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Free as a Bird

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(This whole book is from Sabine's POV)

After every mission, there was a place for me. And although I had never had anything before, nothing. I was on my own, only fending and working for my own life, nothing more. First, I had my clan. They sent me away, and then called me a traitor and wouldn't stand with me. They sent me to the Imperial Academy, where I was taught to never question authority. To always obey a command, never hesitate to hurt someone.

Never hesitate to kill...

Then, I had Ketsu, but only for a little. And even she betrayed me. I had no one yet again. I found my way as a bounty hunter, making odd jobs here and there, earning barely enough to keep me alive. I found Cad Bane, and the Bounty Hunter's Guild. I joined their ranks for a while, working and killing for them. Then, I discovered that even the Guild was like the Empire. Trying to control me. Then I saw my golden opportunity.

It all started one fateful day on Vorzad 5.