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The Passion of Saint Kate

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Chapter Twenty-three: Disobedience


    Max held Kelly’s hand as they softly drifted down to the soft sward and both gazed in awe at their surroundings. It was an exquisite, balmy, fragrant nighttime, with an unexpectedly luminous display from the starry heavens above them, accompanied by a gibbous moon near the horizon of the distant ocean, illuminating the ripples and swells of the vast waters. There were the chirps of crickets, the slow winking yellow lights of fireflies and the flutter of wings from bats and moths. All-in-all, a luxurious harmony of unspoiled nature in delightful contrast to the run-down neighborhood and cityscape of Arcadia Bay, that would have been the usual view from the slope of the hill that the girls were standing on. Kelly tightly embraced Max as the two held one another’s nakedness, against the chill from a brief oceanward gust, while they pivoted to take in the sights. Max sighed in relief as she caught sight of the pavilion nearby, glowing mellowly from within, and intertwined her fingers with Kelly’s as she led her sweet little sister wife to the entrance flap and moved it cautiously aside to peer within. There was laughter from Katie and Vicky, who were seated on cushions next to a low, round table illuminated by a lantern surrounded by small bowls of wine, as well as platters of fruits, breads and cheeses. A little brazier, with dimly glowing coals, was heaped with smoldering stalks of dried lavender flowers to perfume the air inside of the pavilion. There was a pair of tall seven-branched candelabras nearby, resembling descriptions of the fabled lampstands from the ancient wilderness tabernacles of Old Testament times, shedding a flickering glow from their many lamp oil wicks, down onto the merriment of those seated casually around the table. Lovely Lilly rose gracefully to her feet, from where she was seated between Katie and Vicky, and smiled welcomingly with open arms as she swayed fetchingly to traverse the distance, between the alluringly perspiration-glistening nude, recumbent sister wives, and the chilled pair clutching each other as they stood hesitantly within the entranceway to Lady Asherah’s home. “Give me a hug and a kiss, my sweethearts, and then join us in our feasting, this is a night for merriment and tales!”

    Max brushed Kelly’s lips with a light, apologetic kiss as she removed her arm from around Kelly’s waist, releasing their interlaced fingers. “I’ll be right back Kelly, but I need to embrace my Stepdaughter first!” Whispered Max breathlessly as she rushed into Lilly’s loving arms, their bosoms pressed firmly together while Max stretched up for a passionate kiss, with a little tongue play. Max laughed, while she squeezed her Stepdaughter Goddess with all of her might, as she inhaled Lilly’s beloved scent and luxuriated in the sensation of Lilly’s sweat-filmed warm flesh against her own. Lilly sighed as she held Max against her and lovingly stroked the length of Max’s back, saucily cupping her pert little buttocks in order to pull her closer. “Oh, my dearest Maxie, if Mother hadn’t wed you first, then I certainly would have!” Max enchanted her sadly smiling Lilly with a wistful, saucy glance from her lovely doe-like blue eyes and those adorable pouty open lips, as she closed for another, more tender and loving kiss, before Lilly reluctantly released Max to turn and greet little Kelly. “Oh, little sister! Please don’t be afraid, come and embrace me as well, I’ve missed you so!” Kelly had tears brimming, hurt from Max’s abrupt abandonment, as she hesitantly moved into Lilly’s soft embrace, nuzzling shyly between Lilly’s fragrant breasts, while being treated to soft kisses on the crown of her head. “I…uhm, I feel like I know you somehow? I remember your smell and the feel of you, you’re called Lilly, aren’t you? I recognize the sound of your voice, are we really sisters, then?” Lilly started sobbing while Kelly held Lilly tighter, saddened as she felt Lilly’s warm tears trickling through her scalp. “Oh, please don’t be sad Lilly, I’m holding you now. Oh, dear me, my pretty Lilly, I love you, I really do!” Max embraced the two of them and started weeping softly, feeling overwhelmed as her beloved Lilly was wracked by sobs, bawling out her pent-up emotions over the impromptu reunion with her long-absent little sister. Max was conflicted by her uncertainty over how her Celestial wife, Asherah, would react to Lilly’s disregard for maintaining Kelly’s ignorance of her former identity, being in reality the Celtic goddess Brigid, subject to millennial bouts of melancholy that are briefly forgotten as Brigid indulges in the nepenthe of her serial rebirths as a short-lived mortal girl, but thankfully, that name hadn’t been spoken yet, as it’s mention would awaken within her a cascade of buried memories, and then she would be their Kelly no longer.

    Alarmed by what they’d overheard, Katie and Vicky tottered over to the emotionally overwrought trio at the entrance to the pavilion, being somewhat inebriated from their consumption of the heavy sweet wine, and tenderly attempted to comfort their host as they gently separated Max and Kelly from their weeping Lilly. Vicky glanced back and got an affirmative nod from Max as she wrapped an arm around Kelly’s waist in order to lead her away from the commotion, to be seated next to Vicky on one of the cushions by the low table. Vicky poured both of them fresh bowls of wine, from an amphora leaning against the table. Kelly smiled as she sipped the sweet wine and leaned affectionately against her warm, moist Vicky for a cuddle. Vicky intuited that the best way to distract Kelly from reading too much into Lilly’s careless slip-up about being sisters, was to get her precious little Celtic woman-child a little tipsy and provoke some passionate love-play.

    Katie interlaced her fingers with both of Lilly’s hands as she paced carefully backwards, leading her weeping Stepdaughter while murmuring encouragements. Meanwhile, Max moved behind Lilly with hands placed gently on Lilly’s hips as they guided her towards the low, wide divan. Katie sat down facing Lilly as Max placed her hands under Lilly’s armpits, saucily cupping her breasts as she helped lower Lilly down, face-to-face into Katie’s lap, with the two embracing warmly while Lilly wrapped her legs around Katie’s waist, with Lilly’s moist, fragrant, raven-black bush pressed against Katie’s belly, even as Katie’s face nuzzled between Lilly’s fragrant and sticky bosoms. Katie began her cyclic breathing as she peered up into Lilly’s tear-streaked face, holding her gaze, soothing her with comforting caresses and affectionate murmurs while penetrating Lilly’s being with waves of healing energy and unconditional love. Lilly’s sobbing hitched and ceased as she sighed and closed her eyes while Katie held her and lovingly rocked Lilly back-and-forth while humming a soft lullaby. Max joined Katie and helped her to gently recline on the divan with Lilly arranged more comfortably, spread-eagled on top of Katie’s warm, naked torso, the sides of their faces touching and Lilly now drowsing peacefully with soft little snores tickling Katie’s ear. Max was touched by the tender concern with which her Katie comforted their emotionally distraught Stepdaughter. “Katie darling, can you breathe alright? Lilly’s heavier than us.” Katie chuckled weakly. “Shush, Max. ‘She’s not heavy, she’s my daughter.’” Max swatted Katie playfully and whispered. “Terrible pun! But cereally, do you need my help with her?” Lilly sighed and cracked one eye open as she turned her head towards the sound of Max’s voice. “Oh Maxie, don’t you know that I need both of my little Mothers to hold and comfort me?”

    Lilly abruptly rolled face-up, while clutching Katie, then scooted with her to make room for Max to cuddle against her right side as Katie tucked a bent knee across Lilly’s midriff from the left side. Max followed suit and started languidly grinding her aroused, moist bushy womanhood against Lilly’s hip, smearing a widening streak of viscous vaginal lubricant as her breathing deepened and her eyelids fluttered closed from an aching ball of arousal twisting in her belly. Katie caught Max’s fever of arousal and synchronized her own moist humping as she reached across Lilly’s belly to interlace her fingers with those of her beloved Maxie. Lilly snaked her arms around the waists of her Stepmothers and drew them tighter against her as she tilted back her head and moaned with an urgent, rising inflection, her eyes clamped shut and her body convulsing in the throes of ungovernable, aching need, as she prayed aloud. “Oh, my Little Mothers hear my plea? Love me now and spill not your sacred essences in vain! Beloved Maxie, avid devotee, spouse and unequalled worshiper of our Mother of All, let our Lady-lips kiss until our violent passions spill forth to blend our gushing waters into the Sacrament that blesses all of our sisters! Holy Mother Katie, ever-flowing fountain of healing and love, spread your Divine Loins upon my parched and questing lips and quench my thirsting desires with your Living Waters! So Mote It Be, World Without End!” Katie squeezed Maxie’s hand and whispered. “Our Daughter-Goddess has decreed, and we must worship her with all of our loving! But, dearest Maxie my beloved Fiancée, shouldn’t we punish her, perhaps just a little bit?” Max giggled and whispered back. “Since we’re her Stepmothers, it’s our duty to make her suffer! We’ll show her something new, she’ll be hurting and begging us for more, once we’ve finished with her!” Katie whispered back. “Scissor her raw, Maxie, as I smother her cries with my hot, wet bush!”

    Max squeezed Katie’s hand and blew her a saucy kiss in acknowledgement, then disentangled herself from Lilly’s firm embrace in order to reposition herself upright, her thighs spread wide so that Max could press her moistening Lower Lady-Lips tightly against the exquisite lips of that glistening, engorged black-haired beauty between her Stepdaughter Lilly’s perspiring thighs, so eager and so vulnerable, writhing so suggestively in anticipation of Max’s violent scissoring! “Oh, my Goddess, my Daughter, I’m aching inside, so I must share my torment, we will suffer together so sweetly Lilly, because my love has to hurt you!” Max desperately needed to punish and pleasure those engorged, throbbing labia minorae nestled expectantly between Lilly’s firm thighs! Max grasped Lilly’s upright, bent knees for support and began grinding her slick, brown-haired vulva against Lilly’s tangled black pubic jungle, gasping from the delicious, painful friction and the sporadic ripping loose of their pubic tangles, “Oh! My Daughter! My Goddess! My Lover!” Max gleefully ground her pelvis, perspiration beading and trickling down her heaving torso, “Oh, my suffering Goddess, how delightful our pain and pleasure!” gasping and moaning, their mutual writhing and grinding being so exquisite, so excruciating, so arousing, as the heat, pain and friction being generated, from vigorously rubbing their engorged vulvas wetly together, stimulated their aching, cramping inner Lady Parts towards an explosive, blended climax. Lilly’s gasping and mewling was muffled by her Stepmother Katie’s wild, wet, tangled blond bush bearing down aggressively against her mouth and nose. The strong scent and flavor of Katie’s arousal stimulated Lilly to sensually twist and thrash from the sweet torment of naughty Maxie’s deliberately sadistic grindings, as well as the erotic near-suffocation from struggling to breathe as Katie bore down on Lilly’s face while she ground her womanhood back-and-forth across Lilly’s open mouth. For all of the millennia that Lilith had roamed the Pleroma, she’d never encountered such an astoundingly erotic blend of agonizing, ecstatic, writhing helplessness to compare with these sadomasochistic attentions being lavished upon her by her wickedly delightful Stepmothers!

    In the luxurious afterglow of their spent passions, Kate rose up on her knees and leaned across Lilly’s heaving torso to clasp her perspiring, panting Maxie in a passionate kiss, then broke away and whispered. “Let’s share our blended nectars with each other, just like we did during our Ascension Rituals!” Max nodded with a sly grin and traded places so that Katie could kneel between Lilly’s spread thighs to begin lapping and swallowing Maxie and Lilly’s foamy, blended releases, noting with satisfaction the slight metallic flavor of bleeding from Lilly’s erotically abraded Lady Lips. Max swung adroitly over Lilly’s alarmed face and squatted to grind seductively as Lilly gulped and swallowed the thickened blended mucous dribbling from Max’s inflamed and swollen vulva.

    Lilly gasped, because she could sense the approach, from without the pavilion, of her Mother Asherah and Joyce, the Lady that the All Mother had chosen to cohabit with, joined as one being on the material plane! In their company was Sera, with whom Lilly hoped to be united, providing Sera consented to the arrangement, of course. Her face still pressed up into Stepmother Maxie’s fragrant, wet crotch, Lilly frantically smacked Max’s buttocks, as a signal to dismount, then Lilly sat up to embrace and kiss her Stepmother Katie, who had just filled her mouth with Max and Lilly’s essences, passing this Sacrament of their lovemaking across Lilly’s lips, forcing her to gulp down their goodness before she could speak. “Alas, my beautiful, loving Little Mothers, I desire to be with you like this for a long while still, but oh, my beloved Stepmothers, hearken unto me now, for your Goddess Wives’ arrive, and we must prepare to welcome them!” Once Maxie and Katie had disentangled from their beloved Stepdaughter, Lilly stood and turned to face them, grasping each by her wrist, tugging them hastily up from the divan, to stand on either side of her while grasping their hands for support as Lilly called out, so that Asherah and Joyce would know that she awaited their advent. “Oh, Mother Asherah, hear my Plea? Delay no longer, Mother, bring your beloved Sera into our fold, entreat with her to show me mercy and join with me, so that I may enjoy those same material bodily pleasures that you’ve come to know, through your conjoining with our Joyce!” Vicky and Kelly, alarmed by the sudden commotion, helped each other up from their cushions, holding hands as they tottered to the divan, taking their places next to the anxious trio. Max beckoned for Kelly to take her other hand as Katie smiled and reached for Vicky’s. Forgetting, in their anxiety, that all of the girls were smeared by the sticky evidence of their erotic activities. all took a deep breath in unison, in order to calm their nerves, facing the entrance to the pavilion as the curtains parted!


    Trembling and spent from her orgasm, while straddling momma Sera’s eager mouth, Chloe flopped forward, across Sera’s perspiring torso, avidly nuzzling, licking and swallowing the last remnants of Sera’s suffering and sexual release, mumbling into Sera’s fragrant bush. “I love you, Sera! I love your hurt little Lady and I love her anguished nectar so much!” Chloe’s tears spilled into that fragrant, damp tangle while fervently kissing Sera’s bleeding and swollen nether lips, even as Sera suckled Chloe’s cooling release from her own engorged, sensitive folds. Joysherah affectionately pecked Rachel on her lips and nodded towards Chloe, whereupon Rachel slid off of Joysherah’s lap and crawled to the other side of Chloe and Sera, then they gently lifted Chloe upright and helped her dismount from Sera’s face. Chloe moaned as she focused blearily on Rachel’s concerned expression. “I’m feeling so weak, Rachel, please help me get to my feet so that we can leave the bedroom and give our mothers their privacy?” Rachel kissed Chloe and hummed appreciatively at the lingering flavor and scent of her mother Sera’s womanly essences. “I can still taste a little blood from where I’d flogged my mother’s privates! Oh, Chloe, please let’s go to your room so that I can lick and suckle your bleeding titties? I need to taste your pain and make passionate love to you!” Rachel held Chloe around her waist as the two naked beauties tottered and limped to the bedroom door. Glancing back, as they stepped into the hallway, they both sighed as they watched Joyce mount Sera and begin vigorously scissoring as both of the lovers moaned and cried out from the searing pain and friction of their violent lovemaking. Closing the door to Joyce’s bedroom, Rachel embraced Chloe and kissed her passionately. “I’m so aroused, Chloe, from intimately flogging my mother and then watching you climax on her face! I can’t believe how erotic it is seeing our sexy mommies tribbing and weeping together! Oh, Chloe, now I want to scissor together with you until I hurt so bad that I can’t stand it anymore! Please love me like that Chloe? My insides ache so much from needing you!” Chloe wrapped her arms around Rachel’s waist and pulled her into a passionate, tongue-tangling kiss. “Our other sister wives are still asleep in my bed, probably travelling to Lady Asherah’s pavilion, and so we shouldn’t disturb them with our lovemaking. Let’s go downstairs to the couch, and then, if it’s alright with you Babe, I just want to gently sixty-nine with you before we do anything more aggressive, okay Rach?” Rachel pecked Chloe on her lips and smiled. “I guess that you’re still a little tired from being titty whipped by Joyce and then squatting on Sera’s face? So then, I’ll be the top and let you relax while I take care of our orgasms, alright sweetheart?” Chloe scoffed. “I don’t think that I can relax much with your pretty pussy on my face!” Rachel pulled Chloe into another passionate kiss. “Don’t you worry, my hurt little Baby girl, because I’ll do the work while you do the pleasure!” Chloe chortled. “Isn’t that the motto of Central Services from that movie ‘Brazil?’” Rachel knelt to plant kisses on Chloe’s welted bosoms. “That’s right Babe, so by all means, my beautiful, suffering Chloe, may I service you?”

    Rachel gazed down lovingly as Chloe arranged herself on the sofa, her hands clasped behind her neck to expose her belt-marked breasts, and her knees bent with her thighs spread, presenting her swollen, slick, reddened vulva for Rachel’s attentions. Rachel smirked mischievously as she mounted the couch and slid between Chloe’s legs to press her navel against Chloe’s womanhood, pinning her so that Rachel could erotically torment Chloe’s stinging, aching, tender breasts. Chloe cried out, then scowled at Rachel. “Owww! Rach? I thought that you were going to straddle my face and sixty-nine me?” Rachel released the nipple she was suckling and nibbling to grin up at Chloe’s consternation. “Oh no, Babe, that’s what you wanted, but I’m the top so I decide how I’m pleasuring you!” Chloe threw her head back as Rachel attacked her other breast. “Rach! You’re hurting me! Aaaah!” Rachel glared back after punishing Chloe’s outburst with a sharp nip to her scabby nipple. “I’m enjoying your suffering, your hurt titties turn me on, and besides, you deserve this punishment!” Chloe snuffled her runny nose, tears of anguish coursing down her face as she desperately pressed Rachel’s shoulders to keep her from biting Chloe’s tender breasts again. “Why are you punishing my titties Rach, what did I do?” Rachel raised up to break Chloe’s grip, her face flushed with a mixture of anger and desire. “It’s not just you Chloe, it’s everybody! I whipped your mother, Joyce, and then I whipped my mother, Sera, I climaxed both times from the shameful arousal of hurting them and then swallowing their pain! Oh Chloe, don’t you realize how much I crave being flogged between my thighs and lashed to bleeding ribbons across my breasts? It’s unfair that I’m obliged to participate in everybody else’s pain and pleasure, can’t you see that I’m hurting inside from all of my tormented yearning? So yes, Chloe, I’m punishing you so that you will get hurt and angry enough to punish me back! SO, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?” Rachel brutally twisted both of Chloe’s tattered nipples as Chloe shrieked, doubled up forward, then violently tossed Rachel from the couch. “You little bitch!”

    Rachel scrambled to her knees and clutched Chloe to roll her from the couch, straddling her waist while gripping her wrists, as Rachel’s salty tears dribbled down onto Chloe’s smarting bosoms. “Are you mad enough to hurt me Chloe? Huh? Are you?” Chloe whimpered and relaxed, letting Rachel pin her wrists to either side of her head. “My Maribeth had already decided to punish you for lying and cheating, by refusing to flog you until Katie performs your Ascension Rite, so do you really expect me to go against my Fiancée’s wishes?” Rachel growled. “Your Fiancée tribbed herself bloody as she travelled to the meadows of Heaven with my Kelly, and they are there with Kate and Max as we speak! Our sister wives left us here alone, then our mothers also left us here alone together, so whatever we do is our business, not theirs! You keep telling me how much you love me, so woman up Chloe, and whip me until I climax, that’s the only way you can prove it to me!”

    Rachel started bawling as she bent down to slobber a passionate kiss on Chloe’s open mouth, then she raised up to catch Choe’s eyes with her tearful, pleading gaze. “Your love has to hurt me, Babe, so please love me now?” Chloe scoffed. “What will I beat you with, Rach? We left Joyce’s belt and Katie’s knotted thongs upstairs!” Rachel looked around the room, then grinned. “I’ll be right back!” Rachel rose and helped Chloe onto the couch, then briskly crossed the dining area and disappeared into the kitchen. Rachel returned, brandishing a long, white hexagonal-faceted plastic rod with a hook on one end. “Whip me with this Chloe, I borrowed it from the window blinds!” Rachel whooshed it a couple of times, then dramatically presented one end for Chloe to take. Chloe blanched. “Oh Rachel, this is going to bruise you really deep, and you are probably going to bleed, are you sure about this?” Rachel gulped, then nodded rapidly. “Just start out light and swing harder each stroke until we find out what I can withstand, and don’t be a chickenshit Chloe, I want this to really hurt!” Rachel stood in the clear with her hands clasped behind her back, pushing her breasts forward, while her feet spread wide to expose her privates. “Whip my titties Chloe!” Chloe nodded, tears still leaking from her eyes as she positioned herself to one side and swooped the rod experimentally a couple of times before halfheartedly swiping with a full swing to strike across both of Rachel’s breasts simultaneously. Rachel gasped and doubled over, grasping her smarting bosoms. “Ow, Chloe! That hurt worse than I thought it would, Aaah!” Chloe lowered the rod to her side. “Do you want me to stop? I’d warned you that this was a bad idea!” Rachel straightened, tears on her cheeks as she gamely bent her knees to spread her legs wider, rocking her hips to push her bushy pudendum forward. “Okay Chloe, this time swing a little harder and strike my pussy this time?” Rachel clenched her eyes shut in anticipation of the blow, Chloe sighed and positioned herself to swing upwards underhand, smartly smacking the crease of Rachels’s vulva as she shrieked and collapsed, clutching her privates with both hands as she rolled and writhed on the floor. Chloe dropped the rod and knelt to embrace her wounded little sister wife. “That really hurt you this time Rach, I don’t think we should do this anymore!” Rachel gasped as she caught her breath, then held up her slick fingers for Chloe to see.

    “I’m not bleeding yet, so you can cane me at least a few more times. Oh Chloe, let’s try alternating strokes across my boobies, and then along my pussy, until I can’t take it anymore?” Chloe sighed. “Alright, Rach, but you’ll need to lay down on the couch so that I can straddle your face to muffle your shrieks, just like you did when you whipped your Mom, because you are obviously going to cry out and fall on the rug, rolling around in the filth after each stroke, if we try to do this while you are standing!” Rachel pouted. “I just thought that it looked sexier if I’m spread-eagled for you?” Chloe smirked. “Oh Rach, It’s totally hot seeing your suffering face as I whip you, but you’d need to be tied spread-eagled and upright, in some kind of bondage rack, so you don’t collapse while I flog you, and we’re not equipped for that yet. But maybe our sister wives might like to have one built in our bedroom later, so we can all take turns being properly bullwhipped, belted, caned or, something even more painful, like being severely welted and cut with a doubled over extension cord? Besides, I’ll still get aroused by your hot breath and screams up inside my pussy, and that way you can bawl and whimper all that you need to, while taking your sweet time to unclench your thighs after each hard lash, whenever you are ready to expose your hurt pussy for my next stroke?” Rachel was panting, trembling and perspiring with excitement and desire as she arranged herself to be erotically smothered and caned…

. …Rachel was crying and gasping for breath as Chloe’s dribbling, aroused privates bore down on Rach’s face. Chloe had lost track of how many blows she’d delivered to mercilessly bruise and cut the swollen flesh of Rachel’s vulva and breasts, but it was obvious that stubborn Rachel had nearly reached her limit. Chloe was ready to deliver the finishing strokes as she admonished her writhing, tortured lover. “Keep your arms wrapped around my hips Rach, your elbows are getting in the way of your titty strokes!” (Swoosh-Crack!) “Yaaah!” Rachel bucked and twisted as the rod cut a deep welt across her right breast, the earlier welts were changing to purplish-red, from the deep subcutaneous bleeding, and would be darkening to purple soon. As Rachel struggled for breath, gasping and bawling between Chloe’s soaked thighs, Rachel’s own clasped thighs inadvertently parted, exposing Rachel’s severely wounded Lady parts enough for Chloe to keep her promise to her suffering Rach, and bring the rod down harder than ever before, violently creasing her swollen, bruised vulva with a resounding crack, as blood, urine and vaginal fluids sprayed up from the vicious blow. Rachel shrieked and fell utterly limp, a penetrating odor and dark stain spreading on the sofa cushion beneath her as her bladder voided. Chloe was tormented by a combination of anger, remorse and lust as she raised up the rod for a last chastisement on Rachel’s left bosom, this time cutting across the areola just beneath her swollen, bruised nipple, drawing blood at the far end of the welt where the rod’s tip landed on the globe of Rachel’s right breast, but Rachel was unconscious at that point and didn’t react. “Oh God, no! Rach?” Chloe was trembling from the shock of beating her beloved Rachel bloody and unconscious, the odorous, stained couch cushion would surely bring down the heat from her Stepfather, who would be coming home for breakfast in less than seven hours, but Rach, Oh God! Chloe had leaked a little of her arousal onto Rachel’s face, but the dire situation dried up Chloe’s pending orgasm, so nothing was going according to plan! Chloe scrambled off of Rachel and hastily bore her limp form up in Chloe’s arms, thank God she was still breathing! Leaving the blood-tipped rod and urine-soaked couch cushion for later, Chloe struggled up the stairs with her beloved burden, and nudged open her bedroom door, relieved to see that the extra full-sized mattress, butted up against the foot of the occupied King-sized bed, was mostly available, noting with relief that the pairs of scissoring Elect Priestesses still slumbered profoundly as they bled into each other’s privates. With a twinge of jealousy and arousal, Chloe suffered a moment of profound heartache and longing as she inhaled the heavy, stale scent of torment and passion, emanating from her sister wives’ bedding, while longingly glancing at her Maribeth, joined at the crotch with their beatific Katie! Oh, why couldn’t that have been her instead? Maxie and Kelly were similarly engaged, spilling over onto the right side of the full-sized mattress that Chloe had need of.

    Carefully sprawling Rachel out, Chloe spread her Rach’s thighs and knelt to lick and suckle her wounded femininity, Rachel tensed and moaned, clamping Chloe’s head between her trembling thighs, weakly calling out for Chloe. “Babe?” Chloe raised her face to catch Rachel’s weeping eyes. “I’m here sweetheart, licking your wounds!” Rachel chuckled, then moaned. “Oh Chloe, please sixty-nine me now? I’m thirsty for your love, and I burn and ache all over!” Chloe choked and wept. “Oh Rach, I’m so sorry Babe, I lost control and caned you too hard, your poor little titties and pussy lips are bleeding, I hurt you so badly that I made you pass out from the pain and piss yourself, I’m so sorry, Rach!” Rachel coughed and whimpered. “Chloe? We still need to climax together and swallow the spill, then rim each other’s rosebuds so that we can rub our bleeding Lady parts together and try to join our mothers and sister wives at Lady Asherah’s! I don’t know if we really can do this yet, but don’t we need to try?” Chloe wept, with a breaking voice. “Oh yes Rach, anything for you, I love you, Babe!” Chloe had a niggling thought about the blood-tipped rod and blood-stained, urine-soaked couch cushion left behind in the living room, she desperately needed to climax with her punished Rachel, but joining with Rachel properly, for their attempt to enter Asherah’s realm was more important. “Rachel darling? Before we enjoy each other’s release, I need to go downstairs and straighten out our mess and retrieve the rod. Then I need for you to cane my privates, just like you had me do with yours, in order to reopen my wounds so that we can bleed into each other. Besides, if we are going to do this properly, we still must cane our rosebuds, until they bleed a little also, before we rim each other for the elixir fixer, am I right Babe?” Rachel whimpered and nodded as she turned and curled into a fetal position to sooth her pain. “Please hurry, Babe? I ache for you so, and I’m getting chilled!” Chloe gently covered Rachel with the blanket that had been tossed to the floor during their sister wives passionate love play. “I’ll be right back, Babe, then we’ll do our damnedest to catch up with the others!”

    Chloe hurried down the stairs, then bolted down the short hallway into the living room and briefly surveyed the nasty mess they’d left behind, Chloe switched on the lights to get a better look. Her first impulse was to just flip the stained middle cushion over but discovered, to her dismay, that the underside was a darker color, having not been abraded and sun-faded like the upper sides. The other problem was the odor and dampness, what to do? Chloe crossed over to the door leading to the garage and laundry room, once inside she grabbed a small stack of old newspapers and returned to the couch, removed all three cushions, then layered the leaves to absorb the moisture from the middle cushion. After flipping all three cushions, dark side up, and reversing the order of the end cushions so that their extensions fit around the armrests again, Chloe was satisfied that she’d covered up enough, for their carelessness, to pass cursory inspection until she and Rachel could properly launder the cushion covers and restore everything to normal, ugh, or so she hoped? Retrieving the rod, Chloe licked and sucked Rach’s tacky blood and mucous residue from its tip, turned off the lights and rushed up the stairs to rejoin her suffering Rachel for their canings.

    Chloe felt erotic excitement and pity as she looked down on the covered form of her Rachel weakly writhing and moaning, doubled up in a fetal position to ease the pain of that vicious caning. A tear tracked down Chloe’s cheek as she removed the blanket warming her suffering lover, then shook it out to spread it on the floor, knowing what she was about to do with her partner in pain, she bent to cradle Rachel’s face for a kiss, then whispered in her ear. “We need to finish our canings on the floor, Babe, since there’s nobody left to hold our ankles apart, we must kneel face down with our thighs spread wide to expose our sphincters and clits for their strokes, do you feel strong enough to punish me first?” Rachel uncurled and turned to brace herself up on her elbows in order to see her Chloe’s serious and worried face. “We must finish what we started, Chloe, so would you please just tell me what to do?” Chloe sighed as she enveloped her groaning Rachel in an embrace, briefly enjoying the stinging friction of their welted and scabbing breasts rubbing together as she wrapped her arms around Rachel’s torso, using her lover’s sticky armpits for leverage as she tugged Rachel to her feet. “You need to stand above my bowed head and shoulders so that you may cane me hard along the spread open crack of my ass, you might need to help me kneel and spread my thighs each time I clench and roll over, but please Rach, don’t stop hurting me until you see my bleeding, alright Babe?” Rachel nodded and sniffled as she took up the rod and positioned herself above her beloved Chloe’s vulnerable naked form, noting that Chloe had stuffed a corner of the blanket in her mouth to muffle her cries. “Remember that I love you, Chloe?” Rachel leaned over her lover and brought the rod down as hard and fast as she was able, the resounding crack and strangled cry tore at Rachel’s heart as Chloe clenched her thighs and rolled over, writhing and whimpering in the shock and fiery pain that had reopened the wounds that Victoria had previously laced her privates with...

    ...Rachel, remembering Chloe's fury as she helplessly writhed and mewled after each stroke, allowed a vengeful wrath to swell in her chest and belly, she luxuriated in a sick and lustful pleasure as she laid into Chloe's exposed buttocks and privates with all of the force she could bring to bear, angry tears blurring her eyes as she waited for Chloe to painfully assume the position after each lash...

    ...Chloe managed to withstand seventeen strokes, more than half of which missed Chloe's sphincter and vulva by darkly welting the globes of her trembling buttocks to either side of her spread butt crack, before she briefly fainted from the exquisite torture, writhing in semi-conscious torment as she rolled face-up clasping her swollen privates, softly moaning and weeping in her agony...

    ...Upon regaining lucidity, Chloe turned tearful, accusing eyes towards Rachel. "You beat me with the same number of strokes that Victoria had belted my ass with the first time she'd bent me over her knee! Were you deliberately punishing me, Rach?" Rachel dropped her gaze as she blushed crimson. "I...uhm...Oh, Chloe, I was so angry with you, that I just wanted to really, really hurt you back, after caning me so hard! You wouldn't listen to my screams telling you to stop, you just kept smothering and beating me, and I know that you were punishing me because I'd cheated on you, you didn't stop until you'd beat me so badly that I pissed myself and passed out! You enjoyed making me suffer, I know you did! We were supposed to flog each other with love, and not in anger! Do you even love me anymore?" Chloe wept as she raised her arms for an embrace. "I love you Rach, I really do, and I did deserve those extra strokes, I admit that I enjoyed making you suffer, but please forgive me and make love with me now?" With a choked cry, Rachel dropped the stained rod and hurriedly arranged herself straddling Chloe’s tear-drenched face, reclining along Chloe’s sweaty torso to gently lap and suckle her hot, swollen Lady parts to orgasm. Rachel sighed as she felt Chloe’s lips and tongue suckling her own aching, wounded privates as they shared their mutual climaxes.

    Weak from their shared pain and release, they resisted the temptation to slumber with their faces cradled between each other’s sticky thighs, Rachel kissed Chloe’s swollen nether lips, then murmured. “Babe? You need to hurt my rosebud so that we can lick each other’s bloody smears before we trib ourselves asleep, oh Chloe, wake up Babe, please?” Chloe groaned and stirred. “You hurt me so good, Rach, I can barely move, but you’re right, sweetheart, so assume the position and I’ll redden your pretty pucker for her kiss.” Rachel shrieked and thrashed, but Chloe knew the limits of the rod and it only took three carefully aimed swift whooshing strokes to bloody Rachel’s anus, nearly breaking Chloe's heart as she waited through Rachel's whimpering and rolling around, before she could shakily collect herself enough to bow with her face on her arms and present her spread bottom for the next blow. Chloe helped her bawling Rachel up onto the bed and spread her knees, pressing them to Rach’s shoulders as she licked and swallowed Rachel's blended, sticky essences from between the globes of her pretty, punished posterior. Chloe straddled Rachel’s face so that her weakened lover could lap up Chloe’s redolent bleeding anal leakage, before sliding back down to the rumpled blanket on the floor, where they embraced face-to-face, swapping their blended flagellant liquors in a slobbering, passionate kiss. They groaned and gasped their mutual expressions of love into each other’s ears, then weakly rearranged themselves in order to scissor and rub their bleeding, swollen crotches together, moaning through a final weak, agonized climax before drifting off to sleep. They knew that they had accomplished their forbidden goal the as blended, swirling colors of the astral plane bloomed behind their closed eyes while they shared their last, synchronized thought:

    Oh, the dire consequences that they would face upon returning to consciousness in their material world! Hell might be breaking loose behind them, but they were Heaven-bound now!