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It was a cold quiet morning as Steve walked to school huddled into his thin hoodie.


Mumbling quietly the answers from his study guide he had memorized the night before, he walked fast-pace repeating the answers to himself until he ran smack into someone toppling Backward.


He looked up to see who he just slammed into looking into cold blue eyes belonging to a taller kid in a baggy black hoodie. Steve fumbled out a quick apology the kid nodded and continued walking Steve sat there watching him walk away (his eyes unknowingly lingering to his ass (;; )


After a few minutes, Steve sat up collected his stuff and hurried to school he wouldn't want to be late for his test on his favorite subject. He walked into the commons area and just then the bell rung. Steve shamefully walked into the office knowing the earful he'd hear from Natasha and Sam.


He received his late slip and rushed to history quietly knocking on the door. A few moments pass before the door opens and Ms. Hill is ushering him in taking his slip. Steve walks to his table with Natasha and Sam sitting in their respective seats “Where were you??” Nat and Sam said quickly in unison Steve sat down and debating whether telling them about the guy with a good ass™ hes too honest not to but,, they don't need to know every detail right? “I accidentally bumped into someone and I dropped all my stuff,,” he shrugged circling an answer on his test Nat quickly responded with “Who??” Steve looked over mumbling back  “I-I dunno??” “Come on Stevie,,” Sam murmured,“DO youR tESt!” Steve barked back “Fine” Nat snarked continuing on her test Sam smiling and patting Steve’s shoulder.


The bell rang and everyone stood up grabbing their stuff and turning in their tests to the teacher and exiting the classroom headed to their next class. Steve exchanged a quick “see you later” before parting with Sam.


He followed Natasha to Spanish with Clint who's perched in the back of the class on his phone scrolling through the latest memes while shoveling pretzels into his mouth “Hey Guys!” He called through the mouthful of pretzels. They walked over Natasha promptly snatching Clint's phone and scrolling through the photos “Is that a tide pod?” She asked raising a brow in confusion Steve glanced over her shoulder “aren't those poisonous??-and for your washing machine??” He added looking at Clint. “It's a joke because they're the colors of candy” Clint responded retrieving his phone from Nat “I don't see the point??” Steve replied and Clint patted his shoulder snickering softly.


Steve Clint and Natasha sat in their seats and chatted quietly discussing tests, shitty teachers and whos hosting movie night this weekend. It’s Tony’s week but they all know he’s suddenly gonna have something come up like always. Steve glanced up from their circle “speak of the devil” he said with an overly exaggerated sigh Nat and Clint looked up and there he was Tony Stark walking in late and looking like he just rolled out of his bed as he walked over and sat next to them. “Hello my dearest friends I know you missed me!~” everyone rolled their eyes dramatically “so why was our dearest Tony late today huh?” Natasha chimed in Tony dragged his hand down his face and rolled his eyes and began “fuCKING scOtt lanG dropped his antfarm in biology and everyone had to help him retrieve them” Clint glanced over and spoke “who the fuck is scott lang?- who names their kid lANG” he started laughing and Steve punched his arm and started to speak until their teacher walked in and promptly started speaking in Spanish and class begun.


Steve left his last class of the day and promptly started on his walk to work. His phone buzzing repeatedly knowing everyone in the group chat was flaming tony on whether he was hosting movie night tonight. He really didn’t care at the moment he fished his headphones out of his pocket and plugged them into his phone and hummed quietly to the song as he walked.


He pulled the plugs from his ears and silently walked into the sliding doors of the supermarket heading straight to the locker rooms. Stuffing his bag into his locker and taking off his button up quickly to change into his polo shirt labeled with the store logo threaded into it.

After changing he locked his locker and walked out. Glancing around there were more workers in the break room as he walked out he heard quick exchanges about a new employee. ‘Oh sweet someone to take my shifts’ he silently thought to himself as he walked out to his register flicking the number 7 sign on and pulling his phone from his back pocket scrolling through the messages  he had missed previously until someone had come up to his register Steve didn’t realize it wasn't a customer and he looked up “Hi how is your d-” his words faltered off as he stared into familiar cold blue eyes. “Uhm-sorry to bother you but where do the plums go?” The taller figure asked carrying a crate of this previously mentioned fruit Steve sat there dumbfounded for a moment staring at him and then down to his nametag ‘James’ until he finally spoke “T-They’re near the deli,, why don’t I just show you” he fumbled as his face grew hot with embarrassment as he walked out from behind his register and motioned for ‘James’ to follow him.


Bucky followed him watching him walk faced pace and thinking about how he had tripped over his words talking to him. “Cute,,” he muttered softly to himself. Steve glanced over his shoulder and softly spoke “sorry about this morning,,” Bucky grinned “It’s fine shorty” he said playfully Steve immediately turned around in protest “Shorty?? excuse me Mr. James  I am 5’6” he growled but it more so sounded like a whining puppy Bucky laughed softly “Okay-” he glanced at his nametag “Steve-” he smirked, Steve rolled his eyes and continued walking taking Bucky to the plum section “here it is” he spoke before starting to leave Bucky placing the crate down and grabbing Steve’s arm “Hey, sorry” he said with a smile Steve looked at him face reddening pulling away from his grip and walking fast pace back to his register huffing and covering his face.


After his shift steve collected his stuff and headed to Tony Stark’s house because after all the goon is hosting movie night. Steve arrived at the Stark residence quietly knocking on the door still in his work uniform. After a few quiet moments the door flung open and it was Tony grabbing Steve pulling him into the house laughing “you’re gonna love this movie Stevie” he glanced around looking and spotting Clint, Natasha, Bruce, Pepper, and Sam. Steve smiled and looked at Tony “What movie is it?” everyone started snickering and Sam started laughing and Tony grinned “Fifty Shades of Grey” and then everyone lost it and Steve's face became bright red as Tony pushed him to the couch with everyone else and sitting next to him while starting the movie. Everyone huddled together and the movie starting quiet mumbling and giggles are heard and Steve knows he's gonna regret this.