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Princess of Hell

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The last 22 years of my life had been a lie but the truth was not kept from me. People believed me to be Astrid Winchester older sister to Sam and Dean. I stayed by Sam’s side since I was talked into staying with him after the night Mary died. Protecting him in any way I could but it at times still wasn’t enough at times. The boy that I had come to care about has been hurt and I couldn’t stop it as I need to keep my cover unless his life was truly in danger.  But then his visons started. I knew he wasn’t normal. That was why I was placed there by my uncle but this wasn’t how his powers were supposed to manifest. Of course he didn’t know that I knew this. Sam being Sam wanted to keep me out of it so for now I was indulging him with the thought that I was just at school, away from all the hunting. Sure I couldn’t watch him twenty four seven but if anything true bad would happen I would be there in under two seconds I was there when the car accident happened. It wasn’t in till I got a call from Sam that I actually even thought about going the hospital. I know that at least a reaper would there so instead of going to a hospital I headed Gabriel’s house.    

“Yes just pop in whenever.”

“Ya well something happened. Sam is fine but he and the Winchesters were in a pretty bad car accident. Dean is in a coma and I have no idea what to do about it. I know that I went along with it for Sam but Dean means a lot to Sam. I don’t know what he would do if he was to lose him. But even if I wanted to working that kind of power without getting  figured out would be next to impossible…” at this point I was pacing back and forth in Gabriel’s living room.

“You know if are dead set on saving the muttonhead then maybe you should stop thinking about what you can’t do and start thinking about what you can do.”

“And what exactly can I do wise old one?” I questioned with a somewhat sarcastic tone.

“Come on there is more then one way to heal a person especially for the princess of hell” This had to be on of the things that I hated the most about my uncle. He is completely incapable of giving a straight answer. But I did get what he was trying to say.

“Yes I think it is about time I brought the hammer down on Azazel. He did something to Sam and I need to know what and why.” And with that I teleported to St. Mary’s Convent before summoning Azazel.

“Riva you called.”

“Azazel I trusted you to run Hell these few years since I left. You are the only prince that stayed loyal to the hope to get our true king out of his cell. You talked to my dad I need you to tell me what he said.” I ordered him. I was still sort of pissed that he killed Mary. Not only because she was protecting Sam but she was a truly a good person. Like I told Gabriel she wasn’t like most hunters.

“Why now? When I first came to you with this you told me to do as I was told and to not contact you unless it was absolutely necessary.” 

“I was content with letting you fulfill my dad’s wishes but your plan seems to have something to do with Sam Winchester and I have my own plans for him. So tell me what I want to know or I will make you.”

“No need to make threats sister. I was told that I had to free Lilith and find him a special child. Sam is one of those kids.” He explained.


“Through the blood of warped mankind.”

“Are you telling me the Sam Winchester has demon blood in him? Tell me your whole plan now.” There was no anger in my voice. My tone was calm and cold as though I didn’t care but anyone who knows me knows that it is better to have me yelling my head off then to have me like I was now. He started to explain everything from how he picked them to how he plans to prove which one of them is the strongest.

“Well I am sure that you have kept track of these kids, I want a list. And anything that has even the slightest thing to do with the Winchesters, you contact me right away and don’t do anything without my approval. If Sam ends up dead it is your ass. And I have few question. Of these children are any of them twins?”

“Yes and to answer your next question some both have the same ability well other’s don’t.”

“Then as far as anyone knows Astrid is just as infused as Sam is meaning I will need a shot of your blood that I can bind to my bloodstream till it is time to purge it to my system. If John ends up coming with you for a deal, which he might be as he is planning on summoning something, make it the colt for the boy and if he knows about Sam then kill him too.” And after getting my blood shot I sent Azazel packing. I toke a seat in front of the old alter.  Then I let my power flow through me and my eyes turn amber to connect to my father.

“Riva.” He greeted me. I couldn’t see or touch him but I could faintly feel his energy and hear his voice.

“Dad, it is good to hear your voice again. What do you know about Sam Winchester?”

“What’s it to you?”

“Look I know you like to keep me in the dark and out of danger but I am old enough to take care of myself. I need to know if Sam plays an important role then that maybe a problem because of what I’m planning so I need to know if I should cut my loses or not?”

“Sam Winchester is my vessel.” That is the absolutely worse thing that could have come out of his mouth. So with that I left thinking about what I was going to do. Gabriel wanted me to not mention anything to my dad till the time was right but I was starting to realize that I may be forced to side with my uncle or my dad. After a bit I headed for the hospital. I headed for Dean’s room. It wasn’t long before Sam ran in and told us what happened. Us all rushing to John side. I knew he was gone but those boys still had hope till the bitter end. I knew it would be hard on both of them so I dealt with all the paper work then drove them to a place where we could burn the body. At first we were all completely silent but then Sam started to ask Dean if he knew anything. Though I knew that Sam was in too much pain to notice but I could tell Dean was hiding something.

“No nothing.” I looped my arm around Sam and tries for Dean but he just shrugged me off.

“Dean, you are not alone,” I told him but got no response from him. Sam was against me stay at first but I made it clear that I was staying with them and won’t sit on the sidelines anymore. We spent the whole week at Bobby’s before anything really happened. Dean had hid under the hood of the car. Till one day when they asked Bobby to barrow one of his cars.

“And where do you two think you are going?”

“We may have a lead,” Sam told me.

“Well then let me go get my jacket and we will head out.” I was just getting up when Dean stopped.

“Who said you were invited?”

“Look Dean I get that you are pissed that I wasn’t really there, that I didn’t come back but that was because Sam asked me to stay put but I am still me and I’m sick and tired of staying on the sideline so you are letting me come with you two or I will simple find my own way there.” I was dead serious to I was done sitting on my butt when I could be doing something. Sure it may not be to the extent that I want to do it and I have a very different moral compass then the boys but I was still getting the chance to get some evil out of this world which was good enough for me.

“Fine you can come.” Then we headed out.