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And He Shall Be My Squishy

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Finally, after an exasperated sigh and a heavy eye roll,


"What is it?" A deep voice answered, amused, the sass clear in his sarcastic tone.

A heavy sigh fell from Mrs. Hill's mouth,

"I was simply asking if you were present in my class...James."

"Hm," mused the voice, 'well, I dunno how to break this to ya, teach. But, uh, no James here. 'Mean, if you're askin' for me, I'm Bucky, nice to meet you, though I'm a bit offended that after three years, still haven't learned my name yet...Maria."
Barnes barked out a sharp laugh and popped a piece of gum in his mouth, relishing in the taste of the mint flavor.

Snapping his gum once, Bucky sank back into his seat, put one earbud in, and kicked his feet up.

"You know what, Barnes? I'm too tired for your shit today. Get the hell out, but if you're not here tomorrow, I will see you in detention."

Bucky snickered at that, hopped out of his seat with a sarcastic bow and said,

"As you wish, your royal highness."

He walked towards the door, turned to face the class and said,

"I'll be here all week," as the class laughed. With a smirk and a twist of his lip ring with his tongue, he glanced around the room, until his eyes landed on an unfamiliar face.

'Now who,' He thought to himself, eyeing the boy, 'are you?'

He was skinny and blonde, he saw, a mop of blonde hair. 

'perfect,' Barnes thought, 'just my typeI shall call him Blondie, and he shall be mine. He shall be my Blondie.'

Then, Blondie looked up, meeting Bucky's steel grey eyes with his own icy blue ones. Before Bucky could make a comment, the blonde's face turned bright red and he returned to his previous activity: staring down at his desk as if it were about to come alive and start tap dancing.

'Jesus Christ on a fucking bike, he's pretty,'  He thought, 

Scanning him up and down, Barnes locked eyes with the boy, once more, snapped his gum and winked right at him, making Blondie snap his head forward and pretend that he wasn't still looking at Bucky using his peripheral.

Smirking at his victory, Bucky sauntered out of the classroom, immediately banking a right to walk to the courtyard. Pulling a cigarette out of his bag and lighting it in one click, he spit out his gum and inhaled the smoke. There was a chick in the courtyard, though, leaning against the brick wall of the school, earbuds in, reading a book. After a few minutes of peace and quiet, the girl says,

"Didn't your mother tell you that smoking kills, Barnes?"

He paused, surprised that someone had the balls to talk to him. Not that he was a bully, he was just intimidating. He slowly looked up at her, momentarily distracted by her fiery red hair, and said,


Looking away from her, he flicked the cigarette onto the ground and stamped it out.


'The first day of junior year:' He thought,


  • '-Piss off Hill - check'
  • '-Get kicked outta class- check'
  • '-check out and embarrass cute boy- double check!'
  • '-sass strange girl - check'


'Perfect day,' Barnes laughed to himself, as the bell rang. He glanced at his phone to check the time: 2:01 

He glanced up at the girl, but she was gone. Though the day may have been perfect so far, the light in his eyes disappeared the second he realized,

'I have to go home.'

Scowling, Bucky dragged his steel-toed boots off the bench, just as the bell rang. Sulking to his car, he shot a deadly glare at anyone who had the misfortune to get in his way.