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Pixie Ships Scenarios

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Deanna realizes Beverly is happiest meddling and nurturing, and Tasha has never had that, so gets them on Betazed somehow and sets up a romantic picnic.

And they both think it's absurd and are very awkward but then they like, find an injured turtle and decide to heal it. 

Beverly is all, "I'm not a vet?" But Tasha is very worried about the turtle and Beverly thinks it's super cute so she agrees to try.

But while she's figuring out what to do, the turtle gets out of the box they put it in and they don't know where it went. 

And Tasha is distraught because how do you lose a turtle?! They're so slow there are sayings about it! And it was injured! And now it's going to die and it's all their fault!

Beverly discovers Deanna packed wine and pours Tasha a glass. She calls it a prescription. 

And Tasha feels very foolish to be so so upset over an animal, but Beverly understands this has little to do with the turtle. 

They get pretty tipsy and unpack the rest of the picnic and have a wonderful afternoon and they swim in the waterfall and come across a whole colony of turtles and decide it's the universe telling them it's okay.

And the next day Deanna asks Beverly "how the date went?" and she's confused and then realizes That was a date! and immediately runs to Tasha's quarters and asks her to dinner and Tasha is even more confused but says "Yes, absolutely."

Beverly sets up a whole candlelight thing and it is Very Clearly A Date and it is still awkward at the beginning but by the end they are making out on the sofa.

And then Wesley walks in and stammers "Uh when did that happen???"

And Beverly says, "well there was this turtle," and they both start laughing and Wesley turns pale and runs away and demands his own quarters the next morning.