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Mortal Canines

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A Common Breed




Ice. As far as the eyes can see. Nothing else. No life or greenery. Pure, blue-white ice. Frost and icicles were hanging delicately on to the pine needles of the giant evergreen trees that sprout around this time of year. There's a moose or two that wander around freely since the bears are hibernating. Not a bird in sight since they flew south, far away from the cold. Everything seems to be frozen in time. Not moving or breathing. Like death decided to pay a visit to the forest of ice and not allowing a single ounce of life into its place of rest. The name Glacier Jungle fits the area so perfectly. Reflecting the eternal winter of the region and the never-ending woods that seem to stretch on forever. Or, at least, that's how Furihata Kouki saw it. Then again, what did he know? He's just a beta. The average joe of the various wolves born into this world.


Humans are jokingly unaware of the creatures that integrate into their society, utterly oblivious to another world outside of their own. Or rather, choose not to acknowledge that it exists. See no evil, hear no evil apparently. But, it's kind of fascinating that humans of no idea of the beasts that walk amongst them and, yet believe in ghosts or witches or even fairies and such. There are stories, supposedly, about their kind. That's what Kuroko Tetsuya (a somewhat mysterious wolf and good friend) told him anyways.



According to him, the stories ranged from far-fetched and inaccurate to some sort basic level of understanding of pack dynamics and roles. Furihata, amused by this and a little curious, decided to see it for himself. What his dear friend was pretty much on the spot. The tales of their kind, their species are laughable at best. But, there's a part of him that is in mind-blowing awe of the more creative humans that genuinely believe that there are other strange creatures or worlds out there. It's oddly touching, to be perfectly honest. Nowadays, whenever he finds the time, he would walk into the human territories and read books at their libraries.

Wolves are much more intelligent than people think they are. They are very different from their primitive brothers who stay as animals and are not able to shift to a highly evolved form. They do interact with their long-distance ancestors, as a way of survival. They can hear their unspoken language in the howls and growls and whines in the moonless night. His kind understood pack dynamics but enforced rules and punishments for those who break tradition. That's what sets them apart from their elders.


But, it also causes quite a lot of problems. Mostly, a vast generation gap of almost a hundred years, give or take. The Elders, or Originals, have been around for a long time. How long? Furihata is not sure. But, they are very highly respectable and the most influential wolves of their kind. Pups that were raised under the Elders followed traditions through and through then, doing the same to their children and so on and so forth. Some years go by, and a change starts to happen. No one knows who started the most significant rebellion in the history of their species, just the story. A newly presented alpha pup turned into a runner by abandoning his pack and Head Alpha (which is the biggest no-no in their world), and soon returned to his homeland leading a rather large group of rebel wolves.


The rebels were different from their ancestors, able to shift into a creature the wolves later calling man and back to their animal forms. Nobody knows how they were able to do such a thing. It's unheard of for a wolf to desire to be anything else. Whispers were saying that black magic was involved or some sort of deal with a very powerful witch. Ridiculous rumors, but it made a lot of wolves wary of the new type of wolf that walked into their land.

Either way, Furihata is sure that no one got an actual answer of how shifting was possible. The Originals, of course, were angry that the rebellious group did such a thing. The rebels, on the other hand, were done with following their brothers and sisters like lost pups and wanted to make their mark in the cruel world that they live in.


There was a huge all-out war that broke out as a result. Nobody won though. There were too many bloody casualties and a countless amount of wolves that were never found, lost and forgotten to the world. The whole thing ended on a shaky truce between the Elders and the rebels, end of story. Really, it was the Elders that were sick and tired of the fighting. They only wanted it to end and bring peace back to their kind. A hundred years later and there seems to be peace between them. The wolves and their ancestors. They still communicate and hunt together.

They howl, eat large amounts of deer meat in their dens too. But, Shifters (as they are now called), tended to avoid running into their brothers and sisters that stay in their animal form (the Originals claim it's still the most authentic, purest form a wolf can have) until they die.



Furihata Kouki, Shifter, seventeen years old (presented at fifteen), finds it somewhat awkward to interact with his brother and sister wolves when he's out on a hunt with his friends. He strays from accidentally insulting or offending them in some way. After all, he's only a beta. He's not a strong alpha who can take on a fight with no problem or an omega that can get out of the situation by being effortlessly charming and beautiful.

He's just a beta. The most average amongst the average. That's what all the wolves say. It's true. He is average. Brown hair, equally brown eyes. Average height, not too tall or short. Not too muscular or skinny, not ugly or gorgeous. Just plain Furihata or Furi as his friends call him. And, he's perfectly okay with this. Being seen as the average one. It means that no alpha or omega would be truly interested in him of all wolves.


Alphas prefer omegas and vice versa. Betas sometimes get lucky enough to mate either one, but mostly mate with fellow betas. That's the plan that he has set for himself. Learn how to hunt and take care of a family. Maybe find a sweet beta boy or girl (gender does not matter to wolves), settle down and have pups of his own. Simple, ordinary and not at all life risking. He plans on keeping it that way for the most part. It might be seen as an easy way of living, but he likes it. Furihata does not want to interact with an alpha or an omega while having the intention of mating them. He is going to stay as far away from that kind of drama as much as he can. He seriously doesn't need to add more stress than finding food for dinner or keeping an eye out for his hidden treats that he keeps underneath the snow for the harsher winter months.



That is the way of the Furihata Kouki wants to live out his whole life. He thinks about this as he gazes at the red and yellow flames of the fire the others built in the den. Close to the forest of Glacier Jungle, are a row of thick and unexplored caves that he and fellow wolves reside in. His pack, Seirin, is a small one. Only about twelve Shifters and one wolf (Testuya Number 2, also known as Nigou, a pup that can't seem to grow taken in by Kuroko about a season ago). Their Head Alpha, Hyuga Junpei, wanders into the den with wild eyes and a terrified expression on his face. The others, noticing his distress, immediately crowded around him to see what was going on to see why their ordinarily calm leader looks (for lack of better words) so freaked out. He takes a deep breath while staring at the pack with a severe expression and breaks the news they would never expect in their whole lives.



"The Generation of Miracles are here and they want Kuroko back."



To Be Continued