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Five Times Kirk Suprises Spock.

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“Spock, care to join me for a game of chess?”


“Call me Jim Spock, we’re off duty.”

“Affirmative Captain.”

Jim laughed, and Spock nearly stopped walking. The sound was beautiful. He wanted to hear more of it, though he couldn’t say why. It was fascinating and would require attention during his next bout of meditation. “Rec Room 3 has a board we could use.”

“That would be adequate Captain."


“Captain Jim.”

Jim laughed again, and Spock had to adjust his physiological controls to keep a flush from his cheeks. “Whoever said Vulcans don’t have a sense of humor, clearly hasn’t met you Spock.” Really Spock must investigate the source of his reactions to the Captain as soon as he could meditate. Ideally he should meditate immediately, but it had been a long time since anyone had willingly played chess with him.

Upon reaching the Rec room Jim had Spock enter first, urging him in with one arm, the other came behind Spock’s back. Kirk’s hand barely brushed Spock’s Science blues before Kirk pulled his hand away. “Sorry. No touching, right.”

It wasn’t quite a question, so Spock did not bother to answer it, instead simply stated “Apologies are illogical Captain.”

“White or Black?” Kirk asked, retrieving and beginning to set up the 3D chess board.

“You may play white, I estimate you shall need the advantage.”

“Don’t be so sure Spock,” Kirk said, taking white just the same. “You only have evidence for one half of the equation, you’ve never seen me play.”

“Chess is a game of logic Captain, as such as a Vulcan-”

“You’ve got an advantage?” There was a certain edge to his voice Spock didn’t quite know how to interpret. Something between amusement and something similar but not quite cockiness.

“Indeed Captain.”

“I’ll let you know, I am quite good at chess.”

As the game drew on more and more people came to watch. Occasionally Spock and Kirk would talk, but with onlookers both the Captain and himself seemed or infact was more than content with the quiet. Spock found the game quite challenging. Each time he thought he had figured out Kirk’s strategy, the Captain would do something seemingly illogical that Spock had not even thought to prepare for. And somehow…

“Checkmate,” Kirk smirked, leaning back in his chair.

Spock looked down at the board. Kirk was correct, of course. He had been checkmated. And Spock had not seen it coming. “How?” Spock asked as he tipped over his king.

Kirk laughed.