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The Training Room

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The clash of steel against steel rang out in the dimly lit room. There were no words exchanged between the sparing pair, but a light gasp feel from ruby red lips as Rapier went flying across the room, embedding itself in the floor some distance away. A smirk flashed across his partner's lips and Genesis's chest tightened, as well as something else. "It seems you have disarmed me." the ginger's voice quivered but it sounded more like anticipation then fear.

"Time to collect my reward then." Sephiroth's low voice rumbled through the room, as he pushed Genesis up against the cold metal wall. A rough kiss was placed on the other man's lips, demanding entrance into that hot velvety mouth, as the General's hands wrapped themselves around slender wrists, pinning them to the wall.

A moan worked its way up from deep inside Genesis, only to be captured in the other's mouth as Sephiroth practically devoured him from the inside out. One of the general's power legs came up and forced it's way in between the ginger's legs, pressing tightly against the budge forming between his legs.

Genesis allowed his hips to thrust forward, increasing the pressure he felt, as Sephiroth proceeded to roughly pull the coat from his shoulders, before finishing with the harness and tugging the shirt over his head, all while managing to drop his own coat to the floor leaving their garments a cluttered mess.

The silver haired man with the mouth of a god wasted no time in attaching his lips to the side of Genesis's neck, biting down as the other's eyes shut tight letting out another moan. "Yes Seph, please." he cried out, almost as a command. A deep groan was all he got from his partner, Sephiroth, continued to taste the ginger's delicious flesh.

Black gloved hands came up to the top of Genesis's pants, before they were roughly pulled down, causing the button to pop free. The ginger didn't seem to care as he wove his fingers into silver hair,. Hissing as the air in the training room hit his sensitive flesh. "I want you." the words spilled from his lips easily as Sephiroth smirked.

"Tell me what you want me to do to you." The General's grin was wicked as he took of his gloves, tossing them to the side with the other discard articles of clothing. Bare hands returned to heated skin as the ginger's hips thrust forward.

Genesis "I want you to fuck me right here." the ginger's voice turned to a moan at the end as the words left is lips, grasping at Sephiroth's own pants.

Sephiroth's own lips twisted as he allowed Genesis to remove his clothing, far enough to allow his own length to spring free, one hand slipping into his coat pocket removing a slender tube that would be coming in handy rather soon. " And how exactly do you want me to fuck you hmm?" the general spoke in a low voice that sent a shiver down the ginger's spine with each syllable spoken.

Genesis's eyes slide shut as Sephiroth's mouth descended on his neck once more, a hand sneaking around starting to tease his ass. "Hard, deep." his voice was nearly begging The ginger's body was shivering with anticipation. Just the thought of Sephiroth's cock deep inside him was driving him mad with need.

A feral grin paced itself on the lips of the silver General , but instead of another question, the man simply shoved a now lubricated finger up inside his partner. Genesis cried out a bit at the intrusion as his head fell to Sephiroth's shoulder. With a rhythm all his own he pumped in and out, as the ginger clung to him "Hurry." Genesis practically ordered and the thrusting became quicker, and not long after a second finger was added did Sephiroth pulled them out entirely.

The ginger whimpered at the loss as Sephiroth took a moment to coat himself with the lubricant before tossing it to the ground. Firm hands placed themselves on Genesis's hips as the ginger wrapped his legs around the other man. Inch by precious inch the General's hard cock pushed its way inside him. Genesis took in deep breaths, shuttering when his lover was fully embedded inside him. A much needed breather was denied him however as without notice Sephiroth pulled out almost to the tip just to shove himself back inside again.

It was a rhythm Genesis couldn't keep up with if he had tried, all he could do was feel as he was penetrated over and over again cries leaving his lips as his hand wrapped themselves tightly around Sephiroth's back.

The pair didn't even seem to notice when the doors to the VR room slide open. Scene played out a bit longer, Genesis crying out in ecstasy as he was being roughly slammed into, the smell of sex filling the room, when a deep velvet voice filled the chamber.

"Well this is something I never thought would be possible to witness." The tone was neutral as drifted to the pairs ears.

Blue mako eyes snapped up at the speaker in horror as deep green mako cat slit eyes started back at him. "Stopped." he screamed, as the man deep inside him froze once he had exited Genesis's body for the last time.

The ginger's body was shaking in terror as the real Sephiroth stepped closer, leather boots sounding on the floor. Genesis for once in his life was unable to say anything. For his part the General's face was still expressionless as he walked closer, inspecting his virtual self. "I would ask you how you got it so accurate, but I'm not sure I want to know." Sephiroth stated as his eyes landed on the still fully erect cock, dripping with precum and slick with lubricant.

Genesis swallowed hard, still fearing his death, Sephiroth had this odd habit of toying with his victims before he turned on him. "I can explain." he throughout quickly.

A deep almost sinister laugh left the General's mouth, as his eyes landed on a naked Genesis, a feral grin spreading across his features. "Oh I don't think you need to explain anything."

"Sephiroth!" Genesis started as the man in question came to stand in front of him, phasing with his own hologram, and placing a hand on the side of Genesis's head. immediately the ginger went quite again as Sephiroth's eye bore into his own.

The General's free hand moved out to take the dangling earring in Genesis's ear into his hand before he let it drop, standing back and out of the way of his virtual self.

"I think it's time to show you something." he purred, look at the man still pressed against the wall. As he did he took his own PHS out of his pocket, cancelling the current simulation as his other dissolved along with their surroundings. With a few more clicks he loaded a program named "Red 1"

Genesis was thoroughly confused more than terrified as a version of Sephiroth's apartment loaded, only the living room was surrounded with candles giving it an odd glow.

The other man glanced at the ginger, a smug expression he'd only ever worn on the battlefield sat upon his face as a knock came at his door. The now-real Sephiroth strode across the floor to open the door. Genesis jaw dropped as it swung open, reveal-himself only he wasn't wearing his trade mark red leather coat. The virtual Genesis was clad in impossibly tight red leather pants, knee high lace up boots, and no shirt.

"Hello there, sexy." His voice purred as he walked in, slipping his arms around Sephiroth and pulling the man into a heated kiss, which was quickly returned. No commands were given, unlike Genesis's program, as he watched stunned while Sephiroth lead his virtual self over to the couch. The other form crawled up on Sephiroth's lap slowly grinding himself into the other man while placing another passion filled kiss on waiting lips.

Soon Sephiroth's own coat was removed as the real Genesis sat there in a daze. This was not how he expected things to go.

The fake ginger, ran his has down's the other man's exposed chest, before tugging at his leather pants. Sephiroth sat up just enough for the Genesis to pull his pants down, exposing his hardening length. "Oh" Genesis moaned at the sight- both of them. Before the fake slid his way down Sephiroth's lap leaving kisses in his wake, before he came eye level with his prize. A pink tongue darted out running across the tip. Sephiroth buried his hands in the cinnamon locks, pushing the ginger's face forward, who in turn happily parted his lips and begun teasing and sucking on the prize offered.

"Would you like to take his place? Maybe we can both get what we want." Sephiroth asked after a moment, and it took Genesis a bit to register the fact that the question had even been directed at him. Watching a visual representation of himself giving a blow job has been surreal....and probably one of the hottest things he'd ever seen.

He didn't trust his voice to answer, but instead got up from his position watching on the floor, decision already made, as she pushed the fake out of the way. The simulation thrown off course, instantly frozen, as Sephiroth watched him with smug, lust filled eyes. Finally Genesis voice found him, as he ran a hand over his own reforming erection. Realizing that this was something the other wanted had brought some of his own cocky confidence back as a smirk danced across his face. "I hope I can live up to your ....expectations." he purred . And Sephiroth merely closed his eyes at the sound, a satisfied look on his face.

With that Genesis was on his knees taking a moment to inspect the real cock being presented him. It was true his representation had been ...very accurate...however there was one pulsing vein running the length that had not been there on his own Sephrioth. His wet tongue darted out to run down the shaft, following the blue line.

For Sephiroth even that one sensation was better than anything he'd gotten from the hologram. There were many things the machine could fabricate, but the warm moist heat from the ginger's tongue combine with the little puffs of breath were heaven. And when Genesis without much more warning engulfed him in that velvet heat he thought he was going to cum on the spot. A groan left him as the ginger's tongue worked on him like magic, and Sephiroth knew he'd never be able to use his simulations again....though he had good reason to believe he wouldn't need too.

"Yes." Sephiroth encouraged as the ginger reached up to fondle his balls during the action. Though it was all he could take. He didn't even time to warn the other man before he unload his seed into the waiting mouth....though Genesis didn't seem to be upset by this fact as he hungry swallowed all that he was given, even taking the time to clean Sephiroth's cock with his tongue.

When it was over Genesis looked up at him, and wiped his mouth with a smile, before crawling up on to the couch, a bit bolder after that display he gripped his own neglected member and started it stroking it slowly.

Sephiroth growled, mako enhancements allowing him to recover quickly as he pulled the ginger into a kiss, loving the taste of himself on those ruby abused lips. Another thing the simulation could never give him. "Lucky for me you're already prepared." purred pulling away licking his own lips, before retrieving the tube of lubricant his virtual self had dropped. Squeezing some out he prepared himself to enter Genesis, wondering if the man's real mouth had felt so his ass had to be. Another pleasant shiver went down his spine as Genesis looked up at him before holding his arms out to wrap around him, spreading his legs wide....there was no doubt how much they both wanted this.

It took him only a moment to align himself with the ginger's entrance sliding in as the other's nails sank into his back. "Seph." Genesis groaned as he was filled once more, only this time the sensations were quite different as felt the warm cock press against his walls. The simulation had been mechanical in its execution....but this.

If Sephiroth could have heard his lover's thoughts he would have agreed. Having something flesh and blood to plunge into was amazing. It was all he had to do to refrain from simply thrusting away into that intense tight heat with no care to the man beneath him. Still he wanted to do this again, and sending the man to the medical unit was not the way to get invited back to his bed. So he steadied himself doing his best to adjust looking for that spot that would make Genesis scream his name.

The ginger had only ever smelt his own arousal during these sessions. To have the scent of sex drifting through the air, their pair of them mingling, combined with the taste of Sephiroth still on his tongue, the sound of the man's balls slapping against him, and the feint sound of the lubricant sliding around inside him. The feel of the other man on his skin, and the sight of the lust in Sephiroth's eyes. Everything surrounding him blocked out everything but intimate act they were performing. Genesis didn't think it could get an better until Sephiroth's goal was reached of finding that sweet spot deep inside him.

Pleasure laced up his body as he shook, rewarding Sephiroth with his cries of please, not only screaming other man's name once, but over and over like some crazy mantra. His nails racked down Sephiroth back not that the man minded as the pace was never given up, and only increased with Genesis pleas.

The ginger didn't know how many times Sephiroth had stuck him as his own cock twitched, oozing precum. He was so close, but when his lover leaned over next to his ear and in a commanding voice uttered. "Cum." Genesis could do nothing but follow the order as he exploded his white hot seed all over himself and Sephiroth. Spasming as the best orgasm he'd ever had over took him. The clenching of muscle around his shaft was all Sephiroth needed to empty himself once again into the awaiting ginger.

A few more thrusts completed the delivery, before he pulled out, and simply laid down on top of the other man, more from the desire to feel the warm flesh in his post orgasmic haze then actually exhaustion. Genesis lazily reached an arm up to wrap around him.

They were a sticky mess but neither one of them could care. Still, Sephiroth looked up at Genesis a smug look on his lips. "So how long?" he asked. Knowing full well the ginger would understand the question.

"Six months." Genesis breathed out, now that he had nothing to fear or be embarrassed about. "You?"

"Two years." Sephiroth answered with no shame, as Genesis looked at him in shock. "Don't be surprised, I couldn't get you out of my head after that one night at the Shinra ball where you got drunk and kissed me. I bet you didn't even remember that." he laughed. "I never could tell if you actually wanted me or not and it was effecting my performance...this seemed like the safest solution."

It was true Genesis could remember that party very well, and no one would tell him what happened, as a light dusting of pink shaded his cheeks. "I've wanted you for a while actually...I just didn't have the nerve." he acknowledged.

"Well I think it's safe to say we can delete both are programs yes?" Sephiroth purred nuzzling the other man's ear.

Genesis closed his eyes enjoying the affection from the other man, "I don't think I could go back." he smirked.

Sephiroth didn't say anything else to that as he simply laid there placing feather light kisses on the other mind, there were a group of seconds scheduled in here with in the half hour....but for now he could enjoy himself...and be glad he decided to make use of the empty room himself to blow off some steam.