


Harry didn't know if it was humanly possible to continue smirking while also talking, but Louis succeeded at it. “My usual,” he replied.


Harry pretended to scoff, and they both knew it was playful. There was something about the look in Harry's eyes though, which told Louis otherwise, but he didn't say anything about it.


“And you expect me to know what that is because…” Harry trailed off.


“I come here everyday. I'm your stalker, Harry,” Louis said.


“W-What?” Harry stuttered.


“I come here everyday, you know my order, Harry. It never changes,” Louis chuckled, giving Harry a concerned look. The boy behind the cash register sighed in relief and nodded, not having the energy to continue the conversation.


While his back was turned to make Louis’ drink, he took a deep breath and thought about the other day. He was sure it was Louis driving that car.


That really fucking douchey car might he add.


Anyway, that was irrelevant.


Nervously, he turned around and he couldn't help but blurt out, “are you following me?”


The question caught Louis off guard. Of course it did. Why wouldn't it? However, he sold drugs for a living, he’d killed a few people. He'd mastered the poker face by the time he was twenty- at the oldest.


With a raised brow Louis replied with, “no, why would you think that?” And his eyes were so blue—such a beautiful blue and he looked so good with his hair different and… and he was gorgeous. His cheekbones were chiseled and his jawline was sharp enough to kill without even touching Harry because there the oblivious boy was, shrugging his shoulders and muttering a soft ‘no reason’.


“Maybe it's because we’re so similar. Like the same things…” Louis trailed off, licking over his lips sensually in a way that made Harry shiver and he knew it, “have the same interests. Great minds think alike, Hazza.”


Once again Harry was blushing and shaking his head. “Do you remember everything ?” He groaned, the tension between them being carried away with the breeze from the door opening when a customer left. Internally, Louis thanked the lord that Harry was trusting, a little too trusting, but it worked to his advantage.


Louis always knew he was doing the right thing when Harry's dimples made an appearance. All he wanted to do was kiss those spots, then kiss his jaw and his neck and his collarbone where he would leave a mark. Then Harry would have to be his.


“I do,” Louis confirmed.


“Um, I'd love for you to stay and chat but there's another customer.” Harry gave the only other person in line a sympathetic smile, only to receive a slightly annoyed glare back. The smirk Harry had come to know well creeped onto Louis’ lips and he left.


It was only after the last customer left did he notice Louis never paid for his drink.




It was during Gemma’s break that she was met face-to-face with Zayn. They had talked a few times and he seemed pleasant enough, despite being quiet. She just couldn't believe he and Louis were friends because Louis was so… upfront and Zayn was so not.


“Hi,” she smiled, “Zayn, isn't it?”


The lad raised an eyebrow, wondering why he was being talked to because it wasn't often people talked to him. He knew Gemma from the few times he visited the restaurant she worked at.


“It is,” he replied, “Can I help you?” His tone wasn't rude, more questioning than anything which put her mind at ease a little, but not much.


“Yeah, actually, you're, uh, you're friends with Louis?” She asked.


Friends? Yes. Partner in crime: more accurate.


“I am,” his answers were short, which Gemma took note of.


“Has he ever mentioned my brother, Harry?” She knew it was weird to ask, of course she did, but she couldn't help it. The worry she felt was overwhelming and there was something off about the whole situation whether she wanted there to be or not.


“Hmm,” he hummed, voice vibrating deep in his chest. “In what context?”


Gemma didn't know how to answer that question, but she did anyway, “Um, I don't know they have a thing going on and… I feel a little wary that's all. I just want to make sure he's okay.”


“Can't promise you that,” Zayn chuckled, looking at his watch, “I have to go. This was nice,” he pursed his lips, “Bye, Gemma.”


“Bye?” She called after him. All she got was a glimpse of the back of his head, but she knew a twisted grin was on his face. It was odd, normally Zayn was… nice. Yes he was quiet but he was always willing to chat, but that day he wasn't.


It was like the topic of Louis made him quiet. Maybe she was overreacting. She didn't know.


All she knew was she believed there wasn't something right, but she couldn't tell Harry otherwise he'd do something stupid like he always did. Which was why she had to do some more digging herself.

Chapter Text



"Don't you care about us? We're your children!"






Harry shut his mouth and blinked a few times, not expecting that to leave Des' mouth. He takes a small step back and briefly, glances to the door before looking back at Des, who was angrily panting, his whole chest heaving up and down.



He looked awful.



Des' eyes were red around the rim, he had a terribly untamed scruff around his mouth and down to his neck, scattered like ashes. He was a mess and it was far too late for Harry to help him out of whatever loop he was circulating in.



"You don' don't mean that," Harry whispered.



"You just yap and moan all day about me. Des, get a job, Des, stop drinking—wish someone told me ages ago: Des, don't have children," Des snickered bitterly and shook his head slowly. His eyes never shone anymore and Harry missed that. He missed his dad.







"Oh, piss off, Harry."



"All we want is for you to stop using and asking for our savings. We have fantasies and dreams, too," Harry exasperated.



"I'm your dad, you don't want to help me?!" Des' eyes were big and he took a wide step forward, leaning towards Harry who tried his best to not look away.



"We've been trying to help. You don't let us and that's your problem!" Harry yelled.



"What good have you done for me?"



"Des, are you serious?" Harry wiped the side of his face and heavily sighed, speaking up before Des could. "Everything we do is for you and mum, you just don't appreciate it. Gemma has to work the night shift, too because you keep taking our money."



"She works night shift cos she's a slag," Des scoffed and Harry gasped uncontrollably.



"What?!" Harry's head was spinning. Was this really happening? Was he really arguing with his dad? It was like talking to a brick wall.



"And you're worse. Good for nothing, I got so much shit done when I was your age and look at you. You're mentally ten years old, always skipping and joking about because you can't deal that your dad's a crackhead, innit?" Des' tone was malicious and he was doing everything he could to make Harry upset.



"Just get a job," Harry's voice quavered slightly. "That's all we ask of you."



"My job is to do whatever the hell I want, so don't you start on that," and just as usual, Des walked out of the living room.



The second he left, Harry's knees buckled and he fell to the floor. He began to breathe heavily, although it felt like his inside were being crushed by his tightening rib cage. His brain felt fuzzy and he couldn't keep his eyes open any longer. He hated it. He hated how his dad treated him and how it all shows that Des just doesn't give a shit anymore.



And that scared Harry because he's always dreamed of being in a perfect family but Des was ruining that chance.



Harry sighed, feeling a heavy knot in his throat and slowly glanced up at the time. He had to go to work now. He doesn't know if he'll be able to keep up with the customers and other responsibilities during his shift, but he left for work anyway.



So, he prepared drinks and desserts and watched with longing as customers laughed amongst each other. They were so clueless. Although, Harry knew that everyone had their own problems even if they were grinning wide but he couldn't help feel a twang of jealousy that they were still smiling and he wasn't.



Around his break shift, he left the café and sat down on the cobblestone steps behind the café, nearing the alleyway which held rubbish carts and huge recycling bins. He stuffed his hands in his jacket pockets and stretched his dangly legs out in front of him.



A slight breeze swept his hair away from his face and nipped at his nose. He gently tucked his chin deeper into his zipped up jacket so only half his face was showing. He willed himself not to cry. 




This wasn't the first time he fought with his dad, but it hurt still. They were always worsening and he hated arguing. Harry hated getting angry and talking back in a way that people would think was rude of him.



"Hey," a sudden whisper interrupted his thoughts. Harry abruptly looked up and saw Louis standing tall behind him.




"Hi," Harry replied and opened his zip a little bit to sound clearer.



"You not feeling well?" Louis gently sat down next to Harry, hardly making any noise which bothered Harry.



"Uh, no..."



"Yeah, the tea didn't taste nice as it usually does." Louis smiled at Harry sympathetically.



"Sorry," Harry mumbled.



"Don't be. So, what's wrong?" Louis thought that Harry looked extremely adorable when he was sad, even though Louis disliked the fact that he was sad in the first place.



"Family," Harry said and shrugged.



"Hm." Louis knew it was his dad that was the problem. It had to be, he's a fuck up. "Wanna talk about it?"



"I feel like...everything is going to shit. Like. I don't know." Harry looked away from Louis and pouted, biting his top lip.



He's so sad, he can't even speak properly. And that angered Louis.



"Do you want to go somewhere when your shift is over?"



"I don't know..." Harry hesitated. "I just want to sleep."



"I can help you sleep." Harry frowned at his words but didn't glance at Louis just yet. "I mean, I'll take you somewhere nice and you can sleep there if you want. It'll calm your mind, you deserve to be looked after."






"I'll think of a place whilst you finish and then I'll let you know. Is that fine?" Louis raised an eyebrow and Harry nodded numbly, hardly thinking of anything.






"Look, I wish you would see the masterpiece that you are. I hate that you're not being treated with love and care and respect. If no one gives you that, Harry, leave them. I'll cherish you."



And Harry felt like crying because he was so overwhelmed from Louis' words and so fed up with the way he was treated and so done with this shit world and everything inside it. He just wanted to curl up in a ball, be tucked under the duvet in a dark room with the curtains pulled and his hot mug of tea on the bedside table as the sweet sounds of Fleetwood Mac echoed in the room from his playlist. He just wanted time to himself. 




Louis hugged Harry. He put his arm around his shoulders and smiled when Harry easily tucked himself against Louis' chest and clutched onto his black suit with shaking fingers.






When his shift finished, Harry pulled his jacket on and didn't bother covering up entirely. He said bye to no one in particular over his shoulder and shut the door behind him. He had been thinking hard throughout his shift and decided that it was best for him to just head home and hope that Louis forgot about his promise to take him somewhere nice.




Unfortunately, Louis was standing in front of a shiny black Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Harry was impressed at the jeep's clean state but didn't bother showing it. He slowly walked to the parked car that was definitely better up close.




“You ready to go?” Louis opened a door and Harry found it weird that Louis wanted him to sit in the back rather than the front beside.




“Um...yeah,” Harry whispered unsurely. Louis helped Harry in and shut the door tight, then he quickly jogged to the driver's side and sat in the car, too. “Louis, could you just take me home, please?”




“Home?” Louis started the car and frowned at Harry through the rearview mirror. Harry's pained eyes met his and he slowly nodded.




“I'm not feeling well. I'd rather be at home. I want to talk to Gemma and my parents,” Harry said lowly. He felt a flood of sudden yearning to be with his family fill his heart. Maybe to even be with Des.




“With him? Your scum of a father?” Louis spat.




Harry was shocked as he blinked a few times. “How do you know”




“Everyone knows the crackhead.” Louis shrugged. “He doesn't deserve you. Don't go back to him.”




“I don't care, I want to go home. They're my family and even though Des can be heartless at times, he's still my father and I love him. I love all of them. I can't just abandon them when things get hard." Harry grabbed his seatbelt as he heard Louis sigh.




“I can't, Harry, I don't want you to be upset because of him,” Louis pleaded.




“Easier said than done. Look, Louis, I know you're looking out for me and I really appreciate it but I just, I'm so tired, I just want to sleep and be in my room.” Harry maintained eye contact with Louis through the mirror and watched as Louis looked out his window before back at Harry.




That was when Harry heard the doors lock.




“Louis…?” Harry questioned.




“I'll take you home.”




“But why did you lock the doors?” Harry asked frantically.




Then, for the first time, he looked around the car and felt uneasy as he saw what occupied the front seat. A cloth, a knife and a bottle with a small print label.




Louis watched Harry's eyes and smirked when he noticed the chloroform.




“No, Harry, I won't use them unless you cooperate.”




“Get me out,” Harry demanded, unable to take his eyes off the weapon. “Get me out now, Louis!”




“Harry, I just want you to be safe. I want you to be happy—”




“Shut up and let me out!”




Something inside Louis snapped as his face turned a ferocious color and twisted his body to glare at Harry who gulped nervously. Harry took his phone out of his pocket and waved it at Louis’ face.




“I'll, I'll call the police. I will.”




Louis reached to the other seat and lunged for the knife. “How about now?”




“Louis, Louis, please—”




“Just relax, Harry, I won't hurt you. Ever. Not like he did to you.” Louis was now half on his seat and half on the cup holder on his knees as he bent down and picked up the chloroform and cloth. He wished he picked something stronger than chloroform so Harry would be asleep faster. All he wanted was to sleep.




Harry was shaking, he could do nothing as his phone fell from his fingertips and landed by his heeled boots. His throat was tightening and he felt his stomach convulse as it threatened to empty out the contents in fear.




He mumbled helplessly for Louis to get off him when Louis pressed the cloth to his face. His nose and mouth were covered by a thick, creamy cloth that made it harder for him to breathe through. He felt his mouth run dry and his nostrils stung as air slipped in laboriously.




Soon, his mind went fuzzy, much like earlier today after Des left the house, and he began to see in blurred vision. He couldn't focus on one thing before his eyes blinked slowly. At one point, they stayed shut.




Louis listened to the slow breathing of Harry in the backseat, he was lying down across the seats and Louis gently took his boots off. He took his phone, too and threw it out of the window, hearing a crunch as his tires drove over them.




“They don't know how to look after a fragile China doll but don't worry, Harry, I've got you.”

Chapter Text




People are selfish. Whether they want to be or not, people take things for granted and don't realize what they have until it's all gone and disappeared into nothingness. People take their freedom for granted, their life, their everything. Because they're selfish and they don't mean to be.




There's a difference between being selfish with yourself, taking your own freedom for granted, and taking someone else’s freedom. It’s fucked up.




Louis didn't realize that. He didn't realize he was selfish and taking someone’s life from them, something that should be valued and treasured and taken care of. Harry wanted to make the most of his life. He had aspirations and desires and wants and maybe he didn't have a bucket list, but that was because he didn't think he'd be kicking the bucket anytime soon.




Then again he probably didn't expect to be kidnapped, either.




As Louis drove his car down the highway he let out a content sigh as bright street lamps passed by the window, looking blurred due to the fast speed. In the backseat Harry lay limply with his head resting against the window, completely knocked out.




There was something about Harry looking so vulnerable, so soft. So delicate and sweet, that made Louis feel this flutter in his stomach. He didn't know if it was the ringlets that framed his cherubic face, or his plump lips that involuntarily parted when he passed out, or the paleness of his porcelain skin. But Louis felt something. Lust. Want. Need.




What he was going to do with the boy was unknown. He didn't want to hurt him… not badly anyway, but something told him Harry wouldn't be that cooperative.




From what he'd learned about Harry he figured out he was sweet and kind and he cared a lot about others. However, he was defensive and could be snappy if he wanted to be.




Louis didn't like non-cooperative people.




He did like Harry though, a lot.




He liked Harry a little too much it seemed.




Which line did Louis have to cross before his infatuation became an obsession? Which line did he have to cross before it became too strong, too overwhelming? And who drew the line? Was it him? Or was it Harry?




The drive to his house was a long one, as he lived far away from the city center. The only reason he traveled that far every day was to see Harry, but now he didn't have a reason to. Therefore there was a sense of relief when the large gates opened, motion sensors letting the vehicle through.




They recognized Louis’ car, so it made it more secure.




A good place to keep someone that wasn't meant to be found…




At first, he was unsure where to put Harry because he didn't know how much longer the boy would be out. However, he decided the basement was a good idea.




It was a bit strange (usually) to have a basement in London, due to them being an American asset rather than a British one, but this was Louis’ house, therefore he was allowed a basement. And in his defense, the basement was actually quite nice. The floor was carpet, there was a chair and if he chose to, he could turn on the heating.




However, he never chose to.




So as Louis struggled to carry Harry down the creaky steps, he immediately felt a cold chill hit his skin. Regrettably, he didn't call Zayn for backup, because it took him quite some time to tie Harry up.




The handcuffs he had were metal and rattled loudly; it honestly surprised him Harry didn't wake up during the whole process.




And after finishing what should've been an easy task, Louis took a step back to admire his work.




He saw a doll. Harry's skin was smooth and contrasted with the dark clothing he was wearing. His body was long and slim, covering the whole chair and though he was slouched and unconscious, he looked delicate when he was limp. Dolls would envy him: envy his skin; envy his hair; envy his legs; envy his lips and most importantly they'd envy his owner, who'd try and take care of him.




Louis knew Harry wasn't a puppet but as he stared at the boy, lifeless and looking like the only possible way to make him move was by pulling a few strings, he felt like a puppeteer.




With shaky breaths, Louis walked up the stairs to his room. As soon as he entered he fumbled around in his drawers, opening and slamming them shut frantically until he found what he was looking for.




It used to be his Dad’s camera, and Louis was always infatuated with it as it printed pictures immediately after he took them. There wasn't a flash on it, from what he could remember, but that didn't matter because the picture of Harry came out perfect.




Once again, where was the line? Who drew the line?




Louis had a feeling he'd already passed it.






“So you kidnapped him,” Zayn repeated Louis’ earlier words. It was late in the night and Harry still wasn't awake. He would've assumed he was dead if it weren't for the sight of his chest slowly moving up and down with each delicate breath he took.




Louis nodded and the two glanced at the young boy.




“I just… I don't know why. I wanted him so I just took him,” Louis explained.




Zayn sighed, “that's not how the world works. He's not a stray cat, he's a person and normally I'd be a little more cool about this but he's done nothing wrong.”




“You have to help me, though,” Louis pleaded, “I need him to not be mad at me.”




“He's going to be mad, it's inevitable,” Zayn said, making Louis groan in frustration.




“I know,” he mumbled.




“Manipulate the anger.” Zayn shrugged, watching Louis’ face contort in confusion and curiosity. Realising he'd have to elaborate, Zayn let out a huff as he looked at Harry's passed out figure. He grimaced, “he’ll be mad. Just make him… not mad at you and direct the anger at something else, like that shit of a father you always talk about.”




“Would he believe it?” Louis questioned.




Once again, his friend shrugged which he did more often than not.




“Sell it, Louis. Make him trust you. Make him so emotionally distraught, that all he has left is you.”








It was hours later that it happened. The basement was still freezing, the cold air surrounding Louis, suffocating him but not killing him. Nothing could kill him.




It was hours later that the boy’s green eyes fluttered open, his vision blurred partially due to the bright light that had suddenly hit him. The pounding in his head began when he tried to think and remember where he was.




However, for some reason he couldn't. There was a part of his memory gone and he knew he wasn't in his home because it didn't feel like it. He didn't even realize he was tied up until several moments after he woke up, that's when he started to freak out.




And then all of a sudden he remembered.

Chapter Text



Harry watched from his chair as Louis’ menacing eyes bored into his frightened ones. The eyes that he so desperately wanted to trust at one point, now he saw the true evil in them. The cold, dead eyes of his kidnapper.



“How do you feel, Doll?” The blue-eyed man asked with a stone cold face. Harry looked away from the electric blues to look around the empty basement. It was then that he noticed how cold it was as he started to shiver.



“As. as if y-you care about how I-I f-feel,” Harry stuttered angrily, looking back up at a monster. The man walked towards him and began to circle his captive.



So pale and small, the little china doll was. His skin, the color of porcelain, had a slight blue tint to it as the temperature in the basement was as cold as outside. A snowstorm had blown in suddenly and shockingly, covering London and the surrounding cities with a white blanket. It was below freezing and he could see both of their breaths.



“Of course I care, that’s why I brought you here,” he explained while he placed a hand on Harry’s bare arm. He faked a gasp. “Are you cold, little dove?” He asked while walking over to a chair, holding up one of his own jackets. He had taken off the lad’s jacket after about an hour of watching him slouched unconscious on the chair. He wanted to see how pretty he would look with blue tinted skin and purple lips.



He also wanted to see the boy in his clothes. It was a way to claim him as if that jacket made Harry his. It wouldn’t stop the boy from fighting him, though, and he knew that.



“N-No, I’m n-not cold at all,” Harry snapped as he shivered and watched his breath flow out of lips like smoke. Louis frowned.



“Of course you are, if you want the jacket, just tell me that you’re cold.”



“Where’s m-my jacket?” Harry asked, pulling slightly on the cuffs wrapped around his wrists tightly. They only added to the cold his body was trying to fight.



“Upstairs in your room, but I have my jacket, you can wear this.” Harry looked at the jacket and wondered what it had gone through. What had Louis done when he wore that warming cloth? Did he hurt someone or kidnap another unsuspecting person like him? If he had, what happened to that person?



What’s going to happen to him?



“I-I d-don’t know wh-wh-what’s on that jacket. B-Besides, I’d rather f-freeze than w-wear anything that b-belongs to y-you.” Louis’ frown deepens into a scowl, pulling the chair he was sitting on before Harry woke up and placed it down backward in front of him. He straddled the chair and rested his elbow on the back of the chair, placing his chin on his palm.



“Why not? You seemed to like me before.” Louis pouted at Harry mockingly as the boy looked away.



“Th-that was before you...kid-kidnapped me,” Harry stuttered as he shivered violently, refusing to look at his captor in the eyes. He was embarrassed at how true the statement was, he did like Louis.



But now Harry knew there was a monster hidden inside him, and he’s disgusted.



“Only because you’re so cute. So beautiful and precious and all I want to do is hold you and protect you,” Louis sighed as he looked at the beautiful creature shaking violently from the cold in front of him with a fond look.



“Do y-you u-usually fl-flirt with people you kid-kidnap?” Harry spat out. Louis only grinned.



“Of course not,” Louis said, walking behind Harry. He leaned down, his lips next to the shivering boy’s ear. “I kill them,” Harry froze suddenly, his shivering even ceased to stillness.



“Y-You k-kill—”



“Oh, don’t worry, my precious little, Doll,” Louis cooed mockingly, moving in front of Harry to caress his cold cheeks. Ice cold to the touch, he’ll probably freeze soon if he doesn’t get warm. “I couldn’t even imagine painting your skin red like I do with the others.” He leaned into the terrified boy to press a kiss to his neck. Harry whimpered in fear, his eyes shutting as his lip quivered.



“Then w-what do you—”



“What do I want?” Louis scoffed, g rabbing Harry's curls, using them to pull his head back. He grinned sinisterly down at his boy. “What a stupid question, the answer is obvious.” Louis leaned down and pressed his lips against Harry’s. His lips were so cold and chapped, but Louis couldn't get enough of him as he struggled to get away. He loved the fear he felt radiating off of the younger lad. He pulled away, his lips hovering over the shaking boy. “I want you. I want you so I took you.” Louis watched as Harry closed his eyes in fear.



“L-L-Let me g-go,” Harry stuttered, exhaustion suddenly taking over his body. Louis ran his thumb over the boy’s purple quivering lips. His eyes suddenly had a faraway look in them and his body started to slouch.



Hypothermia was beginning to set in.



“I told you I wouldn’t hurt you, but I won’t stop you from hurting yourself. Tell me you need the jacket or you’ll get hypothermia,” Louis demanded, smirking when Harry looked at the jacket with longing in his eyes. But he was hesitating.



He was so cold, he wanted nothing more than to give in and cover up. The cold was torture. But he doesn’t want to give this psyco what he wants. He didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of having control over him.



He didn’t want to let him win.



But he’s so, so cold. He felt like he could feel his blood freezing in his veins and he was beginning to have trouble breathing. He’ll probably die at this rate.



“O-okay.” Harry’s shivering had turned so violent that when Louis placed the jacket over him, the jacket fell off him. Louis sighed.



“Can you move?” Louis asked, but Harry passed out, slouching in the chair again. “I guess I’ll have to carry you upstairs then,” he muttered, grabbing the key to the handcuffs from his pocket.



He sighed and called Zayn.



“I need you to go to his room and get a fire started. And bring a cup of tea, he deserves a nice little treat.” Louis looked at the boy’s stiff figure and pressed his lips together in a tight line.



“You’re so strange, Lou. I don’t understand you sometimes.” Louis smirked at his friend’s statement as he maneuvered the boy onto his back.



“It’s okay, you don’t need to understand the King. The King makes his own rules and reasons and everyone else needs to follow. Isn’t that right, Prince?” Zayn could hear the smirk on his best friend’s lips.



The brother of the King in London’s underworld, the Prince of drugs and thieves. It only fit that as the brother of the King, he himself became a Prince.



This was a monarch, their little country of criminals that listened to their hierarchy. If they decided to disobey, they were punished.



And the punishment was always the death penalty.



“I suppose so. How’s the Queen doing?” Louis began to walk up the stairs with the corpse-like body of his doll barely weighing him down when carried like this.



“He’ll be better once I defrost him.” Louis gave Zayn a smug smile as he met him at the top of the stairs, on his way to make tea.



“How are you going to do that, King?” Zayn asked as he walked the opposite direction of him.



“I’m sure I’ll think of something.”






Harry woke up hours later feeling much warmer than he had ever felt in his life. He opened his hurting eyes and noticed he was on a bed in a huge room. He sat up on the bed only to find out that he had his hands cuffed together in front of him this time and they were connected to chains on his ankles. He began to freak out as he noticed all of his clothing had been removed minus his boxers.



“Oh, god, no—”



“Great, you’re awake.” Louis clapped as he came out of a door, naked minus his boxers as Harry was.



“W-What did you d-do—”



“Oh, don’t worry,” Louis cooed, walking over to Harry who struggled to get away from him. “I needed to warm you up or you would have frozen to death, I just shared my body heat with you, nothing else, Doll,” Louis explained as he crawled into the bed and grabbed Harry, forcing him to quit trying to get away.



His grip on him wa s too strong.



“So, I figured I should get this out of the way so we can get to what I really want,” Louis said, digging his nails into Harry’s side to get him to stop struggling. He did, only because he was still extremely weak from earlier. “Drink this,” Louis said and handed him a cup of tea, rolling his eyes when Harry looked at him in distrust. “It’s to warm you up and help your throat stop hurting because I can’t imagine it feels good at the moment. I didn’t poison it, that would defeat the whole purpose of having you here.” Harry sighed and took the tea, he might as well, he can’t do anything about the situation as it is.



Harry began to drink the tea and held back his sigh of relief. He didn’t want the monster to know he was grateful for it.



“So, I imagine you want to know why you’re here. The answer is a bit more complex than how I had originally explained it. I’m your pathetic excuse of a father’s supplier.” Harry’s eyes widened at the mention of his father and looked up to see Louis staring off into the fireplace that was directly in front of the bed.



“He owed me quite a bit of money, so instead of making him pay me that, I made a deal with him. I’ll forgive his debt and I get you instead.” Harry’s entire body froze in its place as he looked down at his mostly filled tea cup.



He couldn't have. He wouldn’t do th—



“He agreed.” Harry shook his head violently as he threw the rest of his tea at Louis. The man screamed in pain as the scorching hot liquid ran down his naked torso.



“He wouldn’t do that! You’re fucking lying!” Harry screamed. He rolled off the bed and onto his wobbly legs. He tried to run but the chains on his ankles were chained to the bed, making him fall to the ground when he tried desperately to escape.



“He’s a lying piece of shit. He’s a drug addict and he didn’t deserve to have you in his worthless life. He didn’t love you, but I do. So stop trying to get away from me because you’ll never escape me,” Louis seethed, picking Harry up and placing him over his shoulder after unlocking the chain that held him to the bed.



Harry struggled, flailing his chained arms and legs as much as he could as Louis walked him back down to the basement. He opened a hatch in the floor that was hidden under the rug and threw Harry inside carelessly, making him hit his head on the concrete ground. He felt the welts beginning to form on his wrists and ankles as he struggled to get free.



“You’ll stay in there until you learn how to behave,” Louis sneered, shutting and locking the door. He turned toward the thermostat as Harry began banging on the door, calling for help. He turned the temperature up so the boy wouldn't freeze but not high enough for him to be comfortable.



“I’ll be back once you’ve learned that this is what’s best for you because you’re not going anywhere,” Louis sneered coldly, sending a shiver down Harry’s spin at how cold his tone was. Or maybe it was the cold air that made him shake.



Harry sat down on the wet, dirty ground and felt the where he hit his head. He was bleeding and he had a huge cut right above his temple. He moved his hand away from his head and wrapped his arms around himself to try and stay warm.



He leaned his head back against the wall and shivered, praying that this is just a dream. A horrible, horrible dream.



Chapter Text


Harry could barely see anything in the dark room. He kept imagining that there was something moving around and every time he snapped his head to see what it was it, there would be nothing but blackness. It was unnerving that Harry had essentially lost his sight.


If only a little bit of light would shine through a crack or a hole, he would feel a little bit more at ease.




He didn't move from his bent position with his legs folded close to his chest and his arms tightly wrapped around himself. He felt his feet go numb and tingle but he was finally warm and he didn't want to ruin that.



It was so damn surreal to Harry, he never ever thought anything like this would happen to him. How did he end up so unlucky? First, it was always family that was the main problem in his life, then he grew up and school became a big part of his life, after that money started to get involved, causing jobs to intervene and now—now he has been kidnapped.



Harry always heard about those wild stories where a mysterious yet charming stranger you meet would end up being a murderer or something worse but never did Harry think he would ever be in that situation.



In a situation where he's sitting in a stranger's basement; no food nor light and only his mind to keep him company.




And his mind wasn't great company, either. He kept thinking of horrible things Louis could do to him.



Will Louis kill him? Torture him? Just keep him here forever? Ask for money in return for Harry? Rape him?



Harry shuddered. Louis did kiss him earlier. It was everything he never imagined it to be because Louis' lips were harsh and they were so wet, Harry felt some saliva on the corner of his mouth. That alone was enough for Harry to think about his shirt being ripped off him and his hair being harshly tugged on as he tried to escape from Louis' wandering hands, touching places Harry wished he never would.



Taking in a large breath and harshly closing his eyes, Harry shook his head, begging himself to not think of being raped. He didn't need those images in his mind, he needed to stay sane and patient.



Unsure of what to do, Harry looked to where he presumed the door was. He sat there for a full minute, watching the door aimlessly until finally, he dragged his sleeves down to cover his hands and he slowly stood up.



His legs felt shaky and his head suddenly began to pound as he remembered hitting it on the concrete floor when Louis chucked him in here like a rag doll. Louis said he wouldn't hurt him and now look at Harry's situation.



Ignoring the pain on the back of his head, Harry stood straighter, trying to balance himself in the dark. His arms were outstretched, fingers straight and slowly, he walked to where he hoped the door was. The dark room intimidated Harry as he tried to pick up the pace, not anticipating bumping into a wall.



Harry groaned and placed his palms flat against the wall, bowing his head closer as he felt a sharp pain to his forehead, where it was hit by the wall. He clutched onto the wall and used that as his guide to get around the room.



He stumbled over his feet a couple of times and knew he was walking extremely slow even though it didn't feel like it and Harry almost cried due to how suffocating everything felt. He had no sense of direction nor could he see anything. He didn't know if the room was big or small. He didn't know if there was anything else in the room. He didn't know if Louis was watching him secretly and that scared the shit out of him. Harry couldn't even see his own hands in front of him.



He carefully let go of the walk and sighed heavily, giving up. He leaned back on the wall and slid down, sitting on the cold floor.



How long was he here for?



Another sigh escaped his mouth, this time shaky and full of regret and melancholy.



Harry felt as if this won't be the last time he'll feel like this. Even if he's out of here and free, he'll still feel melancholic. It'll hurt him mentally, absolutely.






"So...did you feed him, at least?"



Louis looked up at Zayn and ponders. When was the last time Harry ate? Looking back at it, perhaps it was before Harry got to work today. Louis quickly checked his clock, the time read a few minutes past eight, just been three hours since Harry was officially his. Truthfully, ever since Louis laid his eyes on Harry, Harry had already been his.



"Well, no, he was being disobedient." Louis turned off his phone and looked at the man opposite him, who sighed and shook his head. "What?" He asked Zayn.



"You're being...extra. Just give him food, I'm sure he gets it now," Zayn replied.



Louis placed his palms flat on the sofa armrest and clenched his jaw. "Hm."



"Do what you want, whatever." Zayn drank the remains of his beer and crunched the can in his palm effortlessly. "Let's go smoke."



"Yes, boss ," Louis snarked and immediately got off the sofa.



"What ever ." Zayn laughed. "How long is he going to be there? Can he even hear us?"



"For as long as I want. And no, he can't. It's just him and his mind."

Chapter Text



It was as though Gemma was on the Titanic. She couldn't rid of the sinking feeling in her chest; it was almost as if she was the only passenger on board that knew the boat was sinking. Maybe it was all in her head.



No. It wasn't in her head. There was something wrong and it was eating her alive like a vulture to prey. Her phone had been empty of calls from her brother for a few days now. He wasn't at home which was unlike him, he was a homebody. The comforts of his bed were what Harry longed for every day after work. Therefore, the fact he wasn't home and didn't even answer her texts or calls worried her a lot.




Of course, she knew Harry was old enough to take care of himself. Intelligence wasn't something he lacked and if he was in any danger, he would've called by now. However, that was the problem. What if Harry was in danger and unable to actually contact anyone? Was she being paranoid?




The shopping center was particularly quiet that day which she was thankful for. For some reason she felt on edge and working in such an overcrowded environment was sometimes overwhelming. In hindsight, she should've thought about that before she started working there but a job is a job and unfortunately, you get what you can.




It was her lunch break though, so she was currently walking around the shopping center with a confused look on her face. It was Tuesday, meaning Harry should be meeting her for lunch like they did every week, however, after waiting twenty minutes at the cafe they go to every time and seeing no sign of Harry, that's when Gemma felt her heart truly sink.




Shakily, she stood from her seat and paid for the coffee and sandwich she had, before deciding to head back to work. It was extremely unlike her brother not to show up to pre-made plans. He was always organized, always on time, always very informative if he wasn't able to make it. Therefore when he didn't show up she became so, so nervous that something had happened to him.




She still had ten minutes of her break left, and last minute decided to take a little pit stop along the way as Zayn worked in the shop right next to where she worked. Inside the shop, music played quietly through the speakers. Though it was meant for customers, she knew that everything playing was in Zayn's taste (which was fair enough since he was there basically all hours and nobody wants to listen to music they don't like for hours on end). She recognized the song as Milk by The 1975 and smiled quietly to herself.




Obviously, because the shop had been empty for hours, Zayn didn't expect anyone to be paying him a visit anytime so he was humming (quietly of course because everything Zayn did was in a quiet manner) along to the song. Occasionally, he sang the lyrics but he was more of hummer rather than a singer. 



Clearing her throat, Gemma caught the attention of Zayn. Startled, the tanned man looked up from where he was doing something behind the desk and immediately his eyes blew wide. Despite knowing it was impossible Gemma knew anything about Harry being kidnapped by Louis, he was still on edge. A part of him felt guilty that he was going to have to pretend to be oblivious to the fact Harry was literally starving in Louis' giant mansion. However, he plastered on a smile.




"Gemma, how can I help you this fine afternoon?" Zayn asked playfully, leaning on the counter with both elbows. The girl glanced at his position before letting out a rather long sigh. Though he'd only met Harry briefly, Zayn noticed that he and Gemma had the same enticing green eyes that Louis happened to love so dearly. 




But, despite being the girl, the sister, Harry was more doll-like. Gemma's skin was pale but not in a porcelain way. Her eyes were enticing but nowhere near as emerald. Her lips were less pouty, though still the same bow shape, and her hair was straight whether that was because she chose to straighten it or not, Zayn didn't know. All he knew was this was precisely the reason Louis chose Harry to kidnap.




Both the Styles siblings were beautiful, but Gemma had something about her that made it seem harder to manipulate. Her features weren't as soft. She wasn't so doll-like. She didn't fit the mold Louis would want.




Her voice was low as well, obviously not as low as Harry's and not as smooth, but it still had the same droning effect Harry's had. She asked, "Have you seen Harry lately? I'm really worried about him, he hasn't answered my texts or calls and he hasn't been home in days."




"Nope," Zayn lied smoothly. 




Gemma sighed.




Zayn bit his lip, "I'm sure he's fine."




"I don't know..." She mirrored Zayn in the biting of her lip, and the man noticed Harry also had that habit. Louis told him everything. It was creepy.




"I just feel weird. I mean, everything was fine and then he met Louis." She shrugged, fumbling with her fingers. The fact that Gemma's mind immediately flew to Louis worried Zayn. He warned Louis many times that he wasn't being discreet enough. He showed up everywhere, though. He knew where the poor boy was at all times, he knew his address, where he ate his lunch, which bin he threw his lunch out in. It was creepy and not subtle in any way, shape or form.




"Louis?" Zayn played it cool, "What does Louis have to do with any of this?"




"My brother is nineteen. What would a grown man like him want to do with my brother?" She scoffed.




"They're not that far apart in age," Zayn defended, "I just don't think Louis has anything to do with the disappearance of Harry. As you said, the kid is nineteen. He's probably gone somewhere with his friends and forgot to tell you because that's what they do at that age. Besides, I saw Louis yesterday and Harry wasn't with him."




Whether it was a good idea to bring up Louis again, Zayn didn't know. However, he couldn't let the king get caught. Especially not by Gemma of all people.




"He would've called by now, wouldn't he?" The girl sighed.




Zayn argued, "It's been a few days, I don't blame him for wanting to get away."








"Stop worrying," Zayn interrupted, "I’m sure he’s fine."



"Okay," She took a deep breath, "Thanks."




Zayn smiled, "Anytime."




And with that Gemma turned on her heels and made her way out of the shop, heading next door to her own job. Though Zayn told her not to worry she couldn't help it. That sinking feeling in her chest was still weighing her down and it was heavy.




In a way, she felt guilty that she was considering leaving Harry to do what he wanted. She was trying, she really was. She wished she wasn't so protective but she couldn't help it. After everything they've been through with their dad, she couldn't help but feel protective of her brother; it was natural.




Though she tried hard not to think about it, she couldn't stop. And everyone knows the Titanic sinks eventually.






Darkness engulfed him, putting pressure on every part of his body. He felt suffocated, both physically and mentally. He felt as though all four walls were touching him in some way, grabbing him forcefully and pulling him in all directions trying to claim him as theirs. He felt suffocated by his own thoughts, that weren't even clear anymore. They were just fuzzy images of the free life he used to live.



For all Harry knew, he'd been in darkness for months.



The reality was he'd been alone for only a few days, but it felt like so much longer. Every few minutes his stomach would let out a low grumble, reminding him of the lack of food.



On the bright side, he'd made a friend in the darkness. Sometimes a little bit of light would peak through cracks in the ceiling, reassuring him that no, he hadn't gone blind, but yes, he was unfortunately still alive and living like an animal. So, the small spider that kept him company was his friend.



If he was honest he didn't quite know if the poor creature was dead or just lazy. He didn't know what was worse. He didn't fancy living with a dead spider.



Once again, Harry didn't know how long he'd been down there and in reality, his perception of time was completely messed up. However, at some point in his time in Louis' basement, a light switched on. A bright light, may he add. It was one of those stupid bulbs that had no shade and was just hanging from the ceiling by a wire.



"Morning, Doll." A sickly sweet voice was heard as Harry's eyes blinked furiously, trying to adjust to the new setting. He wondered what made his kidnapper's voice so light and airy; it completely juxtaposed his true personality.







The name sent shivers down Harry's spine and his eyes met Louis', emitting an icy glare that hit the crazy man's face. Though he didn't like the way his hostage was acting, he still placed a sickening smirk on his lips, bending down so he was eye level with Harry. The boy didn't dare speak, he didn't dare move. He didn't dare do anything.




"I'm cooking up breakfast," Louis announced.




Harry tried so hard not to look directly into Louis' blue, mesmerizing eyes, but it was difficult. There was something about Louis that made Harry tingle, made goosebumps rise on his skin. Maybe it was because he was his kidnapper but for some reason, Harry wanted to convince himself that Louis could be a good person. There was obviously a reason he was still alive.




Surely if Louis was a bad person he'd be dead, not cooking breakfast.




"You like pancakes?"




Harry stayed silent.




"Answer me," the blue-eyed man ordered sternly, not shouting but snapping. The young boy flinched and shook his head. As a matter of fact, he loved pancakes, but he wanted nothing to do with Louis or his food.




"No." He was thankful he didn't stutter. At least he was still able to form a coherent word.




"Right," Louis stood so he was taller than Harry again. Both knew that Louis was nowhere near taller than Harry but he looked so intimidating when he towered over the boy who'd been tied to the same chair for days. His back was aching, begging to be relieved from the pain.




Louis watched as Harry looked at the ground, his curls flopping everywhere, hiding his perfect porcelain face. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see something move on the ground. His blue eyes rolled in annoyance and a crushing sound was heard as Louis' foot stepped on the creature. Snapping his head up quickly, Harry looked at Louis' foot as it moved to reveal the spider Harry had become friends with.




If it wasn't dead before it definitely was now.




"So be it. Starve."




He didn't know why but Harry’s eyes filled with tears, pooling until eventually, a droplet slipped out, cascading down his soft cheek before falling to the ground. Suddenly, he was sobbing.





He choked out, “You killed it.”




Louis didn't know what to say. He had never seen someone cry over a spider. Harry never thought he would cry over a spider. However there he was, crying in Louis’ basement tied to a chair in front of his kidnapper.




“Pathetic,” Louis mumbled before he left.






"Louis?" Zayn's voice was tentative as he entered Louis' office. It was later on and from what he could tell, the man was tense, obviously still pissed at the fact Harry was refusing to eat. He offered him pancakes that morning, a sandwich of his choice for lunch, and pasta for dinner.




He refused it all.



"What?" He snapped angrily.



"I..." Zayn trailed off, not knowing what he was supposed to say, "I need to tell you something."



"Go on." Louis sighed, rubbing his forehead frustratedly.



"Harry's sister, you know her right?"



Louis nodded.



"She uh, she suspects. She's noticed Harry is... missing." Zayn paused as he waited for a response.



"And you know this how?"



"She asked me. She asked me about you, actually," Zayn admitted and saw the rage slowly building on his best friend's face, "But I steered her away! I tried to make her think you weren't involved."




"Why would she think I was involved?" Louis' voice was angry and he practically growled.




"Because you followed the poor kid everywhere! I don't blame her for suspecting shit." Zayn immediately regretted his words as soon as they escaped his lips. There was this empty air that surrounded them. It should've been filled with words but Louis had none.




"I didn't follow him everywhere," Louis argued.




"That's a lie and you know it," Zayn argued back.



"I-I care for him."



"Shit Louis," Zayn rolled his eyes. Then he sarcastically said, "that makes this totally okay now. My mind has completely been changed on the situation. The best thing for Harry is to starve and rot away in that basement of yours."



"Shut up," Louis said quietly.



"What was that?" Zayn asked, pretending not to hear him.



"I said shut up!" He seethed. 




Zayn flinched, knowing he hit a nerve.




"Congratulations, King," Zayn said, "You've ruined an innocent life."








"You care, I know," Zayn's eyes went soft, "You don't offer Harry food, Louis. You give it to him."

Chapter Text

How many days had it been?



How much longer would he keep me here?









Who would kill me first? Louis or the hunger?



Those thoughts were the only things inside of Harry’s mind. An endless cycle of questions and the constant wanting of some type of food or water. He could feel himself wasting away, but that didn't matter.



He’d rather starve than take food from the monster keeping him captive in this dark abyss.



He was curled up in the same corner that Louis first threw him into when he pushed him into the small room under the floor of the basement.






Harry knew what they meant, Louis was coming. He just didn’t know if he felt fear or relief during Louis’ visits.



Fear of what the man would do and relief of seeing the light.



Relief of knowing that he was still alive.



But then again, is that really a relief, given his situation?



Maybe death would be better—



The door that hovered above him opened and revealed a blinding light that hurt his eyes. Hurt him in the best way possible.



“Are you ready to eat yet, Doll?” Harry glared up at the shadow with defiant eyes.



“Go fuck yourself,” Harry spat out as strongly as he could. He could barely make out Louis’ glare because of the shining light around him, ironically making him look like an angel instead of the devil he truly was.



“Do you even know how long you’ve been in here?” Louis questioned, his tone stern, but Harry could hear the cockiness underlying it. Cockiness that had Harry completely helpless, so helpless he didn’t even know the time, or what day it was, what month it was.



“T-Two weeks?” Harry answered, but even he doubted himself. Louis smirked menacingly.



“It’s only been 6 days darling.” Harry felt like he was going to scream.



It had to have been longer than that! There’s no way I would be this weak if it were only six days, I wouldn’t be so tired.



I couldn’t be so close to giving in after only six days.



You’re lying,” Harry muttered, laying his head back against the wall.



Louis only laughed.



“Oh, my Queen, I would never lie to you! Besides, you would be dead from dehydration if it had been anything over a week, and that’s if you’re comfortable and eating, and you aren’t doing either, so, it’s a miracle you lasted this long! My sweet Queen is so strong!” Louis cooed, walking down the stairs towards the curled up lad. Harry tried to disappear into the wall, but the cold cement only made him shiver.



Louis sat the tray of food down on the ground beside Harry, sitting criss-cross in front of him.



“Will you eat? At least take a sip of water.”



Water water water wate—






Harry looked at Louis with a soft smile, reaching towards the bowl of soup that was on the tray. Louis grinned, happy that Harry was finally learning to trust him.



“You know, you should really stop giving me hot liquids,” Harry hummed, picking up the spoon.



“Why’s that?” Louis grinned only for it to fall from his face when the captive boy threw the soup in his face, hitting him with the bowl.



“That’s why! And I’ll say it again, go fuck yourself!” Harry yelled, spitting at Louis. Louis wiped the hot liquid from his face, glaring at Harry.



I didn’t think he would fight this hard, especially for this long. I’m getting sick of this shit.



Louis stood up quickly, walking up the stairs. He turned around to glare at Harry who was glaring right back at him.



“Harry, I’ve been tolerating you thus far, but believe me, if you don’t start behaving and cooperating, I will show you how much of a heartless beast I can be. I have a bad reputation and I earned it honestly, don’t make me show you…” Louis smirked. “And don’t make me show Gemma and Anne how cruel my torturing methods can be. This is your final warning.” Harry’s glare suddenly fell from his face, his eyes widening as Louis slammed the door shut, locking him inside with the food and water taunting him.



He ran up the steps and started to bang his fists against the door.



“Don’t you fucking touch them Louis! I’ll fucking kill you!” Harry screamed at the top of his lungs, continuing to hit the door above him with all of his strength.






“Wow, he really has a set of lungs, doesn’t he?” Zayn chuckled, hearing the Queen yelling from the little room under the basement. Louis nodded absentmindedly, continuing to type away on the laptop. “What are you doing?” Zayn got up from his seat, walking around the table to see Louis typing an email.



“Just getting that nosy sister of his off my tail. If this doesn’t work, I’ll just have to kill her so you better be ready to talk to her and convince her that it’s Harry,” Louis replied, typing away. Zayn wondered how Louis even got Harry’s email, but then remembered who the man is.



He got Logan to do it for him.



“‘Dear Gemma, I’m sorry that I haven’t contacted you and I’m sure you’ve been worried because of it. I can’t stand living with Des anymore, I can’t take the abuse or him stealing my money anymore. I’ve decided that I need to leave and be on my own from now on. Maybe one day I’ll come back, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to see that man again. I have a new phone and a new number so don’t bother to call and I’m deleting my email after this. I love you and I’m sorry that I let him get to me. All the love, H.’ Do you think that she’ll believe it? And who the hell says ‘all the love?’” Zayn asked after reading the email out loud. Louis rolled his eyes.



“I looked through his old emails and that’s how he ends it, I studied the way he words things and tried to get it as accurate as possible. I don’t want her sticking her nose into this,” Louis explained, rereading it before pressing send. He leaned back in his seat and cracked his back before sighing. He closed his eyes briefly before he got up, heading over to the front door.



“I’m going to go make some rounds, I’ll be back in an hour. Go check to see if he ate anything yet.” Zayn nodded, grabbing Louis’ coat and helping him put it on, watching him leave before he sighed.






“Alright Queen, it’s time to eat.” Zayn grabbed a banana and walked down towards the locked hatch. He unlocked it, opening the door to see Harry curled into a ball as usual. “Harry, it’s Zayn, you don’t have to be scared,” Zayn said, watching as the young boy looked up from where his head was on his knees.



“I wouldn’t be scared if I wasn’t here. Until I’m back home, I’ll always be scared.” Zayn sighed, trying to hand the boy the banana.



It wasn’t a shock that he refused.



“Harry, you need to eat.” Harry shook his head in defiance.



“I don’t want anything from that monster, I’d rather die,” Harry sneered, hiding his face once again. Zayn rolled his eyes.



“If you don’t start eating he’s going to start hurting people you care about, Harry! Gemma is already being nosy and it’s pissing him off. The last thing you need to do is to add fuel to the fire and get her killed,” Zayn said, grabbing Harry’s face gently to make the boy look at him. Tears were shimmering in the young lad’s eyes and Zayn felt his heart break a bit.



He didn’t even know his heart still worked.



“Please, just eat. Save them the pain.” Zayn held the banana out for Harry who looked at it cautiously. The emerald eyed boy took it from him hesitantly before opening it and eating. Once he took his first bite, it took all of his willpower not to devour it in seconds.



He gave in, but he didn't want them to think he was weak.



“Thank you, now drink some water and that’ll calm him down. I’ll be back to bring you lunch.” Zayn smiled, petting Harry’s curls fondly. Their Queen was an adorable one.



No wonder Louis wanted him so much.






It was quiet when the King returned to his castle. No yelling coming from the basement, no music coming from the Prince’s room, no sounds of torture coming from the attic.



Peaceful it was, but peace didn't last long in Louis’ life.



Louis walked into the kitchen to see his best friend cooking, presumably for them considering Harry refused to eat. But upon further inspection, there was enough for three people.



Were they having a guest over that Louis didn’t know about?



“What’s with all the food?” Louis interrogated, watching in confusion as a fond smile appeared on the tan lad’s lips.



“Harry finally ate something so I made enough for him.” Two conflicting feelings aroused in Louis’ heart. Relief because Harry was finally eating and the boy wouldn’t get sick now.



But anger because it was Zayn who got him to eat. Zayn of all people got his precious doll to eat.



Why would he eat for him ? I’m the one who loves him! I’m the one who saved him yet he eats when Zayn asked him too?



“I don’t want you going down to see him anymore.” Louis snapped, grabbing the plate Zayn was making from his hand, grabbing a fork for the boy. Zayn looked at him in shock.



“What? Why—”



“He’s mine, Zayn, and I don’t appreciate you trying to steal him from me!” Louis yelled, towering over the raven-haired man. Zayn looked at him in fear.



Messing with something he loves is enough to earn anyone death, even me.



“But I wasn’t trying too! You need him to eat so he doesn’t die! Who cares who got him to eat!” Zayn yelled back, knowing that he can’t let Louis sense that he’s afraid.



He can’t let him go into his predatory mode.



I care. He’s mine and I will kill anyone who tries to take him from me, even you, Zayn.” Louis sneered, turning around, ignoring Zayn when he spoke one last time.



“Don’t let your unreasonable jealousy get in the way of the fact that he ate something. If you truly loved him, that fact should make you overjoyed, no matter who got him to do it.”



Louis only slammed the door behind him.


Chapter Text




You should just give up, he obviously won’t let you go.

“Shut up! I’ll find a way out!”

That’s funny! You’re naked and shivering in your own filth and you’re convinced you can make it out!

He’s an idiot.

It’s painfully pathetic.

Absolutely .

“Just stop it! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!” Harry screamed as loud as his lungs would allow, gripping his knotted hair in anger.


Just give up already.

Do what he wants.

Save us the pain of being in your fucked up head.

Either do what he says—

Or just die already.

“Please, go away, go away, go away—” Harry sobbed, cry rocking back and forth with his knees to his chest and his head on his knees. He tugged at his hair lightly, tears streaming down his face.

He was finally beginning to lose his mind and he knew it.


Louis walked down to the basement with the lunch Zayn prepared and a bottle of water.

He sat them down on the table, unlocking the hatch to see Harry asleep, curled in a fetal position shivering. He grabbed the food and walked down the stairs, sitting down beside the boy. He placed the tray beside him and smiled fondly, taking his jacket off and placing it on him.

Harry couldn't possibly be human, no human could be as beautiful as him. Even as his tear-stained cheeks slowly lost their fat from lack of food and the dark circles appeared under his eyes from stress and loss of sleep, he was still as breathtaking as when Louis first saw him. He reached out and combed his fingers through the sleeping boy’s greasy locks, smiling in admiration.

Harry began to stir when Louis’ rough fingers continuously got caught on knots in his curls, his eyes slowly blinking open in a daze. He looked around the dark, musty smelling room that had been his home for almost a week and almost didn't remember what the outside of this room looked like. It was slowly fading from his mind, disappearing into his subconscious until it would forever be locked away.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you, love,” Louis murmured, placing a kiss on the tired boy’s forehead. Harry flinched, moving away once he realized who was talking to him. Louis frowned. He picked up the tray and placed it in front of his captive, pushing it towards him. The boy looked at it in complete distrust as he did everything in his place. Why wouldn’t he? It’d probably be a concern if he didn’t distrust everything that had to do with this man.

“If you eat and drink, I’ll let you walk around the house, how does that sound? Maybe we’ll even be able to give you a bath,” Louis muttered, watching happily as Harry perked up a bit. Harry hesitantly took a bit of the bread that was on the tray and took a bite, slowly beginning to eat faster.

Louis stared at him, relief and joy filling his body. He watched as the boy ate like he would die if he didn’t and Louis had to hold back a smirk. He got him to this point, this point of complete desperation.

And soon, it would be admiration and adoration.

“You know, I was really happy when Zayn told me you were eating. I know that this isn’t how you wanted things to go with your life, but I promise, it’s for the better,” Louis muttered, reaching his hand out to brush a curl behind Harry’s head, but he flinched, causing Louis to frown.

Harry looked away, taking a sip of the water.

“How could kidnapping someone and stuffing them in a quiet, dark room for a week make their life better? How the actual fuck does that make any sense?” Harry gritted out, glaring at his kidnapper. Louis opened his mouth, but Harry continued. “You took me from my entire life. You took me from my job, uni, my friends, my family

“Actually, your family is the reason I took you. Des, to be more specific. I took you to protect you from him.” Harry’s glare fell from his face and twisted into confusion. The two stared at each other in the small, dark room with the only light coming from the room above. Then, Harry broke the silence.

“What do you mean?” He questioned, watching in bewilderment as Louis stood up, offering Harry his hand. Harry stared at his hand, a battle raging in his mind. He wanted to leave this godforsaken prison he was kept in. He wanted to get a shower, he wanted to wear clothes other than the boxers he’d been wearing for six days. He needed to see the light and breathe fresh air that wasn’t musky or stale.

He had to stretch his legs before he cut circulation off completely and they needed to be amputated. And Louis probably wouldn’t be against the idea of doing it himself with how psychotic he was.

“Why don’t we go on that walk now, hm?” Louis grinned, frightening Harry, but he needed to walk around. He was determined to find a way out of there and he needed to be able to walk to do that.

Take his hand, moron!

Harry flinched at the voice screaming inside his head, but took Louis’ hand and let him pull him up, but he began to fall. He grabbed onto Louis as the older man grabbed his waist, holding on to him tightly. His legs were so weak.

This is just sad.

“I’ve got you, take your time,” Louis murmured into his ear, making Harry shiver in disgust. He tried to put more pressure on his legs than on Louis but that only caused him to fall once again, making Louis grab his waist harder.

Louis chuckled slightly at him.

‘He actually needs me now, for something as simple as walking,’ Louis silently mused with a smile.

He was sickeningly proud of that.

Harry, on the other hand, wanted nothing more than to punch the man in the face. How could someone be so messed up in the head that the fact that a person temporarily losing the ability to walk was funny? How could they find pleasure in causing something like that?

Harry took a deep breath of determination and began to walk, his legs shaky, but he was able to walk on his own. However, that didn't mean that Louis was going to let go of his waist and hand.

Louis helped him walk up the stairs.

Useless .

Pitiful .

You’re a complete waste of space.

Bitch can’t even walk on his ow—


As soon as Harry took a step outside of that dark hole of isolation and solitude, the voices ceased.

Harry let out a breath of relief and a small smile.

‘Thank god,’ he thought.

Louis led him further into the basement, guiding him over and up the stairs to the main hall before Harry had to take a break causing Louis to smirk.

“Tired already? Maybe we should put you back in your hole until you can actually make it upstairs to your room.” Harry looked at him in anger and frustration, gasping for air.

The room around him was starting to spin, black spots dancing around his vision. He closed his eyes and shook his head. He needed to make it up the stairs, he couldn’t go back down there. Not where the voices came to talk to him.

Harry took a deep breath and closed his eyes, concentrating on his heartbeat. He felt it beating fast and willed it to go down and slowly, along with his heavy breathing, it went down.

He turned to the blue-eyed nightmare and glared.

“Let's go.”



Zayn watched his target with sharp eyes as they moved about the restaurant. He was currently in the back corner in a booth, barely lit up by the hanging stained-glass light.

Gemma was quite popular. Many customers were requesting to be in her section and many of them were men. He scowled at the men that drooled over her curves as she walked by them, making disgusting gestures when she wasn’t paying attention.

“Zayn? What are you doing here? Don’t you usually work the second shift?” Gemma questioned as she stood in front of him, her eyes looking quite tired and hair fell from her ponytail onto her face.

She was beautiful even when she was exhausted, but her beauty didn't really compare to that of her brother.

But, beautiful she was nonetheless.

“I took the night off and decided to have dinner here. I wanted to see if you’ve heard from Harry yet.” Gemma’s tired smile fell from her face and her eyes watered.


“He said he couldn’t take living with Dad anymore. I don’t blame him for that at all, but he could have told me. We could have left together with Mom. How could he just leave us like that, and how dare he say goodbye in a fucking email instead of in person or even a fucking phone call,” Gemma began to cry and Zayn felt so bad for her.

But he knew that if she were to find out the truth, it would only cause her more pain.

Zayn stood up and gathered her in his arms, rubbing her back to try and calm her down.

“It’s okay, he needs to find his way right now, but I’m sure he’ll be back.” Gemma cried harder because she didn't believe a word he said.

And neither did he.

Chapter Text




Harry sat on ‘his’ bed with a towel wrapped his shivering, naked body. He watched as Louis pulled clothes out of the closet on the wall left of the bed.




The man was humming a song that sent a creepy feeling into his heart. The notes his voice produced created such a sinister sound that seems to match his personality perfectly. He turned around with a peaceful smile displayed on his face.




“Stand up,” he commanded smoothly, watching Harry’s every movement, even the ones his eyes subtly make. Harry obeyed reluctantly, keeping the towel wrapped around him as tightly as his bound hands allowed.




Louis bent down, holding out a pair of underwear for Harry to step into, pulling them up the boy’s wonderful legs. He let his fingers skim against his skin as he does, his fingertips sending feelings of disgust through Harry’s body.




Harry grabbed the towel that's still around him tightly, biting his lip.




The blue-eyed man stepped closer so their bodies were nearly touching. He trailed a finger over the boy’s left collarbone, earning a flinch out of the vulnerable boy.




“I met your father when I was a teenager. My father was able to hold down a steady job along with our little underground business and met your father through that. Your father used to be a good man. You know, until my father got him hooked.” Louis began to play with a curl that’s in front of Harry’s eye. Harry wanted to cut it off as soon as the man touched it. He wanted to burn every part of his skin that this fiend touched.




“So it was your dad that r-ruined my father. Not you,” Harry stated, glaring up at the amused man. The blue orbs danced with humor and knowledge that Harry didn’t know, and Harry knew that he loved that. He loved the fact that Harry needed him to answer everything for him.




He was sick.




“Actually, it was us both. My father began to ease him into it about 4 years ago. Mainly, Des only wanted weed, but then I took over the business when I was 23 and I began to make sure people would come back.” Louis smirked, the pride his voice held pissed off Harry’s soul. “I laced his supply and got him hooked on harder things. Normally, I only do this with the ones who are too stubborn to sell their souls to the drug. Your father was one.




“I even offered him some meth, free of charge, but he declined. I assume it was because he loved you guys. But—” Louis smugly smiled, pulling Harry closer. “Considering he let me have you to pay his debt, his love now belongs to the drugs.” Harry glared up at him, his hands were the only thing creating space between them.




“I don’t believe you. My father may be fucked up, but he loves me. He wouldn’t sell me to you. You’re so fucked up in the head it’s unbelievable,” Harry snarled, trying to push the psychotic man away from him. Louis frowned.




“But I’m not fucked up. This is my normal. This world was the one I was raised in and this mindset I have was how I was raised to be. You’re the one who’s head is fucked up in my eyes.” Harry looked up into Louis’ eyes in astonishment. He didn’t glance or try to seem brave by looking. He actually looked, trying to see into Louis’ eyes, his heart.




The fact that Louis probably wasn’t lying saddens Harry. If he was telling the truth, it sounds like he had been raised to be the ruthless demon he was. A person who did whatever to get what he wanted and believed he deserved. Growing up in an environment like this would fuck any child up.




The other thing that bothered him, awakened a million questions, was the fact that Louis probably did think that Harry’s mindset was fucked up. Louis didn’t understand the fact that most people feel guilty when inflicting pain on others. He didn’t understand why Harry would be so upset to leave his family and friends because he didn’t care about them, or at least it seemed as though he didn’t. Louis didn’t seem to understand the thought of love in the way most people do. He did think that he was protecting Harry, he did think that he loved Harry. He thought this simply because this was the love he grew up around, he never had the chance to understand what true love actually was.




“You’re so pretty when you open your heart up to me, you know?” Louis pressed his lips to Harry’s in a quick peck before pulling away and continuing. “You’re so pretty all the time. I was wondering how you didn’t have a boyfriend, not that I mind, of course.”  Louis chuckled. “But how could someone not want you? It’s quite annoying to think about how many people will want you when they see you. All of my men, they’ll all want you for themselves,” Louis snipped in annoyance, but then a thoughtful look appeared on his attractive face. “Maybe I should make sure no one would ever want to look at you again. That way, I’ll be the only one to know the truth of what your beauty was until I took it away.” Harry whimpered in fear as the man pulled a knife out of his pocket, holding it up to his cheek.




He skimmed the knife against the pale skin, causing Harry to close his eyes in fear. He gripped his towel tightly and braced himself for the pain, but it didn’t come.




“But I suppose there is no need to be so drastic, they all know that if they even think about you in a way only I should, that they’ll face a fate that’ll make them beg for death.” Louis pulled the knife away from Harry’s face, putting it back in his pocket. Harry opened his eyes and watched as Louis’ demonic smile faded into a thin line. It wasn’t until Louis wiped the tear from his cheek that he knew he was crying. “That finally broke you into tears in front of me? Of all the other times you tried to stop me from seeing you cry, all those times you waited until I left, me threatening your face caused the river to flow? I figured that you weren’t a vain person, but I guess I was wrong. That’s a shame.” Louis sighed. “Then again, you did cry when I stepped on that stupid spider, which was one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever seen. You’re lucky that I already fell in love with you or I would have killed you by now.” Harry glared up at him, his fighting spirit suddenly entering his body.




“Then fucking kill me! I would love to die at this point! And for your information, I wasn’t afraid of becoming ugly! I was kidnapped, nearly frozen to death, starved for days, locked in a goddamn basement for so long I don’t even know what day it is, and had a knife held to my face; of course, I’m going to fucking cry!” Harry screamed, letting tears fall down his face freely. “And who knows what the hell you're going to do to me! I don’t understand why you had to take me of all fucking people! I-I just don’t understand!” Harry sobbed, sitting back on the bed.




Louis looked down at him with cold eyes. He pushed Harry down onto his back, ripping the towel away from his body. He ran his hands over Harry’s chest, letting his fingers scratch marks into the tattooed skin.




“This is part of the reason I took you. If you honestly don’t know why I took you, you’re not as smart as I thought you were. Why would someone kidnap someone as pretty as you?” Harry tried to push Louis away, but Louis pinned Harry’s bound hands above his head with one of his. Louis glared down at him with eyes so menacing that Harry felt his face go white in fear. “You’re poor, your father is a fucking crackhead, what else do you have to offer other than your body?” Louis chuckled coldly, leaning into Harry’s neck.




“Fuck you, you’re fucking psychotic.” He felt Louis smile against his skin.




“Sorry, but I’ll be the one fucking you.” Louis bit down harshly on his neck causing the younger to let out a scream in pain. Louis pulled back with a smirk, looking at the mark his teeth left in the boy’s flesh.




He pressed his lips harshly against the terrified boy’s, moving his hand down under Harry’s underwear. Harry’s eyes widen in complete terror, tears began to stream down his face. He struggled to pull his hands free but to no avail.





‘This can’t be fucking happening, dear lord, someone help me!’ Harry screamed in his head.




Louis shoved his tongue inside of Harry’s mouth, grinding onto Harry’s leg. Harry thrashed around, trying to wiggle away from the stronger man’s grip. Harry began to cry harder as Louis’ hand began to wander and—




Suddenly, the door opened and a frantic and angered Zayn entered the room in a frenzy.




“Louis, they’re here!”

Chapter Text



Louis looked over at Zayn with an annoyed expression, his eyes filled with irritation.



“Who the fuck is here, Zayn? We were in the middle of something here,” he sneered, his hand tightening around Harry’s wrist making him whimper. Harry stared at Zayn pleadingly, hoping he would somehow be able to get Louis off of him, to get him away from him. However, Zayn didn’t even spare him a passing glance or acknowledge the situation which was out of character for him.



“It’s Leo.” Harry felt Louis tense from where he was on top of him, anger immediately radiating off of him. He removed himself from the trembling boy that was beneath him and began to talk to Zayn sharply.



“Where is he? He should know not to come here unless he has a death wish,” Louis snarled, storming toward the door. “Take him downstairs, I’ll be down in a minute,” Louis barked out, rushing out of the room. 



Harry watched him leave, completely astounded. He had never seen Louis like that. Louis has been cruel and cold towards him before, but he never heard him talk with such anger and dominance before. He reminded him of a lion getting ready to lead his pride into a hunt. 



Why the hell did he find him so attractive at that moment? The fact horrified and disgusted him. 



Zayn rushed over to Harry and tugged him to his feet harshly. He grabbed the clothes that Louis had picked out and rushed to help Harry get changed before ushering him out of the room.



“C’mon, we don’t have much time. Let’s go,” Zayn commands, pulling Harry out of the room quickly.



“Zayn, s-slow down—”



“We can’t slow down, we have to get you somewhere safe.” Harry struggled to keep up with Zayn in his weakened state.



Zayn tugged Harry down to the basement only for the boy to start resisting.



“N-No, Zayn—” Harry tried to pry Zayn’s hand away from his wrists, “—Zayn, I-I can’t go back in t-there. The voice—the voices will come back, Zayn, I-if I go back!” Harry began to hit Zayn as hard as he could when they got to the door. “N-No! Don’t make me go back there! No, Zayn, no!” Harry screamed at the top of his lungs, kicking and screaming as if he was being sent to his death.



“Harry, it’s to keep you safe—”



“I can’t take the voices! They only come when it’s dark Zayn don’t put me back in the darkness!” Harry begged as he tried to tug away from Zayn once again. Zayn got the hatch open only for Harry to start screaming louder as if the thought of being back in the dark room was physically torturing him.



“Harry, we don’t have time—” Harry kicks Zayn in the chest, catching him off guard. He fell to the ground, nearly falling into the hole that had become Harry’s personal hell.



Harry turned to run, prepare to take out anything that got in his way, but there were two sets of arm grabbing him, one set on each of his arms as he struggled.



“Let me go, let me go, let me go—”



“Time to go to sleep, Queen. I’ll be back for you once it’s safe,” Louis whispered soothingly, piercing a needle into Harry’s left arm.



“Let me go, let me go, let me go—” Harry continued to fight until he eventually began to feel tired, his eyes closing without his permission.



“Let… me…. g-go—”






“Goddamn, he can put up a fight for being so weak. Would've sent me to the hospital if I would have fallen down those stairs,” Zayn muttered angrily, not understanding how terrified Harry was of going back into that hole.



“Focus. He has men surround us everywhere. Logan sent out an alarm and Ryan, Michael, and Viktor are already on their way. We have everything secured for now, but I’m not sure how long we can hold them,” Louis muttered angrily, picking Harry up gently and walking him down into the room. He sat him down on a blanket he had brought down and covered him up with another.


He sighed and brushed Harry’s freshly cleaned hair away from his face.


“I’ll make sure you’re safe. Don’t wake up before I come back or the after-effects of the drugs will have you going insane,” Louis whispered in amusement, looking down at Harry’s lips. He leaned down and pressed their lips together. He bit down on the boy’s lip harshly, drawing blood from the plump lips with a satisfied smirk. He licked his lips and got up, leaving Harry reluctantly.


“Throw the rug over it, but don't lock it. The lock will give the door away, he shouldn't wake up before we take care of this, anyway. Let’s go kill this annoying little bitch.”






Everything was spinning. His head felt like someone was hitting him with a hammer over and over again. He tried to sit up but he fell back down again. He looked around as his eyes slowly began to clear up. He looked around only for his heart to drop when he realized he was in the dark prison that was slowly taking his sanity every minute he was in it.



Look who finally decided to wake up.



God, pull yourself together.



Piece of shit.



“No!” Harry screamed at the top of his lungs, gripping his hair so tightly strands began to come out. He staggered up the stairs blindly and frantically, pushing on the door as hard as he could. He expected it to stay shut, for him to have to hit it with his entire body and it still not open, but it did.



It shot wide open.



What the fuck—



Harry let out a laugh of relief, scrambling up the cold cement stairs and into the room where the tiny light bulb provided enough light to get rid of the horrible voices. He willed himself to calm down, taking deep, calming breaths. He felt his heart start to beat slower, the adrenaline from his fear beginning to disappear until his mind was in a sweet serenity of peace.



Well, that was until he realized he was still a prisoner and that even though he escaped from the lion’s den, he still had to walk through this prison he was being kept in.



He shivered at the cold air but didn’t want to walk back into the black abyss the blanket that had covered his body when he was unconscious. Now that he was calm, he noticed the slight pounding in his head, the pain on his lip, and how extremely dry his throat was. His stomach felt like it the acid in it was poking holes through the lining, trying to claw its way out of his body.


He fell down onto the cold cement, grabbing his head as the pounding became worse. He wanted nothing more than to lay down and die with how horrible he felt and he did. He laid down in the fetal position, willing the pain or his life to leave.



But then he felt the whole house shake.



It felt like an earthquake was shaking the entire house until it was ready to collapse. But then it ceased a few seconds later.



“I need to get out of here. T-This may be my only chance!” Harry grunts out to himself, clutching his stomach as he moves to stand. One arm on the ground to balance himself until his legs no longer felt like jello.



He staggered towards the wooden stairs, climbing them slowly with one hand helping him balance once again.



He gets to the door, taking a deep breath before he slowly turned the knob. He went to open the door slowly, but a sharp, throbbing pain in his head made him fall and the door to swing open with it.



“Shit—” The sound of glass shattering interrupted his thoughts and pain and the smell of smoke entered his nose. He looked up to see smoke on the ceiling and a window broken to his right.



The sounds of gunshots were going off and if Harry could feel anything other than pain, he would definitely be overwhelmed and terrified.


He glanced around to see people running around outside, taking cover behind the stone pieces that were scattered around the mansion as decoration. Harry noticed a man who seemed to be giving everyone orders, and he certainly wasn’t Louis. But he certainly must be the “King” of those guys like Louis was to his men.


“Oh god, did I really just call him 'King'?” Harry muttered in annoyance at himself.



He and the men must be the “them” Zayn was talking about when he saved him from the nightmare that was about to happen.



Harry walked toward the front door, which surprisingly had only one lock on it. What would Louis do if Harry got out and escaped? Then, Harry had such an unpleasant thought that made him want to cry. Obviously, Louis had some way of tracking him down if he got out or had a way to make sure he wouldn’t leave or have the chance to leave this horrid house.



Harry coughed harshly as smoke continued to fill his lungs and he unlocked the door. He swung the heavy door open and the gunshots and yelling got louder.



“Fucking aim you idiots!”



“Storm inside the house!”



“Don’t let them past the gate!”



Harry gasped for a fresh breath of air and slowly began to breathe properly. However, his breathing hadn’t really been proper since he was taken to the cage he was trapped in.



Harry scanned the scene with his eyes, finding them landing on the same man once again.



But this time, the guy was looking back at him with what seemed like confusion or astonishment on his face.



“Harry!” It was Zayn’s voice, but he saw the man mouth it at the same time. His eyes stayed glued to the suddenly familiar looking man, not noticing the pinch in his arm until Zayn had injected him with something.



“I’m so sorry, I need to do this to protect you. I’m so sorry…” Harry didn’t spare Zayn, only trying to figure out where he saw that face as his vision faded to black once again.



Chapter Text



Warmth. Warmth and bliss surrounded Harry. He felt like he was on a cloud, covered by a blanket of protection. He felt so safe. He opened his eyes to see he was in the room that had been deemed his by the king. He tried to sit up but immediately fell back down onto the plush softness as his head began to pound and his vision began to spin.




“Lay back down, Queen, you’re not going to be able to see straight for a while.” Hands press him down onto the bed, forcing him to lay down. Harry doesn’t put up a fight, only snuggling into a pillow. “Open up, this will help the headache.” Harry didn’t think twice, only opening his mouth as the person told him to do. He was too tired and in too much pain to fight. He felt something being placed onto his tongue and he felt it start to dissolve.




“You’re quite cute when you’re not fighting.” Harry felt hands running through his hair and he nuzzled into it, slowly feeling his headache fading away. He felt an arm wrap around him, pulling him into a chest as he slowly faded into unconsciousness. “Sleep my Queen, can’t have you getting me in trouble with the King when he wakes up.”








“—Oliver, are you insane? What if I would have been Louis, huh? He would have tortured you to death like Foster! Maybe even worse.” A frantic voice enters Harry’s sluggish mind as he slowly began to regain consciousness. He tried to open his eyes, to see where he was, but he couldn’t. All he could feel was cold air on his body, but he was still on the most comfortable things he’s ever been on.




“That’s why I drugged ‘im, so he can’t tell Louis who it was. Sad that he won’t even know what happened.”




“You were supposed to help him with the after-effects of the drugs, not try to rape him! You’re lucky I got here before you did too much damage. Now, I’m leaving before I get dragged into this because I was here, you’d be smart to leave while he’s still too dazed to identify you.” A door slammed, but Harry didn’t dare open his eyes. He heard a man let out a sigh only to feel a hand on his forehead.




“I guess you’ll be fine, fucking George had to ruin the fun we could have had.” He felt the hand leave his head and then footsteps retreat toward the door. “I know you’re awake. If your headache returns, take the pills I laid on the nightstand. It’ll help, for real this time. It’s over the counter pain medicine. Goodbye, my Queen.” The sound of the door shutting has Harry letting out a breath of relief, still struggling to open his eyes. He used his arms to push himself up, the soft, dim lighting still hurt his aching eyes as he was slowly able to open them. He looked around in a haze, realizing it was his room that he was in.




“Fuck, I feel like I was hit by a fucking truck,” Harry hissed out in pain, noticing the pills that the man, Oliver, said would help him. He’s not going to take it, though. He couldn't possibly trust that they were over the counter and nonaddictive. But as the stabbing pain in his head began to grow, the little white pills became more appealing.




Biting his lip, Harry reaches for the unknown substance, putting it in his mouth and swallowing. He relaxed, praying for it to work quickly. He laid back down and closed his eyes, too exhausted to even attempt to keep his eyes open. That was, until he realized what he had done, what kind of drug he had just willingly let into his system without know what it was.




Harry stumbled to get up, rushing to one of the doors in the room that led to a bathroom connected to his room. He ran over to the toilet and shoved his finger down his throat, and forced himself to throw up.




He wiped his mouth with toilet paper, wiping the tears from his eyes. He’s always hated throwing up and it always caused tears to fall from his eyes. However, he doesn’t know if the tears are from that alone, or the fact that he willingly took drugs from a stranger without a second thought, just to get the pain to stop.




He faintly felt someone place their arms around him but he didn’t pull away. He felt so weak, so useless.




“I can’t take this anymore,” Harry whispered to himself, feeling the arms that held him tighten around his slowly thinning body. He felt himself being lifted off of the ground and vaguely noticed that he was being put on the bed.




“Harry, what made you throw up?” Harry looked up to see that it was Zayn who was holding him to comfort him. He figured it would be. It’s funny that Louis insisted that he was the one who loved Harry, yet it’s Zayn who is constantly comforting him and looking out for him.




Why did he even take me if he wasn’t going to at least try and love me?’




Harry tensed at his own thought.




‘Why did that even cross my mind?’




“Harry!” Harry snapped out of the train of thought he was about to go down and looked up at Zayn who was looking down at him in concern.




“What?” He asked quickly, beginning to bite his nails. It’s a bad habit that he’s had ever since he was a child. If his anxiety grew too much, he’d bite them so much that they would bleed. Ironically, his anxiety had been so high since he had gotten there that he was too distracted to even do it. Until now, that was.




“Why were you throwing up? Our doctor should have checked on you.” Harry looked over at the white door that leads to the bathroom.




“My head hurt so much and I took the pills he gave me. It hurt so bad that I didn’t even care what it was.” Drops of water welled up in Harry’s eyes once again and the pain in his head grew. “I-I was so shocked that I did that and I freaked. I made myself throw up. For fuck sakes, the last thing he gave me knocked me out and who knows what he did to me,” Harry rambled, rubbing his eyes as he cried. He felt Zayn tense, but he didn’t care. He was more focused on the fact that he willingly took drugs after being injected twice with who knows what and willingly took drugs while he was barely coherent.




“Hold on to me.” Zayn lifted the small boy up suddenly, causing him to clutch onto him tightly. Harry didn’t pay attention to where they were going, but once he smelled the musky smell that sends terror through his body, he began to freak out.




“No, please, don’t Zayn!” Harry pleaded weakly, the pain in his head and the weakness of being drugged constantly stopped him from being able to try to get away.




“Harry, you’ll be safe here, please, it’ll only be for a little while. I promise.” Zayn sat him down on the blanket before quickly leaving him. Harry struggled to follow after him, stumbling into the wall as he began to use it as leverage, but Zayn shut the hatch and locked it.




Harry fell down as he sobbed, hitting his head to try and get the pain to stop.




Welcome back, bitch.

Chapter Text



Silence. Silence is something that so many people wish for and dream of. They crave silence and peace from their hectic, stressful lives.




But for Harry, the silence of this dark, cold room is nothing short of a nightmare. It scared Harry more than Louis did. If he had to choose between staying in this room a minute longer or doing whatever the hell Louis wanted him to do, he’d choose Louis in a heartbeat. And that thought scared him immensely.




But what truly terrified him was the voices. The voices, they whisper dark and insane thoughts into the precious boy’s innocent mind. Not once in his life had he ever contemplated taking his own life. Never did those horrific thoughts appear when his father first began his addiction and completely tore his family apart. Nor when Des hit him the first time. He never talked to anyone about it and it was only a few times, but he hadn’t gotten over the fact that these drugs made him hate him enough to do that to his own child.




However, these four walls made him think of nothing else. He couldn’t escape the thoughts of cutting his wrists or swallowing a bottle of pills. The constant thought of pushing Louis to his limit so he would end his misery. He used to fear ever being held at gunpoint, but now he wants nothing more.




But he’s still too scared to actually want such a thing. He’s always feared the unknown reality of death. He was far too terrified of it ever take risks of things he wanted to do. He had always wanted to go skydiving or climb up a mountain without a rope, but death kept him from doing these things.




But the voices keep pushing him further to the brink of insanity.




I bet you’ll end up killing yourself before Louis even has a chance to do it himself.




“No, I won’t,” Harry said, closing his eyes and curling his body in to try and protect himself.




You should just do it. At least if you do it, it won’t be as painful as he’ll make it.




“Stop,” Harry quietly pleaded to the voices, wrapping his arms around himself.




Why are you trying so hard to be brave?




Who are you trying to fool?




“Shut up,” Harry whispered to himself, digging his nails into his arms to try and ground himself.




You’re never going to get out of here.




“Yes, I will!” He snapped loudly, digging his nails into his skin enough to break the skin, but that didn’t prevent him from doing it.




You’re pathetic. How could a little weak, insane freak like you get out of this?




“Shut up!” Harry screamed, biting his lips so hard that he bled.




You’re going to die in here.




No one will save you.




You’re going to rot in here for the rest of your worthless life with us here to keep you company.




“No, I won’t! Just stop! Shut up!”




We’re always going to be here, Queen.




Harry’s eyes shot wide open and suddenly, he couldn’t catch his breath. As soon as the word ‘Queen’ is even muttered now, all he feels like he’s going to die. Tears started to flow from his eyes and he struggled to breathe. The boy shot up from his position where he was curled in on himself and hit his head against the ceiling from standing up so fast. He didn’t care though, the pain made him feel better.




“Shut up!” He scratched his nails down his arms as hard as he could, creating deep lines of pain that he needed to try and ground himself.




You can’t escape us, Queen.


“Shut up! Shut up!” Harry screamed, hitting his head against the wall.




We’ll never leave you, Queen.


“Leave me alone!” Harry screeched, running to the other wall and throwing himself against it.


You’re stuck with us, Queen.


He fell on the ground in pain but got back up, hunched over a bit.


In your fucked up, insane mind.


He hit the cement wall in anger and fear.


We’ll shut up if you hurt yourself.


Harry, with tears streaming down his face, bit down on his arm harshly. He let out a scream in agony but he needed the voices to disappear.


“Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up—”


The only way to get rid of us is to kill yourself, Queen.


Harry wrapped his hands around his throat and started to squeeze.




Suddenly, light brightened up the dark room and arms were wrapping themselves around his wrists, prying his hands away from his neck. Harry coughed and his body involuntarily began to breathe as he tried to break away from the voices.


Can’t even kill yourself right, pathetic.



“G-Get out, get o-out!” Harry cried, feeling someone pick him up and carry him out into the light. And as if the light was the only thing that could help him, the voices disappeared and Harry suddenly calmed down. He was still crying, but he felt like he could actually breathe once again.




“Hush, love, I’m here.” Harry recognized Louis’ voice, only to look up at him in fear.




“Please, d-don’t make me go back in there! T-The voices—”




“It’s all in your head, darling,” Louis soothed, cradling Harry’s head into his neck. Harry didn’t fight or try to get away.




He’d let Louis hold him as much as he wanted if that meant that he didn’t have to go back down there again.








Harry was currently in his room once again, cuddled under a huge blanket and a warm cup of tea beside his bed. Louis had calmed Harry down enough—which now that he’s not having a panic attack, Harry can’t believe that Louis was the one that calmed him down—he brought him upstairs and tucked him in, stepping outside to have a hushed conversation with Zayn.




Too bad for them, the walls were thin.




“—I’m telling you, as soon as he saw Harry, he called for a cease-fire and they retreated. Do you think they know each other?”




“They better not or I’m going to kill someone.” Harry flinched at Louis tone, picking up his tea and sipping it to calm his nerves.




He’s exhausted, but he’s been unconscious way too much for his liking since he’s gotten here. It’s either he can’t sleep or he can’t stay awake it seems and he’d rather be exhausted than asleep at this point.




The door opened, snapping Harry out of his thoughts and turned to see the two men walking in, both faces stone cold. Harry doesn’t feel anything at this moment so he imagined that he was giving them an emotionless stare back.




“Why did you leave the house?” Harry looked up with dull, greyish green eyes and a blank stare.




“I smelt smoke and I heard gunshots. Besides, it’s not like I want to stay here with you.” He said in a monotone. Louis rolled his eye, but Harry paid it no mind. He was too detached at the moment to care.




“Did you see a man—”




“Yeah, I saw him. The one telling everyone to attack? Yeah.” Harry interrupted, but Louis didn’t get upset or angry. He just kept the same stoic expression.




“Did you recognize him?” Harry shrugged, looking over at Zayn who wore an unwavering cold expression, but it didn’t make Harry feel the least bit threatened.




“He looked familiar, but I can’t tell you why. I thought I saw him say my name, but I could have just been seeing things.” Harry explained, giving up the truth without a fight. He doesn’t care what they do to that person, he only cared about being away from that room. He’ll give up any information he can if it kept him from there.




Louis untensed slightly, barely enough to notice, yet Harry did. He watched as Louis held his hands out for the boy to take and he did without much thought. The outer corners of Louis’ lips twitched up slightly when he didn’t fight and Harry couldn’t find it in himself to care that it made Louis happy.




Maybe keeping him happy is the best thing to do for right now,’ he thought to himself, relieved that the other voices were nowhere to be heard.




Louis silently nodded at Zayn who walked out of the room before he helped Harry stand up and began to lead Harry out of the room, the blanket still wrapped around him. Harry followed wordlessly and held Louis’ hand without a thought.




They walked down the stairs and towards the kitchen where there was a door leading outside. Harry tightened his grip on Louis’ hand and felt the first emotion since he calmed down from his panic attack.








He never really thought about it, but he longed to breathe in fresh air now that he sees the dead grass through the window. There were small patches of snow on the ground but Harry didn’t care.




He was being greedy, he knew it, but he was desperate to go outside now that the thought has entered his slowly breaking mind.




Louis opened the door and Harry smiled as the cold air hit his face.




“I missed that,” Louis muttered softly, rubbing circles into the back of Harry’s hand with his thumb.




“Missed what?”




“Your smile.” Harry’s smile immediately dropped. He hadn’t even realized his lips quirked up without his permission. Louis doesn’t comment on the frown reappearing, only pulling Harry towards a metal building that Harry assumed was a really big workshop.




But when Louis pulled him inside, he realized that it was a workshop, but not for building things.




This was a workshop of death and torture.


Chapter Text



He didn’t run away, Gemma knew that much. He didn’t have the funds, he didn’t have the support of someone else, and he had nowhere to go. She knew her brother and she knew that no matter how bad their situation was, he would never leave.




He wasn’t stupid enough to do that. He wasn’t dumb enough to leave without a plan and as far as she knew, he never had one. He didn’t take anything from his room and she knew that.




He didn’t have much and even if one thing was taken, it was noticeable. No clothes were missing, not a bag, or food. Not even any money was taken from the secret little stash he kept in the air vent that he never told anyone about except for her.




Nothing was missing, but that’s not the only reason she knew that he didn’t run away.




Harry wasn’t afraid of much, but he had always been afraid of the night. Not night time specifically, but being outside at night. The thought of all things that go on or the things that could happen always freaked him out. Not only that, but he hated being away from home. He always found it stressful to spend the night at someone’s house, even if it was as simple as their Grandmother’s or the kid who used to live next door. He hated it.




There’s absolutely no way that he’d leave without money or go to someone else’s house.




And that’s why she’s currently arguing with Des.




“Who gives a shit about him! He left us, Gemma! Fuck him! I may have fucked a lot of shit up but I never left you guys to fend for yourselves—”




“No, but you gladly drained all of our savings for your fucking drugs! So maybe he’d still be here if it wasn’t for you! Maybe we would have been better off without you!” Anne screamed, tears of frustrations and longing flowing from her face.




If Gemma thought she was taking Harry’s disappearance hard, it was nothing compared to Anne. The poor mother hadn’t stopped crying ever since she found out. She’s been depressed and so incredibly angry.




And she absolutely hated Des.




“He’s a wimp! If it bothered him so much, he should have been a man and stood up to me—”




“He did, but you were just too fucking high to remember it you fucking piece of shit!” Anne screamed, lunging at a laughing Des, but was held back by Gemma.




“He didn’t fucking run away!” Gemma screamed in anger and frustration. Des suddenly stopped laughing at how weak his wife seemed and Anne stopped her attempt at killing her husband. They both looked at her bewildered and shocked.




“What do you mean he didn’t run away? We read the emai—”




“Look at the facts, Mom. Nothing is gone from his room, he didn’t take any food from the house or any money that he had stashed away.” Des suddenly perked up but Gemma glared. “I fucking put it somewhere you won’t be able to touch it so don’t even look for it. God, are you so fucking hooked that you care more about your damn drugs than your son who is fucking missing?” She screamed in disbelief, glaring at her father with such cold eyes that he froze.




“Well, I—”




“No, you’re going to fucking shut up and listen to me for once. I want you to let the fact that you’d forget about your only son being missing for those stupid fucking drugs sink into that rotting brain of yours. The little boy that looked up to you like you could protect him from the world, the little boy whose hero you were and loved you with all of his heart even after you began to hurt him and pick drugs over him, he-he's gone—” Gemma watched as tears finally began to enter his father’s mind but she wasn’t stopping until he broke. “—There is a huge possibility that the only person who never loved you any less when you became a fuck up is never coming back. Harry may never come back to us and that’ll be like he’s dead. Hell, he could be dead! So pull your head out of your fucking drugs and think about Harry and how scared he may be! He could be fighting for his life while you're slowly killing yourself.” Gemma doesn’t pay attention to her mother’s sobs in the background, all she can see is her anger towards this man.




“If you need a distraction from reality so much, use finding him as a fucking distraction!” Gemma screamed, running out of the house and to her car. She started it up and pulled out of the driveway, knowing exactly who she needed to talk too.








Gemma was never one to cause a scene. She liked to be hidden in the back and not have any attention drawn to her. It’s not that she hated attention, but she preferred to live her life without eyes prying at her.




However, she was far too angry to care about that.




She stormed into the store that was unusually booming with customers, not that it was unpopular, but it usually wasn’t busy at this time during the day. However, that didn’t stop her from storming right up to Zayn who was at the cash register.




“Where the hell is he?” Gemma snapped, earning Zayn’s attention who had previously been preoccupied with a customer.




“Gemma?” Zayn said as if he couldn’t believe that she was there. They haven’t spoken since the night at the restaurant despite Louis telling him to get her off his trail. “What are you—”




“Where the hell is that bastard, Louis?” Zayn remained calm on the inside but internally was freaking out slightly.




“Can we talk about this later—”




“No, we fucking can’t,” she sneered out angrily, looking like a dog that was about to attack. Zayn knew how serious she was and nodded.




“Give me a second.” Zayn went into the back and came out with another employee who walked behind the register. Zayn looked at her and motioned for her to follow him into the back. She stomped over to him, her temper reaching its peak. He led her through the back and outside to the back of the mall, giving her an annoyed look. He’s already on edge about what he left Harry to face with Louis in that shed and this isn’t helping.




Harry’s probably a wreck




"Where the hell is Louis?" Gemma snipped, her brown eyes shimmering in fury. Zayn changed the subject, trying to steer her away from the conversation and to try and stop her from asking any more questions.




“I know you’re worried about Harry, but that doesn’t give you the right to storm into my workplace and cause a scene—”




“My brother is fucking missing and I’m guessing your creepy friend Louis had something to do with it so forgive me if I don’t give a fuck about causing a scene,” she sneered. “Now where the hell can I find him?” Zayn rolled his eyes.




“Gemma, I know you’re taking this hard, but Harry fucking ran away. I know you loved him, but this shit happens—”




“He didn’t fucking run away!” Gemma slapped Zayn across the face. He held his cheek and looked at her in shock. She looked just as shocked as he did.




Until she burst into tears.




“I-I’m so s-sorry!” Gemma cried, falling to the ground. Zayn watched in anger, but he couldn’t let her think that he didn’t care about her or that would screw things up. So he leaned down to her and held her close to him.




“It’s okay, I can’t even imagine what I would do if I lost someone I cared about.” Zayn sighed. “I still think he ran away, but I’ll try to help you find him.” Gemma looked up at Zayn with hopeful eyes and she hugged him tightly. He chuckled slightly and found himself hugging her back just as tight without thinking. But once he did realize, he pulled away, quite flustered by the fact that he just did something like that to the person causing him an insane amount of trouble.




“Call me when your shift ends.” Gemma stands up with the help of Zayn and turned to run toward her car. And if Zayn found himself smiling fondly at her, no one needed to know.









When Gemma arrived back home, she was shocked to see a police car there.








She ran inside, only to be completely shocked, again, to not see Des in handcuffs, but instead, talking calmly and seriously to the officer. Anne, who noticed Gemma’s arrival and obvious confusion, walked over to her.




“Des called them, we’re reporting Harry as missing. Des is showing them the email. ” Gemma stared at her mother in disbelief. How could that be true after what Des said this morning? But then Des is shouting in anger at the policeman.




“What do you mean you can’t help us?” Anne walked over to Des and grabbed his arm to calm him down, but it didn’t work. But he was able to stay calm enough to not attack the officer.




“I’m sorry, but the boy is 19 and he said he was running away. There is no reason for us to believe that your son was taken. However, the abuse he mentioned is something I would like to look into Mr. Styles.” Des and Anne both freeze, but Gemma stepped up.




“If you aren’t going to help us then we’d appreciate it if you would leave officer.” The man looked at her unsure, but nodded his head and left without another word.




“T-Thank you, Gem—”




“I only did it because as much as I hate to admit it, we need your help to find Harry. You know the most about the dangerous things that go on in London so you’re the best person to help.” Des nodded, he was upset but not at her, at himself.




“I-I won’t be doing drugs anymore. I-I—you were right. I need to pull my head out of my ass and focus on what’s important, you guys. It’s going to be hard, but I want you guys to love me again. And I will not stop until we find Harry.” Gemma nodded, but she wasn’t convinced.




“I’ll believe it when I see it. I’m going up to his room to look for clues.” She didn’t wait for a response, only hurrying up to the abandoned room. She sighed and walked over to his bed, laying down on it and covering up.




“Wherever you are Harry, please, stay alive.”

Chapter Text




The large shed looked like it came straight out of a horror movie. Weapons of all kinds were hung up on the walls with hooks and nails. Metal bats with red tints and wooden bats with nails on the ends were old and dented. Kitchen knives, meat cleavers, hammers, electric drills and so much more were hanging with dried blood staining them. There were chains attached to the metal walls and hooks were hanging from the ceiling. Blood was splattered against the walls and floors, but none of those things caught Harry’s attention. What caught his attention were the two men, tied up and half naked.




Harry stared at the two tied up men in astonishment. Tears were streaming down their faces as they struggled to get free. One man was on an iron bed, leather straps kept his legs and arms tied down. The other man was chained to the wall, trying to snap the chains in pure fear, fighting to escape.




Harry felt Louis pull him further into the building, forcing him to sit down on a wooden chair in front of the two. Harry looked at the man chained to the bed whose grey eyes were creating a waterfall of tears. Before he could comprehend what was happening, Harry’s left arm was cuffed to the arm of the chair and soon his right was as well.




“This is Oliver and George, I’m sure you can all guess why you’re here.” Harry looked up at Louis with confusion in his dull eyes, only to see the man gazing at the two tied up men with an irritated frown. “I heard that you gave the Queen drugs that knocked him out and then you both proceed to touch him. Now, you know that I don’t like when you guys touch things that aren’t yours. So why’d you do it?” Louis asked, going over to take the gag out of George’s mouth and then did the same to Oliver. He sounded so calm, but Harry could see the true irritation and anger in his eyes.




“S-Sir, I didn’t touch him—”




“Oh, George, you should know better than to lie to me.” Louis walked over to the wall of weapons, skimming each toy with his fingers and examining them carefully.




“What about you Oliver? Would you like to deny it?”




“Sir, I was just trying to stop George, but I left as soon as I got him to stop!” George looked at him in disbelief and betrayal.








“Oh boys, shut the hell up. You’re both lying and you know that isn’t a good idea.” Louis angrily snipped. He picked up a large pair of bone shears, smiling at it pleased. He walked back over to George who tried to get away, but the chains kept him in place. “I have cameras in all of the hallways. So please, save your breath and focus on not passing out. It wouldn’t be any fun if you did that.” Harry couldn’t believe what he was watching, this was something that you would never think could actually happen because it's way too fucked up.




“Louis, what are you doing—”



“Oh, I suppose that you wouldn’t know this, but the punishment for lying to me is either death or having a few fingers clipped off. That’s why you’re here, baby,” Louis explained to the frightened boy, licking his lips as he looked back at George. Harry looked up at Louis completely and utterly shocked. The look in Louis’ eyes was one that he hadn’t seen before and it scared him in a way that he never had been before.




“What do you mean?” Louis lifted the bone shears up to the man’s neck, closing it so the blades were just barely slicing the skin on his throat and the back of his neck.




“You get to choose which one dies and which one gets their fingers taken off. It shouldn’t be too hard.” Louis smiled down at Harry with such wild eyes that he reminded Harry of the Joker. How is it possible that someone like that actually exists?




“W-What?” Harry began to feel nauseous, his nerves making feel like he could throw up at any second.




“You get to kill one and save one. They're of absolutely no importance to you so it shouldn't be too hard to decide.” Louis tilts his head, a pondering look crossing his features. “Of course, you could always tell me to kill them both. I’d prefer that actually.” Harry shakes his head as both men cry harder.




“G-George didn’t even do anything! Why are you—”




“Because he was there,” Louis said simply, moving the shears away from George’s neck and opened them wide, slicing his left forearm. George let out a scream of pain while tears made their way to Harry’s eyes. “And besides, this game only works if there are two or more people in the hot seat.” Louis laughed wildly, placing the scissors down on a table beside George and skipped back over to the wall. He grabbed a baseball bat and a butcher’s knife. “The longer your decision takes, the more fun I get to have with them! So please, take your time!” Louis yelled wildly, his eyes filled with excited amusement. He walked—more like skipped—over to George, setting down the knife and held the bat up in hitting position.




This can’t be fucking happening.’




Louis swung at the outside of George’s knee, smirking when he hears a satisfying crack followed by a scream.




“Fucking hell—”




“No—” Harry started to scream, but Louis raised the bat and brought it down on his right elbow, another loud crack echoing along with cries of pain.  “Please, stop it!” Harry cried. George didn’t even do anything to him. If anything he saved him and Louis’ still doing it because he thinks of it as a game?




Louis' eyes scanned over George’s body, smirking when he found his next target.




Louis stood to the side of him, lining his bat up with George’s nose. He pulled the bat back and hit the guy right on the nose, blood immediately rushing down his face. He grabbed a knife off the wall and began to slice random parts of the man’s arms and chest, moving up to his neck—




“He didn’t touch me, Louis, fucking stop it!” Louis looked over at him in slight irritation and annoyance, but then he looked over at Oliver. He smirked and put the kitchen knife down, picking up the butcher’s knife instead. He began to stride over to Oliver who was trembling with fear.




“King, pleas— Ah!” Louis took the butcher’s knife and began to slice his skin open. Blood gushed out like a river and Oliver’s struggles only made it worse. He dug the cold metal into the screaming man’s chest, dragging it all the way down to his pants. “No, no, please!” Louis pulled the man’s pants down, grabbing his dick and grinning down at him.




“This is what caused you to touch him—”




“Louis, don’t do it!” Harry screamed, but Louis didn’t listen.




“King, please, anything els—”




“So this needs to go.”




“Louis, please stop!”




“I can’t, baby! Not until you choose who dies!” Louis laughed, holding the shining metal to the limp appendage.




“King, please—” Oliver’s voice lift his throat as Louis began to saw at the skin slowly, thriving off of the man’s screams.




“Louis! Fucking stop! Stop it! Please!” Harry screamed, trying to get out of the chair, struggling to get to Louis so he could try to stop him.




“Only you can stop this Harry—”




“Please, don’t make me—”




“Either Oliver or George. It’s not that hard to pick.” The screams of agony from the two men were making Harry go insane. He couldn't think. “They don't matter, Harry! They're dirt under your feet, simple little worker ants at our disposal! They don't matter so just pick one!” Louis chuckled menacingly, beginning to saw fiercely.




“Please, don’t let him kill me!” Oliver pleaded, tears streaming down his face as Louis cut through the final piece of skin. Louis smirked, wiggling the body part around as if it was a toy.




“Harry!” George called to him. Harry looked over with blurry eyes to see George’s wet face looking back at him. “H-Harry, please, he has a family, kill me, please!” George cried. Harry only continued to sob, looking at George until Louis spoke.




“You know, I feel bad—” Louis smirked, looking down at Oliver who was in shock. Harry watched as the man walked over to a cabinet, pulling out a needle and a rusted wire. “Maybe I should reattach it.” Louis then looked over at George. “Maybe I should reattach it to him—”




“Kill Oliver!” Harry screamed, all heads turning to face him. Louis looked shocked but smiled once again.




“What?” Louis asked as if he couldn’t believe that’s what he said.




“Harry, no—”




“I told you to fucking kill, Oliver!” Harry screamed, tears flowing down his face as he began to hyperventilate. Louis only grinned wildly.




“As you wish, my Queen.” Louis grabbed the bone sheers and put them to Oliver’s neck.




“Harry! Stop him! King! Kill me instead, please!” George shouted, but Harry could only look away.




“Harry, if you watch, I won’t cause any further harm to Georgie over there. He’ll stay completely intact.” Louis said, looking at Harry with sparkling eyes. Harry looked over at George who looked like he had given up, accepting the fate of his friend.




“You have to promise t-to let George leave if he wants too.” Louis and George both looked at him in shock and confusion.








“I-It can’t be easy to g-get out of a gang. I’ll watch—” Harry tightened his hands into fists, “—but only if he isn’t hurt anymore and you allow him to leave anytime he wants to. I don’t care if it’s now or ten years from now. He can leave with no problem and you’ll send money to Oliver’s family for what you're about to fucking do.” Harry sneered. Louis looked at him with his head tilted, a curious look on his face.




“Okay, deal,” Louis said, turning to Oliver who had passed out from the pain and shock. Louis rolled his eyes. “Well, since I have to kill him without hearing his screams, you’re going to have to repay me if you want all of your conditions to be met.” Harry bit his lip in anger, but he didn’t care about what Louis would do to him. He needed those conditions to be met or he’d lose his mind even more than he is now.




“Like what?” Louis grinned.




“You don’t fight me when I try to touch you or kiss you. You’ll listen to me and learn to love me. If you don’t hold up your end of the bargain, the deal is off.” Harry closed his eyes in fear, gripping the arm of the chair until his hands turned white. But he released his grip and looked up at Louis emotionless.




“Deal.” Harry bit his lip and kept his eyes glued to Louis who grinned like a maniac.





“King, please—”




“Oh George, look on the bright side, you can worm your way into his wife's heart like you've always wanted to do!” George's eyes widen, but Louis snapped the two handles of the sheers together quickly before he could get out another word.




And as Harry lost another piece of innocence and sanity, the only thing that could be heard inside that large shed was the sound of George’s cries and Oliver’s head dropping onto the floor.

Chapter Text




You look so good, my Queen,” a voice whispered in his ear. Everything was blurred around him, his eyes fighting to stay open. Harry faintly felt a hand touching his chest, slowly skimming down his body. Harry flinched as the hand went below his pants.




“S-Stop—” Harry was cut off by lips pressing to his harshly. Harry opened his eyes despite how the light hurt them, looking to see a faceless man on top of him. He tried to bring his arms up to push the man away, but he couldn’t move. He looked up to see he was tied up.




The naked man straddled him, disconnecting their lips and began to grind down on the dazed boy.




“G-Get off—” Harry said, but the man shoved a cloth in his mouth.




“Why should I?” Harry’s eyes widened as the man’s face slowly began to appear on the faceless figure. “You owe me one, Queen,” Oliver sneered as he pressed kisses down Harry’s chest. He pulled Harry’s pants and underwear off of him, spreading his legs. Harry began to shake his head frantically, tugging at the restraints and trying to close his legs. Oliver only smirked, throwing the boy’s legs over his shoulders as he shoved a dry finger inside of him.




Harry let out a muffled scream, trying to wiggle away, but Oliver placed a hand on his hip, keeping his body pinned.




“You’re so tight, I can’t wait to feel you around me,” he growls in lust, leaning down to take Harry into his mouth while adding two more fingers. He scissored his fingers as he moved his head, looking up at Harry who was sobbing in pain. He pulled off with a smirk, moving up Harry’s body while shoving his fingers in deeper. He pulled the gag out of Harry’s mouth causing the boy to cough and gasp.




Oliver stared down at him with lustful, angry eyes.




“P-Please. S-Stop—”




“Why should I listen to you?” Suddenly, Oliver’s body had cuts and gashes covering his bloody body. He lets his lips brush Harry as he pulls the fingers out of the boy’s abused hole. “I don’t know what you’re so worried about, it’s not like I have anything to fuck you with.” Harry looked down to see blood covering his crotch and he screamed. Oliver grabbed his chin harshly, forcing him to look him in the eyes. “You watched him hurt me, you did nothing as he cut off my dick, and then you told him to kill me.” Harry blinked and Oliver’s head was gone from his body causing blood to pour onto Harry’s naked body. “You’re the reason my head is gone.” He forced Harry’s head to look over beside him on the other side of the bed when Oliver’s severed head was lying and talking.




“G-Go away—”




“I’ll never get to see my wife or kids ever again!” Oliver screamed and his body began to tremble on top of Harry.




“I-I’m s-sorry!” Harry cried as he began to hyperventilate, trying to break the cuffs that bound him to this hell.




“My wife is going to have to tell my 9-year-old daughter that her daddy isn’t coming back!”




“I’m sorr—”




“My 1-year old boy will grow up without a father!”




“I-I didn’t w-want you to die—”




“My unborn child will never get to hear her daddy’s voice! She’ll never get to meet her father!”




“I-I’m sorry—”




“I’m sorry!” Harry screamed as he shot up from his bed, his breathing erratic as he tried to comprehend what was going on. He looked around to see he was in his room alone, only the light from the hallway entering his door. Footsteps approached his door and when it opened, it revealed Louis, who looked at him and sighed. He walked over and climbed into bed with Harry, pulling the boy on to his lap, holding him close to his chest. Harry didn’t fight him, only holding on to his shirt tightly as he calmed himself down.




“Another nightmare?” Louis asked, brushing his fingers through Harry’s hair. Harry nodded, finally calming down. It’s been a week since Harry had to choose between killing Oliver of George. He’s refused to eat or leave the room, the only person he’s seen since then was Louis. He’s also had a nightmare every night since then.




Louis hummed, rocking them back and forth slowly. He ran a comforting hand through Harry’s soft curls, holding Harry tightly.




“You know, every time I leave the room to go to the bathroom or get a drink, you’re having a nightmare when I come back to bed,” Louis told him, resting his head on top of the frightened boy. Harry bit his lip as he felt his heartbeat starting to go down gradually.




“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to burden you.” He didn’t care, actually, he loved to burden him with things if it’d make him as miserable as he had made Harry. Louis only smiled, pressing a kiss to Harry’s curls.




“Makes me feel like you need me, even if you don’t want to admit it.” Harry rolled his eyes at that, untangled himself from Louis and rolling over to his side of the bed, facing the wall. He climbed back under the covers and he felt Louis do the same.




“Why would you want that?” Harry asked quietly, not even flinching when Louis began to spoon him. Louis pulled him close, breathing in his scent.




‘So disgusting.’ Harry thought.




“Because I love you. What’s wrong with wanting you to be completely dependant on me? I want you to need me and no one else. I want you to love me and only me and I’ll do the same in return.” Louis whispered, pressing kisses against the boy’s neck. Harry scoffed.




“You act like love is an emotion you can even have.” Louis only tightened his grip on Harry’s waist, chuckling tauntingly.




“What does it matter to me if you don’t think I can love? I know that I love you, I know that I’ll kill anyone who touches you to tries to take you from me. Oliver knew what the price he was going to have to pay was and he still did it. He deserved what he got.” Harry tensed at the mention of the dead man’s name, closing his eyes in fear and regret coursed through his veins.




“If you loved me you wouldn’t have made me do something like that. I’m not like you, I haven’t been around death and murder and torture my whole life. I’m trying to understand your point of view but you don’t give a shit about how I feel or how I’m now completely traumatized. I can’t even get a good night sleep because of what you forced me to do and you don’t even care,” Harry sneered, tears stubbornly making their way out of his eyes without his consent.




“I just figured you’d want to punish him for what he did to you—”




“I don’t even know what he did to me!” Harry turned around, yelling at Louis. Louis looked shocked to see tears staining Harry’s flushed face. “Out of all the things I’ve been through since you’ve brought me here, why would something I don’t even know the details to bother me? I know you’re going to eventually do the same thing so why would whatever he did bother me? At least I didn’t have to deal with the pain of it. I was more freaked out by the drugs than what he may or may not have done!” Harry screamed, turning his head into the pillow.




For once, Louis was at a loss for words.




But that didn’t last very long.




“Oh, my beautiful darling, your a precious Doll to me and anyone who hurts or threatens to hurt you will pay for it. I know you’re having a hard time, but you need to trust me.” Harry let out a laugh of disbelief.




“You’re the last person I would ever trust.” Harry’s tears stop flowing, never being one to cry for a very long period unless he was having a panic attack or hysterical.




“I’m the only one you can trust, I only want what’s best for you. I can give you anything you want, anything you need or desire.” Harry turned back away from Louis, not wanting to look at him anymore. Louis pressed a kiss to the back of his neck. “I can give you the world, all I need is your love and devotion. I want you to listen without a doubt that it’s the best thing, I want you to trust me enough for you to follow every order with no hesitation.”




“So if I submitted to you completely, you’d be happy?” Harry asked, no emotion in his voice. He closed his eyes as exhaustion began to take over once again. Louis hummed, nuzzling his head into the back of Harry’s head, squeezing him softly.




“Yeah, I really would. I really don’t think it’s that much to ask,” he whispered, and Harry could feel his smile on his skin. Louis reaches up and grabs Harry’s hand, lacing their fingers together.




“That’s way too much to ask of me.” Harry didn’t pull his hand away from Louis’ but didn’t grab his hand back.




“But that’s all I want from you. I’d be so happy.” Harry felt himself slowly drifting into unconsciousness as he spoke one last time.




“Then I’ll never submit to you,” Harry whispered so quietly that he could barely hear himself.




But Louis heard him loud and clear.




And he only smirked in a silent reply.

Chapter Text



It was busy as soon as Harry walked downstairs to the first floor. There were men Harry didn’t know rushing around the house, glancing at him before quickly glancing away.




‘I guess they know about Oliver and George,’ Harry thought, glancing around with a blank mind. Louis wasn’t there when he woke up to people stomping outside of his door.




Not that he really minded. Louis had been staying in his room with him every night since that traumatizing night two weeks ago and he’s really getting sick of being with him all the time.




He stopped in the main hallway, looking to the right at the front door longingly. He wanted nothing more than to run away.  But he turned to the left and into the kitchen, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to get away with all of these people even if he wanted to try and escape.




He pulled his sleeves over his hands and walked towards the fridge, grabbing a bottle of water. Louis stopped keeping him chained up two days after the incident, knowing that Harry had no energy or will to try and escape at the moment. Or the fact that he saw the memory of Oliver’s head staring at him from the ground every time he closed his eyes. Harry wouldn’t have even left the room if he wasn’t so thirsty.




“Harry?” Harry spun around to see Zayn standing behind him with papers in both hands. His face showed the confusion and concern he felt, but Harry didn’t understand why he would be concerned.




“I don’t have the energy to run away,” the depressed boy sighed, sitting down at the island counter. He knew that Zayn was confused as to why he was roaming about freely with no supervision, and that was really all that it was. He was too tired emotionally to try and run away.




He just didn’t care anymore.








“Where’s King at?” Harry inquired, not paying attention to the flabbergasted look that the tan lad wore. Whether it was from the fact that he wanted to know where Louis was or the fact that he called him King, Harry wasn’t sure. All he knew was that he didn’t really care how Zayn felt about it.




He doesn’t care about anything.




He doesn’t know why he started to call Louis ‘King’ but it began a few days ago. He guessed that hearing everyone call him that just sunk into his mind and he just started it. All he knew was that Louis kissed him passionately in joy the first time he called him it.




“He’s up in his study, he doesn’t want anyone disturbing him.” Harry nodded, grabbing his water and left the kitchen without another word to Zayn. He ambled up the stairs, counting each one as he went up the three flights of stairs. There was the basement which Harry refuses to ever walk by. Then there’s the first floor with the two living rooms, the dining room, a closet filled with weapons, and the kitchen that led to the backyard. Next was the second floor which held his room along with Zayn’s room(that he only stayed in when he was over late), guest rooms, a weaponry. The third and final floor belonged to Louis and only Zayn and Harry were allowed on that floor. Louis’ room was up there as well as his office, a weaponry, a work out room and a room that no one is allowed into.




As far as he knew, Zayn was the only one other than Louis that had ever been up there before Harry was taken. And now, Harry’s allowed to explore as much as he wanted because Louis knew that he wouldn’t leave.




Harry reached the final floor, walking towards Louis’ office without a thought. He knocked on the wooden door, his eyes finding the locked door at the end of the hall. At first, he wondered what was in there, but decided that it was probably a horrible room to enter.




If it’s locked, it’s something Louis doesn’t want anyone to see and that’s a scary thought considering what he does want people to see.




“Come in,” Louis’ voice said and Harry entered, shutting the door quietly. “I don’t want to be disturbed.” Louis snapped, not looking up from his piles of paper.




“Should I come back later, then?” Harry questioned, not moving from his spot by the door. Louis looked up and smiled at the boy, pushing his glasses up.




“No, I’ll gladly be disturbed by you.” Louis watched as Harry moved further into the room, glancing at his still thinning body. He stopped eating full meals again, but he isn’t starving himself like he had been which Louis is grateful for. “I’m glad to see you out of bed, baby, I didn’t think that you’d ever get up.” Harry shrugged, looking at the bookshelf Louis had.




“I was thirsty and bored,” he answered simply, looking over at the man who was watching his every move. Louis motioned him over, patting his lap. Harry did as he was told, placing the bottle on the desk and sitting on his captor’s lap, resting his head back on his shoulder. “And I’ve been up, you just have been couped up in here so you didn’t notice.” Louis hummed in response, hooking his chin over Harry’s shoulder.




“Should I get you some games to play? Any books you’d like to read? What would you like?” Harry’s lifeless eyes didn’t move from the mahogany desk as Louis rested a hand on his bum and the other resting his palm on his thigh, his fingers making their way between his thighs.




“Music.” It was the first emotion he’s shown other than his fear when he woke up from the recurring nightmare. Longing. True longing. He longed to go to the door earlier, yes, but this type of longing was stronger and more desperate than anything. He doesn’t know why he’s no longer as desperate as he was to leave, but he just didn’t care anymore.




Louis nodded.




“I’ll get you an iPod or something, let you download whatever music you want. Although, I hope you realize that I won’t allow you to have anything other than music on there.” Harry nodded, looking up at Louis.




“Thank you.” He looked into Louis’ lustful eyes and didn’t flinch when Louis cupped his cheek. Louis brought Harry’s face close to his so their lips were nearly brushing. Harry didn’t pull away.




“Anything to keep you happy.” Louis leaned in, pressing their lips together. Harry doesn’t try to push him away, only letting Louis do as he pleased so he would keep his end of the deal. Harry began to kiss him back displeased, hating every second.




Louis deepened the kiss, turning Harry around so the boy was straddling him. He placed his hands on Harry’s hips and forced him to grind down, making them both get hard. Harry blamed it on his teenage hormones.




“Have you ever had sex, Harry?” Louis whispered against his lips, forcing Harry to grind on him harder. Harry nodded.




“Yeah,” he said truthfully, moving on his own. It had been a while before he was kidnapped that he had gotten any pleasure from another person and it felt nice to be touched after so long. But he still couldn’t get rid of the disgust he felt along with the pleasure as he did what Louis wanted him to do.




“How many guys?” Louis asked, unbuckling Harry’s pants as well as his own.




“1.” Harry rested his head against Louis’ shoulder at the older man grabbed them both in his hand and began to jack them both off together. His other hand went down to Harry’s entrance, pushing a dry finger in. Harry bit his lip in pain but didn’t make a sound. He didn’t want to give Louis more pleasure than he was already giving him.




“Fuck, baby, love you so much,” Louis whispered, moving down to Harry’s neck to suck marks into the pale skin. Harry bit his lip and said nothing, only whimpering as he came with Louis following a few seconds after. Louis kissed the dark mark on Harry’s neck and smiled at him.




“Go to my room and clean yourself off. I want you to wait in there for me, okay?”




Harry nodded.




“I love you.”




‘I don’t care.’

Chapter Text


Harry looked over at the opening door with relief. He’s been sitting there for hours with nothing to do except watch tv, but all Louis had was horror movies which Harry decided against watching.




His life was more of a horror movie than those.




Louis came in looking tired and irritated, but all the frustration seemed to melt away when his gaze locked onto Harry, just waiting for him on his bed. Just how he always wanted to see him.




“Hey, baby.” Harry watched as he stripped down to his boxer, climbing under the covers and encouraging Harry to do the same. The captive boy didn’t argue, doing as he requested of him.




“Why did you look so mad?” Harry asked, not caring that this kidnapper suddenly looked angry again.




“I don’t like you being so nosy.” Harry only shrugged. He lifted his hand up to touch Louis’ cheek, noticing that he had bags under his eyes. Louis sighed, his body untensing as he leaned into Harry’s touch.




“What are you going to do? Kill me? You’ve already made it clear that you sadly won’t do it.” Harry took his hand away, watching as Louis’ whole demeanor changed. Harry watched as Louis’ jaw clench, his eyes filled with anger and his face began to tint red. Harry furrowed his eyebrows and placed his hand on Louis’ cheek once again, watching in fascination as the older man relaxed. It was like Harry’s touch was a flip to a switch that calmed his anger.








“I’m only going to answer your question because you need to know. A business associate is coming to stay with us while he’s in town, but I’ll be going on a business trip with Zayn in a few days to Cuba and then Spain. He’s like a brother to Zayn and I, which is why I’m letting him stay even though Zayn or I won’t be here.” Harry nodded.




“If he’s so close to you, why do you look so pissed that he’s coming?” Louis pushed Harry down so he was laying on his back, pinning his arms above his head as he straddled the boy’s waist.




“You’re really pushing me you know that right?” Louis asked, but he seemed more amused than angry. Glancing up, Harry tilted his head like a curious puppy.




“So are you going to answer my question?” Louis laughed, his eyes sparkling and Harry smiled slightly. But he immediately got rid of it when he realized it was there.




Did I really just let me guard down enough to smile at this monster?’ Harry thought bitterly, irritated at himself.




“Niall and I don’t agree on a lot of things, but the thing we do agree on is our taste in men.” Harry tensed slightly at that, biting his lip and looking away. “He’s definitely going to like you as soon as he sees you and we’ve always had a habit of sharing our toys of the moment.” Harry looked back up at him.




“Wait, at the moment? So you’ve kidnapped people for the same reason you took me before?” Harry inquired, something tugging in his stomach. Louis grinned down at him.




“No, love, they were all willing to take my cock whenever it pleased me. You’ll get there soon enough which is why I haven’t forced you. Yet.” Louis chuckled, pressing a harsh kiss to Harry’s lips. Harry tried to turn his head away which only caused Louis to chuckle and pull away. “Don’t be mad, love, I didn’t love them. No need to be jealous.” Harry rolled his eyes in irritation.




“I’m the furthest thing from jealous you could get. I actually encourage you to go fuck someone else that’s willing so maybe you’ll let me go.” Harry snapped, but Louis only smirked.




“Maybe I’ll find someone while you stay here with Niall while I’m on my business trip.” Louis felt Harry tense beneath him and smiled smugly at the reaction he got, the one he desired. Harry began to internally freak out, but Louis pressed a kiss to his cheek. “Don’t worry, I’ll have George with you when I go. He won’t let anything happen to you.” Harry turned his head to look up at Louis and shook his head.




“P-Please, I can’t stand to see him, not after—”




“I don’t have a choice, I don’t have anyone else who can stay here with you. He’s not stupid, he won’t hurt you if you’re worried about him getting revenge on you for choosing his best friend to be the one that was killed even when he begged for you to kill him.” The smirk on Louis’ face showed him that he chose George to be the one here on purpose, he chose him to torture him. “Then again, I could always leave you here alone with Niall—”




‘I can’t believe I almost fell for his charm and manipulation again!’




“—Just when I start to hate you less, you remind me why I pray for your death before bed every night,” Harry growled, pushing Louis off easily since his grip loosened. Louis smiled softly, watching in amusement as Harry got off the bed and stormed over to the door.




“Where do you think you’re going, love?” Louis asked teasingly, only angering Harry further.




“I’m going to sleep in my room—”




“Actually, the reason I had you stay in my room instead of us being in your room is because a few of my men are staying here tonight and I needed to let a few guys stay there. If you want to go down there, be my guest, but be prepared to choose five out of six guys who will die like Oliver.” Harry stopped, his hand frozen on the door handle.




And suddenly, like when Harry’s touch brought Louis out of his angered state, the mention of Oliver switch the fight and fire in him off and allowed his zombie-like state of mind to enter his head once again.




“C’mon, get in bed.” Harry slowly let his hand fall from the doorknob, turning around and walking towards the bed. He laid under the covers that Louis held up for him and stared at the wall. He didn’t register Louis pulling him close as he spooned him from behind, all he could do was stare blankly at the wall.




He barely slept that night.








“C’mon, love, Niall’s here. I want to introduce you to him.” Louis pulled the covers off of the tired boy, licking his lips when he sees the boys naked pale thighs on display. The things he wanted to do to him ran through his mind as Harry laid there nearly helpless and unexpecting. But Harry sat up with a groan, exhausted from only getting an hour of sleep, and knocked Louis out of his trance. The exhausted lad rubbed his eyes with sleeve covers hands, reminding Louis of a child that just woke up from a nap and all Louis could do was watch in utter fondness.




His Queen was so adorable.  




Harry got up from the bed, moving towards the wooden wardrobe to grab pants when Louis suddenly grabbed him and dragged him out of the room. The curly haired boy blushed deeply, pulling the oversized sweater down to cover more of his thighs.




“King, I need to put pants on,” Harry proclaimed in embarrassment, biting his lip as they rushed down the stairs.




“Why? I like you with nothing but a sweater on.” Louis smiled back at him, holding his hand. Harry gazed at him in confusion.




‘How is this the same person who killed and tortured people? He’s being so soft and sweet, yet he did all of those horrible things and forced me to choose someone’s death. How could he have such a different personality with me now than before? And how does he treat other people compared to me if he was what he considered to be nice?’




No matter how much he tried to understand him, Harry could never get Louis. He couldn’t understand his brain.




Zayn met them halfway up the stairs, struggling to keep his eyes away from Harry’s thighs.




“Niall’s waiting in the hallway. He’s not amused that you decided to make him wait,” Zayn told him, walking down with them. Louis only laughed.




“I feel like he’ll forgive me after he sees why I was so late.” Louis leaned into Harry’s neck and gave him a light nip. Harry gasped slightly, pulling away in shock. Louis only grinned at him, squeezing his hand tightly as the trio made their way down to meet their visitor. They stood in front of the strong looking man, Zayn smirking while Louis was smiling with a hint of his crazy showing. Harry barely mustered up the courage to look up at him.




“Niall! Isn’t it just wonderful to see you!” The blond man waiting by the doorway turned from looking at a painting and Harry could feel the irritation radiating off of him. Crystal blue eyes that reminded Harry of ice flicked up to make eye contact with Louis. But then those cold eyes moved over to his half-naked body, not moving from him. Harry felt trapped under the gaze like the man had an invisible box caged around him whenever those eyes were on him.




He was uncomfortable, to say the least.




“That is the ugliest painting I’ve ever seen,” he commented in a strong, thick Irish accent. He moved his eyes away from Harry to look at Louis which Harry was grateful for, he felt like he could finally breathe.




“That’s an original by Zayn! How rude!” Niall looked over at Zayn who was glaring harshly at him. A smirk appeared on his thin lips.




“That’s why it’s so ugly.” Harry stared at him in disbelief. Louis said they were all like brothers, but this guy is nothing short of an asshole towards them. Not that Harry can really blame him for being a dick to Louis, but Zayn is a nice guy.




Well, as nice as you can be when you’re an accomplice to kidnapping, murder, drug trafficking and who knows what else.




“Shove off, Niall. We all know you love Zayn’s paintings. You’re going to offer to buy it before you leave and you know it.” Niall chuckled slightly, but there was nothing but a thin line on his lips.




“I suppose that’s true, however—” Niall looked at his watch, “—I’ve been waiting for you to come down here for 10 minutes. You know I don’t like to wait, Louis, so why make me?” The man’s voice sent feelings of discomfort through Harry’s body, even more than Louis’ did.




Harry honestly didn’t know even that was possible.




“I was a bit preoccupied.” Louis smiled smugly, pulling Harry even closer to him. Niall’s eyes locked onto him once again, but Harry couldn’t look at that intense stare for more than a few seconds before having to turn away. “This is my boyfriend, Harry.” Harry looked up to see the reaction but was only met with those cold blue eyes that glared at him as if he were only a speck of dirt in his way. Niall looked at Louis once again and Harry visibly relaxed.




“We need to talk business, not about your boyfriend.” Harry moved his eyes down to the ground, relieved that he didn’t seem interested in him like Louis thought he would be. Although, all the staring seemed to be telling a different story.




“Right, I’ll go get the rest of the boys and we’ll meet you in my office. Harry, be a dear and wait for me in the bedroom.” Harry blushed in discomfort at the command as well as Niall’s eyes that were suddenly boring into him again. Louis pressed a kiss to his cheek before he walked off. Zayn gave Niall a warning glare before he walked off with Louis as well, leaving Harry in a very uncomfortable situation.




Harry nodded at the man with a fake smile as a way to excuse himself and began to make his way upstairs to try and avoid the awkwardness. But he was stopped by a hand gripping his wrist tightly, turning him so they were face to face.




“You’d be wise to leave him. Louis isn’t a good man to be with and you better run before you get any further involved,” Niall said coldly, letting his icy blue eyes staring into Harry’s soul. Harry tried to tug his arm out of the harsh grip, but the stronger man wouldn’t let him go.




“We aren’t even tog—” Niall tugged Harry so he was holding his waist, lips pressed to his ear.




“I will be gone for the next two days for a business meeting and Louis will be leaving tomorrow as well. If you aren’t gone by the time I’m back from my meeting, I’m not going to hold myself back.” His hand slipped under the back of Harry’s sweater as he moved his hand up the back of Harry’s inner thigh. Harry tried to push him away as two fingers pressed against his covered entrance. “This is the only warning I’ll give you,” he whispered, lips brushing Harry’s ear before he let go of the boy and walked up the stairs without looking back. Harry stared up at his retreating figure with wide eyes.




“Fuck, what did that even mean? Holding himself back? How was that holding back?” Harry whispered to himself. The places the blond man touched tingled in the worst way, almost feeling as if he was burning.




‘Please, Lord, don’t let us ever be alone in the same room..’

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Harry watched silently from the edge of Louis’ bed as the man packed his clothes away. It was the day after Niall arrived and he spent all of yesterday sitting and waiting for Louis once again. The man was so tired after the meeting that he just undressed and crawled in bed, forcing Harry to go to sleep with him.




Harry’s thoughts weren’t on Louis for once, though. He wasn’t trying to figure out what the man had planned next or what he would do to him or force him to do. He just couldn’t stop thinking about Niall.




What did he mean that he wouldn’t hold back? And does he not know what happened the last time someone messed with him? Maybe not, but if he’s known Louis for a long time, he should know what he’s like.




Unless he doesn’t know what Louis’ actually like. Sure they’re business partners in drug trading, but maybe he doesn’t know about how insane Louis truly is. Louis is extremely good at lying, Harry’s seen him tell lies and Harry almost believed them even when he knew they weren’t true.




But then again, with what Harry’s seen, maybe Niall does know but he really doesn’t care. He’s confident and Louis doesn’t seem to scare him in the least bit. Zayn shows fear sometimes with Louis’, but Niall absolutely does not.




Harry’s never seen someone who wasn’t afraid of Louis when he shows them their true colors. What if Niall’s just as fucked up as Louis?




Harry paled at the thought.




He bit his lip nervously, his leg bouncing. Louis looked at him from the corner of his eye, sighing when he didn’t stop.




“Why are you so anxious, love?” Harry snapped out of his trance and looked up at Louis. Louis was looking at him with a mix of annoyance but also concern. Harry never knew that those two feelings could go together, but Louis can do so many things that Harry didn’t know were possible.




“J-Just nervous,” Harry admitted, but the reason he was nervous, he would never tell him.




“Why, Doll?” Louis forced Harry to look back up at him, rubbing his thumb against his bottom lip. Harry sighed.




“I just don’t want to be here alone, not after…” Harry trailed off, looking into Louis’ eyes, praying that the man doesn't see through his lies. Although, it’s not really a lie. He doesn’t want to be there alone with George. Not after everything that happened.




But he’s more afraid of being here when Niall comes back from his trip.




Louis smiled down at him, pressing a sweet kiss to Harry’s lips softly.




“You’ll be okay, I promise. Everyone knows if they do anything they’ll suffer much more than Oliver did.” Louis gave Harry another kiss before pulling away, continuing to pack his clothes.




Harry brought his fingers up to touch his lips. He doesn’t know why, but he’s no longer disgusted when Louis presses their lips together. His lips tingle everytime Louis kissed him and before that thought scared him, but right now he has butterflies in his stomach.




He needed to find a way to get out before his mind gets anymore screwed up.




“What do you think of Niall?” Louis asked without looking at Harry. The younger lad looked up at the man who had a stoic look on his face. Harry grabbed a blanket and covered himself up, watching Louis with careful eyes.




“You said he was like a brother to you and Zayn, but he was nothing short of an asshole to you.” Louis’ blank face broke and he laughed.




“No one said every brother got along. He is an asshole, but he’s been with Zayn and me for a very long time and he’s always been this way. He does look out for us though, so we know that he doesn’t hate us like he pretends that he does.” Harry nodded but doesn’t say a word, not wanting to give Louis his actual opinion.




And he doesn’t want Louis to press the issue and accidentally let out the threat Niall gave him. Niall scared him to hell and back, but he doesn’t want him to go through what Oliver did or worse.




Harry wouldn’t wish that on anyone.




“Well, let me know if he says anything mean to you, he’s not as nice to other people as he is to Zayn and me.” The green-eyed boy nodded his head obediently but had no plans to do that. Louis shut his suitcase and let out a sigh of relief. He moved the bag off of the bed and crawled onto Harry, a smirk on his lips.




“I’m going to miss you, Doll,”  Louis whispered, reaching his hand up Harry’s shirt, feeling the boy’s torso. Harry looked at Louis with wide eyes, flinching when the man pressed kisses down his neck.








“Shh, I don’t want to have to tie you up but I will if you don’t behave,” Louis grits out through a fake smile. Harry closes his eyes in fear, his body freezing as Louis unbuttons his shirt. “I love your body, I’m going to miss being able to touch you whenever I want,” Louis mumbled, leaving a trail of marks down his body as his hand comes up to play with Harry’s nipple. Harry bit down on his knuckle to stop himself from making any noise, gripping the bedsheet with his other hand.




He’s too scared of what Louis would to if he tried to push him away.




The older lad looked at Harry with hooded eyes, kissing down to the hem of his underwear. He brought his fingers up to Harry’s lips and forced them into his mouth making the boy choke. Louis smirked, looking back down at Harry’s naked body as the boy swirled his tongue around the digits in his mouth.




He didn’t want to make Louis any angrier.




“You know, I think I’m going to buy you some panties while I’m away, they’d look fantastic on you,” Louis muttered, pulling the cloth off of Harry’s body. Harry’s pulled away from Louis’ fingers and scrambled to cover himself up. Louis’ never gone this far before and it’s terrifying the curly-haired boy. “Please, just relax and enjoy yourself. I want to make you feel good before I leave.” Louis whispered, moving so his head was between Harry’s thighs. Harry arched his back in pleasure as he felt Louis thrust his tongue inside of his hole, no warning at all.




“F-Fuck,” Harry whimpered, his thighs tightening around the older man’s head as he grabbed onto his hair in pleasure. Louis smirked, moving his tongue in and out slowly, teasing the withering boy.




“P-Please, K-King—” Harry’s hormones took over his body completely, what he wanted mentally was totally throw out the window as Louis held him down when he tried to push down to meet his tongue. Louis grabbed Harry’s legs and pried them open so they would release his head, sending Harry a smirk. He was a wreck and that’s exactly how Louis always wanted him.




“What do you want me to do, baby?” Harry bit his lip and reached down to jerk himself off to get some relief, but Louis grabbed both hands and pinned him down to the bed, straddling him once again.




“I-I—” Harry let out a gasp as Louis ground his body down on Harry’s cock, his jeans hurting him, but that only made him harder. Louis chuckled, grabbing both of Harry’s wrists with one hand, freeing the other.




“I see my Queen has a pain kink, what useful information.” He chuckled as he reached up and pinched Harry’s nipple harshly, grinding down harder as Harry’s withered in pain and pleasure. Louis couldn’t get enough, the way Harry looked and was reacting was turning him on so much he could barely hold back. “I’m gonna fuck your throat,” Louis told him, not giving him a chance to respond as he took himself out of his pants and crawled up to Harry’s face. He took himself and hit Harry’s lips teasingly with his tip, trying to get the boy to open up. Harry shook his head, refusing.




Louis only laughed, reaching behind himself to pinch Harry’s sore nipple again




“Ah—” Harry yelped in pain only for Louis to shove his length in his mouth to cut him off. Louis grabbed Harry’s curls and began to thrust into his mouth harshly, his breathing beginning to become labored as he watched tears fill Harry’s emerald eyes. The sound of Harry choking on his cock every time he thrusted into those delicious plump lips had Louis coming to his climax faster than anyone else had ever made him.




His Queen was so gorgeous and precious it made him want to cry in happiness and satisfaction. He was the luckiest guy on Earth and if he would have listened to Zayn, he wouldn’t have him right now.




“Fuck, baby, you’re so beautiful,” Louis moaned, his thrusts quickening as he reached orgasm. He let out a loud moan as he shoved himself as far down Harry’s throat as he could, staying there as he released down the boy’s throat. Louis looked down at Harry to see the boy’s eyes clenched shut and he felt his body shuddering below him. He looked behind himself and laughed in disbelief.




Harry came untouched, just because Louis used him to get his own pleasure. His boy was more of a masochist than he thought.




The older man pulled himself out of Harry’s mouth and watched as cum and spit dribbled out of Harry’s mouth and down his chin as the boy desperately tried to catch his breath. 



Louis grinned down at him.




“I want you to prepare yourself for tonight, baby, because we’re going to have a wild night when I get back from my meetings.” Harry flinched, his eyes connecting with blue ones as they grinned in triumph.




Harry hated that his heart started beating in excitement at those words as Louis cleaned himself up and got dressed, leaving him dirty and panting on the bed.

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Harry lost track of how long it had been since Louis left, but judging but the moon now high in the sky, Harry guessed it had been awhile. Harry was still in the same spot, dirty and feeling disgusted. Louis told him not to leave the room but Harry wanted nothing more than to do so.




He needed to get fresh air to clear his head but of course, that’s not a luxury he had any more.




He couldn’t control or understand his thoughts anymore. He didn’t understand why his heartbeat quickened when he saw Louis. It had before, but that was in fear, this was different. It was so, so different.




Harry forced his limbs to move and got off the bed, cringing at how gross his body felt. He walked slowly to the bathroom attached to Louis’ bedroom, looking at himself in the mirror. He could see his ribs, the amount of food he’s been eating isn’t nearly what he used to eat when he was at home and that was never a lot. He isn’t ever really hungry anymore, but he doesn’t want to make Louis angry. He’s had a taste of how nice Louis can actually be and he doesn’t want that to go away. He doesn’t want Louis to be cruel to him anymore.




He turned the water on and hopped in the shower, wiping the dried cum and sweat off of his body slowly. He stared at the tiles on the wall and wondered if he should just give in. He’s been fighting Louis for who knows how long and he doesn’t want to go back to how he was originally treated.




He hadn’t been in the hole for a few weeks now and he doesn’t ever want to risk going back there. Louis hadn’t forced him to hurt anyone else, he hadn’t hurt Harry.




Besides, Gemma was looking for him. She had to be, she knew him better than anyone. She knew that he wouldn’t run away and leave behind all of his responsibilities.  




So maybe being good until she came for him was in his best interest for right now.




‘Maybe I could get Zayn to see how she’s doing. See if she’s okay. Then again, he could just tell Louis that I asked him to do that for me and getting onto Louis’ naughty list is the last thing I want. Although, Zayn doesn’t seem like the guy to do that if I beg hard enough.’ Harry thought to himself as he washed his hair.




Zayn was a person Harry didn’t know if he could trust or not. Zayn seemed too kind to be in a world like this. Louis was made for this world, he was a perfect fit for it. Zayn, however, seemed like he was forced into this world without a choice. He was always kind to Harry and he always comforted him. Harry felt that they could be friends with how kind he is.




Despite all of that though, Zayn was apart of this world. Zayn was Louis’ best friend and even though he seemed like a normal guy who was forced into a cruel world like Harry was, he had and still does have the choice to leave and he doesn’t.




And that’s why Harry can’t fully trust him, even if he wished that he could.




Maybe I’ll just tell him that I need to know they’re okay so I can move on. That should work, no one here thinks I’m smart enough or brave enough to try and manipulate either Zayn or Louis.’ Harry knew that Louis and Zayn both underestimated him. Leaving him alone isn’t a very smart thing to do considering he’s found about a hundred ways to escape if only he had a few simple things.




He could tie all of Louis’ blankets together and climb out the window if only all the windows in the house didn’t have a lock on it.




He could escape out the back door if only Harry could get his hands on a screwdriver to take the screws out of the metal gate in the back, or if they didn’t lock up the ladder in that damn shed. Harry couldn’t ever imagine going back inside there after what happened.




He could also go out through the front door if only he could sleep by himself at night.




Harry turned the knob and got out of the shower, not caring that drops of water were freely dropping onto the floor. He grabbed the towel that was hanging on the door and dried himself off quickly, wanting to find Zayn as quickly as possible.




After getting dressed, he quickly made his way out of the hall, trying to sneakily make his way past Louis’ door without him noticing. He was allowed to leave, but he didn’t want Louis to call him in and distract him from his mission.




Harry paused outside of the door, however, hearing hushed voices talking inside of Louis’ office. The door was cracked enough for him to slightly see that it was Zayn who was inside talking with Louis, not that he thought it’d be anyone else.




Well, there goes talking to him now.’ He thought annoyed but moved closer. He looked inside, now being able to hear their discussion through the door.




“What about Gemma? Has she back off yet or do I need to take care of her?” Louis asked his lips in a thin line. Zayn let out a sigh, shifting in his seat.




“She said she couldn’t look for him anymore. It was too emotionally and physically draining for her and Anne to continue to constantly look for him. And since Des has a drug problem, Harry leaving only leaves them with less money so they can’t take any more time off of work.” Harry bit his lip to stop himself from making a noise. He slowly backed up, not being able to take any more.




He ran down the hallway with tears in his emerald eyes, his breathing becoming labored. He ran into his room and locked the door, running and collapsing on the bed.




“H-How could they give up? I-I thought they loved me, how could they?!” Harry sobbed, reality finally set in.




No one is looking for him, no one is going to save him. He’s going to be stuck here with Louis in the underworld of London as his Queen and no one can save him from that.




Harry turns his head to look at the window, the moonlight shining through beautifully. As he stared at the floating rock, he calmed down. And then he noticed something. He got off the bed and moved over to the windows, flipping the lock on it. Every other window in the house had a lock that needed a key to open, but his doesn’t.




Why would Louis put him in a room where the window is unlockable without a key? Why is there even one?




He tried lifting the window, but it was stuck and it only budged slightly. He let out a huff in annoyance, lifting it enough to get his hands underneath in an opening. He used all of his strength but it made no difference. He sighed, putting his hands on his hips in frustration.




He looked around his room for something he could use, but nothing was small enough to fit in the opening.




‘How can I be so close yet so far?’ Harry thought to himself angrily. He paced in his room before he got an idea. He went over to his door and peeked out into the hallway. Once he saw that it was clear, he crept out and made his way to the weapons room. He punched the code in quickly, closing the door behind him quickly.




They underestimated him so much, he’s found so many ways out and he’s even figured out the code to one of the weaponry rooms.




He just needed to find the right time to make his move and now was the time.




He learned the code from watching people punch it in when he wasn’t looking, knowing that Louis would never give him the code to a room like that. He looked around frantically, smiling when he saw a crowbar. He looked around and his smile turned bigger when he saw the rope. He grabbed that as well, hiding them under his shirt before exiting the room, hurrying back to the bedroom.




He just prayed that Louis was too busy to see him in the cameras.




He locked his door and took the crowbar, putting it under the small opening. He pushed down on the handle when it was secure and the window shot open after a few good pushes.




“I can’t believe that worked.” Harry smiled in complete disbelief, but it diminished as he heard footsteps coming from the hallway. He hid the crowbar under the bed and the rope inside his pillowcase, wanting to keep them separated in case Louis found one. If he had one or the other, he could still escape. He ran over to the window and shut it quietly, it got stuck a few times, but it was a lot smoother closing it than opening it.




Harry ran to the door and unlocked it before he ran back to bed, climbing under the covers as Louis opened the door.




Louis smirked at him, his eyes a bit red.




“Hey, baby, whatcha doing down here? I thought I told you to stay in my bedroom,” Louis taunted, a slight stumble in his step.




He was high.




Harry kept his eyes on Louis as the man began to undress, leaving him naked before Harry. The captive boy turned his head away while a blush covered his cheeks. Louis chuckled, climbing onto the bed and on top of Harry.




Harry hated to admit it, but Louis was the most attractive and fit person he’s ever met. Everything about him was visually appealing from his eyes and cheekbones, his strong arms and toned torso. His tan skin was beautiful and the look Louis was giving Harry made him tingle all over.




Harry hated it.




“It was t-too hot upstairs.” Harry lied, letting out a gasp when Louis pressed his lips to his neck. Harry moved his head to give him more access without even realizing it, pleasing Louis greatly.




“Well, it’s about to be even hotter in here.” Louis pressed his lips harshly against Harry’s, prying the boy’s mouth open. Harry flinched, but gave in easily, kissing Louis back as the older man grinded down on him. He’s only human and he may as well enjoy it.




Louis chuckled a bit, but got off of Harry, confusing the boy.




“As much as I’d love to fuck the shit out of you right now, I do need to be up quite early tomorrow and I do need to get my rest. But don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you when I get back,” Louis promised, pressing a kiss to Harry’s curls as he flipped him on his side, spooning him from behind.




Harry bit his lip as his eyes drifted to the lock.




“Can I ask you a question, King?” Harry asked quietly, only earning a hum as a response. “Why did you pick this room for me?” Harry’s eyes widen in shock at Louis’ reply.




“I didn’t, Zayn did.”

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Harry glances at the black door curiously, biting his lip as he walked closer to it. Now that Louis wasn’t home to completely shut down the thoughts, he wondered what was behind that locked door.




The mystery behind it intrigued him the more he thought about it. Louis was never really one to not tell him something if he asked, but whenever this door was brought up, Louis gave nothing away.




Maybe Harry was just bored but he was craving to see the other side of the black door.




He moved towards the door with light steps, not wanting George to interrupt him once again.




He put his hand on the knob, turning it even though he knew the outcome.




But suddenly, a pale hand was on top of his, stopping his movements. Another hand came up to his waist and held on to it tightly.




“Curiosity killed the cat you know,”

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Everyone was currently running around trying to get everything ready for Louis and Zayn’s departure. Except for Louis, who had been beside Harry watching everyone scramble around to get everything done on time. While Louis was laughing at everyone being so frantic, Harry’s eyes wouldn’t leave Zayn.




Harry knew that Zayn was uncomfortable with all the staring he was doing, but Harry couldn’t help it. Not after the conversation he had with Louis.








“I didn’t, Zayn did.” Harry couldn’t even begin to try and process what Louis just said. Zayn? Zayn of all people gave him the one room without a lock on the window? Of course, he may not have known about it, but Zayn wasn’t dumb enough to not know every feature about a room before putting a hostage in it.




He would think of every possibility and looked at every detail so there’s no way in hell he would miss something big like that when choosing a room.




“Z-Zayn did?” Louis hummed, pressing a kiss to his neck. “Why Zayn? W-Why this room?” Louis shrugged.




“Not sure, Zayn and I had this house built after we bought this plot of land so we would get what we wanted but I was busy so I let him take care of the details. This room used to be his since it’s the nicest other than mine but he insisted that you have it. I’m not sure why though, the other rooms are also nice so I’m not sure why he chose this room for you. Why?” Harry couldn’t think of an answer to that so he just didn’t answer. Louis is asleep a few seconds later anyway.








Zayn knew every detail of that house because he had a part in building it. That room was Zayn’s room before Harry came along so there was absolutely zero chance of him not knowing about the window.




Zayn walked over to them and ignored Harry’s stare, only looking at Louis. George was at his side, refusing to look at Harry or Louis.




“Everything’s ready. The men have already either gone home or started going to the airport. We should head out now.” Louis nodded, turning to face Harry. Harry looked over at him and suddenly, the man had their lips locked together passionately. Hands wandered down to his bum as Louis shoved his tongue inside of Harry’s mouth making Harry let out a small whimper before Louis disconnected their lips. The lust was clear in Louis’ eyes and Harry was kind of grateful for this business trip.




At least, until Niall comes back.




“I’ll see you when I get back, Doll,” Louis whispered, squeezing Harry’s bum before he turned to leave, nodding at Zayn to follow him.




Zayn finally met Harry’s eyes and gave him a small smile. He walked over to him, putting his mouth next to Harry’s ear.




“Stay in your room once Niall arrives and don’t leave. If you need food or water, George knows to get it for you. And good luck,” he said before he pulled away, nodding at George before it was just the two of them.




Harry watched silently as they walk out the door. Harry, not speaking a word to George, rushed upstairs and to his room. As soon as the cars are out of sight, he began his escape plan. He ran over to the bed and picked up the crowbar, grabbing the rope and rushed to escape before Niall arrived.




But as he was tying the rope to his doorknob and then bedpost, he realized something.




I need to make sure that George doesn’t come in here for any reason.’ Harry thought, completely irritated that he didn’t think of that. And for the fact that he was going to have to talk to the guy after basically being the reason his slimeball friend is dead.




He let out a deep breath before untying the rope and re-hiding it as well as the crowbar. He walked out of the room, desperate to talk to George quickly.




“Harry.” George’s voice from behind him made him jump, the tone he used frightening him. He’s never heard George use a tone like that. So sad and empty. Harry turned to see his eyes looking exactly how he sounded. Empty.




“G-George. I wanted to tell you that I will be getting a shower and then spending the rest of the night in my room. I don’t need any food. Goodnight.” Harry spoke coldly, turning around and beginning his walk back upstairs.




“Harry, wait!” George snapped desperately. Harry turned around to see George with tears in his eyes, his right hand gripping his shirt tightly. “I-I need you to stop avoiding me, please,” George said with glistening eyes. Harry stared at him, taken back. That was the last thing that he thought he would ever hear from him. He figured that he would want to cuss him out or hurt him, but begging for him to stop avoiding him was the last thing he expected.




“W-What?” Harry stuttered, stepping back when George advanced, only to stop when he saw Harry retreat.




“I-I know that Oliver said that I was the one that t-touched you, but I—” he bit his lip, stepping towards a frozen Harry. “—I promise that I would never do that! Not to anyone! It’s disgusting and horrible and he deserved what you and the King did to him! I-I don’t blame you at all and I don’t know why you’re avoiding me, but please, please don’t anymore. The only other decent person here is Zayn and I can’t talk to him without being scared shitless. I—” Harry stared at him baffled, the bewildered look on his face scaring George. “I—”




“I know you didn’t touch me,” he told him, watching him closely. “That’s why you aren’t dead.” Harry flinched at his own words, wondering when the hell he became okay with saying something like that so easily. “I was just trying to stay away from you because I’m the reason your best friend is dead,” George flinched this time, but Harry honestly didn’t feel anything. Why does he feel so indifferent all of a sudden?




“H-He deserved it! You aren’t the first person he’s done it too.” George bit his lip, fiddling with his hands. Harry could hear it in his tone, Oliver did it to him too. His shaking hands and pale face gave it away.




But the amount of sympathy he felt toward him is nothing compared to what it should be. They’ve both been through the same thing but Harry didn’t feel pity for George or himself.




Shit happens.




Besides, he’s trying to escape which may end up in George getting killed or tortured.




And he still feels nothing.




“Well, then that asshole got what was coming to him and I’m not sorry.” Harry watched as George’s scared demeanor change and he was smiling softly at Harry.




If only he knew.




Poor bastard.




Harry pays no mind to the voices, not questioning why they were out when he wasn’t in the hole.




He was too focused on getting the hell out of there.




“Well, I’m going to go now, I’m glad we got that all settled.” Harry faked a smile, nodding at George who walked away grinning.




“Pathetic,” Harry mumbled, shaking his head. When did he get so cruel and harsh?




As soon as the King took you.




That’s when you started to loose your empathy.




You’re turning into him, haha!




Harry rolled his eyes at the voices, finding them more annoying than anything.




He walked up the stairs and hurried into his bathroom. He turned on the shower and sink full blast to mask the noise of the window. He grabbed the tool and opened the window easier than he had the last time, smiling to himself.



Almost free of these psychopaths.’




He tied the to rope on the bed frame post, tugging on it to make sure that it held. He threw the rope out the window and shimmied himself down, quickly lowering himself onto the ground. He jumped onto the grass and made a break for it.




He didn’t think this very far, but he did know that he was going to climb the fence, regardless of the barb wire.




The pain he’d feel to escape wouldn’t even compare to what Louis would put him through.




It was an easy choice.




He grabbed onto the metal poles and desperately tried to lift himself up and as he began to climb, a hand pulled on his shirt, tugging him down into arms.




“You can’t leave, Queen, I’m sorry,” George whispered in his ear, sounding so sad and regretful as he picked Harry up who was screaming and cursing the fact that George was even born. He felt him flinching, whether it was from the harsh words or Harry’s weight, he doesn’t know. He is underweight for his size but he’s still taller than George.




“Fucking let me go or I swear to god I’ll kill you!” Harry sneered, as the older man carried him into the house and upstairs. He sounded so threatening, but both knew that he couldn’t ever do something like that.




Why not? It could be fun.




“Shut up!” Harry screamed, completely infuriated with the stupid voices.




“I-I didn’t say anything.”




“Not you dumbass!” Harry screamed, but suddenly George sat him on the bed in one of the rooms where the window locked with a key.



“I’m going to tell Prince about what happened.” Harry’s eyes widen in anger.




“You better fucking not—”




“I have to tell either him or King. Prince may not even tell King so telling him is your best bet. I’m just trying to look out for both of us.” Harry’s anger immediately dissipated and sadness took over.




“If you were looking out for me, you’d let me leave,” Harry cried, tears falling from his face.




“But I couldn’t and you know that.” Harry sniffles, but nods, tears still clouding his eyes as he calmed down.




Why is his mood changing so rapidly?




“I-I’m going to go to sleep. I want you to leave please.” George laughed.




“Why do you think I’d leave you alone after what you just pulled?” Harry bite his lip to stop from crying.




“Because I’m too tired to leave and I’ve never been in here before so there’s only two exists I know of and both are locked so please just leave!” George’s mocked smile vanished and he sighed.




“Fine, just don’t do anything stupid to get us both killed.” Harry heard the door shut and the lock from the outside lock. He grabbed a pillow and cuddled into it tightly, sobbing.




“I-I lost my one chance to escape.” He cried to himself, his heart breaking into microscopic shreds.




“I-I want to die,” he sobbed to himself, his tears ceasing a few moments later.




Why did those four words calm him so much?








Harry woke up with puffy eyes and nothing in his heart. He felt completely empty and he didn’t know what to do. There was a strange smell coming from outside the room. He felt like it was tell him to follow it.




He felt like he was in a dream. His head spun when he sat up and he felt like he was walking on clouds every step he took to the door. He turned the knob, not expecting it to open, but it did.




“This has to be a dream,” he muttered sleepily, stumbling a bit from how exhausted he was. He followed the smell up to the top floor, his eyelids feeling heavy.




He walked down the hallway and his eyes were drawn to the black door.




Harry glances at the black door curiously, biting his lip as he walked closer to it. Now that Louis wasn’t home to completely shut down the thoughts, he wondered what was behind that locked door.




The mystery behind it intrigued him the more he thought about it. Louis was never really one to not tell him something if he asked, but whenever this door was brought up, Louis gave nothing away.




Perhaps it was because Harry was just tired and in a dream like state that he was craving to see the other side of the black door. Not only that, but the smell was coming from inside.




He moved towards the door with light steps, not wanting George to interrupt him once again.




He put his hand on the knob, turning it even though he knew the outcome.




But suddenly, a pale hand was on top of his, stopping his movements. Another hand came up to his waist and held on to it tightly.




“Curiosity killed the cat you know,” Niall whispered in his ear. He felt like water splashed onto his face and woke him from his dream. Harry froze in his spot, his body trembling as Niall whispered in his ear. “I can show you what’s behind that door, if you ask nicely like a good boy.” Niall took Harry’s hand away from the door and lace their fingers together.




“C-Can you show me what’s inside, please?” Harry whispered even though he didn’t want to be anywhere near this man. He felt so weird. His head became foggy as Niall smirked.




“That’s a good boy.”

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“Come inside, darling.” Harry, with half opened eyes, allowed Niall to lead him into the room after opening the door. He stumbled into the room, the smell intensifies. He looked around the room, his mind too foggy to be shocked by what he saw.




It was a sex room, no other way to really describe it. There were toys, some that Harry had never even seen before, on display on shelves and a few were on the table beside the bed. There were handcuffs attached to the bedposts, a hook hanging from the ceiling with leather cuffs dangling from them. Whips, canes, floggers and so much more were hanging on the walls. There were so many things that Harry didn’t even know what or how they were used but he really didn’t have much time to process it all before he was sitting on the bed, being forced to look into those cool blue eyes.




“Guessing by your curiosity, I’m guessing your boyfriend never brought you in here, hm?” Niall asks, grabbing Harry’s chin and rubbing his thumb over the young boy’s bottom lip. Harry tried to pull away, but Niall kept a firm grip. “Answer me.”




“No. A-And he’s not my boyfriend, he kidna—”




“—Shut up, only answer the questions I ask you.” Harry shut his mouth obediently, looking over at a table on the other side of the room. There was incense burning and Harry could only assume that’s what the smell was. “Ah, the incense, do you like it? I started burning it just for you,” Niall hummed with a smirk, watching Harry sway from side to side. He cupped Harry’s cheek lightly, caressing his cheekbone with his thumb softly. Harry closed his eyes, feeling like he was under a spell.




“W-What is it?” Niall brushed curl away from Harry’s face as he smiled.




“Just something that I thought you’d like. However, the side effect of fogginess and obedience of whoever smells it is wonderful. It’s like putting you in a state of hypnosis, where you have no choice but to obey everything I say.” Harry looked into Niall’s devious eyes with fear in his own. What the hell is wrong with him? How did he even know that something like that existed?




Maybe he did know what Louis’ really like and he was just as fucked up as Louis.




“Why isn’t it affecting you?” Niall grinned wildly.




“There’s an oil that overpowers the smell, you just have to put it around your nose and the scent is strong enough to push the effects off for hours. That’s why I decided to use this approach instead of just drugging you. At least, for right now, anyway.” Harry struggled to stand, only for a cold chuckle to pass Niall’s lips as he pushed the boy back down on the bed. Niall nuzzled his head into Harry’s neck, pressing light kisses against it as Harry trembled in terror.




“P-Please, don’t—”




“Stay still.” Harry froze, his body unwilling to move as Niall unbuttoned the white collared shirt Louis made him wear that morning. He felt like he was paralyzed as the other man maneuvered him so he was laying on the bed, his arms above his head and cuffed to the posts. He watched the blue orbs scan his defenseless body, a small look of satisfaction displayed on his pale features.




“G-George, h-help—”




“Oh, shut up, I sent him home. There’s no one here except us. And that’s how it’s going to stay for the next five days. Now, don’t move a fucking muscle,” Niall snapped harshly, taking his own shirt off before climbing on top of him, straddling his waist. He smirked cruelly down at the bound man, loving how weak he seemed.




There was a burn from tears that wanted to escape Harry’s eyes, but for some reason, the tears wouldn’t flow. Just like the rest of his body, he was paralyzed.




Niall cooed as he noticed the wetness that would appear and then dry up immediately and then repeat. He simpered.




“Cry.” The tears immediately burst from Harry’s eyes as soon as Niall spoke those words. Harry still couldn’t move anything else, but the tears flowed freely and it turned Niall on more than anything else.




“You should know that you brought this on yourself. I warned you to leave, I told you what would happen if you were here by the time I returned from my business trip.” Niall let his hand wander over Harry’s torso, pinching his nipple roughly causing Harry to whimper. He looked up at the still boy and smiled a mocking smile. “But you didn’t listen to me, not that I thought you would because none of Louis’ sluts ever leave. It’s pathetic that you all fall in love with a man that’s a sociopath.” Niall chuckled, sliding his hand down towards Harry’s pants.




“I’m not in love with him,” Harry said quietly, somehow managing to gain the ability to speak. The thought of loving Louis must have repulsed him so much that it snapped him out of the hypnosis enough to tell Niall. But after uttering those words, his eyes fell shut in complete exhaustion.




“Ah, so someone is stubborn enough to fight off the effects for a few seconds. I’m actually quite impressed. You’re strong, but that only makes me want to weaken you even more. I want to take all the fight out of you until you give in without a second thought,” Niall whispered in his ear, his breath on his neck sending disgust into his heart. “And by the time I’m done with you, you’ll want nothing to do with him anymore.” Niall chuckled, moving to bite down on Harry’s neck harshly. Harry let out a weak whimper, his heartbeat quickening as Niall slid down his body, pressing kisses to his pale skin. He sat up, reaching over to the nightstand and grabbed a roll of duct tape and a gag. He shoved the gag between Harry’s plum lips, tying it behind his head tightly, knowing it’ll hurt the boy. He grabbed the duct tape and bent Harry’s left leg so the back of his calf was touching the back of his thigh, putting tape just below his knee to keep his legs bent. He repeated the process with the other leg, biting his lip at the sight.




Harry was completely helpless and spread out before him and it was such a beautiful sight. He can’t wait to wrap him up all in leather and harass him until the boy completely breaks.




“Move.” Harry’s muscles finally began to move and he struggled as much as he could. He could feel the tight leather that was wrapped around his small wrists began to create welts but he didn’t care.




He needed to get out.




“That’s right, keep struggling. Your struggles only turn me on more.” Niall laughed, positioning himself between Harry’s legs. Harry couldn’t stop crying, trying with all of his strength to close his legs but Niall kept them spread apart.




Niall released himself from his pants, positioning himself at Harry’s entrance.




“Don’t forget to relax and enjoy yourself—” Niall laughed as he pushed in. Harry arched his back in pain, trying to get away from Niall who went in all in one go. “—This is the first time of many to come over the next five days.” Niall chuckled breathlessly, not believing how tight the emerald-eyed boy was. “God, for a slut you sure feel like a virgin.” He placed both hands beside Harry’s head and began to thrust into him, grabbing his chin when the boy tried to look away from him.




“Can’t stand to look at someone who isn’t your boyfriend? I’m not good enough for you?” Niall simpered, gripping Harry’s chin tightly as the boy continued to sob with this eye shut tightly. “Look at me.” Harry’s eyes shot open against his will, those frightening blue eyes biting into his as his thrusts became harder and deeper as the time when on.




“How does he always get such beautiful ones like you?” Niall panted out, his thrusts becoming sloppy as he neared his orgasm. He reached down to grab Harry’s length, smirking at the helpless boy below him.




“You’re hard?” Niall moves his hands in time with his thrusts, jerking Harry off despite the boy’s efforts to get away. “You really are a slut, getting off at being used.” Niall leaned into his neck and bit down hard where Harry’s neck met his shoulder, thrusting deep and hard into Harry’s aching hole.




“Cum,” Niall whispered, releasing as he felt Harry tighten around him and release all over his hand. He pressed slow kisses against the boy’s skin, watching as his cum trickled out of the boy when he pulled out.




Harry was still, but his eyes were wide and still, tears were flowing freely from his eyes as he stared blankly at the wall.




Niall leaned into his ear and whispered softly to him.




“Get some rest, I’ll be back soon for round two.”

Chapter Text


Niall didn't come back the rest of the night, much to Harry's relief. Harry fell asleep with his legs still taped up and his arms still cuffed, very aware of the tingling feeling of losing circulation in his limbs. 




When he woke up the next morning, however, his arms and legs weren't tingling and they were no longer tied up. He was curled up, the feeling of heavy metal on his left ankle. The lights were on, but he could see a flash from behind his eyelids. As he sat up, a clicking noise became apparent and his face paled when he saw lens pointed at his naked body. 




"W-What are yo—"




"Oh! I'm glad you're awake!" Niall exclaimed, walking over to the boy. Harry crawled away from him, trying to cover himself as best as he could. Niall frowned, setting the camera on the table. "Don't run away, I need to take some pictures to show, Louis," Harry let out a gasp as his eyes widen. 




Was he insane? He's doing this and he willingly wanted to show Louis? 




"Do you have a death wish?" Harry asked, his astonishment forcing him to blurt out his thoughts. His face paled as Niall frowned, his eyebrows furrowing together in anger.




"Why do you think you can speak so freely towards me?" Niall spat out, grabbing the chain that was attached to Harry's ankle and tugged him to the end of the bed. Harry winced in pain as the metal dug harshly into his skin, red marks appearing instantly. He grabbed Harry's arms and tied them together, not caring to avoid the welts he created yesterday that had the boy wincing in pain. Despite Harry's struggles to get away, Niall was able to maneuver him so he was bent over his lap.




"I need something else to piss him off, so endure as much as you can." Harry has no time to respond as Niall slapped his bum harshly, pain sending through his ass and spine. He was still hurting from yesterday.




"P-Please, stop—"




"C'mon, I barely did anything. For such a big guy, you sure do complain about pain a lot," Niall chuckled, clicking his tongue against the roof of his mouth as he landed another slap to Harry's bum. "Wow, you're already turning red. As soon as I saw you, I guessed that you bruise easily. I judging by this—" he lands another slap down on his flesh, licking his lips at how his ass jiggled, "—I guess I was right." Harry tried to turn and glare, but Niall forced his head back down harshly. Harry felt Niall lean away and then lean back so he was sitting upright. Harry was about to question him when he felt intense pain. 




"W-What is that?" Harry panted out, still trying to wiggle away. He felt another slap, but this time more towards his thighs. He tried so hard to not let out any noise, knowing that this man got a sick satisfaction out of it, but he couldn't hold back the whimper that escaped his lips as another blow was delivered on the same spot.




"Just a paddle. I was going to use a wooden one but I like this leather one better. Gives the same effect as a whip but leaves a thicker mark. And that's exactly what I want." Harry bit down harshly on his lip as he kept getting hit, each one seeming to be harder than the last. 




By the time Niall was done, Harry couldn't help but sob in pain. His ass was stinging not only from today, but he was still hurting so much from yesterday. He felt like his ass and lower back was on fire, and he just knew that he had marks and bruises covering him. 




He flinched in fear as Niall ran a hand through his curls, his other hand rubbing over his hot skin.




"Louis' going to hate this." Niall chuckled, groping the bruised skin. Harry let out a small cry of pain, not really being able to speak properly. He lost the ability to tell him to stop a while ago.




Harry doesn't fight as Niall pushed him off of his lap and onto the floor, only hissing in pain. Niall grabbed his curls harshly and tugged him up so he was on his knees between the older lad's legs. Harry was forced to look in those blue eyes by the grip in his hair and felt his tears flow harder as Niall unzipped his pants.




"You're going to be a good boy and suck me off, okay? If you do a good job, I'll get you some ice for your ass to cool you down." Harry didn't care though. He decided to ignore the pain he was feeling and kept his mouth firmly shut. He didn't want to give in, he couldn't, not after everything he's been through.




Niall rubbed his tip against Harry's swollen lips from his biting to keep himself quiet. He rolled his eyes and slapped Harry in the face, tugging on his curls harder. He brought their faces close together, their lips centimeters apart.




"You are one stubborn slut. I don't understand how he has the patience to put up with you." Harry glared back at him and spit in his face. Niall released his grip and Harry fell down on the ground, glaring harshly at Niall.




"I'm not a slut." He growled out with anger burning in his tear-filled eyes. Niall pushed him down and straddled him, putting both hands on his neck and began to strangle him with a smirk.




"You're the biggest slut Louis' ever had and he's had enough to run his own brothel." Niall chuckled, grinding down on the boy as his face started to turn blue. His tied up hands were clawing at the ones slowly trying to kill him, but he could do nothing to get free. 




'I'm going to die.'




We're not that lucky.




Besides, even if you do, you can always watch Louis kill him from the other side.




That's nice.




I wanna see him hurting.




Maybe Louis will cut off his dick too.




'Hopefully.' Harry thought and if it wasn't for his darkening vision, he may have been shocked by his own thought.




He felt himself beginning to lose consciousness when Niall suddenly let go. 




Harry coughed and desperately gasped in air, his lungs hurting as he breathed in. He felt a pounding headache set in and his vision was still blurry. He didn't have much time to catch his breath before Niall shoved himself between Harry's lips.




"Be a good boy and suck like the whore you are." Niall laughed, thrusting his hips as hardy choked and tried to get away. Niall grabbed his hair once again and used it as leverage to fuck Harry's mouth, his moans becoming louder the more that Harry struggled. Tears once again made an appearance as Harry tried to push him away. 




"You know, you are pretty cute when you cry, why do you try so hard to be strong when being weak suits you so much better?" Niall panted out, thrusting his hips faster. He rubbed his thumb against Harry's cheek and shoved himself down Harry's throat as far as he could as he came. 




Harry tried to tug his head away from Niall to spit it out but Niall only covered his mouth and pinched his nose.




"Swallow it," Niall commands, smirking as Harry's face began to turn red for the second time because of him. Harry winced as he swallowed, trying to get as much air in his lungs as he could. When Niall got off of him, he curled onto his side and went into fetal position, trying to shield himself from those terrifying eyes.




He flinched as Niall picked him up and put him on the bed. He began to shake as the man lit another incense and waved the smoke over to him. Harry tried to breath out of his nose but Niall once again covered his mouth, making it impossible to breathe.




"It's just going to help you sleep, goodnight," Niall whispered, pressing soft kisses to his neck as he moved to spoon Harry from behind, his hand still covering the boy's mouth. Harry felt his eyes beginning to drop and his senses began to dim as he slipped into unconsciousness.

Chapter Text


Niall hadn’t left him alone all day.




The only time Harry got a break from this torture was when the other man went to get food or went to the bathroom.




But Harry didn’t get any of that.




Harry hasn’t eaten in days and between that and the horrible state his body is in, he can barely try to fight Niall off.




He just has to sit there, tied up and naked, and wait for Niall to return with whatever tortuous plan he has next.




But he can’t think about that really because he’s just so thirsty. Niall hasn’t given him water since he locked him up and he can feel it. It’s only been two days—he thinks—but he’s never wanted water so much in his life. Even when Louis first kept him in that hell of a hole, he still gave him a bit of water to drink every now and then. His entire mind can only focus on how dry his throat feels.




He heard the door open but his ears only heard ‘water’ echoing in his mind.




“So weak,” Niall muttered but walked over to Harry with a glass in his hand. He played with Harry’s greasy locks and smirked as Harry looked up at him with desperate eyes.




“Water.” That was all he could mutter out, his eyes trained on the glass held in front of him.




“You want some?” Niall teases, pulling Harry’s head back by his curls and bringing the glass to his lips.




Harry eagerly drank as much of the liquid as he could not even taking time to breathe.




“That’s a good boy,” Niall muttered as he pets his head. He put the empty glass down and crawled onto the bed where Harry was trying to catch his breath. “Are you going to listen to me now?” Harry glared at him, the water seems to give him a bit of his fire back.




“Fuck… Off,” Harry panted his glare only hardening when he saw Niall smirk.




“That’s okay, you’ll be begging for my cock soon enough,” Niall chuckled sinisterly, his blue orbs looking down at Harry. Harry suddenly felt extremely hot, his body overheating as he panted. He looked down and saw that he was hard but he didn’t know why.




Suddenly, the thoughts of water were replaced by the need of release.




“Looks like the drug worked,” Niall laughed, jerking himself off as he watched Harry desperately try to get off. His body was on fire and he could only think about relieving himself, he didn’t care how he just knew that he needed it.




“Do you want me to help you, Harry?” Niall whispered in his ear, but Harry didn’t hear Niall’s voice.




Instead, he heard Louis.




Harry looked behind him in shock, his eyes watering when he saw Louis’ ocean blue eyes.




“H-Help me,” he begged, crawling towards him. Louis picked him up and placed him on his lap, letting Harry straddle him.




“Ride me, baby,” Louis whispered in his ear, placing his hands on the tiny boy’s waist. Harry positioned himself over Louis’ cock without missing a beat, sinking down as fast as he could.




“Louis,” Harry cried quietly as he tried so hard to get the heat out of his body, tried so hard to get the release he so desperately needed.




“What’s my name baby?” Harry looked deeply into those blue eyes as he came quickly, but not softening in the slightest.




“N-Niall,” Harry cried, clinging onto him tightly as the man fucked up into him.  




“That’s right, think only about me.” Yet even as he muttered those words, Harry could only see Louis. He only heard himself calling out Louis’ name even as he called for Niall as he came.




Harry thought only of Louis as Niall fucked him the rest of the night.








When Harry woke up the next day, he was cleaned, dressed in clothes, and only his wrists were tied together. Not only that, he was in someone’s arm. He looked up and felt his face turn white as he saw Niall looking down at him, petting his curls.








“Don’t cause any problems. I bathed you this morning and got you some food. You should be happy,” Niall muttered, watching Harry’s every move. The boy stared at him as last night flashed through his mind.




Louis wasn’t there, he never was. Niall drugged him and he hallucinated the whole thing. Harry pushed back tears as the realization hit him.




He willingly had sex with him. Not only that, he thought he was willingly having sex with Louis.




“Oh my god,” Harry muttered in disbelief. “What the hell did you give me? Was that even water you gave me last night?” Harry asked quietly, too shocked at the revelation to be angry. Niall shrugged.




“It was water, I just added a little bit of something else to get you to enjoy it. And enjoy it you did.” Niall smirked. Harry stared up at the blond man with hatred, wanting nothing more than to attack him.




He wanted to hurt him. Take a knife and cut him until he was covered head to toe in his own blood. He wanted to get a lighter and burn his skin until he begged him to stop, but he wouldn’t. He would keep going. Cutting and burning and hitting until he couldn’t do anything but cry out in pain—




“You should come to me.” Harry’s thoughts stopped immediately and vanished back into his subconscious as Niall muttered those words. The other man held a soft tone as he spoke that it shocked Harry to his core.




“What?” He asked in disbelief. There’s no way he heard him right.




“I’m not usually this cruel. If you were my lover, I’d be gentle towards you. I’d get you anything you could ever need, anything you desire. Just choose me,” Niall said softly, blue eyes looking desperate.




“What are you even—”




“You’ve never seen the true side to Louis. He’s worse than cruel and he doesn’t care about you. So come to me. I’ll never hurt you again. Leave with me and you won’t have to suffer because of what he’s going to do to you.” Harry couldn’t process what was being said. How could he think that he would go to him after this? Of course, he wanted to leave and escape, but not with this monster. No way in hell.




He didn’t want to escape with him, he wanted to hurt him.




“I imagined you were Louis the entire night as you fucked me,” Harry smirked, his heart racing in excitement as Niall’s face dropped. The disappointment on his pale face gave Harry such a rush that he wanted to feel over and over. Even as disappointment faded to anger, the joy he felt intensified.




Who the hell are you?




You’re turning crazier every day.




It’s about time you accepted who you really are.




Niall’s anger took over him quickly. He got up and left the room, only to return a few minutes.




“I heard that you’re freak out by drugs,” Niall muttered angrily, facing away from Harry as he poked a syringe inside a small glass bottle, filling it up. He turned towards Harry with flaming eyes, watching as the boy immediately looked like a frightened rabbit.




“W-What are you—No!” Harry screamed, trying to get away but Niall got on top of him and pinned him down under him. He took the needle a stabbed in Harry’s arm, pushing the plunger. Harry cried out in pain, rolling away from Niall as he became hysterical.




“W-What the fuck did you give me?” Harry screamed while Niall only shrugged nonchalantly




“Who knows, maybe heroin or meth, maybe I gave you morphine. Maybe I gave you a drug my boys have been working on for a while that hasn’t been tested yet. Who knows,” Niall shrugged. Harry’s chest tightened and his breathing became labored. Niall watched curiously, sitting in a chair that was in front of the bed.




“W-Why would you—”




“I told you to come to me and I’d be gentle. You didn’t listen and this is your punishment. I am curious as to why you’re so freaked out by drugs, though.” Harry could hear what he was saying, but he couldn’t process it. He felt an intense feeling throughout his whole body, but it wasn’t horrible.




It was a rush.




He felt like he was floating, flying in the clouds. He watched as the colors in the room brightened and kaleidoscope together.




“So pretty,” Harry muttered, feeling the bright blue sheets. He became obsessed with the feeling, how soft the fuzzy blanket and, wow, this had to be what clouds felt like.




“Harry,” Harry looked up at Niall, his eyes zoning in on his hair. Harry stumbled off the bed, nearly falling because he couldn’t use his hands to help him get up. He walked over unsteadily, touching the blonde boy’s hair. His eyes widened.




“So soft,” Harry said, playing with Niall’s hair as the older lad watched in amusement.




“Wanna feel really good?” Niall asked with a smirk. Harry tilted his head.




“H-How?” Niall pulled the boy onto his lap.




“I’ll show you.”

Chapter Text


Waking up with his arms tied up above his and his legs cuffed to each of the end posts didn't surprise him. Waking up naked had sadly become something Harry was accustomed too. Having a pounding headache and feeling like he was going to throw up was also a feeling he was used too, but usually, it was because of remembering the night before. This time, it was because of the drugs that monster forced in him. 





He couldn't stop shivering and his skin hurt whenever it brushed against the sheets from where he was under the covers. The dim lights were bright enough to make his eyes pound in pain. 





The pain in his back and ass was more intense than usual, whether it's from the drugs or from however many times Niall raped him last night he isn't sure. Probably both.





"You're really an idiot." Harry didn't bother looking away from the cream-colored wall to look at Niall. 





Imagine how nice it would look covered in blonde's blood. 




His organs hung up like decorations.





His dick nailed to the wall.





His head hanging from the ceiling.





"Stop," Harry whispered, irritated at his own thoughts. They're getting worse.





"Did you tell me to stop? I haven't even done anything, yet—"





"I wasn't talking to you," Harry muttered quietly. He moved his arms around, trying to get some circulation in them to get rid of the pins and needles he felt.





"Wow, so I've driven you crazy?" Harry shakes his head.





"Don't flatter yourself," Harry said in a brittle voice. He flinched when the other man chuckled.





"Well, whatever you say," Niall snipped, walking over to a table on the other side of the room. With his back turned to Harry, he fiddled with something, but Harry couldn't see what it was. 





"What did you give me last night?" Harry asked quietly, his anxiety spiking when he couldn't see what the blonde was doing. 





"Oh, just a little concoction I had made up for you. You were pissing me off so I had my boys make you something to scare you." Harry tugged on the handcuffs keeping his arms above his head but it did nothing. Not that he really expected it too.





"Why are you doing this?" Harry asked, hiding how scared he felt inside. He couldn't let Niall put more drugs into him, he just couldn't.





"Why? Because it'll piss Louis off," Niall said simply, turning around. But instead of holding another syringe as Harry thought, he turned with a knife in his hand. Harry's eyes widened and he struggled to get free. 





"W-What are you—"





"I'm going to give you some marks and I want to make sure you show Louis when he gets back, okay?" Niall walks over with his lips in a thin line. He sat down beside Harry, brushing a curl away from his face as he held the knife against his chest. The cold metal sent fearful shivers down Harry's spine as he gazed up at the monster. 





"I'm going to ask you questions and I want the truth, understand? I'll  hurt you if you lie." Harry nodded his head, keeping his tears at bay. 





Why are you so scared?





He can't hurt you too much.





He knows Louis would kill him.





Just do what he says and maybe you'll be able to get out of this and kill him. 










"So the first question," Niall takes his hand away from Harry's face and put it by his side instead. "Why are you so scared of drugs?" Harry closed his eyes. He did not want to reveal anything about his family to this freak.





"I had a bad experience," he mumbled, giving as vague of an answer as he possibly could.





"Care to elaborate?" Niall asked. Judging by the look on his face, Harry seemed to have piqued his interest.





"Not particularly, no," Harry snapped back weakly, wincing when Niall sliced a cut into his arm, moving the knife away. Harry felt blood dripping down his arm but he refused to look. 





He can't look at blood, he refused too.





"Wanna try that again?" Niall smirked.  






"My dad is an addict and he ruined my family's life. He drained our money, forces my mom to work herself nearly to death as well as my sister, oh and let's not forget the fact that I become his punching bag. Is my answer to your satisfaction?" Harry barked out defensively. Niall looked at him in shock.





"Well, I wasn't expecting that but yes, yes it is." Harry watched as a light flickered behind Niall's eyes.





"Did you realize that you either cry or get angry when you're scared?" 





"What?" Niall nodded slowly, looking straight into Harry's eyes.




"I'm guessing it's a defense mechanism, but you seem to get angry more than you cry. So it seems that you only cry when you're terrified." Harry rolled his emerald eyes as he lets out an irritated sigh.





"Do you realize you get a smug look on your face when you think you've figured me out and then when you realize it's not true, you look disappointed?" Niall shrugged.





"Let's get on with the questions." 





'Of course, you can't stand the fact that I'm figuring you out while you're struggling to figure me out.'





"How many guys have you slept with?" 





'Why is everyone so interested in that?' Harry thinks bitterly.





"1, well, if you count you raping me, I guess it would be two." Niall gripped the knife tightly but made no move to cut the pale skin.





"So, you let Louis take your virginity?" Harry stared at the white ceiling, imagining the face of the only person he ever considered to be an actual boyfriend instead of one of those fake high school ones.





"He isn't the other guy I was talking about—Ah!" Harry screamed, biting his lip as Niall slashed his chest in one quick movement. 





"I told you that I would hurt you if you lied!" Niall sneered, slashing more cuts into Harry's chest as the boy struggled to get away. He finally stopped after 7 cuts, all up and down Harry's torso. Harry glared at him with tears in his eyes.





"I didn't lie! I've only ever had sex with my ex-boyfriend and that isn't Louis! Louis forced me to do things but he's never fucked me! I didn't lie!" Harry whimpered, closing his eyes so he didn't have to look at his chest.





You should look at it.





Maybe it'll bring out your true self.





Don't you want that back? To be yourself.





'No! I don't know what you're talking about!' Harry screamed at the voices, tugging at the restraints to try and grab his head. 





He doesn't understand what they're getting at. 





But he can't think about it any longer as his train of thought moves to the pain on his face. 




Harry looked up at Niall where he was shaking his hand. 





"Focus, Harry, stop spacing out!" Niall screamed, slapping him instead of punching him like the first time. Harry cried out as Niall's hand made contact with his cheek, but stayed silent after that. 





He couldn't cry.





He wouldn't cry.





"I guess that's all I'm going to get out of you." Niall sighed, climbing on top of Harry. "Our time together is drawing to a close. Louis will be coming home soon and lord knows he won't let me near you. So, I might as well enjoy you while I have you." Niall said, pressing kisses against Harry's neck. Harry held back tears as he braced himself for the night ahead.





Ah, shit. 





He’s crying.






Chapter Text





"No, Niall, stop!" Harry screamed so hard his voice broke. He tried to get him to stop tugging him by his hair but Niall was too far past furious to care. He was bruised and naked, fighting to go cover up in a locked room where Niall couldn't reach him.




"I hear that you don't like the basement—" Harry sobbed harder at the mention of that place. He scratched at Niall's hand but the older man ignored it. "—so I'm going to fuck you in that damn hole you're so afraid of," Niall sneered, swinging he basement door open, throwing Harry down the stairs.




Harry laid on the floor in pain, feeling his head ringing and his neck felt wet. He touched where his head hurt and saw crimson red, and his eyes widen. He's bleeding a lot




"There, now we're both bleeding. Happy now?" Niall snarled, dragging Harry to the entrance of Harry's hell.




"No! I'm not going in there!" Harry screamed, kicking in Niall's leg. Niall let out a groan and released his grip on Harry. Harry scrambled to get away, but he couldn't stand.




The room was spinning too much.




"Let's go," Niall spat, dragging Harry inside. Harry stared desperately at the light bulb that was swinging from the room above him.




Look who's back!




The idiot couldn't just behave.




Stupid fucker.




Just stop trying to be strong and you might fucking survive.








Submit until you have enough strength to slit all their throats.




He stared at the light instead of Niall's bleeding face from where Harry had cut him with the knife. He stared at the light as Niall shoved into him dry.




"Fucking submit to someone. You aren't meant to decide things for yourself. You'll end up regretting it, like now—"




"I don't regret cutting your disgusting face, you fucking monster," Harry spat out, reaching up at scratching his nails into Niall's neck, leaving deep scratches in his pale skin.




Niall smirked down at him.




"You're in for it now, bitch."








Louis stepped off his private jet with Zayn right on his heels. He breathed in the Barcelona air and smiled.




Only two more days of this trip and then he can see his precious doll.




"When are we meeting, Ivan?" Louis's asked as he, Zayn, and Viktor—his bodyguard for the trip— walked to their ride to his home. Louis and Zayn climbed in the back while the large man got in the front with the driver.




"Issac, please, put the divider up." The tan man nodded and the black divider separated them from the two large men in the front. As well as their conversation.




"We're meeting him tonight for dinner. He comes one of his restaurants just for this meeting." Louis hummed, ideas going round and round his head like a carousel.




"And how many of his men will be in attendance?"




"20." Louis nodded.




"Perfect. Adrian and Miguel are coming with us as well, correct?" Zayn hummed in conformation.




"They're already at the house."




"Well, then, everything is set then, isn't it?" Zayn nodded.




"That it is." Louis looked out the window to see the beautiful architecture of the Spanish city pass by.




"I can't wait to bring Harry here. Do you think he'll like it?" Louis asked, his mind wandering to his beautiful boy.




Zayn tensed slightly, but not enough for Louis, whose back was to him, to notice. His hand went to his pocket where his phone was.




He gripped it as he remembered the message George sent him while they were still in Cuba.








'The Queen tried to escape.'




Zayn stared at the text in shock.




"Zayn, are you okay?" Louis asked, coming up to him. Zayn masked his shock and smiled, switching to another app quickly.




"Yeah, I just read this article about the Arctic and how m—"




"I don't need to be bored with the details, as long as you're okay." Zayn smiled, not feeling hurt by being cut off. Not only because he was about to spew bullshit, but also because Louis cuts people off because he prioritizes everything properly. He does it to be efficient, not to be an asshole.




"I'm fine, but I'm going to go see about the arrangements with the gun trade." Viktor came up to Louis with something and Zayn could see by the serious face Viktor wore—even more serious than usual which was difficult because the man didn't know how to smile—that it was important.




"You do that, I'll see you for dinner." Zayn nodded, walking away. He looked behind him discreetly, hurrying outside when he saw Louis was completely engrossed in what he and Viktor were talking about.




He walked calmly to a secluded part of the garden, near the woods before he took his phone out.




"Hello?" George answered, and Zayn could hear the anxiousness in his voice.




"What do you mean he tried to escaped?" Zayn asked, biting his lip anxiously.




"Somehow he got into the weaponry and got a crowbar and rope. He said he was going to bed but I went to check on him only to not be able to open his door the whole way because there was rope keeping it shut. I ran outside and he was climbing this fence. I got him down before he could make it over." Zayn's shoulders sag. He closed his eyes in disappointment.




"Prince, the window wasn't like the other ones. It didn't have a lock. Did you know that?"




Zayn tensed.




"It doesn't have a lock on it?" Zayn asked in disbelief.




"No, but how didn't you know? That was your room before you gave it to the queen."




"I never was held captive so if I wanted fresh air I just went outside. I never even noticed the window since I kept the curtains closed." Zayn heard George let out an 'ah' and he relaxed.




"I understand. I have the Queen in one of the rooms that has locked windows and I have him locked in."




"Did you tell Louis about this?" Zayn asked, pulling out a cigarette, lighting it up. He took a drag and felt himself completely relax.




"No, I figured you would want to tell him yourself."




"Good, thank you. Don't bring this up again, I'll handle it."




"Goodbye, Prince."




"Bye." Zayn looked up at the blue sky.




"Fuck, Harry."








Zayn shook his head slightly.




"I'm sure he'd love to," Zayn answered, looking out the window himself. "You should get some rest, it'll be a while before we get home." Louis nodded.




"You should too." Zayn nodded obediently. But as Louis fell asleep, Zayn kept watching.




He couldn't sleep, not until he can see Harry and make sure he'll be safe.








"Señor Tomlinson, Señor Malik. Bienvenido," Ivan greeted as the two men walked to the table. Viktor, Issac, Miguel, and Adrian walked behind them, carrying two different boxes each.




"Mr. Garcia, wonderful to see you again," Louis lied straight through his teeth, smiling falsely. They shook hands before the three sat down at the table.




"Those boxes look heavy, shall my men help you with them?" Louis smirked.




"If they wouldn't mind. They're actually for them." Ivan waves at them men standing around the large room. They took the boxes and they all became excited as they saw what was inside.




"What did you bring?"




"Wine I purchased on my last trip to Italy and some sugar for your men," Louis said, smirking as Ivan smirked back at him.




"Gracias, that is very kind. Why don't our men excuse themselves for a good time while the three of us chat, ?" Zayn nodded as he looked at his watch, fiddling with it.




"Sounds like a good idea. Viktor!" Zayn called, "bring the Chateau Margaux 1787, please." Viktor nodded, getting inside one of the boxes. Ivan gave Louis a look.




"An expensive wine for such a small meeting. I believe it's nearly a quarter of a million dollars in American Dollars. And you're wasting it on me?" Louis chuckled, holding his glass up as Viktor popped the cork.




"This will be an exciting day. Why not celebrate?" Louis holds out his glass as the other men's are being filled. "To this meeting, and what amazing things that will come out of it." Louis toasts, taking a sip.




"So, shall we eat and discuss?" Louis and Zayn look at each other and nod.







Chapter Text


“So, let's get down to business, shall we?” Zayn said. The waiters took their plates away as Viktor poured more wine. Zayn looked at his watch before looking at Louis.




“So, the guns and drugs. You want to increase the price on them,” Louis said, leaning back in his chair casually. Ivan threw up his hands carelessly.




“What can I say, we do what must be done, yes?” Louis chuckled.




“I suppose, but I also don’t want to pay that. You raised your price 30% and that’s not exactly cutting it for me. So, how about we cut the original price by 30%?” The room became silent, everyone staring at Louis. But then Ivan began to laugh hysterically, snapping his fingers. “ Diles que vengan.” (Tell them to come.) One of his men left, going to the back room door and began yelling.




“That is a very funny demand coming from such a small man. Porqué haría eso?” (Why would I do that?) Louis smirked at the tan man, whose brown hair was falling in his face.




“Because, if you don’t, I’ll just take over your cartel for myself,” Louis snipped, crossing his arms on the table as he leaned forward.




“Really, and how do you plan to do this? You are outnumbered here, let alone in my headquarters and other bases.” 20 or so men came from the back room along with Isaac, Miguel, and Adrian who moved to stand behind Louis and Zayn.




Zayn glances at his watch, irritating Ivan.




“ Malik, why do you keep looking at your watch?” Zayn smirked.




“That’s why.” Zayn nodded to one of the men, one who had blood gushing from his nose. The three men watched as blood began to pour from the men’s bodies, and each dropping to the ground one by one.




Until there was a graveyard inside the restaurant.




¿Qué mierda?” (What the fuck?) Ivan looked up at Louis in shock and then anger.





“The drugs? Did you lace it?” Ivan spat out angrily. Louis chuckled.




“Yes. But also the wine.” Zayn and Louis took out tiny vials, opening them and throwing them back. Zayn pulled out another one.




“This is the antidote. If you want it, sign this contract signing that you are reducing our price by 30% of the original price, Ivan. Or else you’ll die and we’ll give orders to our 200 men at each of your bases and the 500 at your headquarters to burn it all to the ground.”




“You’re bluffing!” Ivan spat, but Zayn only smirked.




“Then why is there blood trickling out of your ears?” Zayn asked, pointing to his left ear. Ivan reached up and gasped, his balance suddenly leaving his body. He collapsed back into his chair, struggling to breathe.




“The antidote is fast acting, so hurry and sign this paper—” Viktor slammed down a piece of paper in front of Ivan, putting a pen in his hand, “—and you’ll have the antidote.” Ivan glared at them, but shakily signed the pen, throwing it when his signature was complete. Louis picked up the paper and smirked, nodding at Zayn. Zayn handed Ivan the small bottle, backing away to also look at the paper. Ivan quickly ripped off the cap, pouring the liquid into his mouth. He sighed but suddenly, he began to cry.




He began to cry blood.




“Oh, I gave you water, my mistake,” Zayn said with faux innocence. Ivan’s face began to turn purple as he continued to bleed.




“Doesn’t matter, you already signed over your entire cartel as well so it doesn’t exactly matter whether you live or die.” Louis chuckled.




“Y-You s-said—”




“I lied. That’s how we do business in England.” Louis laughed, watching as Ivan’s eyes slowly became dull.




Another competitor was gone.




“Good thing we brought enough wine for everyone, eh?” Louis laughed, looking at his friend who chuckled in amusement.




“Yes, it is. And to think I thought we overdid it.” Zayn chuckled.




“There can never be too much wine.” Louis laughed, kicking Ivan’s lifeless body. Zayn snickered.




“Of course not. My mistake.” Zayn turned to Miguel and Adrian. “Call your boys and take care of this, we’ll see you at the house for a celebratory feast.” The two men nodded.




“Of course, we’ll see you later then.” Louis nodded at them as he, Zayn, Issac, and Viktor left.




“Let’s go celebrate!” Louis smirked. Zayn frowned.




“And how exactly do you plan on doing that?” Louis pulled out his phone, an excited glint in his eye.




“Take me to this address.” He turned to Zayn. “I’m just going to pay the twins a visit.” Zayn stares blankly at Louis. He knew that Louis got off on anything that has to do with violence (something he’s never understood) but to go back to those… deranged and demented whores… he just didn’t expect that.




“After what they did last time?” Louis shrugged.




“They know their places.” Zayn sighed.




“What about Harry? I thought you loved him. I thought you were trying to make him love you back. This certainly won’t do it.” Louis rolled his eyes as he turned to Zayn. Their eyes met, tension in the air was thickening by the second. Those cold blue eyes bored into Zayn’s golden ones with anger in them, tearing into his soul.




“Harry isn’t here so he doesn’t need to know. My love for him has nothing to do with this and I’m getting very tired of explaining myself to you. He is nothing but a captive to you so you need to stop interfering or you will not see him. I know he considers you a friend and that alone pisses me off, but I allow you two to converse to make him comfortable. So stay in your lane as his friend or I will make sure you two are never in the same room again. So if you want to avoid that, stay the fuck out of our relationship.” Louis sneered, his teeth gritted together. Zayn glared back at him, his hand clenched in a fist as he started daringly back at his friend. But then he relaxed his hand and smiled.




“You’re right, I’m sorry. I’ll shut up.” Zayn said, wanting to scream at Louis how stupid he is. But he can’t. He just can't.




“Good, I’ll see you at home,” Louis muttered as they pulled up to a small house. He got out of the car and Zayn leaned his head back against the headrest.




“Fucking psychopathic asshole.”








Harry never thought that the dark, musty room could become anymore traumatizing than it already had been. He didn’t think the darkness could make his heart race faster in fear then it already had.




But, of course, Niall made those possible.




The man brought candles to place around the room to take away some of the darkness Harry feared. But it was only enough for him to see the kidnapped boy.




He couldn’t see Harry’s pain in the dark. He couldn’t see where to send the whip flying if it was pitch black. He couldn’t see Harry’s crying face as he fucked him for what felt like that thousandth time to Harry.




“N-Niall, please, s-stop. I can’t take anymore.” Harry begged softly, his hands gripping the chains that were around his wrists like they were his lifeline.




Niall panted softly as he looked down at the boy who was torn to shreds. The number of welts he created with the whip made his head spin, the bruising all over the boy was heart-wrenching, the way his hole was stretched open from the amount of times he fucked him was mind-boggling.




But he only wanted one thing and Harry just wouldn’t give it to him.




“Come to me,” Niall repeated the words he said once before. Harry didn’t have the strength to look up at him or laugh, not even on the inside. “Please, just come to me. I’ve already said that if you were my lover, I wouldn’t have to treat you like this.” Niall knelt beside Harry and brushed his hair out of his face.








“I’ll stop.” Harry’s eyes flickered up to the blue irises that haunted him.








“If you come to me, I won’t ever touch you like that again. I’ll never do anything that you don’t want as long as you come to me willingly.” Harry’s eyes flickered down to the ground. His right cheek was against the cold cement and his naked chest was getting colder by the second but he was genuinely too out of strength to do anything about it.




“I can’t,” he mumbled with indifference.




“You can’t tell me you honestly love him!” Niall sneered. Harry let out a pained laugh.




“Of course not. How could I love him after he did this to me?” Harry questioned but he didn’t expect an answer.




“If you don’t love him, come to me and I’ll treat you better! We can be happy!” Niall whispered impatiently. Harry smiled sadly.




“I can’t. Even if I wanted too I couldn’t. Not even you can help me escape his claws.” Harry looked up at those blue orbs with defeated eyes while the blue started back in confusion.




“What are you—”




Harry didn’t hear the rest before he passed out.




And for once, he gladly welcomed the darkness.

Chapter Text



Louis stared up at the ceiling, his mind blank. He was squished between two girls he had known since he was 10 and that he had fucked since they were all 16. 





“Lou, how long will you stay?” Sophia asked, tracing circles on his chest lightly with her slim finger. She rested her head on her hand, staring up at the handsome man with her dark brown eyes. He brushed her chocolate colored hair away from her face and chuckled.





“Not long. I have to get home.” 




To Harry.’




“You never come to Spain anymore, Lou, we miss you,” Isabelle said smoothly from his right, climbing to straddle his waist. He reached up to grab her waist while her sister began to kiss his neck.




“I’ll be coming a lot more now that I took over Ivan’s cartel.” Isabelle began to circle her hips, reaching down to press a kiss against his lips. 




“Finally killed him?” Sophia asked, rolling over to get out of the bed the three were in. Louis watched her naked body as she walked to the other side of the room. She grabbed a joint, lighting it up.




“Yeah, it was time. He was getting too corrupted.” Louis chuckled, knowing the irony of that statement. He’s the most corrupt person to exist.




“How’s Zayn? We haven’t seen much of him either.” Louis shrugged, skimming his lips against Isabelle’s neck, sucking marks into her tan skin every now and then.




“He’s not too fond of you two. Besides, he’s got his eye on someone and it’s irritating.” Sophia walked over to him, turning his head by his chin and placed the joint between his lips, letting him take a hit before she gave it to her sister.




“Oh, and who would that be? Never took him for the settling down type of guy.” Louis tightened his grip on the girl’s waist, forcing her to grind down harshly onto him.




“My boyfriend,” Louis muttered. The girl’s eyes both widened in shock.




“Your what?” Isabelle sputtered, her eyes glaring with anger. She didn’t stop her movements, only moving with more purpose.




“You? You of all people have a boyfriend? You can’t be serious,” Sophia spat out. No matter how much the twins tried to hide their love for Louis, he was always aware of it. Always aware of the burning jealousy that was in the core of their hearts. 




“And why, exactly, is that? Why can’t I be serious about something that is true?” He snipped, biting harshly on Isabelle’s shoulder causing her to let out a whimper. 




“You’ve never been serious about anyone. It was only ever one night stands and fuck buddies for you and now you tell us that you suddenly settled down? And with a boy no less.” Isabelle giggled, pressing their bodies together.




“You can’t honestly think that it’ll last long. With what you do and how many times you’ve cheated on him alone in the past few hours, it would take an idiot to stay with someone like you,” Sophia snickered in amusement. Neither one of the twins noticed the anger his eyes held. Neither noticed until he grabbed their chins harshly, causing them to wince. Even something like that, they tend to do it in unison.




“You two should both know your places by now. You both agreed to this being no strings attached and quite honestly, I’m getting very annoyed with you're stupid, unwarranted jealousy. I’m already very pissed with Zayn so don’t fucking push your luck,” Louis growled, pushing them both onto the floor. He ignored their pained cries as he stood up, letting the blanket fall from his naked body.




“Both of you, on your knees.”








Zayn truly couldn’t believe Louis. After everything he’s done to Harry, can’t he at least not try to contact diseases from those sluts?




He walked into the garden, looking at all the beautiful flowers and the light blue sky. 




Everything was so beautiful.




Zayn groaned in annoyance as his phone began to ring, disturbing the peaceful silent he had. He looked down and saw that it was Gemma.








“Z-Zayn?” Gemma slurred, giggling seconds after. It didn’t really take long for Zayn’s mind to click what the situation was and to be frank, he didn’t know how to deal with it at the moment.




“Gemma, are you okay?”




“Yep! My f-friends forced me to go out to try and distract me! I drank a shit ton!” She laughed and Zayn began to hate Louis more and more by the second. Not only is he destroying Harry, but Gemma is slowly falling to pieces. Trying to keep up with work, school, keeping her parents together and sane, and not to mention trying to find Harry at the same time. All of that was killing her slowly.




And he had to pretend that he knew nothing while he watched herself fall apart.




“Gemma, you need to go to bed. You’ll be hungover. Your parents need you right now,” Zayn said softly, frowning when he heard sniffles coming from the other end of the call. 




“W-What ‘bout me? Why do I need to be the one everyone leans on?! Why don’t I have anyone to help me!” Gemma sobbed and Zayn felt his heart tightening. He hated being apart of hurting two beautiful, kind humans. Both were slowly losing themselves and Zayn could do nothing but watch as the storm wrecked everything.




“Gemma, calm down—”




“No! W-Where is he?! I-I need my baby brother back! He was the only one who was there for me and I was the only one there for him! He needs me Zayn! I need him! He’s my best friend and he’s probably off dead in a ditch!” Gemma cried harshly. Zayn sighed.




“He’s not dead Gemma, you have to believe that. Go to bed, I’ll be home soon and I’ll come to see you as soon as I can. Okay?” Gemma sniffled but calmed down after a few moments. The line was silent before Zayn heard her release a sigh.




“Okay. Goodnight,” she muttered before the line went dead. Zayn put his phone in his pocket.




“She’s bipolar when she drinks, I swear.” He bit his lip, wanting desperately to talk to Harry. 




He needed to make sure he was okay. Hear the sound of his calming voice telling him that he was back at the house and safe.




For Gemma.




Zayn pulled his phone back out and dialed George’s number. He looked up at the blue sky and sighed, sitting down in the middle of the garden.





“‘Ello?” George muttered sleepily into the phone.




“Hey, George, how are you?” George chuckled in disbelief.




“I’m fine, but you never call to see how any of us are doing. Why did you really call?” Zayn chuckled.




“I need to speak to Harry.” The line was quiet. Then George spoke.




“Didn’t you know? I haven’t been to the house since our last phone call.” Zayn’s heart dropped into his stomach and his lungs lost the ability to breathe. He could feel his anxiety and adrenaline skyrocket as those words were muttered in his hear.








“Niall told me to go home. No one’s been there except for those two.” Zayn hung up immediately and dialed Louis’ number.




“What the fuck do you want, I’m busy!”




“Niall sent George home the day we left. He’s had Harry to himself for the past five days.” It was silent on the other line for a few seconds.




“Get to the airport, we’re leaving in thirty.” 








Louis and Zayn were sat on their private plan, no one saying a word. They had taken off a few minutes ago, and the tension was thick. Louis was calm and collected on the outside while Zayn couldn’t sit still.




“Zayn, chill the fuck out. Your moving isn’t fucking helping,” Louis snapped. Zayn glared.




“I don’t understand how your so fucking calm.” 




“I know that I can’t do anything right now so there’s no reason to stress out about it. For all we know, Niall could have left.” Zayn let out a laugh of disbelief.




“Are we talking about the same person? There’s no way he would have. Not with someone like Harry at his disposal to do whatever he wanted—” Louis’ phone went off, indicating that he got a text. He looked to see that it was Niall and he sent him pictures.




Louis opened it and his face hardened. 




They were pictures of Harry, cuts and marks and bruises appearing more and more in each picture. Pictures of his naked body with dirt, blood, and dried cum all over his precious skin. He seemed to have lost weight again and his cheekbones were more predominant than the day Louis left.




And under all those, Niall wrote a message.




He tasted great.




“I’m coming back to you, baby. I promise,” Louis muttered, staring down at those three words obsessively.




Things would get interesting when they arrive back in England.




Very. Interesting.



Chapter Text



“Hey, wake up,” Harry jumped awake when he heard Niall’s voice calling to him. He looked around to see that he was in his new room, and Niall was sitting in front of him on a chair.




“I just got word that Louis is coming back early. Probably because of the pictures I sent him.” Niall smirked, his eyes drinking in Harry’s trembling figure.




“W-What pictures?” Niall pulled an envelope out of his pocket, throwing them at Harry. Harry reaches for the envelope hesitantly, opening it up while looking at Niall with confused distrust.




“Those. I wanted to show him before he got here what I did to you.” Harry took the picture out gasped as he looked at the photos.




There were so many.




“W-When? I know you took some the first two days but when—”




“When you passed out from pain or exhaustion. I felt like he should see how I gradually destroyed every part of you. Hopefully, he won’t want you anymore.” Harry gripped the blanket that was covering his body tightly. Harry looked back down at the picture and tears filled his eyes.




He looked so small and pathetic. So torn and used up. He took one, the first one, and ripped it. And then he continued until they were all destroyed. He furiously tore them to shreds, screaming as he cried.




When would he just be free of all this?




“I have copies of those, so even if you refuse to come with me, I’ll have something to remember you by.” Harry glared up at him, tears covering his face.




“Why? What do you have to g-gain from all this?!” Harry screamed at him. Niall sighed, leaning back in his seat comfortably with his ankle crossed above his knee.




“His hatred. His anger. His pain.” Niall muttered, his blue orbs flickering in anger. Harry’s anger suddenly switched to confusion.




“But why would you—“




“Why would I want that?” A small chuckle escaped his lips, but his face was stoic.




He got up and walked to the window, gazing out of it.




“He did something that I could never forgive. He is a cruel, heartless monster and I want to see him in pure and utter pain. And unfortunately for you, you’re the only person that makes him feel anything. So, to hurt him, I had to hurt you.” Niall continued to gaze outside where snow still covered the ground.




“W-What did he—”




“Forgive me, but I’m not in the mood to talk about it.” Niall clicked his tongue. “Let’s just say that he killed someone very precious to me. And for that, he needs to pay.” Harry trembled as the tension in the room shifted. Niall’s entire presence seemed to darken and it terrified Harry.




“So, are you going t-to kill me? Like he d-did to that person? Is that you’re revenge?” Niall smirked in amusement, looking out the window.




“When I found out Louis had a special someone, it was an opportunity I couldn’t resist. Torture, rape and kill the idiot who was his everything.” Niall crosses his arms over his chest. “Well, that was the plan.” Niall turned to look at him. “And then for some reason, you reminded me of her and I just couldn’t do it. But unfortunately for you, I was still so pissed that I wanted to hurt him.” Niall said, frowning when he realized he let too much slip.








“Anyway, we only have a few hours left since I’m assuming Louis and Zayn got on the plane as soon as I sent those pictures. So, I’ll ask you again, and think about your answer.” Niall walked over and sat beside Harry. “Will you come to me or will you stay here with him? He’s going to hurt you more than I ever did.” Niall reached up and Harry flinched harshly, his head facing the bed as he prepared for a hit but it didn’t come. In fact, he only felt a curl being brushed away from in front of his face.




“I’m not going to hurt you anymore. I got what I needed from you. I won’t ever cause or wish you harm again, which is why you need to come with me. Now.” Niall forced Harry to look up at him but Harry was too scared to look at his eyes.




“N-No. P-Please, I-I wanna stay.” Harry sobbed quietly. Niall sighed.




“I’m not going to force you, but if you ever want to leave him, you can come to me.” Niall pressed a kiss against Harry’s forehead before he got off the bed, walking out of the door without another word.




Harry only covered himself up with the blanket and continued to cry until he fell asleep.








“I’m going to see him by myself, go see if Niall’s still here,” Louis told Zayn, not bothering to take his coat off as he ran up the stairs.




“I’m going to see him later then,” Louis waved him off, not really concerned with that at the moment.




The room was dark when Louis walked into it. The light from the hallway was the only thing that allowed him to see Harry curled up on the bed. He walked over to his naked figure and his slow breaths gave away the fact that he was asleep.




Louis walked over to the bed, sitting down beside the beaten boy, careful not to wake him just yet.




He needed to see what Niall did before he woke Harry up.




He could see the bruises and welts on his back, the cuts, and marks all over his arms. His hair was pulled in all different directions and as he thought, he was much skinnier than when he left.




“Harry, baby,” Louis whispered, shaking the boy. Harry woke up dazed, jumping away when he felt a hand touch his head. He closed his eyes in fear, trying to push Niall away.




“N-No! Please, n-not again—”




“Harry, baby, it’s me. It’s Louis.” Harry’s eyes snapped open and his struggles ceased. Louis looked into those frightened green eyes and wanted nothing more than to hold him.




“L-Louis?” Harry questioned, tears falling from his eyes as he saw those ocean blue eyes.




“Yeah, it’s me, baby.” Harry flung himself into Louis’ arms, holding onto him desperately. Louis nearly fell back but managed to keep them both upright as Harry squeezed the life out of him.




“Pl-please, don’t let h-him touch me!” Harry sobbed, his arms wrapped around his neck and his legs wrapped around Louis’s waist. He dug his face into Louis’ neck, holding onto him for dear life. “E-Everything hurts and i'm s-so scared,” Harry cried softly, tightening his arms around Louis.




“I won’t let him touch you ever again. I promise my precious Doll,” Louis softly, holding Harry close to him. He pressed comforting kisses to his head as he played with the boy’s curls. But then he pulled away from Harry, heading towards the door. Harry’s eyes widened as he panicked.




“W-Where are you going?” He asked anxiously, gripping his blanket tightly. Louis turned around with a face of indifference.




“I have a meeting I have to get too. I’ll be gone all day. I just wanted to make sure you were okay before I left.” he answered reluctantly, continuing towards the door.




He’s leaving? He can't leave or Niall will—‘




Harry didn’t even finish his thought before he moved. Ignoring the pain his entire body felt, he lunged and hugged Louis from behind, holding him tightly.




“P-Please, don’t leave me,” Harry whimpered pathetically. His body trembled at the thought of seeing Niall again, feeling the pain that man brought to him.




He couldn’t handle it.




Louis turned around and hugged Harry. He nuzzled his nose in Harry’s greasy hair and relished in the fact that Harry was holding onto him like his life depended on it.




“Okay, baby,” Louis smirked, “that’s all you had to say.”








Louis looked out the window to see the sky darkening, meaning he’s been holding a sleeping Harry for hours now. He pressed a kiss to the beautiful angle’s curls before he untangled himself from the arms that wrapped around him. He replaced his body with a pillow and snuck quietly out of the room. He walked up to his office with a frown on his face, seeing Niall and Zayn both standing there arguing.




“Will you both shut the hell up? You’re ruining my good mood,” Louis snapped, walking over to his desk and looking through his papers.




“Did you two plan it?” Zayn snapped with a glare colder than ice. Louis didn’t care though and roll his eyes in annoyance.




“Did we plan what?” He asked, looking at how angry his friend is. It was actually kind of amusing.




“Did you plan him drugging and beating and raping Harry?!” Zayn sneered loudly. Louis looked at Zayn offended.




“Why the hell would you say that?” Zayn glared harshly at him, his face turning red with anger. He’s never been so angry in his life.




“Because I just talked to George and he said that you told him to leave if Niall asked him to!” The room was silent for a few moments after Zayn screamed. The tan man was positively livid.




Louis smirked.




“No, we didn’t plan it…” Zayn seemed to relax, but that didn’t last long before Louis spoke again.




“But I was counting on it.” 

Chapter Text


Louis watched with amused eyes as both, Niall and Zayn, froze in their spots.




“W-What?” Niall stuttered in shock before Zayn could. Louis shrugged innocently.




“I was counting on Niall doing exactly what he did.”




“How the fuck could you do that?” Zayn screamed and the fury he felt in his entire body had completely overshadowed the fear he felt for his best friend. They both know what Niall does to the men he’s interested in and the fact that Louis knew what was going to happen and let it makes him absolutely sick.




Louis glared at him harshly, lighting up a cigarette.




“Why the fuck do you care so much? You’ve never cared about the other people I’ve left alone with him. Why is Harry any different?” Louis questioned through gritted teeth. He didn’t like being questioned, especially when it came to what he was doing with Harry.




“Because Harry isn’t consenting to any of this shit! He was a sweet, innocent kid whose entire life you took away because you were being selfish. Because you ‘love’ him,” Zayn growled tauntingly. “You took everything from him and now, you leave him with a sadist who raped and tortured him for days and for what? What the hell was your reason to hurt him like that? Why were you counting on him doing that?” Zayn interrogated angrily, walking up to Louis who was doing nothing to hide his irritation. Louis took a drag of his cigarette to calm himself down before he did something he’d regret.




Louis was so irritated that he just wanted to shut Zayn up. So, he told them the truth.




“He finally asked me to stay.” Zayn and Niall both look at Louis as he smiled softly, like what he just said was everything he ever wanted.




“W-What?” Zayn stuttered out, his brown eyes watching the man beam happiness. Louis looked at him with shining eyes.




“He finally asked me to stay with him. I figured that if he feared someone more than he feared me, he would want me to stay by his side. I left him with Niall so he’d realize that he loved me and needed me to protect him.” Louis smirked, watching in pure and utter amusement when Zayn’s face falls completely. He looked over at Niall who even looked shocked at the revelation. “He was starting to let his guard down around me and I could see he was feeling something more positive towards me. All I did was allow Niall to give him a little push.”




“W-What?” It was like Zayn never even truly knew what Louis was capable of. He knew how cruel and evil this man could be, but he never thought he’d do something like this to Harry.




“I was getting irritated that he kept pushing me away and getting upset after I touched him. I tried being nice to him, I tried scaring him, I tried isolating him, I tried to force him. I tried everything I could think of to make him need me but nothing I did work. So I let Niall have him, so he’d want me to stay with him always and protect him. Now, he cries whenever I leave the room, so thank you, Niall.” Niall was just as shocked as Zayn was. He was pissed at Louis so he wanted to play with his favorite thing, he did it just to piss him off. But the fact that he was betting on Niall doing it the whole time made him completely sick. 




“Fuck you, I’m going to go see Harry,” Zayn spit out, all of his hatred coming out in those few words. Louis walked out after Zayn, stopping at the top of the stairs.




“Zayn—” Louis called after him, a smug smile playing at his lips, “—if you want to keep your hand, I suggest that Harry doesn’t find any of this out from you, okay?” Zayn turned around and glared harshly only turning away because he needed to see Harry. While they talked, Niall continued to stare at Louis in complete astonishment, his mind flying all over the place.




Harry wasn’t here on his own. Louis took him and forced him to stay locked up. Louis has him trapped, he didn’t want to be here. He raped and torture such an innocent person just to get back at Louis. A person who he thought loved this monster back which was the only reason he was okay with what he did.




But now he wants to let Harry hurt him as much as he wanted until he could forgive him. He’d do anything to make it up to him but there’s no making up for what he’s done.




“H-How could you do that?” Niall asked shocked, surprising both Louis. “How could you be so fucked up to leave him here with me knowing that I wanted to hurt him? That I wanted to hurt you? You’ve never forced someone to be with you so why him? I can’t believe I did that to him when he wasn't even here by his own choice!” Niall sneered, completely disgusted with himself.




“Since when do you care whether they’re here on their own free will or not?” Louis watched as Niall looked down towards the floor, avoiding his gaze.




“Well, I…” His face had fallen and a blush appeared on his cheeks, confirming what Louis already suspected.




“Don’t tell me you fell for him,” Louis laughed, taking a step towards Niall. “So five days is all it takes to fall for his charm?” Niall frowned as Louis smirked, walking towards him. “I can’t say I’m surprised, but first Zayn and now you? I need to keep Harry on a tighter leash so someone doesn’t try to snatch him away from me.” Niall backed up slowly, coming to a halt when he was right at the edge of the stairs. He looked at Louis with wide eyes, wondering if he would really do it.




“How could you even keep him on a tighter leash? You’re already strangling him.”




“I’ll strangle him until he accepts that he needs me to live. I’ll watch him struggle to breathe until he understands that I’m his air, his lifeline, his everything.” Louis smiled before bringing his hand up to Niall’s chest.




“Your job is done, thank you for being so fucking predictable. I have no use for you anymore so this is goodbye.”




“Louis, no—” Louis ignored him and pushed him down the stairs, watching him tumble and hearing a few bones crack at the force. By the time Niall made it to the bottom of the second flight, he was still conscious. “Well, now that just won’t do.” Louis hummed, skipping down the stairs. “Do me a favor—” He kicked Niall harshly down the rest of the flights. He smirked as he saw the blood pooling on the floor and that bruises were already beginning to form. “—and just die.”




He may have needed Niall to touch Harry for his plan to work, but he still touched him and that pissed Louis off.




“If you wake up, I suggest you stay quiet until you can leave without me noticing.”








“How could he do this to you?” Zayn whispered, looking down at Harry’s sleeping figure. He didn’t know whether he was talking about Niall or Louis, but probably both. He brushed a strand of hair away from Harry’s face, and he sighed.




“I’m so fucking sorry,” Zayn whispered, pressing a kiss to Harry’s forehead. “I wish I could just take you home and get you away from him, but I can’t. And for that I’m sorry.” Harry shifted around but didn’t wake up. Zayn looked down at him in desperation.




“Please, don’t give in to him. I’m begging you. Fight him until you die.”





Chapter Text



“So soft,” Louis muttered as his fingers glided across Harry’s arm. Harry was cuddled tightly into him as he slept, tears staining his flushed cheeks.




Louis thought Harry cried a lot in his sleep after he killed Oliver, but that was nothing compared to how much he cried every time he fell asleep now.




Now, it’s more like tsunami tides rolling down his thin cheeks, clutching onto Louis like he would die if he didn’t have him. And Louis was truly in heaven.




Why hadn’t he thought of this sooner?




Having Harry cry without him there was amazing. Having Harry do whatever he needed to have Louis stay was fantastic.




And Louis was only getting started with his new Harry.




“L-Lou?” Harry sniffled as he woke up dazed. He looked up to see Louis staring at him intensely, causing him to duck his head in embarrassment when he felt how wet his face was.




‘He called me ‘Lou’, fuck he’s so cute,’ Louis gushed mentally, wanting nothing more than to eat him up.




“I cried again?” Louis nodded, maneuvering Harry so he would rest his head against his chest. Harry followed silently and willingly.




‘Fucking amazing.’




“So Doll, we need to have a little discussion.” Green eyes were glazed as they stared up at him. He was so pretty Louis could hardly stand it. And the bruises and cuts only added to the beauty Harry possessed.




“Yes?” Harry asked, biting his nail anxiously. Louis tugged his hand away from his mouth.




“First, you need to stop doing that, you’re already bleeding.” Harry ducked his head again, muttering a soft apology. Louis ran a hand through his curls.




“Second, we need to discuss the deal with George.” Harry’s eyes widen, his heart racing.




“W-Why? W-What about it?”




“You ran away from me. You know that was apart of our deal. You try to escape, he stays here forever. But I don’t exactly like having a snake that goes behind my back so I’ll just kill him instead since he doesn’t have your protection anymore.” Harry went rigid in his arms, his face draining of the slight color he had.








“George only told Zayn, expecting him to tell me so he wouldn’t bother me, but of course Zayn would hide something like that. But I always find out everything, anyway,” Louis muttered. He moved so Harry was on his back, himself hovering over his beaten figure.




He looked so delicious when he was bruised and scarred.




“P-Please, w-what can I do to reinstate the deal?” Harry didn’t move anything other than his lips as he stayed tense underneath Louis.




“Have sex with me.” Harry flinched at the word.








The very thought alone terrified him, but he couldn’t just let Louis hurt George.




Even though he did what he did despite knowing that it would get him killed.




His emotions and morals have been haywire since he got here.




“I—“ Harry let out a shaky breath. “O-Okay,” he squeaked, closing his eyes to brace himself. Louis smirked down at him.




He’s ready to give that pale skin bruises he created out of pleasure.




And a little bit of pain.




Louis leaned down and placed a soft peck against Harry’s chapped lips, pressing another quickly after. He let himself linger a little longer, letting his hand slip under Harry’s shirt.




Harry was stiff, his heart beating a thousand miles a minute. He tried to get Niall out of his head, tried to imagine it wasn’t Louis because even though he’s terrified of Niall, he’s still scared of what Louis will do to him.




Louis just isn’t a gentle person and Harry can barely sit up without pain searing through him. Not to mention the fact that he wasn’t even given time to properly heal before he has to take another cock up his ass.




“Relax, I’ll make you feel good. I’ll be gentle considering your circumstances,” Louis whispered against his skin, latching onto a very visible spot on Harry’s neck.




He sucked on it lightly as his hand wandered up to Harry’s chest, pinching his nippled between his fingertips.




Harry bit the back of his hand to hold back a moan, his head tossed to the side which gave Louis more access to his neck.




There were still hints of bruising on Harry’s neck from what Louis can only assume would be Niall strangling him. The thought of Niall touching Harry fired up his anger but he kept it at bay.




He had to be gentle to gain Harry’s trust.




At least, he had to be gentle this time.




“Don’t bite down on your hand, I wanna hear how good I make you feel,” Louis whispered in his ear, lining their crotches up together. He grinded himself down onto Harry, twitching when Harry let out a moan.




He could listen to that on repeat every day.




He sat up and took both of their shirts off, looking down at how bad Harry actually looked.




Everything was healing but there was no doubt that he would have scars for the rest of his life, reminding him of those torturous 5 days.




But Harry would look hot with scars so Louis didn’t really mind.




Louis surged down and took one of Harry’s nipples into his mouth, putting his fingers to Harry’s lips. Harry opened slightly and the other man pushed them into his mouth, waiting until they were covered with a decent amount of spit before taking them out. Louis began to kiss down Harry’s torso, loving the way his body reacted to every single press of his lips. He reached down to put a finger at his entrance, teasing the rim. Harry tensed up at the feeling, trembling in fear at the terrifying feeling.




It’s not him, it’s not him, itsnothim—’




“Harry, it’s okay,” Louis whispered, looking up with comforting eyes.




Harry knew they were fake, but he gave into them anyway.




He couldn’t take it if he didn’t at least pretend that Louis genuinely cared for him.




The blue-eyed man slowly pushed one finger in as Harry relaxed, kissing him softly to distracted him. He moved it slowly, adding a second when Harry’s body began to move on its own.




After three, he positioned himself between Harry’s pale legs, lacing their hands together.




“I love you, my Queen,” Louis whispered, thrusting in all at once. Harry gasped in pain, squeezing Louis’ hands tightly as they kept him pinned down. “Tell me when I can move,” Louis grunted out, attacking Harry’s collarbones with gentle nips.




“M-Move,” Harry breathed out, throwing his head back when Louis began to thrust into him. Harry felt pain, but this pain only added to the pleasure Louis was giving him.




Even if this was bad pain, it still felt so good.




Harry tightened his grip on Louis' hands to try and ground himself, wrapping his legs around Louis’ waist to pull him closer. Harry let out a loud moan, pulling Louis in for another kiss.




He had to please Louis. He couldn’t let him hurt George.




He couldn’t let Niall get to him.




He couldn’t let him leave.




He can’t be alone.




Niall would come for him again.




‘He can’t leave, I’ll make sure he won’t want too.’




“God, you’re fucking amazing,” Louis moaned in his ear, reaching between their bodies to grab Harry’s member in his hand. “Come for me, and the deal will be reinstated, just like you wanted.” Harry threw his head back in bliss as Louis pounded into his prostate over and over while jerking him off. And as if he was under a spell, he came as he was commanded.




And Louis couldn’t hold himself back any longer.




He thrust harshly into the boy, ignoring his whimpers as he used him as a toy.




“K-King, i-it hurts,” Harry whispered with tears in his eyes and that was all it took to push Louis over the edge. Just hearing how that delicate voice called out to him was too much.




“God, I love you, Harry. I love you so fucking much,” Louis whispered sweetly in his ear. Harry, with closed eyes and a calm face, wrapped his arms around Louis’ torso.




“Don’t ever leave me,” he whispered, opening his suddenly emotionless eyes to stare up at the ceiling. Louis smirked.





Chapter Text



"I can't find anything. None of his friends thought he was acting weird or hiding something. Megan said Harry had been working as efficiently as usual. He was fine." Des sighed angrily, resting his head on the table in exhaustion. They've hardly slept since Harry's been missing and it's taking a toll on them.



"Did he start hanging out with someone?" Anne asked Gemma. Gemma bit her lip, wondering if she should spill the beans so quickly. She doesn't really have a choice though.



"There's this guy. He came to visit Harry a lot at the café. I met him once at the mall with Harry and he was very handsy with him. I've been trying to track him down but the only lead I have is Zayn and he said Louis left the country for business—" 



"D-Did you say, Louis? Louis Tomlinson?" Gemma perked up at the fact that her dad knew who she was talking about. Maybe he had leads that she didn't.



"That's him." Des' face paled instantly, no color to be seen. He looked like he had seen a ghost.



How could this have happened?



"If he took Harry, we're never going to get him back," Des whispered in disbelief. He felt his chest tightening as tears sprung into his eyes.



"W-What do you mean?" Anne asked frantically. She grabbed at Des' shirt when he didn't answer, shaking him in anger. "What the hell do you mean Desmond?!" She screamed, but he only let his tears of pure despair and sadness run down his cheeks.



"Louis, he..." Des hesitated.



"Dad, how do you know him?" Gemma asked sharply. Des looked up at her.



"H-He was my dealer. He's the one who got me hooked on harder drugs. Oh god—" Des let out a sob as reality hit him. "It's all my fault! Louis took my wallet the last time we spoke and it had a picture of you kids in it! He asked about Harry! H-How did I not see this coming?!" Des screamed, hitting the table in anger. Anne and Gemma were speechless, whether from the new information, Des' outburst, or both, it didn't matter.



They just needed to know everything.



"So he's a drug dealer, if you tell the police—"



"No!" Des snapped with wide, scared eyes. "H-He's not just a drug dealer! He's behind every bad thing that happens in not only London but the entirety of England! He isn't someone you can just tell the police to go get!!" Des was shaking in fear for his son, not being able to imagine the horrible things that have been done to him.



He couldn't do it. 



He felt like someone ripped all of his organs out of his body and he could no longer function. His heart was constantly skipping beats, his lungs wouldn't work, and his brain was going haywire.



Harry really was gone because of him. Just not in the way they thought.



But this was much, much worse than he could have thought.



"Why not, Des?!" Anne sneered, her fists clenched tightly onto his shirt. Des closed his eyes, rubbing his temples.



"Drug dealing, murders, and prostitution. Those are the most innocent things he does." Des looked up at his wife and daughter, eyes fierce with anger. "He kidnaps men and women alike for human trafficking. He has clubs all over the world where he takes people he's kidnapped and forced them to become sex slaves for the "club" members." Des watched as both their faces pale in fear. Anne gasped, letting go of Des and grabbed Gemma's hand as she sat back down. She holds Gemma's hand tightly, feeling her throat close in. 



"I-Is Harry going to be put through tha—"



"I don't think so," Des sighed in despair, resting his head on his hands. 



"W-What do yo—"



"I saw the way he looked at the picture, how he looked at Harry." Gemma swallowed hard. 



"Louis was so touchy with him, even in front of me. He looked at Harry like he wanted to devour him." Des nodded.



"If anything, I think Harry's going through worse than what we think." Des stared at the oak table, his mind going in so many different directions. "Fuck, we're screwed."



"Des, we can't just give up!" Anne screamed. Des knew that they didn't understand. How could they? They've never seen the horrible things Louis had done. They can't imagine what he's probably doing to his precious son right now.



"Oh god," Des muttered in disbelief. 






"We can't do shit, Anne! He will kill us without a second thought. He's a fucking psychopath!" Des screamed in frustration, his face red with anger. "I watched him cut some guy's hand off because he accidentally stepped on his fucking shoe and scuffed it! He isn't someone you can just mess with!" Anger at himself but also at the girls because they just couldn't get it. 



He knows it's not their fault but he needed someone to take some of his anger.



"Dad, I'm not giving up—" Des looked at Gemma with wide eyes before he interrupted her.



"Who said anything about giving up? Of course we aren't giving up!" He said appalled. They girls looked at him in bewilderment.



"But you just said—"



"I said we couldn't do anything, but that doesn't mean it's a lost cause..." Des pulled out his phone and scrolled through his contacts, hesitating before pushing the contact for the only other person he swore to keep away from Harry.



"Des?" Anne asked, grabbing his hand.



"I have someone we can call." Gemma and Anne looked at each other with hesitance their eyes.






"Cole's son—"









Zayn walked in the moonlight to the place Gemma asked to meet him. 



It was currently midnight and the snow was shining as it fell down in slight flurries. He walked to the tiny bridge the park had that went over a tiny little lake, only to see Gemma standing there. Her eyes shined in the glow of the moon, but he could see the anger they held.



Her gaze was colder than the January air that surrounded them.



"You lied," she said, her voice breaking the tiniest bit. Zayn's eyebrows furrowed in confusion as he took a step towards her to try and comfort her, seeing how truly distraught she was. But she only stepped away.



"What are you talking about?"



"Y-You promised. You promised he had nothing to do with it!" She cried, her emotions swarming inside her heart like a hurricane. Zayn, being the master of hiding his emotions, buried the fear and anxiousness he felt.



How'd she find out?



"Who? Louis?" He asked to throw her off but he knew she wouldn't be easily  deterred. 



She knew and now she was angry.



"No, the fucking Pope—Of course I'm fucking talking about Louis, you idiot!" She screamed, her fists clenched into tight fists. "My dad and I connected the dots that your Louis is Louis Tomlinson. A drug dealing, psychopathic murderer! He saw a picture in my dad's wallet of Harry and I and then he started stalking Harry! And then, after Harry was sad and vulnerable after a fight with dad, Louis took him and has been keeping him ever since. Am I correct?" She sneered, reaching to grab something from her back pocket.



"Gemma, you're talking crazy—"



"I didn't come here for a confession," she sneered, pulling a switchblade out. "I came here to tell you that I don't care what or who he is, we will get my brother back and I will kill you both if I have too." Gemma turned to walk away, only to feel a hand on her wrist. She swung her arm around and cut Zayn on his cheek, stepping away as he grabbed it in pain.



"Don't fucking touch me." Zayn looked up at her and grabbed her again, making sure she couldn't cut him. He grabbed her wrists and held onto her tightly as he leaned into her ear. "Let me go—"



"I've been trying to get him out," Zayn whispered in her ear as he pulled her close. She struggles ceased and she pulled back to look at him.



"W-What?" She whispered out

in disbelief. 



"We can't talk here. We'll talk soon but not here. For now, you need to go home and make sure your family stays low. Louis' already on edge about other things and I don't want you lot to tip him over. It will be bad," Zayn whispered, pulling back to look her in the eyes. They looked so similar to Harry's with that anger and confusion mixed inside of them. 



They were really were so similar that it made Zayn's head spin. 



"Zayn?" Gemma questioned, still holding the switchblade in her hand as his tight grip on her wrists remained. "Let me go, Zayn," she muttered, glaring at him. He slowly leaned in, resting his forehead against hers with his mind racing. She looked at him with wide eyes as she stood frozen in her spot. 



"Gem, I need you to trust me. Promise me, you'll get them to back off. For now." That's when her anger flooded back full force and her struggles to free herself from him started again.



"You knew where my brother was as you watched me cry and break down. You left him with some psychopath who has probably done things to him that I don't even want to know about. You let him take the only person in the family that kept us together. You took Harry from us, and you want me to trust you?" She sneered, freeing herself from his grip. She backed away before he could grab her again.






"Shut up!" 



"You guys can't do anything to get Harry back, only things that'll get him hurt and you all killed," Zayn said, trying his hardest to reason with her. 



He won't forgive himself if Gemma becomes a victim of Louis like her father and brother.



"We're going to get him back, with or without your help. And at this point, I don't even know if I want your help." Her eyes shone with anger and confusion but also determination. She turned and started walking away, leaving Zayn standing there alone.



"Damnit, Gemma," Zayn sighed in irritation. But also helplessness. 



And that was something he never felt until he met the Styles siblings.


Chapter Text



It was snowing again, blistering cold winds hitting the side of the mansion that Harry was trapped inside of. Not that he ever left his room, fearing that Niall was lurking outside. Louis has continuously tried to get him leave, but Harry wasn’t having it. 




But he was also too scared when Louis left, even though it was usually an hour at the most.




But today was different, and Harry was dreading it.




“Harry, I need to go away all day.” Louis muttered, brushing his hair away from his face. Harry hide his face in Louis chest, shaking slightly.




“Can’t you stay?” Harry whispered, clutching onto his shirt tightly. Louis frowned, holding the boy closer.




“I’m afraid not love. But you can come with me. You should come with me.” Harry looked up at Louis with wide eyes before looking at the door. He shook his head frantically.








“Harry, Niall can’t hurt you anymore,” Louis whispered, pressing a kiss to his curls. “I won’t let him. I won’t let you leave my side. I promise.” Harry, trembling in Louis’ arms, nodded slightly. 




“O-Okay.” Louis smiled down at him and pressed a sweet kiss against his lips. 




“Let’s go.” Harry bit his lip as he watched Louis get up and then he sighed shakily.




I suppose that it’s time to get over it.’







Harry walked behind Louis closely as they walked down the dark hallway. They were inside of one of Louis’ abandoned warehouses. 




Even though Harry kept asking, Louis refused to let him know why they were there. He was even more confused as to why he let Harry go outside of the mansion.




He probably knows that you’re too much of a pussy to leave




You’re fucking pathetic




Harry ignored the voices, something he was getting much better at. 




Louis opened a big metal door and motioned Harry inside, moving to stand beside him. He had a comforting hand on his back, rubbing gentle circles into the muscles.




There were two men sitting at a table in the center of the large open area, both terrifying. 




Harry didn’t falter his step when the larger man looked at him with one brown eye and one with a white iris, a scar over it. He had scars all over his body and his tan face was stone cold. 




Harry looked to the smaller man who was about his height, and was extremely beautiful. Dark blue eyes and a bewitching smile. 




And he had his eyes locked on Louis’ advancing figure.




“LouLou! It’s wonderful to see you!” The boy greeted, grinning cheekily. 




Who the fuck is this bitch?




Harry glared at him, stepping closer to Louis. He grabbed his arm and stood closely to him, catching the eye of the other man.




“Oh? And who is that?” He asked slightly disgusted, ocean eyes looking down on him.




“Prick,” Harry muttered under his breath, seeing Louis snicker quietly. 




“Someone very special to me. He’s gone through a hard time so I brought him with me. You don’t mind,” Louis said, leading Harry closer.




“Of course not—”




“I wasn’t asking, I was telling,” Louis interrupted, earning a snicker from Harry. Harry leaned closer to him, his fears suddenly have disappeared.  




Not just his fears, but everything that was holding him back seemed to disappear.




The man glared at Harry but Harry just shrugged, leaning his head on Louis’ shoulder.




“Let’s get to business, you wanted 50 pounds right?” Louis asked, putting his hand over Harry’s where he was holding his elbow. The man nodded.




“Yes, but I don’t see it.” Louis walked over to the table and sat down, pulling Harry onto his lap. Harry cuddled into him, watching the taller guy crack his knuckles.




“Patience, Daniel.” Louis brought his hand up to Harry’s waist, gripping it tightly. Harry whispered quietly, watching as Daniel sat back down.




“I’ve been patient enough having to watch that slut be all over you. I thought we were going to do our deal like we used to do,” he said in a sultry tone, eyes shining with lust. 




“I no longer wish to do those types of deals with you. Not when I have him,” Louis spoke, pressing a loving kiss to Harry’s head. Daniel glared fiercely, standing up abruptly.




Louis set a knife on the table, right in front of Harry.




“I want you to kill him,” he whispered in his ear. Harry froze.








“But you said that you loved me—”




“I said that to keep you happy. He’s the only one I’ve ever loved.” Harry watched as the silent man gritted his teeth, standing up as well. “I never even liked fucking you, I only needed to keep having you come back for more drugs. You were nothing but a whiny bitch—”




Louis was cut off by the taller man pushing Harry off his lap and pulling Louis up. Harry watched on the floor as the huge man glared harshly at a smirking Louis.




“How dare you talk to him like he was just a toy—”




“Oh, Jace, he was never a toy—” Louis pulled a knife out of his pocket. “Toys are supposed to be fun—” Jace let out an angry growl before he lifted his hand to punch Louis. But Louis beat him too it. 




Louis plunged the knife into his stomach, causing him to let out a pain filled growl.  




“Harry, fucking do it!” Louis yelled, keeping his eyes on Jace.




Harry looked over to see Daniel staring at the table, hands clenched into fists. He was muttering something as tears fell from his eyes.




“I-I can’t—”




“You bitch—” Louis didn’t give Jace much time before he took the knife out and plunged it into his heart, leaving it there. 




Jace froze and looked at Louis, knowing exactly what he did.




“Don’t pull it out yourself or you’ll die,” Louis snickered. He stood over Jace, not paying any attention to Daniel.





“How could you hurt me like this?” Daniel muttered, eyes crazed as he looked at Louis’ back. He pulled a switchblade out of his pocket and staggered towards Louis.




“You selfish bitch—” Louis turned around to see Daniel with a knife, ready to stab him.




But then his psychotic face turned into shock and pain as a knife was stabbed into his back. He fell to the ground, only to reveal Harry with a knife in his hand.




Daniel was on his knees, looking up at Louis as blood was coming out of his wound.




“I loved you—”




Stab that assholes eyes out!




Cut off his tongue!




Peel his skin from his body!




Kill him!

Kill him!





Kill him.




A sinister smile appeared on Harry’s face as he walked behind Daniel, knife in hand.




“I loved you—”




Slit his throat.




Harry grabbed Daniel’s hair and tugged his head back as he reached around, dragging the knife around his neck. He watched as the blood gushed from Daniel’s neck and he smirked as he fell, dying at his feet.




Harry smirked up at Louis who was in shock.




“Harry? You actually did it? You saved me.” 




Welcome back.




Then Harry fell into darkness.





Chapter Text

“Harry, baby, come out.” Harry stared at the water with emotionless eyes. The drops of water falling from the faucet were the only thing he could focus on.

The same way that man’s blood dropped from his throat

Shut up!’

Harry wrapped his arms tighter around his knees, putting his head on his knees.

There was so much blood

You loved seeing it, didnt you?

Imagine how it would feel to do it again

“N-No,” Harry cried, ignoring Louis’ demands for him to come out. He locked the door to the bathroom and stuffed a chair that was in front of the vanity under the door handle.

“Baby, please? Let me in.” Harry only cried harder, his voices forcing him to remember the man.


Harry woke up on the hard cement ground, his head hurting. He could hear Louis calling him but all he could focus on was the corpse in front of him. Louis rolled him over with his foot, forcing Harry to see what he’d done. Dull and lifeless eyes stared back at him and suddenly, Harry felt like throwing up.

And he did.

He rolled onto his hands and knees and puked, his throat burning. Tears flowed down his cheeks and he felt Louis rub his back.

Harry looked up at Louis to see a proud look on his face.

“You saved my life, I’m so proud of you.”  Harry sobbed as Louis wiped his mouth with a napkin that was on the table, pulling Harry into his embrace.

“My precious, Queen. You’re adjusting well.” Harry only continued to cry.


The water was cold now, but Harry didn’t want to get out.

He didn’t want to do anything.

But he unplugged the drain and stood up, grabbing a towel. He dried himself off, putting on the sweatpants and sweatshirt that he grabbed before he locked himself away to be alone.

He moved the chair and unlocked the door, only to be pulled into strong arms.

“Don’t ever lock yourself away from me. I was so worried something happened to you.” Harry didn’t reply, he only stayed limp in Louis’ arms. Louis pushed Harry back gently so he could look at his face.

Tear stains were on his cheeks but there was no emotion in his eyes. He looked so lifeless.

Like a doll .

“Come on, we need to talk.” Louis said, guiding Harry over to his room. Harry trembled as they walked past the room with the black door, remembering everything that happened in there. All the pain, fear, and helplessness he felt.

‘I don’t ever want to feel like that again.’

Then stop fighting us

Go back to the way you are

Stop hiding

Harry shook his head slightly, trying to rid his head of the voices. But instead of voices, he gained a splitting headache.

Harry hunched over and grabbed his head, falling to his knees not even a few seconds later. Louis dropped to the ground as well, trying to look at Harry to examine him but Harry wasn’t having it.

Fuck, how many of these am I going to have?’

“Another one? We need to get you checked out by a doctor soon if they don’t stop.” Harry heard Louis say it but he couldn’t concentrate on the words.

Not when his head felt like it was about to explode into a million pieces.

If you’d stop fighting us it wouldn’t happen

Just let go and remember why we exist

Stop fighting who you really are

Harry’s headache suddenly went away, leaving him physically exhausted. She slumped over and fell so his head was on Louis’ shoulder, and that meant Louis would bring him into his arms.

“I’m going to carry you to bed.” Harry didn’t have the strength to reply, not even by nodding his head so he let Louis do as he wanted.

But the time Louis placed him on the bed, Harry regained his voice.

“This is your fault,” he muttered softly. Louis glared.

“Excuse me—”

“You forced me to kill him. You could have easily turned to take Daniel out after dealing with Jace but you didn't. You had enough time to stop him but you just stood there, waiting for me to kill him like you asked,” Harry cried softly, curling in on himself. He wanted so badly to hold onto Louis because the man makes him feel safe after what happened with Niall, but he can’t because of what he forced him to do.

“You could have let him kill me—”

“Not when you saved me from Niall. You know that! I can barely be this faraway from you and not be terrified that he’ll come in and rape me again. Or force drugs into my body again. You knew that I would have to kill him so I could still feel safe.” Harry cried, curling in on himself.

“Baby, I really didn’t think you would do it. I planned on taking Daniel down the entire time. He really did catch me off guard.”

He really doesn’t get that you see right through his lies, does he?

He doesn’t understand that you’re just like him.

A fucking liar.

“Shut the hell up!” Harry snapped, hitting his head. He thought he was getting better at controlling them but ever since he killed Daniel, they’ve been so much worse.

“Harry, what the fuck—”

“Get out! T-The voices, they came back because of you!” Harry yelled in a panic, pushing Louis off the bed and out the door. He slammed the door shut and locked it, running to his bed. He cocooned himself inside of his blankets, covering his ears.

That blocked out the sound of Louis’ anger, but it did nothing for the demons screaming inside of his head.

Demons that once caused him to try to commit suicide over and over, have now moved on to another target.

Anyone who gets in their way.

All Harry knew was, these voices didn’t care who died. They didn’t care what pain was caused or what the punishment was.

These voices only wanted one thing and they didn't care who it was who was on the receiving end.

They wanted death.

And Harry knew that they’ve already begun to win the war inside his head.

Soon enough, he’ll be gone to the voices.

Another tally to their death toll.

Chapter Text



“Harry,” Zayn said softly, looking at him from the other side of the dark room. Harry looked at the wall ahead of him with blank, emotionless eyes, and only the light from the hall gave Zayn the light he needed to see them.

“I killed that man,” he stated, but he didn’t sound real at that moment. He sounded robotic, no trace of any emotions.

“Yes, you did. But Louis forced you—”

“I know.” Harry cut him off, cuddling further into his cocoon of blankets. “Despite what he said, I know.” Zayn bit his lip, shutting the door and walking inside. He turned the lamp in that was bedside the bed so he could see.

“Harry, I need you to do me a favor,” Zayn said, sitting down beside him closely. Harry looked up at him with questioning eyes, but he didn’t flinch away.

“What can I possibly do that would help you? I’m a prisoner here, what can I do?” Harry asked in disbelief, laying his head on his hand. Zayn sighed, leaning down to whisper in Harry’s ear

“I need you to write your sister a letter, telling her to trust me.” Harry flinched away from Zayn, looking at him with wide eyes.

“Y-You’re keeping in contact with her—”

“Sh!” Zayn shushed, looking out into the hall to see the shadows of footsteps walking past every so often. Harry followed his gaze and nodded, understanding what he was implying. “Yes, I’m trying to get you out of here.” Harry sat up, grabbing Zayn’s hand. He looked into his eyes with concern filling his own, shaking his head.

“I can’t go! He’ll track me down no matter where I run, Zayn. You know that. He might hurt my family—”

“I know, but that’s why I need you to get her to trust me so I can help them with a plan to get you out. To get you all out of his claws.” Harry bit his lip, clutching Zayn’s hands tightly. And then he nodded hesitantly.

“O-Okay. I’ll do it. But promise me that they won’t be hurt.” Zayn nodded.

“I promise.” Zayn knew that he had no way of keeping that promise.

But he sure as hell was going to try and keep this one.


“What do you want?” Gemma asked harshly, her hands in her pockets to protect them from the cold. She wasn’t happy that Zayn once again called her out in the middle of the night. She wasn’t even going to show, but he sounded desperate.

Zayn holds out a letter, motioning for her to take it.

“Read it, take it home and compare the handwriting to Harry’s old school papers or something. He wrote that and you need to listen to him.”

Gemma opens the folded paper, eyes watering. She read the paper frantically, immediately recognizing Harry’s handwriting and sign off without needing to look at his old papers.


I’m hurting, so much. I miss you and mom and even dad. I miss you guys all so much that it’s making me lose my mind. It’s horrible here, the things I’ve seen, the things I’ve had to deal with, I truly wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Except maybe the person keeping me here.

I know this is going to be hard for you to hear because it’s certainly hard to write but I need you to listen to me.

Please, don’t come looking for me.

He will hurt you if you guys get involved. He has an intense obsession with me, and I’ve seen the things he does to the people who try to get in the way of him having me.

I have nightmares about it constantly.

The only way for me to be free is if you trust Zayn. I know that it’s going to be hard to do considering the fact that he’s had a hand in this, but I trust him. Perhaps I shouldn’t, but I do. He’s the only person I do trust.

He's the only person here who has shown me unconditional kindness. He’s the only reason I’m able to stay sane. He’s the only reason I haven’t been put through worse than what I have been.

So trust him. Trust him enough to know that he’ll help me. And stay out of all of this. Don’t look for me, don’t go after Louis. Go back to your lives and live.

Live for me, live the life I won’t ever be able to have, regardless of whether or not I get out.

I love you, Gem. Tell mom and dad that I love them too.

All the love,



Gemma had tears stinging her eyes as she read the letter over and over again.

Harry wrote this.

And Harry told her not to look for him.

But he also said to trust Zayn. He’s the only one Harry does trust.

“Did you tell him what to write?” Zayn shook his head.

“I just wanted him to tell you to trust me to help you guys with a plan to save him, I have no idea why he told you not to help him. Regardless, I want to get him out of there before he succumbs to Louis’ madness. He’s already getting far too into that world and I’m worried.” Gemma holds the letter to her chest and sighs.

“I’ll talk with my parents and I’ll let you know what we decide. There’s something really important about Harry that you need to know if you’re going to help us.” Gemma wouldn’t look him in the eyes, avoiding his gaze by turning to walk away.

“Wait!” Gemma turned back to face him slightly. “What is it?” She shook her head.

“I can’t tell you, not now. I’ll contact you after I’ve talked to my parents. But I can tell you this—” Gemma looked at him with fierce eyes, a cold face. “—don’t push him over the edge. He’s not emotionally strong enough. If he gets pushed too far, it’ll be the death of him.” Zayn stood frozen at her harsh tone.

Not emotionally strong enough? Harry was the most emotionally stable person Zayn has ever known. What is she talking about? Zayn watched her leave, his curiosity peaking.

He’s just going to have to ask Harry.

Chapter Text


"Gemma, please, don't be stupid," Des muttered angrily as he rubbed his temple. Gemma glared at him, pointing to the piece of paper.




"That's Harry's handwriting. You can't tell me that it isn't!" She fumed, glaring at her tired father. He's barely slept the past week and it was obviously taking a toll on him.




He couldn't stand the fact that he's the reason Harry was taken from them.




"I'm not denying that it's his, but regardless of whether or not it is, it doesn't mean anything. This Zayn guy helped Louis take Harry. We cannot trust Zayn, it's too risky. Not only because of Louis but because of the people at Hawk. We can't handle one of them let alone both of them." Anne sighed, looking up at Gemma with tired, depressed eyes.




The longer Harry was gone, the more the Styles family was falling apart.




Des and Anne fought more often than not, and Gemma was right there fighting with them. They couldn't agree on the best way to go about this and it was driving them all mad.




"We should just go to Leo for help—"




"That'll only put us in his debt and who knows how he would want us to pay it off." Anne rolled her eyes. She didn't know Leo but she knew his father, Cole.




He was a rotten, evil man with the personality of a snake. He used every person as a pawn and knew all their weaknesses to get them to break.




But then again, so did Louis.




"I know that Anne. That's why I'm just asking you guys to meet with him, see what he can do to help us. Louis is a horribly smart person and the only person I know who can match his twisted intelligence is Leo. I hate to admit it, but we need to see if he can help us." Gemma bit her lip, falling down into a seat.




"Fine, we'll ask this Leo guy for help. But I still think it's smart to keep Zayn on our side. He could give us information about Harry. So we at least know he's alive." Des nodded hesitantly, leaning back in his chair.




"I guess I'll go call him, then." Des got up and walked into the other room, leaving Anne and Gemma alone in the kitchen.




"Mum?" Anne was looking out the window in a daze.




"I hate him, Gem. I hate that your father let that man see my baby boy," she spoke with acidity in her tone. She was clutching a picture of Harry after his first operation.




It was the first picture that he ever had a true smile on his face.




"Mum, it's not his fault. Not really. I know that he would have hidden that picture with his life if he would have known Louis was going to end up finding it. He did a good job at blending in the background up until that point." Anne scoffs, looking down at Harry, tracing his face with her finger.




"I'm getting a divorce once this is all over. I don't want him near you two ever again." Gemma looked up and saw her father standing there with tears in his eyes at what his wife admitted. But he didn't make his presence known to her. He deserved it.




"Mum—" Des shook his head at her, telling her not to say anything. Gemma nodded slightly, keeping the words in her mouth.




He dried his tears and walked back into the room, acting as if he heard nothing.




"He'll see us tomorrow night. He was going to get in touch with me about something anyway I guess. This just makes it easier." Gemma nodded, watching as Anne continued to stare at the picture.




"We should all probably get some sleep then," Gemma suggested, looking sadly at Des. Des looked at Anne, wanting to go to their room but thought it'd be best not too.




"I-I'll sleep on the couch," he muttered, walking towards the hallway closet that had their blankets stored away. Anne watched him leave with a cold confused face but said nothing to him.




"I'll see you in the morning. Make sure you can't trust this Zayn guy. I don't want him making things worse." Anne walked away, not looking back to see her daughter's reaction.




Gemma rested her head on her folded arms, groaning.




Everything was falling apart.








"Hello, Des, it's nice to see you again," Leo greeted as Des, Anne, and Gemma walk into the abandoned warehouse. Anne was on edge as she eyed all of the men surrounding a table that was placed in the middle of the large room. Gemma was ignoring the men's stares at her, instead, focusing her attention on the man who could help her get her brother back.




"It's nice to see you again, Anne, although I was just a boy when we last met so you probably don't recognize me," the blue-eyed man said, walking towards them. He stuck his hand out for her to shake, but Des stepped in front of her protectively.




"I'm sorry, but we don't have time to exchange pleasantries." Leo pouted, stepping chest to chest with the older man.




"So cold towards the only person who can get your son back. Not very smart, are you, Mr. Styles?" He mocked coolly. Des gritted his teeth but mustered up an apologetic smile.




"I'm sorry, please chalk my haste up to my worry for Harry's safety." Leo stepped away with a smile, his face lighting up at the mention of Harry's name.




"Oh little Harry, so naive and pure," he sighed in happiness, but then his face turned angry. "My pure Harry was taken by that annoying little prick! I swear, I'll kill Tomlinson myself and put his head on a stake once I get my hands on him!" Leo yelled furiously. He grabbed a knife from the table and threw it at the wall in anger. He turned back to them, seemingly trying to stay composed.




Gemma made a disgusted face.




"His Harry? Who does he think he is?" Gemma whispered to her mother while Des and Leo continued talking.




"I don't like this," Anne muttered back, getting a very bad vibe. Call it mother's intuition but the way this guy spoke about her son made her know that this was a horrible idea.




"I never said he was with Tomlinson, I just said I needed your help finding him. So how did you—"




"I saw him, of course!" Leo said, walking over to the table and sitting down. He motioned for the others to sit down as well. He crossed his leg over his knee as he sat in the chair at an angle, rubbing his chin with his hand.




"How? Is he okay?" Anne asked earring a sharp glare from Des. Leo smiled sinisterly at her.




"No, he was drugged and pulled back into the house as soon as I saw him by Louis' guard dog."




"Do you mean Zayn?" Gemma asked, shutting her mouth immediately after. She didn't mean to let that slip, but her mouth has a mind of its own.




He looked over at her for the first time and he smirked. His eyes met hers and he smiled sickly.




"Wow, you really do look like my precious Haz, don't you?" He simpered, looking her up and down. "Too bad I'm gay, or you'd be the one I'm obsessed with," he purred, sending shivers down her spine. "But back to your question, yes, I'm talking about Zayn. Zayn guards Louis during fights. Louis is only good at what he does when people are tied down and helpless. Zayn is the one who actually ties them down." Leo gave her a thoughtful look. "Although, that's not to say he isn't good at fighting, he just prefers to let Zayn do all the heavy lifting during actual fights. Which is why I was shocked that he was the one to guard Harry and take him back inside and not one of his less trained men." Leo shrugged.




"Not that it's really important. What is important, is that we get Harry back before Louis does anything to truly hurt him." Anne bit her lip anxiously.




"Do you think he's already done something—"




"He has had Harry for months at this point, no one is around Tomlinson 10 minutes without getting scathed in some way." Leo looked at the mother who had tears gathered in her eyes.




"What can we do to get him back?" Des asked, turning Leo's attention back to him.




"Leave that to me, I've been working on a plan to get him out since I saw him there. The only problem is, I need someone who's on the inside to get me some information. Otherwise, I'll have to think of a whole other plan entirely," Leo said, looking at Gemma.




"What?" She asked, feeling her skin crawl from those eyes looking at her so intensely.




"You know, Zayn. Get him to give you the information I need." Gemma stared at him in shock, her heart pounding at the thought of their last encounter.




"I'd be asking him to betray his best friend. There's no way he'll do that—"




"He will if you seduce him—"




"No! I've already had one child taken by a love craving psychopath and I won't lose another!" Des snapped, rejecting the idea immediately. Leo glared.




"Zayn isn't a psychopath, he's not even a sociopath. Louis' father took him in when his parents were killed and he always felt indebted to them because of it. I know I did until I found out the truth." Leo stared at the wall. He looked like he was in a trance. Until he sighed. "Look, I don't want you to lose another child, but I need information. Without it, it could take another couple of months before we get him. Or we could get him as soon as Gemma gets the information." Gemma gnawed on her bottom lip anxiously, tearing the skin off.




"What information do you need?" She asked, ignoring her parents' protests.




"All I need is a time when Louis won't be home. He always leaves on business trips but by the time I find out about them, he's usually on his way back, giving me no time. He's very secretive and cunning with his businesses which makes my life difficult. I have a lot of ways to get other information on time but not when he comes and goes." Leo explained, looking at Gemma with determination.




"So all I need is to find out when Louis will be gone?" Leo nodded, but Des was having none of it. 




"No, I'm not risking Zayn killing her if he finds out what she's up too—"




"Zayn won't hurt her. I already said that he isn't a psychopath or sociopath. He can't kill innocent people unless Louis orders it and even then, as long as Gemma gets Zayn to fall for her, he wouldn't dare tell Louis anything." Gemma looked at her mother who has kept silent during the whole ordeal.




"Mum? What do you think?" Anne was tired. The bags under her full eyes showed that. She just wanted her son back.




"I trust whatever decision you make, but if you choose to do this, don't you dare fail. I can't lose you both." Gemma nodded slowly, looking back at Leo.




"So, everything goes as planned and you help us get Harry back, what do you want in return?" Leo grinds suddenly, looking like the Cheshire Cat.




"I want to marry Harry, of course." Each member of the Styles family pales, looking at him like he was mad.




"So you want to save him just to take him away—"




"No, if he's with me, he'll be free to do as he pleases. He won't ever be caught up in this world and he'll be free to peruse whatever life he wants. Of course, I'll court him properly and I'll charm him into wanting to be with me. But he will marry me, whether you agree to my terms or not." Gemma glared at the man, wanting to gauge his eyes out for even thinking about forcing them to do such a thing.




"We can't do that to him! He'll be going from one obsessed guy to another!" Leo glared back at her, standing up and leaning over the table to come face to face with her.




"I will get him whether you agree to help me or not. The only difference you helping will make will actually allow him to see his family and live a normal life. I'm not above keeping him away from you all like Louis is doing to him right now—"




"We'll do it," Anne said, shocking her husband and daughter. 




"But mum—"




"I want my son back, whatever it takes. If that means you have to seduce Zayn, you're going to do it. If that means that Harry has to fall in love with this guy then so be it. I  want my son back." Gemma glared at her mother, opening her mouth only to be interrupted by her father. 




"Gem, I hate to say this but I agree with her. At least with Leo, Harry will get to live a somewhat normal life. He's probably going through hell being held captive by Louis." Gemma couldn't believe they were agreeing to this, but she also wanted to agree to this. She wanted her best friend back, her partner in crime. 




She wanted her baby brother back. 




"Fine, I'lll get the information you need." Gemma watched with fear as Leo smiled menacingly at her, giving her the same feeling Louis had given her. She had a horrible feeling that she was going to regret this. 







Chapter Text


Harry couldn't stop trembling. The words George just spoke to him cause his heart to completely stop, nearly killing him.




He walked down the hallway with weak knees while his legs felt like jelly. He could feel his heart pounding, he could feel his blood pumping quickly through his body. His mind was a mess, he couldn't think of which way he was supposed to go.




Until he found the door, that fucking door that has a monster hidden behind it. A monster who haunts his nightmares. He reached for it hesitantly, but quickly retracting his hand back.




He didn't even want to touch the handle.




He placed his hand on it slowly before taking a deep breath, trying so desperately to keep himself calm.




He opened the door, coming face to face with blue eyes that scare him to hell and back.




"I didn't think you'd come." A hoarse voice rasped out, groaning in pain a few seconds later. Harry flinched harshly at his voice.




"Neither did I," he spoke quietly, surprised at his lack of stuttering. Niall simpered.




"I'm glad you did, there are a few things we need to discuss. Please, sit." Niall nodded towards a chair that was a good distance away from where he was laying in bed.




He looked so fragile and small with the cast on his left leg and arm. His head was bandaged up and so was his entire torso. 




"Louis told me you left." Niall shook his head. 




"Couldn't exactly do that with my injuries." Harry flinched at his voice, but sat down in the chair, preparing himself to run if he needed too.




"Why did you have George call me here? Why did you wait until now?" Harry was trembling and he knew Niall could see it. But instead of being smug about it like he thought, Niall seemed more depressed about it than anything.




"I didn't know he kidnapped you." Niall looked into his eyes. Harry saw regret and guilt in those blue orbs but he figure he was imagining it.





"What does that—"





"I wouldn't have touched you if I had known he kidnapped you. I'm so sorry." Niall interrupted Harry and tried to lean towards him, only to groan in pain.




"What are you talking about?" Harry asked in confusion. "Why would it matter whether I was kidnapped or not?" Niall's eyes darken, looking out the window. 




"Have you ever been so in love that the thought of losing that person killed you?" Brown eyes flash in Harry's mind before they disappear. He was the only person he ever came close to loving. Harry stayed silent, only looking at the blonde with scared eyes.




"Y-Yes," Harry answered after Niall glared, giving him the answer Niall probably wanted.




"Well, imagine your best friend, the man you considered to be a brother, took that person and raped them right in front of you. And then killed them in front of you without a second thought." Harry gaped at Niall. This monster, this man with a hideous soul, had tears in his eyes. He didn't let them fall, but they were there.




"L-Louis did that?" Niall snickered angrily.




"Yeah, all because I decided to leave his cartel for my own. I watched him torture and rape the man I loved for days and then, he ripped him apart in front of me. Even as I begged him to stop, he wouldn't." Harry for some reason felt his heart breaking a bit, but that didn't do anything to crack the fear and hate he felt towards this man.




"So you decided to do to me what he did to your lover? Are you serious?" Harry spat out, anger taking over him. "I did nothing to you but because you thought I was with Louis, you thought it was okay to rape me and torture me for days. You thought that forcing drugs into my system was going to make you feel better? And now that you know I'm not here on my own free will, you feel guilty?!" Harry growled, standing to hover over Niall. 




"You had the balls to put me through that so you better have the balls to not regret it. You better fucking not feel any guilt or regret because you don't deserve to feel human emotions like that. You're a fucking monster," Harry snarled, backing away and heading towards the door.




"Haven't you wondered why George left you with me?" Harry stops right in front of the door, freezing in place.




"What?" Harry hissed as he turned around, glaring at Niall who looked so indifferent. "You told me that you sent him away—"




"Yeah, I did. But he doesn't listen to me, does he?" Niall asked. "He doesn't take orders from me, so why would he listen to me?" Harry paused, his frustration growing.




"What are you saying?" Harry snapped out, desperately hoping he wasn't going the same direction Harry's mind went. Niall gave him a look of pity.




"You're not dumb, you know what I'm saying." Niall watched Harry shakes his head.




"I need you to say it," Harry replied with his eyes closed. Niall took a deep breath.




"Louis left you with me on purpose." Harry didn't stay a second after he said those words. 




He frantically started looking for George. He needed Niall to be wrong. 




He just had to be lying. 




'Louis wouldn't do that—'




After everything he's done, do you really think he wouldn't?




Harry shook his head as he saw George going into the kitchen.




"George!" Harry yelled, running over to him quickly. George looked at him in confusion, willingly letting himself be pulled outside by the frantic boy.




"What's wrong, Harry?" Harry looked up with tears in his eyes and George's heart fell.




"Why didn't you stay when Louis and Zayn we're gone on their business trip? Why did you listen to Niall?" Harry asked, his erratic breathing beginning to worry George. But he decided to answer him first.




"The King told me that if Niall sent me home, that I was supposed to listen to him, no questions asked. Why?" Harry's heart beat skyrocketed as his lungs stopped working. He struggled to catch his breath as black dots danced around his vision. He could faintly make out someone calling his name but all he could focus on was the burning in his lungs and the pain and betrayal in his heart.




He knew Louis was fucked up beyond a shadow of a doubt, but this was so much worse than he could have imagined.




Niall was right.




He did it on purpose.








"Why?" Harry snapped as he slammed Louis' office door open. He had woken up a few minutes ago and when he remembered what he found out, he hadn't wasted anytime going to Louis' office to face him. His harsh glare had Louis frowning, the interruption had him annoyed.




"Why what—"




"Why did you leave me alone with Niall? Why did you tell George he could leave if Niall asked him too? Why didn't you take me with you?" Harry slammed the door shut, marching over to stand in front of Louis' desk. "Why did you leave me here when you knew what he was going to do?" Louis sighed, leaning back in his chair. He put his hands behind his head and put his feet up on a clear part of his desk. Harry wanted to scream at how relaxed he was, something Harry didn't think he could ever feel again.




"I tried to love you, I tried to comfort you, I tried to force you, and I even tried to scare you into loving me. But nothing I did was working, nothing I did made you let your guard down enough for me to make you mine completely. But—" Louis looked up at him with shining eyes "—I figured that if I couldn't scare you into loving me, maybe, just maybe, if you were more afraid of someone else, you'd let your guard down enough to let me protect you and love you. And I figured you'd let me into your heart. Although, I didn't plan on him waking up after I pushed him or George opening his mouth—"




"Y-You pushed him?" Harry stuttered, backing away from the desk as Louis stood. Louis let out an annoyed sigh.




"So he didn't tell you that? Really?" The tan man's face turned stone cold, walking around the desk towards Harry.




It was then that Harry realized he made a mistake by coming here and demanding answers. He got comfortable with this evil man being nice to him, but how could he think he wouldn't hurt him after leaving him here to be raped and tortured for five days? He left him like it was nothing but a move forward on a chess game, nothing more and nothing less.




"Yes, I pushed him down three flights of stairs to shut him up and now, I'm going to show you something. I had it prepared just in case you decided to be defiant." Louis grabbed Harry's arm in a tight grip before tugging him out of the room and down the stairs. He pulled him outside to the shed, not even feeling amused when Harry started to struggle.




"N-No, please, I'm sorry—"




"You wanted to provoke me—" Louis opened the door and shoved Harry inside. "—and this is what happens. I never wanted to hurt you physically or mentally, but I figured that physical wounds can heal and it'd be okay. But maybe hurting you emotionally and scarring you into loving me is my only option." Harry felt his knees weaken when he saw what Louis had tied up on the bed of death. Louis held him up as his knees buckled and he nearly felt to the floor, grabbing his chin to make him look at his 'surprise'.




Harry stared at the beaten face of his ex boyfriend tied to the same iron bed that Oliver was tied too when Harry was forced to choose who lived and who died.





Chapter Text



“Do you mind?” Harry snapped as he slapped the hands off of his waist. The most annoying person on the face of the Earth was grabbing him like it was his right and Harry was done with it.




“C’mon, I’m only teasing,” Liam snickered out, holding his hands up. Harry rolls his eyes and grabs his books, shutting his locker loudly to show his annoyance. 




He’s know Liam for a year, since they were freshmen, and Harry’s had enough of his shenanigans. 




“You know, you wound me when you act so cold towards me,” Liam replies but the teasing tone is still there.




“Good, that’s the point,” Harry sneers, walking into his classroom until a hand grabs his wrist. He’s turned around, cheeks flushing when lips are pressed against his cheek. 




“See you after class, babe.” 







“Get off of me before I slit your throat open,” Harry hissed at the jock who had him pressed against the wall.  The las covered his mouth as his hands began to wander.




“Just shut that pretty mouth of yours and enjoy yourself—“ he was on the ground before he could finish his statement, letting Harry go. Harry turns to run but a hand grabs his wrist, pulling him into an embrace. He tried to fight until he hears a familiar voice that calms him instantly.




“It’s okay, you’re okay now. I won’t let him near you again.” Harry looks at the boy on the ground with dead eyes as Liam continues to console him.









“Harry, please, I can explain—”




“There’s nothing to explain, we aren’t even together,” Harry mutters out as he frantically wipes away his tears. And to think he was going to give Liam a chance. “Why would I care if you go fuck around with other guys—”




“—Harry, he kissed me I swear! I didn’t even kiss back!” Liam yells, grabbing Harry’s wrist to turn him back around. Harry tries to pull away but he couldn’t. Liam wouldn’t let him.




“I’ve been after you for four years, I wouldn’t throw that away for some guy I don’t even know, not when I know that you’ve been starting to feel something for me. And I know you have,” Liam grabs Harry’s waist, pulling them together so their bodies were together. “I love you, and I’m not letting you get away from me.” Harry goes to speak but Liam presses their lips together passionately before he can get a word out. 




Harry fights the urge to kiss back but ends up failing, moving his lips with the one person he’s ever felt anything towards. 




“L-Liam—” Harry tries to get out but is cut off with Liam licking his way into his mouth, picking him up by his thighs. Harry holds on tightly as they continue to make out. They pull away for air, leaning their foreheads together. Liam’s eyes are closed in bliss as he speaks.




“You have no idea how badly I’ve wanted to do that. How long I’ve needed that. God, I feel like I can breathe for the first time in years.” Harry smiles slightly, feeling love for the first time in his life.




“Yeah, me too.”








“L-Liam—it hurts,” Harry whimpered, squeezing Liam’s hand tightly. Liam pressed a kiss against Harry’s lips as he thrusts gently, trying to relax the boy who was wrapped so tightly around him. 




“Relax, it’ll feel better soon.” Liam whisperers, going slowly until he hit that spot that made Harry arch off the bed in pleasure. 




“T-There! Please, do that again—ah!” Harry moans, gripping the sheets tightly as Liam starts to move faster. 




“So you’re only polite in bed—” Liam grunts as he thrusts harshly into Harry, causing Harry to Liam loudly. “—that’s nice to hear.” 




“Ah, Liam!” Harry screamed as he came, feeling Liam release inside of him a few thrusts later. They lay in bed for a few minutes, trying to catch their breath as they float on cloud nine. Harry smiles over at Liam before he gets up, heading to the bathroom until a hand grabs his, stopping him.




“Where do you think you’re goin’?” Liam asks. Harry gives him a shy smile. 




“I was going to clean myself up.” Liam smirked, pulling him back down. He climbs on top of him, trapping him under his body.




“Who said we were finished?” Liam smirked and Harry giggled as he connected their lips once again.









“Liam, I can’t do this anymore. I’m so fucking exhausted.” Harry sighed, throwing his coat on the chair. Liam scoffs.




“How do you think I feel? I had to watch that guy be all over you because the fucking professor decided to take you out for dinner.” Harry glares hardly with his forest green eyes.




“He took me to the dinner to introduce me to his colleagues. He could help me get a fantastic job at a great hospital so I don’t waste all this money for no reason! And you don’t even work there so why were you there?” Harry sneered, watching as Liam rolled his eyes.




“I needed cash so Austin said I could help him cater the dinner. He said they were all doctors and that they tipped really well. Apparently you got some good ones too!” Liam sneered, referring to all the times Harry’s professor—who used to be an attending physician—was all over him, whispering in his ear. Harry rolls his eyes.




“Why are you so hung up on him being my mentor? He’s married! He’s ten years older than me! I love you! You know how much that means! Stop with this unnecessary jealousy!” Harry yells, storming up to their bedroom. Liam runs after him, grabbing his hand and turning him around, pushing him against the wall.




“We agreed to never go to bed angry. So don’t you dare break that promise,” Liam said, looking trying to look him in the eyes. Harry looked away before eventually sighing and he nodded. 




“You’re right.” He leans his head on Liam’s chest. “I’ll try to stop him from getting too close. I don’t want you to feel like you can’t trust me.” Liam smiles, pressing a kiss to his curls.




“Thank you.”








Harry was sitting by the window when Liam got home. He was cuddled under a blanket as he watched the pitter patter of the rain dropping onto the glass. 




“Harry, what’s wrong?” Harry looked up at Liam and Liam’s eyes immediately went wide at the split lip Harry had.




“I’m so sorry!” Harry whimpered, cuddling under the blanket to hide away. Liam put his bag on the floor and crushed over to him, grabbing his hand and tried to get Harry to look at him.




“What happened?”




“Mr. Lloyd, he—he tried to—“ Harry bites his lip and tries to run away, but Liam grabbed his hand before he could get very far. 




“Harry, what happened—“




“You’re gonna h-hate me—“




”I could never hate you.”




Harry only bites his lip. 




“H-He tried to force himself on me,” Harry cried, letting Liam hold him tightly.  “He said I lead him on b-but I stopped being so friendly with him weeks ago! I treated him like a professor instead of a friend but he said it didn’t matter.” Harry sobbed into Liam’s neck. “He hit me when I pushed him away,” Harry cried, clutching onto Liam tightly.




“I hate having emotions, I want them gone! This feeling is choking me inside and it won’t stop.” He cried helplessly, holding onto his shirt where his heart is. Liam hushed him.




“That’s called guilt. It’s a part of your conscious—“




“I know what a conscious is,” Harry muttered angrily. Liam hums.




“I know, but feeling and knowing are two different things, love. And you should also know that it’s not always right.” Harry looked up at Liam with confusion clear on his tear stained face, but Liam silenced it with a kiss. “What I’m saying it that you don’t need to feel guilty because it’s not your fault. Whether you lead him on or not it doesn’t give him the right to hurt you or force himself on you. I’m so sorry I wasn’t there,” Liam pulls them down onto the couch, having Harry lay down on top of him so they were a tangled mess of limbs and love.




“There wasn’t anyway you could have been,“ Harry reassures, pressing a kiss to Liam’s lips. Then he looks sad again, tears welling up for the second time. “Does this mean you aren’t going to break up with me?” Harry asked with water sparkling eyes and Liam’s heart drops as he pulls him to rest his head on his chest, wrapping him tightly in his arms.




“Of course not, I’m never going to break up with you. Ever. I love you too much to do that.” Harry smiles contently but doesn’t say anything back.









“Liam, he’s my father! And what about mum and Gem, I can’t just abandon them! They’re struggling enough to survive as it is!” Harry snapped, glaring harshly at the man he once loved. Now, all he can feel is annoyance and suffocation.




“He’s beating you, Harry! How do you expect me to just sit around when I know this is happening?” Liam yells right back, brown eyes glaring in frustration.




“I can’t leave mum and Gemma with him. If I’m not there he’s going to hurt them!” Harry said, his heart flooded with emotions. He’s always hated fighting with Liam, but that’s all they ever seem to do anymore.




“Harry, you can’t ask me to just sit back and watch him hurt you. As your boyfriend, I can’t do that—”




“Then maybe we should break up,” Harry said monotoned, looking up at Liam with dead eyes. Liam’s face drops and once Harry sees the tears in his eyes, he understands what he just said.




“W-What?” Liam asked, moving to take a step towards Harry but stops when Harry takes a step back.




“All we do it fight, and you said that as my boyfriend you couldn’t stand back so what else can I do, Liam? I’m drowning so much as it is and you aren’t helping.” Harry cries, everything suddenly becoming real. He wants to see his mouth shut but he can’t seem to get it to close. “And I’m not blaming you for anything but I have other things I need to focus on other than you right now. I can’t keep fighting you on everything. I’m so exhausted and these emotions are driving me mad,” Harry tells him, stepping back when Liam reaches for him. But then Liam pulls his hand back.




“Seriously? You’re going to throw me away? We’ve been together five years Harry!” Liam cries, and it hurts Harry knowing that he’s the one who caused it.




“I’m not throwing you away. I just need a break. I need to figure everything out. I don’t know for how long but maybe once we grow a bit more, once I can sort through these feelings and emotions, we can try again or maybe we’ll end up as friends. But I need to focus on myself right now.” 



Liam shook his head, tears streaming down his cheeks. He didn’t bother wiping them and Harry didn’t bother wiping his own. Harry turned towards the door, subconsciously waiting for Liam to grab his hand like always.



This time, Liam didn’t grab his hand. Harry looked back at Liam who had tears streaming down his cheeks but he didn’t reach out for Harry. He didn’t try to pull him into his embrace.




He was done running after Harry and it hurt Harry that he was.




But that didn’t stop him from running away anyway. 




“Have you ever been so in love that the thought of losing that person killed you?” Those same brown eyes that appeared in Harry’s head were right in front of him. Those brown eyes were looking at him in fear and concern.




“L-Liam?” Harry whispered out, looking at his naked body on the table.




This couldn’t be happening.




“Harry!” Liam yelled, like had done so many times before. But this was so, so much different. 




“Liam—” Harry tried to run to him but Louis held him back, pressing kisses to his neck.




“Isn’t this just a nice little reunion?” 

Chapter Text


"Oh god, no," Harry whispered under his breath, not believing what he saw. Liam was staring at him with scared, wide eyes. He was chained up to the table but his right arm was free, trying to undo the chain so he could get to Harry. 





'Not him, not him, not him'





'This can't be happening'










Harry tried to run towards him but Louis held onto him tightly, pressing kisses to the back of his neck. Liam glared and tried to get free as he saw Harry grimace, but he couldn't and he hated it. 





"Where do you think you're going baby? We haven't even gotten to the fun part yet." Louis let his hands glide over Harry's thigh, skimming his lips over his neck. 





"K-King, please—"




"Isn't this just a nice little reunion? The old boyfriend and the new boyfriend with the object of our darkest desires." Harry tried to get to Liam once again but this time, Louis hit his head against the wall, holding his body up as the boy lost his balance for a few seconds.





Louis pushed Harry over to a new table that was beside the original, making him to bend over. Louis forced his hands behind his back, shoving his face into the cold metal as he pressed himself against the boy's bum. Harry was limp against the table as his head pounded, blood dripping from his temple.





Harry looked over at Liam who was parallel to him, giving Liam a view is never wanted to see. 





Someone else pressed against Harry, and in such an impure way. 





"Get the fuck away from him!" Liam growled, tugging at the restraints. Louis smirked, grinding himself onto Harry who was so pathetically defenseless.





"Oh, right, I suppose you wouldn't want to see the man you love so obsessively getting fucked by another." Louis hummed, shoving Harry's pants down with one hand, still keeping the other to keep Harry's arms behind his back. 





He could tie them there, but then he wouldn't be able to feel Harry struggle and that just wouldn't do.





"Let him go—"





"Don't tell me what to do with my boyfriend—"





"Boyfriend?" Liam scoffed, looking at Harry. "Is he really your boyfriend?" Harry shook his head frantically.





"Liam, no—ah!" Louis tugged Harry's hair harshly, pulling little pieces out with his tight grip. "Y-Yes! Yes, he's my boyfriend!" Harry whimpered out quickly, causing Louis to smile.





"Glad you've finally accepted it baby—"





"You're fucking forcing him to say that! Don't believe for a second he means it. I know he doesn't." Louis glared over at him, looking down at Harry who was looking desperately towards his ex. He suddenly smirked, pulling Harry back so their bodies were pressed against each other as he connected his lips in a passionate kiss.





Harry kissed Louis back without hesitation, but not because he wanted too. He knew why Louis did it. He did it to piss Liam off and suffer through seeing him kiss someone else. Just because Liam said he knew Harry. 





And Harry knew that Louis hated the thought because it's true. Liam knew Harry better than anyone else ever had and he knew it was getting to Louis. So, even if it could make Liam hate him, he had to do whatever Louis wanted.




If he didn't, Liam would die.





"Please, King, I'll do anything. Just let him go," Harry cried as they pulled apart, whimpering when Louis pulled his pants down around his thighs.










"Shut up, Liam!" Harry yelled, gasping when Louis pressed a finger inside him. Liam glared furiously as he watch Louis force himself onto Harry with such a proud and smug smirk.





"Get the fuck off him!" Liam screamed, his muscles bulging as he tried to escape. 





"You'll do anything? Is that right baby?" Louis asked, completely ignoring Liam. Harry nodded frantically, trying desperately to stay calm. 





"Even if I tell you to get on your knees and promise you'll never leave me. Even if you can escape me, you'll promise to stay forever?" Harry had tears in his eyes, looking at Liam who was struggling to get free. He hung his head and nodded.





"Yes, I would," he said without hesitation. 










"Shut up!" Harry growled at him, glaring fiercely at him. Liam only glared back but Louis spoke before either of them could. 





"So, all I had to do was threaten someone you love to get you to submit?" Louis shoved two more fingers inside of Harry's entrance causing him to gasp in pain. 





"Do you ever just want to stop feeling?"




Harry shook his head as he heard a voice mutter that so softly. 




'What the hell?'





You're finally remembering





"I know you would keep that promise." Louis muttered in his ear, pulling him back to the situation in front of him. "But you see, the problem with that is, I hate that you love someone that much," Louis said as he pulled his fingers out of Harry. "I want to be the only person you love, so that just won't—" Louis shoves his dick inside of Harry, gripping his arms tightly as he thrusts the whole way in "—do." 




Harry lets out a groan of pain, clenching his fists from where Louis was holding him. Louis chuckled at Liam's curse, how he helplessly struggled to help Harry.





"Why the hell are you doing this?" Liam sneered, watching helplessly as Louis started to mark Harry up. Louis grinned.





"Because, my little Doll has been a bad girl and you're her punishment." Harry whimpered as Louis rubs his bulge between his cheeks harshly. "Besides, I don't like what you said to me during our little talk outside the cafe." Louis pulled Harry's head up so he was looking straight at Liam as he continued to fuck him from behind.





"Do you know that he isn't the sweet man you always thought?" Louis whispered in his ear, pressing kisses to his neck. 





"S-Shut up—"





"He's been stalking you for years. Ever since he first laid his eyes on you. Just like I did. Only I had the balls to take you all for myself so no one else could have you." Louis stops his thrust, leaving himself balls deep inside Harry, right on his prostate. Harry bit his lip to stop a moan from releasing from his lips. He couldn't get out the words he wanted to speak so all he could do was look at Louis with questioning, wanting eyes.





"One day after I paid you a visit, this guy came to talk to me. He tried to scare me into never going back to the cafe or talking to you again. The attempt to scare me was adorable. But I became curious about him and so I had some people look into him." Louis continued biting all over Harry's neck, leaving mark after mark on his pale skin.





"Why would I? W-We were broken up—"





"He was under the impression that he could eventually win you back. How unbelievably stupid," Louis answered Liam by talking to Harry, trying to make him seem so unimportant that he doesn't even need to talk directly to him. "Setting up scenes to make you think he was an amazing guy that you didn't deserve. Creating situations where you got hurt just so he could comfort you. Sound familiar?" Harry closed his eyes as Louis began to thrust into him again, reaching around to tease his nipples.





"S-Stop telling him lies—"




"You haven't stuttered this whole time but now you are. You're being held captive by a psychopath who wants nothing more than to hear you scream but as I tell him these things, now you get scared." Louis smirked, turning back to Harry. "He's just like me, he's done the same things as I have, just not as extreme. Seems like you can't help but attract obsessive people. Liam, me, then Niall, who's going to be obsessed with you next?" Louis asked, but Harry shook his head.




"I-I don't care," Harry whimpered. Louis only began to thrust harder. 




"Oh, you don't? Why's that?" He grunted out, smirking when Harry let out an accidental moan. 





"B-Because I—I—"





"I'm waiting," Louis taunted, letting out a loud moan right after. He sped up his hips as he and Harry moaned together, both nearing climax. Harry turned to face him with tears flowing down his face.





"Because I already knew that."


Chapter Text

“Because I already knew that.” Liam looked at Harry shocked as did Louis, but Louis didn’t stay shocked for long. Instead, he smiled in delight, fucking Harry harder and faster than before.




“Is that why you broke up with him? Why you always ran from him?” Harry shook his head, scrunching his face in pain as Louis gripped his hair harder.








“Why?” Louis grunted. “Why didn’t you run from him?”




“He’s the only person who ever made me feel human.” Harry turned to Liam, forcing a moan back. ”You helped me feel emotions that I never could and I couldn’t let that go,” Harry admitted, but his mind was flying in all sorts of directions.




“Do you ever wish you could stop feeling?”




Harry heard it once again. Liam’s voice whispering in his mind and he couldn’t remember when it was said or why.




“No, I don’t. You have no idea how scary it is to be numb.”




“I’m going to fucking kill you when I get out of here—“




“You can’t,” Louis laughed, letting out a moan after. He smirked at Liam. “You can't touch me. You can’t save him—” Louis lets go of Harry’s hand, letting him try to reach out for Liam. Liam tried to do the same with his free arm but Louis grabbed Harry’s hand from behind him, lacing their hands, back to palm. “—you can’t even save yourself.”




“Isn’t it easier, though? Nothing can hold you back from doing the things you want.”




Harry couldn’t breathe. He heard himself saying a response to a question he never knew he heard. He looked up at Liam desperately, trying to get him to help.




“It’s easier, but it doesn’t mean that it’s better being that way.”




Liam saw something was changing in the way Harry was acting, but Louis was too busy trying to anger him to notice.




But Liam always noticed everything about Harry.




He watched as Harry’s pained and pleasures face began to turn confused and conflicted. His body went from limp in helplessness to tense and fidgety.




But his eyes, his eyes were what scared Liam. They began to change only as Liam had seen them do once before and he realized what was happening.




And his face paled.




“Oh no,” Liam whispered, trying to reach out to Harry, watching as his eyes started to change even more.




All the emotion was leaving them and that was horrifying.




“Harry, look at me! Don’t let it take over!” Liam pleaded, trying so hard to reach for him.




Don’t listen to him.




Let it go.




“Stop fucking talking to him!” Louis yelled in anger, moaning a second after as he came inside of Harry. Harry shivered as he came too, but his mind couldn’t register what his body was doing. He could only hear the memories as the flooded back.




“Sometimes I wish I didn’t love you.”




Harry’s eyes began to focus and he saw Liam reaching for him. He suddenly came back to his senses, reaching out for Liam.




He needed Liam, he needed to touch him. He knew he felt this desperation before but he couldn’t remember why.




But he needed Liam.




Harry couldn’t reach as Louis moved him over to a chair, the same chair where he decided George and Oliver’s fates. That moment of clarity didn’t last long. He was back to having a battle in his head and he couldn’t focus on what was happening in front of him.








“Tsk,” Louis slapped Harry in the face when he realized he was zoning out. Harry looked up startled. “You need to pay attention, that'll be the last time you see him. Well, the last time you’ll see him alive, anyway.” Harry watched as Louis picked up bone shears from a table.




“Because I know you’ll never love me the way I love you. “




“What are you doing?” Harry asked frantically, trying to free himself. Louis glances over at him, grabbing Liam’s hand. Liam tried to pull it away only for Louis to cuff it to the table.




“I’m going to make sure you won’t ever want to look at him again, and to do that—“ Louis grabbed Liam’s hand and brought the shears to his left ring finger.








“I’m going to dismember him until you can’t recognize him,” Louis simpered as Liam screamed. Louis held up his finger, waving it around. “Now, let's get to the rest, shall we?”




Harry watched as Louis continued cutting off Liam’s fingers one by one, moving onto his right hand once his left hand was bloody and fingerless.




Louis watched with a pleasured grin as he watched Liam scream in pain.




“Well, that was exciting, but let’s get to the real fun,” he breathed out in pure excitement. He walked to the table and grabbed a power saw, turning it on with haste.




“Now, that we’re at the main event, let's take off some limbs and go from there. We’ll see how long you can last,” Louis laughed maniacally.




“Louis, please don’t do this!” Harry screamed as his mind was filled with confusion. A million things were happening but all he saw was how scared Liam was. All he saw was Liam reaching out for him as he had always done. His fingerless hand still reaching toward him.




“You’ll never be able to love me as much as I love you.”




“No!” Harry screamed at the top of his lungs as he watches Liam wither in pain, blood splattering everywhere. Harry felt it hit his face as he looked away, unable to watch. He tried to go deaf, tried so desperately to stop Liam’s screams from reaching his ear but he heard every single one of them.




And he couldn’t do anything about it.




“Ah, ah, you better watch Harry. You don’t want the last thing he sees to be me, do you? Look into his eyes as he dies, don’t you owe him that at least?”




Look at him!








Look at what you did!




He’s here because of you!




Watch and let yourself remember who you are.




Harry looked up with dazed, tearful eyes, looking into Liam’s pain filled eyes.




He looked quietly into his eyes until there was no longer any life in them nor were there any limbs on his body. He laid there, just a torso and a head until Louis cut that off too.




Harry couldn’t cry anymore, the shock was just too much. He looked at the dismembered body of his first love.




And Harry just stared.




He just stared at the corpse of his ex that couldn't even be identified anymore. His head was out of his sight, laying somewhere Harry couldn’t see.




His limbs were scattered across the floor, blood covered Harry’s clothes and his skin, but not nearly as much as the table was. Louis was standing back and admiring his work but Harry saw none of it.




Because even though he was looking, he wasn’t focusing on that.




All he could focus on was the snap that filled his body. All the memories that all came flooding back to him as soon as he watched Liam’s eyes go empty.




He remembered everything.




“Happy birthday, my precious Queen,” Louis whispered sinisterly in his ear, reaching down to touch Harry once again.




If only he knew—



—he just snapped one of the last chains keeping the most sinister monster at bay. 


Chapter Text

Harry was sitting on the window bench in his new room, staring out the window blankly. 




He remembered everything. Every little piece of information he couldn't remember, he finally knew. 




And he didn't feel anything. It didn't bring him joy or anger. He wasn't content but he wasn't restless. 




He was nothing.








"Do you ever just want to stop feeling?" Liam asked as they stared up at the sky. Harry sighs.




"No, I don't. You have no idea how scary  it is to be numb." Liam grabs Harry's hand, pressing a kiss to the back of it as they look to the stars. 




"Isn't it easier, though? Nothing can hold you back from doing the things you want."




"It's easier, but it doesn't mean that it's better being that way." They sit in silence after that, enjoying each other's company. At least, until Liam cracks Harry's heart.



"Sometimes I wish I didn't love you," Liam says, looking over at Harry. Harry looked back, feeling his heart start to break for the first time.




"Why?" He sees tears in Liam's eyes and he feels his welling up. 




"Because I know you'll never love me the way I love you. You'll never be able to love me as much as I love you." Harry rolls on top of Liam and hugs him tightly.




"I'm sorry, but the—"




"I know, I know," Liam hushed him, already knowing everything Harry was about to say. "I just wish it didn't cause me so much heartache. You won't remember and I'll be living with that burden for the next three years. Sometimes I just wish I didn't know." Liam sighs, stroking Hardy's curls. "I wish I could have just lived in blissful ignorance." Harry sat up suddenly, tears in his eyes.




"I'm fucking sorry I even told you then," Liam grabs him before he can fully stand up, pulling him back down.




"Harry, that's not what I meant. I'm happy you trust me enough to tell me but it just... it hurts, that's all. Please, don't cry." Liam wipes Harry's tears off of his cheeks, pressing a kiss to his lips. 




"I've never loved anyone as much as I love you. Not even my family," Harry muttered, lacing their fingers together. Liam smiled.




"Then that's enough for me." 









Liam knew everything even when Harry didn't and that's why their relationship fell apart. But he couldn't tell Louis that because he didn't know what he was trying to remember. Harry was missing pieces to most of his life and Liam knew what those pieces were, where those pieces were hidden.




Harry subconsciously hated him for it.




"He's been stalking you for years."





He still heard Louis asking him that.




Did he know? Of course, he knew that. He thrived on it. He loved the fact that Liam was fucked up, it comforted him. He didn't know why, but he loved having someone obsess over him. Besides, Liam was never good at hiding it.








"Get off of me before I slit your throat open," Harry hissed at the jock who had him pressed against the wall.  The las covered his mouth as his hands began to wander.




"Just shut that pretty mouth of yours and enjoy yourself—" he was on the ground before he could finish his statement, letting Harry go. Harry turns to run but a hand grabs his wrist, pulling him into an embrace. He tried to fight until he hears a familiar voice that calms him instantly.





"It's okay, you're okay now. I won't let him near you again." Harry looks at the boy on the ground with dead eyes as Liam continues to console him.









"Thanks for helping me out." Harry watched from behind the corner as Liam smirked, handing money to the boy that tried to take advantage of him.




"You didn't have to hit me so much, I hardly touched him," the boy grumbled. Liam shrugged.





"Needed to make it believable."








"Good job, I'll pay you later." Harry heard Liam say to the guy he was just kissing. He said it so loudly, probably thinking that Harry was far away by now. If only he knew that Harry was only right around the corner.



"Harry, please, I can explain—"





"There's nothing to explain, we aren't even together," Harry mutters out as he frantically wipes away his tears. And to think he was going to give Liam a chance. Well, whatever, if he wants to fuck around so be it. "Why would I care if you go fuck around with other guys—"





"—Harry, he kissed me I swear! I didn't even kiss back!" Liam yells, grabbing Harry's wrist to turn him back around. Harry tries to pull away but he couldn't. Liam wouldn't let him.





"I've been after you for four years, I wouldn't throw that away for some guy I don't even know, not when I know that you've been starting to feel something for me. And I know you have," Liam grabs Harry's waist, pulling them together so their bodies were together. "I love you, and I'm not letting you get away from me." Harry goes to speak but Liam presses their lips together passionately before he can get a word out. 





Harry fights the urge to kiss back but ends up failing, moving his lips with the one person he's ever felt anything towards. Maybe he can look past what happened. Maybe Liam's just a little fucked up but everyone is.





"L-Liam—" Harry tries to get out but is cut off with Liam licking his way into his mouth, picking him up by his thighs. Harry holds on tightly as they continue to make out. They pull away for air, leaning their foreheads together. Liam's eyes are closed in bliss as he speaks.




"You have no idea how badly I've wanted to do that. How long I've needed that. God, I feel like I can breathe for the first time in years." Harry smiles slightly, feeling love for the first time in his life.




"Yeah, me too."






"Liam, I can't do this anymore. I'm so fucking exhausted." Harry sighed, throwing his coat on the chair. Liam scoffs.





"How do you think I feel? I had to watch that guy be all over you because the fucking professor decided to take you out for dinner." Harry glares hardly with his forest green eyes.





"He took me to dinner to introduce me to his colleagues. He could help me get a fantastic job at a great hospital so I don't waste all this money for no reason! And you don't even work there so why were you there?" Harry sneered, watching as Liam rolled his eyes. 





"I needed cash so Austin said I could help him cater the dinner. He said they were all doctors and that they tipped well and apparently you got some good ones too!" Liam sneered, referring to all the times Harry's professor—who used to be an attending physician—was all over him, whispering in his ear. Harry rolls his eyes. 





He knows that isn't what happened. Liam followed him there, just like he follows him everywhere. Harry thought that after they got together that Liam would stop following him around and hiding in the shadows, but it's only gotten worse.





"Why are you so hung up on him being my mentor? He's married! He's ten years older than me! I love you! You know how much that means! Stop with this unnecessary jealousy!" Harry yells, storming up to their bedroom. Liam runs after him, grabbing his hand and turning him around, pushing him against the wall. 





Harry knows that this mentor has no feelings towards him, sexual or otherwise. They've discussed if after Liam made a big scene in front of them once. 





As he usually does.





"We agreed to never go to bed angry. So don't you dare break that promise," Liam said, looking trying to look him in the eyes. Harry looked away before eventually sighing and he nodded. 





He wishes he could let Liam go, but he just can't and he doesn't know why.





"You're right." He leans his head on Liam's chest. "I'll try to stop him from getting too close. I don't want you to feel like you can't trust me." Liam smiles, pressing a kiss to his curls.





"Thank you."









Harry was sitting by the window when Liam got home. He was cuddled under a blanket as he watched the pitter-patter of the rain dropping onto the glass. 




"Harry, what's wrong?" Harry looked up at Liam and Liam's eyes immediately went wide at the split lip Harry had.




'You told him to try to force himself on me, didn't you?' That's what Harry wanted to say. It was on the tip of his tongue. 





But he just couldn't bring himself to say it. So he just blurted out the first thing that came to mind.




"I'm so sorry!" Harry whimpered, cuddling under the blanket to hideaway. Liam put his bag on the floor and crushed over to him, grabbing his hand and tried to get Harry to look at him.




"What happened?"




'You already know what happened, you paid for it to happen.'




But Harry played along.





"Mr. Lloyd, he—he tried to—" Harry bites his lip and tries to run away, but Liam grabbed his hand before he could get very far. 





"Harry, what happened—"





"You're gonna h-hate me—"





"I could never hate you."





Harry only bites his lip. 




"H-He tried to force himself on me," Harry cried, letting Liam hold him tightly.  "He said I lead him on b-but I stopped being so friendly with him weeks ago! I treated him like a professor instead of a friend but he said it didn't matter." Harry sobbed into Liam's neck. "He hit me when I pushed him away," Harry cried, clutching onto Liam tightly.




"I hate having emotions, I want them gone! This feeling is choking me inside and it won't stop." He cried helplessly, holding onto his shirt where his heart is. Liam hushed him.





"That's called guilt. It's a part of your conscious—"




"I know what a conscious is," Harry muttered angrily. Liam hums.





He was angry because despite knowing that loan caused it, he does feel guilty. But he shouldn't and he knows that.





"I know, but feeling and knowing are two different things, love. And you should also know that it's not always right." Harry looked up at Liam with confusion clear on his tear-stained face, but Liam silenced it with a kiss. "What I'm saying is that you don't need to feel guilty because it's not your fault. Whether you lead him on or not it doesn't give him the right to hurt you or force himself on you. I'm so sorry I wasn't there," Liam pulls them down onto the couch, having Harry lay down on top of him so they were a tangled mess of limbs and love.





"There wasn't any way you could have been," Harry reassures, pressing a kiss to Liam's lips. Then he looks sad again, tears welling up for the second time. "Does this mean you aren't going to break up with me?" Harry asked with water sparkling eyes and Liam's heart drops as he pulls him to rest his head on his chest, wrapping him tightly in his arms.





"Of course not, I'm never going to break up with you. Ever. I love you too much to do that." Harry smiles contently but doesn't say anything back.




'When will I stop forgiving you?'








"Liam, he's my father! And what about mum and Gem, I can't just abandon them! They're struggling enough to survive as it is!" Harry snapped, glaring harshly at the man he once loved. Now, all he can feel is annoyance and suffocation.




"He's beating you, Harry! How do you expect me to just sit around when I know this is happening?" Liam yells right back, brown eyes glaring in frustration.




'After all the emotional manipulation do you have any room to talk?' Harry nearly said it, but he bites his tongue as he always does.




"I can't leave mum and Gemma with him. If I'm not there he's going to hurt them!" Harry said, his heart flooded with emotions. He's always hated fighting with Liam, but that's all they ever seem to do anymore.




"Harry, you can't ask me to just sit back and watch him hurt you. As your boyfriend, I can't do that—"




"Then maybe we should break up," Harry said monotoned, looking up at Liam with dead eyes. Liam's face drops and once Harry sees the tears in his eyes, he understands what he just said.



"W-What?" Liam asked, moving to take a step towards Harry but stops when Harry takes a step back.





"All we do it fight, and you said that as my boyfriend you couldn't stand back so what else can I do, Liam? I'm drowning so much as it is and you aren't helping." Harry cries, everything suddenly becoming real. He wants to see his mouth shut but he can't seem to get it to close. "And I'm not blaming you for anything but I have other things I need to focus on other than you right now. I can't keep fighting you on everything. I'm so exhausted and these emotions are driving me mad," Harry tells him, stepping back when Liam reaches for him. But then Liam pulls his hand back.





"Seriously? You're going to throw me away? We've been together five years Harry!" Liam cries, and it hurts Harry knowing that he's the one who caused it.





But it's nothing compared to what Liam has done to him.




"I'm not throwing you away. I just need a break. I need to figure everything out. I don't know for how long but maybe once we grow a bit more, once I can sort through these feelings and emotions, we can try again or maybe we'll end up as friends. But I need to focus on myself right now." 




This time, Liam didn't grab his hand. Harry looked back at Liam who had tears streaming down his cheeks but he didn't reach out for Harry. He didn't try to pull him into his embrace.




He was done running after Harry and it hurt Harry that he was.





But that didn't stop him from running away anyway. 





Because for the first time since he's met Liam, he could finally start to breathe.




And now, he can breathe without resistance for the first time in his life.


Chapter Text

Harry couldn't stop his mind from running. All he could see was Liam, only a torso on that fucking table. He saw how much pain his eyes were in, how scared he was. 


He couldn't take the guilt.




Then stop resisting.




You can make all your pain go away.




You can make us go away.




Just let go, accept it. There's no point in resisting. Your time is already up. 




"I-I know," Harry sobbed, scared of what was going to happen. 




Once it's midnight, everything will be better.




Just deal with us until then.




Once you're free, so are we.




"I-I'm scared. W-What if I kill myself?" Harry asked them, holding his head.




You won't.




You haven't before.




Just make sure you don't fuck up.




We don't want to be in your head anymore.




"Oh, god," Harry whimpered as a dull pain started pounding in his head. "N-Not yet. It can't be happening yet."




But it is.




Just one more hour.




You can handle it, right?




"N-No. it hurts so much already!" Harry screamed, grabbing his head as the pain doubled. 




He could faintly hear someone banging on the door but he couldn't be bothered to even pay attention to it. 




"I-I'm gonna die!" Harry sobbed. He dug his nails into his arms, trying to cause enough pain to take his focus away from his head but he couldn't. 




Shut up, you'll be fine. You always are.




Just suck it up. 




Hey, maybe they'll be able to track where you are and find you.




It'll be too late by then, of course.




Harry couldn't handle the pain, it was much worse than he ever remembered it being.




He heard the door burst open, but by that time, he was already on the floor, unconscious.










When Harry came too, he was laid under the covers of his bed, a wet cloth on his forehead.





He looked at the ceiling, not making any move to get up. He didn't have the energy.




"Harry?" Harry heard Zayn call softly from the other side of the door. Harry said nothing, not finding it useful to answer Zayn. 




Because he just came in as Harry predicted. 




"Harry, Louis told me what happened, I'm so sorry I wasn't here to talk him out of it—"




"Zayn," Harry said his name with no emotion, turning to look at the raven-haired man, "please stop talking to me like a pitiful child. Do you think I don't know who brought Liam here?" Harry asked, standing up and walking towards Zayn.




"What did Louis tell you—"




"Nothing," Harry snickered, smirking slightly. But it was replaced with pain a second later. "I'm not stupid, Zayn. You're Louis' lapdog. You do whatever he says and you get your hands dirty doing it. Don't think that I forgot that you were part of my kidnapping." Harry towered over Zayn, making the other man back up. He'd never seen Harry act like this. Even as his voice shook from his pain, he still seemed so strong that it made Zayn feel so small.




"Harry, I didn't kidnap you—"




"No, but you picked out my room, you got my clothes, you fed me, you cared for me. You didn't try to let me out. You didn't try to talk him out of taking me. Sure, you were kind to me while I was here, but you have just as much a part of kidnapping me as he does. You're holding me captive just like he is. You brought the man I loved here knowing what was going to happen to him. You take part in all of the things Louis does to try and break me. Don't you dare pretend you're innocent in all this just because you're nicer than he is." Tears fell from Harry's cheeks and all Zayn wanted to do was hold him.




"I'm trying to get you out, I'm working with Gem—"




"And look at how much progress you haven't made. Just because you say your trying to free me doesn't mean you're doing everything you can. I know you aren't because you could let me out right now. But you won't."




"But Harry—"




"Zayn, you're as fucked as Louis is. You're as much of a monster. The only thing is that you're worse," Harry continued his advance, the pain in his face breaking Zayn's heart. "You're worse because you don't have enough of a brain to act on your own. You follow him around like a child. Be a man and make your own decisions, even if they're fucked up, at least you weren't following a psychopath's orders." Zayn walked backward until he was out in the hallway once again, his eyes not leaving Harry's tearful ones.




"Harry, you know I have to listen to him." Harry sniffled, wiping his tears.




"Come talk to me when you realize that you have just as much fault in my pain as him." Zayn reaches out to hold Harry but the boy shut the door in his face, locking it before Zayn could touch him.




Harry walked away from the door, wiping the tears from his face and letting the sadness melt from his face. It fell back into the blank expression he's had since he watched Louis saw right through Liam's neck. 




Now that he's him again, now that he wasn't being held back by what he was missing, he could focus on what was important. 




He'd been too distracted by the voices in his head, by Zayn promising to get him out, and by Louis' cruel actions. 




But now he doesn't have anything holding him back.








"Louis, I'm worried about Harry, he's acting strange." Zayn watched Louis roll his eyes from where he was sitting in front of his desk.




"He just watched the man he loved get dismembered and beheaded. He's not going to be okay. I'd be more concerned if he wasn't being weird," Louis answered in disinterest. He moved papers around as he continued to work, trying to disregard Zayn's presence.



"So you knew he was going to act like this yet you still did it?" Zayn asked, leaning back in his seat to get comfortable.



"Of course, I'm not an idiot. Just because I can't understand loss the way you guys do doesn't mean I can't understand that it takes a toll on you. I do have emotions too, just not as you and Harry do." Louis didn't look up from his papers but Zayn knew he was paying more attention to him than to the papers.



They were discussing his precious Queen, after all.



"So you're continuing to try and break him? Haven't you done enough? It's overkill at this point." Louis only shrugged.



"I'll stop once he submits to me and loves me." Zayn rolled his eyes.



"He's not weak. He's not going to submit to you out of pettiness alone. Just let him go back home and make it so he won't say anything." Louis stopped what he was doing, leaning back in his chair and taking off his glasses. 



"You need to watch what you say. One snap of my fingers and you go from a Prince to a peasant. Don't make me remind you of your place—"



Zayn and Louis both look towards the door when they heard a knock.



"I'm busy, come back later," Louis snapped sternly, turning back to Zayn only to be stopped by the door opening.



Harry waltzed in, ignoring Zayn's presence and sat himself down on Louis' lap, wrapping his arms around him. The aura around him was shocking to both lads as Harry wrapped his arms slowly around Louis' neck. He was dripping with pure seduction and neither man could hide their disbelief.



"Are you feeling better—"



"I wanna play," Harry whispered into Louis' ear, nibbling on it lightly. Zayn glared at the scene in front of him.







"Why are you still here?" Harry asked, no emotion in his eyes. He pressed kisses to Louis' neck, whimpering when Louis grabbed his ass. 





"You heard him, get out," Louis snapped at Zayn, turning to Harry only to be met with his lips. Zayn watched in confusion and anger as he watched Harry enjoy Louis' touch. He got up and stormed to leave, but paused at the exit. He turned around to see Harry's eyes locked onto him as he made out with Louis. There was a smirk on his face and Zayn left a second later.




Something wasn't right. That look that Harry gave him, those weren't Harry's eyes. Those eyes belonged to someone Zayn's never met.



He needed to talk to Gemma. 




Chapter Text


“Zayn?” Gemma questioned with tired eyes. Zayn could see how exhausted she was and it broke his heart to see her like this. 

“Does Harry have a multiple personality disorder or something?” Zayn snapped, shivering on the doorstep of the Styles’ home. Gemma’s eyes widened slightly as she opened the door for him.

“Come in, you must be freezing,” she ushered him in, taking him to the kitchen. “I’ll get you a cup of tea, sit down.” Zayn looked around the kitchen. It was so cozy and neat, just like the rest of what Zayn saw of the house. 

“Gem, Harry’s acting really fucking weird and not like himself at all. What’s going on with him?” Gemma paused from pouring the tea but continues a second later. 

“He’s being held hostage, why the hell would you think he would be acting normal?” She snapped out, her body tense as she sat the kettle back on the stove. She took a deep breath before letting her body relax. 

“I mean he’s acting differently than before. He used to have at least some fight left in him, but now—” Zayn bit his lip anxiously, wondering if he should tell her or not, “Now he’s given up. I looked him in the eye and those weren’t the eyes of your brother. Those weren’t Harry’s eyes. They were cold and emotionless. They were so empty and vacuous, it was scary.” Gemma turned around, handing him his tea. She leaned against the counter, crossing her arms over her chest. 

“When did you notice the change in him?” She asked, her curious eyes staring at him intensely. Her gaze made Zayn shiver slightly, seeing yet another side of her that she had never shown before.

“Yesterday was when I noticed it for sure, but I’d have to say he started acting weird on his birthday,” Zayn said, taking a sip of his tea. He watched as Gemma went rigid, but her parents walked into the room before Zayn could comment on it. Zayn made eye contact with Des, their eyes locking onto each other intensely.

“Oh, Zayn,” Des said, his tone on the verge of anger. It was obvious he was trying to keep his cool, knowing exactly what Zayn could do if he were to get on his bad side. 

Looks like he finally learned.

“Why are you here?” Des asked in a sickeningly sweet tone, venom hidden beneath it. Zayn couldn’t blame him for the hostility. 

“He came here asking if Harry had a personality disorder,” Gemma interjected, giving her parents a stern look. Des looked back at her confused. 


“He said that Harry started acting weird.” Des and Anne’s eyes widen, making Zayn wonder what they were hiding. 

“Zayn, I hope you don’t mind but I need to go talk to my parents. Why don’t you go drink that in the living room and warm up, okay?” She posed the command as a question but she wasn’t asking. And yet again, he’s met with another side of a Styles sibling that’s never been shown before.

He had no idea they both had such complex personalities. Even Des seemed to have sides Zayn hadn’t known. Standing tall and proud despite the fact that he was appeasing Zayn. He wasn’t sniveling like a child when he didn’t get his drugs like Zayn had become accustomed to seeing him. The Styles family seemed so simple when you first meet them, but that’s just not true at all. They’re all hiding who they are and they are good at it.

Anne is the only one who seems to be who she seems. 

But that could also be a lie.

“Sure, take your time,” Zayn said, pressing the bugging device under the counter subtly. She smiled at him and walked him to the door, watching as he walked away. Zayn walked into the living room and sat the tea down quickly, pulling out the headphone that was connected to the device.

They were whispering and arguing, Gemma’s tone filled with annoyance as she spoke.

“—so what exactly do you want me to tell him? He thinks Harry has multiple personality disorder,” Gemma asked in frustration. Des sighed.

“Tell him it’s true, it better he thinks that than the truth—“

“How is that better? If and when Harry goes off the rails, someone’s going to need to know what’s really going on with him,” Gemma points out, shutting her mother up.

“Gemma, don’t give me that attitude, I’m your mother and you still need to respect me—“

“Harry is being held hostage by a man who’s obsessed with him. Who knows what he’s done to him and on top of that, Harry’s mind is probably a carousel of crazy right now. I’m the only one who can even relate a little bit to what he’s dealing with right now and it’s not fun. So I think telling Zayn is our best option to keep him sane,” Gemma snapped at her mother while Zayn let out an irritated sigh. 

“What is she talking about?” He muttered in frustration. They kept dancing around what he wanted to know as if they knew he was listening to them. It was frustrating.

“But you know what could happen if Hawk finds out,” Anne said worriedly. Zayn’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion at the name. 

Hawk was a huge medical corporation that dealt with medical research and testing new drugs before putting them out into the public. 

But that was only to fool the public.

The truth behind the corporation was that they were hiding behind a facade. Their main product was illegal drugs and they’re the competing cartel against Louis’. Not only that, but they do unconventional methods with their medical testings. 

They test their medical products on humans instead of on animals and their test subjects aren’t willing participants. They were involved with the government and took criminals and war prisoners in for testing. They torture and kill the people that the government wanted gone and they get paid a fortune to do it.

The CEO, Leo Reed, was Louis’ rival and just as ruthless. He was the man who killed Louis’ father and the reason Louis is what he is. 

“How the hell are they involved with them?” He muttered angrily. 

“Well, we’re just going to have to take that chance. He needs to know what he’s dealing with,” Gemma states firmly. It was silent for a few moments until Anne sighed. 

“Fine, we’ll tell him. But I still think this is a horrible idea.” Zayn heard footsteps approaching the living room and he quickly took the headphones out and shoved it in his pocket. He finished his tea and looked up when Gemma entered. 

“C’ mon, we need to talk.”

Chapter Text


“What has Leo been up too? Have you found the connection between him and Harry yet?” Viktor nodded, sliding a something over to Louis. It was a picture of two families, Harry’s family and another with a father and a son.

“It seems that Des has friends in higher places than we thought considering how poor they are. Des and Leo’s father, Cole, have been friends their entire lives.” Louis studied the picture. His eyes were immediately drawn to Harry as a young child, around 3 or 4. His face wasn’t smiling like the rest of the people in the photograph. He was smiling, yes, but not like the others. It was small and hardly there like he was faking it.

But he was only a child, he probably was throwing a fit before the picture was taken.

Then Louis’ eyes moved to someone else. An older kid was holding him, around 10 or 11, a big smile on his face as he cuddled Harry close to him.

It was Leo, no doubt about that.

“How do they know each other?” Louis asked, studying the picture carefully. 

“They went to primary school together and were together up until Cole inherited Hawk on his 18th birthday from his father who died of a heart attack when he was 17. They finished high school and then Cole went off to uni while his father’s advisor helped him run the company. They lost touch for a bit while he went to college and Des married Anne. Shortly after he graduated with a business degree, he had Leo. Then, 5 years later Anne and Des had Gemma and another three years later, they had Harry.” Louis nodded, looking up at him. That means that Leo was 11 and Harry was 3. Leo was 8 years older than Harry and only a year older than himself. 

“How much contact did they have as they grew up?” Louis asked. 

“Not much. They were busy with their careers until you and your father got Des hooked. But Des was quite a smart man. He saved a lot of money for Gemma and Harry until he got hooked. Looks like when you got him hooked, you ruined their lives.” Louis glared at Viktor who put his hands up in surrender. 

“Just shut up and get back to work.” Louis stood up and walked to the door, leaving Viktor to himself. He walked over to his room where Harry was sleeping peacefully. Half of his naked body was covered by a blanket, but it still exposed the love bites all over his pale body. Louis sat down beside him and ran his hands through Harry’s long hair. It was past his collar bones now and Louis loved it.

“Can you let me cut it?” Harry asked groggily, looking up at Louis with sleepy eyes. Louis smiled down at him, pressing a sweet kiss to his lips. Harry cupped his cheek and kissed him back lazily, their tongues dancing together slowly.

“How short?” Louis asked, gripping the curls slightly. Harry shrugged.

“Enough that I won’t be hot during the summer. I know we’re not there yet but I’ve never had my hair this long before. It’s starting to bug me.” Louis couldn’t help but watch the way Harry’s lips formed every word he spoke. It was beautiful.

“I don’t know how I feel about that—” Louis tugged Harry’s head back by his hair, pressing kisses and sucking more love bites into his skin. “—I quite like being able to pull you around like this.” Louis turned Harry so he was on his back. Harry spread his legs open to let Louis fit between them, arching his back when Louis sucked on his sweet spot.y 

“I know you do, but I think I look even better with shorter hair. I think you’ll prefer to see my whole face instead of having my hair cover it all the time,” Harry said, biting his lip when Louis pulled away from his neck to look at him. Louis let go of his tight grip on Harry’s hair and instead, brushes a few stray curls from his face. 


“I think you’re right. I’ll arrange for someone to come cut your hair tomorrow, but I want a little treat before we get to that. Let me play with your long hair one last time,” Louis said softly, leaning down to capture Harry’s lips with his own. Harry let out a soft whimper, wrapping his arms around Louis’ neck to bring him closer.

The sweet kiss soon turned rough and aggressive, Louis grinding down harshly on Harry’s naked body. Harry let out sweet whimpers of pleasure as he tried to pull Louis closer. The older man flipped Harry over so he was on all fours, gripping his hair as he shoved himself inside of Harry’s hole. Harry let out a pained moan. He was still loose from earlier, but it still hurt when Louis shoved himself in without any prep. 

“Sorry, I just can’t help myself when it comes to you,” Louis grunted out as he tugged Harry backs, forcing him on just his knees. He held him there as he thrust vigorously, their bodies pressed close together. Harry turned his head back to look at Louis, a blissed-out look on his face. He could feel Louis deeper inside of him in this position and it felt so, so good. 

“Don’t hold back, p-please,” Harry begged, letting out a loud moan when Louis tugged his hair harshly. 

“God, what am I going to do with you? You’re going to kill me.” Louis kissed Harry harshly as he sped up, both nearing climax.

If only it was that easy.’ 


“You ready?” Harry nodded his head as the woman took a strand of his hair in her slender fingers. Her name was Emilia and she’s an incredibly sweet woman. 

How she knew and liked Louis, he has no idea. 

“Please, cut it all off. I don’t want it anymore.” Harry looked in the mirror as she brought her scissors up to the strand of hair she had in her hand. He waited impatiently for her to begin, feeling a moment of relief when he heard the scissors snip together. He watched as that strand of hair fell to the ground and a smile blossomed onto his face.

His hair had grown so much since he got to this horrible place, feeling this heavyweight on his head and mind as it continued to grow out. But now, he was releasing all of that, all of the pain and anguish he felt. With every snip, he felt like he was getting rid of every traumatic feeling he had ever felt while being there. All the guilt and sadness he ever felt began to melt away and he never felt better. 

As he stared at his newly cut hair, he felt like he’d been reborn, as silly as it sounded. He was ready to do whatever was necessary to keep himself alive.

No matter the cost.

Chapter Text

Zayn walked through the door of the mansion, his mind blank. He was on autopilot as he walked through the house to get Harry. 

He needed to see him.

“Just fuck off why don’t you?” He heard Harry’s deep voice spit out harshly.

“To start, Harry doesn’t know about anything we’re about to tell you. We’ve kept it a secret from him his entire life. We’re only telling you this to help him through this. He’s bound to be terrified and his mind is probably crashing.” Zayn nodded and Des continued. “I’m sure you know of the dark secrets of the Hawk organization,” Des said, his voice mixed with firm disgust and utter hatred. 

“I do,” Zayn answered quickly. “But how do you?” He asked. 

“Don’t fucking talk to me that way Harry. Don’t forget who I am to you!” Louis yelled at him. His voice was the one that scared everyone who came in contact with him. The amount of fear that man could create in a human was impressive. But as Zayn walked up to where they were, he knew that Harry wasn’t backing down.

“When Harry was a child, we found out there was something wrong with him mentally. It wasn’t hard for doctors to diagnose him.” 

Believe me, I won’t forget who you are to me. I promise.” Harry’s voice was no longer angry, but sad instead.

“I’m sure you know who Leo is? Well, at the time, his father, Cole, was the CEO of Hawk. They were working on an implant that would go into the brain to fix the mental illness that Harry had. It just so happened that Harry was diagnosed at the same time they were ready to start testing the implants on children. I guess the implant wasn’t strong enough to use on adults so they were trying it on children.” Zayn’s eyes widened in shock. He never heard of Hawk testing on children.

“You let them put an implant in his brain?” Zayn asked in disbelief, watching as Anne’s eyes filled with angry tears. 

“Don’t look at us with such judgemental eyes. You have no idea how scared we were for him. We didn’t know how to raise a child who was like that.” Anne spat out angrily. Des placed a hand on her shoulder to calm her down but she shoved him off, walking to the other side of the room.

“It just so happened that I was also very good friends with Cole Reed. He gave me the option to give my son a better life. That was all we ever wanted for him, so yes, we let them put the implant in so he could grow up as a normal child.” 

“Stop with the fucking attitude, I will fucking kill George right now if you don’t fucking stop being a bitch,” Louis growled, gripping Harry’s chin harshly. Harry smirked up at him.

“Really? That’s all you’ve got to scare me? That’s pathetic.” Louis narrowed his eyes, moving his hand down to Harry’s throat, squeezing.

“So help me, I will throw you back in that fucking hole again you fucking cunt,” Louis threatened. Zayn stepped onto the last step, watching as Harry smirked.

“He was the first child the implant was successful on, but the implant needed to be replaced every three years. Five months before the implant needs to be replaced, Harry’s mind starts to lose the effects of the implant. This birthday they were supposed to put an implant in that was supposed to last the rest of his life. But then he went missing.” Des looked at Zayn’s reactions as he spoke.

“So if he has to go get an implant every three years, how the hell does he not know about it?” Zayn asked, watching as Des looked at Anne.

“I told him that he was sick with a rare disease. Every time his birthday rolled around, I told him that they needed to do a follow-up and going to those follow-ups, they would sometimes need to go to surgery because the disease got worse. I figured it was better for him to believe that he needed treatment for a rare disease than to let him know what he was. If he knew, he wouldn’t have let us give it to him and that wasn’t an option.” 

“So why didn’t he tell us he was sick?” Zayn questioned.

“Because we told him to never tell anyone or they wouldn’t give him the treatment anymore which was true.”

“Who fucking cares?” Harry asked with a smug smirk. Louis and Zayn looked at him in shock.

“I also have an implant in my head, but mine isn’t the same kind because we have different disorders. Despite that, they’re similar enough for me to know that the effects of his implant wearing off are extremely terrifying and painful,” Gemma began, her eyes hardened. “My disorder isn’t as hard to fix, it was easier for them to create an implant to help me. That means my mind isn’t being fucked with as much as his. But his emotions will be everywhere. He won’t be able to think clearly. And the voices, those fucking voices are the worst things.  They’ll drive him insane. They make him hurt himself or someone else. They'll make him think of things he never would have on the implant and at first, they scare him, terrify him into trying to kill himself. Once he gets past it though, once the implant wears off, he’ll get annoyed with them and start to give in to the urges they create for him.” Gemma bites her lip anxiously. 




"The hours leading up to the implant losing all effect will be the most excruciating thing he could go through during the whole process. His head will feel like it’s splitting apart and his body will start to shut down because the implant creates hormones, that’s how it works. Once those hormones stop being sent out, his body will go crazy. This usually lasts an hour until the body can stabilize itself and he should have passed out from the pain.” Anne looked down at him as she began to speak. 

“The thing is, we never told him about the implant not only because we didn’t think it’d be good for him to know, but because if he knows, they’re afraid that the implant will no longer work. His mind is so strong that he’ll probably be able to resist it.” 

“You care, you cried like a pathetic child anytime anyone mentions it!” Louis growled. Harry simpered.

“So why are you telling me this?” Zayn looked up at Gemma, looking deeply into her eyes. 

“Because it should have worn off by now so there’s no point in not letting someone else know about it. We’re telling you so you can help him through it since you won’t let him go.”  Des angrily said.

“I don’t care, it’s just a stupid room. You can’t use that to scare me into submission anymore. You were closer with threatening George. If he’s dead, I only have you, Zayn, and Viktor to talk too. And most of the time, you aren’t exactly good company,” Harry snapped, walking away from the two. Zayn and Louis looked at each other while they let Harry go into his room, slamming and locking the door behind him.

“What is the implant for?” Zayn asked impatiently. Gemma bit her lip, taking Zayn’s hand.

“Promise you won’t see us any differently after I tell you. We’re still good people despite our disorders.” 

“I promise.” Gemma squeezed his hand tightly.

“That’s not my Harry,” Louis muttered. 

Zayn didn’t think Harry’s parents were telling the truth, but after seeing this, he was starting to believe them. 

“I’ll try to talk to him.” Zayn walked to the door, knocking on it.  He heard movement before the door unlocked and opened, revealing Harry with tears on his face.

“Z-Zayn, I-I’m so scared,” Harry whimpered as he pulled Zayn inside, hugging him tightly. However, Zayn didn’t hug him back.

When Harry was younger, he showed a lot of signs. He always was very observant, even as a baby. He never smiled, laughed or showed any emotion as a kid. He didn’t start to talk or walk when he was supposed to either. We figured he was just developing slower than normal so we didn’t think much of it. Until suddenly, he was talking and walking all at once. We were so relieved,” Anne muttered, a soft smile on her face. But it dropped as her husband spoke.

“Zayn? What’s wrong?” Harry sniffled, looking at him with sad, confused eyes.

“After he started talking, more signs appeared. He lied a lot, manipulated other kids into giving him their new toys, and if he could he would just steal them from the other kids.” Anne bit her lip before she began again.

“Harry, I just talked to your parents and Gemma.” Harry lit up, an excited smile gracing his lips.

“A-Are they okay? Are they looking for me?” Harry asked quickly. Zayn couldn’t look at him the same.

“He would hit other kids, his cousin, Aiden, especially. And yes, kids get into fights and they hit each other but Harry…” Anne trailed off, looking at Des and then back at Zayn. “It was different with Harry. Harry did things purposefully to hurt him. Genuinely hurt him and he never showed any signs of feeling bad about it. And then we got a dog, Harry seemed to like playing with her. When Harry was about 7, small animals showed up on our doorsteps that were completely torn apart. We thought it was the dog until…” Anne trails off, looking at Des.

“Harry, I have something I need to tell you. I know you don’t know any of this but I need you to believe me.” Harry nodded. Zayn took a deep breath.

“Until the dog died the same way as the other animals. I went to check on Harry and he was covered in blood. That’s when we knew…”

Zayn? Just say it.” 

“Knew what?”

“Harry, Gemma told me about her diagnosis. And yours.” Harry looked at him confused.

“What are you talking about?” Zayn looked at him with watery eyes. How was he so convincing?

“This is going to be hard for you to hear but it’ll make sense to you later.”

Gemma took a deep breath.

“I’m a sociopath.”

“Harry, you’re—“

“And Harry is a psychopath.”

You’re a psychopath.” 

Zayn watched as all emotion left Harry’s face and eyes and it made him shiver in discomfort. Then, Harry gave him a sinister smirk, his eyes empty.

“I know.” 

Chapter Text



Harry watched as his sister and his cousin played outside without him, but he didn’t care. His sister was annoying and his cousin was even more so. They were always laughing and smiling, Harry didn’t understand it.




“Harry, honey, why don’t you go play with them?” Anne asked her child, turning him around. Harry gave her a blank stare as he shook his head.




“No.” He said shortly, no emotion emitting from his words. Anne bit her lip anxiously.




“Will you at least take Lily on a walk?” Harry looked over at the small puppy who perked up when she heard ‘walk’.




It was annoying.




“Sure.” Harry smiled sweetly at his mother, going to grab the leash. The dog followed him and he found that even more annoying. He puts the leash on her when they get to the front door, tugging her out harshly. He smirked when he heard her choke and whimper in pain, at least, until Gemma hit the back of his head.




“Don’t hurt her you, idiot!” She yelled, trying to take the leash from him but he moved it away from her. She would always yell and throw fits and hit Harry. Harry would hit her back but he would get in trouble if he did so he only does it when Gemma’s watching him.




“Mum told me to take her on a walk,” he snapped at her, tugging Lily with him. He began to run fast, not giving the poor puppy a chance to catch up to him with her little legs. He felt something  in his chest as he heard her whimpering and it egged him on to keep running faster.




Until she stopped whimpering and she was suddenly a lot harder to pull.




Harry looked back to see Lily, tears in her brown, dead eyes, no longer breathing.




And it made Harry feel something.




It was the same feeling he got when he would kill those birds or squirrels, watching their eyes go blank.




He picked her up in his arms, turning to go back to his house. He walked back home quickly, seeing as he got a few blocks away from where he wasn’t supposed to pass. Once he got to the end of their block, he turned to go into the woods behind their house. He walked to his shed, limp body in hand, that his father helped him build when Gemma took over the treehouse in their backyard.




Only Harry was allowed there.




He unlocked and opened up the shed door, bringing her inside. He sat her down on the table in the middle of the room. He walked over to his toolbox, grabbing his father’s hunting knife that went missing a few weeks ago. He walked back over to the dog,




“You had it coming,” he said before he stabbed her stomach. He grinned as he continued.




This was the only thing that was never annoying.








Harry was on his way back to his house, Lily in his hands. He willed tears to well up in his eyes, something it took him a long time to learn how to do. He watched his sister fake crying to get her way for years so she isn’t completely useless. Once he got close to the house, he started wailing.




“M-Mummy! D-Daddy!” He cried harshly, waiting for his parents to come out. And they were shocked when they did.




“Oh my god, Harry, what happened? Are you hurt?” Anne asked, kneeling in front of him, examining him frantically. Des took the bloody dog from his hands and took it away while Harry hugged his mother.




“I-I took her f-for a walk as you said but a big dog started to chase us!” Harry sobbed, holding on to his mother’s neck tightly. “I-I got scared so I ran but he got her!” Harry sobbed. Anne held her son tightly, looking at her husband when he called her name.




His eyes were wide and in shock.




“Get Harry inside and cleaned up. We need to talk.” Anne nodded slowly and picked Harry up, walking him inside. Harry watched as his father examined the dog, his face hard. Harry, still sniffling, glared at his father, willing him to not look any further into the death of that annoying pest.







“Des, he’s so shaken up. How could you even say something like that?” Anne asked appalled, crossing her arms. It was nighttime and Anne and Des were just now having their talk. Harry tried his best to keep his mom’s attention by crying and clinging to her, but eventually, she forced him into pajamas and into bed.




So now he’s at the top of the stairs, eavesdropping on the conversations about him.




“Anne, those wounds weren’t done by a dog. Those were stab wounds,” Des said, reaching out to his wife. And crossed her arms, not wanting to believe it.




“Then maybe he’s lying about what happened because he’s scared. I bet it was that Burton lad. He’s always drawing those creepy drawings and making those weird films. He probably tried to bring one of them to life and killed Lily and made Harry swear not to say anything or he’d hurt him too!” Des looked at his wife and sighed. His wife always had a way of denying the truth and covering for both the children. They were both devious little monsters in their own ways and Anne refused to see it.




“Anne, Tim didn’t do it so please stop. Harry did it. And I bet he’s the reason my knife went missing.” Harry smirked.




“Good luck finding it,” he whispered to himself.




He threw it in the wishing well in their yard.




“I’m not discussing this anymore, Harry didn’t do anything wrong and I’m sick of you blaming him when things go wrong. He’s 8, he’s not Einstein!” Anne snapped, storming towards the stairs. Harry got up quickly and quietly, making his way back to his bedroom. He shut the door and ran to his bed, staring up at the ceiling.




“I may not be Einstein but I’m smarter than you.”








“Why did you kill your dog?” Aiden asked, coming up from behind Harry. Harry was walking to the playground and since Gemma was at gymnastics, Aiden was following him instead.




“Shut up. I didn’t kill her, some dog did,” Harry snapped, walking faster.




“Did so, I heard Uncle Des say it.” Aiden insisted, walking fast to meet his younger cousin’s pace.




“He’s stupid,” Harry muttered, looking at Aiden. He was beside Harry now, closest to the street.




“He’s not stupid, you are. How could you do something to poor Lily. She was so cute!” Harry stopped in his tracks, looking to his right to see a car quickly approaching them.




“You better shut up.” Aiden glared at the command.




“And who’s gonna make me?” He asked, sticking out his tongue. Harry smirked, placing his hands on his chest.




“I will.” Harry shoved him into the road, watching as the speeding car collided with his cousin’s body. His body rolled over the car and landed on the other side, laying on the ground without moving.




“Oh my god!” The driver rushed out of their car and called 911. Harry didn’t listen to the call, only staring at Aiden who was face down on the road. He was bleeding and his leg was twisted in a way that Harry didn’t even know was possible.




It made him feel alive.




“I told you to shut up, you should have listened.”








“Harry, you’re a psychopath,” Zayn said softly, waiting for a shocked reaction to emit from the boy. But he only smirked.




“I know.” Zayn watched as Harry moved to the window, gazing outside blankly.




“You know? Your parents said they never told you.”




“That's because they didn’t,” Harry said, smiling softly. “When I was 8 my parents told me I was sick and took me to the doctors. The doctor told me they needed to put a little chip in my head to help me feel better. They left me in the room with a nurse while they discussed the risks, I’m assuming. And as a kid, I was curious to see what this thing actually did.” Harry crossed his arms as he looked at his bruises. “Either the nurse wasn’t aware of what I was, didn’t understand what I was, or was too stupid to grasp what I was, but I was able to trick him into getting me some water even though the doctor told him to not let me out of his sight. So as he got that, I read the files.” Zayn stepped closer to Harry, wanting to turn him around and have him face him.




“What did they say?” Harry only chuckled.




“I don’t exactly remember, there were abbreviations that I didn’t know the meanings for. I do remember that it had a picture of it, side effects when the implant needs to be replaced, and what it does, but there are things that are still fuzzy. Side effects of this only happen when it’s put in and when it’s time to get a new one. One of the side effects is memory loss. Another is suicidal thoughts, and then the worst is the voices.” Harry looked at Zayn with sad eyes.




"Voices?" Harry nodded.




"The voices are basically my psychopathic thoughts trying to reenter my consciousness from my subconscious. I heard them for the first time with this implant while I was in the hole. That's why I couldn't stand to be down there." Zayn looked at Harry with understanding eyes, nodding slowly.




"Then what about the memory loss?"





“Basically, I lose memory of anything I did when I didn’t have it in. They somehow found a way to make it so I could forget everything I did as well as turn my empathy on which \\led to me growing up as a normal child.” Harry bites his lip. “But as my implant was slowly running out of time, my memories slowly flood back. First small things, like lies I told or things I stole. Then it’s all those poor kids I hurt. Eventually, I start to remember the implant. I just know that the more I remember, the less and less I’m able to feel." Harry explained. "That’s another side effect, my empathy 'switch', as they call it, turns back to its default mode: off. As the implant gets older, whatever it uses to keep my empathy on deteriorates and my feelings along with it.” Harry looked back at Zayn, tilting his head slightly. “Well, not completely since the physical effects of emotions are still there since I got them at a young enough age. But they’re faint enough for me to be able to switch them off and on whenever I’d like. It’s actually pretty cool.” Zayn nodded slowly.




“I guess that is kind of cool. Why hasn’t anything about this implant been talked about until recently?” Harry shrugged.





\“I guess that other children didn’t get the full effect or something went wrong. But since my implant was successful, they’ve been monitoring me. I only go twice a year but I guess that’s all they needed for their research. As to why they haven't released it to the public, I'm not sure about. They probably are trying to find a way to put the implant in once and have it work for the rest of the person’s life. Perhaps they found something at my last visit to help since the effects are taking longer to leave. Honestly, I’m not exactly sure why I can still feel things more intensely than before.”



What do you mean?”




“Well, the implant is supposed to turn off as soon as it hits its three-year mark. My birthday has already passed so my memories should be back and my emotions should be gone. Well, gone enough for me to turn them off. Maybe they got closer with this implant than the others. I can turn them off if the situation is stressful enough but I still have a nagging feeling in my heart.” Zayn nodded.




“So, you’ve known this entire time you were a psychopath? At least, subconsciously? Even as a kid?” Harry chuckled.




“Of course. I killed my family dog just because she annoyed me. I stabbed her just to see what her blood looked like. I pushed my cousin in front of a car to see if he’d die or not because he was annoying me. And not even the implant could make me feel guilty about it. All the implant did was help me switch my empathy on instead of it being off by default.” Zayn looked at Harry with wide eyes.




“Y-You pushed your cousin in front of a car?” Harry shrugged with indifference, totally unaffected by the memory.




“He was quite an annoying brat. He was always yelling in my ear about how he was so much richer than I was. How my family was pathetic and the only one who was worth anything was Gemma. I didn’t really care about being rich or what he thought of me, but that annoyingly posh tone he used to taunt me in was the thing that made me push him. He deserved it.” Harry looked over at Zayn, eyes completely void of remorse.




“You killed him because he was being a kid?” Harry laughed suddenly at Zayn, walking towards him.




“I didn’t kill him. He survived. He has to use a wheelchair for the rest of his life, but at least he has his rich parents to have servants to tend to his every whim.” Zayn backed away slightly from Harry, making him frown. Suddenly, sadness entered Harry’s eyes and Zayn could tell it was genuine. He must have turned his emotions back on.




“I know what you’re thinking, I can see the question in your eyes. Yes, I turned my emotions back on.” Harry stopped his advance, looking deeply into Zayn’s eyes. “I know you won’t try to manipulate them so I don’t want to be heartless while talking to you. I don’t want you to grow to not trust me,” Harry explained. Zayn nodded slightly, still hesitant to trust Harry. He was a psychopath, after all.




But this was Harry. Despite what he was, Zayn needed to trust him.




“So why don’t you feel any remorse for what you did as a child?” Harry shrugged.




“Eventually, I grew to have feelings. Before I had the implant, I had nothing so those don’t affect me. But after the implant is a different story. Because I grew to have emotions, I would start to feel remorse with the implant, but the closer I got to needing a new implant, my emotions and empathy dwindled. I know my parents wanted me to be ‘normal’ and since they forced me to have the implant at such a young age, I grew love for them that always was there but instead of feeling it emotionally, I felt it physically. So, I was still incredibly smart and charming and so, to be accepted into society and make it farther in life, I pretended I thought I was sick and didn’t know I was a psychopath. And then when he took me, I guess I was too preoccupied with wanting to get out to realize the time of year it was.” Harry shrugged. Zayn watched as Harry flopped on the bed, staring at the ceiling.




“So, how are you going to tell him—”




“Tell him? Tell who? Louis?” Harry asked flabbergasted, laughing when Zayn nodded. “I’m not going to tell him anything and neither are you.” Zayn’s brown eyes widened in disbelief.




“And why the hell won't I?” Harry smirked.



“Because, how would you have found out?” Harry asked, smirking up coyly at the raven-haired lad. So now he has to deal with two psychopaths and a sociopath. What is his life coming to?




“What do you mean?” Harry smirked, maneuvering himself so he was sitting on his knees, directly in front of Zayn.




“Hawk never keeps files anywhere except for a room that’s heavily guarded that only the CEO can enter. There’s no way you’d be able to figure out all this information about me unless you asked my family or someone at Hawk. And since you can’t talk to anyone there without it being a threat to Louis, you would have to ask my parents. But why would they trust a complete stranger with such vital information that could potentially get them killed?” Harry wrapped his arms around Zayn’s neck, whispering in his ear. “They would only do that if they knew you would help get me outta here. And if Lou finds out and has to listen to both of our stories and choose between us, I’m confident that he’ll pick me.” Zayn glared slightly at Harry, gripping his curls and tugging his hair back. Harry’s eyes widened in surprise and fear, but Zayn could see that his emotions were still there and genuine.




“Why are you so confident in that? I’ve been with him his entire life. He knows that I wouldn’t lie to him about something like this.” Harry grabbed the hand that was in his hair to try and loosen the tension but Zayn refused to budge.




“Because, Zayn, I know how his mind works. I understand that he’s never felt anything until he met me and that caused an obsession to grow. It’s the same one that caused us both to start killing things. Feeling anything for us is enough for us to do anything to keep feeling it. That’s why, regardless of how much I fought him, he refused to kill me or let me go. He refused to physically torture me in fear that he’d go too far and that I’d be gone if he killed me. He can’t risk losing me, his obsession, that feeling. So he’ll do anything to keep me safely locked in a cage where I can only bend at his will and live for him. Even betraying his lifelong best friend.” Harry stared up at Zayn with cocky eyes, making him angry. Only because he was afraid that Harry was right. Louis would choose to believe Harry over him.




“Fine, I won’t say a word to him about it.” Harry let out a breath of relief.




“Thank you.” Harry hugged Zayn tightly, whispering in his ear. “I promise that I’ll always keep my emotions on with you so please, don’t treat me any differently. I need you to promise me that,” Harry pleaded, flinching at the hand still gripping his hair tightly. Zayn loosened his grip and moved to engulf Harry in a hug. He held Harry close to him, closing his eyes in bliss as he muttered out the words he was hesitant to say.




“I promise.”