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“Jin… this is boring… so boring… I’m dying, just put me out of my misery”. Jungkook said after he yawned loudly.


“Shut up! I’m tired of your complaints! Why can’t you be quiet! What did I do in my past life to deserve you as a punishment in this one? What, God, what?”. Jin dramatically answered; his younger companion was really annoying when he wanted to be.


“You lied! You said it would be quick and here we are, an hour later, in the middle of the traffic… why are you so slow? Such an old man…”.


“Ok, first of all, this traffic is not my fault so stop calling me slow. Second: if you continue calling me old man, I’ll fucking throw you to the river”.


“I can swim, idiot! Throw me! I dare you!”.


“I’m not gonna fucking throw you!”.


“You just said you would do it, you chicken!”.


Jungkook started to make chicken sounds and Jin turned the radio on, full volume. That kid… one of those days he would really throw him into the river… or in a dumpster… or fucking anywhere.


After some eternal minutes they finally reached the exit in the freeway and arrived to the workshop. It was late so all the workers were gone, except for Jisoo, Taehyung and of course, Yoongi. The blond man had asked Jin for pizza from his favorite place at the other side of the city and the older accepted, even when Jungkook was clearly not ok with that. It was rare that Yoongi asked for that kind of favors so Jin gladly accepted, little he knew there was an accident in the freeway and they would be stuck in traffic.


“You are so late…”, Yoongi said.


“His fault, he drives like a grandma”, Jungkook said pointing Jin.


Jin sighed annoyed. “I’ll ignore you starting… now, Jeon Jungkook”.


Jisoo giggled and she was the first one to take a slice. Tae followed her. Yoongi seemed annoyed but he also took a slice, after all he had asked for it.


“He is late too… he keeps scolding me about not being on time and he’s doing the same”. Yoongi whispered. Some seconds later someone knocked at the back door.


Jimin entered the place looking as impeccable as always. He just looked a little agitated.


“Everyone, I’m sorry for the delay, I had an emergency with one of my cats. I had to take him to the vet but he’s ok, now”. Jimin said, justifying himself.


“Ok, whatever, go to the point”, Yoongi asked.


“Ok, you insensitive little man, I’ll go to the point because I think nobody cares about my poor cat, right?”. Jimin replied angrily.


“I care, Jimin! I’m sorry your cat is sick. I hope he feels fine soon!”, Jisoo said with a sincere tone and Jimin smiled.


“Thanks, Jisoo, sweetie, you are the only one with manners”.


Jungkook slapped himself. “Just go to the freaking point!”, he screamed.


Jimin sighed. “Whatever, you brutes. This reunion I organized is to tell you that there’s a new objective. The boss has planned himself your next strike so it’s very important, is personal, understand?”, everyone nodded and Jimin continued. “Ok, here’s the thing: next month a new art exhibition will open with some borrowed pieces from the Popular Art Museum of China. The boss wants some pieces from it. He’s like really interested for some reason, whatever”.


Jimin took some papers from his briefcase. “Yoongi, here are the specifications for the vehicles needed”.


Taehyung took the papers and whistled. “Woah, is really… a lot… it will be funny”, he said smiling and looking at Yoongi who only nodded.


Jimin continued: “Jisoo, here is a list of the things you must keep track of: traffic lights in the escape route, security systems, communications, etc. Just check them briefly for now, please”.


The short girl giggled awkwardly and took the papers making weird bows.


“Jin, take this, memorize and practice all this routes. As soon as Yoongi has your car ready, practice with it… Oh! and the boss has one request: take Jungkook with you, he may be used as a second driver if anything goes wrong with you”.


Jungkook jumped. “About time, fuck yes!”.


Jin rolled his eyes as he took the papers.


Jimin sighed. “Ok, this will be a long work, focus on it. It’s very important for our boss. The exhibition will start next month as I told you and will be in the city for 6 months. When it is the right time, I’ll explain you the plan with details. That’s all, good night everyone. Jin, sweetie, here are the new delivery schedule. Do them alone”, Jimin said as he walked to the exit.


When the man was out, everyone started talking at the same time.


“Woah! This is so exciting! A robbery like in the movies!”, Taehyung screamed.


Jisoo jumped cutely, overexcited. “I feel like James Bond but in a woman!…”.


“I know, this is so awesome! I’ll finally drive in a real big mission!”, Jungkook screamed back at the other two.


“You’ll drive only if I fail in something and believe me, that’s not gonna happen, brat”, Jin answered crossing his arms. “Yoongi, may I speak with you for a moment? Let the kids have their moment”.


Yoongi nodded and they entered a little office.


“Hey, first of all: is something wrong with you?”, Jin asked concerned about his friend, Yoongi had been really serious.


“I’m fine. I’m just tired. This week I had to deliver the group of modified cars for that Hollywood people and now this mysterious work Jimin brought us… you know I don’t like this illegal stuff at all… it was not my intention to get into this job and… I’m sorry, Jin, I don’t want to bother you with my doubts”.


Jin smiled. “Yoongi… don’t worry, I’m your friend you can tell me everything. And about this job, I’m sure you could get out if you ask nicely… the boss knows we are all loyal, we wouldn’t open our mouths. Why don’t you try to speak with him?”.


“Jin… we don’t even know the boss in person. He always talks to us through Jimin. You have way too much faith in that man. Now, forgive my grumpiness, it was just a moment… What did you want to speak about?”.


“Don’t worry, Yoongi. The other thing I wanted to know is... how’s my Challenger?”


Yoongi smiled, his face really changed in a second. “Oh, is ready, come…”.


Jin followed Yoongi to the back of the workshop where there was a car with a gray cover. Everyone was curious about it and they also walked with the two men. Yoongi pulled the cover. A black 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat appeared in front of their eyes.


“I changed and customized everything you asked for, you can check it. I took the liberty to get you more competitive tires and I personally worked over the SRT motor, I improved the fuel injection and that annoying problem you had with the suspension and direction. Oh, and you may find, Taehyung and Jisoo did a really good job with the computer. I wanted it to be a red car but Tae insisted on this black with silver touches. I think it looks elegant. I also replaced the battery, this is the best of the best for a Hellcat motor. I can’t wait to hear it roar on the road”.


Jin smiled as he inspected the car, he was fascinated by it. He loved his car and he almost murdered Jungkook when the younger crashed it against a tree. It seemed perfect, Yoongi had really outdone himself.


“Is wonderful… I can’t wait to hear it roar too…”


“I hope you learned the lesson, Cookie, this is a powerful and dangerous engine right here. It’s way too much for you”. Yoongi said smirking.


“Yeah, whatever, I can drive it… is just that I got an important call and I answered and I got distracted, that tree appeared out of nowhere...”.


“Whatever, Cookie, you are not going to touch my car again. Never, ever again. Here, take the Corolla keys, I’m gonna drive this beauty”.


Jin took out his car ignoring Jungkook’s protests. He drove carefully through the city until he reached the freeway. He wasn’t supposed to, but as he checked his surroundings, he pressed the accelerator. The motor made an aggressive sound, a roar that was like music to Jin’s ears. He really missed the gear shift, between the changes he felt like taming a beast. Yoongi was right, the power of a Hellcat motor was too much for a regular driver. But not for him, he was a professional.


As soon as he spotted his favorite gas station he stopped at a pump to fill his tank. A tall employee received him.


“How can I serve you, sir”, he asked.


“Fill it up, please, with the premium one”. Jin said getting out of the car to stretch his legs. He really had driven around the city for way too much time.


The worker whistled. “Wow, really nice car, sir”.


Jin nodded. “Yeah, a Hellcat, you like it?”.


“Yeah as I said, is nice and it must be really powerful”.


Jin suddenly frowned, he didn’t recognize the worker. Jin stopped there almost every night to fill his cars’ tanks and he had never seen the tall man working there.


“Are you new around here?”. He asked putting more attention into the employee’s face.


“Yes, sir, I just started working here. In fact, you are like my fifth client. I have the night shift”.


“Oh, I see. I stop here almost every night to fill my tank and eat at Rosy’s so I suppose I’ll see you a lot”.


“Really? That’s cool. I mean, you seem cool because your car is cool… oh god, that’s not what I meant, what I wanted to say is: that’s cool because you seem cool and… you get the point right?”.


Jin laughed. “Yeah, I get it… I’m Jin, by the way, stop calling me sir, I’m not that old. We must be almost the same age”.


“Oh, ok then! I’m Namjoon, very nice to meet you, Jin”.


When Jin shook the man’s hand he couldn’t stop his smile as he realized how handsome the worker really was. When the tank was full, Jin said goodbye and parked at the restaurant, the real reason why he loved that gas station.


Jin wasn’t a great cook that was why Jungkook had been a blessing in his house. The younger was really good at it and he was in charge of the kitchen in the house they shared. Before that, Jin only liked the food from “Rosy’s” a small restaurant in a gas station attended by the owner: a really kind woman who loved Jin as her own son. When Jin put a foot on the place, the woman was already hugging him and sitting him at what she considered the best table of the restaurant. Jin really enjoyed her presence, she felt like the mother he never had and he grew fond of the chubby woman.


That night Jin sat on his usual table, waiting for his dish. It would be a calm night, he only had a couple of deliveries and then he could use his free time to get more comfortable with his car.


Jin was a “driver” by accident. He started stealing cars since he was almost a kid and one day he had the bad luck to steal the car of a very powerful man: Jung Hoseok’s father. It was a classic and he thought it would be easy to steal but he got caught by the man’s bodyguards. Instead of sending him to prison, the man made him an offer: to do some “works” for him in exchange of his freedom. Jin was young, he loved cars and he definitely had a big talent to drive. He accepted the offer as he was terrified of prison.


His job as a “driver” consisted in delivering packages during nighttime. Jin never knew the content of those packages but he suspected it had to be drugs or guns, maybe both. He also had to help some criminals to escape the police. His services were expensive because Jin was the best driver in the city. He had never ever been caught. He didn’t talk a lot, he was loyal, intelligent and everyone trusted him for the job, he built a reputation and the boss was pleased. When Hoseok took over the business, Jin started working less in little crimes and more in big complicated robberies. That was when he met the others: Min Yoongi and his crew in the workshop and Jeon Jungkook, a younger boy Jin was training to be another “driver”.

He was startled when Rosy put a dish in front of him. He smelled it, the steak was in the right point. He started eating as he looked through the window. His attention got caught by the tall worker that had attended him earlier. Namjoon, was it the name? Yes it was. Jin observed the man while he served another car. After that, he sat on a sidewalk and took out a book. He was closer to the window and Jin could see him better, there was something really attractive about him and the way he had smiled earlier… suddenly Namjoon looked in his direction and Jin almost choked. He looked the other way, blushing hard. What the hell, he wasn’t a kid…


He paid for his food and walked out. Namjoon was still sitting there.




“Hey… what are you reading?”.


“Crime and Punishment”. Namjoon answered a little ashamed.


“Wow, that’s a really good book, is a masterpiece! I hope you like it”. Jin answered sincerely, it had been a while since he had read the novel but he remembered it very well.


“Did you read it already?”. Namjoon asked standing up.


“Yeah, yeah…”, Jin didn’t know what to do, he fidgeted with his fingers and nervously fixed his hair… he was so awkward...


Namjoon was about to ask something when a car stopped at the station, claiming his attention.


“Oh, shit, sorry, I gotta attend him…”.


“Yeah… I… I have to go too… I have work to do… It was a pleasure! See you later, ok?”.


“Ok! See you later!”.


Jin practically ran to his Challenger and when he was far from the gas station, he sighed. What was happening to him? Why was he so nervous? Namjoon definitely had a strange effect over him.


He was scared by a voice coming from his speakers.


“Hellcat, do you copy? Hellcat, answer”.


Jin recognized Jisoo’s voice. He parked the car and it took a minute for him to figure out how the communications worked in his brand new system.


“Go ahead, Shelby”.


“Finally, Hellcat! I was worried you couldn’t turn on the communication! I’m so glad! Can you hear me clearly? The system is new, I recommend you to put on your earphone”.


Jin put on the earphone. “Yeah, Shelby, I heard you clearly. The car is amazing!”.


“I know is amazing, I did part of it… Oh, by the way, you are late for your delivery. You are 15 minutes late and I think the client is about to go from the established spot. Just letting you know”.


“Shit, shit, shit, I forgot… shit, shit, I’m 5 minutes away, Shelby, tell the client to wait, please”.


“Roger that, Hellcat, good luck”.


Jin drove carelessly so he could reach the spot. He had really lost track of time thinking about the man in the gas station. He would surely get scolded by Jimin.


Four minutes later, he was in the spot. He, as usual, didn’t got out from the car. He just opened the trunk and whispered a low “sorry for the wait. It won’t happen again”. The man just growled annoyed and took the package. When the man closed the trunk, Jin drove away.


“Shelby, point one checked”.


“Roger that, Hellcat. Be more careful, please”.


Jin drove to the other side of the city. He arrived early to the spot so he had time to put on some music. The sweet rhythmic sound of “Funnel of love” sounded and Jin moved his head without control, singing the lyrics. Music, cars and movies always relaxed him a lot. It always worked. When he delivered the other package, Jin was free.


“Shelby, point two, checked. Hellcat is out for the night”.


“Sure, Hellcat, good job!”. Jin could hear Jisoo giggling and he could picture the girl giving him her thumbs up.


“Hey, Hellcat, this is Cookie, can you go to the supermarket and get me a couple of Red Bulls?”. Jin was scared by Jungkook’s voice on his earphone.


“What the fuck Cookie… you shouldn’t be using this frequency to…”, Jin stopped and breathed, “Ok, whatever, only the Red Bull?”


“Yeah, Hellcat… oh, and donuts, those ones with peanuts on the top and those with marshmallows..”.


“Ok, whatever, Cookie, just shut up”. Jin rolled his eyes but he smiled, Jungkook was a pro bickering all the time and he definitely was a rude brat… but deeply, Jin loved the younger boy like the brother he never had.


“Guys… you shouldn’t be using this frequency… is not pro, guys”, Jisoo giggled through the radio.


“Roger that, Shelby, I’m sorry”.


That radio frequency was protected and was only to use it during works. Everyone had a nickname: Jisoo was “Shelby”, Jungkook was “Cookie”, Yoongi was “Mustang”, Taehyung was known as “the kid” and of course, Jin was called “Hellcat”, honoring the famous motor of his favorite car. Jimin also had a nickname: “Kitten”, however, it was so cringeworthy that everyone prefered to call him by his name even when the red haired man protested. He really loved cats.


Jin stopped for the Red Bulls and the donuts and then he finally went home where Jungkook was already up. They shared a modest house in an average noisy neighborhood since they met, when Jimin took him to the workshop and asked Jin to train him to be a driver. The boy seemed so sad and lonely… Jin offered the boy his house to stay and soon he found out Jungkook was not as sweet and innocent as he thought. The younger fighted all the time and was stubborn as hell. However, Jin knew it, they had a very strong bond, Jin knew it because Jungkook acted super protective of him. That felt nice. So even when they bickered the whole day, at the end, they were family.


“Kook, I’m home…”


“Thank the gods, I was falling asleep… give me that…”. Jungkook said opening a can of Red Bull. “Hey, what happened with the first delivery?”.


“What are you talking about?”.


“You were super late and you are never late”.


“I lost track of time… you know… I was checking the new features of my car…”.


“Bullshit. Tell me the truth”.


“Jungkook, you are overreacting! Nothing special happened! I’m tired, I’ll sleep”.


Jin ran to his room, avoiding Jungkook’s inquisitive gaze and threw himself in the bed. Jin had a cold and tough reputation in the criminal world but deep inside he was nothing more than a hopeless romantic, a sensitive sucker for love stories. Jungkook was right, something was happening but not even Jin knew what it was… All he could do was smile like a fool while he remembered the tall man that made his heart skip a beat… Namjoon…

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“Yoongi… do you really think we can manipulate an Altima like this?”. Taehyung asked as he looked down at the papers.

“Yeah, Kid, look, I’m already working on it”. Yoongi calmly replied.

“Woooo, you are so smart… this seems logical… let’s do it!”.

“Kid, wait, wait…”, Yoongi made him sit on a near chair. “Listed, Kid, you have been three months here now. You have been a wonderful helper, you are really smart and you are the hardest worker I have ever had…”

Taehyung smiled widely. “Awww! Thanks!”.

Yoongi continued. “Let me finish. I just want to be sure… that you are ok with all this… do you really want to keep going into this? You think this is cool but we are criminals, Tae. We are helping criminals. It’s not too late for you to get out…”

Taehyung’s smile faded and he sighed. “Yeah, I have thought about it and I know what I’m doing. You helped me when nobody looked at me and I’m so grateful… also, is not like I was a good person before this. I feel this is my second chance to make things right, to use my skills… please, let me stay by your side. You and Jisoo are the closest I have to a real family. Even Cookie and Jin… Trust me, Yoongi”.

Yoongi smiled. “Such a brave kid… ok, let’s put our hands in that Altima…”.

They were about to start working when Jimin appeared at the back door.

“What the fuck are you doing here?”. Yoongi asked immediately.

“Wow, I’m like your boss so be careful, Min Yoongi”.

Yoongi rolled his eyes, Jimin was the most annoying man in the whole planet earth. The red haired man continued speaking.

“I just came because the boss wants to know your opinion about the cars and the modifications he designed”.

“Well, I can definitely do them and your boss was really precise but I don’t know if the cars will be useful for real because I don’t know the full plan”.

Jimin sighed. “Whatever, I’ll tell him you have no objection. Where’s my ray of sunshine?”.

“Jisoo has a free day. Sorry, only Tae and I here”. Yoongi said pointing the boy that animatedly worked under a car.

Jimin frowned. “Can I ask you something? Ok, I know I can so I’m just going to ask: do you really trust that kid?”.

Yoongi smirked. “Of course I trust him as much as I trust Jisoo and the others. Why do you ask?”.

Jimin seemed serious. “No, for nothing, is just that he’s new and I care for the boss’ interests…”.

“Don’t you have something else to do rather than doubt about me and my people? Don’t you have a stupid cat that needs to go to the vet or something?”.

“Rude. Cats are not stupid, dogs are, and your dogs are particularly stupid”.

Yoongi whistled and at the moment two german shepherds were by his side, growling at Jimin. “My Suga and my Holly have better education than you”.

“Keep your savages beasts off me! Unbelievable… the things I have to do…”, Jimin practically ran away and Yoongi smiled.

“Wow, the sexual tension is at another level”, Taehyung said smirking. He had seen the whole scene.

“Holly! Suga! Do you want to taste Taehyung’s ass?”, the two dogs looked at Taehyung fiercely.

“I was kidding, I was kidding!, I’ll go back to the car… forgive me… forgive me…”.

Yoongi caressed his two loyal dogs. He deeply loved them since they were just puppies. “Sexual tension?”, he thought and he rolled his eyes in annoyance.


“Stupid, stupid Min Yoongi… such a savage… a beast…”, Jimin kept cursing the man as he drove back to the office. However, the truth was Jimin didn’t have to go to the workshop, he had lied. He just felt the urge to check on Min Yoongi. Why? He wasn’t sure…

When he arrived to the office, Hoseok was waiting for him already and Jimin had to apologize.

“How’s everything going with the cars?”. The boss asked not looking up from some documents.

“Good, Yoongi and the other are sure they can deal with the work”.

“I never doubted it. I’m glad I have such an efficient crew with me. Now, changing the topic, take a look at this”.

Jimin took the paper sheet. “Mmm… sir, are you throwing a party? A charity one?”.

“Yes, I can’t lose my image as a good generous man. I’ll auction some jewelry and of course, cars. After all, is stuff I don’t use anymore. Can you organize everything for me? You know me like the palm of your hand, your choices would be fine”.

Jimin nodded eagerly. “Of course, sir, count on me”.

“I know, you can go now”.

Jimin returned to his office and when he was out of the public eye, he squealed like a teenager. He loved those fancy expensive parties. They were the best chances Jimin had to show his elegant expensive clothes. He also loved the glamour and the fashion displayed at the galas. He didn’t have millions or the connections but he was everywhere Hoseok was and that was awesome. Jimin just loved it, everyone recognized him as the efficient right hand. He immediately called a professional party organizer.



Jin woke up when Jungkook returned from the uni.

“You lazy old man, wake up!”.

“Shut up, Jungkook, I was having a sweet dream…”.

“Well, just in case you were wondering, I did good on the test”.

“Yay! That’s my little Cookie. Do you want to celebrate or something?”, Jin asked standing up.

“Nah, I’m tired…”

Jin remained quiet while Jungkook ate something in the kitchen. When the younger finished, Jin finally had the courage to ask.

“Jungkook… do you believe in love at first sight?”.

“Of course no, is stupid. You can’t love someone you just saw”.

“Is not stupid!”.

“Yes, it is stupid… wait… don’t tell me… did you fall in love at first sight?”.

“No. Perhaps? Ok, I think I did…”.

“Are you stupid? Don’t! Love doesn’t work like that! How can you be older and be that silly?”. Jungkook said dramatically.

“Hey! I didn’t tell you so you could mock me, I’m serious! I don’t know if I’m in love but I think I have like an enormous crush on him? I can’t stop thinking about him”.

Jungkook sighed. “You are being serious, I can’t believe it. You are such a romantic idiot. Listen to me, Kim Seokjin, don’t even talk about love until you properly know the man, are we clear? What you watch in movies and read in books is fiction. Repeat after me: fiction!”.

Jin pouted. “Fiction… but Cookie… he’s so cute!”.

“He can’t be cuter than you”, Jungkook said pinching Jin’s cheeks.

“You fucking brat, stop it! I’m serious! I feel so nervous about seeing him again!”.

“Tell me more about the man, I’m curious”, Jungkook said putting all his attention.

Jin told him everything about the previous night. How he felt like falling into a funnel… and at the bottom: Namjoon, the cute tall boy from the gas station. His story was interrupted by a text on his phone.

“Mmm… it is Yoongi, he wants me to test a new car tonight… a modified Sentra…”. Jin said reading the text.

“That means you’ll leave the Challenger here tonight, can I…”

“There’s no way in hell I’m going to let you drive my car again, Jeon Jungkook, seriously, you won’t ruin this one you fucking spoiled brat… now, I’m gonna get ready for work. Rest and stay away from my fucking Challenger”.


Some hours later, Jin was on the road. He took an Uber to Yoongi’s workshop where he picked up the car.

“Hellcat, you have 5 points tonight, can you remember them all?”. Jisoo had a free day so Yoongi took her duty and honestly, he was terribly at it.

“Yeah, Mustang, I remember them but you should know them too and guide me”.

“Oh, copy that, Hellcat, don’t be rude”.

Jin giggled. He had a lot to drive and a lot of packages in the trunk. Each client was instructed to take the packages of certain color, so, when Jin arrived and opened the trunk, the clients knew what to do. That night he had a lot of work. Even when he was such a fast and good driver, Jin always was careful when there was no need to rush. He knew the boss had a deal with the police but still, something could go wrong so he avoided any trouble… contrary to Jeon Jungkook, master of not giving a single fuck about the police.

The only thing that annoyed Jin was the fact that he couldn’t visit Namjoon at the gas station. He had to fill the tank in another place so he could be in time everywhere, it was so unfair. He didn’t even have the man’s number or anything… he stopped his thoughts, Jungkook was right, he had to calm down. Namjoon was an stranger, what if he had a girlfriend? What if he was married? He could be straight as fuck. Jin sighed.

“Hellcat, do you copy? I’m bored already”.

“Mustang, I copy. Don’t be ridiculous, we are almost done and you must check everything around me… come on! I only rely on you…”

“Hellcat, don’t be dramatic. I’ll go for a snack”.

Jin giggled, Yoongi was really something even when he was a genius. Jin knew it was wrong but he had an idea, after all, Yoongi was more mature than Cookie.

“Mustang, are you there?”.

“Yes, Hellcat, I’m here”.

“Do you think love at first sight exists?”.

“Ok, what the fuck? No, I don’t believe on that, Hellcat”.

Jin sighed. “Ok then… I’m approaching point 5, Mustang”.

“Copy that, hellcat”.

Jin stopped and opened the trunk, as always. A bunch of men were waiting. One of them approached him more than necessary.

“Hey, we want to speak with your boss, take us with him”.

Jin didn’t answer that kind of questions as he was instructed.

“Answer, boy, would you take us with him?”.

Jin remained calm. When a man behind closed the trunk, Jin started the car. God, how he missed his intimidating and noisy challenger. The man tried to take him by the collar but still, Jin remained calm and silent. At that moment, the unknown man received a call. Jin knew it, it was Yoongi pretending to be the boss, it was how it worked but usually Jisoo was the one who made the calls with a voice distorter. There were cameras at the points of delivery so Jisoo (in that case, Yoongi) knew what was happening in those places. The calls always were simple: “leave the driver alone or you’ll pay the consequences. Ask for an appointment like all the others”. Jin drove away when the man finally let him go.

“Thanks, Mustang, that dude was really intense”.

“You are welcome, Hellcat”.

Jin ended the night flawlessly, as always. He entered Yoongi’s workshop and returned the car.

“The car is fine, is smooth to drive and I can really feel the extra horses it has. I don’t like silent cars that much but this one is exceptionally quiet… how did you do it?”.

“Magic”, Yoongi answered. “By the way, what was that bullshit about love at first sight?”.

Jin smiled and told his whole story. At the end Yoongi laughed on his face. “I can’t believe it. You are so freaking soft. I can’t believe you are into this, you should be selling flowers or something”.

“No… you too! Jungkook also mocked me…”.

“I’m not… Ok, maybe I am mocking you but don’t be silly, Jin. You can only love someone for sure after some time. That’s why people has to date and talk. Ask your man into a date, buy him something nice and talk for hours about stupid shit. Only then you are allowed to fall in love, ok? Be careful, Jinnie”.

Jin nodded, that definitely seemed like a good plan.

However, as much as Jin wanted to go to the gas station he had zero time the next night. He even had a special work that night: to pick up some robbers outside a luxurious house by the beach.

As usual, Jin memorized the routes and every single detail. He put on his favorite jacket and his leather black gloves and picked up the two men. They couldn’t stop talking but Jin remained serious and calm. When they were at the entrance of the house, Jin firmly spoke.

“Five minutes and nothing more”.

The men ran inside the house. They obviously knew perfectly how to cut the alarm system because nothing sounded as they entered. Jin kept track of the time. The car was on, ready to escape. It was dangerous since the area had a lot of vigilance. After four minutes, the men were still inside. Jin thought there was no way they could make it so he was ready to go. However, in the last minute the men appeared and got into the car. Jin pressed the accelerator. To his surprise, he heard some gunshots behind them.

“What the fuck, the man had a gun! Fuck, fuck, faster!”, one man said to Jin but he couldn’t lose his cool. He drove furiously and perfectly until he felt they were safe. Jin then drove slowly, mixing with the traffic. However, something was wrong.

“Hellcat, police has a report on you, change the car as soon as possible”, Jin heard Jisoo’s voice in the earphone in his ear.

“Roger that, Shelby”. Jin answered.

Jin avoided police cars the best he could carefully driving but as he stopped at a red light, a police car spotted him and turned on his lights, asking Jin to surrender.

“Shit!”, the men panicked and Jin knew perfectly what he had to do.

He pressed the accelerator to the bottom, the police cars were not rivals for his modified Malibu, the car was just too fast, as fast as his challenger but camouflaged as a common car. Jin asked the panicking man to be quiet so he could hear Jisoo’s reports of police in the area. He was followed by three units and soon, he would have an helicopter over him. Jin exited the freeway and entered a neighbourhood, the men panicked even harder, doubting of Jin’s capacity. But after some minutes and a lot of violent and skilled turns, they were temporarily free from the police.

“Shelby, I’m ready to change the car, is point 5 available?”.

“Positive, Hellcat, go for it”.

Jin drove as fast as he could to the underground parking lot of a crowded mall. He stopped the car, gave the men jackets and caps and they took a car in the spot next to his. It was a really old noisy car. Jin exited the parking lot along with some other cars when the police arrived to check the place. He had a huge advantage. The rest of the ride went smooth and Jin left the men in the indicated destiny.

“Served, gentlemen”, was everything Jin said. The men nodded and entered a shady building.

As usual, Jin drove the old car to Yoongi’s workshop where the others were waiting for him. It was not necessary but watching Jin in action was a whole show and they loved the action. The other car would be found by the police but it wouldn’t be useful since the cars were perfectly modified for the crimes. No one could link Yoongi or Jin with it. It had been a clean job.

It was that easy for Jin. He was sensitive, caring and kind as everyone used to tell him but he knew how to do his fucking job. He knew how to drive, how to keep calm and get away with everything. That was the most expensive service he offered to his boss. If Jin was the driver, the escape was secured.

Later that day, when he finally could touch his bed, he automatically fell asleep thinking about what he should say to Namjoon the next night because he was sure of something: he wanted to go back to the gas station and he wanted to date the shit out of that man.

Chapter Text

“Jimin… do you think Cookie can do the deliveries tomorrow?”, Jin asked nervously, apart from everyone else.


“I have stuff to do… I need the free night”.

Jimin frowned and thought for some seconds. “Mmm… I guess is ok, Jungkook!”.

The younger heard his name and ran to them. “Congrats, your teacher trust you again enough to let you do tomorrow’s deliveries alone, be ready, and I don’t want you to crash, please”.

Jimin turned around and walked away.

“Oh my fucking god, are you serious? Am I gonna drive alone?”.

“Yeah, I trust you, Cookie, don’t fuck it up…”. Jin said patting Jungkook’s back playfully.

“Of course I won’t! I wonder why they took this decision…”

“Oh, because I asked for the free night”.

“Why do you need the… wait, wait a second. Shit, is it because of the guy at the gas station?”.


“Kim Seokjin, come on! Are you still with that?”. Jungkook seemed really annoyed.

“Hey, stop right there! After hearing you and Yoongi, I think I should know him better and talk more and maybe ask him on a date before I can talk about love”.

Jungkook sighed. “Your brain works in mysterious ways, seriously, Jin. Do as you please but be careful, maybe the guy isn’t interested. I don’t want you to get hurt, ok?”.

Jin smiled and hugged the younger who protested. Yes, Jungkook was a pain in the ass but also the most caring little brother.


The next night Jin was ready to go to the gas station. He styled his hair and put a shirt on spraying his neck with cologne. He took his challenger to a car wash and just in case he bought condoms. He knew those wouldn’t be needed but… just in case. After all, he was going for everything. While Jin drove, he looked himself in the mirror: he looked very expensive and elegant… Expensive? Elegant? What if Namjoon hated fancy stuff? Maybe he was overdressed… Jin made an u turn and went back to the house.

“What the hell are you doing here?”, Jungkook asked, he was about to go and start the deliveries.

“I’m way too fancy, I must be more casual, I’m gonna put a tee on”.

Jungkook laughed so hard that Jin could hear him from his room. When he got out, Jungkook was not longer in there. He took his jacket again and looked for the car’s keys… the keys… yes, of course, he left the keys inside the car, secures were on already. Jin slapped himself and ran to his garage where he had his tools to open cars.

As soon as Jin tried to open the car, the alarm sounded. The security system send a message to Yoongi’s place and to Jin’s phone. As he kept battling against the car, Jisoo tried to call him to tell him about the alarm. Some neighbors looked through the window and Jin was beyond ashamed. Some minutes later, he finally broke into his own car. By then, he was sweaty so he had to change his tee again. It was a nightmare night, he just hoped his tires wouldn’t explode on the road or some shit like that. Everything was a mess already but Namjoon was worth it.

An hour later, Jin finally arrived to the gas station without any other silly accident. He was received for the tall boy who practically ran to serve him.

“Hey there!”.


Jin had made a whole plan on his mind but when he saw the smiley tall boy, his brain froze.

“Would you fill the tank, please?”.

“Yeah, of course, premium, right?”.

“Yes, you remember…”

“Of course I do! How could I forget you?”, Namjoon replied innocently not noticing that Jin’s face was beyond red.

Jin got out of his car. “Do you have like tons of work?”.

“Nah, at these hours is rare when someone comes, but someone has to do this job, right?”.

“Yes, I got it. I also do night time work”. Jin replied trying to sound calm and cool. “We are both owls”. Jin said and awkwardly laughs.

Namjoon smiled wider. “In what do you work?”.

Jin knew his fake story like the palm of his hand. “I’m a messenger, I work for Vitalis. I take care of the customs, that’s why the weird hours”.

Namjoon nodded while he made an “o”, with his mouth. “I see, I see. Cool”.

The silence took over them. Jin had practiced a hundred ways to break the ice and have a proper conversation but all his defenses were down because of the man’s cute smile.

“Done, the tank is full”. Namjoon said puting the pump back on its place.

Jin handed him the cash and then he got in his car. “I’m gonna park at Rosy’s… to eat and stuff”.

Jin didn’t wait for a reply and then he parked the car. “Kim Seokjin, be cool, be cool, is just a man, he’s the cutest and sexiest man alive but don’t worry, everything gonna be fine, now get out and act cool”, Jin said to himself and he walked again in Namjoon’s direction.

“Hey again!”, Seokjin said, waving his hand. “I kinda have free time so do you want to eat something at Rosy’s? It’s on me”. Jin secretly crossed his fingers waiting for Namjoon to accept.

“That would be awesome but I’m working, someone could come and… oh, what the fuck, yeah, I’m starving”.

Namjoon stood up and walked with Jin to Rosy’s. The men asked for their dishes and waited in Jin’s favorite spot where Namjoon could have the gas station at sight.

“This work doesn’t deserve my full attention, is so boring and shitty!”, Namjoon said stuffin fried fries on his mouth.

“And why are you here?”.

“I ran away from home some years ago. I didn’t finish school and well, I ended in this shitty job to pay for a shitty room in a shitty building”.

“Wow, that’s a lot of shit”, Jin said feeling bad for the boy.

“Sorry, I get too grumpy about this but is just so boring. What about you, aren’t you tired of driving around at this hours?”.

“Nah, it’s fine, I really like the night and how different the city is at this hour. Also, I love cars so I can drive a lot of stuff around. It’s good”.

Namjoon nodded. “It seems cool, do you have family?”.

“No, I mean, yes but I don’t speak with them, long story. But I live with a friend that is like my brother”.

“Wow, that must be cool…”.

The mood was suddenly way too tense and gloomy, it was obvious the difficulties Namjoon was going through. To change the atmosphere, Jin started talking about books. That was when he discovered Namjoon’s passion for literature and movies. The most exciting thing was that they both shared their love for the same kind of cinema.

“I have been waiting my whole fucking life to have a friend as cool as you”, Namjoon finally said making Jin blush.

“Tha… thanks, you are cool too… you have a great taste. Namjoon… ahm… Can I ask you something? Maybe it’s weird but…”.

“Yeah, of course, go ahead”.

“Can I have your number?”.

“Of course!”.

Namjoon wrote his number in Jin’s phone. The other man did the same. Jin paid the food and they headed outside where they sat on the sidewalk by the Challenger’s side. The situation between them was lighter. After a while, they had finally broke the ice and Jin felt glad because he could sense Namjoon was interested on him. The night was perfect and quiet, the sky was clean and the neon light of Rosy’s sign gave their conversation a perfect aesthetic. Jin knew it was kind of stupid but he felt like in a movie, specifically in the part where the two leaders fall in love.

Their conversation about everything was so good that time passed quickly. Namjoon only served a couple clients while they talked. After a while, Jin finally decided to leave, he didn’t want to be too clingy.

“I gotta go…”.

“Uhm? Ok… will you come again soon?”, Namjoon asked directly.

“Yeah, whenever I can, maybe I can text you too?”.

“Of course”, Namjoon said, playing with the zipper of his jacket.

Jin nodded and got into his car. The hellcat motor roared as he started it. Jin was about to go on reverse when Namjoon reached him in the window.

“Wait, wait, Jin… I usually sleep in the mornings and I have free afternoons so, would you like to do something tomorrow before I come to work?”.

“Yes! Yes! Of course!”. Jin said excited.

“Cool. I’ll send you my address and the hour and maybe you can pick me up tomorrow?”.


“Ok then, see you later”.

Jin drove away and his hands were shaky. Was it a date? Yeah, it had to be and it had happened so smoothly... Jin couldn’t believe his luck and he congratulated himself for the successful night.



Jungkook parked the car at the bottom of Yoongi’s workshop. When he stepped out, Taehyung immediately tackled him down with a hug.

“Congrats, Cookie! You are so good and fast, just like Jin!”. The bright boy said giggling.

Jisoo looked at them from the high platform where her little office was. Yoongi found her there.

“He’s good, right?”, Jisoo asked smiling.

“Yeah, Jin taught him after all but he’s still a little temperamental”, Yoongi answered lowly.

“Mmm… you look so cute tonight!”, Jisoo said suddenly.

“Wh… what are you talking about?”.

“Your hair is messy and fluffy”, Jisoo said ruffling his hair.

If it were someone else, Yoongi would slap that person but because it was Jisoo, the cutest woman on earth, he just smiled pretending he was annoyed.

“Yoongi, do you think there is something between those two?”, Jisoo asked seriously.

Yoongi looked at the two boys. They seemed very close and Taehyung was particularly touchy but he wasn’t sure. He never saw something romantic. “Nah, I think they are just very good friends”.

They celebrated eating burgers and then, Jungkook finally went home. He felt satisfied. He knew Jin would be proud of him and deep inside that was the only approval he needed. He was worried about his friend. When Jungkook needed it the most, when he felt more lost than ever, Jin offered him a home and the affection only a family could provide. He considered Jin a brother and he was convinced that his duty was to protect Jin’s naive heart. That was the only thing he could do to pay Jin back everything he had done for a homeless boy like him. When he arrived home, Jin was already sleeping. Jungkook tucked him better in the blankets and whispered good night words.



The next day, at 2 pm, Jin was promptly outside Namjoon’s building. It was in a very poor neighborhood and everyone looked at his black Challenger with curiosity. Jin felt a little nervous and out of place but he kept waiting for Namjoon. The younger had messaged him his address and an hour with just a smiley emoticon. It could mean so many things...

The younger appeared at the entrance wearing a white v neck tee, ripped light blue jeans and a black cap. Jin got hypnotized by Namjoon’s long legs and edgy attitude. He felt like drooling when Namjoon approached his window and playfully asked for a ride. Jin gulped and started the engine. The Challenger roared as loud as his heart when the man sat by his side.

“Well, where do you want to go?”, Jin asked.

“I know a little cinema that show art movies… today they are playing The artist, is really cheap and you must taste the spicy popcorn from there”.

Jin nodded and smiled. Yes, a cinema was the perfect first date, definitely. He put on his shades and drove away.

“Wow, this car is really cool”, Namjoon said touching everything in the front, “it looks really expensive”.

“Thanks, I have invested a lot of money and work in it. Maybe one day you can drive it, if you want”.

“Really? That would be cool but I know this kind of power is dangerous for a mortal like me”.

Jin giggled. “Just a little, yes. In fact, my best friend crashed it some months ago, I scolded him so hard…”.

They kept talking about everything until they reached the cinema. The place was almost empty and Jin was surprised, it was a really nice movie and the spicy popcorn was really, really good. When they were finally at the dark room, Jin felt more nervous than ever. It was so romantic! He wished with all his heart that Namjoon would hug him as in the movies and books.

Half of the movie passed and Namjoon didn’t touch Jin, not even by accident. He was not even talking or looking at Jin, he was really concentrated in the movie. Jin sighed and pouted. Maybe he had misunderstood Namjoon and it was not a date, maybe it was just pure friendship. Jin sighed again and kept eating the delicious popcorn. However, the miracle happened: as he reached for the coke in the middle of their seats, Namjoon did it too and their hands touched. Namjoon immediately retreated his hand and smiled at Jin apologetically. That was the most intense thing that happened to Jin that day. The movie ended and Jin’s mood was in the floor. Literally Namjoon had done zero advance on him.

“I’m so happy it got the Oscar! Is such an amazing experience, so meaningful!”, Namjoon said excited.

Jin nodded trying to hide his disappointment. “Yeah, that gun scene fucked me up really bad the first time I watched it…”.

“I know right? Hey… are you fine? You seem annoyed?”.

“I’m ok! What should we do now?”.

Namjoon thought for a moment. “Oh well… I didn’t thought that far”.

Jin was truly disappointed. The previous night Namjoon showed a lot of interest on him but right there he was treating him like another friend: a normal regular friend, a movie companion. He seemed totally not interested in doing anything else with him so Jin offered to take him home, Namjoon accepted without any other word. The ride back to his building was quiet and tense. When they arrived, Namjoon sighe and for a second Jin thought he would do or say something but… he just got out of the car saying goodbye and showing his glorious dimpled smile.

Jin waited until Namjoon disappeared behind the door and only then hit the steering wheel with his forehead. What had happened? What the hell just had happened? He felt so sad and frustrated, maybe Namjoon only wanted a friend and a good talk. As he drove back home, he thought about all the possibilities: maybe Namjoon was really straight or something.

Jin arrived home and he avoided Jungkook, the last thing he needed was getting mocked by the younger. He threw himself in the bed, his eyes fixed on the ceiling. “Did I do something wrong?”.

Chapter Text

“Jisoo, what’s wrong with Jin?”, Jimin asked the girl while they were shopping online in Yoongi’s workshop.

“Oh, Cookie says he had a date and it went wrong. Can you believe it? Our handsome Jinnie was rejected!”.

“Mmm… I se, poor thing, I hope he can get over… wait! That bow tie! That’s what I’m looking for!”.

Ever since he started to work as Hoseok’s assistant and official messenger to the drivers and Yoongi’s crew, he tried his best to not grow fond of them but it was not possible. He had immediately fallen for Jisoo, the cutest brightest girl in the world, and Jimin considered her his best friend. They shared their love for animals and fashion among other stuff.

When he was feeling a little lonely, Jimin went to Yoongi’s workshop to spend some time with the guys. At first, nobody liked Jimin, he was too fancy for them but little by little they lost their worries and they all became very good friends… except for Yoongi. Everything between them was tense and pure bickering the whole time and nobody ever really understood why.

So yes, Jimin was a little worried when he saw Jin looking so gloomy all over the workshop. However, he never dared to ask directly. All he wanted was to concentrate in the party he was planning. A lot of important people would be there; Jimin often dreamed with the day he would met a rich handsome man that would love and marry him and would treat him like the prince he knew he was. He squealed unconsciously, making Jisoo giggle. That party would be his salvation and he had to be perfect.



Meanwhile, Jin was still disappointed by his awful date with Namjoon. The most annoying part was the “I told you” coming from Jungkook. He kept doing his work as usual and avoiding his favorite gas station like the plague but he felt a little sad. He had put all his hopes on that date and Namjoon behaved like he was not interested. He felt stupid.

One night between his deliveries Jin really craved for Rosy’s cheesecake so he made a whole plan to go to the gas station without seeing Namjoon. Instead of his Challenger, Jin took a pick up from the workshop so Namjoon couldn’t recognize the vehicle. An hour later Jin was nervously parking at the restaurant. He checked the mirrors: there was no signal of Namjoon so he got out and ran inside the restaurant. Once inside he sat on his usual table, the one where he could see Namjoon if the man appeared.

“Why are you so nervous, mijo?”, Rosy asked half laughing.

“I’m not nervous, I mean… a little? Ok, Rosy, stop looking at me like that. I don’t want to see Namjoon but at the same time I want to see him. Kill me please”.

“Namjoon? The boy from the station? Don’t tell me you two… Oh my god, tell me everything, mijo! I wanna know the chisme”. Rosy sat in his table and Jin had no choice but to explain his whole situation.

At the end of his story Rosy laughed right in front of his face and Jin felt offended.

“Why are you laughing? This is serious!”, Jin pouted.

“I’m sorry, Jinicito, but you are such a cute idiot! Listen, maybe he was shy or maybe he likes to go slowly! If he didn’t want to be with you romantically, he wouldn’t have gotten to the cinema in the first place. So don’t be silly and ask him out again or something. You are making a whole storm in a glass of water, mijo”.

“Wow, Rosy, I’m not sure if you hate me or love me. I mean thanks for the advice but I don’t feel like talking to him after our failed date. By the way, I came for some cheesecake, the one with caramel”.

“Oh, yes, yes, how much do you want?”.

“Put me like three slices in a box, I’ll bury my sadness in that cake”.

Rosy laughed and walked away. Meanwhile, Jin returned his gaze to the gas station. Namjoon was sitting on a bench by the little office. He was reading something and he looked so handsome just being there breathing. Why was Jin like that? He was so whipped already...

Jin took his cheesecake, paid for it and after a couple of hugs from Rosy, he calmly walked to the pick up. He felt pathetic for being in that state for a man he had met not a long time ago. He got in the truck and pressed his forehead against the steering wheel. He was a hopeless fool.

“Jin! Hi!”.

“What the fuck!”.

Jin was scared by Namjoon knocking at his window. Fuck, fuck, fuck, Jin’s brain went into full panic mode. The man was so handsome and cute and he was all smiley behind the window cutely asking him to roll down the crystal. Oh, Jin was weak, Jin was a very weak man so he opened the door and got out of the vehicle.

“Hi, Namjoon, how are you?”.

“Fine, thank you. I didn’t recognize the pick up but I kinda saw you so I ran and here I am”.

Jin didn’t know if he was hallucinating or something but Namjoon seemed really nervous.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I came for something and I didn’t see you so I just, you know, went away”.

They both giggled awkwardly.

“Jin, I’m sorry, I know our date was not what you were expecting”. Namjoon said softly fidgeting with his fingers.

“What? Oh, no, there’s no need to apologize, I wasn’t expecting ‘something’, after all we are nothing, right? Just friends, cinema friends, gas station friends”. Jin lied.

“Our date was a disaster and it was my fault. After the cinema I wanted to invite you to have dinner at my shitty place. I even cleaned it and everything and I had something prepared just to heat it in the oven. And I bought wine, a cheap one, and maybe we could have chilled until I had to go to work… but I panicked and when you asked what should we do after the movie, my brain froze. Also, you seemed uncomfortable. So, I’m sorry for all that”.

Jin didn’t know if he was happy or nervous or excited or what. He felt everything and a lot of things passed through his mind. He was left speechless, Rosy was right after all.

“Jin? Are you ok?”.

“Yes, yes, I’m sorry is just that I thought the same after the movie! You seemed totally not interested! I was not uncomfortable, I was a little disappointed because… I thought you were not interested on me, at least not in ‘that’ way”.

Namjoon smiled showing his precious tempting dimples and while Jin was caught looking at them, the man suddenly kissed him. It was quick, strong and clean. But it had been a kiss, a whole kiss coming from Namjoon into his lips. A stolen kiss, just like in the movies.

“Wha.. what was… what?”.

“That was to show you that I’m also interested in you. A lot. Can we have another date? I won’t ruin it again, I promise. I think you are extremely handsome, smart, nice and interesting, I would love to know you better”.

Jin was completely red and couldn’t stop playing with his fingers. Namjoon was so close and he smelled so good that concentrating was difficult. “Woah, sure! Why not?! Sorry you caught me by surprise, you are so awesome too!”. Jin felt that they were about to kiss again but then his phone buzzed. “Oh shit, I have to go, sorry”.

“Don’t worry, I’ll text you, have a good night!”.

The caller was Jisoo just to remind him about his extra deliveries that night. When he finally had a break between deliveries, Jin parked in a supermarket and checked his phone. He already had messages from Namjoon and he squealed, giggled and jumped at the same time thinking about the short kiss from earlier. He didn’t tell anyone, instead he asked Jungkook to cover him again the next friday. Namjoon asked him to go to the theater and then have dinner at his place. It sounded like an amazing plan. Yes, the universe was finally playing in Jin’s favor and he was totally getting that man.



Hoseok was tired but he couldn’t show any sign of it. He had learned from his father to hide his weaknesses. He kept reading the conditions of a new contract in Asia. His company, Vitalis, was in everything: a whole empire. They imported, exported and fabricated all kind of electronics, car parts and highly specialized technology. They even had a contract with the government to supply technologies and all the necessary parts for vehicles and military equipment. When Hoseok took over the company after his father was diagnosed with Alzheimer, he also explored business in the food industry and in pharmaceutical laboratories. All those were good business and he was named one of the most influential people in the world under the age of 30. It was not a sacrifice for Hoseok. He had been raised since birth to be the heir. And he learned very well.

His lecture was interrupted by his secretary.

“Mr. Jung, I’m sorry to interrupt you but this is extremely important. There is a cop outside that wants to talk with you”.

Hoseok left his papers and frowned. “Let him in”.

Hoseok stood up to meet the man as he entered the office.

“Good morning, sir. My name is Matthew Kim and I’m a detective from the police department. I’m here to ask some questions about a recent robbery in the city”.

“Good morning, detective. I’m very confused by your sudden presence but go ahead, If I can help you I’ll do it”.

“Tell me, can you recognize these car parts?”. Matthew show him some pics.

“I’m sorry official, I’m into importing auto parts but I’m not an expert, I just do business. How am related to those things and the robbery? I still don’t get it”. Hoseok was not lying, he wasn’t aware of what kind of parts were those.

Matthew sighed and Hoseok noticed he was tense. “I’m just trying to follow all our leads in this case”.

“Listen, Mr. Kim, I have to go now but I’ll let you alone with someone who knows this company better than I do, he’ll help you in whatever you need”.

Hoseok called Jimin and in a moment, the red haired man appeared in the office.

“Jimin, please help Mr. Kim answering his questions”.

Jimin nodded, “yes sir”.

Jimin was left alone with the detective. Obviously he didn’t like the police neither but he was trained to deal with the police if it was needed. Jimin knew perfectly what to do.

“How can I help you”, Jimin asked putting his best smile on his face.

Matthew explained him the situation: there had been a robbery by the coast and the car involved was the only thing the police had. It was found in a parking lot but they couldn’t get anything from it except for the fact that it had very special modifications. Jimin knew it, it had been the robbery Jin had helped with. He had been the driver. However, he remained calm as usual.

“Let me see… yes, we import these auto parts from Japan but let me tell you, these are very common and we are not the only ones to import them. Do you want to check any specific shipment or a date or something? I could do it for you”.

Matthew sighed. “Can you give me a list with your buyers? The ones with access to these pieces”.

“Of course, give me a minute”.

Jimin moved seductively to his desktop and worked on the computer. From time to time he glanced at the cop: he was ridiculously handsome, tall and well built. Who knew, maybe the cute cop was into sexy assistants, what could he lose?

However, as he gave the man the files, he said goodbye and disappeared, leaving Jimin pouting in his office, alone with his fantasies about getting laid with the cop. The detective’s visit had been weird but Jimin remained calm, there was absolutely nothing that could link them to the crimes and the drivers.



Matthew was scolded as soon as he arrived to the police station. He went to Hoseok’s office without a good reason and alone. His boss was beyond angry, it could have ended bad. If it weren’t because of Hoseok’s calm nature, they all could be in a big problem, after all, Vitalis was huge and they could sink some careers in the police department.

But Matt was not scared, he was frustrated. The robbery, among some others, had been a perfect crime and he hated that. The only thing he had in the case was the car and he explored every single possibility. He followed his heart, went directly to Vitalis and used his ID to get to Hoseok’s floor. It had been easier than he expected. He also had his eye in the automotive workshops in the city but all of them were clean. His only little hope was him...

Alone in his office, Matt checked the list Jimin gave him and started to make calls hoping to find something. He knew it would be useless but he tried anyways. He sighed heavily and watched at the picture on his board. It was just a dark shadow inside a car, driving the vehicle used in the robbery. The pic was taken by a security camera but it was really bad. Nothing could be distinguished but Matt kept staring at it waiting for a miracle; waiting for something to appear and solve who the mysterious driver was.

“I swear I’ll find you…”.

Chapter Text

Jimin was proud of the party, after all he had a lot to do with it. He instructed the party organizer with what Hoseok liked and what not, so if the party was a success among all that rich people, it was half because of him. Women and men from all around the world appeared in their best dresses and suits. Being in that auction meant they had enough power, influence and money. Hoseok of course was surrounded by a lot of people so Jimin had to let go of his boss and find his own entertainment until the auction started.

Of course, Jimin was so handsome that nobody could resist to check him out, his red hair gave him another point. He took care of every single detail in his clothes and body. He used a special perfume and bought a very expensive suit made especially for him. Jimin looked gorgeous and that was the point: he knew he deserved the stares and he secretly was waiting for a “prince”.

However, instead of a prince, the first person to approach him was a woman that looked like a witch, a rich one. It was so obvious that she was looking for a sugar baby that Jimin felt disgusted and left the annoying woman as soon as he could. The second person was an old man. He was actually good looking for his age and Jimin knew that the man was the owner of a serie of hotels and casinos all around the world. For a moment, Jimin considered staying with the man that clearly showed a lot of interest on him but he remembered a painful detail: the man was married and had an apparently happy family.

So even when Jimin liked the idea of a sugar daddy, he didn’t want trouble, to destroy a family or worse, start a scandal. Jimin kept wandering all around the place eventually smiling at some men and crossing some words with Hoseok and his circle of people. He spent some time talking with other potential “princes” but it was useless. He was resigned and forgot about his desire to put all his attention in the event.

At least he was good at keeping everything in order for Hoseok, that was his biggest pride. When the auction began, he took a moment to go to the bathroom. He later wished he never entered that place.

“Did you see Hoseok speaking with Mary? Do you think there is something between them?”.

“I don’t think so, Hoseok is a lone wolf… some even say he’s actually gay”.

The two men were talking unaware that they were not alone in the bathroom. Jimin stayed quiet, listening to the whole thing.

“Wow, do you really believe it? That would be interesting”.

“I think is true, just look at his assistant. The boy is hot as fuck, do you think he has him because of his efficiency? Fuck no, I bet he fucks his brains out every night”.

“Well, to be honest if I had an assistant like that… Did you see how the little whore is desperately trying to get a sugar daddy? He has been seducing every single man in the room. And I swear, if I weren’t with my wife, I would have taken that ass back to my room”.

They talked more but Jimin couldn’t hear more as they left the bathroom. Reality hit him in the face. Was he a whore for wanting a “prince”? Did he seemed so desperately for sex and money? He was also hurt by the fact that the men thought he was not capable of his work. Jimin was not the kind that was easily taken down but in that exact moment all his frustrations exploded in his chest. He had fought hard to be the best in everything, to please his father that at the same time did everything to please Hoseok’s father. In what exact moment he had lost control over his life? When did he become such an interested materialistic man? That was not what his mother taught him… Jimin looked his reflection in the mirror. He looked flawless, like a doll. A cold plastic doll. He couldn’t stand the image and without giving any explanation he left the party.

He drove through the city in a very bad state. He thought he didn’t have a destiny until he unconsciously arrived to Yoongi’s workshop. He parked and started crying harder. What the fuck was he doing there? He knew everyone would laugh of him, the perfect Park Jimin reduced to a crying mess. Especially Min Yoongi, that blond asshole would laugh of him, probably making fun of his situation. However, he got out of the car.

Yoongi lived in a small apartment in the back of the workshop. Jimin knocked at the door as the little soft drops of water became a moderate rain. Nobody answered, Jimin knocked again and nothing. He sighed, annoyed and turned around. Of course Min Yoongi would never let him in, what was an idiot. When he was starting the car, the door was opened and the blond man appeared completely covered in a blanket.

“Jimin? What do you want?”.

The red haired knew his idea was stupid and he really wanted to turn around and run but he couldn’t. He stared at the man for some seconds, still under the rain and then he ran to the door. Without a second thought he hugged Yoongi.

“What the fuck? Jimin? Are you ok?”.

It was a stupid question, it was painfully obvious how hard Jimin was crying. He was also shivering, his clothes and hair were soaked.

“Come inside, you are going catch a cold”.

Jimin entered the place. It was small and it was a mess but an organized mess.

“Sorry for the disaster, I was not expecting guests”, Yoongi said as he put empty beer cans in a bag. “Please, have a seat… god, you are completely soaked, let me bring you a towel and dry clothes”.

Yoongi gave him sweatpants and a sweater. Then he silently watched Jimin drying his hair with a towel. He was confused by the visit but somehow he felt like giving Jimin his space.

“Thank you, Yoongi. I’m sorry…”.

“Don’t worry, can I ask what happened?”.

“Nothing, just life. Life hit me in my precious face”, Jimin tried to laugh but instead, he started sobbing again.

“Hey, I’m not like very good at this but if you want to talk or if I can do something to make you feel better…”.

Jimin wiped his tears. “Thank you for being nice with me, I know you hate me”.

“What? No, I don’t hate you!”.

“Really? You always treat me so harshly…”.

“Well, that’s because you treat me like I don’t deserve to be in your presence. I’m just defending myself”.

“Really? Is that what you feel? Because that was not my intention”.

Yoongi approached the man. “Hey, you are shaking, come closer to the heater. Sit here, this is my special warm place”.

When Yoongi took his arm, Jimin felt like butterflies playing over his skin. The blond made him sit near the heater and gave him his blanket.

“Ok, Jimin, I don’t know what happened but we can start again, ok? I’m not an asshole, you are not an asshole, let’s be friends. After all, we must see each other almost daily”.

Yoongi was visibly nervous and only then Jimin noticed how red his ears were and how stupidly handsome he looked under the pale light of the living room’s lamp. He was not expecting Min Yoongi, the king of being a savage, to be that sweet and comprehensive. No, he was not expecting that but he liked the feeling. A lot. Jimin ended telling Yoongi everything that had happened. The other gave him a cup of tea and some cookies. After his long story, Yoongi frowned and stared at him some seconds. Then he kneeled in front of him.

“Jimin, nobody deserves to be treated the way those men treated you. You are valuable and super smart and handsome and all that stuff, I don’t know why are you looking for someone so desperately but… well, be more careful”.

Jimin smiled and surprisingly hugged the man. “Who would say you had feelings, Min Yoongi! You are not a cold grumpy old piece of ice after all!”.

“Ok, say something more and I’ll kick you out of my house”.

“You call this a house? Really?”.

Yoongi rolled his eyes as Jimin laughed softly. “I’ll go now, I’m really sorry that I made you listen to me”.

“Are you kidding me? There’s no way in hell I would let you go in that state and with this rain. Also, is super late. Stay here, you can take my bed and I’ll take the sofa, don’t worry”.

“No, I don’t wanna be a…”

“Just fucking accept, you stubborn kid! God, I don’t wanna fight, Park Jimin”.

Jimin pouted and nodded, obediently going to the room where Yoongi gave him all the available blankets.

“Rest, Jimin”.

“Yoongi, wait! Don’t go! I don’t want to be alone, please! Stay with me! I swear nothing will happen, just… sleep with me, ok. I have been alone for such a long time...’”.

Yoongi seemed shocked by the request but he finally sighed. “You are a huge baby, don’t you? Ok, move your fat ass so I can sleep with you”.

Jimin smiled widely and made space for Yoongi. Suddenly, the night was warm, clear and not that sad.



“Tell me again, where’s Jin?”.

“Tae, for the 20th time this night: he’s out with the gas station guy. Jin told me he wouldn’t come to sleep so I suppose they are fucking right now… yes! I won again!”.

“This is not funny! You are like super good at this!”.

Taehyung pouted, frustrated since Jungkook had won 3 times in a row. Jungkook was home alone so he decided to invite Taehyung since it was friday. He was secretly worrying for Jin, maybe the gas station gas was a psycho. He decided to stay awake until Jin went back home. The only delivery for that night had been made already.

“Cookie, I’ll go, I’m really sleepy…”.

“No! Don’t go! I’ll die from boredness. Stay, please”.

“But I’m falling asleep!”.

“Ok, ok, I get it. Stay and sleep here, then. It’s super late and you are so sleepy you could have an accident, Tae”.

Jungkook failed to notice how red Tae’s cheeks became. “Do you really want me to stay?”.

“Yeah, there’s enough space in my bed or if you want, I can take the couch. We have a third room but it has no bed”.

Taehyung had to look away so Jungkook wouldn’t mock him for being so embarrassed. “In your bed?”, Tae asked softly.

Jungkook smirked. “What? Are you afraid I will do something to you?”.

Taehyung wanted to scream or run or something, it was like a dream to sleep with Jungkook. He had a huge crush on him since forever. Tae had tried to flirt with him with Jungkook was really dense or even worse, he was not interested. Taehyung felt he was not enough for the boy but he kept trying. Jisoo was his main cheerleader and daily the energetic girl gave him all kind of tips. But Tae was the shyest boy.

However, Cookie continued speaking. “Don’t worry, Tae, I’m not into boys”.

Taehyung felt his heart being ripped apart like a paper sheet. He had suspected it but still he had something like a small hope in his heart. That revelation crushed all his dreams of being with what he considered “the most handsome boy in the universe”.

“I prefer to take the sofa if you don’t mind”.

Jungkook shrugged and gave him some blankets and a pillow, then he announced he would go to his room to read in there until Jin arrived. Tae couldn’t sleep. Instead, he walked to the window and looked at the serene rain falling over the city. It was so different from the storm in his heart…

That night Jungkook sweared he could hear something like sobs coming from downstairs but he was so tired… he left sleep take over his body and he fell asleep without seeing Jin come back.




Jin’s date was wonderful, just like he had dreamt. He and Namjoon went to the theater and watched an adaptation of a Shakespeare play. Namjoon didn’t like it at all and Jin enjoyed it. It was nice to talk about art and literature with someone. However, what made Jin scream internally was the fact that Namjoon hugged him the whole night. It had been two whole hours of soft pecks, shy caresses and warm hugs. More than one time other people asked them to stay quiet but Jin was very deep into the funnel of love to care.

Love. It was a very strong word and Jin tried to be careful with it but his heart was drooling over Namjoon and everything he represented. He was perfect, a whole prince right there, smiling at him. So Jin tried to restrain himself from feeling love but he couldn’t. After the theater, Jin drove to Namjoon’s place. He was so nervous that his hands were sweaty and his movements were clumsy. He secretly was hoping to get laid.

“Come in”, Namjoon said opening the door, “I know is small and shitty but is what I have”.

Indeed it was a very small apartment in a high floor. However, Jin could tell that Namjoon was very clean and organized.

“Well, it’s small but cozy”, Jin answered trying to gain points.

“Don’t lie, I know is not cozy, it has nothing to do with your fancy house”.

“How do you know is fancy?”.

“Well, you told me it has 3 bedrooms so is fancy”.

Jin giggled and sat in the only sofa in the place while Namjoon rushed to the tiny kitchen.

“I’ll put the lasagna in the oven to heat it. Do you want a beer meanwhile? Or this cheap box wine?”.

“Cheap wine sounds awesome”.

Namjoon poured a couple of glasses and returned to sit besides Jin. “Can I ask you a question?”.

“Of course”.

“How the fuck can you have that car and that house with the salary of a messenger? I mean, you probably spend the equivalent of my monthly payment in a week for gasoline”.

Jin was taken for surprise but he had a whole story made up in his mind.

“Well, obviously besides being a messenger, I have a side job, I help a friend in a workshop”.

“Wow, so you are really into cars”.

“Yeah, they are my life, I had nothing until I learned everything about motors”.

After an awkward silence, Namjoon leaned closer to him. “Jin, I think I like you”.

Jin almost spilled the wine all over himself. Well, that had been direct. Namjoon looked right into the eyes like expecting something and Jin felt his cheeks were beyond red.

“I like you too… I mean, is obvious, right?”. Jin said half laughing.

Namjoon took away his glass of wine and kissed his lips, tenderly at first. The touch made Jin shiver in anticipation of something way more strong. Namjoon peacefully licked and played with his lips. Jin let him do everything, enjoying the glorious moment. Seconds later Namjoon was closer, catching him between his own body and the sofa. His mischievous tongue was tempting Jin’s mouth and his hands were going to dangerous places.

When Namjoon finally squeezed his ass roughly, Jin moaned softly into the man’s mouth. Yes, he was completely lost. He stopped caressing Joon’s hair and his hands wandered all over the man’s back. By the time Namjoon attacked his neck with a serie of savage kisses, they had lost their shirts. It was a little cold but under Namjoon’s body, everything was good, way too good.

“Joon… the lasagna…”

“Fuck the lasagna…”

Namjoon didn’t hide his desire anymore and guided Jin’s hand to his erection. Jin was sure he would be covered in marks the next day and he loved the idea. He knew deep in his heart that he shouldn’t be giving his heart already but…

“I really, really like you, Jin”.

“I like you too, Joon”.

In the middle of the haze, Jin saw the rain through the window falling at the rhythm of his heart.

Chapter Text

Jin squirmed when the sunlight fell on his eyes. Namjoon had him trapped into his arms and his whole body was flooded with a warm sensation. Little by little he remembered what had happened during the night and blushed even more.

On his thighs was still the proof of their passion and he wasn’t ashamed. He could feel Namjoon's breathing on the back of his neck and the hot touch of his hand on his abdomen. They were so close and Jin felt his heart swell with love. It was useless to deny it, Jin was already in love and he was afraid that for Namjoon he was just a one night stand. That's why he didn’t want to wake him up, he wanted to feel loved for a few more minutes.

“Good morning”. Namjoon suddenly whispered stretching his arms.

“Good morning!”.

Jin didn’t know what to say so he just smiled expressing the feelings emanating from his body. Namjoon reciprocated his silent smile by showing his dimples and caressing his cheek.

"It was amazing, you really are the best."

Jin tried to hide his embarrassment but only managed to make Namjoon laugh.

"You're so handsome, your whole body is worth exploring".

Namjoon squeezed his thigh by surprise finding remains of cum. Jin felt disgusted by some seconds and tried to hide but Joon smiled again and touched it with more force.


“Why are you so shy? At the gas station you didn’t seem so soft and sweet, you looked like a tiger, a beautiful tiger trying to seduce me”.

“Wow, really? Because I'm pretty clumsy, I never thought I looked so aggressive ... oh …”.

Jin stopped talking when Namjoon grabbed his ass harshly.

“Don’t be embarrassed, last night was incredible, Jin. I enjoyed every second, every moan, every sound from your body. And hey, I had never been with someone so flexible”.

“Stop! You’ll kill me of shame”.

“I wanna kill you with kisses. You should take responsibility for my morning wood, it excites me to think that you still have my cum in your body”.


Who was Jin to refuse the offer? He was still tired but Namjoon was so good in bed! He was so passionate but at the same time very careful, all the time he was watching Jin and the reactions of his body. Namjoon caught him under his body and started kissing him again. Jin was addicted to the way the other played with his lips.

Namjoon had an incredible body: long legs, defined torso, and all the tenderness of the world contained in his dimples and beautiful eyes that disappeared every time the man smiled. All that glory had been hidden under the uniform of the gas station. Once again Namjoon descended to her nipples with delicate wet kisses but then... Jin's stomach sounded so loud that it could be heard from the other side of the room. Joon stopped and looked at Jin surprised for a few seconds, then he began to laugh wildly.

“Oh my god, sorry, sorry!”, Jin said as he stood up and ran naked to the bathroom. It had been so embarrassing! Why his stomach was betraying him like that killing the mood?

The other kept laughing in the bed until he stopped and walked to the bathroom door.

“Jinnie, sorry for starving you since yesterday and sorry for laughing but it was so loud and cute! Take a shower if you want and I'll leave clean clothes here in the bed. I'm going to heat some food for breakfast.

“Ok, thank you”, Jin answered from the bathroom.

He sighed when the warm water touched his skin; everything had been incredible and Jin could not wait to have another date with what he already considered "the love of his life". He scolded himself when he realized what he had just said. Love? No, everyone had warned him… but it was a little late, he had spent the most amazing night of his life. And it was not just because of the sex, Namjoon was way more than that.

He left the shower and went to the kitchen where Namjoon was happily serving a couple of lasagna dishes.

"Hey, did you enjoy the water? It never comes out completely hot, just warm but it's still good, right?”.

“Yes, don’t worry”.

Namjoon stared at him seriously for a few seconds.

“My clothes are big for you and they make you look smaller and softer... and irresistible... come here and give me a kiss, Jinnie, I wanna eat you”.

Jin rolled his eyes. “I want to eat! That lasagna is tempting me since yesterday”.

Namjoon laughed and gave him a brief soft kiss and then invited him to sit at the tiny table in the kitchen. The lasagna was incredible and Jin’s stomach fell in love too. When they finished, an awkward silence caught them until Namjoon dared to speak.

“Jin, I like you... this night was incredible and I felt things that I didn’t think I would feel, I don’t want to pressure you or anything but I would like to go out with you again. And again, and again, and again…”.

Jin noticed how Namjoon's cheeks were painted with a beautiful pink shade while the cute man looked seriously at his empty dish.

“You are incredible and I wanna keep dating too. But next time I’ll prepare everything, ok?”.

After an intense making out in the small kitchen, Jin finally said goodbye and left. He turned on his phone and discovered a lot of missed calls from Jungkook. As expected, when he arrived home the youngest was in the living room waiting for him as if he were his father.

“Where were you?”.

“I told you I was going on a date with Namjoon, did you wait for me the whole night?”

“Yes I waited for you and yes, you told me you were on a date but come on, is just the second one and you already fucked with him?”.

“Jungkook please, in what century do you live? We had a fabulous date and when we were about to eat at his place, things happened and well, we finished…”.

“Ewww, I don’t want details but at least tell me you used a condom”.

“Jungkook, stop!... Of course I used, I'm not that stupid”.

“Well you seem idiot, having sex on the second date and I bet my right arm that you're already planning the wedding with him. I know you, you have your hopes up already, right?”.

“That’s not true!... But I discovered so many things about him, he's a perfect man! I know you warned me, everyone did but I couldn’t help myself! I wanna be with him and he seems super interested too. Now stop acting like my father and let me go upstairs and change my clothes. By the way, how were the deliveries?”.

Jungkook sighed defeated. “The night was fine, I just made one. After it I went to the workshop and invited Taehyung to spend the night here…”.

“What? Oh my god, I didn’t know that kid and you…”.

“No! I invited him to play video games and eat pizza, he fell asleep in the couch and left early while I was still sleeping”.

“So... are you just friends?”.

“Yes, and don’t use that tone, you know I'm not interested in men... at least not much… I think. I like Tae as a friend, I enjoy his company”.

Jungkook didn’t sound very convinced and Jin knew it, he never pressured the young man to admit his sexuality but he knew that he was bisexual at least.

“Kook, if you like Tae just admit it, there’s nothing wrong with it. If you are like totally not interested, be clear with him because I know Tae likes you and he deserves someone who would make him happy. He’s such a sweet hardworking boy!”.

“Stop, Jin, I don’t like Tae in that way so please stop…”

“Ok, whatever you want Kook. I’m going to my room”.






Yoongi was sitting in front of his bed, watching Jimin sleep. The red haired had fallen asleep immediately the previous night unlike him, who could not close the eyes all night. He never thought that the presence of the other would disturb him so much. At first Jimin had caused him pity. He seemed so sad and lost under the rain that Yoongi gave him his hand and kept him warm and safe. When Jimin asked him to share the bed because he didn’t want to be alone, he thought it was silly but adorable so he accepted. After all Yoongi did not feel anything remotely sexual about Jimin and if that helped the poor man to calm down completely, he would do it. Contrary to what everyone thought, Yoongi wasn’t so rude and cold, he actually cared for everyone and loved a lot of things. Only Jin sometimes had access to his true self.

Something changed that night. Jimin didn’t look like the vain and sassy man who gave them missions, he looked like a sleeping angel, a fragile sweet human being who needed to be protected at all costs. It didn’t help that Jimin needed to hug something to sleep well. In the middle of the night he tried to hug Yoongi a couple of times but the other managed to evade him by giving him a pillow. Before dawn Yoongi gave up and carefully stood up from the bed. Jimin was still soundly asleep when he went around the bed to see him up close. Yes, he was an angel and Yoongi was confused, wasn’t that the man he disliked so much? What was happening?

Yoongi made breakfast and left something on his bedside table with a note for Jimin. He went to the workshop to supervise the schedule of work that day. However, just after some minutes in the workshop he was worried about the sleeping beauty in his apartment and returned to look at the red haired. Surprisingly, Jimin was still asleep. Yoongi wondered if it was normal, maybe the man was sick or something… When Yoongi tried to touch his forehead, Jimin finally woke up.

"Oh, good morning, I'm sorry, I just wanted to know if you were okay, you slept too much”.

Jimin looked at Yoongi for a minute, remembering everything that had happened. When he finally seemed to remember shame invaded his body.

“Oh my god, Yoongi… I'm so sorry! I don’t know what happened last night!... Wait, what time is it? 10:30! Oh god, oh god, I had to be in the office at 8:30, oh god, oh god…”.

Yoongi was disappointed that Jimin didn’t mention anything else about their strange night together but he sat down amused to watch Jimin running around fixing his clothes and screaming. Yoongi paid more attention to the man’s body, as if he hadn’t done it all night: Jimin was delicious and beautiful in Yoongi's eyes, the red hair enhanced his skin and eyes. It gave him a special fierceness... Yoongi wanted to stop the other when he ran out the door but he held back. It was obvious that Jimin was not as excited as he was about the night experience.



Hoseok was worried, no one could find Jimin anywhere. He was about to track his assistant's phone when the redhead answered his call.

“I'm so sorry, sir, last night I didn’t feel very well and I overslept, I'm so sorry! I have no valid excuse, I'm on my way to the office…”.

“Jimin, relax, don’t worry I was just worried not angry. If you don’t feel well, don’t come to the office”.

“No, sir, I'm fine”.

“Then arrive after 12, have a proper breakfast at least. See you later”. .

Hoseok smiled, he knew that Jimin was lying and had probably spent the night with someone. Maybe some rich man from the party? He didn’t know but he was glad that his assistant finally had someone in his life. Jimin deserved it, he was his best worker.

Later that day he would need Jimin’s full concentration. It was time to tell the boys how the museum robbery would be executed. Everything was extremely detailed and precise, there would be no room for big mistakes but he completely trusted the ability of his team. He smiled widely and thought about the reward of such a complicated task... Deep inside he was excited, if he weren’t such an important man, he would be participating in the crimes he organized. But he was the secret mastermind and an apparently respectful businessman so he had to watch everything from above. “Boring”, he thought as he checked again the plan he had designed.

Chapter Text

Jimin walked nervously to the front where the escape plan of the museum robbery was detailed with graphics. He had reviewed the plan throughout the day and night and the first thing he did the next morning was to gather the whole team to explain in detail the plan of the robbery.

Before arriving to the workshop, Jimin felt calm and confident but as soon as he saw Yoongi, nervousness took over him. Since he slept in the other's bed he couldn’t stop thinking about him. It didn’t help much that Yoongi's eyes had changed: if before there were disdain and indifference, now there were tenderness and attention. Jimin couldn’t resist and from time he looked at Yoongi for some seconds. However, his work was extremely important so he concentrated the best he could and tried to ignore Yoongi, who was caressing his dogs lazily.

After more than an hour, Jimin finished his presentation and everyone fell silent. Taehyung was the first to open his mouth:

“I know I'm the new one here and I really don’t know as much as you about these crimes but... isn’t this too much just to steal a small painting from a museum?”.

Jungkook nodded.


“I think the same, but as long as they pay us and I have the opportunity to drive, I don’t care about Hoseok’s reasons”.

Jimin sighed. “That’s the spirit, Cookie, you shouldn’t care about Hoseok's reasons to get that small painting. You’re not doing this as a favor but as a very well paid job”.

Yoongi finally let go his dogs and looked up. Jimin looked the other way, the other’s gaze was too much for him.

“I know this is a job but the risk this time is ridiculously high just for a couple of tiny pieces of the museum…”.

“If you can’t do the job, tell me, Min Yoongi”. Jimin said defiantly and the other just sighed louder.

“Of course I can, Taehyung and I already have the vehicles ready to be tested by Jin and Jungkook”.

Jisoo raised his hand. “I would like to do some tests regarding the security systems and I need a couple of expensive tool”.

“Give me the details and I'll have them ready for you”.

Jisoo smiled widely. After a few questions, everything seemed to be clear among the team. Only then did Jin step forward and spoke.

“Everything has been clear to me but I have a request, Jimin: after this job, I wanna get out of the business”.

Everyone turned their heads to look at Jin, the disbelief drawn on their faces. Jin continued speaking when Jimin didn’t answer.

“After this job I want to be given the opportunity to get out, I want everyone in this shop to have that option too”. Jin said straightly looking at Yoongi.

Nobody expected such a statement, it was very brave on Jin's part to challenge Hoseok's authority in that way. Jimin came out of his surprise and nodded.

“Well… the most I can do is to get you an interview with him, but I don’t promise anything. If everything has been clear by now, I’ll go now. As always do the escape tests with discretion and care”.

Jimin completely erased the small blackboard and everyone else began to murmur. Tae got up and went to the place where Jisoo was talking with Jungkook. Yoongi walked to Jin and patted his back. Jimin was a bit disappointed, he hoped Yoongi would talk to him or at least shake his hand...



Jin was uneasy about the crime that he would have to execute soon and because of the request he made to Jimin but everything was eclipsed by the enormous happiness he felt for finally having managed to be with Namjoon. Every minute of his days was filled with Namjoon and the memories of the wonderful night they spent together.

For weeks they continued their casual dates and with each they felt more and more like soulmates. Their dates consisted of dinners or breakfasts, visits to a museum, a long walk in a park or simply sitting for long periods in a park. Jin felt that his soul was talking directly to Namjoon's. Everything was so bright and clear next to the other that he seriously wanted to give him all his life.

Of course, the sex was incredible. Jin was caught in a bubble of passion and romance so intense that he lost control completely. Namjoon had a wild and mysterious side that hypnotized Jin’s senses. The other had an incredible experience touching every sensitive spot in his body. Jin melted into moans, sighs and screams. He was sure that more than once the neighbors of Namjoon had to have listened to them and yet he didn’t care.

He wasn’t going to stop, he had found everything he wanted in a man. Just a few weeks after he met him, Jin was ready to change his life for Kim Namjoon. Everyone told him that it was wrong but he never listened. He felt that Namjoon was the only opportunity he had to love as he had always dreamed. A month and a half after their first date, it was usual for Jin to visit Namjoon at the gas station between deliveries. Rosy teased the lovebirds whenever she could, no one could deny that they were a pretty corny couple. When they saw each other they couldn’t stay away and they started with the stolen little kisses followed by giggles.

One night, much hotter than usual, Jin arrived to the gas station only to find Joon talking to another man that was filling his tank. Namjoon was smiling and the other man seemed very, very interested...

Jin sat on the bench by the little office waiting for the man to leave. His annoyance was evident. When the man finally left, Namjoon practically ran to where Jin was, still frowning.

“Hey, what’s up, I’m sorry I didn’t come before, I was serving that man, he was pretty talkative”.

“Yes, of course I saw how you handled him, it must have been very nice, your smile was huge!”.

“Oh... is my Jinnie jealous?”.

“Of course I'm not jealous, after all we’re not even something”.

Namjoon laughed spontaneously and Jin averted his gaze, annoyed by the other’s reaction. Maybe he wasn’t Namjoon's only interest? Maybe the man was “affectionate” to everyone, maybe Jin was one of many lovers...

Jin didn’t have time to be angry because Namjoon took his arm and pulled him toward him, making their lips meet violently. Jin closed his eyes and parted his lips to allow Namjoon's hungry tongue to give him the pleasure he deserved. Namjoon squeezed his flesh and Jin began to feel a familiar warmth rising from his stomach and lighting his cheeks. Why did he continue to behave like a first-time teenager every time Namjoon took the initiative?

Jin threw his hand around the other’s neck and massaged his scalp tenderly. However, when Namjoon began to suck a small portion in his neck, Jin intensified his caresses on Namjoon getting to pull his hair roughly. It was more than obvious that the scene should look extremely erotic to any bystander but Jin was too excited to care

Jin was about to lie on the ground but Namjoon forced him to stand. Jin didn't understand what was happening until Joon took his hand and practically dragged him to the bathroom. Oh, Jin understood where everything was going and he felt even more excited. As soon as they entered the small space, Namjoon trapped him against the wall. Jin loved the way the other lost control and touched him rudely, fulling him of praises and beautiful hot words for him. Jin loved everything about that man.

Namjoon took off his shirt and after giving him a lascivious look, he kept kissing his neck. Jin extended it further and with his hands began to play with Namjoon's still-clothed erection. The other shuddered when Jin started unbuttoning his pants. In seconds he fell on his knees and released Namjoon's erection.

Jin bit his lip while slowly caressed the Joon’s cock. Without any kind of warning, Jin sucked the tip and gave playful licks along the tempting flesh. Namjoon emitted a sensual sound very much like a growl and Jin began to lick harder until he finally introduced the cock into his mouth causing Namjoon to pull his hair and make him suck deeper.

The most exciting thing to Jin was the way Namjoon was completely out of himself. He prided himself on having that power over a man as sensual and experienced as Namjoon. Jin continued with his quick and precise movements as Namjoon pushed his hips forward. When Jin felt that the other was close to the orgasm, he immediately stopped, making Namjoon look at him full of frustration.

“What are you doing, baby?”.

“Your baby wants to have fun too”. Jin said as he lowered his pants.

Namjoon immediately grabbed his ass cheeks with both hands and trapped Jin against the wall again, facing it. Jin’s cheek was pressed on the cold tile and Namjoon patted her bottom as he gently kissed the back of his neck.

“So needy... If I take you like this without any prep, it will hurt a lot. Look at yourself, you’re such a beautiful mess for me”.


Jin had a lot of answers in his head but he couldn’t speak coherently: excitement clouded his senses. Namjoon placed his cock between Jin’s ass cheeks and started rubbing slowly, causing all kinds of moans from Jin. Namjoon also tempted his asshole with only his tip but never penetrated it. He definitely feared that Jin would have a lot of pain so he only masturbated using the heat of Jin's body. He would have time to do it properly some other day. His orgasm was close. He took Jin’s cock and started pumping it quickly.

“Come to me, baby, let’s come together, ok?”.

Jin moaned in response and shuddered when Namjoon began to come over his body without any reservation. Jin felt immediately as his ass got covered with Namjoon’s cum and seconds later he stifled a scream as he came too and almost collapsed on the floor. His legs trembled but Namjoon held him while he kissed his shoulders and back.

“You’re so beautiful and sensual, I love to take you even when in reality you’re the one who owns me… Jin... Jinnie... stop saying that you and I are nothing, you know that's not the case… and stop being jealous”.

Jin finally regained his senses and turned to face Namjoon who kept talking.

“We are something, Jin”.

So, even naked, sweaty and sensitive from their orgasms, Namjoon kissed his lips tenderly, there, in the bathroom of a gas station, Namjoon looked at him with a tenderness Jin had never experienced.

“Be my boyfriend”, Jin suddenly asked, the question came directly from his heart.

“Yes, yes. I’ll be whatever you want”. Namjoon whispered into his ear.

The magic moment ended when Namjoon heard the bell of the gas station sounding. He cursed and quickly put on his pants. Jin did the same while Namjoon kissed his forehead and ran away to attend the client who was already yelling at him for the long wait. Jin cleaned himself the best he could, fixed his clothes and splashed some water on his face. Was it real? Was he dreaming? No, he walked out of the bathroom and walked dreamily to the sidewalk where he sat until Namjoon finished the service.

His heart was still pounding savagely on his chest. Boyfriend? Did he have a boyfriend? Yes, Namjoon had washed away all his concerns. Jin was no longer casual sex or friend with benefits. They were boyfriends, like in the movies. And Jin had asked first, bravely, like in the movies too.

Namjoon finished the service and ran towards Jin, happily. Sometimes Namjoon seemed like a whole daddy and other times, like that one, he seemed like a huge baby boy that fascinated Jin beyond imagination. He himself sometimes felt like the strongest man by his side and other times he felt vulnerable.

Namjoon sat by his side. “Sorry I asked you to be my boyfriend at a bathroom, it was not classy at all”. Jin told him playfully.

Joon giggled and hugged Jin tenderly. “Don’t worry”.

“I’m so relieved, I must admit that I thought maybe you didn’t want something serious with me”.

“Jinnie, don’t be silly… Hey! We should celebrate!”.

“Of freaking course! Let me prepare something special for us, ok?”.

“Ok, then”.




Matthew was alone in his apartment. The frustration of not being able to close his recent cases made him have a few extra drinks. He listened to music while staring at the last texts on his phone...

He missed him, he missed his boyfriend way too much but he was sure that everything he had done, the sacrifices, everything was for the best. However, drunk and alone, Matt felt an enormous need to call him and hear his voice. How he wished to have his normal life back… but no, it couldn’t be possible until Matt could catch those responsible for the now famous “perfect thefts”. It was a challenge that he had imposed himself and although that meant losing the love of his life, Matt would solve it. He had already shown that he was willing to lose everything to get recognition from the police department.

He put aside his glass and began texting his boyfriend, at least he needed a small word of encouragement, no matter how small it could be. After he texted his boyfriend, Matthew stood up and walked to the board on the wall. He had a lot of notes, post-its and blurry pics of things he considered important. There were the profiles of the most notorious workshops at the city, some of them had to be involved with the modified cars used at the crimes but it was so difficult! The job could have been done also by a hidden workshop in the underworld. Matthew was really confused and frustrated. He was the new detective on the department and he wanted to impress his boss but it was useless, his first case had been one of the perfect robberies…

Matthew decided to go out and take a long walk. He needed to clear his mind and maybe do a little secret visit to his boyfriend. What could he lose? He just needed a minute...



Taehyung was diligently cleaning the car they were about to deliver to the client. Never, in all his life, he thought he could put his hands in such an expensive car. But there he was, cleaning it, testing it, working at one of the best workshops in that side of the country. Jisoo was sitting near his area, looking at her phone and giggling from time to time.

“Done! This baby is ready to go. Thanks for staying with me Jisoo, it was not necessary”.

“Don’t worry, kid, I was texting a friend, I’m not in any kind of hurry”.

“Thanks, I swear I’ll buy a car soon, this will be the last time you take me home”.

“I told you already, don’t worry. Hey, do you wanna eat something? I’m sleepy but I’m more hungry…”

“I can accompany if you want but I don’t wanna eat”.

“Tae, you have been like sad lately, is something wrong?”.

“No, I’m just nervous because of the big job we have ahead”.

“Sure… so, it doesn’t have to do anything with Jungkook?”.

Taehyung turned around his head dramatically opening his eyes and trying to avoid Jisoo’s amused stare.

“No, why are you mentioning him?”.

“Come on, we all know you like him and we all know too he’s an asshole”.

“No! Kook is not an asshole… I’m the stupid one, I illusionated myself, I made up a whole story on my mind and he was always clear with me”.

“Awww, my poor kid! Don’t be sad! Jungkook doesn’t know what he’s missing. You’re so bright and cute and everything!”, Jisoo said cupping Tae’s cheeks.

The boy giggled cutely and smiled widely at Jisoo’s actions. After it, the woman hugged him tightly making Tae laugh nervously.

“Am I interrupting something?”, they both stopped when they heard a voice coming from behind.

Jungkook was standing there, frowning at the view of them laughing and hugging.

“No, Jungkookie, I was just showing Tae all my love and inviting him to eat with me. Do you want to come with us? I can share Tae with you”, Jisoo winked and Jungkook relaxed a little.

“No… I just came to invite Tae to play videogames at my place since Jin is again out with his gas station guy but if you are busy, Tae..”.

Tae noticed the dissapoint and expectation in Kook’s voice, he himself wanted to let go Jisoo alone and run to Jungkook’s side even if it was just as a friend but he stopped… Tae needed to stop being so close to Jungkook, for his own wellness.

“Sorry Kook, but I really want to get out with Jisoo, maybe some other day? Come on, Shelby, let’s grab that food!”.

They both walked away, their hands entangled. Jungkook froze in place until the others disappeared. What the hell? Did Taehyung ditched him to go with Jisoo? That had never happened before. When Jungkook needed company, Tae was there ever since he started to work at the workshop. Tae could be the newest member but he was quick to make a bond with Kook, maybe because they were the younger ones. So, what the fuck was happening? Why did he suddenly felt so annoyed by Jisoo? She was always nice and funny, but right there, Jungkook wanted to slap her and make her let go Tae’s hand. What the hell, what the hell. Jungkook walked home alone, thinking about the mix of feelings in his mind.

When Jungkook arrived home, he found Seokjin spinning around all over the living room smiling like a fool and for a second he thought the other was high or drunk.

“Jungkookie! Jungkookie! I’m so happy!”.

Jungkook smiled and kept spinning with Jin.

“Why? What happened?”.

“I asked him to be my boyfriend and he accepted! We are officially together!”.

Jungkook’s smile vanished. “What are you talking about? You have been dating like for a month! You don’t really know him that much, Jin, I told you to…”

“Stop, Kook! I know he’s the one and he treats me like I’m the one for him too, please, be happy for me!”.

“I… I really want to be happy for you but I don’t like him at all, Jinnie. There’s something weird about him moving so fast with you”.

“Jungkook, you don’t even know him”.

The younger stopped and breathed to calm himself. “Ok, Jinnie, you know I do this to protect you. I’ll try my best, ok? Don’t be mad at me. Why don’t you start by bringing him home? Let’s make a party or something, we can invite the guys and you can let us know your man”.

Jin’s smile came back and he hugged Jungkook. “Thank you, Jungkookie! Thank you!”.

Jungkook sighed, how was that Seokjin was older than him? How was that Jin was a more experienced driver and a reckless man? He didn’t know, he only could see a cute boy in love jumping around like a bunny. He had to protect him, Jungkook definitely had to put an eye on that Namjoon.

Chapter Text

Jin got out of his challenger and basically ran to meet Namjoon’s arms in the middle of the gas station. It had been 5 days without seeing him and it was killing the both of them. Jin had been caught in the tests with the modified cars for their next hit and he wasn’t following his normal routine. Besides, Namjoon had been scolded by his boss for seeing Jin in there, security cams caught him.

“I missed you so much, baby”, Namjoon mumbled while kissing his man’s cheeks.

“I know, these days were endless! I’m so sorry! I said I would make something special to celebrate that we’re boyfriends but job really caught me”

Namjoon kissed his forehead with a tenderness that melted Seokjin. God how he missed those lips making his skin tickle.

“It doesn’t matter. I missed you and you’re here… why don’t we eat something at Rosy’s and then we go to my place to stay the night?”

“Sounds cool but what about the gas station?”

“Fuck the gas station, I just quit”


“As I told you in that text the boss scolded me the other day and well… ever since things got heated and I was planning on quitting tomorrow but now that you’re here looking so incredibly handsome and cute just for me… I just changed the plan”

Jin smiled sheepishly. “Ok then… but I suggest we go somewhere else instead”

Namjoon went to the bathroom and changed clothes, he then threw his uniform in front of the camera and gave it the middle finger while Jin watched amused from the car. What a man, he wished he could do the same to Hoseok even when his boss wasn’t as bad as Joon’s.

“Done, hit it baby”, Joon said and Jin stepped on the accelerator.

Namjoon was different and he didn’t know why. He seemed more free, brighter, fuller of himself…

“Where are you taking me?”

Jin smiled mischievously. “To one of my favorite places in this city”

After an hour or so, Namjoon contemplated the city overwhelmed by the beautiful play of lights that slowly got lost at the nocturnal sky. Jin had driven them to a cliff not far away from the city, the road was rough at times but it was nothing for his car. The advantage is that it was always a lonely place. They were sitting at the car’s hood silently, just admiring the sky while munching a burger and fries. Jin also bought beers it was illegal but he argued that he was prepared to bribe some cops or fight the cops just to drink a beer with his love.

“This is the nicest place ever”, Joon finally said.

“I know, I come here when I need to think or when I need to relax. No one bothers me, it’s my special spot… well, now is our special spot”

“Jinnie, do you believe in love at first sight?”

Jin almost choke with his beer. That was the question he kept doing himself at the beginning of their love. He didn’t answer and just tilted his head. Joon continued.

“I literally felt electricity when I first met you, I wasn’t sure of what that meant until I got to know you better. Don’t think I’m intense or crazy but I think I fell really hard for you since day one”

“I asked myself the same when I met you, I even asked my friends around and they all told me the same: that it wasn’t possible and that I was crazy”, Jin replied. He was beyond happy to know Namjoon experimented the same.

Joon smiled softly, that fucking mellow smile that already meant the world for Jin. “I think we’re both insane”.

Jin went for a kiss that Namjoon sweetly answered. “Now that I know how much I fucking like you, I’m scared to hurt you”, the man whispered.

“Hurt me?”

“I’m a no one, I don’t have a job and you are so perfect and pretty for me, I’m scared I’ll make you suffer, I tend to fuck things up”

“You’re a good man that loves me, Joonie, you couldn’t…”

“You don’t know about my past, I’m not an innocent man, I have treated others in a rude way, I stole to live, I…”

Jin shut him up with a kiss. “I don’t care. I’m not good neither and I swear, Namjoon, whatever you did, whatever you thought… I did worse”.

Namjoon caressed his cheeks under the eternal and dark sky.

“How could you, you’re the kindest and sweetest human being I have ever known”.

A kiss, again. Some clouds hid the moon for a moment but then it appeared just to give the lovers the perfect chance to see each other faces. Namjoon’s eyes reflected the stars as he stared at his soul. How did Jin doubted about this cosmical bond? How did he doubted his own instinct? Jungkook was wrong. Yoongi and the rest of his friends were wrong. He was the one, Namjoon was the end of his quest for true love. Like in the movies. Like in the books.

Minutes later they were at the car making out. Sighs and moans filled the silent cliff as Namjoon skillfully claimed his whole body and left him in a mess begging and whispering non sense…

The morning caught them at Namjoon’s place. Jin woke up naked and entangled with the other and he could swear he heard sobs coming the man but when he turned around to say good morning, Joon was still asleep.

The more time they spent together, the more difficult it was for Jin to leave the man… but it had to be done. He had work to do and Joon swore he would find another job. Also, Jin had in mind a very particular surprise for his boyfriend.




“A party? Right before the mission?”, Jimin asked raising his eyebrow.

“Yes, please! Think about it, it will help us to relax and remember I’ll try to get out as soon as I finish it, please, Jimin, you’re the expert on this stuff, please!”, Jin said like begging.

Jimin sighed. “Will you bring your boyfriend?”

“Yeah… yes, I mean, I could also use the party to celebrate that we’re together. I discussed it with Jungkook not long ago, he said it could be nice for all of you to meet him”.

“It could be dangerous, we don’t know him!”

“It’s just a party! No talking about business, just alcohol, games, music…”

Jimin sighed again. “I’m gonna discuss it with the boss, ok? But I can tell you… it would be fine for me to organize it”

Jin smiled and patted Jimin’s back. The other pouted, finally relaxing.

“So… how does it feel to be so in love? Jungkook said you’re disgusting”

Jin laughed. “That dumbass… he hates me being in love, he even hates Namjoon and he doesn’t even know him”

Yoongi appeared from behind them. His mono was covered with oil stains and he smelled like gasoline. It made Jimin flinch a little but also… well, Min Yoongi being messy was sexy… what the fuck was he thinking?

“Maybe Jungkook is right, you know, we’re doing some criminal stuff in here, are you sure he’s having good intentions?”

“Of course he has! He loves me!”, Jin replied as Yoongi cleaned his hands.

“Well then, if he’s a good man, aren’t you scared to get him involved into this mess?”

Oh dear, Jin wasn’t expecting such a low blow, but still, he replied. “That’s why I want this to be my last job”

Everyone fell silent until Jin finally spoke again. “Is the other car ready? I should teach Kook the way today…”

“Yes, sure…”, Yoongi answered. “Be careful, Jinnie, we may seem intense but we just love you as a brother, ok? Be patient with Kookie, he adores you”

Jin smiled softly as he nodded and left the office at the workshop. Jungkook was already waiting for him at one of the entrances.

“Finally! I thought about get in and drag your ass, what were you doing?”, the brat asked as they took a modified Altima.

“I was convincing Jimin to throw a party before the mission”, Jin answered not giving all the information.

However, Jungkook was not stupid. “I honestly thought you would forget about what I said… are you sure you wanna bring him? Are you super serious about it?”

“Yes, Kookie, I’m serious”


“Jungkook: I love him. And all of you are my family. You in particular, you’re the closest I have to a family, to a brother! I love him and I want you to know him, please… just please… do this for me! Support me at the party, get to know him and be nice, please! You promised…”

Jin’s tone was different. He wasn’t joking and it kinda hurt Jungkook. He wasn’t an idiot just for the sake of being one, he just wanted to open Jin’s eyes, it was too soon to be that “in love” but… god, Jin put on his Bambi eyes and Jungkook chuckled…

“Fine, I’ll try my best at that party”

Jin hugged the boy. “Thank you so fucking much! I swear he’s as nice as he’s hot”.

“So when and where will the party take place”

“I’m still not sure, it will be up to Jimin”

“Damn, if Jimin is organizing it, the thing will be brutal, I still remember that party for your birthday…”

“Yeah, it was awesome… but now, focus, we’ll drive around option number three. It is a narrow service road around the restaurants around the museum, those are the hardest, I hate them, but could be useful”, Jin said showing Kook a map at the GPS.

Jungkook went on full concentration mode. “Yeah, let’s get this bread”, he said right before Jin started the car.




Hoseok kept staring through the window of his office. He could see the tiny man on the street getting into his car. The man, Matthew slowly attracted Hoseok’s attention.

“I don’t like his eyes”, he said taking Jimin, that was serving him some coffee, by surprise.


“I don’t like his eyes. His attitude… this cop will become a pain in the ass very soon”

“Well, sir, it is true that he’s stubborn and is asking a lot around but he has nothing, absolutely nothing”.

“Still… can you place conduct a full investigation on him?”

“Yes, sir, of course… changing the topic… can I ask you something?”

“Sure”, Hoseok said turning around to face his assistant.

“What should I say to Jin and Yoongi? About getting out”.

Hoseok chuckled. “I had forgotten. Tell them that I will see them after the mission to discuss it. Give them some hope but… we both know I can’t let them go”

Jimin stared at the floor. He was secretly sad that Yoongi couldn’t get his freedom.

“Sir, one more thing… Seokjin wants a party before the mission, to relax and all that. Should I organize it?”

“Sounds fine for me. Find a nice private place and pay all the needs”

“Yes, thank you”

Jimin took some papers and was about to go when Hoseok stopped him. “Jimin?”


“Did you get close to Yoongi?”

“What?”, Jimin answering feeling trapped and ashamed.

Hoseok just smiled softly at him. “He’s a good man. You’re a good man too so… I like the idea… you deserve it. Now, go to work”.

Jimin froze, all he could do was to nod awkwardly at his boss and get out of the office before his face got more red. Whatever those words meant, it made him feel braver and more sure about his new feelings.




A month later, right before the mission, a huge party was starting at mansion. The place was gorgeous, with a huge garden and a pool. It had been rented for the whole week and Jimin got the best sound, the best illumination and of course all kind of fun was ready for them. The bar had all the known drinks and waiters made sure food and alcohol never stopped flowing. Since Hoseok didn’t put a limit to the expenses, Jimin did his best in part because it was a favor for Jin, part because it was right before the mission and part because that was the night he would make an advance on Min Yoongi. To subtle things down, more people was invited, people that worked for Hoseok or at other workshops. However, there was a non-spoken rule: no talking about the business.

After an hour of the marked time on the invitation, everyone was there anxiously waiting for Seokjin.

Jisoo was on a gorgeous rainbow night dress being all giggles and whispers with Taehyung who was already hitting the margaritas. It was obvious Jungkook was staring at them not particularly amused. Tae was beyond handsome and not paying attention to him, it was kinda killing Jungkook. They were at a lounge in the garden. Yoongi and Jimin were relaxing on a couch while Jungkook walked in circles.

“Kookie, relax, he’ll be here in no time!”, Tae said smiling and offering him a margarita. The gesture took him by surprise but he accepted the drink and smiled at Tae who was rocking those brown trousers and his light blue shirt.

To hid his feelings, Kookie spoke again. “When Jin said there would be a party organized by you, I thought it would be awesome but isn’t this too much? There’s a naked guy dancing over there”, he said towards Jimin.

Jimin rolled his eyes. “He’s not naked and he’s here to entertain with his art. Is very fashionable and is trending in Europe”.

Tae nodded. “I like the naked dancers”, he said.

Jisoo giggled by his side. “I’m excited to know this guy Namjoon, he must be so cool, he got our Seokjinnie in a record time”.

Suddenly, Taehyung spotted Seokjin and shut everyone up. He was dressed all in black, some of his shirt buttons were loose and, in general, Seokjin was looking like he had always looked: gorgeous. However, what made Jisoo, Jimin and Taehyung gasp in surprise at the same time was a certain tall and well built figure by Jin’s side…

Chapter Text

“They will hate me, they won’t like me”, Namjoon kept whispering.

Jin tried to calm him down but he knew the man was beyond nervous, his hands were sweating and his voice was cracking from time to time.

“How can you be so sure? Come on, they are nice, Joonie”

“I have no job and I’m clearly not as fancy as they are… this is a mistake… I’m scared they will take you away”

Jin stopped right in front of the mansion’s door. “Hey, look at me, they are not fancy, this party was organized by the bosses of the workshops and they are… well, extra. Everything will be fine, I’m not going anywhere”.

Namjoon sighed and gave Jin a mellow peck that barely brushed the man’s lips. “Ok, let’s go”

They entered the property and the light sets were so incredible Jin immediately mouthed an “oh” while Namjoon tightened the grip of his hand. Metallic balloons and very exotic Hawaiian decoration was dropped everywhere. Jin helped him to get proper clothes and to be honest, Namjoon looked like a whole 5 course meal. He was proud of it even when Namjoon slightly protested it. He kept saying his friend’s opinion didn’t matter but the truth was, deep inside, Jin really wanted to give them a good impression so they could get along.

When they reached the lounge where the others were waiting, Namjoon slightly bowed. “Hi, good afternoon, I’m Kim Namjoon”

Everyone seemed surprised. “Hello, Namjoon I have heard a lot about you, I’m Jisoo”

Jin was glad Jisoo broke the ice. Immediately Tae stood up and shook Joon’s hand way too happily. “Nice to meet you, I’m Taehyung”.

Jimin followed them. “God, you’re really as handsome as Jin presumed, I’m Jimin”.

Yoongi rolled his eyes. “Hey there, I’m Jin’s superior, Yoongi”

“Was it necessary to say you’re superior, Min Yoongi?”, Jin said playfuly.

“Yes, I’m proud of being above you”.

Lastly, Jungkook finally offered the man his hand. Everyone tensed up. “I’m Jungkook, Jin’s brother”, he said firmly. Their handshake lasted longer than normal so Jin dragged his man to the bar to get a drink.

“See, they didn’t hate you and I can say Jimin, Jisoo and Tae would love a piece of your ass”

Namjoon laughed. “You’re so cute”, he said kissing his man.

After a couple of margaritas more, Tae and Jisoo were fucking things up at the dance floor while Jungkook stared at them fiercely.

“I’m so happy Kook is busy being jealous of Tae instead of being mean to you”, Jin whispered to the other as they returned to the area. “I must explain you later what’s going on with those three”

Joon just hummed.

“So, are you working at the gas station? Can I have the address? I need a man just like you”, Jimin said flirting playfully.

Jin pouted. “I didn’t bring him to be stolen by you, go find somewhere else”

Jimin giggled. “I’m sorry, but the question is serious, do you work at a gas station?”. The man knew it very well, Jin had told him everything but he felt like keeping the conversation going.

“I used to work in there, I’m jobless actually but working very hard to find something”, Joon replied.

“Oh, I see. Don’t worry, something will come to you.”

“Yeah, I suppose you don’t want to be maintained by Jin your whole life, right?”, Jungkook suddenly asked. “He’s such a caring man, he wouldn’t know when is too much and…”

Everyone fell silent and Kook shut up realizing how rude he was.

“Of course it’s not my intention”, Joon said seriously like drilling a hole into Kook.

Yoongi who had been quiet the whole time, way too quiet, suddenly excused himself and dragged Jimin with him. Jin and Namjoon were left alone at the lounge with Kook. The younger went away after some eternal minutes. “I’m gonna check on Tae”, he said.

“I’m so sorry, Joon, Jungkook can be a little shit sometimes, he just…”

Joon stopped him with a kiss. “Don’t worry, it’s ok. He’s kinda right tho, I better hurry up to find a job”.

Another kiss. “I’m sure he’s just stressed, as I said before, he has been through a lot of drama, his own personal love drama”, he said pointing at Jungkook talking to Tae in a corner.


Jin excused himself to go to the bathroom. Some people were already drunk, dancing at the DJ’s music and some others were having their own party at the pool. The waiter gave Namjoon another beer and Jungkook, that had been talking to Tae, returned to the lounge visibly angry. Joon didn’t say anything until Kook kicked a chair.

“Hey… everything’s fine?”

Jungkook seemed surprised to see the man so close. “I… I hadn’t seen you. Yes, everything’s fine”, he said almost tackling a waiter in need of more beer. After some minutes the young man finally opened up.

“I know I presented myself as Jin’s brother but we’re not really blood related…”

“I know, Jin talks a lot about you and how you’re like brothers”, Joon replied politely.

“Well then you know how fucking much I love that idiot. He’s naïve and romantic and trusts in people way too much… I’m not like that and I gotta tell you: I don’t like you, I know somehow you’re taking advantage of him”.

“I understand your point of view, we met in weird conditions and our relationship developed way too fast but it happened and everything I feel for him is sincere. So I won’t allow you to talk like that about me and our relationship. Jin is not as naïve as you think, he’s smart and kind and he chose me. And if you’re worried about me getting his money, believe me I’m the most concerned and humiliated man right now, this won’t take long, I’ll get a job”.

The answer left Jungkook speechless. Namjoon continued. “I would love to have your approval but if I don’t have it, I don’t care, I’ll still love Seokjin. You’re the one who’s hurting him with your attitude towards our relationship”.

Jungkook chuckled. “I wasn’t expecting you to be so… direct”

“I’m sorry if I’m being rude…”

“No. I’m the rude one, I’m sorry. I still don’t trust you but… I guess you can hang around…”

“Thanks, it means a lot and I’m sure it will be meaningful for Seokjin too”

Jin arrived almost running, fearing Jungkook would be rude to his boyfriend, he had seen him from across the garden. “Hey… what are you talking about?”

“Nothing important”, Jungkook replied walking away.

“Wow, this brat…”, Jin said but was interrupted when Namjoon hugged him by the waist.

“I’m gonna be honest, seeing you only in your shorts is giving me flashbacks of bed…”

Jin blushed. “Shit, I didn’t mean to come out in just my swimming shorts but… I just found something awesome in this mansion and I need you to come with me”

Jin took Joon’s hand and asked for a bottle of wine at the bar. The mansion was a modern white and brown house and the guests had access to the first floor. However, Jin had wandered through the second floor where he found the main bathroom with its huge jacuzzi and beautiful stone floors. It was obviously a space to relax.

“Wow, this is insane… this bathroom is the size of my whole place”.

Jin giggled. “Come on, I turned it on already”, he said as he took out his shorts.

Namjoon couldn’t resist it. As he took out his clothes he started kissing his man. “You’re something beyond the word beautiful”, Joon whispered.

Both of them got into the jacuzzi. The water was perfect and Jin had thrown in a fruity bath bomb he randomly found. “Fuck it”, he thought. Their sexual desire was slowed down as the water relaxed their bodies and muscles. Jin’s back was glued to Namjoon’s chest as the man hugged him from behind peppering soft kisses all over his shoulders and neck.

“Joon?”, Jin asked dreamily enjoying the caresses.


“Can I ask you something? Maybe it’s personal but…”

“Yes, of course you can”

“Did you have a lot of lovers before?”

Joon chuckled as he stopped kissing Jin’s skin and started a soft massage.

“Kinda? I don’t know. If I’m honest I have had plenty of one night stands but no relationships”.

“Am I like the first one? Your first relationship for real?”, Jin asked with some pride on his voice.

“Mmm… if you want me to be honest… no”

Jin hummed in response and didn’t press much over the matter. Joon seemed uncomfortable all of the sudden, his body tensed up and Jin was afraid he had touched a delicate topic. However, after some seconds, Namjoon continued speaking.

“Before I met you, I had a boyfriend. He was a lot like me, I met him at a bodega where I used to help. He was super funny and handsome, secure, brave, decided… I really liked him. We started hanging around and little by little I noticed he liked me a lot too but I wasn’t his priority. His job was first and in my quest of pleasing him, he got me into some real deep and dangerous shit…”

“Oh god, I’m sorry to hear that, are you still in trouble?”

“No, don’t worry. Things ended, I met you and you really changed my vision of life, you showed me how love is supposed to work, you know, in both ways. You’re so special… you’re a good person no matter what you or other people say…”

Jin smiled widely and turned around. “I’m so happy right now”. They kissed in the light of a new meaning for their relationship.

“We should put one of these things in our future house”, Joon mumbled back.

“Our house? You’re thinking that far?”, Jin giggled.

Since Jin started caressing Joon’s cock, the man got hard as rock again and that time he wouldn’t go back. For the first time, as Jin kept frotting the other’s cock with his ass, Joon went for his neck sucking really hard and thoughtfully. Jin knew it would leave a big hickey and he didn’t care. He wanted it, he wanted everything if it came from Namjoon…

They didn’t have time for prepping Jin so they both came from only touching and masturbating each other. Namjoon loved to whisper praises into Jin’s ear and Seokjin was there for it. To feel loved was his new addiction.

“I promise as soon as we get to my place, I’m gonna fuck you so good, baby, you have no idea…”, Joon mumbled after his orgasm. “All night long”

They dried themselves and half cleaned the jacuzzi. Love was in the air. The party was still going on and there were even more people at the garden. It was insane, outside, Jin and Joon could barely hear each other. What caught Jin’s attention at the middle of the haze was that his friends were nowhere to be seen.




“Say it, Jiminie, say it”, Yoongi whispered as he kept thrusting inside the red haired man.

“Ngh.. oh god… yes… you’re the… the best… best fuck… oh god, fucking hell, yes… harder! Go on Min Yoongi… oh!”

“Will you flirt with others? Will you be an asshole with me tomorrow?”, Yoongi asked.

“No! No, no, not anymore, oh, don’t stop, why do you stop? Come on!”

Yoongi stopped thrusting to admire Jimin’s face. “I’m sorry, you’re gorgeous”

Jimin blushed harder, his glassy eyes were fixed on the other’s. “I think… I think I like you a lot, Min Yoongi”

The other thrusted harder as Jimin spoke with such sincerity. It’s all he needed to know. They both came almost together, Yoongi’s legs gave out and they fell to the floor of that bedroom in the mansion. Jimin wanted to cry from overstimulation, Yoongi was seeing stars.

“This was such a good idea”, Yoongi whispered. “I like you too, Jimin”.

“I needed this so much… and to think I just needed to confess”

“Stubborn baby”

More kisses came and their next preoccupation was that they had left Jin and the others alone.