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Are you going to kiss me again?

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Jaime, Red Robin, Arrowette and Wonder Girl all grip tight to Kid Flash as they pass through the wall and out of danger.

[Bart Allen is distressed] comes Khaji Da’s voice in Jaime’s head.

“I thought you said you could do this!” Red Robin says to Bart a little too loudly, gripping his arm tight. Cassie and Cissie have looks of concern on their faces, which Jaime is sure is mirrored on their own.
Jaime watches Bart shake his head rapidly and shudder. His whole body is shuddering, vibrating and almost convulsing in a way that Jaime hasn’t seen before. To say they’re worried would be an understatement.

“I-I-I’ve n-never d-done it w-with this m-many people b-before,” comes Bart’s stuttering response. “I-I can’t b-bring it d-down, I n-need B-Barry, I-I need-”

Jaime frowns and steps back. They want to comfort Bart, but they also wants to pull Robin back from touching him, Bart’s already overstimulated as it is. In all honesty, asking the kid to vibrate himself + 5 of his teammates through a thick wall was unfair, but Bart had insisted he could do it.

Cassie opens her mouth to say something else but Cissie shushes her and without missing a beat, steps forward and grabs the front of Bart’s suit and pulls him in for a kiss.

Wait, a kiss!?

Jaime and everyone else in the group stare as Cissie’s firm press of lips seem to bring Bart’s shaking down to a minor shiver. His eyes are wide open and Jaime can see a light blush on his cheeks. Something in Jaime’s gut twists and they chew their lip.

Cissie pulls back and gives Bart a small smile, and a quirk of her eyebrow before turning around and swiftly continuing down the hall, her blonde hair almost smacking Bart in the face as she turns.
She pauses when she notices the rest of the group still staring. “Well, c’mon guys, we’re still in a battle-zone,” is all she says before continuing.

Cassie and Red Robin follow her after a moment and a glance at Bart. Bart has a wide eyed look on his face and he’s still blushing slightly. Jaime reaches out to nudge Bart’s arm, feeling awkward. Bart startles a bit but turns to give Jaime a lopsided grin before shrugging and zipping off after the group.

Jaime frowns and follows.