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Multifandom Imagines

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Fandom: The Maze Runner / The Scorch Trials
Pairing: Reader x Thomas
Word Count: 856

You had made it out of the Maze alive. And now you were in a helicopter that was escorting you and the other Gladers away from the Maze. You couldn’t stop but to think about Chuck and how he had left his life to save Thomas. While you were in the Maze, you and Chuck had gained a strong friendship, and seeing him dying crushed your heart. As you looked over to Thomas, who was sitting next to you, you noticed that he wasn’t in a better condition than you were. In fact, every other Glader seemed deep in thought, all of them probably thinking about Chuck.

You and Thomas were the last ones who left his lifeless body. The two of you were literally dragged away as you refused to leave him. In the middle of your path to the helicopter you realized that it was pointless to fight them. Chuck was gone.

You managed a small smile onto your face as you squeezed Thomas’s hand slightly. He looked up to you, your eyes meeting. Seeing your smile had given him some reassurance that everything was going to be alright. He smiled back at you as the two of you looked out of the window, your fingers entwined the whole flight to someplace away from the Maze.

You entered the huge building in front of you, being one of the first of your group to do so. You stopped immediately as you noticed the huge arsenal the building held, making you a little worried as you wondered why they needed them so much. Your thoughts were wiped away when you and the Gladers you were in the Maze with were led to a room that held a bunch of bunk beds. Every one of you stayed silent, saying something only every once in a while – there wasn’t much to say as everyone were wondering what was going on and what was going to happen.

When you were led to the cafeteria you saw a lot of teenagers, girls and boys around the same age as you were. But when you started to follow Thomas and Newt to your table you were stopped by a woman wearing a kittle, telling you they need to run some tests because they didn’t do so last night. Seeing you stop made Thomas stop as he listened to the story the doctor was telling you.

“It’s fine, Thomas.” You said with a smile when he looked over to you with a worried look, not sure whether he should let you go or not.

After you told him that it was fine you took off, and you were led to a room by the same doctor. As soon as you entered a needle hit your arm, and you blacked out.

You stayed unconscious for about three hours, and when you woke it wasn’t because you wanted to. A man, working for WICKED, woke you and told you that they gave you your memories back. And they did, leaving you with all of the guilt you had when you found out that you along with Thomas were the ones responsible for what had happened to you in the Maze.

They let you out of the room, letting you join your group, but only for the meal times. Other than that you were completely separated from them. You couldn’t tell them what had happened to you because they threatened to kill every member of your group, and they even proved that they could do so with a blink of an eye.

When the doctor came back for you you left hesitantly, glancing back at Thomas and Newt before exiting the room.

“Hey, Y/N! Where are you taking her?” Thomas yelled as he came rushing after you, but was stopped by the men wearing guns in their hands.

“Y/N!” He yelled back at you, now realizing that something was wrong. You were practically dragged away from him as you looked back at him, signaling that not everything was as it seemed.

You were drugged again, leading you to sleep most of the time. Not that you complained. When you didn’t sleep, you only thought about the memories you had gained back, and luckily when you slept you dreamed about something besides that.

When you were woken you saw Thomas’s face appearing as he looked down at you with a smile on his face. He placed his hands onto your cheeks as he slightly brushed your hair out of your face, trying to wake you fully up from your dream.

For a couple of seconds you didn’t register what was going on, but when you saw Newt and Minho trying to break the glass that was in the room you knew what they were doing – they were trying to escape.

“You came back for me.” You said quietly, loud enough only for Thomas to hear since he was the closest to you.

“Of course, Y/N. I couldn’t leave without your pretty face next to me.” He replied with a smile on his face, making you smile as well while he helped you up from the bed.