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You running through my veins

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You running through my veins


Chapter 1


The day had not begun as Lexa had expected, probably because she had taken longer than expected to fall asleep. She hadn't heard her alarm in the morning, and that had made Lexa hopelessly late for class. Once she finally reached the classroom, it took Lexa a long time to catch up with what the teacher was explaining; especially since she was struggling to keep her eyes open. When Lexa’s college day was over, she had to stop and take a deep breath and try to find the courage that she needed to face the evening shift at the café where she worked as a bartender.

Lexa liked the job, and her boss, Nyko, always gave her the evening shifts since he was aware of her college commitments and he also gave her few days off since Lexa never failed to show up on time and on a daily basis. Above all the one thing that had pushed Lexa to not call in sick was that she would have the opportunity to meet her. The thought of being able to look into those beautiful blue eyes and to let herself be wrapped in that amazing smell, that was the only motivation to head the bus stop and go to work.

It happened every day at the same time: 5:30.

The Hackett's cafe door opened and she came in; smiling, beautiful and with that smell that was always able to make Lexa's head spinning. Lexa gone out for dates with a couple of Alphas but she had never been attracted by their strong smell or by the fact that they were unable to let her choose what she preferred for dinner. Even though she was an Omega, she had always been independent and certainly did not need an Alpha to decide how she preferred her meat.

That girl ... god, that girl always left her speechless. Despite being an Alpha, she always had a sweet smile on her lips. She always had a nice way to handle people, and a nice word for every person who was in line with her. Lexa would never admit it, but she was lived for the little moments. Even if those little moments only consisted of typing her order on the register and serving her.

“Good afternoon, welcome to the Hackett café, how can I help?”

“I would like a stained caramel macchiato with chocolate.” the blonde girl replied. “And even a sprinkle of cinnamon on it.”

Lexa smiled, it was not the bartenders task to put cinnamon into the drinks, but with that particular client, she did not care. The first time the girl asked, she could not say no, especially after she was sucked in by her blue eyes.

Is 4 dollars and 50, can I ask for your name?” 

“You know what my name is, Lexa.” she laughed. “But you can put Becca on it if you like...” she teased.

Lexa chuckled, rolling her eyes and grabbing the five-dollar bill, that the client gave her. Lexa watched as she put the coin into the tip jar. After that, Lexa grabbed one of the paper glasses and after quickly writing the name on it, she began preparing the drink with fast and precise movements. Lexa glanced up from her task, and noticed the girl looking at her with care and curiosity.

Here's your drink, Becca.” she murmured with a funny smile.

The blonde grabbed the glass and raised it to her lips. She took a sip and let out a moan of appreciation. Lexa bit her lip and her gaze pointed on the girl's throat that was moving like a sensual dance while she was swallowing. As always, Lexa's heart clenched when her eyes crossed the scar that stood on the girl's neck. Of course a beautiful, kind and strong Alpha was already mated. Lexa was almost sure that the lucky girl was the brunette that used to join her at the café.

It's perfect like always. Have a good evening, Lexa.” the blonde said with a smile as the brunette came in.

Before Lexa could answer watched the Alpha walk away and tighten her mate in a strong hug.

Have a good evening as well, Clarke.” she murmured, before painting a small smile on her lips and returning to her job.

Hours later, when the last customer left, Lexa slumped against the counter with exasperated grunt. Whenever she was exhausted from lack of sleep, the universe decided to bring as many customers as possible; maybe to test her patience. Fortunately, her colleague John Murphy, who usually served at tables and cleaned, had come over to help her.

Why you don't take out the trash while I finish cleaning the room?” John suggested. “When you're back, you can clean the coffee machine and I will take care of the rest.”

Lexa frowned and straightened her back, aware that the guy usually asked for something in return, she wasn't so sure she wanted to know what it was. “Not that I do not appreciate the kindness, Murphy.” she began. “But you're never kind to me, so, that makes me assume that you want something in return?”

The smile that was painted on the boy's lips was more then enough and Lexa shook her head. That’s just how Murphy was, and it became habit after awhile.

In that case, I thank you for the offer but I think I will continue with my work as you finish yours.”

Oh, come on, Woods, are you really so terrified to know what I have in mind?”

Yes.” she said. “Or have you forgotten about that double date where you ended up going home with a handsome, good looking Alpha, while I paid the bill because, and here I quote: 'The sexy beta that wanted to have fun' did not show up?” 

“That was an accident.” he defended himself. “It's not my fault that she fell down the stairs when she was on her way out the house to come to the date and broke a leg.”

Or when-”

“Okay, okay! Jesus.” he replied grasping the broom. “Well, too bad for you, this was really a wonderful proposal.”

Without saying anything else, he began to sweep the floor probably to end the conversation and to resume his work to finish as fast as possible. Lexa shook her head, turning her attention to the sink, deciding to first load up the dishwasher and then focus on cleaning the coffee machine. Both performed their tasks in complete silence and when Murphy approached her, Lexa could not avoid noticing his little smile. She shook her head. She did not want to let him win and continued with her task, but when the boy began to whistle, she sighed loudly raising her hands.

Okay, okay, you win.” she said. “I'm too tired to endure your whistling, spit it out. And after that I do not want to hear another word from you so I can finish my job in peace.”

Murphy smiled and for some strange reason Lexa felt a shiver down her spine, aware that she was sneaking into a nasty trouble.


When Lexa walked through the front door, she kicked off her shoes and hung up her jacket before walking, exhausted and tired, towards the living room. As usual, her sister was sitting on the couch waiting for her return, a book resting on her legs and her glasses on. Lexa greeted her with a nod as she reached the small kitchen and put the food in the microwave before pouring a glass of water and grabbing the cutlery.

Hard day?” Luna asked with a small smile.

No more than usual.” Lexa answered. “But I did not sleep much last night and today was a hell of a day, for not mention Murphy and his crazy ideas.”

Luna closed the book, leaning it on the coffee table and before she could ask Lexa what the boy had done, the microwave sounded and her sister returned the kitchen again to grab her plate.

Thanks for dinner.” she said with a small smile.

When Lexa‘s body touched the chair, she could not help to release a sigh of relief from finally being able to relax. She brought the fork to her lips, tasting the risotto. Luna let her eat in silence, making a cup of tea and bringing it to her. Luna knew how hard her sister worked and how much Lexa would commit herself hundred percent in everything she did, whether it was university or work. She felt like her sister did not need to spend so many hours in that cafe, not with the bakery she owned, the one which at the moment was doing really well. As a matter of fact, it was doing so well that Luna was starting to think about buying the shop beside it and making it bigger, and maybe adding tables where people could sit and enjoy their sweets with a nice book. Lexa had always been a woman and an Omega with the desire to move on with her own strength and Luna appreciated that.

So ... Murphy and his crazy idea?” Luna asked, breaking the silence and raising an eyebrow.

Lexa rolled her eyes and took a sip of her drink before moving the plate away. “I often wonder why I listen to him.” .

I often ask myself that too.” Luna murmured with a smile. “But we must admit that his particularly funny.”

“He's completely out of his mind, he asked me to go with him in this strange place on Friday night.” Lexa began. “A place he has not been able to give me any details about, he only knows it's a new place where you can meet unmated Alpha, Beta and Omega's.”

And what's wrong with that?” Luna asked, confused. She did not see anything particularly unusual about going out to drink something. In the past few years, every restaurant was the perfect place for meeting someone and enjoying a nice evening. God knew how much Lexa really needed it.

You have to wear a mask, to cover your face, to be able to go inside?” she asked. “I don't even want to know what kind of stuff you can do inside such a place.”

Luna frowned as she tried to remember why those words were so terribly familiar to her. “Come on, Lex, I know Murphy is not the best source of credibility in the world, but I think in this case you could give him the benefit of the doubt.”

What?” Lexa asked surprise. “I will not go out with Murphy!” she said resolutely.

“Well, try to see this from another perspective.” Luna smiled. “It’s one way to meet new people and the fact that you wear a mask could be the best way to make new friends and not to feel obligated to look for something more.”

Lexa shook her head. “Come on i-It’s Murphy! Nothing good can come out from this!”

“Lexa I don't think I remember the last time I saw you go go and have a drink.”

What are you talking about? I went out with you and Raven last week to celebrate her new job.”

I mean alone.” she pointed out. “It's been over two years darling, I think it's time to le-”

Lexa got up grabbed the plate and with that movement, she put an end to the conversation. Luna sighed watching her disappear into the kitchen. Two years had passed since Costia, the girl Lexa had loved with all her heart, had found her true mate. Luna still remembered the way Costia had tried to fight it, deeply in love with Lexa since they were little kids, but, unfortunately that kind of bond was something that she could not avoid.

Luna did not know what it felt like to be left that way. She had a beautiful Alpha, a girlfriend she was with since high school. She and Raven, despite being in love, had agreed to not share the mating bite. It was like they were waiting for something more and the fact that the Luna was a Beta, had helped Raven to hold off the urge to bite her. Lexa had understood why she and Costia had broken up and even with her heart in a million pieces, she had wished the girl all the happiness in the world. From then on she rarely went out of on dates. She had also tried to go out with some other Alpha's – that was quite rare thing though because she hated their dominant behavior - so, after a couple of failures she simply stopped, throwing herself into her collage career. When Lexa returned to the living room, Luna could see her eyebrow's frowning, a clear sign that she had begun to consider her words.

I'll think about it, okay?” Lexa said, rolling her eyes. “I will think about it in a couple of hours- At the moment I'm not psychologically able to make a decision about anything that involves Murphy and his crazy ideas.”

I'm glad you're willing to take it into consideration.” Luna said happily.

I'm not sure but I'll think about it.” she said. “For now, I need a good night of sleep.”

“Maybe a shower first, mh?” Luna teased her, getting up and give her a small kiss on the cheek.

Lexa chuckled, dodging from her sisters touch and headed towards her own room, beginning to loosen her trousers in the corridor. She wore her bathrobe, and threw everything into the laundry basket before heading back to the bathroom. She crossed Luna in the corridor and as she was about to closed the door, her sister caught her attention.

What did you say that place is called?” she asked.

I didn't say. Anyways, the name is Bad Wolf.” Lexa answered. “Strange name for a club, right?” she asked rhetorically before closing the door with a thud.

It was at that moment that Luna realizes why her sister's words were so terribly familiar, and she thinks that maybe Lexa's hesitation to trust Murphy was not entirely wrong.


Lexa realized that she had been wrong to accept Murphy’s invitation as soon as she crossed the door. She was hit by an indefinite number of different smells: power, sweat and sex... lots of sex. She clenched her jaw as they made their way through the people and she looked around trying to decipher what kind of place they were at. There were people sitting at the large bar at the back of the room, others were dancing, while others were lined up, waiting to be able to cross a big red curtain that led to another wing of the building.

Lexa adjusted her mask and followed Murphy along the trail up to the bar, watching him order for both of them. Despite Lexa having complained about how her “dates” with Murphy ended most of the time, the boy was the only person she went out with more than once and as such he knew her taste perfectly. That morning she had found it strange that her sister had left her a note on the fridge, telling her not to accept that invitation, especially after spending the evening trying to convince her to do the opposite. Unfortunately, they did not have the chance to talk since it was time to inventory at the bakery and Lexa had been busy all day, so when Murphy had called, she had instinctively said yes.

Now that she looked at how all these people approached each other in a sort of sexual ritual, maybe she knew why her sister had told her not to go. She had understood very well what this place was and she could not believe that Murphy had brought her there, it was too much even for him.

“I didn't think you could fall lower than this, John but I was clearly wrong.” she said, turning and staring at him. “I cannot believe you dragged me to such a place and I cannot believe you are so desperate to have sex.”

Hey, hey, let’s slow down with the harsh words.” he said, giving her the drink. “I don't need casual sex, okay? I am rather provided in that area, I cannot say the same thing for you.”

What do you mean?” Lexa replied indignantly.

Come on, Woods, your thighs are more closed than a graveyard.” Murphy cut short. “When was the last time you fucked?”

Lexa felt her cheeks becoming red, she did not usually talk about those things with anyone, it was rather personal business and Murphy was not known for his confidentiality.

I bet you do not even remember it.” he snapped.

It's none of your business!” Lexa said.

I assure you, thinking about your sexual life is not my favorite thing to do.” Murphy said giggling. “Except, I know for sure that you always stay alone for your heat and it's been like this for a long time, so I guess it is time to fix it!” 

“So you thought it would be a good idea to take me to a brothel? You're completely out of your mind!”

Murphy took a sip of beer, ignoring her completely, looking around at the people in the room, as if he was checking something before coming close to her to speak into her ear. “Do you remember the Alpha I talked to you about?” he said softly.

Which one?” she asked.

Tall, muscular, dark hair and sad eyes?”

Bellamy Blake? The football player?”

It had been a long time since Murphy had updated her about the subject. She remembered her enthusiasm the early times in that relationship - if so they could call in that way - and Lexa remembered as well, as Murphy had felt betrayed by Bellamy when he discovered that the media did not know about his homosexuality and that he would oblige them to hide. Lexa could not believe it, she had spent hours to listening Murphy complain about how Bellamy was a coward, how much the Alpha did not deserve his attention, how much he hated him and in the end he went crawling back to him?

“I know what you're thinking.” he said. “Then I went crawling back and imploring him to show me his big penis, well, that's not what happened.” Murphy reassured her. “It was the opposite actually: he came to the cafe during opening hours and dragged me in the back, apologized and told me that if the only way to get me back was to release an interview about his sexuality then he would do it.” he explained. “But I tried to putting on his shoes and I figured out that that was not what I wanted. Football is his life and if they kick him out of the team I could never forgive myself.”

Lexa was particularly impressed by his good heart. Until then she was certain that Murphy did not have one, but she was wrong. Murphy must have really liked this Bellamy Blake, to agree to meet him in such a place. “And he thinks that meeting you in a brothel was the best way to go unnoticed? I hate to tell you this, but it's not very smart.”

Murphy rolled his eyes, taking another sip of beer. “Do I have to teach you everything, mmh?” he asked rhetorically. “Contrary of what you think, this is a classy place.” he said doing a gesture in the direction of the dance floor. “Not everyone has permission to come here, it's just for people who are actual members.”

So why am I here?” Lexa asked without understanding.

Becoming a member of this place had certainly been the last thing on her mind. Especially considering that had it not been for Murphy, she would have never even known of its existence.

"I'm part of it thanks to him," he murmured. "Apparently Bellamy went to school with the owner, they were very close. She didn't want to know me before giving me the card.” Murphy continued. “But I didn't want to come alone, so I asked for permission to bring someone and you are here.” he stared at her for a long moment. “I thought it might be a good idea to get you out of your house and maybe get you somebody to have fun with.”

You're so sneaky that I cannot even be offended.” Lexa said surrendering.

Lexa took a sip of her Manhattan, surrendering to the evidence that Murphy's plan had worked. She leaned against the counter and looked around and after the initial hesitation, she began to notice the furnishing of the place. She could clearly understand how expensive the were and how well dressed the people around them were, explaining why Murphy had told her to wear a nice dress. Despite everything, she felt out of place and even though that the club could not be considered a brothel people were there for one thing: sex. Lexa had no problem with that, she liked sex and she had been with a few female Alpha's, without any emotional attachment of course, but seeking it in such a setting was not in her style.

I'll stay for a drink.” she finally said with a small sigh.

One is enough to find you a nice Alpha!” Murphy agreed, giving her an affectionate punch on the shoulder.

“I do not need any-”

She did not finish talking, before the boy dragged her away to the other side of the room ready to take care of his promise. At that moment she realized that it would be a very long night. Just one drink became two and in the end Lexa headed to the bar for the third time for order another Manhattan, lying to herself that the music was catchy and that the glasses were full to the right point. The evening had not gone so badly, she was just drinking and keeping away all the people that tried to approach her by offering some drinks.

She took a seat on one of the sofas with a little sigh and let her eyes wander among the people, wondering what drove someone to look look for sex, or simply company, in such a place. Certainly there was no one there that would judge, but she would never have felt comfortable getting approached and be brought behind that red curtain to have sex, especially with the thought that everyone would be able to hear her.


A rather familiar voice startled her from her thoughts and Lexa looked up, her eyebrows instinctively fought when she saw Raven, her sister's girlfriend wearing a pretty dress standing right in front of her.

Raven w-what are you doing here?” she asked completely speechless.

I think I'm the one that should asking you that.” she said with a small smile. “I didn't think Bad Wolf was a place for you.”

It's not.” Lexa immediately made clear, straightening her back. “I came with Murphy, he had a sort of date but he did not want to come alone.”

Oh I understand.” Raven said. “Did you find someone interesting?” sh asked with a small, mischievous smile.

No.” she answered immediately. “How did you recognize me?"

I've known you since you were a puppy, your smell is so much like Luna I would recognize it even miles away.”

Lexa remained silent for a few seconds studying the woman and at that moment realized why her sister had written to her not to accept Murphy's invitation. The thing that left her speechless was that Raven was in that club and above all that Luna knew about it, for a moment Lexa was terrified of the idea that the two would attend at the place to revive their sexual life.

Your head will explode if you keep thinking so much.” Raven teased. “I know what you're thinking and I can assure you that no, I'm not cheating on Luna and that yes, she knows I work here.”

“You work here?” Lexa asked confused. “What kind of work?"

Raven made sign to move so she could sit next to her and when she did, Lexa took another sip of her drink, not sure if she wanted to know what kind of work Raven was actually doing. Raven had lost her job nearly one month before, a job that had made her unhappy for years but Lexa never thought that things would have evolved in that way.

“I'm the financial advisory to the person who owns this place.” she said finally. “We met by chance while I was out doing a couple of interviews, I heard her cursing on the phone with the plumber so I offered my help in order to earn some money. We talked for a while and my economics degree jumped out.” she explained. “At that point Anya offered me a job and saying yes was one of the best things I ever did.”

Lexa frowned assimilating all the new information, trying to put together all the dots to create a complete picture. The smile on Raven's lips, however, was more than enough to make her realize the yes, she was happy as Lexa had never seen her and she smiled in return. Lexa knew Raven for a long time, she and Luna had started a relationship that had only become stronger and stronger ever since high school. Lexa had always looked at them as a point of reference and although they were not true mate, things worked for them. Still, however, they had not yet shared the mating bite and Lexa suspected that it was because, deep inside both were expecting to be sure they wanted to spend their whole life together.

So why are you here tonight?” she asked, too curious to drop the subject. “Do you have to be present in every official evening?”

Raven shook her head amused, putting an arm around her shoulder and forcing her to look up to the table which was placed not far from their couch.

“Do you see that big Alpha?” she asked when Lexa nodded, she continued. “The one at the side, Indra, his mate and Anya's new possible partner.” she said pointing to the owner. “They're discussing a possible society, when they're done, I will make an appearance and talk about the financial issue of this union.”

Why does she needs a partner?” she asked, unable to stop, blushed when she realized how inappropriate was that question, especially if Raven worked for that person.

Let's just say that when Anya opened this place, she had not expected to receive so many customers and there's a long waiting list for access to the red wing.” Raven said, pointing to the tent. “She wants to expand that wing, as well as at the rooms. And make the rooms even more comfortable, but she needs lot of money to go ahead with the upgrades, so she's trying to gather more people to help with the funding.” 

Lexa took the glass, drank the last sip and was devastated by the curiosity of wanting to know what was behind that red curtain.

I even asked your sister if she was interested on investing a bit of money, but for the moment she did not seem enthusiastic.” Raven chuckled.

Can you blame her?” Lexa asked with a raised eyebrow.

Before Raven could answer her, Lexa saw a movement coming from the table where the three people were talking. She saw Raven and Anya looking at each others for a long time and then the girl turned to her with a small simile.

“Duty calls, Lexie.” she said, giving her a small kiss on the cheek. “Try not to judge this place too much for what it is or for what it looks like and try to have fun.” Raven continued, standing up. “But don't tell your sister that I encouraged you to have a one-night stand, because that could get me into real trouble.” she told her.

Before Lexa could say anything, Raven reached the three people at the table and she watched her slip into her professional manner, inviting people to sit while Anya drew the attention of the waiter. When Lexa looked at her empty glass, she evaluated whether or not to go back to the bar and fill it up again or go home. The first option seemed to be the best one, especially when she saw Murphy getting up and heading to the red wing with Bellamy. Shortly after the image of a nice hot bath and a book began to appear in her tired mind. She placed the empty glass on the table, stood up and grabbed her leather jacket started looking for her phone.

Murphy had picked her up and since he was pretty busy to sucking away the face of his beloved football player. Lexa thought it was appropriate to call an Uber but decided that she would do it outside, she was not going to get caught by a driver coming out of that club. She glanced at Raven, who was still immersed in her work talk, and then to Murphy, who was busy checking that the football player had good tonsils, and she headed towards the door.

The door opened before she was made aware that someone was coming in. Lexa stood aside to let the two Alpha’s pass and make their entrance. Tha dark-haired one growled something through her teeth and gave a small push to the other Alpha at her side. The girl lost her balance for a moment and almost ended up in Lexa's arms.

It happened in that exact moment.

When Lexa’s body touched the one of that stranger, Lexa felt an explosion throughout her body. Her wolf howled so loudly that for a moment Lexa heard it echoing in her ears, and her stomach clenched in a strong grip. She knew immediately what it was, Costia had described it to her with careful attention when she told Lexa how she had met her person. Lexa felt the ground falling under her feet. When Lexa's eyes met the ones of the Alpha in front of her, she found herself sinking into a pair of blue irises and the smell... god, the smell was something too familiar and she couldn't bring herself to believe it. Not even in her wildest dreams had she had thought of something like that, and for a moment, she stopped breathing.

Lexa had just found her true mate, and to top it all off, it was the girl that she had had crush on it for almost a year: Clarke.