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Bite the Hand That Feeds You

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Nar Shaddaa was nearly busting with life when the Sith lord arrived at one of the many star ship docks the planet offered. The Sith empire was growing stronger by the day, entire star systems swearing their loyalty to the Sith until most of the galaxy was controlled by the Sith. Long gone were the Jedi, died out in the great Jedi Sith war generations before.

Darth Vader stepped out of his ship with the ship attendants bowing before him. His name held great power in the Sith and fear in the hearts of those still sworn to good rather than the Sith. He paused at the bottom of the loading ramp, looking around and deciding that this planet was worth him time. He smirked and, cape flowing behind him, made his way to the nearest taxi.

"Where to, my Lord?" the Kel Dorian driver asked with an intimidated shake to his voice slightly muffled by his life support mask. After all, he normally didn't transport such high ranking men. Normally he just had the common folk; the workers and the occasional unimportant visitor stepping into his speeder. Those who had the power and money normally also had their own speeder to travel the planet in.

"Any place with strong drinks and hot dancers. Make it good." Vader reclined in the back seat of the taxi, letting his arm hang our lazily.

"Yes, sir." He said before pulling out into traffic and speeding away; dipping and dodging them through the air traffic until they slowed to a stop outside a popular club. There was always a waiting list to get in, but the driver had no doubt that such a powerful Sith Lord would be able to get in without issue whenever they wished it. He turned in his seat and bowed his head in respect before muttering the price for the ride.

Vader handed him the credits and got out, not wanting to cause a scene with the taxi driver. He headed right to the door, ignoring the line as he walked with head held high and silence around him from the other patrons as a sign of respect. He stopped in front of the guard and smiled. "Evening, Sir. I doubt I need to show any identification."

The Weequay guard's eyes widened and he shook his head, giving a bow and gesturing the Sith through the doors, "By all means, Milord, enjoy yourself."

"Thank you," he said with a slight song to his voice. Vader swaggered on in, stepping along to the music almost instantly. It was quite upbeat, lively, as Nar Shaada always was. Perhaps he would try his luck at a little gambling, but not before he had a few drinks in him.

His presence, however, did not go unnoticed for long before he was approached by the Hutt who owned and ran the club. The unusually pale giant slug smiled and bowed before offering Vader use of his own personal booth where he could drink and watch the shows in style.

Vader obliged in the invitation, following the Hutt to the personal booth and lounging in it while he ordered a strong drink. "This opposition to the empire, I'm telling ya... Makes a man want to drink until his problems go away." Vader sighed after he spoke to the Hutt and the few bounty hunters who were there.

"This is a great place to forget those troubles." A bounty hunter who had introduced himself as Jango Fett smirked, gesturing to the stage where some female Twi'leks were dancing in barely anything at all, "Oruba gathers only the best dancers here."

The Hutt, Oruba, chuckled, freely admitting his fondness for beautiful bodies of all kinds.

"Good to hear. Any of them likely to drag innocent souls away for a bit of fun?" Vader thanked the waiter for bringing him his first drink and took a sip.

"Any, for the right price." The Duros, Cad Bane, shrugged, "Some have a higher price than others, and some are not easy."

"Do I really even need to use money to get one I want? I'm the second most powerful Sith in the galaxy. I always get what I want."

"Here, the dancers have the power." Aurra Sing said, leaning back in her seat and propping her booted feet up on Cad's knee, to his slight annoyance. "They don't care if you're a low level bounty hunter or a king. They decide if they will allow a private session or not, and how much it'll cost. I'm afraid even a Sith Lord like you would have to just try your luck and hope your pockets are deep enough, should you try to woo one of the élites."

"My pockets are endless. Money isn't an issue." Vader ripped back the rest of his drink and called for another.

"Well then, you'll only have to worry about if they like you or not." Cad said, brushing Aurra's feet off his knee. "But most should. After all, the bragging rights alone that would come from a private session with a powerful Sith would tempt many."

"I wouldn't doubt it. I've had people begging at my feet before, I could certainly do with some begging from the dancers here." Vader smirked and glanced at the stage.

The Dancers had finished their routines and were leaving the stage, some towards the back, and some hopping down to walk away with customers who were willing to pay them extra. As they did so, the next group of dancers stepped out onto the various stages. This group: a mix of races and genders.

Among them was a human male with long copper hair and passionate blue eyes that seemed to glow in the colored lights shining onto the stage. His skin was pale and freckled, and his face supported a well-groomed goatee. He was topless, save for the body glitter that had been applied to his shoulders, and he wore only a pair of tight fitting dark blue slacks. He smiled and greeted his audience with a wink before moving to the glowing pole in the center of his stage space, lifting himself up into the air effortlessly to begin his routine.

Vader quirked an eyebrow at the male dancer, his smirk growing. "Who's the redhead?"

"Hmm? Oh, That's Obi-Wan Kenobi from Stewjon." Jango sighed, "He's a tough one. I've been trying for a year to get him for a private session."

"A whole year? Man, he must be picky." Vader took a thoughtful sip of his second drink.

"He is. I hear he once had a lover who was killed before he was recruited as a dancer." Cad said. "Of course that's just what I've heard."

"Wow, hard to get and a tragic back story. He'd be a score for anyone who gets him..."

"That guy sure won't." Aurra commented, watching as a Nautolan with grey skin leaned over into the stage in his drunken stupor, and slid his hand up along Obi-Wan's calf. Without missing a beat the Stewjonni kicked the hand away and continued his dance. But the Nautolan didn't get the hint and went back for more, crawling completely onto the stage and sliding both hands up Obi-Wan's thighs to his hips.

"Oh, that's no good. That poor sod's gonna be leaving real soon…" she shook her head with an excited chuckle.

Below, Obi-Wan paused his dance, anger flaring in his eyes, turning from blue to a pale yellow as he lifted his hand and the Nautolan was thrown back. Then Obi-Wan clenched his fingers into a fist and over the music there was a sickening crunch as the Nautolan's hands both snapped and went limp, every bone in them shattered. He cried out in pain as he was then collected by security and dragged off.

Obi-Wan then returned to his dance, eyes a calm blue once again as he lifted himself to the pole and began to move his body suggestively around it once more.

Vader reeled back a little, somehow quite aroused by how powerful with the Force Obi-Wan proved to be. He gave a low whistle before taking another drink. "Damn..."

"Oh yeah, that's why the dancers make their own rules on the private sessions…one of their own is Force Sensitive and won't hesitate to use it on anyone disrespecting any of his fellow dancers. He's not Sith-trained, at all, but he knows how to control it enough to provide his own form of security in this line of work." Jango smirked. "Frankly speaking, many find it his most attractive feature."

"It's attractive as hell," Vader said as he sat up, thinking of how many credits he had on him. "I think I might gamble a little tonight."

"Game room or with the Stewjonni?"

"What do you think?" Vader got up and finished his drink on his way to the stage. He didn't crawl on like the other man had. No, Vader just stood there and watched the redhead with much interest. He made sure to have a few credits in his hand to flash if the need arose.

Obi-Wan twisted and turned around the pole, as if he were floating in air, his hair cascading down as he dipped back and made eye-contact with Vader before turning and fluidly moving into yet another impressive but arousing position.

When the set of songs he preformed to ended and the next wave of dancers started taking their positions, he righted himself and pulled his long hair back into a tail before stepping off stage a few feet from Vader.

"It's not every day a Sith stands like a startled bantha next to my stage for five whole songs." He stated in a smooth voice tinted in a refined accent.

"What can I say, you piqued my interest." Vader shrugged, jingling the credits in his pocket with a smirk.

"I don't do private sessions." Obi-Wan said, peeking out the corner of his eye at Vader.

"No? Not even with the second most powerful man in the galaxy?"

"Not even with the first." He turned to face the Sith with a smirk, "Unless you want to beg. That would be quite entertaining."

"I was rather thinking the other way around, sweetheart." Vader shifted his weight to one side, though not moving closer to the dancer.

"Hmm," Obi-Wan's eyes shifted along Vader's length before he shrugged and turned to walk away, "then I'm afraid you'll have better luck with someone else."

"What would it take to get a private session," Vader asked as he watched the redhead turn. "Money, a ticket out of here, hell, maybe some tossing around to get you to submit..?"

"Start with the begging, or don't bother at all."

Vader shrugged. "Well if you insist, but uh... Perhaps somewhere with less people. Not tricking you into a free session. Just a matter of public image for me."

"What's your begging worth with no witnesses, Lord Vader?" Obi-Wan glanced back at him with a mischievous look before making his way through the crowd towards the bar to get a drink.

"Playing very hard to get..." Vader followed the dancer through the crowd, getting next to him and slapping some credits on the bar. "Two of whatever he's having, and I'm paying," he said for the bartender.

"Right away, Lord Vader." The bartender croaked, taking the payment and mixing up the drinks with skill.

"I hope you know this won't get you a session with me." Obi-Wan said as he accepted his usual drink and sipped the toxic glowing blue liquid out of a martini glass.

"I know, it's just nice to have a free drink every now and then." Vader took his glass and sipped it lightly.

"As long as you know." He slipped onto the bar top and reclined onto his side across it in an alluring pose that had more than one patron of the bar drooling.

Vader smirked down at Obi-Wan, glancing over his body and exciting himself to the point of shivering. "You act like this on the streets too?"

"I play things up a bit at work. It's my job to get people to keep spending their money, after all." He set his own drink aside and used his toes to take the thin stem of a glass from a bar patron, and without spilling a drop he brought it around to his hand and made eyes at the Togruta he'd taken it from, sipping the drink and coaxing him closer before tipping the drink  to the Togruta's yellow lips.

"You do a damn good job. Shame you don't so private sessions." The Sith tapped the bar top gently with his finger as he looked at the redhead. "Mind me asking you why you don't do private sessions?"

"It's my choice, and I'm not a prostitute, I'm an entertainer. As such, you know my price. Drop to your knees and beg me, give me your dignity, and I'll grant you a session, Sith. If that price is too high for you…well then, allow me to work in my usual ways." He said before smiling over the now empty glass and licking his lips before pressing a kiss to the Togruta's begging lips.

"On my knees, huh? That's the only prince you'll accept?"

"For you alone, yes." He hummed, watching the customer he'd just flirted with stumble away with a pleased look on his face.

Vader watched with lustful eyes, knowing he had to submit before the dancer would. Besides, he already had to kneel for one man. "For someone as beautiful as you, it's only respectful then." Slowly he backed away, fully knowing every eye was on him, and with complete dedication, he got on his knees, looking up at Obi-Wan with deep golden eyes, the Force humming dangerously.

Obi-Wan shifted so his legs dangled off the glowing bar, one foot moving to tilt the Sith's face up to look at him, "Now for the magic words." He prompted with a smile.

"Would you give me a private session, sweetheart?" Vader was undeniably hard at that point, and he wasn't going to deny himself what he wanted. Anything he wanted, he got.

"Say please." The dancer was milking it, pushing his luck with a Sith Lord who was used to getting what he wanted without cost. No one in the galaxy would dare try what Obi-Wan was doing with a confident smile upon his lips.

"Please," Vader groaned out.

Finally, Obi-Wan relented, removing his bare foot from under Vader's chin with a low, sultry moan. "Very well, my Lord." He said, granting the Sith what he wanted.

Vader smirked and stood back up. "Let's find a room," he said as he stepped very close to the dancer, one hand wandering to Obi-Wan's hip.

The club was silent, even the band had stopped playing in order to watch the exchange in shock and awe.

Obi-Wan slid off the bar, pressing up against Vader as he did so before taking the taller man's wrist to guide him back to one of the vacant rooms provided for private sessions. He activated the lock on the door with a chip in a thin barely noticeable bracelet he wore, and stepped aside to let Vader in first. "I hope this room is to your liking?"

"At this point, any room would be fine, but..." Vader stepped inside, glancing around just briefly. "This'll be fine."

"Good." Obi-Wan slipped inside, the door closing behind him as he stepped closer to the Sith and slid his arms up along Vader's chest, feeling the rich fabric, and over his shoulders, "Now, what is it I can do for you, Lord Vader?"

"Well, you can start by undressing me. Slowly. I'm paying you good for this."

"And, what you wish me to call you?" he asked in a soft one, looking at him with hooded eyes.

Vader paused for a second, thinking and taking a deep breath. "Forgive me... But this is a name that hasn't been used in a long time." His voice dropped to a whisper. "But I'd like you to call me Anakin. Or Ani, that works too..."

Obi-Wan made an understanding hum, "An honor to be granted Milord's birth name." he said before his fingers trailed over the soft, rich fabric to the buttons and slowly began to undo them from top to bottom.

Vader watched with fire in his belly. Kark, this dancer was too good to not take private sessions, but whatever the reason was that he didn't, Vader decided not to question it further as he was stripped. A low groan escaped his throat.

Slowly, as layers were stripped away and dropped to the floor, Vader's sun kissed skin was exposed and Obi-Wan leaned in, pressing soft kisses to it as he removed the final layer of shirts and his fingers then moved to his belt.

Vader's hands moved over Obi-Wan's body, desperate for a small moan out of the dancer by just the right touch. They were on his hips, running up his sides, and lightly touching his neck, fingertips barely grazing over bare skin.

Obi-Wan's breath hitched and came out as a little puff of air against Vader's bare shoulder before the belt fell to the floor with a clink and his fingers moved to the buttons of Vader's slacks.

The slow pace nearly drove Vader nuts, but he grunted and pushed through, instead grabbing Obi-Wan's chin and tilting it up so their lips could connect on a heated kiss.

Obi-Wan's movements paused before he shifted up onto his toes to press into the taller man's lips. Then he continued his appointed task and the slacks fell to around the Sith's knees, held up by the boots he wore.

"Enough for now," Vader groaned out as he stepped back. He kicked off his boots, discarding them with the rest of his clothes. He was left in just his undergarments. His member was clearly eager to continue on, but Vader ignored it for the moment and instead focused on running his hands all over Obi-Wan's mostly naked body

Obi-Wan only smiled and nodded, shifting his weight into a new position as he reached back to let his hair down, simply allowing Vader to let his gaze linger.

Gentle hands that shouldn’t have belonged to a Sith lord moved up to comb through copper locks. The hair was soft, silky almost, and Vader almost envied it. He was content with his dark blond curls though, streaked by the sun from many days spent on sandy planets. The fascination with the hair ended soon after it began, Vader’s hand finding the redhead’s hips once more and tugging slightly at the tight slacks.

He leaned in close, lowering his voice to a rough whisper. “Take these off now.”

"Of course, Anakin." Obi-Wan hummed in a lust filled voice. He turned his back to Vader, allowing his hands to linger on his hips which swayed as he shifted to peel his slacks down his legs, using the Force to do so slowly after his fingers loosened the buttons. Under the slacks was nothing but a black lace thong.

Vader chuckled darkly. “Beautiful… Care to entice me for a bit?”

"Aren't I already?" Obi-Wan asked, leaning back against the Sith, one arm up and hooked back around Vader's neck as he slid one pointed foot up along his bared leg.

“I suppose so,” Vader answered quietly. “What I really don’t understand is why you don’t offer more private sessions. You’re quite good at your job.”

"I can make just as much extra credits not selling my body, and making rounds out there between my dancing. Or did you miss how that Togruta gentleman slipped me some spare credits before I awarded him that kiss? It's too easy to manipulate the drunk into being loose with their credits, and then they'll happily run off and buy more drinks, feeling good after getting personal attention from a dancer." He spun around and pressed up against Vader's chest, licking his lips slowly, "Like I said, I'm not a prostitute. I granted you this session because I'm curious."

Vader studied Obi-Wan’s eyes for a bit, hands going for hips once more and thumbs hooking into the strap of the thong. “Curious about what?”

"What a Sith would do to me if I let him." He hummed, slowly taking Vader's lower lip into his mouth and sucking on it.

A dark hum in the Force surrounded the two of them as Vader indulged in the attention for a bit before he began to kiss the redhead. It was slow at first, but it became more heated and desperate as the minutes ticked by. Vader’s grip on Obi-Wan’s thong was quite tight, using the grip to pull the two of them as close together as they possibly could.

“I could do anything to you,” Vader whispered in Obi-Wan’s ear after a bit.

"And I'd let you." Obi-Wan whispered back.

“Do you know exactly how powerful I am? I could snap your neck right now if you do anything I don’t like. The things you did with me earlier? They don’t fly with other people. I’d have anyone else executed on the spot.” Vader chuckled. “Pressure’s on, sweetheart. On your knees.”

"But I've already gotten away with it, and here you are." Obi-Wan nipped at the Sith's ear before sliding down his body and settling on his knees, hands caressing tan thighs teasingly.

“You’re still at my mercy if you do anything I don’t like.” Vader teasingly tugged at his underwear, getting a little too excited for what he was to command next. “Take them off with your teeth.”

Obi-Wan shifted, his nose nuzzling into Vader's hip as his teeth caught the top of his under garments, and then he pulled them back and downwards. His nose trailing at barely a touch against Vader's skin. The Dancer didn't even seem surprised when Vader's member sprung free and slapped lightly against his cheek, leaving behind a little spot of wetness. He simply continued down, moving onto his hands and knees as he tugged the under garment down to Vader's ankle.

Vader gently stepped out of his undergarments, leaving him completely naked and so much more aroused than he had been before. “Come on then, get back up here,” he growled. “You know what to do.”

Slowly, the redhead slid back up along Vader's body, pressing intimately close. And his fingers slipping around his thick girth. Once fully back on his knees, he leaned in, licking Vader's tip as he stroked the length.

A deep, guttural moan moved past the Sith’s lips, finally getting the attention he wanted, and from a rare beauty he just knew he had to take with him now. Vader wasn’t going to leave Nar Shaddaa without the Stewjonni dancer.

With a moan, Obi-Wan took Vader deep into his mouth, letting his tongue coat the full length with saliva before he pulled back and then slid forward again until he had a rhythm going, his hands lightly gripping Vader's hips to help with leverage.

Vader grabbed a handful of Obi-Wan’s hair, helping the smaller man move quicker and deeper. He chuckled. “Be careful not to choke…”

Obi-Wan didn't fight it, opening his throat so that he didn't start gagging around the Sith as his mouth was used so aggressively. Below, his own member began to react, peeking out the top of his thong.

“You’re liking this, huh? You wouldn’t mind if I pushed you harder, would you?” Vader started thrusting into Obi-Wan’s mouth roughly, admiring the look on the redhead’s face when he kicked it up a notch. A surprised, but aroused noise escaped from deep within Obi-Wan's throat.

Vader kept thrusting deep and hard into Obi-Wan’s mouth, using the dancer to his own will. With a smirk, he made a phantom hand grasp the redhead’s throat and squeeze lightly.

Obi-Wan's eyes widened and his fingers gripped Vader's hips tighter until his nails bit into the flesh little by little. But still, he didn't try to draw away, and his own arousal was making itself ever more apparent.

Vader continued on until he was right on the edge of his climax, then he pulled away with a groan, saliva and precum dripping from his erection. His golden eyes were locked onto Obi-Wan’s blue eyes, his chest heaving as he caught his breath and recovered a little. “You want more of that, dancer?”

"Please." The whisper passed by plump, parted lips.

“I can’t hear you…” Vader stepped closer again, towering over Obi-Wan.

"Please, Anakin." Obi-Wan said a little louder, need tinting his tone, "Please use all of me for your pleasure."

He moved over to the provided bed that had remained untouched, bending himself over it and reaching back to spread himself in presentation. "I'm yours…please accept me…please."

Vader ran his hand over his own body, groaning loudly as he walked slowly to Obi-Wan. “More… beg more for me.” The phantom grip that existed before appeared again and squeezed harder around Obi-Wan’s neck.

Obi-Wan looked back over his shoulder at Vader, choking slightly before being able to force out his next words, "Please, Master, fuck me like the whore I am. Fuck me hard, make me scream!"

Vader’s look grew more intense, the Force humming deeper and darker, and another phantom hand made itself known. It grabbed Obi-Wan’s hip tight, and then another came and spread Obi-Wan further apart.

"Ah!" Obi-Wan gasped, his fingers fisting the bedding under him as he spread his legs further as he felt hands that didn't exist feel him up. His cheeks flushed as he pressed on, "Please Master, I want nothing but you."

One phantom finger slid into Obi-Wan, and Vader smirked. “Only me?”

Obi-Wan's breath hitched as he was breached by nothing—yet, something. The feeling strange as he parted around nothing, just the sensation of being stretched without the sensation given by the thing doing the stretching. It left him wanting—needing. Just why of what he was starting to crave.

"Please!" he gasped out.

A second finger went in. “I wonder how much longer you can beg before you reach your breaking point,” Vader said.

Obi-Wan whimpered, trying desperately to push back into the sensation, but it changed nothing, the stretch staying only teasing without anything solid to back it up.

“How bad do you want me? How bad do you want me to fill you up raw and fuck you until you pass out?” Vader took a step forward.

"Oh please," his legs trembled as he held his rear up, "Pin me down and punish me long and hard. I've been such a bad boy, Master Anakin…"

“Yeah? How bad have you been? Bad enough to make a Sith Lord kneel in front of his subjects?” Vader reached forward, the phantom hands disappearing and his own hands touching the backs of Obi-Wan’s thighs teasingly.

A spark of amusement at the memory lit up blue eyes. "Yes, Master, I owe a powerful Lord such shame and humility."

“You do. That was a bad thing you did. You’re lucky you’re still alive.” Vader shoved Obi-Wan onto the bed further and grabbed his hips, pulling them up as high as they could go. “This is a kriffing sight,” he muttered.

"Please have mercy as you punish me." Obi-Wan moaned, his own hardened member twitching between his legs.

“You’ll be begging for it. Mercy isn’t something I give out regularly.” Chuckling, grabbed Obi-Wan’s cheeks and spread them as far as they could go, then he leaned forward and teasingly licked the dancer’s hole.

"Oh!" he shifted and squirmed under the Sith as a wet, skilled tongue pressed against his stretched entrance teasing him in ways he never expected.

Vader groaned roughly as he lapped at the needy entrance. He didn’t plan on giving the dancer too much pleasure in having his ass eaten out, but he would give just enough to make his next move produced a scream.

Obi-Wan had started to relax, growing comfortable in the soft pleasures he was granted, and letting out small pleasurable sounds to show he enjoyed the treat.

And that was when Vader decided the softness was enough. He pulled back, wiping his mouth and giving his member a few good pumps before he grabbed Obi-Wan’s hips and forced himself inside. There was no mercy from him. He began thrusting hard and fast right away without giving Obi-Wan time to adjust at all.

Obi-Wan's soft, happy hums of pleasure instantly transformed into a startled cry, his body jerking out of it's comfort and his eyes wide. But it wasn't unwanted. No, this was the treatment Obi-Wan had expected. "Oh Force!" he brought a hand to his mouth and bit down on his thumb.

Vader had an iron grip on Obi-Wan, his hips moving quick as he claimed his prize from his gambling. This dancer didn’t belong to anyone else now. He was property of the Sith empire, personal sweet thing of Lord Vader. Even if Obi-Wan didn’t know it yet, this was only the first time of several more to come where he would be punished.

Continuing to cry out with each rough thrust deep inside him, Obi-Wan reached his hands up over his head against the sheets, gripping them and pulling as if he was trying to run away, though it only pulled the sheets off the mattress.

“Stay,” Vader commanded, pushing the smaller man into the mattress as he kept thrusting hard. The Sith noticed the slight bit of ease he had now while thrusting, but he doubted it was because Obi-Wan’s hole was stretched enough. Still, the rough pushing and pulling he got with the thrusting was just what he wanted, to make sure that Obi-Wan knew his place and stayed there.

Obi-Wan whimpered, cried out, and squirmed, but he never requested the treatment to stop, to have mercy and grab a bottle of lube. Not even once, even as his instinct was to run away.

Once again the phantom hands returned, one returning to Obi-Wan’s neck while another went to his member, stroking him with the lightest of touches. Vader smirked at how teasing it was through the pain.

"A-Ani…" Obi-Wan choked out, his toes curling as he remained perfectly helpless under the will of the powerful Sith Lord.

That name… Vader shuddered a little. No one had used his name like that ever, and to hear his birth name be used again was enough to make him let out a weak groan. His knees buckled a little, but he pushed through and thrust harder and deeper. He was so close, and he felt Obi was too, despite the pain he was being put through.

The phantom hand suddenly gripped harder and stroked faster, the one on Obi-Wan’s neck disappearing to focus solely on the dancer’s member.

"Ah! Ah…" Obi-Wan breathed in with relief as his breath was no longer being restricted. He arched his body up, torso curving as he pressed back against Vader, one arm hooking behind Vader's neck and shoulder to help hold himself in place His member pointing proudly as it was stroked and teased by invisible hands.

What a sight.

“Tell me how close you are,” Vader growled, gripping Obi-Wan’s hips tight and nuzzling into his neck.

"Cl-Close!" Obi-Wan huffed, his chest expanding with each breath he took.

“Come on, sweetheart, go all the way to the edge for me.” Vader reached around to physically grip Obi-Wan’s member and stroke it, all the while continuing to thrust into the dancer with a rigorous pace.

"Please—!" He moaned, member twitching in Vader's hand and his abused hole squeezing around him.

Vader bared his teeth and bit down hard on Obi-Wan’s neck, his pace merciless as he drove the both of them to their climaxes. Enjoyable or not, they were well needed.

Obi-Wan cried out, bucking away—or he would have if Vader hadn't had him pinned inn place against his body. Tears in his eyes, he felt the built pressure in his gut release and his seed shot out, coating his abs and Vader's hand.

The Sith’s release came no long after, shooting deep into the dancer with a throaty groan. For a moment the two were just being, taking in the bliss that came with their releases. And then Vader gently lowered Obi-Wan to the mattress, carefully removing himself. He didn’t make any sort of expression when he saw blood on his member.

Obi-Wan stayed where he was laid down, sprawled out on the messed sheets, his lips parted as he panted for his breath.

Vader sat back and gently ran his hand over Obi-Wan’s back. “You sure turned submissive quickly…”

"Never said I wasn't submissive in bed…" he gave a cocky grin.

Vader rolled his eyes. "You're bleeding some. We should get that cleaned up."

Obi-Wan waved it off, "In a bit." He muttered, grabbing Vader's wrist and pulling him into the bed, clearly wanting to be held after all his body had been put through.

Vader obliged to Obi-Wan's need, curling around him and holding him close. "We both need to get cleaned up before we go back out. Or at least I need to. Having you stay dirty would be nice to show off the fact that I managed to get a private session with you."

Obi-Wan chuckled, "There's a refresher over there, Milord. And I have spare cloths here I could slip into. This is my room, after all."

"Still, maybe I want to see you strut around naked."

"Your session ends when we leave this room." Obi-Wan hummed, moving to rest his cheek on Vader's shoulder.

"My session may end, but my possession won't. You're coming with me now."

Obi-Wan stiffened at that and he pushed himself up slightly to look down at the Sith, "What?"

"You belong to me now, dancer. Don't act so surprised, because I did state before that I get whatever I want." Vader pulled Obi-Wan back down, a dangerous tone deep in his voice.

"You can't take my freedom from me. I gave you what you wanted. You wanted a session, you got a session."

"And now I want to keep you. There's no opposing this, or else you'll end up like my last pretty thing."

If Obi-Wan thought his legs would hold him, he would have gotten up to force the Sith from his room, but after such a rough and thorough fucking, he knew he had some time before he'd be able to get up on even shaky legs. As it were, his legs were trembling while he lay down on the bed. "Your last pretty thing?"

"You don't want to end up like her, trust me. So just be obedient and do as I say, and you'll be fine." Vader looked at Obi-Wan with a type of fire in his eyes that warned the dancer to be careful with his words.

Obi-Wan sucked in his breath, "I am not a slave, Lord Vader. Where I go and what I do is my own choice." He was pushing his luck again, but Vader was wanting to take away the one thing he still had for himself; free will. He would not give it up without a fight.

Vader sat up with a scowl. “Do you understand what you’re doing, dancer? Don’t cross me like this…”

"No, do you understand what you are doing? Demanding I give up the life I chose? Demanding I give up my freedom? And for what? So you can have a 'pretty thing' warming your bed? You didn't even think about asking, you just demanded it! So used to having whatever you want, you don't even think about how it affects anyone else! If you weren't a Sith Lord I would have snapped your neck already for such a demand!" Obi-Wan's eyes flashed that pale yellow as he spoke.

Vader shoved Obi-Wan into the mattress, his hand over the dancer’s throat and squeezing hard. “I could snap your neck just as easily, dancer. Did you really choose this life? Did you really want to be a dancer when you grew up? Or did you grow up hearing fantasy stories of the Jedi and wishing they were still around so you could rid the galaxy of what you call evil? You’re no less a slave here than you would be with me, so why are you so worried about it?”

Obi-Wan choked for breath, struggling to take even one small puff of air into his lungs, one hand trying to pry the hand off his throat, but the other one reached out to the side and the Force shifted and a silver lightsaber hilt flew to his hand from where it had been tucked away out of sight. He brought it up and activated its red blade between himself and Vader.

Vader didn’t flinch, just glanced at the blade. “Red… Somehow I expected blue. Red’s not really your color.” He released his grip on Obi-Wan’s neck and climbed out of the bed. “Why do you fight? You know that you work here only for the money to survive. With me you wouldn’t have a money issue. Hell, you’d be treated like a god. You’d be above everyone else, just below me.”

"This was my father's, I have nothing to do with the color of the blade." He sat up but kept the blade between them, "And my reason for this job is my own. The Sith Empire has forsaken the people of my home planet in their time of need. Why would I want to join them knowing how much they don't care about the people of planets that don't have the resources the Empire prioritizes?"

“You’re trying to make money to save your whole planet? I already told you that with me money wouldn’t be an issue. You clearly don’t know how I take care of my toys.” Vader crossed his arms over his chest. “You’re a strong fighter, that I can see, and you’re strong in the Force. You could be trained, you know. You could rise up from being under me and become my equal. You could help your people in their time of need, but only if you come with me. I’m giving you a choice now. Save your people, or be stuck here pretending you’re doing something good for them.”

"The Hutts are still powerful enough. I work for one and he makes sure relief rations are sent to Stewjon four times a standard year."

"I can make sure there are at least two every month sent."

That made the redhead falter in his resolve, and he lowered the traditional Sith weapon slowly, the blade deactivating.

"You'll have anything you want for your home," Vader continued. "Rations, building supplies, you name it, it'll be sent. All you have to do is follow me out of here."

"If this is a trick…and I find that you have lied to me…I will kill you regardless of the consequences of the crime." He warned.

Vader chuckled. "Sweetheart, you have nothing to worry about. I may be a Sith, but I'm not a liar."

"Something you'll have to prove yourself to be."

"I'll prove that and much more to you. But you will have to obey me at the start." Vader turned and grabbed his undergarments and put them back on.

"You'll have to get me out of my contract with master Oruba before I can go anywhere with you."

"Hutts only care about money. I'm sure I can get you out of here easily. Oh and speaking of money." Vader bent down and fished out about a thousand credits. "Here."

Obi-Wan blinked at the credits, "I wasn't charging you for the session…"

"Take them."

"But what are they for?" Obi-Wan insisted, not reaching his hand out for the credits.

"For you to start saving for yourself. Get something nice." Vader finished dressing and mused his hair a little. "I'll be back soon, sweetheart." He kissed and stroked Obi-Wan's cheek before he was out the door.

Obi-Wan sighed, closing his eyes and laying back sprawled upon his bed. Was he doing the right thing—and just how had he ended up on this path?

To be continued…