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No Spell Can Cure Shyness (except maybe love)

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From; unknown number


120g dragonfin dust

300g flakes of crystal bark

two bottles of black toad venom

one phial of salamander saliva

two left ears of mandrakes

As quickly as you can, please! I promised

I'd have the potion done in a week!


Yoongi stares at his phone, his cup of coffee raised halfway to his mouth and forgotten as he reads the message for the third time over.




“Two left ears,” he cites slowly, beyond confused. “Of mandrakes.” He vaguely remembers hearing about mandrakes somewhere, but the longer he spends thinking about it, the more convinced he is that that somewhere was in one of the early Harry Potter movies.


Do mandrakes even have ears?


After what’s probably close to two whole minutes of just staring at his screen and fruitlessly attempting to decipher it, he sets down his cooling coffee and decides to go about the situation in the best way possible.


By being a smartass.


To; unknown number


uh, pretty sure you have the wrong number

last time i checked, i hadn’t signed up for any

weird “magic the gathering” role play

sessions, so


He snorts at his own humor and finally takes that first sip of coffee of the day, although he grimaces at how lukewarm he is. Sighing, he stands to put his cup in the microwave and heat it back to the way he likes it - scalding hot - but he only has time to press the timer before his phone goes off in a rapidfire of pinging noises.


“The hell?” he mutters and starts the microwave before moving back to his little dining table, frowning as he opens the seven new messages delivered to him within the span of fifty seconds.


From; unknown number



Oh gosh I’m so sorry!

Sorry, I was running out of some things and

must’ve told my phone to message you

instead of my supplier!

I’ve gotten so many orders lately, I was a bit


Oh, I’m a witch, sorry, I probably should’ve

said that first…



NOW, WEREN’T YOU? (•ˋ _ ˊ•)


Yoongi’s brows arch more and more the further he reads, and he utters a slow, “Oh,” at the given explanation. “A witch, huh,” he muses, intrigued. He knows witches exist, even though he’s never met one himself. Magic is not an unfamiliar concept—hell, he himself has dabbled in shapeshifting and can assume a very convincing form of a cat when he wants to—so he quickly swallows his surprise and instead grins at the witch’s apparent offense.


To; unknown number


nooo, i would never

aren’t witches all old, wart-faced hags who

would never in this lifetime know how to use

a phone???


He’s fully aware that less than a fraction of the witches alive today are as described in children’s fairy tales, but he can’t quite stop himself from teasing whomever is on the other end, especially when they react in such an amusing manner.


True enough, when his phone goes off with another spray of messages, he’s not disappointed.


From; unknown number




OR OLD (ʘ言ʘ╬)




In fact I bet my skincare routine is WAY better

than yours!!! ヾ(`ε´)ノ


Yoongi snorts, probably more amused than he should be by the petulant retort, partially because it’s very likely not true, considering the fact that he has fifteen different cleansing foams and face masks in the drawer of his bathroom. Still, with the amount of emojis the witch is using, Yoongi can’t help but conjure the image of an angry little baby chick in a witch’s hat, tweeting little annoying sounds, and that does make quite an endearing picture.


To; witch-chick


sure thing

but a witch, huh? that’s pretty cool

what kind of witch are you? there are many

different kinds, right?


It’s probably a weird question to ask, especially after picking on the guy, but Yoongi can’t help his curiosity. Not that he really expects the witch to answer; not only can it be a pretty personal question to ask, but they don’t even know each other’s names.


Much to his surprise, though, the witch replies instantly, seemingly eager to share.


From; witch-chick


Oh, I’m sort of half and half, actually!

I do both spells and potions ( ˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈  )

I was born with a knack for both, and I didn’t

wanna choose between them when the time

came to specialize, so~



A part of Yoongi wonders how on earth the witch has time to type so many emojis in such a short amount of time, but the other part, the one that has him grinning widely at the screen, completely forgetting his coffee in the microwave, doesn’t care because it’s kind of cute.


Almost as cute as his responses to Yoongi’s teasing.


To; witch-chick


spells and potions, huh

… so like Snape?


From; witch-chick


okay listEN HERE






The “be right back” makes Yoongi arch a brow in surprise, having half expected the witch to have told him to bugger off by now. Content to just wait for him to return, Yoongi makes himself comfortable on the couch with his phone in his lap, and then he just stares at it instead of doing something more productive to pass the time, such as watch TV or get some actual work done.


Thankfully, his phone dings again before he can realise just how absorbed he is in talking to this stranger.


From; witch-chick



I’m not some gloomy teacher with too much

pent-up sadness and self-pity, okay???

First of all, I actually WASH MY HAIR EVERY




And thirdly, I actually run my own shop near

Seoul National University

I get orders and make potions and spells and stuff!

I’m much cooler than Snape ever was!!! (๑•̀ㅁ•́๑)✧


Yoongi makes a mental note to check said shop out at some point before going back to his teasing.


To; witch-chick


please don’t tell me you sell intelligence-

enhancing potions to students

because then i would have to report you

and i’ve heard witch prisons are shady as fuck


He can almost hear the frantic typing from the other end of the city.


From; witch-chick





I don’t even put mind-dulling potion in their tea

when they come asking me to make them

smarter for their exams, those cheaters.

… okay so I did do that once.




At this point, Yoongi is laughing so hard his cheeks flush and he clutches his stomach, way too endeared by the witch’s honesty. Grinning so wide his cheeks hurt, he types a quick reply, just as snarky as before.


To; witch-chick


a whole criminal mastermind, i see

uh-oh, wait a second

are those sirens i hear in the distance?

better start running, witchboy


From; witch-chick mastermind



YOUUUU (#`д´)ノ

(okay i have to put my phone away now, gotta

start working on that order i mentioned)

((bye bye for now!!!))

( ⸝⸝•ᴗ•⸝⸝ )੭⁾⁾


“For now,” Yoongi reads out loud, smiling through his surprise. He’s happy; he probably would’ve been too awkward to make the same kind of promise and just let it be. After all, he he doesn’t even know the witch’s name, so how would he have gone about asking if they can chat some other time?


The witch doesn’t seem to share his hesitance, which he’s very glad for.


To; witch-chick mastermind



try not to poison any more students


From; witch-chick mastermind





Yoongi finally sets down his phone, huffing as he tosses it to the other end of the couch. He stares up into the ceiling for a moment before he figures he might as well head to the studio a bit earlier than usual and continue working on the track that’s been bugging him for the past week and a half.


“A witch, huh,” he muses to himself as he grabs his backpack and wallet and slips on his shoes. He can’t seem to stop grinning in amusement as he steps outside, and he half-heartedly hopes Namjoon isn’t at the studio today. If he saw Yoongi like that, he’d probably ask him if he has a fever or something equally stupid, a joke he got from Hoseok, the absolute brat who would always, always tease Yoongi for his apparent facial deadedness.


When he gets to the studio, Namjoon isn’t there. Which is good, because the witch sends him a picture just as he steps through the door. It’s of what looks like a half-finished cup of tea, the liquid oddly blue-ish.


From; witch-chick mastermind



… okay so maybe two times.


The caption makes Yoongi grin all over again, wide and gummy and terribly amused.


To; witch-chick mastermind



i’ll visit you in prison

i might even bring flowers

i’m a generous man


From; witch-chick mastermind




She even tapped her wristwatch like she was

the Queen of England or something and I’m

just a LOWLY PEASANT there to fulfill her wishes!

She’s lucky I didn’t turn her into a rubber ball!

( `_ゝ´)


To; witch-chick mastermind



why a rubber ball?


From; witch-chick mastermind


… so I could’ve thrown her down the street

without actually hurting her…


A quick bark of laughter spills from Yoongi’s lips. He tosses his bag onto his desk and sits down, absentmindedly spinning his chair.


To; violent witch-chick mastermind



and i thought you said you were nice

i see how it is


From; violent witch-chick mastermind






To; violent witch-chick mastermind


remind me to never get on your bad side

or you’ll turn me into a string of shoelace and

throw me to a bunch of vicious cats


From; violent witch-chick mastermind





I mean

If you tapped your wristwatch at me…





Yoongi scoffs a little at that.


To; violent witch-chick mastermind


wow, i’m just “unknown number” to you?

doesn’t sound very special tbh


From; violent witch-chick mastermind


Well it’s not like I know your name or anything

Wait! Σ(゜゜)

What do you have ME saved as in your phone??


To; violent witch-chick mastermind


a perfect description of you



From; violent witch-chick mastermind





A mastermind… WAIT WHY A CHICK??? I


I mean okay I’m blonde right now





To; violent witch-chick mastermind


says the witch who literally wanted to throw a

student into traffic.


From; violent witch-chick mastermind





To; violent witch-chick mastermind


oh yeah, much better

okay, i’ll change your name

but only when you come up with one for me


When the next steamroll of messages appear, Yoongi can practically hear the guy whining as he types.


From; violent witch-chick mastermind




I’m busy with my order, I don’t have time to

think of a good name right now!!!


To; whiny violent witch-chick mastermind


then you’ll just have to suck it up until you find

the time



From; whiny violent witch-chick mastermind








To; whiny violent witch-chick mastermind


i will


Yoongi stares at his screen for a moment longer, waiting for the witch to say anything else. When three minutes pass without any sign of a message, however, he heaves a sigh and tosses his phone onto the small couch in the corner of the studio. “Alright,” he huffs and turns on his computer, tapping his foot against the floor. He slides on his headphones and settles comfortably in his chair, and braces himself for eight hours of listening to the same track over and over again to figure out what’s missing from it.






Yoongi gives up after three hours of doing nothing but staring at the screen of his computer, his train of thought getting sidetracked every thirty seconds by the possibility of a new message in his inbox. Every little sound makes him want to tear off his headphones and go for his phone, and finally, his patience is just about ready to snap.


Groaning, he pushes away from his computer and glares up at the ceiling. “Stupid witch,” he mutters petulantly, “with his stupid cute emojis and stupid cute whining.” He rubs at his face in a final, futile attempt at dispelling his distracting thoughts, but in the end, he’s not any closer to concentrating on his actual work. “So stupid.”


He spends another few minutes staring up into the ceiling before he eventually decides to go home again. Maybe if he crashes in front of his TV and drones through two seasons of Friends, he’ll manage to shove all thoughts of the witch out of his head.


Yoongi manages to walk all of ten meters away from his studio before he comes to a halt. “Near Seoul National University,” he mutters to himself and glances in the approximate direction of the school. He battles with himself for a moment, knowing it’d be better if he just ignored the witch for the rest of the day, but his damned curiosity is acting up, having been piqued ever since the unknown number mentioned their shop.


“Fuck it,” he huffs and turns on the heel, walking towards where he’ll be able to catch a bus to SNU. Meeting a witch is a pretty special thing, even if their existence is common knowledge, so he figures it’s reasonable to skip out on one day of unproductiveness to go see the shop the witch had mentioned.


Having attended the university up until a few years ago, Yoongi has a fairly decent idea of what areas could possibly host a witch’s shop. He knows which streets are quieter, with less skyscrapers. If the witch brews potions, he probably grows a lot of herbs himself, so maybe somewhere that can allow a garden.


After getting off the bus at the university’s stop, he stands still for a moment and just looks around, wondering where he should begin. There’s a small park nearby, which would be the best place to begin his search, since even if the witch probably couldn’t raise a shop there, maybe he could’ve gotten a permit from the state to grow his herbs there.


“I wonder if I could google it,” he says to himself, snorting at the thought before hitching his backpack higher on his shoulder and setting out.


In the end, Yoongi only has time to walk a block and a half before he finds what he’s looking for. “What the,” he begins lowly, his eyes widening at the sight of the shop.


Right there, standing between two very modern buildings, is a cozy-looking, wooden hut with windows of stained glass and a chimney, from which smoke is rising without pause. The house stands in the middle of a blindingly green garden, herbs and flowers of various kinds growing strong even with the busy street not three meters away, almost as if the plants don’t even notice the gas in the air. There’s a picket fence surrounding the lot, wooden like the shop itself, and a little stone path leading up to the front door.




Vaguely, Yoongi wonders if the facade is real or if it’s a spell; to see such a small cabin with a pretty grass garden stand in the middle of a busy downtown street kind of messes with his mind a little bit. It looks so ridiculously out of place amidst the greyness of the asphalt and concrete, like someone taped a page out of a fairy tale book over a poster of Seoul.


Then again, if he can remember right, this particular area was a small parking lot when he was a student at Seoul National University, so perhaps the witch really did have a wooden shop built in one of the most modern cities in the world. How on earth he managed to get that garden to grow from asphalt is beyond what Yoongi can fathom, however.


The people passing by the shop only seem mildly interested in it, throwing quick glances at the colorful lot as if they’ve seen it a hundred times before. Which they probably have, if the shop has been there for some time.


Yoongi, however, can’t stop gawking at it even as he crosses the street. It really does look like something out of a fairy tale, down to the suburbian mailbox standing at the open gate. Spellbound, the box reads in pretty gilded letters, and a sign with the same name dangles over the door.


When Yoongi walks close enough to the fence, he suddenly notices a slight discoloration in the air surrounding the lot. Squinting, he retreats a few steps to get a different angle, leaning from one side to the other like some half-assed inflatable balloon man until he spots what he’s looking for.


There’s a bubble of sorts stretching around and over the lot, likely functioning as a barrier to keep out the smog of the city and create a favorable climate for all the plants to grow. To the untrained eye, it’s probably unnoticeable; the smoke from the chimney is passing through it at the top, so the bubble can’t have any actual tension.


It’s an impressive spell, Yoongi muses, whistling to himself in awe.


He’s so absorbed in his marveling over the piece of magic, he fails to notice the door to the shop opening until someone actually steps out and into his direct field of vision. Startled, he jumps a little before looking over at who can only be the owner of the lot.




The witch, just like he had told Yoongi in his text, is a young man, likely a few years younger than Yoongi himself. Under a pointy hat of midnight blue with a wide, wide brim, his hair is bright blonde and fluffy, falling over his brow and just shy of his eyes. He smiles as he walks around his garden, lips spread wide as he studies his rows of plants, and the flowers curl up towards him as he passes, almost as if in greeting.


He giggles when they do, the sound like the soft tinkle of a bell.




The boy has a slender frame with narrow shoulders and an even more narrow waist, defined by the way he clasps his hands behind his back and leans down to sniff at one of his flowers. He’s wearing a plain white t-shirt and tight blue jeans, quite a casual, modern getup under what is definitely a robe of magical qualities.


Where the robe is the darkest, around his shoulders, little glinting stars move lazily about the fabric, while the brightest part at the hem seems almost as radiant as the morning sky. That, paired with the silvery moons that dangle from the witch’s ears, makes him look like some sort of angelic creature that descended from the heavens to—


Oh hell no.


Halfway through the realisation of what’s happening, Yoongi does the only reasonable thing. He turns on the heel and bolts the heck away from the shop as fast as his legs can carry him.


“What the hell?” he hisses when he’s four blocks away and considerably out of breath. “What the hell, what the fuck, how is he a witch?” He stops and leans against a lamppost, completely ignoring the people throwing mildly alarmed looks at him as they pass. “The fuck, that has to be some sort of glamour, how the hell could anyone look like that? That’s not something you achieve with just good skincare!”


He presses a hand to his face and groans at the warmth of his cheeks. He can only credit half of it to him running like a maniac; the other half is there for marginally different reasons, all of which have something to do with the witchboy he’d just seen. Same goes for the frantic pace of his heart.


“Oh my god,” he half-whines when his brain makes the mistake of connecting that face to the cute messages they’d exchanged this morning and the flush of his cheeks intensifies like a volcanic eruption. “Nooooooo…”




Min Yoongi has a crush.


His friends are never going to let him live this down.


He knows what he has to do to avoid making a complete and utter fool of himself in the future. He will erase that number from his phone as soon as he gets home, and then he will make sure to never go near the witch’s neighborhood again.




“No,” he tells himself sternly where he sits at his table, glaring daggers into his phone. “No, I’m not going back there, and no, even if he does send any kind of messages, I’m not answering.”


He’s not a teenager anymore. He can handle this crush like an adult.




Yoongi manages to stay away for a total of two hours and fifty one minutes.


The first half hour is spent not deleting the witch’s number, and the second is dedicated to trying—and failing—to convince himself to stay at home and not go out for a walk and accidentally stray closer and closer to Seoul National University and a certain witch’s shop. The last hour goes into making what is probably the most stupid decision he could’ve imagined, namely to go back to the shop in the shape of a cat.


A cat who can’t speak.


See, here’s the thing about Min Yoongi: he’s generally known as an intimidating guy with a severe case of resting bitch-face, always brooding, never the first one to initiate a conversation. When he was in high school, he had a leather jacket phase which only served to intensify this image, and that period in university when he learned to drive a motorcycle really did not help.


In actuality, however, Yoongi is just shy. Very shy. Very, very shy, especially around new people. Once he gets to know someone, he can be as big of an intimidating bad boy as everyone seems to believe he is, open in his quick-witted sarcasm and teasing, but before that, he’s an awkward mess, stuttering and nervous and never knowing what to say.


Chatting through texts is easy enough, because it gives him time to think about his responses and the relief of not seeing the stranger’s face if he does say something weird. Plus, he can always blame any accidental awkwardness on autocorrect, so yes, talking to the witch through text messages had been easy. And while his curiosity might’ve trumped his perpetual shyness when he’d first visited the little shop, now that he knows what the witch actually looks like, that shyness is back with alarming force.


See, it’s gets way worse if the stranger is pretty. When Namjoon first introduced him to his boyfriend, Seokjin, Yoongi had basically spent all evening talking to the guy’s feet simply because he’d been too shy to look the guy in the eyes. Thankfully, Namjoon had explained his predicament to Seokjin before the introduction, so the guy hadn’t been weirded out, but still, after they had left, Yoongi had wanted to choke himself in his pillow and never talk to anyone ever again.


Min Yoongi is also a tad dramatic.


I loathe myself, he thinks now, wallowing, as he pads back and forth before the line where pavement becomes grass. Not only did he have to walk all the way here, which took almost another full hour, but now that he’s here, he feels like he’s dancing on hot coals, jittery and nervous. I should’ve just stayed home.


But the witch had been so goddamn pretty, even from a distance.


Gingerly, as if the neat little garden path will open up and swallow him, Yoongi steps through the barrier and onto the grass.


He immediately notices the air is a bit warmer here, and definitely easier to breathe. Again, he’s impressed by the sheer quality of the magic, stretching his neck to look around properly from his considerably shorter height. The picket fence reaches high above him and the tallest of the flowers—How the hell did he get sunflowers to grow here?—clears his head by far. There are roses as well, yellow and orange in color, and several other flowers of similar hues as well.


Probably his favorite color, Yoongi figures. He only slightly resents the fact that he makes a conscious effort to remember it.


There are more herbs growing than he can count, definitely more than he can name. Their scents are strong in Yoongi’s nose, but far from unpleasant. He strays off the stone path and goes to inspect one of them, one that has alarmingly long thorns yet very pretty buds of red and blue growing all over it.


Much like last time, the door opens without any warning, and just like last time, Yoongi startles. Of course, in his cat form, he jerks way more violently than intended and only narrowly manages to avoid throwing himself into the thorny herb.


Fucking hell, what— he begins in an angry yowl, only to shut himself up real fast when he finds what caused his fright.


The witch looks the same as he had a few hours ago as he all but skips out of his shop with a little basket under his arm, singing under his breath as he walks towards his small plantage of herbs. Right towards Yoongi. There are glasses on his nose now, however, thick-rimmed and black, and they slide down the bridge of his nose a little when he sees Yoongi and comes to an abrupt halt.


Fuck. Fuck, that’s cute.


That’s all Yoongi has time to think before the witch drops into a crouch, practically bursting with giddiness as he sets down his basket and shuffles a bit closer towards him. The words baby chick quickly cross Yoongi’s mind before it promptly goes blank.


Okay. Okay, so Yoongi might’ve severely miscalculated his actions in coming here, because if he thought the witch had been pretty from far away, that is nothing compared to how he looks up close. His lips are plush and soft and glittering a little, like he’s wearing lip balm. A slightly crooked tooth pokes out when he smiles, so widely and so brightly his honey eyes curve into crescents.


Oh my god, Yoongi croaks inwardly, regretting every choice he’s ever made in his life. Oh my god, I’m so screwed.


“Hello there, you pretty thing,” the witch says, beaming, and wow, his voice probably puts angels to shame. Had Yoongi been human and  not  in the middle of an internal crisis at that moment, though, he knows he would’ve scoffed at the words; having such an overwhelmingly beautiful person call  anything  pretty feels somehow like an insult, even if he is in his cat form. “Where did you come from?”


Now, just because Yoongi is in his cat form doesn’t mean he’s free of either his awkwardness or shyness, so he just stares at the guy, wide-eyed and probably gaping like an idiot. When the witch inclines his head, his pretty hair waving and his moon earrings glistening, Yoongi quickly looks down, so fast he almost faceplants the ground.


This shit is bad for my heart, he thinks, wallowing.


The witch seems far from perturbed. “A shy boy, aren’t you, pretty?” he says and smiles even wider. “That’s okay. Are you lost?”


When Yoongi numbly shakes his head, still staring into the grass rather, the boy emits a surprised little gasp. “Wow, look at you, so smart!” he giggles. It’s so cute, Yoongi wants to die. “Do you want to come inside for a little? I have to pick a few herbs, and it might smell too strongly for you, but you’re welcome to stay if you want to.”


Every single part of Yoongi’s mind that represents rationality and reason screams at him to get the heck out of there right now, if he wants to retain even a sliver of his honor. Unfortunately for him, however, it’s the other part that’s stronger. The part that consists of nothing but awe for how pretty the witch is and how his voice could cure any disease on earth, and how he hasn’t touched Yoongi yet, because that’s what every person he encountered last time he shapeshifted did. Smushed their dirty fingers all over him without permission.


So while the witch straightens back up and goes to pick whatever herbs he needs, his robe flowing gracefully behind him, Yoongi pads over to the door, his movements jerky and definitely  not  catlike. He doesn’t enter the shop, however; somehow, the thought of just waltzing in there feels weird as all hell, so he sits down on the threshold and waits, watching the guy fiddle about with his herbs.


He’s using magic, Yoongi realises after a moment or two, narrowing his eyes. The witch isn’t just plucking leaves off the stems, he’s severing them with a quick flick of his finger. A cut appears in the line his fingers draw as if he was using an invisible knife, and the petioles detach neatly from the herbs’ main stem.


He also notices how the witch murmurs a soft word of thanks to the plants he takes from, to which the plants respond with a courteous little bow.


It’s all terribly cute.


When the witch finishes gathering all he needs, he straightens back up and looks over at Yoongi, who’s quick to avert his gaze and stare up into the sky instead. Which turns out to be a really bad idea, because the boy comes strolling into his field of vision a few seconds later, smiling that blinding smile of his.


“What a gentleman you are,” the witch coos,  coos,  before bowing low in a gesture of thanks. “You didn’t have to wait for me.” He giggles when his hat almost falls off in the process, and Yoongi kind of wants to die. “I’ll get you something to drink, pretty, so come on in.”


He turns on the heel and strides inside his shop, leaving the door wide open in his wake. Yoongi stares after him, completely floored and flustered and whatever other adjectives he can think of that can begin to describe his predicament. I’m so screwed, he thinks, but instead of doing something about it, he gets off his ass and pads after the witch.


Like an idiot.


The interior of the shop is as cozy as the exterior. Everything seems to be made of wood, apart from a few knick-knacks here and there. There’s a counter right next to the door with a retro-style cash register on it. There are bottles and vials with liquid of all the colors of the rainbow lined up on the counter shelves, potions of various kinds and effects. On the opposite wall, charms and magical items hang from little hooks, with labels describing each item and its effects.


There is a waiting area right by the front door, a loveseat and two chairs taking up one corner. They’re positioned in a way that gives whomever sits there a full view of the interior, of the big cupboard of herbs behind the counter and the wall that consists of nothing but bookcases stacked full with tomes and more magical objects.


A staircase leading to the second floor is subtly placed at the end of the bookcases, and there is a door leading to a backroom next to the stairs.


Finally, there’s the cauldron standing in the middle of a stone pit in the floor in front of the fireplace. There are fires licking at the large pot’s bottom and whatever is brewing inside simmers peacefully, bright red smoke rising from it into the air vent installed right over it.


It really does look like a scene from a children’s fairy tale book.


“Make yourself comfortable,” the witch chirps and sets down his basket of herbs next to the cauldron. He glances at the potion and gestures at a ladle hanging from the wall next to the fireplace before heading for the backroom door. Awestruck, Yoongi watches the ladle unhook itself from the wall before flying over to the cauldron to begin peacefully stirring the brew. Immediately, the smoke changes to purple.


Holy shit, Yoongi thinks, completely amazed by what he’s seeing. Dimly, as he jumps up onto the counter to get a better look of everything, he wonders why this shop isn’t flooded by people; there’s so much to look at, he can’t imagine ever getting bored.


He looks around for a bit longer and spots a wooden plaque hanging from the wall at the end of the counter. It looks handmade, with cute little drawings and patterns decorating the edges.


Welcome to Spellbound!

We all need a little bit of magic in our lives sometimes, so!

In this shop, you might find your dreams made real,

or your magical demands met to the best of my abilities.

Or you might find nothing at all, but at least I can

make you a cup of tea before you go!


- Park Jimin


The fact that there is an actual emoji engraved into the plaque has Yoongi laughing inwardly, which translates into a series of hissy sounds. Shit, he thinks, grinning. Shit, this is too goddamn-


“What are you laughing at, pretty?”


For the third time that day, Yoongi startles, quickly whirling around to look at the witch, who has emerged from the back room with a bowl in his hands. “Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to scare you,” he says with a sheepish smile. “Here. It’s just water with a little bit of crystalsong dew, but it’s good for animals in warm weather.”


He sets the bowl down on the end of the counter and moves past Yoongi to take a seat on the stool behind the counter. He props his elbows up and rests his chin in his hands, and then he just looks at Yoongi with eyes practically sparkling in curious anticipation. Yoongi can feel his gaze on his skin and he fidgets, knowing he’d be red as a firetruck in the face if he was human in this moment.


Very slowly, he pads over to the bowl and takes a whiff. His mouth waters immediately, the mild scent of foreign citrus making the hairs on his back rise in a shudder. Now, he usually doesn’t eat or drink things in his cat form, but not only does this liquid smell like the best thing in the world, but with the way the witch is looking at him, there’s no way he would ever be able to not drink it.


He sticks out his tongue and takes a tentative gulp, and holy hell, he’s never tasted anything like this before. It’s chilling in the best way possible, spreading to every inch of him and cooling him beneath his thick fur. It takes conscious effort to not just shove his hole face into the bowl after that and just inhale the liquid.


He hears a giggle and looks up again, only to have his heart leap right out of his chest at the sight of the witch now lying over the counter, his arms propped under his chin as he watches Yoongi with a smile that is somehow even brighter than before. The drink’s coolness is promptly shoved out of his body by the burning sensation the sight fills him with, a warmth that has him struggling to not curl in on himself.


“It’s good, right?” the witch asks, giggling when Yoongi, too dazed to stop to think about it, jerkily nods his head. “You really are smart, aren’t you?” He looks at Yoongi for a moment longer, during which Yoongi’s gaze repeatedly flitters from the bowl to the witch and back again, too nervous to keep eye contact for longer than two seconds at the time. Then he unfolds his arms and stands up, sweeping the hat off his head as he goes.


“My name is Park Jimin,” he says primly and bows his head in a polite greeting. “It’s nice to meet you, pretty.”


Yoongi just stares, because smart or not, who on earth would go through such lengths to introduce themselves to a cat? Even amongst his friends, the first thing they all did when they saw him transform was to pick him up and swing him around until he scratched the shit out of them, but here this witch, this Jimin is, bowing his head as they were on equal grounds.


He’s so surprised, it doesn’t register that the witch is steadily holding his gaze now. “Do you have a name?” Jimin asks, and all Yoongi does is blink, still not entirely sure of what exactly is happening to him. The witch must take his silence for a no, because he hums thoughtfully and pushes his glasses further up his nose as he studies Yoongi. “Can I give you one?”


Yoongi nods his head before he can think twice, ignoring the blearing of what the hell are you doing?! in his head in favor of basking in the overjoyed smile that graces Jimin’s lips. “Thank you,” he chirps and promptly sits down again, practically giddy whilst Yoongi sits still as a statue. “How about Fluffington?”


What the fuck.


Yoongi grimaces inwardly and it must show on his face, because the witch throws his head back and laughs, bright and airy. The sound has Yoongi’s heart overturning until he’s sure his heartstrings will snap.


“I’m kidding,” the witch says breathlessly when he sobers up, taking off his glasses so he can dab at his eyes with the sleeve of his robe. The stars shift along the fabric, shining brighter where his skin touches the dark cloth. “I’m kidding, oh my god, I would never give you a cliché name like that.”


You’d better not, Yoongi grumbles halfheartedly, knowing fully well he’d probably let Jimin call him whatever he wants if it means he’ll laugh like that again.


“Okay,” Jimin says and adjusts his glasses. “Seriously now.” He smiles at Yoongi, who’s too weak to even look away this time. “How about Gloss? Your eyes are so pretty, like all the colors of the sky, so I think it’d suit you perfectly.”


Yoongi just blinks at him for a moment, because that’s actually not a bad name. Of course, he is ridiculously biased at this point and would probably agree if the witch wanted to call him Sewage, but he figures this is probably the best case scenario.


So he nods, and proceeds onto being blinded by the sheer brightness of Jimin’s smile.


“Great!” the witch chirps and claps his hands together in excitement, practically brimming with glee. “Then Gloss it is! Although,” he winks cheekily at Yoongi, “I’ll probably keep calling you pretty, too, because I like to call things the way I see them.”


Then you should say it to yourself instead of me, Yoongi says and is eternally grateful the only thing that leaves his mouth is a low meowing, because he would never be able to look himself in the mirror if those words had actually been heard out loud.

He really is losing his mind.


Jimin, blissfully unaware of his wallowing, just coos at his meow. In fact, he wriggles in his seat a little, as if he thinks Yoongi is somehow too cute to handle while sitting still. It’s absolutely adorable, and Yoongi is starting to seriously worry about the health of his poor heart, which feels like it’s about to run out of energy soon, what with the amount of times it has skipped beats in the past ten minutes.


He’s almost relieved when Jimin rises from his seat again and presses his hat down over his hair. “I’ve gotta get back to work,” the witch says and moves over to the cauldron, “but you can stay as long as you want. It might get a bit boring, though.”


Yoongi doubts that very much.


“You can make yourself at home,” Jimin hums as he grabs the ladle, which has been stirring the potion this whole time. “My bedroom is upstairs and the kitchen is through that door. Oh, and there’s a backyard, too, if you wanna explore.”


Surprised to hear the witch actually lives here, Yoongi glances at the staircase. Obviously, he’s not going to go up there, because that would be an insane invasion of Jimin’s privacy, but he can’t help but wonder what it looks like. After all, the wooden hut didn’t seem that big from the outside, so he can’t imagine the second floor could fit more than a bed.


Then again, he reasons as he makes himself comfortable on the counter, having no intention of moving somewhere where he can’t observe the witch, it makes sense that Jimin would live here. The shop has an incredibly homey atmosphere, and since he went through the effort to build the place himself, he probably did it with housing in mind.


Cute, Yoongi thinks and quickly looks away when Jimin shoots him a smile from where he’s tossing herbs into the cauldron.


He ends up staying for two hours, far longer than he should’ve. He watches customers come and go, all with various, rather mundane requests; one lady wants a potion to make her husband stop snoring, while a man who works in construction wants a spell to keep his wedding ring from being scratched. Whoever it is, the witch always serves them a cup of tea makes sure they’re comfortable in the waiting corner while he goes about his work.


In between customers, he works on the potion in his cauldron, all the while chatting cheerfully with Yoongi. Or at Yoongi is more like it, seeing as how he can’t really answer. And even if he could, he’d be too awkward to do so, settling only for vague nods and the occasional hum of agreement. Jimin doesn’t seem to mind, however, smiling ever so widely every time he catches Yoongi nodding.


Then there’s a nervous kid who walks in on shaky legs and mumbles something about wanting to buy a spell to make him stop having nightmares about his neighbor’s dog. Yoongi may or may not fall a little bit deeper into what he decides is a pit of despair when Jimin gives the boy his spell for free and tells him to come back if the nightmares start up again.


Can angels be witches? he catches himself thinking as he watches Jimin wave the boy off.


When the sun begins to set, Yoongi figures it really is about time for him to leave. He’s already stayed for too long, especially considering he can’t really carry a phone with him in his state; his inbox could be full of messages right now, and he’s really not looking forward to explaining to Namjoon or Jin where he’s been all day.


“You’re leaving, pretty?” Jimin asks when Yoongi stands and leaps down from the counter. “Oh, well, I suppose you have your own things to do.” He looks a little disappointed, but quickly shakes himself free of it and smiles, walking around Yoongi to open the door for him. “It was really nice to have you visit, Gloss.”


Yoongi pauses, suddenly loathe to leave. He doesn’t want the witch to be sad, and he especially doesn’t want the witch to be sad because of him. He glances at the door and then up at Jimin, and because he’s a shy mess who couldn’t convey what it is he wants to say even if he tried, Yoongi ends up just staring at him.


When realising he isn’t going to move, Jimin sinks down into a crouch in front of him, fidgeting with the sleeves of his robe for a moment before he holds out his right hand. It’s small and would fit so nicely in Yoongi’s if he was human, and that thought is probably what causes him to throw caution to the wind and push his head against the witch’s offered hand.


Jimin feels warm against his forehead, so he closes his eyes and nudges against his palm, his shyness momentarily forgotten. It’s nice; he can feel the magic under the witch’s skin, like a current of electricity but gentle, soothing. It coaxes a sound terribly similar to a purr from the depths of Yoongi’s chest, and the realisation of it has him pulling back, ready to burst with embarrassment.


Fuck, he mutters inwardly. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fu—


A soft giggle has him looking up, which is the second worst mistake he’s made in all his life, because Jimin looks so, so happy. His smile isn’t as wide as it was before, but it’s full of adoration and wonder, his eyes glittering behind his glasses as he looks at Yoongi. “Will you come visit me again?” the witch asks softly. The moons in his ears tinkle when he tilts his head. “Will I see you again, pretty?”


Yoongi, who would probably roll over if Jimin asked him to, emits a little meowing and nods his head. He wants to regret it, because he really shouldn’t come back here, but it’s really hard to be upset with himself when the witch smiles at him like he just told him he will pull all the stars from the sky for him.


Fuck, Yoongi thinks one more time for good measure before turning around and leaving, skittering down the stone path and onto the pavement. What the fuck am I doing?




Why?” Yoongi groans into his pillow, kicking at the mattress in frustration. After coming home and having a forty-minute shower, during which he’d tried his best to make himself understand why he’s being such an idiot, he had thrown himself onto his bed. “Why, why, why did I do that? Why did I insinuate I would come back? Why the fuck did I even go in the first place?"


Technically, nothing bad had happened while he’d been away. There had only been two messages in his phone, both from Namjoon. The first had wondered why he hadn’t come to the studio today while the other had read something along the lines of, lol bet you fell asleep, hyung I told you not to watch dramas so late! So yes, technically, him spending the day in a witch’s shop hadn’t been bad.


The problem, the very prominent problem, however, is that every damn time he thinks of the witch now, his heart does a stupid little flop and he gets all flustered. Which is bad. And he can’t even do anything about it, since he knows very well what would happen if he went to see Jimin in his human form. He would stutter, blush, lose his cool, and run away without saying more than two words.


Min Yoongi is classy like that.


So choosing to expose himself to the witch and his blessed presence had been a bad choice. Sure, it had been very nice to see him and a delight to get a glimpse of what kind of person he is, and watching him work had been incredibly interesting, and hearing those little giggles had been a godsend, and being the one to make him laugh had made Yoongi feel like he was on top of the world, and—


Stop,” he groans and buries deeper into his pillow in an attempt to cut off his own thoughts before he lists every damn thing he likes about the witch. “Why did I think it was a good idea to go there, even if he is a witch, why did I ever—”


He’s interrupted by a string of messages, his phone pinging cheerily next to his pillow. With another groan, Yoongi gropes blindly for it and unlocks it, half expecting it to be Namjoon scolding him for not replying to his messages.


When he sees who they’re really from, he sits up so fast his head spins.


From; violent witch-chick mastermind


I, the nicest witch in the world, have some

news for you!

I made a new friend today! A really pretty

one! (≧∇≦)/

Snape couldn’t have done that.

A violent witch couldn’t have done that.

I am NICE. ( ˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈   )

Consider yourself proven wrong~


Oh, Yoongi thinks numbly, his cheeks warm and his heart aflutter. That’s why.


He stares at his screen for a moment, at a complete loss for what to do or say. He really wants to reply even though he knows he probably shouldn’t, but for some reason, not replying is not an option right now. “Nice,” he reads and chuckles lowly to himself, because that is the understatement of the century. It had only taken Yoongi the few hours he’d spent in the witch’s presence to realise that he was one of the most genuinely nice people Yoongi had ever met.


Which is why the first thing he does is change Jimin’s contact name, even though he said he wouldn’t, and then he proceeds onto ignoring the part of him that thinks he should write something nice and supportive and just goes with being as much of his smartass self as he can be.


To; angel witch


i mean

people in prison make friends with each other,

so you’re on the “inmate” level of nice now



“Why am I like this?” Yoongi wonders aloud even as he types and hits send, beyond nervous as he waits for a reply. “Why am I allowed to talk to people?”


He’s just about ready to throw his phone out the window when it buzzes again.


From; angel witch











Yoongi isn’t sure why that makes his cheeks so warm, but it does. Still, he persists through that, because no matter how pretty the witch is—or how pretty the witch says he is—he’s still fun to tease.


To; angel witch


your new friend is a cat?

that doesn’t count

you could probably just give a cat a piece of

tuna and they’d be your friend


From; angel witch





To; angel witch


does not.


From; angel witch


okay listen

why are you making fun of my new friend :(

he was really pretty :(

and really smart :(

and really nice :(

don’t make fun of him ;(


“Oh shit,” Yoongi says rather loudly, the grin slipping right off his face. The string of plain, sad emojis is somehow scarily effective in making him imagine the witch looking like that, cute lips turned down, no angelic smile to be seen. “Oh shit, okay, wait.”


To; angel witch


okay no

you’re right

it does count


cats count

don’t be sad


He probably makes quite a sight just then, sitting on his knees on his bed, straight as a board with his phone held so close in front of his face he’s probably crosseyed in looking at the screen. His heart is hammering quite frantically against his ribs. Absentmindedly, he wonders if he’s ever been this nervous before.


The minute of silence is the longest in his life before the new message arrives in his inbox.


From; angel witch



TOO!!! (✿´ ꒳ ` )


Yoongi’s lips fall open and an incoherent but definitely scandalised sounds escapes him, his eyes widening in disbelief. “What the,” he begins, still not breaking out of his rigid posture as he writes a quick reply.


To; angel witch


… did you just trick me?


The answer is instantaneous.


From; angel witch


To quote yourself:

“nooo, i would never”

( ・ω< )☆


“Brat,” Yoongi says into the silence of his room, a grin slowly gracing his lips. “Fucking brat.”


From; bratty angel witch


Now I know what I’ll name you in my




Yoongi almost drops his phone halfway through lying down on his bed again, pillows propped up against the headboard. “What the hell?” he sputters indignantly.


To; bratty angel witch



you mean sugaR???


From; bratty angel witch


No, I mean Suga!

See I know you’re really sweet, but you

tease me all the time, so you don’t get the

full word!!

So you’ll be Suga~


Yoongi just gapes at his phone for a moment before heaving a deep sigh and shaking his head. He’s never heard anything more ridiculous, which is probably why he’s still smiling. It’s so ridiculous, it’s funny.


Yeah, that’s definitely why.


To; bratty angel witch




From; bratty angel witch


Now you gotta change my contact name! You



Right. He did say something like that earlier. “Crap,” Yoongi mutters and racks his brain for something, anything to give as a passable alias, because no way in in hell is he telling Jimin what his real contact name is. “Fuck, okay, okay, uh…”


To; bratty angel witch



you’re now witchboy


From; bratty angel witch



Oh, yeah, I guess that fits pretty well!

… but wait.

Why aren’t you screenshotting it like last time?





“Fuck,” Yoongi hisses, feeling the warmth of his cheeks intensify. “How the fuck—”


To; bratty angel witch




From; bratty angel witch







Yoongi is 99% sure he’s about to go into cardiac arrest.


To; bratty angel witch





From; bratty angel witch


pffffff (≧艸≦*)

You’re cute when you’re nervous


Half of Yoongi wants to throw his phone out the window. The other half, for some strange reason, wants to storm over to the witch’s shop and smother him with tickles until he can’t breathe and he surrenders.


To; bratty angel witch



yah, you can’t call me cute

i’m probably way older than you

you type like a kid


From; bratty angel witch





bet you’re like a hundred years old


To; bratty angel witch



i’m 25


“Why did I tell him that?” Yoongi asks himself, kicking his duvet until it topples pathetically off the bed. “Why the hell did I tell him that? I didn’t need to tell him that.”


From; bratty angel witch


Ohhh, so you’re my hyung!


Heheheh, sounds weird(*´▽`*)


To; bratty angel witch


it does sound weird

give me a new name


It’s not really that weird, and Yoongi kinda hopes Jimin won’t give him a new name.


From; bratty angel witch



You’re Suga-hyung now!  o(≧∇≦o)


To; bratty angel witch



then you’ll be bratty witchboy


It’s maybe a bit closer to the real thing than Yoongi would like to admit, but the thought of Jimin’s scandalised expression makes it worth it.


From; bratty angel witch




THAT’S UNFAIR!!! ヽ(`д´;)/


Yoongi chuckles, grinning as he scoots down until he’s lying flat on his back on his bed, having suddenly forgotten all about his apprehension of texting the witch, however half-assed said apprehension might’ve been to begin with.


To; bratty angel witch



such is life


From; bratty angel witch


Wow, a whole pessimist





The last message has Yoongi promptly dropping his phone right onto his face. “Ow, shit,” he exclaims when the screen collides with the bridge of his nose. “Crap, where—” With one hand pinching his aching nose, he sits up and grabs for his phone, only to grown when he sees he managed to send a very embarrassingly accurate representation of his reaction the witch’s last declaration.


To; bratty angel witch




From; bratty angel witch




To; bratty angel witch



dropped my phone


From; bratty angel witch




To; bratty angel witch


was gonna say “in your dreams”


While Yoongi waits for an answer, he tries his very best to not think about what his dreams are in this certain situation.


From; bratty angel witch



Okay but speaking of dreams, I need to get

ready for bed now!

Gotta get up early tomorrow to go pick up

my supplies!


Yoongi would be lying if he said he isn’t a bit disappointed they have to stop texting. But only a little bit, of course. It’s not like he had hoped to chat with Jimin until they were both so tired they fell asleep, phones still in hand.


Not at all.


To; bratty angel witch


your bedtime is at 10, huh?

a true kid


From; bratty angel witch




Yoongi chuckles, choosing to ignore the fondness flickering in his chest.


To; bratty angel witch


i’m kidding

have a good night


From; bratty angel witch


You too, hyung!

Good night!

☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

(that’s a spell for sweet dreams!!!)


With a very embarrassing, very incoherent noise, Yoongi turns around and starts hammering at his pillows, his heart dancing the macarena in his chest. “Why the fuck is he so cute?” he asks loudly, groaning when the image of the witch’s smile pops uninvited into his mind. “A fucking spell for sweet dreams, what the fuck?”


He wrestles with his pillow for a good minute before finally slumping against his mattress, staring up into the ceiling and wondering what the hell he’s supposed to do now. There’s still a part of him that thinks he should just stay away from Jimin, but it’s miniscule compared to the part that wants to see the witch again, to listen to him talk and hear him laugh.


“Shit, he says into the silence of his room. “I’m so screwed.”


He really is.




The very next day, Yoongi finds himself walking along the neat picket fence surrounding the witch’s shop. It’s barely ten in the morning, otherwise known as an ungodly hour to be up and about to Yoongi, but for some unfathomable reason, he had woken up at half past eight and been unable to fall back to sleep. Since he hadn’t had anything better to do so early, and since no one on this earth would ever expect him to be awake, he figured he might as well go for a walk.


In this particular part of the city. In the shape of a cat. Again.


So here he is, prowling along the fence and trying to think of how to approach Jimin in a natural way. In a manner that would seem believable from a cat and not raise any kind of suspicion from the witch.


He might be overthinking this a little.


He’s probably not even here, Yoongi reasons and turns back halfway through crossing the garden. He said he was gonna pick up his supplies in the morning. He walks back to the fence, but stops again. But he said it was really early, so he might be back already. This time, he almost makes it to the door before he turns away again. But if he’s not here, I can’t just sit here and wait. That’d be pathetic.


He’s almost back by the fence when he decides it would be stupid to go back home without at least checking to see if Jimin is there, so he turns around one more time, only to almost jump out of his skin when he sees the witch standing in the now open doorway, smiling that blindingly bright smile of his.


“You came, pretty!” Jimin chirps and all but skips over to Yoongi, one hand holding his hat in place. “I’m so happy to see you again!” Just like before, he drops into a crouch in front of Yoongi, bursting with joy, but this time, he holds out his hand, eyes sparkling as he waits for Yoongi to meet him halfway. “Hello, Gloss.”


Yoongi, who’s still recovering from the whiplash of the witch’s sudden appearance, nudges the offered limb without thinking twice, too overwhelmed to do anything but react on instinct.


Shit, he mutters inwardly when he realises what he’s doing and quickly pulls back. Fumbling for something to do, some way to excuse his behaviour, he ends up doing what he usually does and stares pointedly at the ground. Like an idiot.


“Aww, still shy, are you, pretty?” the witch gushes and gently pushes a finger against the top of Yoongi’s head. It’s an unprompted touch, the first one, but careful and delicate and unintrusive. And definitely welcome. “Well, you’re more than welcome here. You wanna come inside?”


Jerkily, Yoongi nods and basks in the glory that is the tinkling giggle Jimin emits. I’m so screwed, he thinks, despairing, for probably the eighteenth time since he first saw the witch. I’m so very screwed.


“Great,” Jimin says and stands up straight, his robe fluttering when he turns to stroll back into his shop. “Business is slower before the afternoon. Everyone’s at work or in school right now, so it’ll be more peaceful.” He skips over the threshold and turns on the heel to smile down at Yoongi. “Wanna watch me bind a spell to a scroll?” he asks. “I got an overseas order this morning, so the magic has to be bound to an enchanted scroll and sent by mail.”


That has Yoongi perking up, his shyness momentarily retreating in favour of his curiosity. Yes, he says, meowing, because that is definitely something he would like to see. He only got to see the witch work direct spells or potions yesterday, so it would be a whole new area of magic for him to experience.


His shyness returns in full force when Jimin does that thing again, when he squeals and wriggles a little, like there’s a rush of overwhelming fondness passing through him. “Ah, why are you so cute, Gloss?” the witch asks when he sobers up, shaking his head as if it’s actually a serious predicament, to have to deal with Yoongi’s apparent cuteness. “I swear you’re gonna make me turn myself into a puddle at any given moment.”


His words split Yoongi into two mindsets, one that wants to preen at all the praise while the other wants to curl up and die because it’s just too much for his poor heart to handle. Shut up, he ends up grumbling lowly. The sound spilling from his lips is not too far from what his voice would actually sound like when speaking those words.


“Up on the counter you go, pretty,” Jimin sing-songs and strides over to the bookcases lined up along the wall, humming as he traces his fingers along the spines of the old tomes. Yoongi does as told—not because he was told to do it, but because he wants to do it, he reasons—and watches as the witch pulls out one of the heaviest-looking books.


Or pulls might be the wrong word; he taps the spine and moves his hand back in a withdrawing motion, and the tome follows on its own, weightless and levitating. Jimin sweeps his hand in front of the book and it falls open mid air, riffling its blank pages on its own until the witch holds up his hand.


“This should be durable enough,” he murmurs to himself and takes hold of the corner of one of the pages. It promptly comes loose from its binds, falling free from the heavy tome without any resistance. “Thank you for your offering.” Upon receiving the witch’s gratitude, the book shuts itself and floats back to its place in the bookcase, where it settles with what Yoongi swears is a contented little hum.


Is everything alive in here? he has time to wonder before Jimin plops down in his seat behind the counter and smooths down the paper over the surface. He sends Yoongi a quick smile before rummaging in the drawers for something, emitting a little, aha, before he pulls out a pristine quill.


“It’s a big spell, so I have to draw the symbols first,” the witch explains as he leans over the paper. Yoongi tries very hard to not pay attention to the way Jimin pulls his lower lip between his teeth in thought. “It’s a water purification spell. I got the order from a small town in southern China this morning. They said their main water source became polluted after a cursed animal drowned in a nearby lake, so I have to help them get rid of the lingering diseases.”


Yoongi’s eyes widen at that, having never fully believed in curses being a real thing. Sensing his stare, Jimin glances at him and giggles at his awe, which is apparently obvious even on his current face. “You’re flattering me, pretty,” he croons, grinning. “This is just my job.”


Yoongi would like to tell him it’s a whole fuckload more than just his job, but the witch straightens up before he can even finish the thought, drawing a deep breath and pushing his glasses further up his nose. “Okay!” he says loudly, obviously psyching himself up. “One purifying spell, coming right up!”


Beyond fascinated, Yoongi watches him draw intricate and completely unreadable symbols across the paper, drawing circles and triangles and framing them all with text written in what looks like runic language. Jimin pauses every now and then, murmuring softly under his breath before resuming, his eyes alight with focus.


The fact that the witch has his tongue sticking out from the corner of his lips is more than just a little bit distracting, but Yoongi manages to see most of the symbols being drawn even so.


He probably shouldn’t be as proud of himself as he is.


“Finished,” Jimin huffs after a good ten minutes of scribbling. He sets down his quill and picks up the paper, his lips slightly agape as he goes through his work, his smile growing wider and wider the longer he reads. “Yup, this ought’a do it.” He hops to his feet and turns to Yoongi, who almost wants to cower under the sheer radiance of the witch. “We have to go outside for this one, pretty. The spell is too strong for such a small space.”


Yoongi nods and leaps down from the counter to follow, trotting after the witch as he moves towards the door to the back room. When he pushes it open, Yoongi almost wants to snort at the state of the kitchen; unlike the rest of the shop, which is all wooden and cozy and traditional, the kitchen is modern with a good stove and oven and refrigerator, all in stainless steel. The countertops are pristine and white, a stark contrast to the dark wood of the walls. There’s also a microwave, much fancier than the one in Yoongi’s apartment.


“I had a friend of mine pick out my kitchen stuff,” Jimin says, having seemingly noticed Yoongi’s surprise. “He told me wanting an old-school house was no excuse for a poor cooking environment.” He’s smiling almost sheepishly. “It kinda clashes with the aesthetic, but even I have to admit this is much easier than lighting a fire every time I want ramyeon in the middle of the night.”


There’s that giggle again, and once more, Yoongi wonders if it’s possible to glamour a sound, because there’s no way a simple laugh could really sound so pretty. He’s so distracted by the thought, he doesn’t notice there’s another door at the end of the kitchen before Jimin is pushing it open, and then there’s a whole other reason for Yoongi to gawk.


There is a pond in the backyard. An actual pond. A pond with water and little fish and everything. A pond.




How on earth the witch managed to install a goddamn pond into what used to be a parking lot is something Yoongi dimly realises he’ll probably never understand. Hell, he can’t even begin to fathom what kind of category of magic could create such a crystal clear spring. Unless, of course, Jimin took a goddamn shovel and dug through three meters of asphalt and dirt, but Yoongi somehow doubts that.


“You like it, pretty?” He jerks slightly and looks up at the witch with wide eyes, gaping even when he emits an airy laughter. “It took me three months before I managed to set this up,” Jimin says and steps out onto the grass of his backyard. “I had to use dimensional magic to open up a portal through which I could channel the pond and have it take place here. If you dive to the bottom, you’ll actually be in a whole other dimension.”


That has Yoongi’s eyes growing even larger still, and the witch laughs so hard he almost loses his balance. “Sometimes, spells need to be cast in more natural surroundings,” he says when he sobers up, rubbing his face against the sleeve of his robe to get rid of his tears while his hands are occupied with the scroll. “There are too many pipes in the ground here to create anything close to natural, so…”


He leaves the rest of his sentence unspoken and just shrugs, seemingly deeming his explanation good enough as it is. “Come on, pretty,” he says instead, flicking his head towards the pond. “You’ll have to get closer if you wanna properly see how the spellcasting goes.”


Yoongi proceeds onto falling flat on his face in his hurry to comply, completely missing the threshold between the door and the grass. Embarrassment flares up from his chest and he shoots a pointed glare at Jimin, who looks like he’s on the verge of bursting out laughing again.


Fucking hell, Yoongi laments inwardly, whatever happened to feline grace and all that shit? Do my reflexes just take a break whenever this guy is around? Just fucking goes on a cruise together with my common sense, reason, and logic. Great.


He pauses when he almost trips over what looks to be the witch’s shoes. “Oh, you can wait there,” Jimin says, pacing barefoot around the edge of the pond. “We wouldn’t want the spell to accidentally latch onto you than the scroll, now would we, Gloss?” He tosses a pretty smile over his shoulders. “Purifying you would show me all you’re hiding from the world.”


Fuck, Yoongi thinks and takes a few steps back for good measure. Fuck, no thanks.


Jimin only giggles. “Smart indeed, pretty,” he chirps, shaking his head. Then he turns around and steps out onto the water of the pond as if it was as solid as the ground around it.


Jesus tapdancing Christ.


Yoongi is fairly certain his brain is going to burst at any moment now, his heart along with it.


The water ripples under the soles of the witch’s feet, but it holds him up with ease. He walks confidently, as if there’s not a single part of him dreading he might fall through the surface. With the scroll resting in his hands, Jimin walks to the very center of the pond and stops there, breathing slow and deep. There’s still a small smile on his lips when he closes his eyes, and then he begins the binding.


He speaks in a language Yoongi doesn’t understand, although he does know it’s not one he could ever learn in any country on earth. The words are smooth and flow without pause, melodic in the way the sentences seem to have no end and no beginning.


It’s almost like he’s singing.


As he chants, the symbols he’d drawn into the paper begin to glow faintly of blue and green, the scroll itself floating a few inches above the witch’s palms. Slowly, the water of the pond begins to respond to his words. They rise in thin pillars around him, twisting and swirling and dancing in time to the chants that spill from his lips. Droplets glisten in the summer sun, sparkling as they float around Jimin, never quite touching his skin.


The very air is quivering with the pulses of magic radiating off the witch’s frame. The grass tosses, and the hairs along Yoongi’s back rise in reply, every cell of him utterly enraptured by the sensation spreading through him, like a current of sheer strength.


Dimly, through his state of utter awe, he realises whatever reverent thoughts he’s had about the witch are probably nowhere close enough to what someone of such power should be met with. That’s not to say Yoongi has ever thought he was weak, but now, he’s pretty sure his marvel over Jimin’s abilities has not been, well, marvelous enough.


Eventually, the witch’s spell comes to an end. The swirls of water lower themselves back towards the surface and the symbols cease their glow. The air calms down and the grass settles, and, with the exception of Yoongi’s still fluffed-up fur, Jimin and the pond return to normal.


Or, well, as normal as a man walking on water can appear to be.


“There we go!” the witch chirps as he steps onto the grass again. He’s smiling just as brightly as before, but Yoongi, through his lingering state of shock, notices the skin around his temple is glistening with sweat, the blonde hairs soaked. His chest is heaving slightly with his labored breath, and he looks so content, all but glowing in his joy, until Yoongi almost wants to look away for fear of being blinded.


He startles slightly when Jimin walks up to him and crouches down to pick up his shoes from the grass right next to him. “You okay, Gloss?” the witch asks, giggling when all Yoongi can do is nod, very slowly. “You really are a flatterer, you know? It wasn’t that impressive.”


I respectfully fucking disagree, Yoongi tries to say without thinking twice, a string of low meows all that leaves him. It seems to be enough for Jimin, though, for he throws his head back and laughs, with so much effort he plops down onto his butt on the grass. He doesn’t seem to mind, crossing his legs under himself and rocking back and forth as he laughs, the sound like music to Yoongi’s ears.


“How are you so cute?” he wonders when he sobers up, his smile taking on a whole other tone as he looks at Yoongi with enough fondness to make him curl in on himself, the sheer force of his affection too much to bear. “And I don’t think I’ve ever met a cat as shy as you are, pretty.”


You’re the pretty one, Yoongi meows and wow, okay, his filter must’ve gone on vacation, because why in the everliving fuck would he ever choose to say that out loud? Even if the witch can’t understand him, the simple realisation of having attempted to say it jars Yoongi out of his shocked state and has him faceplanting voluntarily to hide the burning warmth that spreads across his cheeks under his fur. He groans as he grinds his head against the grass, inwardly scolding himself for being so dumb. Cats don’t blush, you idiot, stop it, stop it, oh my god, what the fuck are you even—


Suddenly, there’s a finger tapping him on the forehead again and he pauses his act of self-loathing, stilling completely under the witch’s touch. “It’s okay,” Jimin says, and Yoongi doesn’t look up, but the witch’s voice is definitely closer than it just was. “It’s okay even if you’re shy. I still like you a lot, yeah?”


There’s that stupid flop in his heart again, that stupid adoration spreading through every inch of him. I’m so screwed, he thinks, only half-heartedly lamenting the fact. I’m so fucking screwed. As if to prove his point, when Jimin goes to pull his hand away, Yoongi follows, nudging more insistently against the witch’s touch until he stops retreating and instead carefully strokes the fur of Yoongi’s head.


His skin still burns under his fur and his heart is threatening to break his ribs, and Yoongi still isn’t looking at Jimin, but he revels in his gentle touch. He stares stubbornly into the grass and moves only when the witch’s confidence falters and he goes to pull away, following his hand to let him know it’s okay to touch him.


Shy as he is, a whipped, crushing, soft Min Yoongi still retains some amount of courage.


They sit in silence like that for a good ten minutes, with Jimin petting him on the head without pause. He’s careful of Yoongi’s ears and muzzle and doesn’t stray beyond his collar, almost startlingly respectful of Yoongi’s comfort and privacy. He doesn’t try to touch his back or chest, and if Yoongi wasn’t so busy losing himself to the delicate strokes, he might have worried the witch could tell he isn’t a real cat.


When Jimin finally stops petting him, Yoongi very reluctantly lets him go, struggling to hold back his disappointed little grumble. “I’ll have to mail this today,” the witch hums and carefully folds the enchanted scroll. “I wonder if I have any stamps left… I mailed a potion to the Philippines five months ago, so I should have some left.”


It takes Yoongi a few seconds to realise Jimin might actually be speaking of regular postage, as in through a normal post office. He looks up at the witch in disbelief, and Jimin giggles again, tapping the folded paper against his own chin. “Hey, the postal service is more than good enough,” he says. “As long as they don’t break open the envelope and release the spell’s bindings, it’s perfectly safe.”


Yoongi decides not to say anything about how weird it seems for a witch to mail things the normal way when he could probably either teleport the spell to its intended recipient or something similar. Jimin, however, reads his expression as if it was an open book. “Just because I could take it there myself doesn’t mean I  should, Gloss,” he says, lips pursing into a little pout that has Yoongi dying on the inside. “Magic is great and all, but so is the normal way of doing things. I don’t wanna take this world and all its gifts for granted.”


There’s a part of Yoongi that wants to argue that the  postal service  could hardly be considered a gift of this world, but the bright smile that graces the witch’s lips has the thought tapering off into nothing but a steady buzz under his skin. He settles for nodding, to which Jimin’s smile grows wider still and gives his head another quick stroke before standing up and heading back inside.


As Yoongi trails after the witch, he can practically hear Hoseok’s voice in the back of his head, mimicking the crack of a whip and his snarky comment of, wow, he’s got you wrapped around his little finger, hyung.


He makes a mental note of never ever telling Hoseok about Jimin. For his own dignity’s sake.




Yoongi’s dignity ends up being spared for a grand fifty three hours.


The next day, as he sits down with Namjoon in the studio, there’s a pleasant, high voice singing strange words echoing in the back of his head. He plays the melody on his keyboard, his eyes slightly unfocused as he recalls the sight of the witch and the pond, of the dancing water and glowing symbols, and of Jimin’s overwhelming beauty.


There’s a heavy silence in the studio when he finishes playing and he looks up to find Namjoon staring at him with wide eyes, lips parted slightly in awe. “That sounded so good, hyung,” he says slowly. “That could fit so well as a backup melody for the bridge. How’d you come up with that so suddenly?”


Now Yoongi, who’s still a bit dazed by the memory of Jimin and how he’d looked in the moment of his spell, turns back to his keyboard and kind of absentmindedly just says the first thing that comes to his mind without any sort of consideration for how the words might sound. “My muse sang it.”


If the silence following him playing the melody was heavy, it is nothing compared to the one that follows his words. What’s worst of all is that he doesn’t even realise what he said until Namjoon clears his throat and very carefully says, “Your… your muse..?”


Yoongi snaps back to reality and jerks his head up, eyes wide as he spins his chair to stare at his best friend. “What?” he says, a bit too loudly. “What muse?”


Namjoon’s eyebrows shoot to his hairline. “That’s what I wanna know,” he says. “You just said your muse sang this melody.”


“Uh,” is the most intelligent answer Yoongi can give to that. “Uh, fuck, I meant it figuratively, you know?” He squirms in his seat and tries to look at everything except the grin slowly spreading on his friend’s lips. “Like, uh, inspiration. Or whatever.”


“Or whatever,” Namjoon repeats. “Right.” The glee dripping from his voice is almost palpable. “Hyung.”


Yoongi buries his face in his hands. “No.”




“Fuck off, Joon.”


Namjoon has the audacity to laugh at his misery. “Oh my god, I can’t believe this,” he cackles. “You’ve either gotten yourself a boyfriend, or then you have an enormous crush on someone right now.”


“Does fuck off not mean the same thing to you as it does to me?” Yoongi snaps, perhaps a bit harsher than intended, but Namjoon has known him for long enough to know that the bite in his tone comes from him being flustered and embarrassed, not angry. “I do not have a boyfriend.”


“A crush, then,” his friend says promptly, chuckling when Yoongi pins him under a murderous glare. “Do I know them?”


“No,” Yoongi says, scowling as he crosses his arms over his chest. “And you  won’t  know him. It’s not like anything’s ever gonna happen.”


Namjoon’s grin falters a bit at that. “Why wouldn’t it?” he asks in that voice of annoyingly genuine curiosity as if he can’t even begin to fathom why Yoongi would say such a thing. “You’re a great guy, hyung. Anyone would be lucky to have you.”


His words have Yoongi squirming, flustered, and he curses his perpetual shyness for the hundredth time that week. “You know me, Joon,” he mutters, “I wouldn’t be able to say two words to the guy.”


That’s not to say he doesn’t want to; whenever Jimin had spoken to him during his visit to the shop yesterday, Yoongi had found himself wanting to reply, if only with a word or two. When a nervous student had come to the shop asking for a glamour spell to use for her first date with her crush, Jimin had smiled and asked her if she was sure, since he thought she was already so, so pretty the way she was and that her date would probably die on the spot if she got any more beautiful.


The girl had left without buying anything, smiling from ear to ear. Jimin had fretted and asked Yoongi if he’d been too preachy and if he should’ve just given the girl what she’d asked for, and Yoongi had wanted to tell him not to worry, because he was sure the girl had been just as touched by the witch’s kindness as he was and constantly is, over and over and over again.


He hadn’t said any of that, of course. He had only emitted a low meow and nudged Jimin’s leg with his head until the witch had smiled again.


“Then let him do all the talking while you listen,” Namjoon says now, smiling. “There’s always a way.”


Yoongi shrugs, mostly just to get out of answering. It’s not so easy, and he knows Namjoon knows it as well. He also knows Namjoon just wants him to be happy, so he doesn’t quite manage to be irritated over it. “If you say so,” he mutters.


His friend nods. “I do say so.”


Yoongi rolls his eyes. “Alright, alright, can we get back to focusing on the track?” he says and turns away, pretending as if his ears haven’t been red with warmth for the entirety of the conversation. “We’re here to work, right?”


“Sure thing,” Namjoon says a tad too smugly. “But we’re not done talking about this, just so you know.”


“Fantastic,” Yoongi huffs and places his fingers over his keyboard again, ready to replay the melody stuck in his head. He presses one of the keys before pausing, a sudden thought striking him. “Please don’t tell Jin about this,” he says and turns back to Namjoon, only to see him holding his phone in his hands, looking like he’s just been caught stealing cookies from a jar that wasn’t his. “You just did, didn’t you?”


Now it’s Namjoon’s turn to reply with a sheepish, “Uh,” chuckling nervously under Yoongi’s frustrated glare. “I can, uh, I can promise to not tell him again..?”


Yoongi heaves a deep sigh and runs his hands through his hair and tugging. “Fucking hell,” he groans, already dreading the endless stream of over-excited messages and advice from Seokjin. “This is gonna be bloody fantastic.”




There are 28 messages and four missed calls from Seokjin when he checks his phone later that night. He groans as he scrolls through them, the contents varying from exhilarated gushing over his crush to advice on how to best approach them, as well as suggestions for good first date locations.


He’s just about to answer his best friend’s boyfriend with something along the lines of “mind your own business,” and tack a “hyung” to the end of it to not come off as too rude, but his phone dings with another message before he has the chance.


What he sees in the notification bar pushes all thoughts of snarkiness out of his brain in a matter of milliseconds.


From; bratty angel witch


Suga-hyung (´;_;)


The sad emoji has Yoongi dropping his bag to the floor with a resounding thunk rather than putting it down like a normal person. “Why?” he asks loudly of the silence of his apartment. “Why are you sad?"


He types as much, and then some.


To; bratty angel witch


why are you sad?

did someone do something bad to you?

are you okay?


If he holds his breath until he gets a reply, he doesn’t realise it.


From; bratty angel witch


No, I’m fine, it’s just


My new friend didn’t visit me today


Unblinking, Yoongi stares at the last message for a good thirty seconds before the meaning behind it sinks in. He didn’t visit the witch’s shop today. He has spent the past three days going there for a few hours without fail, but today, he had woken up late and then gone to the studio to work on the track with Namjoon up until an hour ago.


He hadn’t realised Jimin would miss him.


“Shit,” he hisses now and quickly fumbles for a way to amend the situation.


To; bratty angel witch


maybe they had something to do today

i’m sure they’ll come back tomorrow


From; bratty angel witch


How can you know?


How indeed, a smug little voice in the back of Yoongi’s head says, a voice he has come to associate with Hoseok. “Shit,” he says again, this time as he struggles to think of a way to reassure the witch without giving himself away. “Shit, okay.”


To; bratty angel witch


i don’t

it’s just a feeling

or something

just leave a piece of tuna out for them

they’ll come crawling right back


He hopes the light teasing can give Jimin at least some sense of assurance.


From; bratty angel witch


Hyung!  (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞

I already told you, our friendship goes beyond

earthly things such as FISH!!



Well. At least he’s not sad anymore.


To; bratty angel witch


i know

i’m sorry


From; bratty angel witch



You always cave so easily, hyung~


Yoongi snorts, a relieved smile quirking his lips.


To; bratty angel witch


now see, this is why i say you’re a brat


From; bratty angel witch



You really think he’ll be back tomorrow?


Even through the screen, the witch sounds so hopeful, it fills Yoongi with that warmth that has his heart doing somersaults in his chest. “Stupid,” he tells himself, but he doesn’t quite manage to stop smiling.


To; bratty angel witch



and if he’s not, i dunno, then you can hit

me up if you wanna talk

or something


From; bratty angel witch



Thank you, Suga-hyung!! (✿´ ꒳ ` )

That’s so sweet of you!


Yoongi clears his throat and pretends he can’t feel the way his cheeks grow warmer still or the way he’s obviously flustered as he tries to think of a good way to reply to the witch’s statement. Not as sweet as you is the first thing that pops into his head, and he shudders and shakes the words out of his head as quickly as he can.


Dimly, he realises Hoseok would be pissing himself laughing if he knew what was going through Yoongi’s head just then.


To; bratty angel witch



but hey, listen

it’s almost 9:30

isn’t your bedtime already?


From; bratty angel witch



(╬ Ò ‸ Ó)


Yoongi huffs a quiet laughter and finally leaves the hallway of his apartment, where he’s been standing for the past ten minutes. He walks over to the couch in his living room and makes himself comfortable, all the while trying to think of something to say to keep their conversation going.


After two whole minutes of thinking, he settles for the most basic one and hopes it comes off as casual as possible.


To; bratty angel witch



so how was your day?


The following two hours are spent chatting without pause, with Jimin telling Yoongi all about the customers who had visited his shop today and what they’d wanted to buy. A mother had come with her 4-year old daughter to ask for a spell to make the girl’s plush puppy walk around and bark like a real dog, saying it was training to see if the girl was ready to be around a real puppy.


An old man had come looking for a perfume-like potion to give his wife as a gift. Apparently, her favourite perfume had been discontinued a while ago, and he wanted to surprise her with the same scent of lotus flowers and osmanthus. Jimin had spent an hour trying to recreate the scent before finally succeeding, and while he’s still so content over how happy the old man had been, he complains to Yoongi about how his shop now smells strongly of perfume.


The witch also tells him of the potion he’s been working on for the past three days, the one all the supplies he’d ordered are for. It’s coming along nicely, he says, predicting it to be finished in two days. He doesn’t tell Yoongi what its effects are supposed to be and Yoongi doesn’t ask, somehow getting the impression Jimin is purposely avoiding that particular topic.


They somehow stray onto the topic of what Yoongi does for a living, and then he has to sit through a bombardment of messages where the witch takes his use of emojis to a whole new level to express his awe over the fact that Yoongi composes songs. His amazement has Yoongi curling in on himself a little, flustered by the compliments yet preening all the same, grinning while his heart dances the conga in his chest.


They talk about everything and nothing, just like Yoongi had wanted them to, and throughout the passing hours, he’s giddy as a child at christmas.


When Jimin finally says he’s about to pass out sometime around midnight, Yoongi almost writes see you tomorrow, catching himself just before pressing the send button. He curses as he quickly erases the message and instead wishes the witch a good night and reminds Jimin to message him if his new friend doesn’t show up tomorrow.


Which he will. Guaranteed.


After all, Yoongi already can’t wait.




When Yoongi arrives at the witch’s street the next day, he’s surprised to find the gate of the picket fence closed. There’s a sign hanging from it, one that reads We’re closed for today! and Yoongi doesn’t know what to do with that. He pauses for a moment, fidgeting where he stands on the pavement in front of the lot; Jimin hadn’t mentioned anything about being closed when they’d spoken last night, so now he isn’t sure if he’s supposed to be here.


Then he sees the front door has been left slightly ajar. The curtains are drawn in front of the windows and the shop would look dormant if not for that open door and the faint light seeping out from the gap.


The thought of the witch leaving his door open for Yoongi fills him with warmth and urges him to duck under the fence and move into the garden, padding lightly towards the door.


The shop is empty when he steps inside, with only one of the many lights on on the counter. There’s a lid on the cauldron, even though it’s still steaming and simmering underneath. The fireplace is dormant and there’s no sign of life anywhere, which makes Yoongi feel incredibly antsy, as if he’s intruding somewhere he shouldn’t be.


Then there’s a sound of frantic footsteps coming from the stairs and Yoongi turns around just in time to see Jimin practically skip down the last three steps, and okay, the sight of him takes Yoongi’s breath away, quite mercilessly, because the witch is wearing an oversized yellow sweater and loose, fluffy sweatpants and a pair of ducky slippers that make him look so incredibly soft and cute, it’s really, really not fair.


When Jimin’s face lights up in a brilliant smile at the sight of him, his glasses slipping down his nose a little, Yoongi dimly realises how wrong he had been to ever assume the witch’s beauty came from a glamour spell. He looks the same as always even out of his robe and hat, just as radiant as he’s always been. Sure, his hair is a bit messier and yeah, there’s a little pimple on his cheek that wasn’t there last time Yoongi saw him, but if anything, they only make him look prettier.


Oh my god, Yoongi croaks inwardly. Oh my god, how is he even real?


“You came, Gloss!” Jimin squeals and hurries over to where he stands rooted to the spot, promptly dropping into a crouch and holding out his hand for Yoongi in greeting. “How are you, pretty?”


Great, Yoongi thinks numbly and nudges the witch’s hand. Great, yeah, absolutely fantastic, not at all half-dead after seeing you like this, nah, not at all, no, I’m fucking fantastic, I am.


All that leaves him is a string of very loud purrs. He would be embarrassed, but the sound makes Jimin giggle, so he figures it’s worth it. “Were you surprised by the closed gate?” the witch asks and props his chin up in his free hand while the other strokes the fur of Yoongi’s head, meeting his nudges with equal effort. “I close the shop on weekends. Using magic all the time gets pretty tiring, so I take two days to rest every week.”


Yoongi glances up at him before turning around and looking at the open door, a low sound rumbling in his chest when he thinks of how easy it could’ve been for anyone to come walking in. It must sound as worried as he feels, for Jimin emits a little squeal and does that wriggle he does whenever he finds Yoongi’s antics too cute to bear.


“Don’t you worry about me, pretty,” he says, beaming. “I tweak the barrier surrounding this lot whenever I have my days off so no uninvited guests can enter. If they try to get past the closed gate, the barrier will alter their thoughts and make them leave.”


His words sound a little bit too close to brainwashing for Yoongi to just let it pass. He snaps his face back to Jimin and looks at him in what must be very obvious skeptice, judging by the way the witch purses his lips in defensive indignance.


“It’s perfectly harmless, okay?” he huffs and crosses his arms over his chest. Not for the first time, Yoongi registers that he does indeed look like a baby chick when worked up. “It all depends on their intentions. If they try to get past the gate because they want to buy something, the barrier will make them think they urgently have to be somewhere else. If they try to get in because they wanna steal something, the barrier will make them hear police sirens in the distance, which will scare them off.”


Although unconvinced, Yoongi realises he himself had been able to slip through the barrier with ease, which means he’s one of those invited to the shop even on the witch’s days off. The thought has him flushing and he quickly looks down, knowing he’d be beet red in the face if he was in his human form right now.


Jimin seems to notice his sudden abashedness, giggling as he resumes petting him, his thumb brushing firmly against the top of Yoongi’s head. “I was waiting for you, pretty,” he says brightly. “I missed you yesterday, you know.”


I missed you too, Yoongi says inwardly and peers up at the witch, holding his gaze for as long as he dares before looking away again and hoping Jimin understands what he’d tried to silently convey.


The witch coos at him and pets him one last time before standing up. “I was gonna watch a movie in bed,” he says and jerks his head towards the stairs leading up. “You wanna join me?”







No, nope, that’s a line Yoongi will  not  cross, because Jimin might think he’s only inviting a cat into his bedroom, but Yoongi is Yoongi, a person who will not enter someone else’s bedroom and sit on their bed under these kinds of circumstances. He’s not gonna do that when the witch doesn’t know who he really is.


Plus, being in Jimin’s bedroom could easily make him rupture a vein or something equally as dramatic, so he’s also doing this for the sake of his own health.


Thus he meows loudly in denial and sits his ass down on the floor, refusing to move even a single step closer towards the stairs. “What’s wrong, Gloss?” the witch asks from the bottom of the stairs, turning to look at Yoongi in surprise. “Come on, pretty, it’s okay.”


No, it’s not, Yoongi counters in a stubborn meow.


Jimin tries to beckon him a few more times before he gives up, seemingly at a complete loss for what to do as he looks between Yoongi and the stairs. He worries his lower lip between his teeth for a moment before he hums, and an alarmingly fond smile graces his lips. “Okay,” he says, beaming at Yoongi. “Okay, pretty, wait here for a second.”


He disappears upstairs and leaves Yoongi to wonder what on earth the witch had thought of to make him smile like that, but before he can get anywhere with his theories, Jimin is shuffling back downstairs with an armful of pillows and blankets. There’s an open laptop floating after him, the display picture showing the witch laughing together with two boys that look to be the same age as he.


“If you’re not gonna come into my bedroom,” Jimin huffs from behind the mountain of blankets, “then I’m gonna bring my bedroom here.” He waddles over to the loveseat where the customers usually wait for their orders and dumps the blankets and pillows there. He spreads them out over the couch while humming to himself, and when he’s done, he turns and smiles at Yoongi. “This should be okay, right?”


Dumbly, all Yoongi does is nod as he watches Jimin make himself comfortable, flailing slightly as he wraps one of the blankets tightly around himself and adjusting the pillows behind his back. He does this adorable little snuggle thing where he shuffles around to get comfortable, and when the laptop flies over to settle in his lap, he turns to Yoongi and quirks his brow in expectation, smiling.


“You coming, pretty?” he asks, and how could Yoongi ever say no to that?


Instead of settling on the loveseat, however, Yoongi opts for its backrest, leaping up onto the soft cushions with all the grace of a walrus. He ignores the way Jimin’s giggles make his heart flop over in his chest and settles nervously next to where the witch is leaning his head, maybe a bit closer than strictly necessary.


“You sure you’re comfortable over there?” Jimin asks and waits for Yoongi to give a nod before he turns back to his laptop and pulls up an internet browser. “You wanna watch something specific, Gloss?”


Yoongi is fairly certain even if he did have something specific he wanted to watch, he would still let the witch choose over him. He flicks his tail against Jimin’s head in reply and feels way more proud than probably he should when the witch emits a bright giggle at that. “Alright, then I’ll pick,” Jimin hums and drums his fingers against the laptop for a moment before digging up one of the countless One Piece movies. “Is this okay?”


At that, Yoongi shuffles just a tad closer and nudges his head against the witch’s temple, to which Jimin giggles again and starts the movie.


Now, Yoongi likes One Piece just as much as the next guy, but with the witch sitting curled up right next to him, the movie becomes just a tad more difficult to concentrate on. He keeps being distracted, if not by the little excited noises Jimin makes, then by his mere presence; it’s like Yoongi’s eyes are drawn to him like a magnet, turning away from the screen every other minute to just look at the witch for double as long as he actually watched the movie.


At some point, Yoongi realises Jimin is nodding off, his head drooping a bit every so often. He doesn’t think much of it at first, content with letting the tired witch catch some sleep, so he stays as still as he can to not distract him.


It becomes a much harder task when Jimin’s head drops to the backrest right next to where Yoongi is sitting, fast asleep, only to then turn in his seat until his face is pressed against Yoongi’s side.


Oh, Yoongi thinks, his brain on the verge of short circuiting. Oh shit.


Blissfully asleep, the witch heaves a little sigh and presses closer, seeking the warmth of Yoongi’s overheated body. Yoongi holds on as best he can, digging his claws into the cushion underneath him to not be nudged right off the couch, and when Jimin finally stills, his nose is buried in the soft fur of Yoongi’s stomach.


There’s a teeny tiny part of Yoongi—probably what remains of his rationality—that thinks waking him up would probably be the best thing to do here, but the rest of him only needs one glance at how serene and at peace the witch looks and decides that he’ll sit his ass right there for however long it takes the witch to wake up.


Thus Yoongi just lies there, perfectly still for several hours, with nothing better to do than consider his life choices. If I die like this, he thinks after thirty minutes of half-heartedly trying to convince himself he still has some of his dignity left, at least it’ll be worth it.


The movie has long since ended when Jimin finally wakes up again. In fact, the laptop has been in sleep mode for at least an hour when the witch begins to stir, groaning softly. For a moment, he presses his face more firmly against Yoongi’s side and Yoongi kind of wants to die, even more so when Jimin suddenly goes very, very still.


Two excruciatingly slow seconds pass before the witch sits up straight so fast he almost tumbles down from the loveseat, his eyes wide in alarm as he looks at Yoongi. “O-oh my god,” Jimin squeaks, raising his hands halfway to Yoongi and then pulling them back towards his chest, wringing them nervously. “I’m so sorry, Gloss, oh god, I know you don’t like to be touched and I was just all over you like that, shit, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have fallen asleep on you, I—”


In some otherworldly fit of courage, for the sake of stopping Jimin’s rambling, Yoongi stands up and pads closer, staring very intently at his own paws as he settles right next to the witch’s head, pressed up against his neck. Jimin immediately goes silent, and Yoongi can feel his wide-eyed stare at the side of his head, but he resolutely stares into the cushion, pretending he doesn’t notice.


See, it’s true that Yoongi doesn’t like to be touched, but that’s by strangers. Jimin, to him, is no longer a stranger. He hasn’t been a stranger for a while already.


When the witch murmurs a quiet, “Thank you, pretty,” and leans against him ever so slightly, Yoongi’s heart just about combusts in his chest.


You’re welcome, Jiminie, he says and wishes the words wouldn’t leave him as a low meowing.


When he comes home that night, there’s a bunch of messages from the witch, gushing excitedly about how his friend came to see him just like Yoongi had said he would, as well as thanking him for comforting him when he’d been sad. The messages make Yoongi smile, and even though a part of him wishes he could tell Jimin how nice it was to see him today, he settles for conveying as much of his feelings to the witch as he can.


To; bratty angel witch


i’m happy for you :)


you can always talk to me if you feel down

even if you don’t feel down


sleep well, witchboy




Yoongi wakes up the next day to his phone chirping at an ungodly hour. He groans and gropes around for the device without lifting his head from his pillow; even with his blackout curtains, he really doesn’t wanna open his eyes right now. It’s Sunday. He just wants to sleep until it’s dark out again.


His phone has other plans for him, however. Even after he manages to find it, it keeps pinging with new messages, and in his sleepdrunk state, Yoongi doesn’t realise the obvious sender until he sits up quite viciously, scowling at the phone as if it had insulted his entire family tree. “Who the fucking,” he begins, his voice thick and hoarse with sleep, but it quickly tapers off into silence when he reads the bombardment of messages.


From; bratty angel witch



Good morning (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*: ・゚

Oh my god, what adorable messages you’ve

sent me in the middle of the night

So soft~

Thank you, Suga-hyung!! (*ฅ́˘ฅ̀*) .。.:*♡


Guess what!!

Something amazing just happened!!


Yoongi stares at the heart included in the messages for a long moment, blinking slowly as he waits for his brain to slowly kickstart itself. When it finally finishes rebooting, the first coherent thought in his head is that if there are to be hearts involved in their messages, he no longer wants the witch to call him by a nickname.


And that he needs to change Jimin’s contact name as well.


To; angel




From; angel




To; angel


my name’s yoongi

if you wanna use it

i mean, not that you have to

suga’s great

but like

you know


“Why,” Yoongi groans and half-heartedly kicks with his legs under the blanket. He’s still only half awake, and he blames his stupid rambling on the fact that he hasn’t had his coffee yet.


It’s not like he’d be any better after a cup of coffee, but he pretends that’s not true.


From; angel


(*′艸`) ehehehe

You’re so cute, hyung


To; angel




From; angel


Sorry~  (ゝω・)ノ

But okay


To; angel




From; angel


Yeah, okay

Yoongi-hyung (◍•ᴗ•◍)


And oh, Yoongi didn’t expect something as simple as having Jimin call him by his name, even in a message, would make him feel so… fluttery. Yeah, that’s the only word he can use to describe the feeling in his chest when he reads the message over and over again, his lips slowly curling into a smile.


To; angel






From; angel


Cool (˶′◡‵˶)

My name is Jimin

You know, if you wanna use it


“Jiminie,” Yoongi mumbles to himself, his cheeks twinging with a familiar warmth.


To; angel jiminie



witchboy jimin


From; angel jiminie


Yeah (✿´ ꒳ ` )


To; angel jiminie




Yoongi just stares at the screen for a moment, waiting for Jimin to say something. When he doesn’t, he scrolls back up, his tired brain vaguely registering the witch mentioning something amazing that had apparently happened.


To; angel jiminie


was there something you wanted to tell me?


From; angel jiminie





One of my customers just sent me a gift for

helping them out! (๑> ₃ <)

They said they wanted to thank me somehow

because I was so nice and helped them out

with their problem! ( ˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈♡)

See that? Because I’m so NICE!!


A part of Yoongi can’t believe the witch still thinks he has something to prove to him, to prove that he is a good person when it’s all Yoongi’s been thinking about over the past week, what a good person he is. What a beautiful person, both his body and soul, and most importantly, his heart.


To; angel jiminie


i know you are, jimin


Maybe it’s a stupid thing to say when he’s supposed to be teasing the witch, as he’s been doing up until now, but he suddenly hates the thought of Jimin believing, even a little, that Yoongi can’t tell how wonderful he truly is.


From; angel jiminie








BRING HIM BACK!!! (ง •̀_•́)ง


Yoongi snorts, affection blossoming in his chest.


To; angel jiminie




From; angel jiminie


Oh, there you are  (ノ・u-)☆

Just kidding~

Thank you, hyung!! ( ⸝⸝•ᴗ•⸝⸝ )

I know you’re nice too, even though you

tease me all the time


Yoongi isn’t quite sure what it is that has put him in such a sentimental mood right now, but his fingers are moving on their own across the screen, his lower lip between his teeth to contain his need to make Jimin understand.


To; angel jiminie


you know i don’t mean anything i say

in a bad way, right?

especially when i tease you

i don’t mean to be mean


He’s more nervous than he would’ve imagined as he waits for Jimin’s reply.


From; angel jiminie


Mean to be mean, hehehe

… sorry.

You’re just so soft this morning! ( *ˊᵕˋ)

And don’t worry, hyung, I know ˙˚ʚ(´◡`)ɞ˚˙

I never really get angry when you tease

me, either

It’s more like

… no, never mind, ahaha, that’s dumb (/ω\)

Never mind~


Although curious of the witch’s sudden abashedness, Yoongi decides to let it go and spare him. He sighs in relief and shuffles slightly in his bed, bunching up his pillows behind his back so he can lay back more comfortably, his sleepiness slowly dissipating.


To; angel jiminie



what was the gift they sent you?


From; angel jiminie




They sent me a little box with a stem of

Youtan Poluo!! (≧∇≦)/

It’s one of the rarest flowers in the world!

It’s said to bloom only once every 3000

years, and it’s incredibly powerful when

used in potions!!!

I can’t believe they sent this to me (˶′◡‵˶)

It’s such a precious flower, it must’ve cost

them a fortune!

Not gonna lie, I almost cried when I

realised what it was (´;ω;`)


The smile on Yoongi’s lips grows wider for every new message, fondness simmering in his chest at the witch’s emotional excitement, so much so he might just burst with the intensity of it. He can practically feel it himself, so utterly endeared by the mere thought of Jimin being moved to tears by receiving a gift he deserves so much.

Still, he doesn’t like the thought of Jimin crying at all, no matter the reason, so he quickly types a reply he knows will pull the witch away from those emotions.


To; angel jiminie


what do you mean, “almost cried”

you probably burst into tears as soon

as you opened that box


From; angel jiminie


I DID NOT, HYUNG!!! ヽ(`д´;)/


okay so maybe I did bUT SO WHAT


KNOW!!! (•ˋ _ ˊ•)


EVEN YOU!!! ◟(`ﮧ´ ◟ )


Yoongi chuckles, rolling over in his bed so he’s lying on his stomach. He’s practically giddy, biting into his lower lip in a half-hearted attempt to keep from smiling too widely.


To; angel jiminie


who me?

pfffffffff no

i don’t cry

i’m made of ice and stones


that’s really great, though, jimin

what are you gonna use the flowers for?


From; angel jiminie


I don’t knowwwwww

They’re very magically potent, so I should

definitely use them in one of my potions,


buuuuuuutttttttt (๑•﹏•)


If Yoongi concentrates really hard, he can almost imagine the witch whining the word.


To; angel jiminie


you don’t wanna use up such a precious gift


From; angel jiminie



It’s so special, I’d feel super guilty unless I

use it in a reeeeeeally important potion

(´・ ・`。)

And the one important one I’m making right

now can’t use a flower like this...


I don’t knowwwww!!!!! ヽ(`д´;)/


Yoongi can’t help but laugh, picturing Jimin rolling around and kicking at the blankets of his bed in frustration. It makes for an adorable image, all fluffy-haired and sleep-drunk and pouty.


As if Yoongi himself is any better, grinning like an idiot at ass o’clock in the morning.


To; angel jiminie


there’s no hurry in using it

just keep it safe until you feel like you

wanna use it in a potion

they gave it to you because you deserve it,

so don’t stress too much about it


From; angel jiminie


Awwww, thank you so much, Yoongi-hyung!!

You really are being so soft this morning

( ˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈♡)

A whole softie~


To; angel jiminie




From; angel jiminie



Anyways, I gotta get going, hyung!

I’m seeing two of my friends today, they’re

dragging me out to eat


Yoongi sits up straight in his bed, the smile falling off his face.


From; angel jiminie


I’m kinda worried about my new friend,


What if he comes by when I’m not there?

I hope he won’t hate me (;﹏;)


Yoongi has never typed so fast in his life.


To; angel jiminie


he won’t hate you

no one could ever hate you, jimin


He knows he should just leave it at that and that he’s being really goddamn ridiculous right now, but he already misses the witch and had sort of maybe hoped they could have another day in, just like they had yesterday.


To; angel jiminie


maybe your friend will visit you before

you go out


From; angel jiminie


Hyungggggg (*ฅ́˘ฅ̀*)

You’re so sweet!! (˶′◡‵˶)

I’m leaving in like an hour, though, so I don’t

think he’ll have time to come before that…

But I hope he does!

Thank you, Yoongi-hyung ♡


Yoongi’s face is burning and he’s already halfway out of bed, but he stops for a moment to muster his courage and reply in the way he wants to.


To; angel jiminie


you’re welcome, jiminie


He tosses his phone onto the bed before he can regret sending the message and bolts into his bathroom to clean himself up. “Min Yoongi, you fucking idiot,” he hisses at his reflection in the mirror, but there’s a little grin on his lips that contradict his own words. “You giant fucking idiot.”




Roughly fifty minutes later, Yoongi arrives at the witch’s shop in his cat form, panting from the exertion of running almost the entire way there. He skids to a halt in front of the closed gate and dips under it, only then pausing to take a proper breath. A real giant fucking idiot, he thinks, his lungs burning. Of galactic proportions.


He wants to calm down and steady his breathing before he goes looking for Jimin, but there are voices coming from inside the shop, loud and boisterous. He recognises one of them as the witch, but the two others are unfamiliar, one deep and excited, the other amused and teasing. They’re shuffling around at the front of the shop, obviously getting ready to leave, and Yoongi has time to panic about what to do for a good three seconds before the door is thrown open.


“Oh, come on, Chim,” a young man with greyish hair says loudly as he steps outside, throwing his hands to the sides in obvious impatience. “He sent you a heart and comforted you, I don’t know how he could be any more obvious than that! He called you Jiminie, for crying out loud!”


The witch comes stumbling out after him, cheeks red and lips pursed into a pout. He’s not wearing his hat and robes, having left them in the shop in favor of wearing cute little shorts and a plaid yellow shirt. There are countless of rings adorning his fingers and a thin silver chain around his neck.


“That doesn’t mean anything,” he huffs, fidgeting with the sleeve of his shirt. The sleeve that is much too long and covers almost all of his hand. “I’m sure he only sent it because I sent him one first. And,” his cheeks grow just a bit pinker and his voice more quiet, “it was just a nickname. You call me Chim and it doesn’t mean anything.”


“No offense, Jimin,” the last one out the door says with a roll of his eyes, grinning in a way that makes him look alarmingly similar to a rabbit, “but you’re being really dense right now.”


The witch groans as he pulls the door to his shop shut and fiddles with the lock, tapping his finger against it until the doorknob turns on its own. “How is that no offense, you overgrown carrot eater?” he demands as he turns around, snorting when his friend only grins wider still. “We haven’t even met, how could it possibly mean anything?”


Now, Yoongi might be too preoccupied taking in Jimin’s casual appearance to properly focus on what they’re talking about, but when the man who’d first walked outside comes to an abrupt halt, his eyes zeroing in on Yoongi, he feels a sudden rush of familiar ominousness, recalling a time he’d strayed past a kindergarten in his cat form. Oh shit, he thinks, just before a deafening squeal hits his ears.


“Oh my god,” the man exclaims and breaks off into a run, skipping his way towards Yoongi, hands raised and reaching. “Look at this cutie, oh my god, aren’t you just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in all my life?”


Not only is he tall as all hell, towering over Yoongi as he draws closer, but his excitement has Yoongi dreading he’ll actually be crushed if the man so much as gets his hands on him. Startled, he backs up until his butt hits the gate, cutting off his escape, and he’s just about ready to force his exhausted body to make a run for it when the man is suddenly pulled back, fingers pinching his ear and preventing him from catching Yoongi in his large hands.


Owwww,” he whines, screwing up his face and grabbing for the hand holding him back, flailing as he stumbles backwards. “Chim, let me go, what the hell?”


“Don’t just jump on him like that, Tae!” the witch scolds his friend, dragging him down to his height as he redirects him from Yoongi. “He doesn’t like being touched, okay, you’ll scare him if you charge at him like a goddamn bull!”


There’s something almost amusing about watching Jimin, short as he is in comparison, manhandle his friend away with ease, using none of his magical powers to pass the man over to his bunny-looking friend. “Meanie,” the man, Tae, huffs as soon as the witch lets him go, burying his face into what has to be his boyfriend’s chest, whining until the other closes his arms around him in a comforting hug and kisses his temple.


With another huff, the witch turns around, and his frown is nowhere to be seen as he sinks into a crouch in front of Yoongi, smiling that bright smile of his. “Good morning, pretty,” he says and holds out his hand. “I’m so happy you came to see me so early.”


Yoongi nuzzles against his hand quickly enough, pressing his brow against Jimin’s palm and closing his eyes in contentment. I wanted to see you today, too, he says, meowing lowly. The witch giggles at the sound, and Yoongi’s heart flutters in response, just as it always does.


“He seems comfortable enough with you.”


Jimin puffs up his cheeks and sends a glance at his friend from over his shoulder. “Well yeah, that’s because we’re friends,” he says, as if it’s an obvious thing. “And because I didn’t try to choke him the first time we met.”


The witch’s friend gasps in exaggerated offense, pressing a hand over his heart. “I wasn’t gonna choke him!” he protests, ignoring the way his boyfriend is laughing into his shoulder. “I just wanted to say hi!”


Jimin shakes his head, rolling his eyes as he turns back to Yoongi, smiling once again. “Sorry about Tae,” he says. “He just gets a bit excited sometimes. He’s really nice, so you don’t have to be scared of him.” He must notice the way Yoongi warily eyes his friend, for he emits another little giggle. “Don’t you worry, pretty,” he says and pokes Yoongi between the eyes. “I promise I’ll protect you.”


Yoongi emits a reproachful meow at that, half-hearted at best, and gives Jimin’s finger a little nibble, careful to only lightly graze his teeth over the witch’s skin. He regrets it as soon as he does it, because what the fuck, Min Yoongi, you can’t just bite the guy out of the blue, what’s wrong with you?! He quickly curls into himself, staring pointedly into the grass while trying his best to not burst into flames right then and there.


Jimin doesn’t seem to share his view on the matter whatsoever. On the contrary, he looks down at Yoongi with his eyebrows at his hairline, a blindingly bright smile gracing his lips as he holds his bitten hand in his other, cradling it against his chest as if it was something precious. “Ah, you make me feel so special, Gloss,” he gushes, rocking back and forth where he’s crouching. “Showering me with affection like this.”


Very, very belatedly, Yoongi remembers hearing that if cats nibble on something or some one,  the likely reason for it is an urge to show care or affection. Or love. Oh my god, he wallows internally, positively burning with embarrassment. Oh my god, I might as well have rolled over for him, oh my god!


“I think your cat’s having an internal crisis, Chim.”


Yoongi raises his head enough to aim a pointed glare at Jimin’s friend, Tae or whatever their name is. Don’t sell me out, you brat, he says, the words coming out as a grumble.


“He’s not my cat,” the witch says, making the point Yoongi probably should’ve made himself. “He’s a new friend of mine.”


“Oh.” Tae just shrugs his shoulders, but his boyfriend, the bunny-looking boy, is looking very intently at Yoongi, almost as if he’s seeing right through him. Unnerved, Yoongi squirms a little, but then Tae speaks up again, distracting the two of them. “Well, you’d better tell your friend to come by another time,” he says and gestures towards the gate. “We gotta get going so we’re not late.”


“Right.” Jimin scoots a little bit closer and lowers his head so he can address Yoongi more quietly, speaking so closely Yoongi can feel his breath against the top of his head. “I’m sorry you came all the way here, Gloss,” the witch says, “but I can’t hang out today. I promised to go out with my friends. Is that okay?”


There’s a very small, very selfish and petulant part of Yoongi that would like to say no, but he stomps it out just as fast as it appears. Instead, he meows and bumps his head against Jimin’s chin, hoping to come off as reassuring.


Judging by the radiant smile on the witch’s lips, it works well enough.


“I open shop again tomorrow,” he says and gives Yoongi’s head a few more strokes. “You can stop by at any time, okay?” Yoongi nods and sits up straight when Jimin stands up, waving his hands back and forth. “Then I’ll see you tomorrow, pretty.”


See you tomorrow, Jiminie, Yoongi says, meowing.


The trio takes off, chattering loudly amongst each other as they shuffle onto the street. Yoongi follows them out the gate and lingers on the pavement, watching them until they reach an intersection. Before rounding the corner, Jimin turns around and waves at Yoongi, his smile blinding even from so far away, and Yoongi almost waves back, raising his paw a little before realising that cats do  not  know how to wave.


As he walks home, he wonders how whipped he really is, if the witch can make him summon the will to get out of bed and run halfway across the city only for the sake of seeing him for a minute or two.


Yoongi decides he doesn’t want to know the answer, and makes it his life goal to never let Hoseok answer that question for him.




Shit decides to, very gracefully, hit the fan the very next day.


It’s a few minutes past midday and Yoongi is lounging on the counter of the witch’s shop, lazily flicking his tail back and forth and watching Jimin entertain his newest customer. He’s chattering cheerfully with the old woman while bottling the potion she’d requested, a brew that’ll make her lactose-intolerant grandson able to eat the cake she ordered for his birthday without trouble.


Yoongi is utterly at peace, knowing he has at least two hours of time to spend in the shop before he has to start making his way home. He’s been at the shop for almost an hour already, coming over straight from a session at the studio with Namjoon to observe the witch dealing with his customers, in between whom Jimin has sat down behind the counter and talked non-stop about everything and nothing, seemingly more than eager to tell Yoongi about whatever comes to his mind.


“Sorry about that, Gloss,” the witch huffs when he plops into his seat again, propping his chin in his hands. “She’s a regular and always stays to talk for a long time.” Contrary to his words, the smile on his lips is soft. “She has trouble with her memory, so she always forgets her grandson can’t eat dairy products. I make her a few bottles at the time so she won’t have to come all the way here every time she wants to spend time with the kid.”


Seeing Jimin look so fond of his customer gives Yoongi a by now familiar flutter in his chest. For the umpteenth time, he wonders what kind of miracle must’ve happened when the witch was born, what kind of powerful spell it took to turn actual sunshine into a human boy.


Jimin rambles off into another story, this time recalling when he’d accidentally turned one of the other students in his dance class into a swan when they’d knocked him over. Yoongi listens attentively, making little noises and nodding where it’s appropriate, and when the witch starts stroking him along his back while talking, Yoongi can’t even bring himself to feel embarrassed when he starts to purr.


He almost wants to curse when the door opens and another customers steps in, annoyed at the burst of their little bubble, but whatever ire had risen to his mind vanishes in the blink of an eye when he sees just who the new customer is, panic quick to replace it.


Oh god.


“Hello,” Namjoon says, dimples on display in his wide smile as he greets the witch. “You can get spells and stuff here, right?”


“Yes, sir,” Jimin chirps and hops out of his seat to come around the counter, oblivious to Yoongi’s suddenly petrified state. “My name is Park Jimin, I’m the witch in charge of this shop. Did you already have a spell have in mind?”


“It’s actually kind of embarrassing,” Namjoon says with an abashed chuckle, scratching at his neck. “My, uh, my boyfriend sent me here to get a spell to make me stop breaking things.” He laughs when the witch’s eyes widen in surprise. “Yeah, I sorta broke his second favorite cup this morning.”


“Only the second favorite?” Jimin wonders with an appropriately sheepish smile.


“I broke his favorite one two days ago.”


Vaguely, Yoongi notices how hard the witch is trying not to laugh, pressing his lips together and taking a moment to gather himself. “Okay,” he says when he sobers up enough to trust himself to speak. He motions for Namjoon to step further into the store and walks over to the bookcase to look over his tomes. “Let’s see, I can make you a spell that’ll cause everything you touch to be indestructible for as long as you maintain contact with it. Or a slowfall spell, which causes everything you knock off a counter or table to float slowly to the floor.”


Namjoon hums and follows the witch slowly, taking his time to look around the store in deep fascination. Yoongi sits perfectly still on the counter; he’d like to make a run for it or hide, but he knows his friend is more likely to notice him if he moves. Fuck, he thinks, holding his breath when Namjoon’s gaze flicker over the counter. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fucking—


Now, here’s the thing: Namjoon has seen Yoongi in his cat form enough times to be able to pick him out from a herd of identical felines. Which is probably why, when his gaze absentmindedly flickers over Yoongi, it snaps right back only a mere second after passing over him, his eyes growing wide as saucers in recognition.




Namjoon’s lips fall open and just gapes at Yoongi for a moment, and all Yoongi can do is stare back, internally freaking the everliving hell out. He watches his friend close his lips and part them again, clearly struggling to find his words. When he finally seems like he’s about to, Yoongi vigorously shakes his head, almost throwing himself off the counter in the process.


Don’t say a fucking word, he pleads inwardly, praying to high heavens Namjoon can understand him.


“Are you alright, sir?”


Both Yoongi and Namjoon startle at Jimin’s voice, whipping around to stare at him instead. Namjoon looks between the witch and Yoongi a few times, still struck speechless, but then, much to Yoongi’s despair, the reality of the situation seems to fall right into place in his head. He looks back at Yoongi, and the most smug, satisfied, annoying, fake innocent smirk he’s ever seen graces Namjoon’s lips.


“Oh yes, everything’s fine with me,” he says and turns back to the witch. “Absolutely, one hundred percent. I think the first spell you mentioned would be best. Even though I also knock things from the table, I tend to just… break whatever I’m holding in my hands, so I think that’d be more effective in sparing our household items.”


“Okay,” Jimin says slowly, reaching up to correct his glasses on his nose as he looks between Namjoon and a petrified Yoongi. “Sure. It’ll take ten minutes to do the binding. You can sit down over there and wait.” He gestures towards the loveseat in the corner of the shop. “Would you like something to drink while you wait? I have my own herb tea.”


“Oh no, thank you, that’s not necessary,” Namjoon says, looking like he can barely contain his mirth as he walks over to the sofa and takes a seat. “I’ll just sit here and wait.”


“Alright, I’ll get started right away,” the witch says, but instead of heading for the row of bookcases, he walks right up to where Yoongi is sitting on the counter and leans forward, running his thumb over his head. “You okay, pretty?”


Kill me, Yoongi thinks as he watches Namjoon’s face light up like he’s having the time of his life. Kill me now.


With Jimin waiting for an answer, all he can do is nod his head and try to appease the witch, pushing into his touch. It seems to suffice for now, a smile tugging at the corners of Jimin’s lips, and as the witch goes to get started on the spell, Yoongi prepares himself for the most stressful ten minutes of his life.


“That’s a smart cat you have there,” Namjoon says lightly after a moment or two, positively reveling in the way Yoongi flinches. “He seems to understand what you’re saying.”


“Oh,” Jimin utters and looks up from the tome he’s flickering through, smiling, “yeah, he’s really clever. He’s not my cat, though. He showed up earlier this week and decided to start hanging out with me.”


“Really?” Namjoon muses slowly, never looking away from Yoongi, his gaze like pinpricks.


“Yup,” the witch chirps, sounding so happy, Yoongi sort of wants to roll off the counter and onto the floor, and then roll out the door, too. But he won’t, because Namjoon is here and he’d never let him live it down. Not to mention, cats don’t just roll off things. “He’s become a really good friend of mine. I don’t know his real name, but he lets me call him Gloss.”


Namjoon looks like he’s trying his best not to laugh. “That’s cute,” he says, and Yoongi wants to claw his eyes out when he pulls his phone out of his pocket, surely to tell everyone.


“He is,” Jimin agrees and reaches over to gently stroke Yoongi’s cheek, a touch he can’t help but lean into. “I’m fairly confident when I say he’s magically gifted. Sometimes animals are born with magical powers, and this pretty one has some for sure.”


Yoongi shouldn’t be surprised the witch has realised he possesses magical abilities since he can probably sense those kinds of things, but to hear him say it has him tensing up, immediately worrying exactly how much Jimin knows. Namjoon seems to think along the same lines, for he casually asks, “What kind of magical powers do you think he has?”


The witch emits one of his tinkling giggles. “I can’t tell,” he says, shrugging, and returns to his symbols. “All I can sense is magic in him. It’s up to him if he wants to show it to me.”


All of Yoongi’s worry about Namjoon is pushed aside in favor of the yearning in his chest. He turns away from his friend and looks at Jimin, wishing they could’ve met under different circumstances, wishing he wouldn’t have ran away that first time he saw him.


He’s so lost in his hopeful thoughts, he doesn’t notice how soft the smile on Namjoon’s lips becomes.




There’s only one message waiting for Yoongi when he comes back home that evening.


From; joons


You’re so screwed, hyung :)))


A part of Yoongi wants to deny it, to say it’s definitely not true and that Namjoon should just go jump in a lake or something, but at the same time, he knows his friend’s words are very, very true and that no amount of denial is gonna change that.


To; joons


yeah i know


Now he just has to find a way to deal with it.




From; angel jiminie


Hey, Yoongi-hyung


Yoongi almost drops his bowl of ramyeon in his hurry to pick up his phone, surprised to see the witch messaging him so late. Worried, he barely has the sense to wipe his hands on his shirt before typing a quick reply.


To; angel jiminie


hey, jimin

what’s up?

everything okay?


From; angel jiminie


Yeah, I’m okay

I was just wondering


He heaves a sigh of relief and sags back against his desk chair.


To; angel jiminie


wondering what?


From; angel jiminie


I was wondering…

Okay, I don’t know why I’m so nervous about

this but I wanna ask

Do you wanna come visit my shop someday?

Because, you know

I’d like to meet you

I’d really like to meet you


Yoongi’s heart picks up a frantic pace at the confession, his nerves tingling and his cheeks flushing in response. It sort of hits him right in the chest, the realisation of just how much he wants that as well.


To; angel jiminie


yeah, of course i want to

really, jimin, i’d love to come visit your

shop someday


From; angel jiminie



Really?? (*⁰▿⁰*)


To; angel jiminie


yeah, really

i’d like to meet you too, jiminie


He’d like to meet Jimin properly, in person, so much it has his heart hurting.


From; angel jiminie




((that’s me throwing magic confetti all around!))


Yoongi chuckles, the sound wet to his own ears.


To; angel jiminie


you’re cute

you should go to sleep

it’s already pretty late


From; angel jiminie


I’m cute?

You said I’m cute

Ehehehehhehehe (≧∇≦)/

So are you, Yoongi-hyung!!

And you should also go to sleep!!

Sleep well so you can come visit me soon!!

Good night!!!  (o´艸`) .。.:*♡


To; angel jiminie


good night, jiminie


“Fuck,” Yoongi mutters and presses his hands over his eyes. “Fuck.


He has to tell Jimin.




Here’s how Yoongi imagines it’ll go.


He’ll walk into the shop in his cat form, give Jimin some sort of obvious sign that he is, in fact, not a cat, and then transform into his human shape and explain everything. He’ll apologize and hope the witch can understand and forgive him for not telling him sooner, and that they can maybe possibly be friends. They’ll talk and work things out, and everything will be okay.


Yeah, that’s the best case scenario Yoongi can imagine. It’s also the one he clings to for the sake of his sanity as he approaches the witch’s shop.


Here’s how Yoongi certainly does not imagine his visit to go.


When he walks into the shop, there’s a guy crowding Jimin against the bookcases, speaking in a loud, angry voice and gesturing at something on the counter. The witch looks uncomfortable, nervous in his defiance as he refuses whatever it is the man is asking of him. The guy doesn’t take very kindly to his refusal, growling something about being a paying customer and not leaving until Jimin does what he wants.


Now, Yoongi knows the witch is strong enough to throw the man out with merely a flick of his finger and that he shouldn’t react with as much worry as he does. However, he also knows Jimin is too kind-hearted to do such a thing, thus Yoongi leaps up onto the counter with purpose, ready to claw the everliving shit out of the man.


“I already paid a fortune for that thing!” he’s saying, his voice much too loud as he gestures at an odd object on the counter, a glass phial holding a tiny golden marble, floating inside the bottle. “It’s not like you’re the one who sold it to me, you just have to infuse it with your power!”


“I told you, I’m not going to do it, sir,” the witch retorts firmly. “Not only is a charm like that illegal, but the monetary success it grants you only comes at the expense of others’ loss. I’m not going to give power to something that feeds off of the happiness of others.”


“Listen here,” the man barks and grabs Jimin by the arm, his touch far from gentle, and that’s when Yoongi decides he’s crossed a line.


So, like any cat would, he walks up to the fragile charm and meows loudly to get the guy’s attention. Both Jimin and the customer turn to look at him, and as soon as they do, Yoongi sticks out a paw and nudges the phial just a little bit closer to the edge of the counter.


The effect is instantaneous. The guy lets go of Jimin and whirls around, the color draining from his face quicker than a candle being blown out. He takes a step towards the counter, but freezes to the spot with his arms raised halfway when Yoongi pushes it further still. “No, no,” he says loudly, as if he thinks he’ll have a chance to convince Yoongi to not do what he so clearly intends to. “Bad kitty, don’t touch that thing!”


Fuck you, Yoongi retorts in a low meow and nudges the bottle closer still to the edge.


“Stop that!” the guy pleads, but Yoongi is merciless. “Come on, you stupid cat, fucking stop—


With a little scoff, Yoongi shoves the phial right off the counter and takes immense pleasure in watching horror dawn on the man’s features. The glass bottle shatters against the floor and the golden marble twists out of shape, turning purple and black and then disappearing into thin air.


The silence left behind is deafening, during which Yoongi just glares at the man, waiting for him to react. Jimin is standing still as a statue behind him, one hand gripping the bookcase, the other covering his mouth to muffle the startled sound that had escaped his lips upon the phial shattering.


When the man finally snaps out of his daze, it’s Jimin he turns on. “You’re fucking paying for that!” he shouts, reaching for the collar of the witch’s robe, but he doesn’t quite make it that far before an ungodly sound has him jerking away as if he’d been burnt, whipping back around to the counter.


Don’t you fucking lay a hand on him, Yoongi snarls from where he stands, bristling, the hairs on his back standing up straight in his rage. I’ll gouge your fucking eyes out, you piece of shit, and replace them with your balls if you so much as touch him!


No matter the size, when a cat start hissing and growling like a creature possessed by the devil himself, anyone would shit themselves.


Thus it’s no surprise when the man makes a very swift exit, dodging around the counter as he bolts for the door, cursing under his breath as he goes. Yoongi keeps hissing for good measure, daring him to change his mind and come back, and when he finally settles, there’s nothing left in the shop but silence.


He hears a noise behind him and turns around in time to see Jimin slide down along the bookcase until he’s sitting on the floor. He curls up there, pulling his knees to his chest and burying his face in his arms, trembling. All the anger promptly leaves Yoongi’s body, replaced by immense worry, and he leaps off the counter and walks up to the witch, meowing as he goes.


His worry intensifies when Jimin doesn’t look up. Jiminie, he tries to say and curses the fact that only a little mewling sound leaves him. Undeterred, he pushes under the witch’s arm from the side, worming his way into the tight space between Jimin’s thighs and chest until Yoongi has crawled completely into his embrace.


Jiminie, he says again and nudges the witch’s cheek, purring as loudly as he knows how. Jiminie, it’s okay now. It’s okay. You’re okay.


Jimin stirs a little, loosening his grip on himself so Yoongi has more space to breathe, and maybe he shouldn’t do it or maybe he should hesitate even a little, but Yoongi licks Jimin’s jaw, leaving little kisses all over his cheek and nudging his face in between.


Please smile again, Jiminie.


As if the witch had understood him, he emits his wonderful giggle, the sound muffled where his face is buried in his arms. Slowly, he lifts his head, and his eyes are glistening with tears, but he’s smiling as he looks down at Yoongi, who doesn’t hesitate in pushing against Jimin’s nose, spurred on by the witch’s laugh.


“Thank you,” Jimin murmurs and presses a kiss to Yoongi’s brow. “Thank you, pretty.”


Yoongi pretends he can’t feel the way his heart lurches in his chest and stays put right where he is, continuing to purr and nuzzle against the witch, content to be held for as long as it takes for the witch to calm down. He’ll stay right where he is for as long as Jimin wants, even if that would mean he’d stay there far into the night.


As time ticks by with neither of them moving, Yoongi realises just how urgently he needs to tell Jimin. He needs to tell him before he loses his mind, before his emotions drive him crazy. Before he falls head over heels in love with him.




Everything reaches its grand climax the very next morning, in the most anticlimactic way possible.


It goes a little something like this; Yoongi is sitting on the counter of Jimin’s shop, nervously flicking his tail while observing the witch as he works on a potion in his cauldron, stirring with immense concentration. He’s working on the finishing touches of the order that had started their whole… relationship, the one he’d accidentally texted Yoongi about.


It’s ironic, really, the timing of it all.


“It’s gonna get really smokey in here, Gloss,” the witch warns without taking his eyes off the simmering potion, holding a pinch of dragonfin dust in his hand, ready to drop it into the cauldron. “You might wanna go outside for a minute or two so it won’t hurt your eyes or nose.”


Yoongi only shakes his head and stays put, having no sense of foresight whatsoever.


Murmuring foreign words under his breath, Jimin begins sprinkling the glittering dust over the potion, his other hand stirring insistently. Slowly, a billowing fog begins to rise from the cauldron, hitting the witch right in the face and causing his hair to wave. He doesn’t seem to care at all, persisting unblinking until the very last speck of dragonfin dust has been stirred into the potion.


Then he starts to sneeze.


Jimin drops the ladle onto the floor in favor of cupping his hands over his nose, backing away several steps as he sneezes repeatedly. “So-sorry,” he manages between sneezes and waves a hand at Yoongi, who rises to his feet in alarm, worried over the witch’s strong reaction. “It’s just, inhaling this m-makes my-” a sneeze, “makes my nose itch like crazy, but-” another sneeze, “I’m fine, don’t you—”


That’s all he manages to say before he’s racked by the biggest sneeze yet, his body heaving from the force of it. It sounds like it jars his very lungs, and Yoongi almost can’t bring himself to be surprised when an accidental pulse of magic bursts from Jimin’s person. It’s like an expanding bubble of shimmering light spreading throughout the room, crossing every surface until it reaches Yoongi where is standing.


The pulse feels like a rush of hot air, and as it passes through him, it jars the magic within him and, much to his horror, forces his shapeshifting straight out of his body.


Suddenly, Yoongi is no longer a cat. Suddenly, he’s a human crouching on top of the counter.


A very naked human.


“Oh my fuck—” are the first words out of his mouth, the rest drowned by a startled exclaim from somewhere next to the fireplace and the cauldron. “Oh my god,” Yoongi blurts before practically throwing himself off the counter and to the loveseat in the corner of the shop, reaching desperately for the throw blanket hanging off its armrest. “Oh my god, shit, oh shit, fuck, fuck, shit—”

As he thrashes around in a frantic attempt at getting the blanket around himself, he thanks the gods above for the smoke still billowing from the cauldron. It doesn’t make him any less mortified and it doesn’t take away from how deathly embarrassed he is, nor how much he’s freaking the fuck out about his predicament, but at least it impairs the witch’s sight enough to let him hide his privates.


“Oh my god, I’m so fucking sorry,” Yoongi rambles very loudly, his cheeks on fire. He’s hardly aware of what he’s saying, teetering on the verge of a panic attack. “Oh god, what have I done, I’m so fucking stupid, oh fuck, I swear I’m sorry, oh god—” His voice is growing louder and higher for every passing word and he can’t even look at Jimin. “Shit, Jimin, I’m so sorry.”


This is the worst possible way the grand reveal could’ve happened.


“I swear I didn’t mean to trick you or anything,” Yoongi all but shouts, pulling the throw blanket so tightly around himself he almost falls off the loveseat. He chances a glance at the witch, who’s staring at him with eyes round like saucers, lips hanging open in shock. “I just, oh god, fuck, I freaked out when I saw you, like holy shit, you’re just so—” He shakes his head, squeezing his eyes shut. “But then we were texting and you were just so nice, like fuck, I just wanted to see you and I—”


“Wait a second.”


Yoongi snaps his mouth shut and looks up, promptly finding himself completely unable to even breathe as he waits for the witch to unleash hell on him. Jimin is still staring at him like he’s never seen a human being before, but he’s holding up a hand now in a wordless request for silence. “We,” he says slowly, gesturing between himself and Yoongi, “we’ve been texting?”




Upon realising his slip, Yoongi just gapes at the witch for several seconds, wondering what the hell he should say now. “Uh,” is the first thing he manages, wishing nothing more than to have the ability to fall to the very center of the earth and die. He closes his lips and parts the again, over and over until he manages to voice a hesitant, “no..?”


Jimin doesn’t even blink. “You just said we’ve been texting.”


“No, I didn’t,” Yoongi counters meekly. He’s pretty sure he’s sweating right now, his skin prickling under the witch’s intense stare.


“Yes, you did,” Jimin insists and moves to take a step forward. When Yoongi jerks and scoots as far back on the loveseat as he can, the witch stops. “You said it.”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Yoongi says very fast, too fast; he stumbles over his words in his hurry, his face flaming red.


He wants to look away, but then a smile slowly begins to spread along Jimin’s lips, the corners curling up. “You know you’re a really bad liar?” he asks.


There’s the ghost of a teasing lilt to the witch’s tone, and it triggers an automatic response from Yoongi. “Am not,” he protests, only to realise it’s basically like confirming the fact that he is lying. Groaning, he goes to bury his face in his hands, but doing so would hike up the throw blanket from his lap, so instead, he buries his face against the backrest of the loveseat, whining pitifully to himself. “Oh my fucking god…


He doesn’t look up again until there are hesitant footsteps drawing closer, and when he does look up, Jimin is standing at the opposite end of the couch, a small smile on his lips as he stares at his hands, nervously wringing them. “So are you,” he begins, pausing to take a breath. “Are you Yoongi-hyung, then?”


Hearing the witch say his name has Yoongi shuddering. He pulls the blanket tighter still around his body, and he, too, looks at Jimin’s hands when he replies with a muttered, “Is there any chance you’ll believe me if I say no?”


When the witch laughs brightly, Yoongi’s gaze snaps up to his face, his heart doing that familiar lurch in his chest at the sight. “Not really,” Jimin says, cheeks flushed a pretty pink.


“Oh,” Yoongi says dumbly and quickly averts his gaze when the witch meets his eyes. “Then, uh, th-then yeah, that’s me.”


Jimin hums, for a moment just as lost about their situation as Yoongi is. Then he gasps and slaps his hands down on the armrest of the sofa, an incredulous look on his face. “But wait, how are  you  the same person I’ve been texting?” he demands in a voice of childlike petulancy. “They, I mean you kept teasing me all the time in our texts, but right now you can’t even look me in the eye!”


Heat floods to Yoongi’s cheeks and he gapes wordlessly for a second or two, having no idea what to say to that. “Th-that, I mean, you, I’m,” he sputters with little grace, flustered beyond belief. “I-I don’t—”


“Oh my god, wait,” Jimin says loudly, and suddenly, he’s leaning far over the armrest, smiling that blinding smile of his. The loveseat really isn’t big enough to let Yoongi back up any further, and he’s not sure if he should curse the fact or praise it. He settles for the former when the witch speaks again. “Are you shy, pretty?”


What the fuck?


“Wh-what the—” Indignant and just about ready to combust, Yoongi pulls the blanket so tightly around himself it threatens to rip at the seams. He can feel himself blush all the way to the tips of his ears, his face flaming red. “Maybe don’t ask me that when I’m literally fucking naked,” he barks, his voice far more whiny than he would ever like to hear it. “You brat.


Now it’s Jimin’s turn to blush, the pinkness of his cheeks darkening considerably. He quickly leans back, putting so much force in it he almost knocks himself over, and he turns away to stare pointedly at the window on the wall behind the loveseat. “O-oh, right,” he stutters, reaching up to pull at the brim of his hat, “y-yeah, no, uh—”


“Plus, you’re  the pretty one, so…” It takes Yoongi roughly two seconds to realise he’s spoken the words out loud. He shuts his mouth real fast and goes back to grinding his face into the backrest of the sofa, thus missing the way the witch’s eyes widen and he smiles, his shoulders rising towards his ears. “So, uh, yeah,” Yoongi says in a hopeless attempt at salvaging the situation, “you should, uh, you know, you should just… yeah. Whatever.”


“Yeah,” Jimin agrees quietly, even though Yoongi is fairly certain he has no idea what he’s agreeing with. “Thank you, Yoongi-hyung.”


Yoongi isn’t quite sure what exactly the witch is thanking him for, but the soft voice and soft smile and soft blush on his cheeks is just about the limit of what he can handle without combusting into flames. Thus he just nods in the general direction of Jimin’s feet, unable to meet his eyes for fear of his own health.


“Can I, um,” he begins after a moment of silence, his tongue glued to the roof of his mouth. “Do you… do you have any clothes I could, uh, borrow?”


The witch jolts at this, as if having only just now remembered that Yoongi is, in fact, naked. “Yes,” he says a tad too loudly. “Yes, yeah, of course, let me just…” He leaves the sentence unfinished and scurries off, almost tripping over his own feet in his hurry to climb the stairs to the second floor.


While he’s gone, Yoongi slumps against the loveseat with a self-pitying sound, cursing his bad luck. However he imagined telling Jimin about who he is, however he imagined actually speaking to him, this is as far from ideal as it possibly can be. “Fucking hell,” he groans, having half a mind to ram his head against the wall. “Fucking hell…


The witch returns less than a minute later, carrying a shirt and hoodie and sweatpants and underwear, as well as a pair of slippers. The ducky slippers. The fucking ducky slippers. “Here,” Jimin says and nudges open the door to the kitchen. “You can change in here.”


“Y-yeah,” Yoongi mumbles, unable to make himself even look at Jimin now. Shame is bubbling hot under his skin, accompanied by guilt and no small amount of embarrassment. “Thanks.”


He takes the clothes and closes the door behind him. As soon as he’s alone, he heaves a deep sigh and slumps against the door, nausea beginning to bubble in his stomach. Now that the initial shock has began to pass, he’s left with the self-loathing brought on by his actions and the dread that the witch hates him for what he’s done.


“Fuck,” he whispers and shakes his head, his heart twisting uncomfortably in his chest. This isn’t what he wanted at all.


He changes quickly, starting to feel like complete and utter shit. He pulls Jimin’s shirt and hoodie over his head and tries his best to not notice how they smell just like the witch, a scent he had somehow come to recognise without realising it, learned sometime during his time as a cat. It makes his heart ache even more and he sinks into a crouch on the floor, his face in his hands.


“Calm down,” he tells himself, his voice muffled by his palms. “He didn’t seem angry. He didn’t yell or scream, or cry. Thank fuck he didn’t cry.” That doesn’t erase the fact that the witch can still cry or get mad, and the thought has Yoongi’s stomach turning. He doesn’t want to be the cause of that. He never wants to be the cause of that.


Eventually, he has to haul his ass out of the kitchen, the throw blanket fisted tightly in his hands. It’s like there’s a ball of lead in the pit of his stomach, hot and burning and making him feel like he’s about to faint. “Come on,” he tells himself and stands upright, his legs shaking. “Come on, you gotta talk to him.”


He closes his eyes, draws a deep breath, and pulls open the kitchen door.


Whatever meagre ounce of courage he’s managed to muster is blown away in the blink of an eye when he sees Jimin talking to a customer. The witch is all pleasant smiles and small talk, but when he sees Yoongi, he goes quiet and that smile changes, becomes something smaller.


Yoongi, idiot that he is, proceeds onto internally freaking the fuck out, thinking Jimin really does hate him, and so he makes a beeline for the door, stuttering out something along the lines of, “I-I’ll just, I’ll just go, I don’t wanna bother you, I-I’ll see you around.”


He’s out the door before the witch can say a single word, pulling it shut behind him and crossing the lawn to the street, still wearing the witch’s ducky slippers.




Yoongi doesn’t even make it halfway home before he turns back around. “Fuck no,” he says, gritting his teeth as he steers his steps back towards the witch’s shop, determination trumping his dread. He probably looks like a bloody fool, storming down the street in ducky slippers, but he doesn’t care right now. “No fucking way am I gonna run away from him again.”


This time, he really is going to handle this like a goddamn adult.




When Yoongi reaches the shop, out of breath and panting, his nervousness is back in full force, but he makes himself power through it. The shop looks empty, no movement visible through the windows, so he steps through the barrier and onto the lawn, his hands fisting the soft material of Jimin’s hoodie.


Just like he had done once in his cat form, he ends up pacing back and forth between the gate and the door, trying and failing to muster the courage to go all the way. “He probably doesn’t ever wanna see me again,” he mutters and turns away, almost reaching the gate before turning around. “Doesn’t fucking matter, I owe him an explanation and a proper apology.” He almost reaches the door that time. “But maybe I should give him some space first.”


It’s ironic, really, and perhaps he should’ve seen it coming, but when he turns around again, the witch is there, standing in the doorway, his arms crossed loosely over his chest, smiling his radiant smile.


“Oh,” Yoongi utters dumbly, his tension easing and intensifying all at once.


“Still so shy, are you?” Jimin asks, and his voice is soft and warm and, most of all, welcoming.


Yoongi flushes red and he kinda wants to run away for a third time, but he doesn’t. Not again. Instead, he shoves his clenched hands into the pockets of the hoodie and walks up to the door, where he stands silently for a moment in front of Jimin, staring at the floor. “Um,” he starts, with all the intelligence and tact of a flea. “I, uh, I want to explain. And, and apologise, and say th-that I hope I can still, you know, come here, because I sorta… I got used to being here and seeing you a-and talking to you, even though I didn’t really talk, I guess, and, uh, since you know about, well, about me now, I was hoping ma-maybe we could—”


He stops his ramble when he runs out of words, and instead just nods towards the shop. “You know,” he finishes in a meek mutter, daring a quick glance at the witch’s face before casting down his gaze again.


There’s a moment of silence, a very brief one, but still long enough for Yoongi to begin dreading the worst. Jimin doesn’t let him suffer for long, however. Very carefully, he reaches out towards Yoongi, smiling when he finally looks up again. There’s a blush on the witch’s cheeks and he inclines his head a little, as if he’s seeking some sort of permission.


Yoongi wants to give it, he wants to give it with his whole heart, but he has no idea how. Him meeting Jimin’s eyes seems to be enough; the witch takes hold of Yoongi’s sleeve and coaxes his hand out of his pocket so he can take it in his own, smaller one. “Yeah, I know,” he says and gives Yoongi’s hand a tug, gently pulling him inside.


At this point, Yoongi is pretty sure he’d follow the witch to the ends of the earth if he so asked, so he complies easily, letting himself be led to the counter. Jimin lets him go to close the door behind them, and then rounds the counter so he can plop down in his chair. He props up his elbows and rests his chin in his hands, smiling up at a confused Yoongi. “We can do this the way we always have,” he says brightly. “If you wanna.”


Yoongi swallows, his heart beating furiously in his ears. “Yeah,” is all he manages to say, his thoughts a mess and the fluttering in his chest threatening to make him pass out. He knows what he has to say, but he doesn’t know how to say it, how to convey how sorry he is and how to do it without making the witch angry or sad.


When Yoongi doesn’t say a word for a full minute, Jimin speaks instead, not to rush him, but to reassure him, and to give him all the time in the world. “I tweaked the barrier earlier, you know,” he says softly. “No unwelcome guests can get through. No one can bother us.”


It takes Yoongi a moment to realise the truth behind those words. When he does, he ducks his head, blushing, and blinks against the sudden blur in his eyes. “O-oh,” he mumbles, his voice embarrassingly thick. “Okay.”


You’re welcome here. Even now, you’re still welcome here.


He doesn’t have to look at Jimin to hear the smile in his voice. “Yeah.”


Jimin is not impatient. He doesn’t tell Yoongi to hurry up or to just spit it out, but waits for just as long as Yoongi needs to gather his thoughts and bravery. He doesn’t drum his fingers against the counter in a telltale sign of boredom, he doesn’t throw a glance at the clock on the wall. He waits patiently, and then he listens attentively when Yoongi finally apologises.


To his surprise—and immense relief—the witch is neither upset or angry. He’s confused, asking Yoongi why he didn’t just approach him as a human, or why he never told him over the many texts they were exchanging.


It takes Yoongi a good two minutes to stutter out the answer, looking everywhere but at the witch as he says, “Well, I mean, uh, as you kinda guessed, um, I’m a bit, well, shy, and, uh, that, yeah, it gets a lot worse when, um, when the stranger is, uh, is as p-pretty as you, so, um, yeah, I kinda freaked out and, uh… yeah.”


Jimin just looks at him for a moment, hsi cheeks growing redder for every passing second, and then he giggles, the beautiful sound Yoongi has come to adore. “You really are sweet, hyung,” he says, fiddling with the sleeve of his starry robes. “And sort of an idiot, but a sweet idiot.”


Yoongi can’t help but chuckle at that. “Yeah,” he says and smiles sheepishly at the witch, whose eyes widen just a fraction at the sound of him. “Yeah, I, um, I suppose I am.”


It’s amazing, really, how Jimin manages to coax him into talking more and more without making him feel like he’s awkward or forced or tense. Oh sure, Yoongi is still nervous as all hell, but the worry of fucking everything up has passed now, and they continue speaking without uncomfortable pauses or stilted stops.


Of course, it’s still the witch who does most of the talking, but at least now, Yoongi can actually answer him with proper words rather than grunts or low meows. It makes his heart flop over repeatedly, and there’s a teeny tiny party of him that thinks Jimin’s might be doing the same thing, judging by the redness of his cheeks.


At some point, some two hours later, Jimin leaves his seat to bottle the potion he’d been working on for the whole week. Recalling the witch’s reservedness in speaking of the brew, Yoongi hesitates to ask, but Jimin must notice his curiosity, for he smiles widely and sets one of the bottles down on the counter next to Yoongi.


“It’s for a wedding,” he says cheerfully. “One of the grooms is a fairy who fell in love with a human, and he asked me if I could help him become human as well. He has enough magical power to mask himself as one, but now he wants them to truly be together as one.” His smile is almost painfully soft as he thumbs over one of the phials, wiping away a smudge from the clear surface. “They’re my best friends,” he says and shakes his head, perhaps to hide the wetness of his eyes. “I would’ve used the Youtan Poluo flower in this one, but I received it too late. It would’ve ruined the potion at that point.”


Yoongi’s eyes widen, recalling the two boys who had accompanied Jimin on the day he’d gone out. The youngest of them, the bunny-looking boy, had stared at Yoongi with such intensity, as if he’d been able to see right through his disguise. Now, Yoongi realises he probably could see through it; after all, fairies’ eyes can see through lies and deceptions and read a person’s heart.


“Shit,” he huffs under his breath, wondering what the boy had thought of him, posing as a cat to approach his crush.


After Jimin finishes bottling five phials, Yoongi helps him tuck them into an ornate little box with beautiful engravings carved in shimmering trails across the lid. There’s a moment where the witch comes up right next to Yoongi to seal the box, their shoulders brushing, and Yoongi’s hands jerk slightly, not with the need to put distance between them, but with the urge to take Jimin’s hand in his.


Then the witch pulls away and asks him if he’s hungry, to which he just nods dumbly and follows Jimin into the kitchen to help him—watch him, is more like it—prepare ramyeon for the two of them.


The sun has almost set by the time Yoongi figures it’s time for him to go. He’s already been in the shop for several hours, and with the emotional rollercoaster he’s gone through during the day, he kinda wants to lie down and sleep for seventy hours.


Before he can so much as push away from the counter, however, Jimin comes to stand in front of him, blocking his path, and Yoongi’s heart jumps to his throat. There’s a shy smile playing on the witch’s lips and his shoulders are pulled up towards his ears, hands clasped behind his back as he leans forward a little. “Is this okay?” he asks very quietly, gaze flickering between Yoongi’s eyes and his lips.


Yoongi almost wants to feel proud of himself in that moment for not freaking out over the fact that Jimin has him crowded against the counter with very, very clear intentions. Oh, he blushes so fiercely he really might faint and his insides are going absolutely crazy, but all he does is nod, stuttering out a barely intelligible string of, “Y-yeah, this, this is cool, this, yeah.”


The witch giggles that wonderful giggle of his before leaning in the rest of the way and pressing his lips against Yoongi’s.


It’s a chaste kiss, soft and short, but Yoongi revels in the feeling of Jimin’s lips against his own, of the witch’s chest against his, of his closeness. It’s quick, but there’s a surge of warmth spreading from Jimin into his very core, where it settles in the form of comforting affection and blissful reverence.


Numbly, Yoongi wonders if it’s an effect of Jimin being a witch, if the surge is some sort of manifestation of his magic. Something outside of his own control, his emotions made bare by his own abilities.


When Jimin goes to pull away, Yoongi doesn’t let him get very far. He wants to kiss him again, and again, and then one more time. He wants to kiss him over and over, so in spite of himself, Yoongi settles his hands on the witch’s waist, quivering slightly where they hold him close.


Jimin giggles again, blushing, and Yoongi never wants to look away from him. “What happened to your shyness, pretty?” the witch asks coyly and brings his hands up to Yoongi’s chest, fingers curling into the hoodie.


All Yoongi can do is mutter something incoherent before kissing him again, reveling in the way Jimin sighs into it and tilts his head a little to better slot their lips together. Yoongi is pretty sure his heart is about to beat its way out of his chest, but he doesn’t care, he can’t bring himself to care. Instead, he pulls the witch closer still, kissing him until neither of them can breathe.


Jimin seems just as starstruck as Yoongi feels, chasing his lips when they finally do part. The witch presses one last little kiss against the corner of Yoongi’s mouth, smiling ever so widely when Yoongi ducks his head, unable to battle his perpetual shyness any longer. “I’m really happy you came to see me, Yoongi-hyung,” he croons, raising a hand to cup Yoong’s cheek. “I kinda like you a lot.”


It takes a lot of effort to not burst with sheer happiness just then, smiling so wide his gums show. “Yeah,” he manages, reaching up to take the witch’s hand in his, lacing their fingers together. “Yeah, I… me too, Jiminie.” He can’t quite say it just yet, but Jimin doesn’t seem to mind, squeezing his hand. “So, um, c-could I maybe… could I take you on a date someday?”


He can feel the witch smile against his shoulder, where he’s buried his face. “You can take me on a date now,” he says softly. “No one’s gonna come around anymore today.”


“Now?” Yoongi can’t help but huff a little at that. “It’s almost ten at night, and,” he glances down, “and I’m still wearing your ducky slippers.”


Jimin laughs brightly, and Yoongi’s smile grows wider still. “Oh my god, you are,” the witch says and shakes his head before leaning in and pressing a very soft kiss against Yoongi’s lips. “I don’t mind. You’re still pretty.”


“Okay.” He says it a bit too quickly and perhaps too eagerly, but he can’t really bring himself to care, not when Jimin kisses him like that. “Where do you want to go?”


They end up on the grass in the witch’s backyard, watching the sun set over Seoul’s skyline and the skies go dark. There are lights all around them, the city never one to sleep, but Jimin paints the ceiling of the magical barrier dark blue like the true night, and then he creates constellations all over their own sky, giggling whenever Yoongi tells him to draw something stupid.


They sit on the grass and Yoongi holds the witch in his arms, hugging him to his chest while he goes about his work, filling their sky with pictures of cats and hearts and all kinds of nonsensical things Yoongi can only interpret as the bright mess that is their emotions.


When Jimin turns around in his embrace and kisses him again, the stars he’s made break away from their sky and fall all around them, bouncing off the grass and illuminating the little world they’re so lost in.


It’s better than magical.


It’s perfect.