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Quirks of the Soul

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Izuku knocked on the door to the Bakugous’ house. This was it. His hands cradled the letter in his hands gently, making sure to avoid any creases or unfortunate accidents. The letter had to be in as perfect a condition as possible before he left.

The well-oiled door to Kacchan’s house opened. Bakugou Mitsuki had a surprised expression as she looked at him.

“Oh, Izuku-kun! What are you doing here? My stupid son isn’t back yet.”

“Hello, Bakugou-san. I was just wondering if you could pass this to Kacchan for me,” he said, smiling at her. He felt affectionate emotions welling up in him as he gazed at Kacchan’s mother. Izuku carefully handed her the letter in his hands.

Mitsuki reached out for the letter with a slightly puzzled expression. “Of course,” she said, subconsciously handling the letter with more care.

“Thank you, Bakugou-san. It was nice seeing you again.”

Before she could further inquire about why he was passing her a letter for her son instead of passing it to him himself, Izuku left.

 Izuku reached the front of his door and sighed. He’d covered all his bases. Everything was prepared. His sufferings would finally end. He felt a mix of complicated emotions. Some part of him was still crying out for him to wait a little longer. Hold on for a little while more. Another part had already given up. Frankly, everyday hurt. The look in Kacchan’s eyes as he mocked him felt like a slow but ever steady stream of pain.

The green-haired teenager unlocked the door and stepped in, greeted by silence. He took a slow glance across the room, taking in the sights for the last time. He felt a small pang of loss, reminiscing about how his parents danced together across the living room. The living room couch they cuddled on as they watched the News. The kitchen his mum cooked in as she hummed tunes. His bedroom where he and Kacchan –

Izuku shook his head, steadfastly pushing away any lingering regrets to the back of his mind. He spotted the letter that he had written on the dining table that explained everything.

The teenager stepped on the cool tiles of his bathroom. He silently climbed into the bathtub, sitting inside comfortably. This was it. He’d already left his last words for Kacchan. Hopefully what he would say would convince the other that it wasn’t his fault. This was his choice, and no one else’s. He would never let his selfish actions affect Kacchan’s chances of getting into UA.

Since he couldn’t have Kacchan’s affections, rather than the malice and despise that the other felt every time that was directed at him, he would rather feel nothing.

Izuku let out a hollow laugh. It seemed every Midoriya would suffer from this quirk. At least it would end with him. The Midoriyas would no longer exist. No one else would suffer like him and the rest who shared his name.

The messy-haired teen sucked in a light breath as he brought the razor to his wrist. Before he could talk himself out of it, he cut deeply, repeating the same actions on the other wrist.

Crimson drops immediately welled up from the cut, before rivulets of red steadily made itself down his arms. Izuku took the time to admire the color, running his fingers through the life liquid that was inside him moments ago.

The pain that he felt was so strange. It was different from the kind of hurt he had gotten used to. This was so much more… physical was the only way he could describe it. It was a wonder he hadn’t already done this before. He felt like he was centering on the pain from the cut, rather than the ache inside him when he thought of Kacchan.

He stretched out his hand, watching the glistening liquid under the artificial light from his bathroom. It was the exact same shade as Kacchan’s eyes.

Izuku lowered his hand, feeling tears well up at the thought of Kacchan. He wouldn’t be able to see Kacchan ever again. Even though the other hated and despised him, nothing would diminish the feelings that still burned bright inside of him. Unrequited love. He never imagined it would hurt this badly.

He felt the tears silently flow down his cheeks, allowing himself a moment of weakness before his death. Surely, no one would judge him. Crystal drops fell onto the red already pooled at the bottom of the bathtub, creating ripples.

Izuku felt the grasp he had on his thoughts slowly becoming hazier as he leaned back onto the cool plastic of the bathtub, closing his eyes as he let his consciousness drift away.

The words “Making a leap of faith from the roof and believing with all your might that you will have a ‘Quirk’ in the next life” cut him deeper than he had imagined, because they came from Kacchan specifically. Kacchan’s feelings at that time were a mix of contempt and disdain. His eyes gave him chills with how they projected his hate.

Hopefully, in his next life he wouldn’t be born with this Quirk again. Hopefully, he would find a love that would be requited.

It would all be ending soon.

I love you, Kacchan.

 Bakugou Mitsuki felt slightly puzzled and worried as she thought about Izuku-kun. His goodbye to her had felt slightly off to her. It felt strangely final, as if he was prepared to leave without further contact.

She recalled his gentle smile. It was dazzling. She hadn’t seen her son’s friend smile like that in a long while. Not since Midoriya Inko and Hisashi had passed away.

Mitsuki pressed down whatever lingering concerns she had about Izuku. Perhaps he was just trying to reconcile with her son? She knew they had their disagreements. Most of the time her son was in the wrong, but he would never acknowledge it. Perhaps he would finally heal from the scar that the passing of his parents had left him. She knew he was never the same after seeing his mother in that state.

She placed the letter she received from him in Katsuki’s room. Hopefully the two of them would make up.

As she prepared dinner, she heard the front door slam shut, instantly igniting the rage within her. “BAKUGOU KATSUKI. What did I say about slamming the door?!”

“Ahh, shut up you old hag. I know, I know,” said Katsuki, rolling his eyes at his mother. He threw his school bag at the side of the door.

Katsuki groaned as his mother started swearing at him whilst lecturing him. Whoever said that his mother was pretty calm compared to him had obviously never seen her at home.

After she ranted to her content, she suddenly realized she hadn’t told Katsuki about the letter yet.

“Izuku-kun dropped by around 2 hours ago. He left you a letter. I left it on your bedside table.”

“Hah?” said Katsuki. Why would that Deku pass him a letter? He had just exploded his Hero notebook a few hours ago.

Katsuki frowned, heading up to his room. He felt irritation spike within him as he looked at the plain white letter on his bedside table.

He gripped the paper roughly, opening it with a flick. What could Deku possibly be thinking?

His eyes drifted to the black words written on white paper.