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Sovereign Nations

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The world is ruled by 4 sovereign nations, the U.S., Russia, China and Japan. The U.S. is ruled by king John Winchester, and Russia is ruled by Czar Castiel Novak.
All sovereign leaders are required to be alphas as, that status makes them the strongest and, therefore most fit to rule their nations.
King John had always hoped to have an alpha son to carry on his family's bloodline as rulers of the U.S. however his 1st born was Dean, who while exhibiting typical alpha traits and characteristics, shocked everyone when on his 18th, he presented as an omega. John is furious and sells his only son off to an omega auction house to be bid on and bought for a rich alpha. The prince of a sovereign nation fetches a high price when he is bought by none other than Czar Novak of Russia.
Dean wakes up scared and alone in a dark room with a domed camera on the ceiling watching him. The omega is weak and groggy from having drugs pumped into him when he was brought to the auction house. He tries to stand but instantly buckles under the weight of his body. Dean looks down at his legs in horror as his blurry eyes scan his body to realize he is naked- and not only naked but sore in places- had those sick fucks that dragged him there touched him, defiled him? No, they wouldn't dare, everyone knew virgin omegas fetched double the price. And a virgin prince would easily get them triple if not more than that. Perhaps they just did an exam to check if he was pure or not- that was probably common to give omegas exams before they were sold off, right? Dean tried not to think too much of it. The green eyed prince looked around to spot the camera watching him and tried his best to cover himself with his arms, to no avail.
He waited there in that pit of Hell, hoping someone would come rescue him, tell him it was all a cruel joke. He knew better though, his head was pounding as he replayed the horrific scene. His father John had paid two larger alphas to drug him. The pair crept into Dean's bedroom as he slept. One man hovered over his bed and blocked the moonlight streaming in, the absent of light streaming across his face woke him. Eyes went wide with fear at the sight of the unwelcome stranger. The man tried to place a hand over Dean’s mouth and drag him out of bed, but Dean reacted quickly on instinct, barring his teeth and sinking them deep into the man’s arm. The man recoiled at the pain of having his arm ripped open. Dean took advantage of the man’s momentary lapse of focus and bolted for the door in panic, never seeing the second man with the needle stealthily hidden behind the door. The syringe was plunged into his neck as his world became dim. The last thing he saw before he blacked out completely was the face of John standing outside his door with a disgusted look on his face as Dean strained to yell out for his father's help. Desperate sobs of pleas escaping his blood covered mouth, “Dad, please?"