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My Flashy & Quirkless Life

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Even though at the young age of four he learned the horrible truth that not all men were created equally, he didn't let it get in his way of getting close to the Pro Heroes.

As he grew up, he started documenting and he took down notes regarding the quirks and details of Pro Heroes he knew. His wonder continuously grew and before he knew it, he was also taking notes of the quirks of the Villains.

He knew too that it was very dangerous but he can't help it so every time a battle between these two opposing sides happen, he's always there to observe and gain more knowledge.

Later on, he realized that when he's a grown up, he'll need to get a job and what better way to get close to fights without limitation and restriction than to be present there as a photographer.

On his tenth birthday, he wished for his mother to give him a camera. Inko, who couldn't resist her son's cuteness and eagerness, bought him a simple Kodak Easy Share MD41 but for a ten-year old, it was like a dream come true.

Besides, it’s how you value a thing that makes it useful and important.

The green-haired boy watched tutorial videos on Youtube for countless of times. He practiced on simple things and sceneries; like his mother's smiling face and the streets he walked by.

Oddly enough, Kacchan and his squad didn't bother him that much anymore when they discovered that he was no longer pursuing the dream of becoming a Pro Hero. However, that didn't stop the teases and insults he gets from them but he didn't let those words affect him because he's different from them and that alone gave him confidence everyday.

He always has his camera with him whom he dubbed as 'Might' that represents his admiration towards the number one Pro Hero: All Might.

It was strange and goofy, yes but believe it or not, it helped him and someone before.

One time when he was wondering along a street he was not familiar with, a loose dog (Chihuahua) started chasing him and obviously he can't climb a tree yet so he used the camera's flash to scare the dog away. It worked but that doesn't mean it didn't left him petrified. It was the longest 5 minutes of his life.


Then there was a time when he got really lost and he was sure he won't be able to get back. It was nearing night time and he couldn't see people walking anymore.

The boy heard a scream and out of instinct, he ran towards the noise. He didn't know how to react to what he saw there.

Why was the guy on top of another guy...?

"A-Ah! G-Get off, you fucking pervert!"

Was that English? Izuku was sure of the accent. He heard their substitute teacher spoke it before in their class.

Another voice spoke in a weird voice, "Oh~! You Americans are so feisty! Wonder what you'll do if I touch this!"


It was too dark to see but he can make out a silhouette of the two on the ground. He can also hear shuffling of clothes...are they fighting?

"F-Fuck! Someone help-!" the scream was muffled by a hand but he can distinctly sense the distress in there.

Almost instantly, Izuku opened his camera and activated the flash before he took a shot. The light enveloped the small alleyway, momentarily blinding him.

He heard the weird one curse before he heard another set of shuffling of clothes and a pair of shoes skidding away.


Izuku could hear the other guy panting and a constant hitch was heard in his unsteady voice.

The green-haired boy reached inside his pocket and took out his phone.

Wait, he had his phone with him this whole time?

He opened the gadget and ignored the messages and missed calls from his mother in favor of opening the flashlight.

The figure on the ground flinched at the sudden light but he looked up at the boy. Izuku could see how flustered the other was and how his clothes were disheveled with his pants hanging low.

Were they really that angry at each other that their clothes had to be involved?

 The guy's watery blue eyes widened when they caught his appearance. Something akin to plead flashed through the guy’s eyes and it was the same expression the kid that Kacchan’s group was beating up the other day gave him. He failed to help that kid but Izuku was sure not to do the same mistake again.

He remembered what his mother told him; to call the police if he or anyone's in some sort of problem.


Good thing the number was already on his contacts and he immediately called the police. Not a second later, a man’s voice calmly answered, “This is the Police Department.”

“U-Um, yes! I found a guy here on an alleyway and I think he needs help!”

“Where are you kid? Tell me his condition.”

“He’s actually awake but his clothes are all weird…I mean I think the guy was on top of him and he was screaming so I thought they were fighting…He’s not that hurt though but he’s really quiet.”

The other line turned silent for a moment.


“Sorry, I called the other officers to be ready. I’ll be sending an ambulance too if you tell me your location.”

Izuku’s mind blanked out. Well, that’s a major problem.

“I-I…um, kind of don’t know-”

“We’re at an alley three blocks from the Tatooin Station, kid.”

Izuku yelped as he was startled out of his wits when the guy behind him spoke in broken Japanese. He glanced back at the man before nodding.

“Hey, kid, are you there?!”

The man probably heard his yelp and thought that something might have happened to him.

“Sir, I’m here and we’re located in an alley three blocks away from the Tatooin Station.”

“You guys heard the kid! Let’s go!” the man on the other line must have put the call on speaker because he can hear some shuffling and running footsteps.

“We’re on our way, kid.”

The line went dead and Izuku flashed his light against the man again. The said guy somehow composed himself and managed to sit up right. It was odd how the guy didn’t fix his clothes yet.

Then his eyes landed on the man’s bruised and bloodied wrists. He cringed at the sight of it. That must hurt a lot.

The boy dropped his bag on the ground and noticed how the other flinched at the sound. He better be careful not to cause a lot of sounds.

After careful opening his bag with his unoccupied hand, he rummaged inside to grab a plastic bag with a cold beverage found inside. He brought this a little while ago before he realized that he was lost.

He’s been forgetting a lot of things today. He hopes that doesn’t happen during their final exams.

 “Hey, I know this isn’t a lot but I hope this could help your…bruises.” Izuku, with quivering hand, offered the cold soda can. The man just stared at the can and for a minute, the boy thought that he wasn’t going to take it but the other reached out with shaking hands.

T-Thanks…” it was in English but Izuku knew that he was thanking him and so he smiled slightly back in return, “It is ol-right…

A weak chuckle left the man, “You mean al-right.

He can’t believe in a situation like this, Izuku managed to blush in embarrassment much less entertain the man who was obviously harassed.

A hiss came from the guy when he applied the cool beverage onto his blackened-skin. Izuku contemplated whether he should ask what happened but decided against it. The man didn’t need anymore problems to handle.

The somewhat peaceful silence didn’t last long. The sirens of an ambulance and police cars resounded through the streets and Izuku was finally able to let out a sigh of relief.

Three vehicles skidded to a stop in front of the alleyway they were in and police officers quickly approached them. Two female officers passed by him while a guy in a trench coat kneeled beside him.

“Hey, you must be the kid,” the man smiled, “Are you hurt?”

Izuku shook his head and squinted when the glaring blue and red lights of the vehicles continued to disturb his line of sight. He turned off the light coming from his phone to conserve more energy.

He noticed that the guy’s eyes looking over by his shoulder to stare at the people behind him with poorly hidden grimace.

“The victim’s about to pass out and we’re not sure about his wounds yet! We need assistance here, STAT!”

Izuku flinched at the booming voice but before he could react, two paramedics rushed in the alley all awhile carrying a large medical kit and a stretcher. A lump formed in his throat, was the guy really that hurt?

The man noticed this and gently gripped the child’s shoulders, “Let’s get out of the way, kid. The paramedics will handle this.”

The green-haired boy felt his numb legs move when he was pulled to the side. The warm hands on his shoulders didn’t left though and he appreciates it.

“I forgot to introduce myself; I’m Naomasa Tsukauchi from the Investigatory Department.”

The other’s silence probably meant that he was waiting for Izuku’s response.

“I-I’m Midoriya Izuku.”

Tsukauchi smiled at the child, “Well, Izuku-kun, what you did tonight was very brave and heroic.”

His interest perked up at this, “Really?”

“Of course, in this kind of situation, most people would have neglected this but you did the opposite and this quality is what Pro Heroes should possess.”

Izuku felt his heart swell. This is the first time that someone he doesn’t know made him believe that despite being quirkless; he can still do more good than nothing.

“Sir!” one of the female officers made her way towards them, “We need to transfer the victim to the hospital but the paramedics said they will not be able to permit this until any information of the man will be given.”

The adults’ eyes wandered over to Izuku. Tsukauchi pursed his lips and spoke in a soft tone, “Izuku-kun, can you tell us anything about him?”

“I don’t really know him,” the green-haired child muttered, “But I do know that he’s an American and that he probably understands Japanese.”

Tsukauchi nodded his head stiffly, “At least we know his nationality. Have you checked his pockets for any sign of identity?”

“Unfortunately, we had but there was nothing. We suspect that the assaulter must have stolen it.”

The man’s eyes landed on Izuku again, “Have you seen the assaulter’s face?”

Izuku was a second a away from shaking his head when he suddenly remembered that he might have caught a shot of the assaulter’s face. He quickly fished out his camera from his front pocket and opened it to browse to his previous shots.

The adults remained silent as they waited with slight bewilderment. Then they saw how the kid’s green eyes widened.

The camera was shoved into Tsukauchi’s hands and saw a picture of a terrible scene. He noticed their very disturbing position but didn’t comment on it for Izuku’s sake and for him to focus on the criminal’s face.


He recognize this face as one of the most notorious criminals—villains—with a criminal record of 10 rape assaults, 7 hostage takings, 9 robbery and 6 carjacking. Basically, he’s on top of their wanted list in this side of the city.

What made him almost unable to be caught was because of his quirk. His quirk allows his skin to adapt into any type of danger and weather. His skin can become poisonous making any person who comes in contact with him in grave danger.

Their bullets and tranquilizers and grenades had no effect whatsoever and they had lost many officers to this vile criminal.

Izuku, this mere child, had an encounter with the villain Malignant and he had survived.

Holy shit.

Both Izuku and the other police officer stared at the man with rising apprehension. Tsukauchi was well aware of the stares he’s getting.

Trying to keep his composure, the man looked at the child, “Izuku-kun, you managed to capture a picture of the assaulter which is very strong evidence and I’m afraid we’ll have to borrow your camera for the mean time.”

Izuku’s eyes widened at this but nodded his head nonetheless. Even without a verbal answer, the police officer took this chance and threw the camera towards his fellow colleague. Despite the confusion, she glanced at the camera and almost dropped the device in shock.

“Get a copy of that picture and send the guy to the hospital while you still can! Hurry!”

“Yes sir!”

Izuku’s eyes followed her running form but was turned around to stare at the man’s worried gaze, “The assaulter…he didn’t touch you, did he?”

“N-No, he ran away as soon as I clicked the button of the camera.”

Tsukauchi’s heart felt lighter at that and couldn’t help but ruffle the kid’s green hair, “That’s good to hear.”

“The Malignant?!”

The green-haired boy heard that statement loud and clear and furrowed his eyebrows in thought. Malignant…where had he heard that name before?

The next thing he knew, he was going through his bag to gather his two notebooks; the Hero Notebook #12 and the Villain Notebook #7.

He was more of a Hero person so he knew that this Malignant person was no hero. He placed the HN back and started flipping through his Villain notebook.

He finally saw the guy and couldn’t believe his eyes. Malignant is actually very powerful considering his Skin-Adaptation quirk.

His frantic eyes skimmed through the details he made and felt nausea start to build up in his stomach.

He snapped his head up and spoke in an uneasy voice, “Is the guy going to be alright?”

Tsukauchi eyes never left the notebook when answered back, “Let’s hope for the best.”

Izuku knew the police officer wanted to ask him about his notebooks but he was interrupted when sirens of the vehicles blared back to life.

“Tsukauchi-san, we’ll head out to the hospital now!” a cat-headed police officer shouted. The green-haired boy would be sure to write something about him later.

The Ambulance and one of the police cars sped up and the streets burst into colors of blue and red. Their sirens continued to ring even though they’re out of sight.

“Sir, we suggest that you take this kid back to his home,” another officer said as he walks up to the duo, “The media will be coming soon and we wouldn’t want more controversy to arise.”

Tsukauchi nodded his head and placed a hand on the kid’s back before leading Izuku to the spare police car. The green-haired boy numbly clutched his bag and notebook.

Tsukauchi opened the car’s door by the end and the other went inside silently. The police officer went back to his remaining colleagues, probably to discuss something. Izuku saw that the police had also blocked the alleyway with those yellow tapes.

He let out a sigh of his own, was it a mistake that he went here?

Then the guy’s sincere voice flashed through his mind and just smiled because he was able to save someone from a villain. A villain.

His mom’s never going to believe this!

His enthusiasm was soon shot down when he remembered his mom. He frantically patted his pockets before he shoved his hand inside his bag to find his phone.

‘Mom’s probably worried sick…’ The guilt started to clog up his throat.

Izuku managed to find his phone out with the help of the coolness of the device’s screen. His guilt increased when he read the notifications; he had 24 missed calls and 35 messages from his mother.

He could already imagine his mother’s cries and voice and it made him cringe.

The car’s door creaking snapped him out of his thoughts. Tsukauchi had entered the vehicle and started up the car. He adjusted the rearview mirror and Izuku saw the man’s eyes land on his.

“So, Izuku-kun, I’m just going to assume that you’re lost and your family must probably be worried, right?”

The other ducked his head and nodded causing the police officer to laugh. “We’ll ease their worries and bring you back home. Can you tell me where you live?”

Izuku told him his address and they left the crime scene just in time for the News crews to appear; their reporters and cameramen rushing towards the alleyway.

Their drive was silent besides the usual honks of cars then and there from time to time. The green-haired watched the buildings and cars they pass by in awe. This is actually the first he had a ride back home because he’d always walk.

Hm. Maybe when he grow up and got a nice job for the News Letter Industry, he’ll buy his mom a car. Then he’ll have to take driving lessons so he can travel through other cities and capture awesome moments of heroes and villains fight, not that he wished it would happen often.

“I’m not going to ask you about those notebooks because I’m sure you won’t tell me about it,” Tsukauchi’s calm voice resounded inside the car.

The kid flinched. He was hoping that they wouldn’t have this conversation because he knew that Tsukauchi’s going to think he’s weird. The kids at his school thought so too when they discovered this.

‘I mean…who would want their quirks and weakness recorded by some creepy and dumb kid?’

He’ll probably ban him from doing these kinds of stunts anymore. Dejection grips his tiny heart tightly.

‘Here it comes…’

“Whatever it is I know it’s dangerous and I want you to be careful. You wouldn’t want your family to worry about you more, would you?”

Wait, what?

Izuku was dumbstruck. Not only did the police officer did not scold him but he didn’t say anything about him, like he’s a freak or a creep. There was no hate or disgust or anger. He saw the man’s grin from the rearview mirror and felt his heart beat again.

“Y-You’re…” the green-haired boy swallowed, “You’re okay with this?”

“Yes, I mean no but you’re alive now, aren’t you?” the other glanced at the child for a brief moment, “It’s probably your passion to write these…things. Plus, I don’t think you’ll be using it for something bad, at least I hope you’re won’t, because then the guy would be found dead in the morning.”

Izuku felt his eyes fill with tears and his smile started quivering. He had longed to hear those simple words. It may not have been delivered directly but the message was there and that’s more than enough.

You can be a hero.

He wiped at his eyes to catch the tears before they fall, “Thanks.”

Another two minutes passed and they were finally in front of the Midoriya Household. The two of them unbuckled their seatbelts and went out of the car.

Izuku wasted no time and run towards their house with Tsukauchi following very close behind. The green-haired boy’s shaking fist knocked at the familiar door.

10 seconds hadn’t passed and the door was shoved open by one sobbing Inko Midoriya. Her puffy and red eyes landed her son.

“I-IZUKU!” she engulfed her son in a very tight hug and Izuku endured for his mother’s sake. He was surprised though when Mrs. Bakugo suddenly appeared behind his mom, a look of relief plastered on her face.

“Where had you been, kid?” she went to place a hand on his turf of green hair and ruffled it, “You scared the hell out of your mom.”

“M-Mitsuki-san,” the green-haired mother gave her a half-hearted and weak glare, “Please don’t curse in front of the children.”

Even though Inko tried to be angry, her motherly chiding voice and glaring (pouting) face opposed that matter but Mitsuki took this by heart.

“Ah sorry, Inko-san,” she continued to ruffle Izuku’s hair with a sheepish smile, “It’s just that this little rascal gave us all quite a scare.”

This was only the time when Inko finally noticed Tsukauchi and for Izuku to realize that Kacchan was also here and was glaring irritatingly at him.

Inko let out a gasp and Izuku let out a small yelp.

She reluctantly removed her arms around her son but stood up to greet the man by the door. One of her hands was placed into his shoulder for some makeshift reminder that Izuku won’t be disappearing again.

Tsukauchi smiled at the woman, “Good evening, ma’am. I’m Naomasa Tsukauchi from the police department.”

The police officer was shocked when his hands were taken but kept calm, “I can’t say thank you enough, Tsukauchi-kun! Thank you so much for bringing Izuku-kun back!”

“I’m just doing the right thing.” The man chuckled, “Plus it’s nice to know that Izuku-kun is back to his family.”

A soft punch on his shoulder caught him off guard, “Yeah, thanks for bringing Inko’s kid back, officer.”

Tsukauchi looked at the other female and saw her grinning, “For a second I thought you were going to say that you’re just doing your job ‘cause that would be shitty. I mean if you’re off duty, you wouldn’t help a kid ‘cause it isn’t your job well if I encounter officers like that I’ll be damned.”


The said female’s grin widened, “Oops, my bad!” she glanced at the confused eyes of Izuku then winked, “Don’t let your mom hear you curse like that or else you’ll be giving her a heart attack.”

Tsukauchi stared at the people in front of him and couldn’t help but chuckle. It really is nice to know that Izuku had such a loving mother and an…awesome aunt, maybe? Either way, it doesn’t matter; he managed to help someone tonight.

“Are you sure, you don’t want to come in for some tea?” Inko smiled at him, “I hope Izuku didn’t bother your work. He’s a really active, adventurous and curious kid but he’s really sweet so I hope you understand.”

The police officer declined politely, “Thanks but it’s alright and Izuku-kun actually did the opposite.”

Both Inko and Mitsuki blinked, “What?”

“Inko-san,” the man kept his voice calm, “I’m sure you’re aware of Izuku-kun’s habits because you mentioned before that he’s adventurous, assuming that he really liked to travel to places with his camera and notebooks.”

The two females’ silent indicated that they want him to continue, “I’m not saying that he should stop because that’s not my right but I really wish he’d be more careful especially after his encounter today.”

“Encounter? What encounter?”

Tsukauchi pursed his lips, “Izuku-kun had an encounter with one of the most notorious villain on our wanted list. We were very much surprised that he was left unhurt.”

Inko felt tears start to form in her eyes and she went back to hugging her son, who was already starting to doze off to sleep.

“M-Mom…?” the green-haired boy’s tired voice caused all three of the adults’ gazes to land on his form.

“Y-Yeah, I’m here,” she places her chin on his shoulder and cooed at him softly, “You’re okay, Izuku-kun.”

Mitsuki knew that something must be talked about and she knew that Inko needed to know this. She kneeled by the green-haired pair and grinned at Izuku, “Hey, kid. Wanna go sit by the sofa? It’s really comfy and soft.”

Izuku’s glassy green eyes peered into her and he nodded sluggishly. The blonde female looked at her friend for permission and the other nodded.

Mitsuki easily and carefully lifted up Izuku into her arms and the kid’s head immediately rested on her shoulder blade. She nodded at the police officer and excused herself.

She found the sofa and gently placed the sleepy child on her arms on it. After removing his bag and shoes, she places a huge pillow under head and a soft blanket on his body which she found by the kitchen’s cupboard. She contemplated whether or not she should ask about it but thought that she’ll decide on it later.

“Oi Katsuki,” Mitsuki called out to her son, who was oddly silent the whole time, “Can you get Izuku-kun a glass of water? I need to call your dad to inform him that he and his co-workers don’t need to start hanging flyers, okay?”

Katsuki scoffed but nodded, “Sure.”


Izuku wasn’t sure what actually happened after he was placed on their sofa but the following days, his mother and Kacchan’s parents had been extremely protective and mindful of what he was doing and where he was going.

In other words, he’s grounded but with more privileges.

‘Might’ was returned to him by Tsukauchi-san the following day but the bad news was that he wasn’t allowed to use the device for almost a month and he was itching to take photos of fights of heroes and villains. Even though Inko feels bad, she still knew that the punishment was needed and instead gave her son the idea of drawing for an alternative hobby.

Izuku found out that he was actually skilled with drawings and with more Youtube video tutorials; he was able to draw the Pro Heroes and Villains almost perfectly.

Drawing materials was soon added to his birthday list.

The green-haired boy somehow came to a conclusion that being quirkless wasn’t actually so bad.


Izuku started to feel his breath leave his body slowly and painfully but he still struggled fruitlessly against the slimly and sticky sludge monster’s grip.

Being quirkless wasn’t so bad, he had said. He’ll be fine without a quirk, he had said.

Then again, maybe he spoke too soon.