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Love Potion? Love Potion!

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Jisung casually glanced at his best friend as he heard another longing sigh drawing out of him. Normally, he would find it endearing if it wasn’t for the fact that this was probably the 6th time he heard that same sigh in the past 5 minutes. Jisung has an assignment dued tomorrow and he would not let his friend’s antics separate him and his grades.

'Daniel, would you stop staring at him, you're making it too obvious,' Jisung spoke in a hushed tone. 'We did not come to the library so you could ogle at our junior'.

'But hyungggg...' Daniel started whining, drawing annoyed stares from the people sitting close to them. 'Doesn't he look really cute wearing that white cotton pullover, he looks so soft! And for the umpteen time, his name is Jihoon’.

Jisung rolled his eyes thinking of how he even got into this situation. He regretted dragging Daniel to the library that day. They were looking for books for their assignment and they came across this elf like boy who was looking for a book at the same shelf as them. Jisung remembered dragging Daniel away from said boy before he made a fool out of himself, with his eyes and mouth open so wide.

Throw forward two days, he was surprisingly happy that Daniel actually agreed to start going to the library with him, only to find out that he was only there so he could blatantly stare at his new-found crush that always sat in the same spot in the library.

Jisung glanced up at his best friend’s most recent crush and he had to admit to himself that Jihoon looks were out of this world. Even though he was proud to say that Daniel and him were one of the ‘more popular’ guys, they couldn’t be compared to Jihoon. Jihoon had suitors approaching him left and right, so Jisung was surprised that Jihoon was still single even though he has started school half a year ago.

Daniel continued staring at Jihoon, looking at his side profile and marvelling at how ethereal he looks. He sighed dreamily.

‘Hyung, I swear when I first saw him, it was like love at first sight. My heart started beating faster and it has never beat this fast for someone before.’

‘Daniel, you don’t know his personality yet. You are only attracted to his appearance.’

‘Maybe, but someone with those looks would probably have a great personality too!’

Jisung gave up trying to convince his lovestruck friend and continued looking at his reference book, flipping through the pages as he led out a groan at how much left he has to do. Daniel, seemingly disinterested at his friend’s dismay, continued staring giddily at Jihoon. It won’t be long before he would be able to get Jihoon’s attention. He has made up his mind to approach him next week. That was what he kept telling himself for the past few months at least.

Daniel stood up and stretched, feeling stiff from sitting down for hours. He looked at Jisung who turned and raise an eyebrow at him,

‘I’m going to take a walk’

Daniel began walking towards the shelves that were filled with countless number of books. He started scanning through the labels of the shelves, looking for something that would interest him. Not finding what he wanted, he took a step back and accidentally hit something hard.

‘Ouch, would you watch where you are going.’

Daniel turned fully, ready to apologise when his words were stuck at his throat. Standing in front of him was a man with hair the colour of midnight and eyes that seemed like an endless abyss. But that was not what distracted Daniel. On the guy’s ears were multiple piercings and he also had a lip piercing. And to add on to that, the guy was giving a very unfriendly expression as he raised an eyebrow as if to challenge Daniel.

Daniel stood his ground and looked at the man, he mumbled a sorry and started walking away, thinking of how rude that guy was. He heard the guy footsteps walking away from him. It wasn’t like he hit him on purpose or something. While in his thoughts about the dark haired stranger, he did not notice the people standing right in front of him.


Daniel stopped walking and looked up, in front of him were two boys. One of them had purple hair that looked like silver when the light fell upon it, the other one had light brown hair and looked seemingly out of it. Both of them looked familiar as Daniel tried to put his mind on to where he had seen them before. Suddenly, he lighted up as he remembered the stories about the twin boys that always lurk around the school.

Rumours said that the boys were the descendants of witches, and they had the knowledge to make simple spells. Daniel almost forgot his manners as he played it safely and gave them a smile with a simple nod as acknowledgement.

‘I’m Daehwi, and this is Jinyoung!’ The purple hair boy said, Daniel just smiled at how innocent and friendly the innocent boy looks as he introduced himself and his friend to him.

‘Kang Daniel, nice to meet you?’ Daniel said, like it was a question, if anything.

‘Is it unrequired love?’ The boy asked directly. Scratch that, Daniel did not find the younger boy cute anymore. As shocked and embarrassed as he was that two strangers (nevermind that they were the descendants of witches) knew about his situation, Daniel couldn’t help but to nod and agree at the boy's statement. Daniel found it hard to lie to people after all.

Daehwi then nudged at Jinyoung as they stared at each other like they were doing telepathy. Finally, Daehwi looked up at Daniel and started pulling at his arm, Jinyoung pulling the other.

‘Follow us!’ Daniel had no choice but to follow the boys who strangely had really strong grips despite their sizes. While getting dragged out the library, he tried to look at the seat where he was sitting at and saw Jisung. Jisung blinked at the sight of the two small boys dragging the big built Daniel away as he looked back at his book, seemingly happy that he would finally be able to do his work in peace.

Betrayer. Daniel thought as he thought of all the scenarios that he would place Jisung in after he gets back.

If he gets back.

Daniel was dragged up a long stairwell and was faced with a door that he has never seen before. The door was strong and sturdy, but it looked rusty at the hinges, showing that the door has been there for a long long time. Suddenly, door opened by itself and the two eager boys rushed inside the room, leaving Daniel by himself at the entrance of the door. The light in the room switched on by itself, and Daniel marvelled at the endless shelves of potions and the strange concoction in the pot at the middle of the room.

‘Here.’ Jinyoung said as he placed a small pink bottle.

Daniel was bewildered. Why did they drag him all the way here just to give him this small bottle.

‘This is a love potion, it only lasted for 7 days, and then it will be all up to fate.’ Daehwi supplemented helpfully as he appeared next to Jinyoung and smiled up at Daniel. Daniel looked at the pink substance swirling by itself in the bottle.

‘But why..’ Daniel heard himself speaking.

‘We don’t like unrequited love, it doesn’t sit well with us’ Daehwi chirped, a bit too happily considering the words he just said.

'Well…thank you very much' Daniel replied and gave a slight bow, giving himself a mental pat in the back from how steady his voice was. ‘How much is this potion?’

‘Its for free! Like I said, we don’t like unrequired love. There’s no price to love, is there?’

Daniel couldn’t believe his luck as he looked up at the two boys and gave them a genuine smile, arms out wide as he couldn’t control his emotions. He ended up crushing the two boys in a tight hug. He couldn’t believe that he would finally have Jihoon’s attention. He thanked the two boys profusely as they made their way back to the library.

Daniel felt a vibration and whipped up his phone as he stared at the many messages and missed calls from Jisung’

‘Daniel where are you?’

‘You’re not dead right?’

‘Daniel you cant be dead’

‘Daniel this is not funny’

‘You need to return me my xbox before you die’



Daniel texted a quick reply that he was still safe and alive and he still wants to keep the xbox(Jisung doesn’t use it anyway).

‘Hyung you know you don’t use the xbox :(‘

‘And unfortunately, I’m still alive, thanks for the concern’

Daniel finally reached the library and bid farewell to the two guys, not forgetting to exchange his number with them. He walked up to Jisung who had his hands on his hips like an unhappy mom(that was his nickname anyway) as he looked up at Daniel.

‘You got a lot of explaining to do’

After Daniels rambled about what happened to him, Jisung was just left gaping at him.

'Well, that was not what I expected at all' Jisung started. Daniel ignored him and opened his bag. Tucked into one of the partition was the small bottle. He held up the bottle and looked at Jisung and grinned. He’ll use the potion tomorrow.


Daniel made sure to look extra nice the day after. He wore a black tee that was tight around his arms, showing his well-defined muscles, as well as skinny jeans that emphasized his strong thighs. He sprayed a bit more cologne as he started walking to school, feeling for the potion in his bag and grinning to himself.

After the last bell rang, Daniel quickly grabbed Jisung and rushed them both to the library. ‘Showtime!' Daniel grinned as he started making his way towards his seat, placing his bag on the bench. After assuring that Jihoon was at his normal spot at the edge of the library, and that he did not look like a mess, he emptied the love potion into a strawberry milk drink, a brand that he always saw Jihoon drinking from.

He watched in fascination as the drink glowed a bright pink colour before returning to its original state. Daniel looked over his back and he saw Jisung sitting at a nearby bench, mouthing 'Hwaiting' to him.

He took a deep breath and started walking towards his crush, who was busy reading a book at the corner of the library. Daniel rehearsed his lines in his mind. It will go like this. Daniel walks and gives the drink to Jihoon, saying that he looked thirsty. Jihoon will gladly accept the drink and he would fall in love with Daniel after drinking it. Daniel will really make Jihoon fall in love with him in the 7 days. They will live happily ever after and maybe adopt a few cats.

Daniel grinned at his thoughts as he was slowly reaching Jihoon, ready to tap the boy that was facing away from him, with his back towards him. Unfortunately, life does not always go how Daniel wants it to go as a rather familiar man intercepted between him and Jihoon, grabbing the drink away from his hands. Daniel stared with wide eyes as the man opened the drink and drank the entire contents while staring at Daniel.

'Thanks, I was pretty thirsty anyway.' The dark haired man smirked at Daniel as Daniel internally screamed in his head, his thoughts consisting of starting a cat family with Jihoon slowly getting crushed in his head.

From a distance, he could hear Jisung's shocked yells as well as people hushing him.

Daniel was so screwed.