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locked up in your love

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Seokjin isn't like other people.

In the sense that he is a hybrid, not a human. Then again, he's not like other hybrids either. Most hybrids are dogs or cats -- sometimes even rabbits. Seokjin is not any of those, but instead is a wolf hybrid, they're a little...rarer to come by. As are a few other hybrids.

But Yoongi didn't seem to care about that when he first met Seokjin. He liked him not because he was a hybrid but because he just...really liked him, liked who he was and his personality and the way he laughed at his own really bad jokes.

It's fair to say that Yoongi fell for him pretty fast. But that's okay because Seokjin felt the same way towards Yoongi.

Now, they've been together for almost two years and well, every day is still full of surprises. Nice surprises like breakfast in bed or fancy dinners. Sometimes Seokjin likes giving Yoongi massages because he's had a long day and spent hours hunched over a desk working on things, or they'll have a bath together even though their bathtub isn't exaclty big enough for the both of them.

The main things is that they make it work.

Today, of course, is another day full of surprises. For Yoongi especially.

Everything was just normal when he woke up, he showered, ate a quick breakfast, gave Seokjin a kiss (that may have ended up becoming more than just a simple goodbye kiss) and then left for work. It was all normal, until hours later when he actually got back home work.

He was kind of expecting to be greeted with Seokjin coming to the door to give him a kiss, but instead he was met with silence, which he wasn't too upset about considering that when he walked in, he could hear the shower running. Of course Seokjin wasn't just going to get out of the shower to come greet him, though Yoongi had considered going in to join him -- eventually he decided against it and just went to the bedroom to change, knowing he can always just shower later if he really needs to.

But even after Seokjin came out of the shower, even after they sat in the kitchen and had dinner together, he was still a little...distant, like he was too busy thinking about something else.

So, now, a few hours later while they're lying in bed and just watching some stu[id rom-com that Yoongi isn't really paying attention to (mostly because he's focused on scratching Seokjin's ears), he finally decides to speak up about it.

"Hey, hyung."


"Are you... I don't know, okay?" He asks softly and when Seokjin tilts his head up from where it's resting on his chest, he pouts a little. "You just seem a little distant, I'm worried that something has upset you."



Yoongi wants to ask what he means by just 'oh', wants to ask him to continue, to tell him what's wrong. But instead, he just sits up and gently cups Yoongi's face so he can kiss him. "You haven't done anything wrong if that's what you're worried about," he says when he pulls away, and Yoongi hates that sometimes, he's just a little too obvious. "It's just... Ah, you know, that time again."

At first, Yoongi doesn't really know what's talking about -- honestly, he's a bit more focused on Seokjin's lips against on his own and the way his hands are gently rubbing his sides. Then it clicks.


His rut.

They've been together for almost two years and yet, Seokjin still thinks Yoongi gets uncomfortable when his rut hits.

But that really isn't the case at all. Actually, there are times where Yoongi...looks foward to Seokjin's ruts because it always feels good (not that any other time doesn't) and it's just more intense somehow. He likes it, he knows Seokjin does too.

"Hyung," he sighs, pulling away from his wandering his hands so he can actually talk to him without getting distracted. "I thought I really had done something wrong. You know you don't have to...pretty much hide from me when your rut is coming, I always like helping you through it."

"You like helping me?" Seokjin repeats, the corners of his lips twitching in a smirk. "Why do you like it, Yoongichi?"

"It just...always feels really nice?"

Seokjin hums, not saying anything for a while because he just simply scoots closer to him so he can slide his hands back down his sides, only he doesn't stop there and moves them down to his thighs. "D'you like how I fill you up?


"When I knot you?"

Yoongi hears the growl in Seokjin's voice when he mentions knotting him and he actually has to swallow his own whimper because God, he really does love when Seokjin fills him up, when he knots him, he never holds back during his ruts and that's another thing Yoongi loves about them.

He wants to reply, say something to Seokjin, maybe actually say yes, admit to it, but he's too distracted by the hands wandering over his body and the lips pressed to his neck and working their way down. "Want you," he finally manages to get out. "Please -- God, hyung, you know why I like it when you fuck me during your ruts. Don't make me say it."

"Am I that mean?"


Seokjin retaliates by biting down lightly on Yoongi's shoulder, getting a whine in return but if anything, it only spurs him on more. He pulls Yoongi closer to him, slides his hands up the front of his shirt slowly and he inches them further up until his fingers brush over his nipples. He just wants more, he needs more, but that's okay because so does Yoongi.

His soft whines and the way he's gently clutching Seokjin's hair, mindful of his ears, must be giving that away because Seokjin doesn't stop at all. He growls against his skin, presses their bodies closer, and Yoongi actually moans at the feeling of Seokjin's clothed cock against his thigh. "Hyung, please--,"

Seokjin tilts his head up so he can kiss Yoongi again, but this time it's messy, a little sloppy and Yoongi knows Seokjin isn't holding back as much. He still has to push him a little though, get him to not hold back at all, that's what he wants. He pulls away from the kiss eventually and stares at Seokjin, their faces flushed and Yoongi parts his lips more when Seokjin runs his thumb along them.

"Get on the floor, baby, on your knees."

Yoongi does, not needing to be told twice because he knows Seokjin wants this, knows he needs it, he doesn't really want to drag anything out for him. But to be honest, he needs it too. So he gets on his knees in front of Seokjin, watching as he scoots to the edge of the bed and raises his hips so he can tug down his pants and then his boxers, letting them pool around his ankles. He doesn't even say anything, just wraps his hand around his already hard cock and starts stroking slowly.

Yoongi knows by now not to touch himself or Seokjin, not just yet. He gets a bigger reward if he's able to hold back, if he's a good boy. But he's kind of been expecting Seokjin's rut, looking forward to it actually even if he didn't know when it was going to happen, so this time, it's a little harder to not touch himself or Seokjin.

Then again, he supposes he doesn't really mind watching him, the way his lips part as he thumbs at the head of his cock on every upstroke, the way his thighs spread a little more and his head tilts back.

"God," Seokjin breaths out, tilting his head forward again to look at Yoongi, to just watch him. Then he suddenly says, "You're a good bitch, aren't you?"

It just kind of slips out, Yoongi isn't really expecting it and Seokjin sort of looks as surprised as Yoongi feels, but he's not saying anything. He's waiting for an answer, so that's what Yoongi gives him.


"I'm a g-good--," Yoongi pauses, face flushing as he stares up at Seokjin, then follows his hand down to where he's stroking his cock and he tries to swallow the whimper that rises up in his throat at the sight of his boyfriend's flushed and swollen cock, but it still escapes him anyway and he just knows it has Seokjin smirking. He darts his tongue out to lick his lips when precum dribbles from the tip, then looks up at Seokjin again. "I-I'm a... a good bitch."

Seokjin hums, leaning back a little to get more comfortable, his legs still spread enough to let Yoongi rest between them and he's happy that Yoongi has kept his hands at his sides the entire time, likes knowing that Yoongi /knows/ not to touch. Because then he'll be bad. "And what does my good little bitch want, hm? Tell me and maybe I'll give it to you."

Yoongi whines this time because fuck he hates it when Seokjin does this, when he teases him, makes him say what it is he wants because it's so fucking embarrassing. But Seokjin gets off on it like the sadistic bastard he is.

...and okay, maybe Yoongi does too.

He thinks about it for a while, just watching Seokjin's hand before he leans forward, resting his head on Seokjin's knee the best that he can and looking up at him. "W-want you to mate me," he whispers, but it ends in a soft moan when Seokjin growls at him and his cock twitches in his underwear, achingly hard and leaking so much. He tries to hump against Seokjin's leg, just to get a little bit of friction, thinking Seokjin won't mind it. "Mate me and knot me. Fi-fill me up with your come, breed me with your pups, hyung."

Seokjin growls again, a hand reaching for Yoongi's hair to tug. "Mh, I don't think you deserve it."

"I do!" Yoongi almost sobs. "I d-deserve it, I've been a good bitch, I didn't touch myself!"

"You didn't, but you're humping my leg like you're in heat. Are you in heat, Yoongichi? Is that why you're so fucking desperate?"

It isn't possible.

God, it really isn't possible -- neither is the whole breeding situation because Yoongi's fucking human but having Seokjin talk to him like that, like he really is a bitch for him to mate, to breed up while he's in heat, it turns him on so goddamn much that he can't help but whine out "yes" and then Seokjin's laughing at him, it's loud and mean -- god, he fucking loves that too.

Loves everything about Seokjin.

His mate.

"Maybe if you come just from humping my leg, I'll give you what you want."


"Go on," Seokjin encourages, stroking his own cock even slower now as he lifts his foot a little to press it against Yoongi's clothed dick, earning a yelp. "Get off like that, slut. Then I'll think about breeding you."

Yoongi thinks about how fucking embarrassing this is, how he's really going to get off by humping Seokjin's foot, but god he needs him to fuck him so bad and if this is the way to get it then, well, he's going to do it. Besides, he likes being a good boy for Seokjin.

A good bitch.

So he starts grinding against his foot, moans when Seokjin adds a little more pressure, no longer stroking his cock because he just wants to watch Yoongi, wants to watch him become undone just from doing something like this. And that just turns Yoongi on more, that Seokjin is just watching him do this, that he finds it hot.

Not to mention that he keeps calling him good, petting his hair with his free hand but with his other hand, he lets go of his cock and slides his fingers inside Yoongi's eagerly awaiting mouth. "You're so good," he coos, letting Yoongi suck on his fingers, licking up the precome. "Such a good bitch for me, Yoongichi."

Yoongi tries his best to say thank you around Seokjin's fingers, but it just comes out all muffled and he even drools some more. More moans spill from his mouth as he continues to rock his hips against Seokjin's foot and he can fucking feel the front of his boxers getting wet from precome because he's goddamn turned on and needs Seokjin to fuck him, but he'll be good.

The praise Seokjin is giving him helps a lot.

He fucking loves being praised, especially by Seokjin, so when he keeps telling him that he's doing a good job, that he's being a good little bitch, he can't help but whine and moan some more, desperately trying to get more friction against his cock. Honestly, he's kind of embarrassed how close he is already, but he can't help it.

Just...having Seokjin telling him that he's going to fill him up, knot him and breed him -- having him give him lots of praise, it's too much for Yoongi to handle, it makes his mind go crazy and all he can focus on is Seokjin's dick in front of him, wishing it was in his mouth instead of his fingers, but he guesses his fingers are a close second.

As long as he has something in his mouth, he's happy.

Seokjin must know that he's getting close because he applies just a little bit of pressure against his dick and he's just fucking gone. He comes in his pants with a muffled moan around Seokjin's fingers, and maybe he accidentally bites down on them when Seokjin only presses them further into his mouth, but he's really glad Seokjin doesn't say anything about it. He just keeps letting Yoongi suck on his fingers, lets him grind against his foot through his orgasm and then finally pulls it away when Yoongi looks up at him with big eyes, wet from unshed tears.

"Good boy," he says, sliding his fingers out of Yoongi's mouth and pulling him up for a kiss. "Such a good boy for me, Yoongichi, making a mess of yourself. You really do deserve my cock."

"Y-yeah," Yoongi agrees, and it has them both laughing into the kisses but they're still so riled up, especially Seokjin. The tight grip he has on Yoongi and the way he keeps letting out soft growls are definitely a giveaway. So he sits up a little more, letting his hands rest on Seokjin's thighs, close to his cock. "Wi-will you fuck me know, hyung? Will you knot me?"

The only answer he gets is a low growl and Seokjin holding him even tighter before they're swapping positions and Yoongi is lying on his back on the bed with Seokjin over him. He starts kissing down his body, gets Yoongi to lift his arms so he can remove his shirt, then gets him to raise his hips to toss his pants and boxers to the floor, his own following close behind.

He tries to ignore the way Seokjin coos at him and says his boxers are so dirty, but his cock twitches weakly. It's not like he has time to say anything even if he wanted to because Seokjin is suddenly reaching over to the nightstand so he can get the lube.

"On your hands and knees, baby," Seokjin says, and Yoongi whines at him, would have preferred to actually look at Seokjin when he's about to be filled up, but being on his hands and knees is just as good too so he does it without any other complaints. He grabs one of the pillows (makes sure that it's Seokjin's) and buries his face into it, takes in his scent as he listens to Seokjin uncapping the lube, the sound of him pouring it on to his fingers.

Even though Seokjin lets it warm up, he still whimpers when he feels a slick finger against his hole because it's only making him more eager for what he really wants. So he guesses he's thankful that Seokjin often prepares him quickly, but still very thoroughly.

Yoongi easily becomes a mess just from having two fingers in him, especially now since he's already a little sensitive from his previous orgasm, but Seokjin always preps him with four and he just gets so needy, whining and gasping against the pillow, rocking back against the four fingers inside of him because god, it's good. But he still wants so much more, he needs it.

"H-hyung," he whines softly when Seokjin curls his fingers at just the right angle. "Want your cock, please."

Seokjin actually doesn't say anything, just keeps pressing his fingers in deeper, keeps curling them at just the right angles to make Yoongi whiny and a little desperate for more. However, he wants just the same thing Yoongi wants, he wants to bury his cock inside of him and knot him, make him feel amazing.

"Hyung," Yoongi chokes out. "Please, hu-hurry up!"

"You're so impatient," he teases, but he gets distracted quickly with the way Yoongi moans when he slowly pulls his fingers out of him because he really doesn't want to drag this out more. He leans over to press a few kisses to his shoulders, whispers softly against his skin "my good boy", then reaches for the bottle of lube again. He uncaps it, pouring some on to his hand and making sure to slick his cock up with a generous amount.

He wipes his hand off on the sheets and he's gentle when he grabs one of Yoongi's hips, keeping him still while he guides his cock to his hole and slowly pushes inside of him. Yoongi's knees are weak immediately and he lets out a choked sob the more Seokjin pushes in because holy shit, he's big.

He knew that already, but it's always different having his cock inside of him, especially leading up to his ruts or actually during them. But he wants it.

God, he fucking wants it so bad.

"Yoongi," Seokjin gasps out against his skin as he presses in more, burying himself completely inside of Yoongi. "Oh God, y-you feel so good."

The only response Yoongi lets out is a high and needy moan because he doesn't exactly trust his voice enough to speak right now, but he feels the same way. It's a little painful, yeah, but it feels so fucking good at the same time.

It feels even better when Seokjin actually starts moving, slowly to make it better for Yoongi.

"F-feels so good," he finally gets out, though he's slurring and he's letting his own body be pressed down against the mattress by Seokjin's, face smushed against the pillow. "Hyung, your c-cock feels so good. So big, f-filling me up."

"Fuck, Yoongi-- you really are like a needy bitch in heat, taking my cock so desperately. Bet you really do want me to knot you, fill you up until my come is dripping out of you."


Seokjin growls out "dirty bitch" as he starts fucking him a little harder, but still going so slow, his hand gripping Yoongi's hip tightly now because it all feels so good. "My little bitch," he snarls, and Yoongi whimpers because fuck. This is what he wants, he doesn't want Seokjin to hold back at all. "T-taking my cock so fucking well, just so I can knot you. I'm gonna fill y-you up nice and good, gonna have my pups."

That's another thing that isn't fucking possible.

But the way Seokjin growls it out against his skin, teeth biting at his shoulder and the way he's fucking him, it makes Yoongi rasp out, "Yes, want your pups" and it only seems to spur Seokjin on more because he presses his entire body flat against Yoongi's. He starts fucking him even harder now, so hard that with each thrust into Yoongi, the bed moves and hits against the wall.

Yoongi's brain isn't even functioning well enough for him to say anything in return to Seokjin, he just keeps panting and moaning and whining, gripping and tugging at the bedsheets so much that he idly thinks he might actually tear them. But that's the fucking least of his problems right now.

"Pr-pretty baby," Seokjin gasps against his sweat slick skin, moving his free hand under them to wrap his hand around Yoongi's cock, stroking him. He's not surprised that he's already hard again. "Look at you, p-panting and drooling like you really are a bitch in heat."

Yoongi whines, "'m a bitch in heat! N-need you to fill me up!"

Seokjin is growling again, it's more though, it sounds a little more animalistic and god, it turns Yoongi on more, his cock is already leaking so much in Seokjin's hand. He's not going to last long, he fucking knows he isn't, but from the way Seokjin is slamming his hips so harshly against his ass and gripping his hip even tighter, growling into his ear, he knows he isn't going to last either.

Because Seokjin always gets vocal when he's about to come, and Yoongi fucking loves it.

"Sh-shit-- gonna fill you up," he hisses. "G-gonna give you my knot, make you take it all and give you my pups."

When he says that, when he mentions giving Yoongi his pups, his hand moves to his stomach, touching there, pressing down a little, like he really would be able to have his pups and that just pushes Yoongi over the edge. He comes hard with a cry of Seokjin's name, tears spilling because he's so goddamn sensitive but Seokjin is still fucking him so hard, and all he can do is let out weak moans and sobs. But he still begs him not to stop.

Seokjin starts biting at his neck and shoulders again, whispering things like "good boy" and "mine" against his skin. "C-can't wait to give you my pups," he breaths, desperate now. "My mate, my beautiful m-mate, gonna -- oh fuck, 'm gonna come, gonna fill you up."

It must be the whine Yoongi lets out, the way he rocks his hips back weakly to get just a little bit more because Seokjin pins him down completely and fucks into him once, twice, then he's spilling deep inside of him and he keeps rocking his hips until Seokjin comes to a stop.

"M-my mate," he whispers. "All mine."



"Are you okay?" Seokjin asks later when they're in the bath after Seokjin's knot came down and he cleaned Yoongi up the best that he could. Funnily enough, he's the one sitting between Yoongi's legs in the bathtub despite their height different, he just...prefers it. Not to mention that Yoongi is able to clean his ears that way. He tilts his head back a little, "I didn't hurt you, did I?"

"You didn't hurt me. Well, I mean, you did bite me a lot--,"

"Only because you like it," there's a pause, and then -- "And because you're mine, I want people to know that."

Yoongi smiles, bringing his fingers up to run them over one of the many bites Seokjin had left. He then kisses him, "I love you, hyung," he mutters against his lips. "I'm only ever going to be your mate."

"My pretty mate."

"...your pretty mate."